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My Little Fetish

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I was a freshman in college, a virgin, and as luck would have it sharing the dormitory floor with more females than males. In fact there were two beauties just across the hall from my room that I shared with Kevin Morris, a very religious kid who was penciled in as next year’s starting quarterback.

It was during the second week of the semester that I first noticed the girls across the hall had a habit of leaving their door ajar.

Naturally, I began to do everything but poke my nose in the crack to see what I could see.

The third day I was rewarded with a view of Rachel pulling a tee shirt over her braless tits. It was my first real look at a girl’s knockers! I didn’t think she saw me as I only caught a fleeting glimpse of her before darting down the corridor to the men’s room where I locked myself in a toilet and whacked off.

Needless to say, I made a point of popping in and out of my room in hope of further erotic sights of Rachel or her equally lovely roomie, Megan. There were several opportunities over the next few days, but sad to say while the door was left open, there were no girls to behold.

A week went by with no ‘sightings’ and I was starting to think that I had had my one look and that was the end of it. However, as I ventured silently out of my room, (intent on whacking off to some pics in the latest Hustler, I noticed their door ajar and moved close to the slight opening.

There on the floor, scant inches from my foot lay a pair of powder blue panties! Scarcely bothering to breathe, I bent down and snatched them up, tucked them into my pants pocket and made my way to my masturbatory haven.

Seconds after sitting down on the commode, I worked the panties out of my pants pocket and examined them.

They were slightly soiled, and I guessed either Rachel or Megan had dropped them enroute to the washers at the end of the corridor.

I held the panties in front of me and a strange odor hit my nose. It was kind of sweet smelling with a hint of urine mixed in. I liked it, and began whacking off while holding them against my face and dreaming of Rachel standing nude in front of me while I jerked myself off.

As I neared my climax, I lowered the panties and directed the copious ejaculate into the panties crotch then balled them up and placed them on the floor next to the Hustler magazine, which I had all but forgotten in the heat of sniffing the panties.

What I did later that afternoon was stupid, and I admit it; although it did work to my advantage after a great deal of embarrassment. What happened was I decided to wash the panties with my own dirty laundry, and I did. My mistake was on reaching my room with my clean laundry, I saw the girl’s door ajar and couldn’t resist peeking inside.

Seeing no one about, I tossed the freshly laundered panties into their unit and returned to my own room.

Ten minutes later there was a light knocking on my door. Kevin was at football practice, and would be for another two hours. Had he been injured? With that on my mind, I opened the door to see Rachel standing there with her clean panties clenched in her fist.

She shook her fist under my nose, and said, “You’ve got a hell-of-a nerve breaking into my dorm and stealing my underwear.”

“W… what?” I gasped, knowing that I was turning crimson.

“Don’t w… what me,” she said indignantly. I can imagine what you did with them after stealing them from me.”

“I didn’t steal… really, I… I found them outside your door. All I did was to add them to my own laundry. Your door was open a little when I came back with the laundry and I….”

“You what?”

“I kinda pushed them through the open crack. I didn’t want to embarrass either of us.”

“You didn’t want to embarrass me?”

“Us… either of us; I mean…”

“Are you alone?”

She asked eyes wide with what I would come to know as desire.

“Um, yeah… Kevin’s at practice, so I’m….”

“All alone,” Rachel said, finishing my sentence for me.

“You were a naughty boy with my panties, weren’t you?”

“No… I… I washed them, like I said.”

“You sniffed them, didn’t you, you pervert!”

“No!” I said denying the accusation, but even I could tell that my protests were feeble.

“I found semen on them!” Rachel roared, or at least it sounded like she did.

She was lying, of course, but I had no way of knowing I hadn’t left a glob of cum on them that the washing machine had not erased.

“Look at that!” she yelled, pointing at an imaginary semen stain. “Look at that crusty gob of cum… you masturbated into my panties, didn’t you?”

Every ounce of denial fled my body at those words. She had me. She had the fucking evidence. My DNA on her panties; I was a goner.


“I knew it!” She chortled with a gleefulness I thought odd, but read nothing else into as I was as mortified as I’d ever been in my short time on Earth.

And then she smiled at me.

I was thoroughly confused. I would be putty in her hands as events would prove.

“Some people would call you a pervert,” she said and her smile widened. “I find it interesting that you would do something like that with them. Tell me why, it’s Walter, isn’t it?”

I nodded yes to her question on my name then waited what came next.

“They… um, excited me.”

“Really? You’re telling me that sniffing my pissy undies excites you?”

I nodded, unable to admit it verbally.

“Now we’re getting somewhere,” she said, moving toward the torn arm chair Kevin and I used to watch TV and play video games on. “I think you owe me an opportunity to smell yours, Walter.” She drew my name out interminably long as she sat down.


“Oh yes. You still have them on,” she said sarcastically. “What do we do now?”

“I could… go change?”

“Or you could smell my panties? I mean the ones I have on.”

And before I could act in any fashion, Rachel grabbed my arm and pulled me in front of her.

“You’ll have to kneel if you’re going to smell them, Walter,” drawing my name out again, mockingly. She grabbed my arm and pulled me in front of her. “Get on your knees.”

The next thing I knew I was on my knees and Rachel had spread her legs so that I had a clear view up her skirt. The panties she had on were nothing like the ones I had smelled earlier. They were smaller and almost see-through. I couldn’t see through them, but what I did see was what I later learned was called a camel-toe through the darker shading of her pubic hair.

Rachel giggled and placed her feet on the arms of the chair, and then scooted toward me, her butt almost leaving the chair.

“Sniff to your heart’s content, Walter,” she said in a voice that had turned husky.

“But…” I said, protesting weakly.

“But what, Walter? You gonna get a boner? You gonna have to jerk off in front of me?”

The thought of whacking off in front of her was one of my fantasies and of course, caused me to generate a maximum-sized boner.

“Oh, look at him! Isn’t that adorable! Maybe I should have my roomie, Megan over. You think?”

“No, no, I… um, I think I should….”

She spread her legs a little farther. “Get your nose in there and start sniffing, Walter, or else!”

Frightened by both the opportunity to get close enough to actually smell her crotch and by the fact that she had spotted my hardon and didn’t make a commotion about it, I leaned into her and inhaled.


I spent a couple minutes with my nose pressed up against the gusset of her panties, and then I lost my senses and reeled backward, falling on the floor.

Can you believe that, I actually fainted. It must have been too much of a good thing. At any rate, Rachel revived me, slapping my face until I responded enough to assure her I would live to sniff again.

She settled back into the armchair, spread her legs again and told me, ‘To get back in there!’

As I moved forward again, she placed her hands on the top of my head and whispered lewdly, “You can jerk off if you want to.”

“You’d let me?” I gasped.

“Why not? I like to watch too, Walter.”

I fumbled with my fly as my face approached Nirvana.

“Wait!” Rachel called out, and I froze with my boner in hand. “Let me see it, Walter.”

I let my dick drop from my hand and it popped back up, that being the basic property of a youthful boner.

“You can jerk off, but I want you to lick my panties.”

“I was truly in Heaven! I forgot to stroke my dick while jabbing my tongue out, but discovered I needed to move in even closer to accomplish my task.

My tongue made contact with the filmy panty material. I was surprised that there was no real flavor there.

“Come on, give it a real licking,” Rachel husked, and shoved my head closer to her center. My head went a little sideways and when I stuck out my tongue I hit her thigh.

“Hey. That felt good too. But don’t let your boner get soft. Jerk it a little faster.”

Truth be told, I’d forgotten about masturbating, although my dick was dripping precum by the gallon at this point. I put an effort into my jerking off as well as licking her crotch.

“C’mon, Walter, I’m helping you out here.”

“What?” I said, not understanding.

“I mean, I’m getting wet from the inside too. That should add some flavor to everything, you think?”

Up to that point, I’d known very well what all this licking was doing to me, but only then did I realize how it was affecting Rachel.

I got a real taste for whatever it was that was coming out of her and soaking through her panties. I started gathering the fabric in my teeth and sucking it into my mouth. I couldn’t get enough. I was addicted.

“OHGOD OHGOD OHGOD!” Rachel moaned and squirmed crazily in the chair as she grabbed my head and shoved it deeper into her crotch. “I’M GOING TO CUM!”

Her legs tightened around my neck and jaw but I kept licking until she pushed me away and reached for my cock. The very moment her hand made contact with my already pulsing dick, I sprayed the biggest load of my life right into her face.

I was sated, but mortified at the same time.

To my complete surprise, Rachel appeared elated.

“You came all over my face!”


“Wow, I can’t believe you had so much jizm in those balls.”

She grabbed my cell phone from where it lay on a nearby table and dialed a number.

“What the fuck!” I thought, but said nothing and just stared at my sperm as it drooled down her forehead and dripped off her chin onto her chest.

“Megan!” Rachel yelled into the phone. “Get your skinny ass over here!”

“Next door, you dummy! Hurry, you won’t believe it!

Ten seconds later, maybe less, Megan burst through my door, took three steps into my room and screamed, “Hoy shit! I mean, holy fucking shit!”

She glanced at me and I promptly covered my shrinking dick with both hands.

“He ate me out. I must have cum a zillion times… and when I touched his wiener he exploded in my face, what a bukkake!”

“That was one time!” Megan gasped as she clutched her breast.

“One time, and guess what? Our friend here is a panty sniffer!”

“No way!”

“He stole… says he found a pair of my panties, jerked off in them and then returned them to me.”

“He handed them to you filled with his cum?”

“No, the crazy fuck washed them and folded them. I caught him bringing them into our dorm room.”

How the hell did he get in?”

“I left the door ajar.”

Rachel, I’ve told you, how many time… lock the friggin’ door!”

“I know, I know. But look at what happened because I did. Rachel was using two fingers to scoop up my sperm from her face then feeding it into her mouth.

I was stunned by her action and even more so when she tendered the same cum covered fingers to Megan, who swooped down to accept the offering like a baby bird.

“Mmmm, good!” she crowed.

“Isn’t it!” Rachel agreed.

Rachel helped herself to another sampling and then Megan was all over her, licking my load from her roomies face while Rachel giggled insanely. Megan didn’t stop until only a sheen of ejaculate remained on Rachel’s face. It looked something like my mother’s face after she’d applied some wrinkle cream to her face. But this was definitely different.

Rachel gave Megan a friendly kiss on the mouth after she’d finished, and I wondered what else I would be witnessing the two of them do before they left my room.

I found out soon enough. Staring at my renewed erection, Megan asked, “Can you get that thing to explode again?”

“I think so, I answered, wondering if the unbelievable was about to happen.

“Go into the bathroom for a minute. I have to talk with Rachel.”

I followed her instructions and sat on the toilet for a minute or so then Rachel called me back out. Both girls stood there in panties and bras.

“Whoa!” I gasped. Megan and Rachel giggled.

Rachel’s was lewd, Megan’s nervous.

“Megan’s going to sit where I was. I want you to lick her the same way you did me.”

“Um, you don’t mind, do you?” Megan asked, and I was sure she was apprehensive about it.

“No, but it might be better if we used the couch.”

“Why the couch?” Rachel asked.

“That way you can either sit down with us, or watch from different vantage points,” I said.

Rachel nodded in understanding and gave Megan a little push toward the couch. I was suddenly filled with a confidence I’d never even seen hinted at in my demeanor before.

“Put one leg on the arm of the couch, Megan. Leave the other on the floor,” Rachel said.

She did as asked. Rachel’s hand went to her mouth. “That’s good… that’s very good,” she said.

“What?” Megan said, wondering what was so ‘good.’

“Your pussy is exposed so that I can see it.”

“Oh… that’s good… I guess.

“Um, Rachel?”

“Yeah, Meg?”

“Check his dick out. He’s got another boner.”

“Jesus,” Meg blurted. He’s ….”

“Huge,” Rachel said, finishing the sentence.

“Walter, let Megan have a little taste of that boner, why don’t you?”

I tendered my prick to Megan She quickly dropped to her knees and started blowing me.

“Mind the teeth,” I said after she scraped me causing some pain.

I got a quick apology from her. “Won’t happen again.”

“Megan, rub your pussy while you blow him, keep the oven warm for him.” Rachel giggled.

I understood her words to be an order and not a request. Megan clearly understood it as such and ran her left hand over her pussy while licking the head of my dick.

I let my hand creep under her bra, and felt her firm breasts.

“Show him those tits, Meg.”

Megan complied, lifting her bra up and over what to me was a fantastic rack. I leaned down, braced myself on the top of the couch with one hand and lightly ran the tips of my fingers over one breast and then the other. Megan started shuddering.

Megan popped my dick out to groan, “Oh fuck… that feels….”

“What did you say, Meg?” Rach purred.

“His hands… they’re marvelous!”

Her nipples stood at attention and I had yet to touch them.'”They’re beautiful, Meg,” I whispered and let the palm of my had rub over each one in turn.

“Jesus Christ! Where have you been hiding?”

Rachel laughed.

“You don’t know my name, do you, Megan?” I said as my confidence rose.

“Mmm, nuh ah don….” She said out of the side of her mouth as she suck away at me.

“It’s Walter,” I said as I felt the first twinges of my climax building.

“Slow down, Megan!” Rachel said, not wanting me to cum too soon. “Try licking his balls; kiss the shaft, keep him hard.”

I lightly slapped Megan’s nipples. Then I looked at Rachel. “How about letting me see your tits, Rach?”

Rachel was ready and quickly unhooked her bra, revealing a set of boobs the equal of Megan’s.

“Can I have a taste, Rach?”

She stood up and I saw her knees start to buckle, but she caught herself and holding her right breast, brought it to my mouth and I sucked the nipple in, swirled my tongue over it until it hardened and then went after the other one.

Rachel was moaning by the time I let it fall from my mouth. My confidence was on the rise, matching my dick.

Megan had tugged her panties to one side and was fingering herself.

“Your time to cum has come, Megan,” Rachel said and had me kneel down in front of her, and, after re-covering her pussy with the panties, Told me to go to work.

I stuck out my tongue and started licking. “Oh fuck!” Megan moaned, and brought both hands to her mouth.

Megan tasted different from Rachel. She had a stronger urine odor but that didn’t seem to bother me. The taste, once I got the fabric wet, was a little sweeter. I used the same pressure that Rachel had had me use on her. It didn’t take Megan long to start bouncing around. When she did she fell back on the corner of the couch and I took her legs and put them over my shoulders.

Megan was bouncing for real now. Her head was flopping from side to side and her hands were griping at whatever they could grab.

“I … feel … I’m … what?” Megan stammered.

“Go with it baby,” Rachel said as she reached between my legs to fondle my balls.

“What … oh shit… shit, I’m gonna cum!” Megan bleated.

“That’s the general idea, baby,” Rachel laughed lewdly.

Suddenly I stopped everything as Rachel’s finger began tickling my asshole.

“Just teasing you a little,” she laughed.

“Nice, I like that.” Then I returned my concentration to licking and sucking Megan through her panties.

“OHGOD OHGOD!” she woofed happily.

“Let’s try this without the panties, I uttered softly, and pried them to one side before renewing my oral attack on her sopping wet pussy.

It hit her five seconds later. I know this for a fact since I was timing my licks, one thousand one, one thousand two, and so on. Megan grabbed the cushion behind her and screamed into it. The moment I inhaled the scent of her climax I let out a loud, sharp, piercing cry and started ejaculating.

Without bothering to ask permission of Rachel, Megan pulled me up on the couch with her then rolled off onto the floor and took my semi into her mouth and started sucking me off.

I came quickly, unable to contain myself, ejaculating directly into Megan’s face.

She didn’t complain, which surprised me. Both girls sampled my cum, using their fingers to feed one another, then Rachel licked Megan’s face clean.

“Could we maybe do this again tomorrow, Walter?” Rachel inquired hopefully.

I looked at my watch and said, “It’s almost six,” I said. “If we all shower and maybe grab a bite to eat, I can be back here at say, seven-thirty.”

“You can get it up again?” they said at the same time.

“I can and I will. But this time I’d like to fuck the both of you.”

“Are… are… Oh shit,” Megan said, “I can’t ask him.”

“She wants to know if you’re into water sports.” Rachel said nervously.

“Water sports? What the fuck is….” Then it hit me. I held up a hand signaling them not to bother replying. “I think I know what you mean,” I said.

“He’s not, Rachel. He’s not.”

“Wait a minute, is it just that you’ve never played water sports, Walter, or would you like us to call you, Mr. Big?”

“I’d like that,” I answered.

“Want to learn?”

“I’m open to new experiences, but I fuck the two of you first.”

Rachel grinned evilly at me. “That’s right, I forgot, technically you’re a virgin. Well we’ll take care of that in more ways than one, and that’s a promise!”


“You like to jack off into my panties; now you can do it while I’m wearing them.”


“Stand there and rub your … dick up and down on the crotch,” Rachel said.

The only trouble was that if I was on my knees the bed was too high and if I stood up it was too low. She had me get up on the bed and try several positions but nothing worked. Finally we hit upon one that worked perfectly.

She lay on her back with her legs pulled up to her chest and opened as wide as she could get them. I sat on my heels with my knees under her ass. That brought her ass up to just the right position. Rather than grabbing my dick and going up and down her crotch with it I was able to lay it down, put a little pressure on it then move back and forth. The underside of my dick was riding right in the crease her pussy lips made.

“I like this,” she said.

The way I was doing it was back and forth like I was fucking her except my dick was on the outside of her panties. She moved her legs to my shoulders.

After a minute or so she closed her legs up to her knees and started moaning. She had her panties soaked.

“I’m close. Go faster and harder.”

She was pushing up toward me every time I thrust. She finally moved my hand out of the way and pushed my dick down hard on her crotch. I sped up again and my balls were slapping against her ass.


Rachel pushed my dick as hard as she could against her and came. It was like getting a rug burn and I lost my hardon. I was about to cum myself but she lost it for me. She just lay there moaning and trying to catch her breath. She finally relaxed, let go of me and sighed.

I just sat there. I didn’t want to move. I wanted to finish what I’d started. I looked over at Megan.

“Do you want to try this?” I asked.

“Yeah,” she said enthusiastically then sprang up onto the bed. “Move your ass, Rach!”

Rachel rolled to one side but didn’t leave the bed. Megan moved right in where Rachel had been. When she did her little bra slid up exposing her perky titties.

“My bra,” she said sounding a little embarrassed.

“You can just take it off if you want too,” I said hopefully.

“Not unless Rachel takes hers off.”

Rachel turned her head and looked at me then turned it farther and looked at Megan.

“Undo the clip,” she said.

Megan reached over and undid the clips then helped Rachel take it off. Rachel had a beautiful pair of tits. One breast, the right, appeared to be slightly larger than the other. Another thing was that her nipples sort of pointed left and right rather than forward as most of the tits I’d seen in magazines did.

While I was staring at Rachel’s boobs, Megan took hers off.

“She’s a lot bigger,” Megan said apologetically.

“We’re all becoming perverts,” Rachel giggled and reached out to squeeze Megan’s left breast. Then Megan squeezed one of hers. Not to be left out I began playing with both their breasts.

“You have a gentle touch,” Megan said as I continued fondling their tits and nips.

“You’re turning me on again,” Rachel said.

“He’s going to do me first,” Megan said, and I left their tits to start moving back and forth on Megan.

“Oh, yeah!” she yipped happily and started moving her ass the second she felt my renewed erection press against her clit. I grabbed her knees and pushed them together.

We moved fast and hard from the beginning. I was determined not to lose it this time so when I got close I grabbed my dick, pushed straight in about where her hole would be and let go. I didn’t scream but she did. I more or less grunted as I watched my dick unload right into the fabric of Megan’s panties.

“Whoa!” Megan screamed again. “I think… I can feel it,” she said with a big grin. “It’s going right through my undies.”

“Careful, you don’t want any in there. You could get pregnant!” Rachel hissed as she took my dick in her hand and gave it a hearty squeeze that I really appreciated because she was wringing the last of my cum out and it felt great.

I was exhausted. I slid out from under Megan and rolled to one side. I remember Rachel kissing my forehead and pulling the covers over me. I fell asleep but some time during the night I got up to pee and realized my dick hurt from all the friction I’d put it through.

Megan was awake when I came back to the bed. She ran a hand through my tousled hair and whispered, “She’s asleep. You wanna cuddle?”

“Sure,” I said and we fell into a kind of spoonish position.

“She can be a bitch sometimes,” Megan whispered.

“Oh…” I said and let it hang.

“I would have fucked you normally, but she insisted you had this thing about her underwear.”

“I do,” I admitted.

“So, what, it’s a fetish. Lots of people have them. I read about it in my Psych text.”

“Still and all….”

Megan wriggled her butt against me. I was already growing hard.

“Want me to jerk you off?”

“Umm, no, I don’t think so.”

“Afraid it’ll wake Rach?”


“I shouldn’t be teasing you like that,” she said, turning her head to mine. “Will you forgive me?”

I smiled in the dark and rubbed noses with her. “Can … can I lick your pussy?”

“It’s all yours,” she giggled. “Do you want that in a cone or a bowl?”

My confidence soared. “Let me take a few licks and I’ll decide.”

Megan turned so that she now lay on her back. “It’s toasty warm right now. Think you can make it hotter?”

“I’ll certainly try.”

“I am wearing panties; want me to take them off?”

“No, leave them on.”

I kissed her face and neck and worked down to her tits. She gasped when I licked her nipple then sucked it into my mouth. Her hand snaked out and took hold of my dick.

“You can eat whatever you want. Just don’t stop.”

“You’re sure she won’t wake up?”

“She’ll sleep through an earthquake.”

Megan had discovered my balls and was playing with them. I took my mouth from her left nipple, and told her, “Be careful with my jewels, please.”

“I will, but when are you getting … you know?”

“On my way there now,” I said and slowly made my way down to her crotch. I gripped the gusset between my teeth and tugged, giving her a mini wedgie. She gave a little cry of surprise and giggled.

I began a slow rubbing up and down her slit. Her labia were on the smallish side, by that I mean they were thin, almost non-existent compared to many I’ve sampled since then.

She tolerated my exploratory moves, but gradually began losing patience with me. I really couldn’t blame her. She had offered her pussy to me to sample and I was, from her point of view, dawdling unnecessarily as I sucked on the material of her panties.

“Lick it al-READY!” she hissed while squeezing my cock harder than I usually do, and somehow this caused my tongue to snap out against her clit.

Her hips leaped up from the bed. “OH … OH … You beautiful Bastard!”

“Mmmmph, what?” I said after spitting out a mouthful of her undies.

“Oh, don’t tease me … use that beautiful tongue there again.”

I started tongue-fucking her pussy through her panties; reveling in the exquisite taste of both the panties and her juice which was being released in a quantity I hadn’t anticipated.

Evidently Megan wanted my tongue inside her for she pulled her panties to one side exposing her cunt to my ever questing mouth and tongue.

While somewhat dismayed at the loss of munching on her undies, I was more than happy to monge away at her actual flesh. I left her clit for the time being, concentrating on her hole, curling my tongue and pushing it into her as far as it would go.

It appeared to drive her nuts. Suddenly she was humped my face with wild abandon. Of course this woke Rachel, who I think began fingering herself then, but I can’t say for certain. I do know she was fingering herself to an orgasm when I came up for air after giving Megan’s clit a proper tongue lashing that took her over the top and into a earth-shattering cum that had her screaming loud enough to wake the dead.

“Me … Me … Meeee!” Rachel croaked, shifting her splayed thighs around so I had access to them.

Her panties clung to her right calf, as she didn’t want them impeding the four fingers she had shoved into herself. I attacked her pussy in the same vein I had Megan’s. Rachel was much wetter, from all the fingering I suppose, but wondered if she had secretly been watching Megan and me all along.

At any rate she clamped those thighs around my head and shoved her puss into my face.

I licked and sucked away until I heard her bellow: “I … can’t … I’m … you … OH MY… OH, OH, OH! AHA … HAA … OH FUCK! OH FUCK!”

And a geyser of juice exploded into my face and mouth as she came for what seemed the longest time. She released my head from between her thighs. We both collapsed on the bed rolling away from one another gasping for breath. I began kissing around her inner thighs but every time I neared her cunt she pushed me away, pleading she’d had enough.

Megan was laughing hysterically.

Rachel was sobbing with a happiness I hadn’t seen in her before. She was exuding radiance unlike any I had ever seen before.

Megan reached out and took my throbbing cock in her hand and gave it several jerks, then said: “I want this big baby in me, Walter. I want it in me NOW!”

I took my dick and swabbed it between her pussy lips and brought it to her entrance. Taking my time, I slowly pierced her opening.

Megan told me later that she’d been apprehensive about me fucking her. Yes, she wanted me too, but she’d only done it once before and the results hadn’t been good.

That may explain why her hips leaped as I penetrated her and instead of inching in, I drove another two inches into her.


“Maybe … Maybe we’d better not!”

“Am I hurting you?”

“No, but I think….”

“Let’s see what happens if I pull back a little.”

“I don’t know ….”

Rachel chimed in at that point, telling Megan that it wouldn’t hurt, not really. “You had your nose pierced, did that hurt?”

“Of course it hurt,” she replied.

I slowly eased my dick back into her, and passed my earlier point. She was lubing herself, enabling me as it were.

“Well this won’t hurt any more than that, I can promise you that,” Rachel said, urging me to keep going.

“See, he’s already well into you, Meg.”

“He is?”


“Want to keep going, Meg?” I rasped.

“Okay, but be careful.”

I started slow, gradually working my dick into her until we were both comfortable with full penetration, and then with both of us breathing hard, I speeded up.

A couple minutes later, Megan was grunting, gasping and laughing intermittently.

“Like it now, Meg?” Rachel cooed next to us.

“OHHHH … YEAH!” Megan gasped. Then to me: “Keep that … Yeah that going! YEAH, YEAH, OH YEAH!”

She started bouncing all over. In doing so, she was pushing up onto my dick even harder, which nearly set me off. How I managed to keep from cumming I’ll never know, but I did.

“Cum for us, Meg!” Rachel yelled.

Meg grunted and heaved her pelvis up,

yelling: “I’m almost … almost … I’m cumming … I’m cumming … Oh God, I … I … I’m THERRRRRRRREEE!”

I kept fucking her. She started to relax. Started to say something, most likely to Rachel, but couldn’t get the words out. Instead she curled up into my chest and screamed again. Already in the throes of a second massive climax; laughing and hugging me while her legs flailed about until she clamped them back around me.

“Oh, man … so that was what a good fuck means … WOW!”

“Walter, you’re something else,” Rachel laughed. “I never thought ….”

She gave me an intense look and said, “”Can I join in … if I apologize?”

“Shut up and spread your legs,” I said, trying to sound like a tough guy, which I certainly wasn’t. Rachel bought it though, and even held her labia apart so I could see the pink interior.

“Megan hand me her panties,” I said commandingly.

Megan peeled the panties from Rachel’s calf and handed them to me. Accepting them, I brought them to my face and inhaled Rachel’s scent. It held a powerful aroma, almost aphrodisiac in a sense with my fetish making even more erotic. But I was using it as a means of allowing my balls to cool off before fucking Rachel.

I sucked some of the juices from the panties crotch; made sure they were thoroughly soaked with a combination of my saliva and her own fluids then fed them into her mouth, telling her to suck on them, or go without a fucking.

She nearly gagged in the attempt, but did manage to chew her panties into shreds, swallowing the comingled fluids before coughing out the panties and flicking them off the bed.

“Now can we ….”

I was fucking her before she could finish the sentence. I heard Megan laughing off to one side and waved my hand at her signaling her to shut up.

She did, but ran her hand over my ass, making a point to tickle my anus. I made a mental note to return the favor at the earliest opportunity.

I started moving in and out between Rachel’s legs just like I’d done with Megan, only with Rachel I made sure to maintain a frequent contact with her clit, trying for every other thrust, succeeding enough to have her moaning after two or three minutes of slow fucking.

We got a good rhythm going. She stopped once when she had a small climax but she went right back at it. I looked at her face. She was definitely in her own little dream world.

I glanced over at Megan and she smiled and mouthed the words, “Tease her for what she did to you, Walt,” apparently afraid of Rachel’s response if she’d heard her talking aloud.

An idea formed in the back of my mind as a way of retribution that would even the score while not hurting anyone. I gave her ten hard and fast thrusts bringing her to the edge of another climax, and then pulled out of her.

“Wha…?” a thoroughly confused Rachel sputtered.

I made the slow crawl down her body, stopping for a minute at her breasts which I gave a good sucking before moving further south.

“That’s nice … but … but ….”

I did the same thing I’d done to Megan. I circled all the way around her pussy then dived onto her clit.

Instant cum.

She grabbed my head and held it there as she squeezed me with her legs.

When she relaxed, I began anew, again avoiding her clit. I was saving that for the right time.

Rachel was squawking non-stop, with a series of “Oh YEAH’S” and “Yes, Yes, Yes’s.”

I worked a finger into her asshole, eliciting a low grunt-like “Ugh,” sound.

I licked her pussy thoroughly while rubbed her breasts with the palm of one hand.

She had both hands on my head, running though it and even pulling at it occasionally.

I waited for a certain moan and when it came, I lashed out at her clit, beating it unmercifully with both my thumb and tongue.

She had a screaming climax.

I counted to fifty and started all over again, but returned to her clit within a minute as my jaw was tiring. I had planned on bringing her to at least three orgasms before stopping. As it turned out she had nine. A fact she sheepishly revealed to Megan and I later on over rum and cokes.

But at the time I had her on her back while I straddled her. I couldn’t have been hotter. I was using all my will power to keep from cumming. I glanced at my cock. It was glistening with her juices.

“Megan hand her my cock so she can lick it clean,” I whispered.

With one hand holding Rachel’s neck forward and the other on my erection, Megan brought Rachel down so that she could accept the offer of my penis and began to suck me off. There had been no refusal, or even the sense of refusal. Oh, no. It was total acceptance on her part.

I shifted slightly and brought her tits together.

“Tit fuck, coming up, Rach. Ready?”

“Mmmm,” she replied and I let of gob of saliva dribble from my mouth into her cleavage then let my cock drop on to the little river of spit and began tit-fucking her. Rachel figured out her role quickly enough, taking the head of my cock into her mouth on the up stroke and relinquishing it back on the downward path.

“Nice, Rach,” I groaned, for I was close as my cock skidded back and forth. I glanced over at Megan and caught her masturbating; four fingers were pounding in and out of her pussy. I returned my attention to Rachel, who had my arousal going through the roof.

I realized that I was no longer sliding between her breasts, but just fucking her mouth as she eagerly sucked away.

I’m so close….

The she tugged me out of her mouth and started stroking me furiously.


Breathing hard, she rasped, “Cum on my face! I want your cum all over my face!”

You can guess what resulted after I heard that.

My cock began pulsing in her hand.

She covered the head with her mouth and sucked.

The first hot spurt of cum landed on her tongue, after which she directed the rest of my heavy load directly onto her face, closing her eyes to avoid the problem semen- eye causes.

The cum was streaking down her face from her forehead to her chin, trickling down her neck to her breasts.

The fingers on the hand holding my cock were also covered with cum.

I leaned in and kissed her, catching her completely off-guard. Her tongue still had a generous dollop of my sperm on it and as we dueled it mingled with our saliva, and we each swallowed portions of it.

“Holy shit!” I heard Megan squeal. “Holy fuckin’ shit!”

My fingers caressed her neck, smearing the cum everywhere they went.

I broke the kiss, gathered a glob on my fingertips and called Megan over to me. “Have some, Meg,” I croaked.

The eagerness she showed in swopping down and devouring my fingers into her mouth surprised me.

The fact that a moment later she was thanking me amazed me.

I thought about having the two women go down on each other, but decided against it, fearing it would repulse them and end any further sex between us.

I have since learned that women in heat will enter willingly into the most obscene, bizarre or unnatural acts with no remorse afterward. In several instances they have proposed even wilder scenarios of their own.

Rachel and I kissed again, swapping spit, but leaving the cum alone. Not wanting Megan to hear, she whispered to me that she wanted to fall asleep with it still covering her face.

“It will be all crusty-like in the morning,” I said.

“I don’t care. I want to wake up with that wonderful smell on me.

We arranged our positions so that I was in the middle, and with a hand on each of their cunts I fell into a very blissful sleep.

Megan was blowing me when I woke up. But that’s another story.

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