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Politics in Action

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“You have a two o’clock meeting with the regional developer’s association. There’s the briefing on the smart growth legislation they’re interested in,” Cathy informed me as I slowly flipped through the contents of my inbox, which always seemed overwhelmingly full on each of my visits back to my district.

“I’m assuming they’re against it,” I sarcastically replied.

“Why of course they fully support it, Senator. They just don’t believe the government should decide what defines smart growth,” Cathy replied with a smirk.

“My mistake. And how much should I support them?”

“Brighton’s development group alone contributed a combined twenty thousand to your last reelection campaign. I think in the room you’ll be looking at over one hundred thousand dollars for the next election cycle,” she precisely detailed. Cathy always had the big picture in mind.

“Well, the government does have a way of stifling the potential for economic growth,”.

“I’m sure they’ll agree with you,” Cathy added nodding her head. There was something I found undeniably sexy about that smirk which emerged on her face while we discussed the necessities of political survival. Some people may find sarcasm off putting, but I never mistook her attitude towards a situation as her feelings about me. In fact compared to the uptight staffers at my capitol office, the almost rebellious gesture of Cathy’s was a breath of fresh air. Of course our personal relationship always made this feel like flirting, not derision.

“Make sure you schedule a meeting with a few of the environmental groups for my next visit, to cover all bases. None of the militant ones, just some of the more moderate soccer mom type associations,”.

“How about lunch three weeks from now?”.

“Sounds fine, just clear it with Chris,” I absently gave my standard reply. Even though I continued flipping through the various briefings and reports, my mind was frozen on the curves of my aide’s body. She wore the typical conservative aide’s outfit. A proper navy blue skirt with a matching jacket over a white blouse. Despite the fact I’d seen almost the identical outfit on thousands of other females, she still stood out in it, her body was just too good to be concealed.

The length of her toned legs, the hourglass shape of her young body, up to the slender elegance of her neck. That lovely neck exposed because her highlighted brown hair was neatly pinned on top of her head. A scholarly pair of black rimmed glasses completed the appearance of a proper congressional aide. But her sexuality just seemed to leak out of the confines of her attire.

She ran through a couple of more items, appointments, interviews, fundraisers, the typical district business. I mechanically nodded my head and supplied the necessary suggestions and confirmations. In the two years Cathy had worked for me she had pretty much mastered the details of my scheduling. Our afternoon briefings would have lasted less than ten minutes if it weren’t for the pleasure I got from having her in my office.

I noticed she kept a close eye on the mail I was opening on my desk. Her crossed legs were bobbing nervously as she continued her briefing. Jesus! Her legs looked amazing. Long and slender, a healthy golden tan, no nicks, no imperfections, my cock stirred just imaging her smooth thighs caressing my waist.

She caught my eyes gazing upon her and for my benefit she recrossed her legs seductively, drawing out the motion to tease me.

“Have you finished with your mail yet?” she playfully inquired.

“Almost,” I replied opening the last package on my desk, a plain manila office envelope. I sensed Cathy get up and approach my desk as I peeked inside to find a pair of lacy black panties. The blood rushed from my brain straight to my penis as I reached in with a huge childlike grin on my face and withdrew the tiny pair of underwear from the envelope.

“I’m guessing these are yours,” I smiled as I held the black panties up for her to see.

“I don’t know. Maybe they’re Martha’s,” joked Cathy referring to my sixty year old receptionist as she removed the glasses from her head and undid the bun from on top of her head allowing her lush hair to cascade down onto her shoulders.

I brought the panties to my face and gave an exaggerated sniff, “They are definitely not Martha’s,” I continued the joke. Cathy stood in front of my chair behind my desk and I placed my hands on the sides of her hips.

“I guess there’s only one way to find out,” replied Cathy leading my hand down the side of her leg and up under her skirt. She began unbuttoning her jacket as I slowly slid my hand up her smooth thighs and massaged the naked mound at the apex of her thighs.

I calmly rubbed the tender skin of her shaved sex as she looked on with lustful eyes sliding her jacket off of her body. I could feel the moisture and heat emitted from her swollen lips. My erect penis strained against the fabric of my slacks.

“It feels like somebody’s ready for this meeting to be over,” I confidently stated.

“I’ve been waiting ever since you entered the office,” Cathy groaned as I tickled her labia lightly. She undid the last of her blouse buttons pulling her shirt open to reveal two tender mounds of flesh testing the limits of her racy white bra. I pulled my hand from under her skirt and cupped her constrained breast, pulling down on the material to expose her pale pink nipples, which I tweaked with my forefingers.

“Richard, your hands feel so good,” she sighed, as her nipples became erect under my finger’s control.

She leaned over my chair bringing her lips to mine as her hands reached down to unbuckle my belt. I met her lips with my tongue sliding it into her wet mouth. We continued to kiss as she unzipped my pants and slid a hand in extracting the excited cock from my boxers.

“I’ve missed you so much,” she whispered as she lightly stroked my now fully erect cock.

“I guess I need to visit this office more often,” I replied as she slid herself onto her knees in front of my chair.

“Much more often.” Cathy responded before she kissed the head of my fleshy dick. As she teased the sensitive under skin of the tip of my head daintily with her tongue, I couldn’t help but think what a difference a year had made.

The first time a year ago she had clumsily fumbled with my zipper, blushing as she nervously snaked her hand into my boxers to draw my member out. Once exposed she jerked it so roughly with her clammy palms I thought she was trying to tear the skin off. I had been patient, not correcting her like a strict teacher, but guiding her with my hand on top of hers. Slowly, covering, but not gripping, pumping, but not jerking. I always found it amusing how women, and no doubt men, confused titles with the actual deed.

But it never bothered me. In fact it was one of the things I loved about my young interns and aides. Inexperienced young women always reminded me of my first dates at the drive in as a teenager, busy fingers and bad hand jobs.

When Cathy had first confessed that she’d never had a steady boyfriend, I was surprised. Not even her thickly rimmed glasses could hide the fact that she was gorgeous. But knowing what I knew about her it made sense. She was at the top of class, held tons of school offices, volunteered for numerous organizations, basically compiling a resume that would make any college graduate jealous.

She wasn’t officially still a virgin, but in any meaningful way she still was. Succumbing to the demands of overly eager, but under skilled little boys, had seemingly left her unsatisfied and sadly convinced that sex wasn’t a necessary part of life. Thus this beautiful flower had found her way to me as a hidden bud.

But as she expertly ran her tongue from the bottom of my shaft to the top savoring the slightly musky taste of my cock I knew that was no longer true. She had become, somewhat to my regret, a bit of a sex kitten. Every once in a while my wife would claim to have seen her at a restaurant or a function, always with an older guy, usually someone rich, someone powerful. In my more possessive moments I questioned her about these various flings, but she had always ignored my inquiries, much to my relief.

The wet tongue massaging my balls cleared my mind of any thought, other than the sheer pleasure it sent up my spine, “You know how that drives me wild,” so she did the same with the other. I undid my tie and unbuttoned my shirt watching her engulf my sac with her mouth.

Fully relaxed I passively allowed her to work her magic leaving my balls to stroke my cock, two pumps then a kiss, repeated a couple of times before I let her know it was time to stop teasing, placing my hand on back of her head. She responded immediately sliding the head into her mouth, sucking on it forcefully sending chills down my spine, each nerve screaming out with the feel of her warm, moist mouth. Her tongue swirled around the head caressing the edges, before flicking the tip; I loudly sucked in air as she did so, each one of my buttons being pushed.

I cleared her hair away from her face so I could watch her begin working my cock further into her mouth, “That’s it. God do I love the way you do that,” I breathed out as I studied her features. Her mouth formed a perfect oval, lips pressed against the taut flesh of my erection. Her long eyelashes pointed down from her barely opened eyes, a look of concentration on her face. She was clearly a perfectionist, focusing her energy on each detail of the act. The right amount of moisture, the right amount of suction, her tongue working in steady rhythmic patterns.

Half way down she began drawing her head back up, then sliding it back down, bobbing her head each time quicker and with more depth. “That feels incredible, Cat. Take it all the way in,” I directed trying to hold on to some element of control.

She slid it in as far as she could, before she had to relax her throat to guide it in all the way in, a technique that only practice had mastered. Once I entered the soft lining I lost all control, “Yes, oh yes,” I breathed in deeply. She began letting out soft moans with each move in and out, the sounds of the friction becoming wetter and more pronounced. I saw her hand dive down under skirt as her whole body got involved in her actions.

I knew I was nearing the cliff, but I really wanted to hear her deep moans, feel her tight pussy. So I shifted back in my chair and gently removed her head from my lap. She realized what I wanted, and eagerly stood up, allowing me to stand as well.

“Untie my shoes, love,” I politely requested as I undid the cuffs of my shirt. She obediently performed that duty bending over to remove my polished Italian shoes. I removed my shirt and undershirt, revealing a soft, but fit forty-five year old body. I unbuttoned my pants, allowing them to drop after she helped me out of my shoes. My boxers followed leaving me completely undressed in front of this twenty-two year old beauty.

I turned her around pressing her against the desk allowing my hands the luxury of feeling the curves of her body. “I stayed awake half the night thinking about this,” voiced Cathy.

“Did you touch yourself while it ran through your mind?” I asked as I unzipped her skirt and allowed it to fall to the floor.

“Of course,”.

“Show me how,” she turned her head to the side with a smile, but I kissed her neck to let her know I was serious, “show me how,” I repeated placing her hand in mine and guiding it down to her sweet spot, the length of my cock pressed between her cheeks.

“Like this,” she responded rubbing her pussy lips, guiding her fingers between the slick opening. She bent her head down and let out a soft moan as one of her fingers slid inside.

I kissed the side of her face and asked, “And did I make you cum?”.

“Oh yes,” she moaned her mind slowly drifting into its own world.

“Did you call out my name?” I continued, undoing the clasp of her bra freeing her tits completely, before squeezing them with my hand. She gasped as I did so her body leaning back against me.

“Yes,” her hand started rubbing faster and harder.

“Say it for me,” I began rubbing my cock against her soft skin.

“Richard,” she slowly drew out each syllable in my name.

“And how did I make you scream it,”.

“By shoving your thick cock into my pussy,” she was completely caught up in the moment, her eyes shut tightly.

“Like this,” I forced her legs apart bending her over my desk. I guided my cock into her wet awaiting pussy. The effect was instantaneous as I thrust deeply into her.

“Like that, like that!” she wildly repeated as I dug into her inviting sex. Her pussy was so tight around my cock almost like she was squeezing it with her hand. She grunted as I pumped into her my hands pulling her hips into me. The force of our bodies coming together created a slapping sound which grew louder as I lengthened my strokes, almost pulling all the way out before plunging my cock back in. Luckily the office was sound proof because both our bodies and our vocal cords were letting our pleasure be known.

Sure wiggled her ass against me tightening her hold upon my cock, “Do that again,” I begged. She did making her moves more dramatic as I ran my hand down her slender back, “Sweetie, you know how I love it,”.

Cathy’s breath came in short spurts her moans growing deeper with each successive thrust. I let go of her waist bracing myself on the desk while the other hand explored her young body. This really gave her the freedom to match my flow. She arched her back and used her arms to push against the desk challenging me to compete with her youthful exuberance.

I reached around her body and rubbed her right nipple then palmed the entire breast as I felt my eruption approaching. Her own moans were growing frantic, I could tell she was on the cusp so I laid it all on the line, thrusting violently into her slick pussy rapidly sparking her orgasm and achieving my own. I shut my eyes as I was engulfed in the splendor of my explosion depositing warm seed into her shuddering sex.

We collapsed into my chair, my sticky deflated phallus pressed against her rosy red rear. I held her tightly in my arms and kissed her flushed face. Both of us a little out of breath, but completely satisfied. We sat there for a few minutes, before realizing the duties we both had to perform.

We both dressed. She checked over my suit and knotted my tie. Se reached for her lacy black panties, but I removed them from the table before she could reach them.

“Senator, you know those are mine,” she began with a look of annoyance.

“They were in my inbox,” I playfully replied.

“You expect me to walk around with out any underwear. I’ll start dripping all over the office.”.

“Then you better make it to the bathroom quickly,”.

“That’s not funny, Senator,” but she finally cracked a smile.

“To remember you in Washington,”.

“Fine, but you better not let your wife catch you with them,”.

She quickly reapplied her make up reminding me as she did so what the names of the developer’s association chairmen were. She gave me a short kiss before applying her lipstick and we both left my office together, discussing my weekend schedule casually as we parted at the elevator, myself towards the meeting, and Cathy to do some final clean up in the ladies room.

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