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Pleasuring Sandra Ch. 02

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Sandra was laying on a chaise near the pool. She seemed to be dozing, following the barbecue. Her legs were splayed apart, her feet flat on the concrete. Her arms hung loosely on either side. Her breathing seemed soft and even.

Dad and Beckie had gone into the house to clean up the kitchen.

I rose off my chaise, walked over to Sandra and knelt to one side of her. She had a very contented look on her face.

The nipples of her gorgeous breasts were easily seen through the thin fabric of her bikini. I reached out and with a feather light touch, stroked over the tip of her right nipple. She gasped, opened her eyes languidly and seeing me, smiled and closed her eyes again.

“Oh, Bobbie,” she crooned. “That feels sooo gooood . . . ”

“Would you like some more of the same?” I asked, softly, that tingle beginning to flood through my own body.

“Oh, yes!” she responded.

I lightly rubbed over her nipple again, gently stroking over the smooth fabric. Sandra jerked and shivered involuntarily. I proceeded to touch her left nipple with my fingertip. She moaned softly. Leaning forward, she reached back and undid the tie at the back of her bikini top. I pulled it from her and laid it on the concrete next to her. She lifted her bottom off the surface of the cushion and pulled her bikini bottom down. Pulling her feet up, she pulled the bikini pants off and discarded them to one side. She looked at me with lust flooding her eyes. She again lay back down with her legs spread and her arms hanging loosely at her sides.

“Bobbie, make love to me,” she begged. “Make love to me as I know only you can do.” Her generous lips spread and her tongue played over them, making them glisten, the tip of her pink tongue still displayed slightly.

I rose and gently brought my lips down to hers, the tip of my tongue nudging hers. She brought her hands up and held my face gently, opening her wet lips, inviting my tongue to enter her mouth. Our tongues met and entwined, swirling around each other, tasting, probing, feeling, exciting . . .

With our tongues making love to each other, I tenderly played my fingertips down her cheeks, over her throat and spreading out as I traced down and around each of her firm breasts, stroking in circles, ever narrowing to her hardening, pointy, pink nipples. As I played over them, she began to moan in my mouth. Her tongue lashed about as I gently pulled on each of her nipples and stroked up and down on them as if they were tiny penises.

Then, I opened my hands and cupped both her full breasts, massaging them in my palms. Again, I stroked around them lightly with my fingertips in a circular motion, moving ever closer to her upthrust, sensitive nipples.

Sandra sucked on my tongue, trying to draw me into her. Her hands flew about my head and face, tenderly stroking me, loving me.

When my fingertips again played around her hard nipples, she moaned loudly and grasping my hands tightly to her breasts, thrust her chest out and bucked her hips as if she were having an orgasm. I then realized she was actually cumming. I could smell it as her spread legs thrust her sex up, revealing her glistening cunt lips flowing with her juices.

“Oh, Bobbie!” she panted, “I’m cumming. Oh, God, it feels so good . . . ”

I pulled my right hand from her grasp and softly ran it down over her tightened tummy to the top of her love slit. Spreading my fingers, I gently ran them over her whole sex, stroking my fingertips up and down over her sex as if with feathers.

Sandra’s legs opened even wider, inviting me to explore her every charm. In response, I ran my fingertips down over her inner thighs, first one and then the other, down to the knee and back up to her flowing cunt. I stroked her thus a half-dozen times or so. Her breathing was becoming ragged and I sensed she was on the verge of another orgasm. With my left-hand still softly playing with her breasts, I slid my right fingers up either side of her labia to the hood over her clit, pulling it back and touching her exposed nub very lightly. Sandra screamed and pressed the palm of my open hand tightly against her clit as she thrust her hips up and down rapidly, orgasming again. She was screaming and moaning, twisting and thrusting her sex against my hand.

Her breath was coming in great gasps. “Aaaaaaaggggghhhhhhh. Uuuuunnnnnggggghhhhhh.” Her hips continued their undulating movement as she held my hand tightly to her pussy, squirming around my hand as if it were a cock buried in her.

Slowly, the intensity of her orgasm began to subside and she just lay there, holding my hand to her pussy, now very slowly rotating her body under my palm. Her breathing began to return to normal and the pressure of her hands on mine relaxed.

Sandra opened her eyes and looked at me with such a loving expression. “Bobbie,” she breathed softly, “I love you so much. You make me feel so good. Your dad’s fantastic, but you’re heavenly. And you’ve barely touched me!”

“Sandra, my sweet darling, would you like me to touch you?” I asked softly, playing my finger tips lightly over her breasts and thighs.

“I don’t know if I could stand it,” she replied, “but I’d surely like to find out!”

“Let’s go to my bedroom,” I said, “we’ll be a lot more comfortable there.”

Sandra scooped up her bikini parts and we walked, hand in hand, into the family room. There we found Beckie kneeling in front of my dad seated on the sofa, with her lips wrapped around his stiff member, sliding up and down, her nose pressing into his pubic hair as she deep throated him. He was moaning with joy and her eyes were closed as she worked on him. He was gently playing with her breasts. One of her hands was grasping his ball sac and the other was stroking her pussy. We went by them quietly, not wishing to interrupt in any way.

I led Sandra to my bedroom and laid her down in the middle of my bed, her head cushioned on my pillows. I stood at the foot of the bed so she could see me fully and slowly stripped off my bikini, gently cupping my breasts as I released the clasp between them. I rolled my nipples between my thumb and forefinger and pulled on them. They stiffened instantly pointing my pert, firm breasts straight at Sandra. She reached her hands out, inviting me onto the bed between her wide-spread thighs.

Getting up between her legs and leaning forward, I played my fingers over her swelling breasts. Again, I traced around her lovely globes until I reached her throbbing nipples. She moaned loudly and reached out for my breasts, tenderly cupping them and then, playing with my nipples, softly pinched and stroked up and down with her fingertips.

Leaning down, I ran the tip of my tongue around the areola of her right breast. I could feel the little bumps as my tongue traversed around and then I lapped over the top of Sandra’s engorged, hard nipple. She gasped aloud and held my face in her hands, pulling my mouth to her breast. I opened my lips wide and sucked as much of her ample breast into my mouth as I could. I pulled up on it until only her hardened nipple was still between my lips and raced the tip of my tongue back and forth over it, lashing my tongue tip over it as if it were a little cockhead.

Sandra screamed with pleasure and wrapped her legs around my hips. The sensations I was evoking in her breast raced to her pussy and she thrust her hips up at me, begging for me to give attention to the center of her sex.

I shifted my mouth to her left breast and repeated what I had done to her right breast. Sandra screamed again and thrashed about under my mouth, pressing me hard to her and bucking her hips up and down. Her chest was heaving with her ragged and labored breathing.

Pulling gently back and with the fingertips of both my hands, I stroked down her tummy, around her mons and on down to her knees over her wide-spread thighs. Her pink pussy was opened wide and flowing. It glistened in the soft light and seemed to clutch and relax, over and over again. Her pussy was shaved clean, but did not look adolescent – it looked fully mature – Sandra was clearly a woman, a very sexual and passionate woman. Her labia were engorged, ranging from soft pink to raging red. Her juices were flowing copiously from her love tunnel at the lower end of her slit. And at the top of her pussy slit, the hood over her clit was pulled back and her swollen clit was sticking up like a small penis, begging to be loved.

I lowered my mouth to her mons and softly ran my tongue over the outside of her outer lips, up and down each side, gently nibbling on them and sucking them into my mouth. With the tip of my tongue, I explored between the outer and inner lips, being very careful not to touch her clit. Sandra, was squirming and moaning loudly, trying to thrust her clit to my mouth. I avoided it and continued to lap her outer lips with the flat of my tongue, even going down to that sensitive area between her pussy and her asshole. As I addressed this area, Sandra screamed and moaned quite loudly, bucking her hips rapidly up and down while at the same time, spreading her legs as widely as she could to give me free access to any of her I wished to make love to with my mouth. I did not actually touch her asshole, not wishing to possibly contaminate my mouth or fingers before giving her pussy my full attention.

Returning to minister to her labia, I stroked up and down slowly over their full length, still avoiding touching her clitoral nub. I came near it with each soft upward lap, but did not touch it, in spite of Sandra’s obvious efforts to get me to. The lapping of my tongue was steady, flowing, not abrupt or erratic.

When I sensed Sandra was building to another orgasm, I gently modified my tongue strokes to include the inner lips of her pussy and the entrance to her vagina, wiggling the tip of my tongue around and in and out. She responded by pulling on my head, pressing my mouth in firmly against her. Her hips were twisting and thrusting up and down.

I sucked on the outer and inner lips of her pussy and occasionally nibbled on them very lightly with my teeth. I could feel Sandra beginning to stiffen.

She screamed out for me to suck on her clit. Instead, I simply placed my tongue flat over her nub and held it there while she soared over the top in a body-wrenching orgasm. She thrust her clit up hard against my tongue and rotated her pelvis around and around, shuddering and convulsing, her whole body centered on her clit pressed up against my flat tongue.

“Aaaaaaaaaagggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh. Uuuuunnnnnggggghhhhhh. Bobbbbbbbeeeeeeeeeee. Oh God, Oh God, Uuuuunnnnnggggghhhhhh. I’m dying with pleasure! Noooooo, Oh God no, don’t stop, please, don’t stop. Oh! Oh! Oh! Aaaaaaaggggghhhhhhh.”

Sandra flopped up and down convulsively, her legs stiff and her hands holding my mouth tightly to her pussy. She was flowing copiously, her juices soaking my face and her pussy and thighs.

Slowly, she came down off her orgasmic high. The pressure of her hands on the back of my head relaxed and her body loosened. I slowly and tenderly ran my fingertips over her body, running over her breasts and tummy skipping over her mons to her inner thighs to her knees and back up to her tummy. Sandra opened her eyes, dreamily.

“Oh, Bobbie, I’ve never cum like that ever before. That was so fantastic, truly wondrous!”

“Do you think you could go on?” I asked.

Sandra looked at me incredulously. “You mean we haven’t peaked? There’s more? Even greater pleasure?” she breathed.

“Oh yes, my darling Sandra. There’s more!”

“Oh, Bobbie, I’m yours. Do what you want with me. I want to experience everything.”

I continued to tenderly stroke her body with my fingertips with feather light touches.

Sandra began to respond to my touches again, her pelvis thrusting up gently as my fingers ran over her mons and her thighs spreading as my fingers ran lightly over them.

I leaned forward and began to clean up the juices which had flowed out of her pussy from her previous orgasm with my lips and tongue. Sucking with my lips and using my tongue extensively, I lapped all over her sex, from her inner thighs, to near her asshole and up over her labia to near her clit, back and forth slowly, but steadily. I could feel her body begin to soar again as she got into my ministrations.

Now, as I began to concentrate on licking near her clit, I gently thrust a finger into her vagina, with my hand palm up. I keep my fingernails clipped short and filed very smooth to ensure I don’t ever hurt a partner.

I curled my finger up searching for that rough bumpy spot on the upper wall of her vagina. Finding it, I began to move my fingertip in a circular motion while inserting a second finger.

My tongue snaked up under the hood of her clit, wiggling against the nub first on one side and then the other, searching for the side which pleased Sandra most. Her response told me clearly which she liked most. Knowing this now, I could concentrate my tongue actions, swishing the tip of my tongue up and down on that side.

Sandra was moaning loudly and actually began to scream out as my lips gripped her clit at the same time my fingertips massaged her g-spot, pressing on it rhythmically, in time with my sucking her clit. Her body began to stiffen again and I could tell she was rapidly approaching another orgasm.

“Bobbieeeeeeee. I’m cummmmmmmminnnggg! Oh, God. I’m cummmmminnngggg! Aaaaaaagggggghhhhhhhh!”

Sandra came repeatedly, over and over again. Her stiffened body made it difficult, but not impossible, for me to hold my fingertips on her g-spot and tongue her clit. She continued to soar higher and higher, screaming louder and louder. She began to squirt from her pussy, all over my hand, face, and everything else . . .

Then she just went totally limp and her ragged breathing calmed. She lay still, in a totally different space.

I looked up to see my dad and Beckie standing next to us, looking down at us, wonder and adoration on their faces.

As I slowly started to pull away from Sandra, she murmured, “No, please don’t leave me now. It’s so wonderful. Please don’t stop . . . ”

I resumed my ministrations to her clit and g-spot, but softly now, gently playing with her sex.

Sandra continued to orgasm, wave after wave of intense pleasure flowing throughout her body.

“I’ve never felt so alive!” she breathed softly, a beatific smile playing continuously across her lovely face.

Dad and Beckie knelt on either side of us and began to trace their fingertips over Sandra’s breasts. Sandra moaned her approval. They both began to tongue her nipples, sucking with their lips and softly swirling their tongues around the stiff projections.

The three of us continued to pleasure Sandra for what seemed at least another half hour. Sandra just floated throughout this time, murmuring her joy and flowing juice from her pussy.

I slowed my actions more and more. As I did so I could sense Sandra was also slowly coming back down to earth. Finally, her eyes opened and she looked at me with such love in her eyes.

“Bobbie, I’ll never forget what you’ve just done for me. I’ve never known such joy, such intense pleasure and so sustained! You’re the most wonderful lover I’ve ever known. I want you to teach me so I can pleasure you as much as you have just pleasured me.”

Dad and Beckie stood up and walked behind me.

I was kneeling on all fours between Sandra’s legs. My behind was tilted up and my pussy was soaking wet from my own arousal while pleasuring Sandra. Suddenly I felt soft, gentle fingers stroking my inner thighs from my knees to my pussy. I spread my thighs to allow my unknown lover to access anything they wanted.

Beckie’s face appeared under my pussy. She lifted her mouth up to my slit and began to lick up and down, thrusting her tongue deeply between the lips of my pussy. Wow! It felt so good!

Fingers delved into the juices flowing from my cunt and spread the slickness up over my rosebud, a finger slipping in and slowly circling my sphincter, stretching it gently. Beckie continued to service my slit while Sandra kneaded and pinched my sensitive nipples tenderly. She gently pulled on my nipples between her thumb and forefinger, stroking up and down on them as if they were baby penises.

I felt something large, warm and smooth push at my stretched rosebud and the head of Dad’s lovely, big cock slid into my ass. I was thrilled with pleasure and pushed back onto his stiff shaft as the girls continued to pleasure me, each in a different way. Virtually all my erogenous zones were being played on, gently, tenderly, with love.

Shifting the angle of my backside allowed Dad to slip further into me until I could feel him all the way in.

Beckie, while sucking on my clit, was also playing with Dad’s balls, rubbing them and squeezing them gently. She was really getting into pleasuring both of us. Her tongue lashed my clit, her lips sucked on my pussy lips and her teeth nibbled softly on my nubbin, sending flashes of lightning through my whole body.

Sandra had turned around so that she could slide under my arms and alternately suck and nibble on my nipples.

I was rapidly building to a blinding orgasm. My intestinal muscles clutched at Dad’s gorgeous cock as it slid slickly in and out of my ass. He gradually increased the length and speed of his thrusts into me. Each time he buried himself in me, my muscles sought to hold him there, contracting tightly around his shaft. At the same time, Beckie would gently squeeze his balls and suck hard on my clit. Sandra was nursing on my nipples as if she fully expected to draw milk from them.

Out of the center of my sex, my orgasm began to crescendo. “Aaaaaggggghhhhggghhhh. I’m cummmmminnnnggg!” I shouted, my body screaming with passion and incredible sensations, all over it!

I shoved back hard on my dad’s wonderful cock spearing into my guts. He went over the edge and welling up from his heavy balls being squeezed by Beckie, his cum shot up his shaft and splattered all over my insides. He held his cock buried to the hilt in me as we both orgasmed, his cum leaking out the sides around his thick shaft. It dripped down onto Beckie’s mouth as she continued to lap at my clit, mixing with my cunt juices spewing out of my pussy.

Beckie screamed as she too came, rubbing her clit with her free hand. I had been rubbing Sandra’s slit with one of my hands and she too exploded into an orgasm just as I did, pushed over the edge by my screams of pleasure.

I almost collapsed at that point, pleasure screaming throughout my throbbing body. Fortunately, my dad held onto me and kept me from smothering Beckie and Sandra. Beckie proceeded to clean up the mixture of my juices and my dad’s cum from my pussy and ass with her lips and tongue. Dad slowly pulled out of my ass as his cock softened and the head popped out with a ‘plop’ sound.

Sandra pulled up away from me and Dad allowed my body to slowly descend to the bed. He stepped back from me and helped Beckie stand. I rolled over onto my back and looked at each of them, in turn.

“Wow!” was all I could say. I gulped for air, my breasts heaving up and down, my entire body still tingling with delight.

“Believe it or not guys, I’m hungry again,” I said, as I sat up.

My dad went into the bathroom with Beckie to shower and Sandra and I both pushed in with them. Sure, it was crowded, but soaping each other up was loads of fun.

After we dried each other off, Beckie and Sandra dressed, while my dad and I remained naked. We were used to going about the house that way.

It was time for Beckie and Sandra to go home. Sandra hugged me passionately and said, “Can I come back over soon, so you can give me lessons in creating pleasure?” Her face was flushed with excitement.

“What time tomorrow morning would be convenient for you?” was my response. Beckie grinned broadly and asked if three was a crowd.

Dad laughed. “Don’t worry about that, Beckie. We can always make do,” he chuckled.

Beckie reached over, patted his cock, then slid her fingers around it and gently squeezed it. It began to stiffen immediately.

“Gosh, Beckie. Now see what you’ve done! And now you’re leaving it for me to have to take care of. Thanks a lot!” I said, grinning slyly. I reached over and grasped my dad’s cock and held onto it as we all walked to the front door to bid Beckie and Sandra farewell for now.

Inasmuch as tomorrow was Sunday, we all knew our little group would reconvene for business mid-morning, after each of us had a good, long sleep.

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