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Pick a Toy

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He obeyed so well. It was one of her favorite things about him. Her other favorite thing about him? The way he disobeyed.

Tonight she’d push him to his limits and test his devotion. She had to. If he succeeded, she would collar him.

She’d searched for weeks for his collar, the one that would fit him perfectly. One that fit them perfectly. It was black leather, dark, soft and supple.

It snapped close and had four silver rings attached to it: one on the front, one on the back, and one on each side. That was it. Simple and inviting and a symbol of their bliss.

She walked into the room and found him exactly as she’d commanded: naked and kneeling on the floor with his eyes closed. The hotel room was perfect. She set her bags down and began to prepare for the upcoming night.

She didn’t acknowledge him with words or touch. She just made him wait. She changed clothes and set out a number of toys on the bed. She took no caution to be quiet. She liked the idea of him trying to guess what she was doing by listening to every sound.

She was ready to begin and sat on the bed before him with her legs spread. She watched him. He was hard. He’d been hard the second she arrived. She watched his nostrils flare and knew he could smell her. A hint of vanilla and her – that smell of arousal and softness he dreamed about at night.

“Hello, my darling slave,” she whispered.

He inhaled sharply and groaned, “Mistress.”

That single word never failed to curl her toes and make her wet. “I have a surprise for you, slave.” He swayed slightly on his knees as she continued, “This night will change you. It will change us. It will push your limits and destroy your boundaries. Your devotion will be your guide, and your reward will be divine. And if you ever want out, simply say the safety word and you are free. Do you understand?”

He paused. She was glad he thought it over because it was important to her. Such claims should not be taken lightly. He licked his lips and shivered once. “I understand, Mistress. Teach me.”

She leaned forward until her lips were almost touching his. She took care to make sure nothing touched him except the tip of her tongue. Her tongue traced the outline of his lips from corner to corner. His lips parted on a sigh, and she couldn’t resist tasting him. Even though she was the one in control, he was utterly irresistible.

Her tongue slipped between his lips and slid along his tongue. The sensation made her purr with pleasure.

He leaned toward her and met her tongue with his. His mouth closed on hers and connected them in a hot, wet, devouring kiss.

She succumbed to the pleasure for a moment, reveling in his desire. And she heard that noise. The strangled whimper in the back of his throat that spoke volumes about the overwhelming need inside him. Then she pulled back. Before he had a chance to protest, she slapped him hard across the cheek. The palm of her hand stung, and his cheek flushed a deep red.

He immediately hung his head. “I apologize, Mistress. You excite me so much. I will not forget my place again.”

In the back of her mind, she knew he would forget his place again. And she couldn’t wait. She got off the bed and stood behind him. “Open your eyes, slave.”

He opened his eyes to the array of items on the bed. There lay her riding crop, tassel whip, handcuffs, black scarf, and nipple clamps. Little did he know, that was not everything. It was just the beginning.

She watched him take it all in and breathe deep. His erection twitched with anticipation. “So which would you like to try first, slave?”

“Whichever would please you most, Mistress.”

What a perfect answer. It was what he was trained to say. But she really wanted his input. “I would like you to choose, my slave. You get to choose the first one. I’m feeling quite generous this evening.”

He studied each of the toys. Finally he whispered, “The nipple clamps.”

She smiled. He loved having them cause such pleasure and pain to his body. She walked in front of him. As she bent over the bed to pick up the clamps, she could feel his eyes on her bare ass. Usually she was in leather when they played. However, tonight she was wearing only her boots. Those gorgeous, black, shiny knee-high boots. She turned toward him, and he was staring at her. She let him look at her naked body for minutes in silence. She loved the way he looked at her: like he didn’t know whether to love her tenderly or beg her to whip him. It was the combination that made her weak. She twirled the nipple clamps around one finger, and he watched the light bounce off the silver chain connecting them.

“I was hoping you would pick these.” She knelt in front of him. His eyes were on her breasts. She smiled and wondered if it was because he wasn’t allowed to look in her eyes without her permission, or if it was because he loved her breasts.

She hooked a finger under his chin and lifted his face until he was looking into her eyes. “My darling, I want you to look at me as much as you want. You have my standing permission to look your fill for tonight. I want you to really see me and watch what I’m doing to you. And especially watch how it makes me feel. You deserve to see me for what we’re doing tonight.”

The love in his eyes made her heart flip over. She reached for him and attached one of the clamps to his left nipple. He inhaled sharply, and she asked, “How does that feel?”

He blushed and said, “Wonderful, Mistress. But may I please have it a little tighter?”

Glad she had gotten the adjustable clamps, she screwed it a little tighter while it was still on his nipple. “Breathe.”

His breath hissed from between his lips as he whispered, “Thank you.”

His other nipple was rock hard, waiting for the other clamp. She then handed him the first of many surprises for the night. She put the other clamp on her own nipple. She sighed in pleasure as he moaned. His eyes darkened with desire as he stared at her brown nipple pinched between the metal clamp. He’d never seen her in nipple clamps. He’d never seen her bound in any manner.

She slowly leaned her upper body away from his until the chain between their nipples was taut. “Look at me,” she ordered. His eyes flew to her face as she leaned back just a little further, pulling at both their nipples. She moaned, and his eyes closed in pleasure.

She leaned forward, easing the tension on his nipple. “If you don’t look at me, you don’t get pleasure.”

He opened his eyes and looked at her again. She slowly leaned back again, making him wait to feel that delicious tug again. When it pulled at him, his breathing turned ragged. When she reached for his other nipple and flicked it with her fingernail, he groaned.

“How does this feel, slave?” She loved hearing what he thought and felt while he was her slave. She also knew it was hard for him to describe his feelings, which made it all the more fun to ask him.

“I…you…” He inhaled, licked his lips, and tried again. “God, I know my pleasure gives you pleasure. But….but we’ve never been tied…It’s so…perfect. I love it. Ohhhhhhh, Mistress,” he groaned as she leaned back further. His eyes slid closed, and his head fell back in ecstasy.

She leaned forward, and he whimpered. “I’m sorry, Mistress.” She shook her head and removed the nipple clamps and threw them on the floor. “Please. Put them back on. I’ll keep looking at you. I promise.”

“I warned you.” She stood up and walked behind him again so he couldn’t see her.

“It just felt so good. The pleasure was so good, I couldn’t help it. You are too good. Please give me more.” He was talking so fast his words were tripping over each other. He cleared his throat. His voice was begging for more pleasure, and it made her wet. “May I please have more?”

“Yes.” She may have been the Mistress but she always had such a soft spot and wanted to give him everything he desired. He scrambled for the nipple clamps and she said, “Not with those. Lie on the bed, face down.”

He stood before the bed, contemplating the array of toys. He carefully set each one on the edge of the bed, making room for him to lie in the middle. She just watched him. His body moved with athletic grace, and she saw the muscles roll across his back. He was very gentle with each toy. Finally he crawled across the bed until he was lying on his stomach in the middle. His legs were slightly spread so that his balls were on display pushed against the bedspread.

She knelt between his legs and spread them wider. Not asking, not telling, just shoving them further apart with her knees. And she looked at him. He had a faint tan line left over from the summer, and it made her want to trace it with her tongue. His face was turned to the side so she figured he could see her in the corner of his eye.

She smiled and asked, “You know those toys you set so carefully on the edge of the bed?” She picked up the handcuffs as she heard him murmur yes. She set the handcuffs on the cheeks of his ass. No doubt the cold metal was a shock to his feverish skin. “I am going to use every….single….toy on you tonight.” As she talked, she set each toy against his body. The scarf she laid across the middle of his back. The riding crop lay between his legs with the leather tip just touching his balls. The tassel whip was spread out across the back of his left thigh.

He moaned with anticipation. “The question is, how many do I use at once?” She slid the handcuffs off his ass and ordered, “Grab the headboard.” He had to bury his face in the bed to stretch his arms straight up, and his fingers curled around the wooden slats. “Further apart.” She wanted him splayed across the bed for her taking.

She handcuffed his left wrist to the headboard as the metal clicking echoed through the room. “I will not restrain your right hand. I want you to restrain yourself, no matter what I do to you. Do not let go.”

“Yes, Mistress.” His breathing was uneven, and his hips shifted on the bed. No doubt he was either trying to ease the pressure on his cock or increase it.

She slid up his body until she was straddling his ass. She made sure to grind against him so he could feel how wet she was. Her leather boots rubbed against his outer thighs, which made him moan. She loved his leather fetish. She spread the black scarf perfectly across his back and put her palms in the middle of it. She began rubbing the scarf against his skin in slow vertical lines. The scarf was silk, and she could hear it rasping against his skin. She pushed harder with her palms.

“How does that feel?” she asked.

“It’s scratchy, and god…..yes.” His voice was nearly a growl, and he squirmed beneath her.

“That’s not a very good description.” She scratched her fingernails down his back through the scarf in long red lines, and his chest came off the bed.

“Veronica!” he cried.

She threw the scarf on the floor, slid off his ass to stand next to the bed, and spanked him hard. “Don’t you dare use my name without permission.” She spanked him again, and heard him gasp. She left him on the bed, went to the bathroom, and shut the door.

He was lying on the bed, alone in the room. He didn’t call her Mistress. He loved to disobey her for punishment, but he never meant to disrespect her. She couldn’t leave him. He was hers, and he needed her. He waited five long minutes, and she didn’t come back. He was staring at the clock on the bedside table. Once he waited six minutes, he could wait no longer.

“Mistress?” She heard the fear in his voice even through the door. “I am so sorry. I did not mean to disrespect you. I promise.” He paused, but she still didn’t open the door. Let him suffer a little longer. He had never done that before, and he must learn to never do it again.

“Please. Let me make it up to you.” That intrigued her enough to open the door. He strained to look at her, but being face down with his arms wide made it impossible. She refused to ease his worry by speaking.

“I will be a model slave. I will do anything you want. Let me please you.” He was begging. “Please forgive me. I need you.” It was his need that got her. His need was always her undoing. It wasn’t that he needed punished, he needed her. It was a heady sensation, and one she couldn’t ignore.

She leaned over the bed and grabbed the riding crop. He was still begging forgiveness when she hit him on the ass. His breath caught in his throat as she watched the red mark materialize on his ass cheek.

“Thank you, my Mistress. Please teach me to be good.” She hit him with the riding crop five times quickly, stealing his breath completely. He was panting and murmuring, “Yes, yes, yes.”

She stopped hitting him and went to her bag. He couldn’t see her, and she liked knowing he had no idea what she had in store for him. She came back to the bed, and he was still breathing hard.

“On your knees,” she growled. He complied immediately and presented his ass to her in all its glory. Her mouth began to water as she opened the bottle of clear liquid. She slowly squeezed out a few drops and they fell on his ass and slid into his crack. She squeezed a few more and set the bottle down. She reached for his ass and her finger went right to his hole. He moaned as she rubbed the outside. He was so sensitive.

“I have to prepare you, my slave.” She pushed a finger in his ass to the knuckle. “I belong inside you,” she whispered.

He was pushing toward her with his hips as if he wanted more. “Greedy little slave, aren’t we?” she asked as she slid her finger out of him. She then poured lube on the handle of the tassel whip and began rubbing it between his cheeks. “Let’s see how much you really want.”

She tilted the whip until the end of it was poised for entry. He had never taken more than one of her fingers, but the whip handle wasn’t too thick. She twirled it around the edge of his hole, not pushing it in at all. His whimper was needy, but he hadn’t begged yet. She pushed against him barely, then eased up.


“Please, what, my slave?” She gently pushed on the whip again, but not hard enough to penetrate him.

“Please put it inside me. Please push.”

She smiled at his good manners. She pushed on the whip ever so gently, until it slowly began to disappear inside him. For once he didn’t push back toward her. He was enjoying the slow invasion. She didn’t alter the pace and just kept pushing until half the handle was in his ass. Then she stopped and listened for his ragged breathing.

He wasn’t breathing. He’d been holding his breath. Now that she stopped, his breath hissed from between his teeth. She knew that sound…he was trying not to lose control. She knew that sound meant it was time to test his control. She twisted the whip inside him, and his back arched with pleasure. His knuckles were white from clutching the headboard. “Do you want me to stop, my slave?”

“Whatever….whatever my Mistress wishes,” he panted. His back was glistening with sweat. He never looked more delicious. She slid the whip from his ass and stared at him. His legs were gently shaking and his head hung low.

Reaching toward the headboard, she undid the handcuffs. He was still clutching the headboard and trying to breathe.

“Let go and turn over.” He flipped over until he was lying on his back. The tip of his cock was glistening with his pleasure. It made her mouth water. She pulled the silk scarf from underneath him and slid it beneath his balls. He watched her as she began wrapping the scarf around his balls and cock to pull them tight together. When she finished tying the scarf, the ends trailed up his chest and his cock and balls jutted out. They were flushed a deep, gorgeous red.

She straddled her knees across him and looked into his eyes. Without a single word, she angled his cock just so and began sliding it inside her. He slid inside her like satin against her skin. She wanted this moment to last forever, but soon she had him settled fully inside her. The knot of the scarf was pushing against her clit. She milked his cock from the inside and he groaned. She smiled at him and asked, “Would you like to touch me?”

“Yes, please, Mistress.”

She began rocking her hips gently against him without withdrawing him at all. “You may touch my boots only.”

His palms slid across her calves, and she could hear the gentle squeak of the patent leather beneath his damp hands. She rocked a little harder until the knot of the scarf scraped across her clit. It was a little too rough and a little too good. She was going to come without even thrusting his cock in and out of her. It was her breathing that got ragged this time, and he stared at her.


With that word, her pussy clenched, and she came hard and fast. His eyes widened in surprise because she didn’t usually come so quickly. His fingers dug into her boots as his hips nudged her, making each spasm that much better.

“Do you like being inside me when I come?” her voice breathed.

He could feel her juices running down his balls, and he said, “Oh yes, Mistress. It’s heaven.”

“Then you’ll allow me the same pleasure.” It wasn’t a question. It was a fact.

She climbed off him and walked to the bathroom. He was left to wonder exactly what her comment meant for many minutes. He was hoping she would finger him while swallowing him whole. She had done that before, and it made him melt.

When she came out of the bathroom, he couldn’t stop staring at her. His eyes were huge and round as she stopped and let him stare. She was wearing a harness made of black leather. She turned slowly and he saw that it sat under her ass cheeks and lifted them up deliciously. But it was the front he couldn’t ignore. It was the front that made him breathless. It was the front that dared him to imagine. The front had a solid black dildo attached. It was fairly small but such a big deal. She had never fucked him before like that.

She strolled toward the bed, slowly, letting him see her cock bounce side to side. It curved up slightly, and she couldn’t wait to see what that curve did to him. She stood next to the bed and touched his face. He tore his eyes away to study her face.

“My darling, slave. I want you to trust me enough to do this to you. With you. I have never done this before and want to share it with you for the first time.”

Her confession of inexperience made his heart pound. She wanted him to be her first. Him. She leaned over and kissed him softly. “I want to do this as your Mistress and your lover.” She reached under the bed and pulled out the collar. She was trembling as she set the collar on his stomach. “I want to be your everything, and I want to be with you forever. I want to collar you.

His blood was pounding in his ears. His senses were on overload. His cock throbbed in time to his heart, and he didn’t know where to start. She was asking for everything, and offering him everything. Was he ready? His cock jumped at the thought of putting on the collar. He got goose bumps at the idea of her fucking him. He looked into her eyes and melted at the idea of being with her forever.

“Mistress.” His voice was rough and shaky. He tried again. “Mistress. Mistress.” He picked up the collar off his stomach and stood in front of her. He held the collar out for her to take.

She took it, afraid he was rejecting her. He knelt before her and whispered, “I am yours. Forever.” He bowed his head, waiting breathlessly.

She slid the collar around his neck and snapped it closed. It looked amazing next to his skin. The rings shimmered in the light as her fingertips trailed across his neck above the leather. “Forever,” she breathed.

He looked up at her and stood. He had to kiss her. Pulling her near, he brushed his lips across hers. So much emotion was at the surface he couldn’t speak. But merely brushing lips was not enough for either of them. They kissed again with lips pressed hard against each other and tongues rubbing against each other. She wrapped her arms around his neck and felt the metal rings and leather against her wrists. It was cold and hot and perfect.

He grabbed her ass and pulled her tight against him. A moan escaped his lips as he felt her cock brush against his cock. It was so foreign and full of promises. He pulled back to stare down at it. She reached over and grabbed the bottle of clear liquid again and used some to stroke herself. She tugged at her cock slowly, letting him watch. He moved to touch it, but then hesitated. “Would you like to stroke me, slave?”

He paused then nodded once. She turned over his hand and poured some lube onto his palm. He reached for her and palmed her cock. It was warm to the touch and not as solid as he originally thought. It was rubber and gave when he squeezed it. He began stroking it like he would his own cock. On the down stroke, he heard her moan. “Does this please you, Mistress?” he asked as he stroked her again.

“It’s….there’s….one inside me too.” Her voice was ragged, and he stroked her harder.

She pushed against his shoulders until he was lying sideways across the bed. She pushed his knees to his chest and slid a finger inside him. She met no resistance so she slid another finger inside. He arched his back, and she could wait no longer.

She placed her cock at his opening and paused, looking at him. Waiting. She was pressing against him but not hard enough to penetrate. His eyes opened to find hers. When their eyes locked, she began to press forward. Her hands were on his hips, holding him for the slightest bit of leverage. She felt the head slide in as he moaned loud and deep. She paused, letting him savor the feeling, until he reached for her and whispered, “Please.”

It was the slowest she had ever moved. She wasn’t even sure she was moving until she felt the tops of her thighs pressed against his ass. She settled her weight against him and reveled at the feeling of being inside him. It was so invasive, so personal, and so damn sexy.

“Am I hurting you?” she whispered, afraid to break the spell.

His eyes burned into her and said, “It’s so good. So fucking good.”

She started to slowly pull out of him savoring every hitch in his breath. When she pushed in again, she watched. She watched the black cock disappear into him. It looked so dark and dangerous and hot. She was entranced. She pulled out again, her pace agonizingly slow. This time when she began to slide back inside him, she wrapped her fingers around his cock and stroked him downward with the same slow slide.

He began whimpering, and a thrill raced through her. He was hers, and he’d never looked sexier. And he’d never felt better. She pushed against him once she was fully inside him and felt the dildo inside her rub her oh so perfectly. It was heaven and she wanted it to last forever.

As she began a slow, steady rhythm of thrusting, she kept stroking him at the same pace. It was too slow to make him come, but each little nudge at the end was going to have her coming in no time. But she couldn’t stop.

She wanted him to come with her, so she sped up just a little. He moaned so low and deep it didn’t sound like him. Her hands spread across the back of his thighs and kept his legs high. She wanted him open and helpless. “Mistress.” It came out as a warning. Warning her that he wasn’t going to last.

“Don’t you dare come without me,” she said as she nudged him harder. “When I start coming, then you can.”

“Oh god, I can’t wait.” His legs began shaking and his head was thrashing side to side.

“Yes you can. Remember, focus on the physical sensation. Not the pleasure, just the way I feel inside you. The way you can feel my cock sliding against each ridge of you.”

He stared at her with wild eyes. “No.” She smiled and knew the talking would just make it worse. She sped up and began fucking him hard. Her hand rubbed his cock hard, passing over the head with each stroke.

“I can’t…I can’t….” he chanted, warning her he was beyond hope of holding out. What he didn’t know is she was so close.

“Mistress!” he yelled right before he came. He clutched her forearms and arched upward, pulsing with come. Thick white spurts landed on his chest and oozed on her hand. Seeing his pleasure so evident, feeling it so hot and wet sent her over the edge. She pushed hard into him and felt her pussy throbbing around the dildo. She screamed his name and dug her fingernails into his thigh.

She first became aware of their breathing. It was harsh and unsteady. She opened her eyes to find him watching her. “Did I come first, Mistress?” he asked with a smile in his voice.

“You disobeyed me, slave. You did come before me.” She slid her finger into her mouth and sucked off his come. “Shame on you.” He grinned as she warned him, “For that, you shall be punished.”

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