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Tell Me a Story

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Yvonne and I were relaxing in bed after another great spanking and sex session.

As we lay entwined in each other’s arms Yvonne said, “Don darling, tell me a story.”

“What sort of story?” I replied innocently, knowing full well what the subject matter would be.

“Tell me about your first spanking experience. Where did it happen? How did it come to happen? What was she like? Come on I want to know all the dirty details.”

As Yvonne asked her questions a smile came to my face as the memories came flooding back.

“Judging by the smile on your dial it must have been a happy experience,” Yvonne was like a dog with a bone and she wasn’t going to let go. “Tell me what happened honey, and take your time.”

“OK, it was 1972 and I was on a four month holiday in England and Europe. I had to make a couple of business calls for my father in Sheffield, a dirty industrial city in the north of England. So I hired a car and headed off, intending to see some of the countryside after making the obligatory business calls. I couldn’t wait to get out of Sheffield and I was soon travelling through Yorkshire to an overnight stop in the beautiful Lakes District. Great scenery and nice people. Next morning I headed north to Scotland, skirted around Glasgow and drove along the side of Loch Ness.”

Yvonne interrupted, “Did you see the Loch Ness Monster?”

“No, no monsters that I could see, I think it’s probably a myth. Anyway after passing through the village of St. Andrews, the home of golf, I was on the road to Edinburgh, it was near dusk and I was looking for somewhere to stay. I saw a sign pointing down a side road that read ‘Dinner, bed & breakfast – Heather Cottage – 2 miles’. That sounded OK to me so I drove down the narrow road until I saw the cottage. It looked lovely, freshly painted and pretty gardens. I went to the front door and knocked. It was soon opened by a very attractive lady who welcomed me with a smile. I guessed that she was in her thirties, a nice trim figure, and lovely face with brown hair.

“Good evening, would you have a room available for the night?” I asked.

“You’re Australian aren’t you?” she said in a broad Scots accent.

“Don’t tell, let me guess,” I said, “You’re a Scot.”

We both laughed and she invited me inside, “Yes, I have a vacancy, my name is Heather, are you travelling alone?”

“Yes I am alone,” I replied, “And my name is Donald, nice to meet you Heather. Is anyone else staying here tonight?”

“Donald, now there’s a lovely Scots name. To answer your question, nobody else is staying tonight, just you and me at the moment,” Heather said as she showed me my room. It looked very comfortable and I knew I would sleep well tonight. “Would you like dinner tonight Donald? I have a steak and kidney pie in the oven.”

“That sounds lovely Heather, I’m a bit hungry after driving all day.” I said. “I’ll just go out to the car and get my suitcase and clean up a bit before dinner.”

After freshening up I found Heather in the kitchen dishing up the dinner. We ate at the kitchen table and Heather was very good company. She told me funny stories of some of the people who had stayed there and I told her about life in Australia. Heather told me that she was happily divorced, her ex husband was in the navy, as she dished up apple pie for dessert.

Yvonne interrupted again, “I guess you were wondering at this stage if you could Heather into your bed that night.”

“You do have a one track mind don’t you lover? I said with a laugh, “And yes, you’re right, that thought had occurred to me! Anyway back to the story”

Heather and I finished the meal and she asked me to go into the living room while she washed the dishes and she would join me shortly for coffee. I sat on the couch in the living room and picked up about half a dozen magazines from the table. They were travel magazines about Scotland and I flicked quickly through them. To my surprise the last magazine was called Janus and it was about spanking. I was amazed as I looked at the photos of ladies being spanked by men; I had never seen Janus before. As I was reading Heather came into the room with the coffee.

She blushed bright red as I said, “Look at this magazine Heather, I’ve never seen anything like this before, is it yours?”

“Oh my, I’m sorry Donald, I didn’t know I had left it out. I hope it hasn’t embarrassed you.” Heather looked bit flustered but soon regained her composure. “Scotland is the home of corporal punishment Donald, it is still practiced in schools and in the home.”

“Don’t worry Heather,” I replied, “I’m pretty broad minded and not at all embarrassed.”

“Oh, that’s good.” Heather’s next question took me by surprise. ‘Have you ever spanked anyone Donald? Or have you ever been spanked?”

“I got a few whacks on the bottom from my parents when I was young, and the strap at school a few times, but I’ve never been spanked like in the magazine.”

“Why did you get the strap at school Donald?” Heather questioned.

I laughed, “To be honest Heather it was because me and some of my mates were farting in class!”

Heather burst out laughing, “That’s one thing I’ve never been spanked for.” Then she looked serious and asked, “Have you ever thought about spanking a lady Donald?”

“I admit that I once fantasized about punishing a lady teacher at high school.” I replied. ‘She wrongly humiliated me in front of the class one day and later privately apologized. That night in bed all my thoughts were about punishing her for making a fool of me, but of course it never happened except in my head.”

“Hmmmmmm”, Heather said thoughtfully and after a pause took me by surprise again, “Would you like to spank me Donald?”

“Me spank you? You want me to spank you?” I spluttered.

“Yes, if you would like too.” Heather looked seriously at me. “It’s been a long time since I’ve been spanked and I need it badly. I know it sounds crazy but I really enjoy a good spanking and I’d appreciate it if you would put me over your knees.”

I felt a stirring between my legs and replied, “I’ve never spanked anyone before but I’d love to spank you Heather, it would be a privilege.”

“Great,” Heather stood as she spoke. “Just wait a few minutes and I’ll change into more suitable clothes, I’ll be right back, don’t go away.”

‘Not bloody likely’ I thought to myself, hardly believing my luck. What a good decision to get off the main road for tonight’s accommodation. Would I get a screw after the spanking? My fertile imagination ran wild as I waited for Heather to return.

Five minutes later Heather returned. Barefoot, she was wearing a short tartan kilt with a sheer white blouse through which I could see a low cut brassiere.

“I always wear the family tartan for a spanking,” she said as she stood before me. “If you shift into the middle of the couch Donald, I’ll lay across your knees, are you alright?”

“Y’yes, I’m OK.” I said, suddenly nervous as I shifted across the couch.

A shiver ran through me as Heather laid herself across my knees. I laid my hands on her bottom and gently rubbed in circles. Hesitatingly, I raised my hand and brought it down softly on the kilt.

“No, no, that’s no good Donald,” Heather said, “Lift up my skirt and spank me properly.”

“Anything you say Heather.” I composed myself and took hold of the hem of her kilt raising it upwards and folding it over her back. She was wearing a flimsy pair of silk panties. “So this is what the Scots wear under their kilts!”

I raised my arm and brought my hand down with a firm spank.

“That’s better Donald, spank all of my bum and the tops of my thighs too.” Heather urged me on. “Really make my bottom hot.”

“Whack, whack, whack,” Heather’s words made me realize that she really needed a good spanking and I was determined to do a good job. I warmed to the task, my hand rhythmically warming Heather up as she had asked, and as I grew in confidence the spanking got harder.

Heather’s skin was now a pale pink and she was wriggling a little on my lap causing my cock to do a little wriggling of its own. I stopped spanking for a short time and took hold of Heather’s silk panties and jerked them up into her crotch.

“Ooooooh, yes!,” Heather cried out in surprise, “ You’re enjoying this aren’t you?”

My hand gave her the answer as once again it hit down firmly on the exposed skin. The pale pink skin slowly changed its color from a bright pink to a soft red as the spanking continued.

“Owww, ouch, aaaah, oooooh,” Heather cried, “Oh that’s so good Donald, keep going please!”

I was now hand spanking Heather as hard as I could and my hand was really stinging when suddenly Heather reached back and brushed my hand away as she jumped to her feet. She stood in front of me; her breasts heaving through the blouse, reached out and took my hand in hers.

“I need it harder Donald, come with me please,” Heather panted as she pulled me to my feet and led me out of the lounge and down the passage, pausing to take a key from the drawer of a small table. At the end of the passage she unlocked a door, switched on a light and led me inside. The room was barely furnished with a single chair and a couple of cupboards. The only other item in the room was something that looked like a carpenter’s saw horse, only it had a padded leather top.

I watched wide eyed as Heather, her eyes shining with excitement, opened a cupboard and withdrew a leather strap, about two feet long and three inches wide. It was split in two halves for half its length.

“This is a tawse,” Heather said as she handed it to me. Standing close to me she reached out and felt the bulge in my pants. “I thought you were being turned on Donald, after you strap me with the tawse you can put that hard cock in a place where it belongs, and maybe some places where it doesn’t!”

Heather gave my cock another squeeze, then turned and stood before the horse.

“My ex husband made this whipping horse for me. He called it ‘Whipper’ because that’s what he used to do to me, bend me over it and ‘whip her’, do you get it Donald?”

“Yes, I get the joke Heather,” I felt in charge now, “Now bend over ‘Whipper’ so I can use this tawse on your lovely arse.”

“Oh I love dirty talk,” Heather said with a grin as she bent over the horse, gripping the legs with her hands to steady herself. “Come on Donald, hurry up, I’m turned on too!”

Once again I raised the hem of the kilt over her back. But this time I took her by surprise by slowly lowering her panties to the floor. A moan of delight came from Heather as she kicked the panties off and spread her legs wide apart. I slid a hand between her legs over her pubes that were so wet. I couldn’t resist slipping a finger into her sodden cunt, another moan from Heather as I frigged her for a short time. Another jerk from my cock reminded me that I had a job to do before I could fuck Heather so I stepped back and took aim with the tawse.

The leather whistled through the air and hit with a loud “whack” leaving a red mark across Heather’s pink arse cheeks. It was followed by a small scream of delight from Heather. I raised my arm again and made another stripe across the first one. The next fell across Heather’s thighs making her legs kick in the air. Screams and yelps followed the sound of each stroke hitting her skin as I continued the whipping.

I didn’t know how much she could take so I stopped and asked Heather if she wanted me to continue. Her answer was a firm ‘yes” and she said to keep going until she said “mercy”. Her wish was my command and the tawse continued to rise and fall.

After ten more hard whacks, each of which was followed by a yell or a scream, suddenly Heather cried out, “Mercy, Donald, mercy! I can’t take anymore!”

Heather started to rise from her position over the ‘whipper’ but I pushed her down with one hand while my other hand fumbled with my belt. Finally my pants fell to the floor and my hard cock was free, free for me to stand right behind Heather and to enter her sodden cunt from the rear.

“Oh God, Donald,” Heather shouted, “That feels soooo good, fuck me Donald, fuck me hard, I need it bad, it’s been so long.”

I could feel the heat from Heather’s arse cheeks against my skin as I entered her to the hilt, the tightness of her cunt was fantastic as I moved in and out, both of us enjoying some long overdue sex. Finally I could hold on no more and I came, thrusting myself hard into Heather whose body also shuddered with a giant orgasm, then we both collapsed across ‘whipper’.

I stood and helped Heather regain her feet, her kilt falling back into place. She wrapped her arms around me and I held her tight as her breathing slowly returned to something like normal. My sexy hostess’ eyes were shining brightly as we kissed passionately. When she could stand without help I removed her kilt, blouse and bra. Her lovely breasts fell free and she grinned as I pinched her nipples.

“Ohhhh Donald that was great,” Heather said as she removed the rest of my clothes, “But you were so naughty to take me from the rear. I think you should be punished and I want to spank you. You will let me spank you won’t you Donald?”

“Oh wow. I don’t know about that Heather. I loved spanking you but I don’t know whether I could stand being spanked.”

“Come on Donald,” Heather purred in her lovely accent, “I’ll be very gentle with you and if you take it well you won’t be sleeping in your bed tonight!”

“What a con you are Heather but that’s an offer to good to miss, I’ll try and take a spanking from you.”

“I can’t sit down for a while yet Donald,” Heather said rubbing her still stinging bottom. “Please bend down over ‘whipper’ and I’ll spank you while I stand up.”

Heather pushed me down over ‘whipper’ and I grasped the legs with my hands. I felt Heather’s hands spread my legs further apart and I felt very vulnerable as she played with my cock and balls. Her hands withdrew and then placed themselves on my buttocks, stroking and kneading. Suddenly the first spank fell, harder than I expected and I gave a little yelp of surprise.

“Don’t be a wimp Donald,” Heather admonished me, “It’s going to harder than that little spank.”

Heather was right as the spanks continued to fall, slowly getting heavier as the stinging sensations increased. I was determined not to cry out again but it was getting difficult as the pain got worse.

“Struth Heather, owww shit, I can’t take much more of this, ouch, take it easy will you!”

“Not much longer Donald, I promise.” Heather was now very much in charge. “Remember the promise I made to you.”

My cock jumped again as Heather reminded me of her promise and the spanking resumed. My bottom was now really hot as the spanks got harder. I tried to remain quiet but the pain was too great.

“Owwwww, yikes, eeeeech! Please stop Heather, it’s stinging too much.” Then I remembered Heather’s words, “Mercy, Heather, mercy!”

The spanking stopped immediately and Heather helped me back onto my feet. She wiped a couple of tears from my eyes and hugged me passionately.

“You were great for your first spanking Donald,” Heather said soothingly, “Come on now, let’s go to bed, I need that hard cock inside me again.”

Heather led me to her bedroom and pushed me down on my back in the center of the bed. She knelt up beside me and took my cock into her mouth. As she started to suck she moved around and straddled my head with her legs. We were now in the classic “69” position and as Heather sucked me she lowered her cunt onto my face. I was only too happy to spread her labia with my fingers and kiss, lick, poke and nibble away at her cunt with my lips and tongue. I could taste Heather’s love juices as she blindfolded me by lowering her cunt completely onto my face. I was being queened for the first time and although I had a little difficulty breathing I was loving it!

Heather’s sucking of my cock soon had me ready to cum again and it wasn’t long before I started to pump into her mouth. At the same time Heather’s body shuddered as an orgasm swept through her. After our orgasms faded away Heather raised herself from my face, turned and lay down beside me. As we kissed passionately we could taste each other’s love juices in our mouths and on our faces.

After resting for a time we showered and spent the night together. Unfortunately I had to leave the next morning, as the car had to be back in London the next day. After Heather and I made love once more in the morning we said our good-byes, both of us sad at how short our time together had been, but also happy because of the great spanking and fucking we had shared.

I returned to London, never to see Heather again.

“Wow, when I said “Tell me a Story” I didn’t expect it to be that exciting.” Yvonne said as I finished talking. “Thank you sweetie, that was great and quite a turn on. Now tell me how much of that was true?”

I grinned at Yvonne as I replied. “Well I was in England and Scotland in 1972, you know that because I have shown you the photos. And I did stay at a B & B near St. Andrews not far from Edinburgh. Remember I showed you the photos of Edinburgh Castle?”

“Yes, yes, I do remember them,” Yvonne pressed on, “But what about Heather?”

“There is lots of heather in Scotland, you see it everywhere, in the fields and on the hillsides.”

“Don’t be a smart arse,” Yvonne demanded, “Was the Heather in your story a real person?

“No she is not real, I made it all up, you asked me to tell you a story and that’s what I did.”

Yvonne grinned and mock-punched me on my chest a few times. “Well it was a great story lover boy. I think it calls for a real “69”, don’t you?”

My answer was muffled as Yvonne swung her lovely body around, settled down on my face and took my cock into her mouth. A great finish to another enjoyable day with the ‘spank’ of my life, the beautiful Yvonne.


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