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My Life’s Return

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For twelve years I was married to that fucking bitch. Why did I do it you ask? Well simple; she was hot and claimed to be pregnant with my baby. Little did I know she was lying and “conveniently” had a period a few days after the ceremony. I stayed with her for twelve semi-happy years, and then it all fell apart.

My name is Jake Ross, I’m thirty four and now am wishing I would have kept my dick in my pants. The bitch was cheating on me for over a year before I found out about it. After I booted her ass out she hired a prick lawyer and I nearly lost my life as the messy divorce drug on. I got ripped in half by that fucker in court as she used the judge like a pimp so a ho could get paid. When it was all said and done I was down to my half of the house and my car. She couldn’t touch my family estate as my father had his lawyer snap her off from it, so I was lucky for that. My parents were not too happy with the divorce and let me know of it by pretty much excluding me from everything.

I luckily got to keep my job as a whore for a major investing firm. I was seemingly set to drone on and on in my misery with no hope of anything. I do work for foreign investors for a fortune five company. It is not the greatest job, but it pays the bills and the cunt’s alimony. I later found out she married that same prick lawyer and was having his child. I started to drink a lot for a while and let myself go. I really wanted to die sometimes, but one day I had an epiphany. It hit me like a double barreled shotgun to the chest.

My job had some perks to it as I was able to easily find dirt on my superiors. You’d be surprised how sloppy big shots are about paper trails. I smiled as the knowledge became the tools of how I could make myself the man I should have been. I used my new knowledge like an assassin and in seven short months I landed five major contracts and got five of the yuppies above me fired for various reasons. I then used a paper trail I found and had the chairman dismissed for his little habit of buying pussy with the company funds. Before long I had moved from the cubicle to a higher office on the higher floors. The next year I had the alimony dropped thanks to my new found money and getting a great lawyer to get her suit dropped. I was all smiles when I found out the bitch was kicked out of her husband’s house. It seems he found out her nasty little habit of being a whore and he was not playing her bullshit games.

She tried to get back with me, but it wasn’t going to happen. I smiled so demonically as she begged me for forgiveness. I did nothing except leave her to pay the check at the restaurant she took me to. I didn’t return a single call or email from her as she hounded me constantly. It got so fucking annoying that I confronted her in a rage. When the smoke settled I had no idea where the animal I became had come from. The words came out of my mouth like a dragon’s breath and she was reduced to a teary eyed wreck. God I felt so good at that moment! I strode out of her shit hole apartment with an ear to ear grin. If I had fangs at that moment my look would have been complete.

After I was done with her I looked in the mirror and was disgusted. It was at that moment I decided to take charge of everything in my life. I went to the gym nearly everyday and my body slowly took shape again. Gone was the tire and sagging chest of the broken loser and reborn was my stomach and pectorals. My arms took a solid shape and my legs firmed nicely. I was getting close to where I wanted to be; thirty four and making a high six figure salary. I had an office that had no dirt on me, better still was the office was terrified as they all knew. It would be easy for me to have any of them gone before they could dig up anything and the cocks knew it. My bitch of an ex was gone totally from my life as she decided to take a little too much of her codeine pills. She wound up dead and the baby was given to her ex. I laughed at the news and didn’t feel bad what so ever.

I sat in my office one day wondering what else I needed to make my life complete. I had money, power, and now looks. My cock was starting to get firmer and firmer as the herbal supplements I was taking made my blood pressure nearly perfect. My cock was always a good thing in my life. Eight inches and three wide it made the bitch scream when I used it on her, but lately I had no time for that. I decided to get out and make my life worth living once again. I, at first, was lame and went to the bars hoping to find something to pass the time, but boy was that a mistake. The hoochies in there were good at two things; nothing and even less. I was about to make my turn towards anything when I decided to move from my apartment to a nicer local. My company had an opening in San Francisco and I took it as it was a major upgrade, but more than that I needed to leave New York. I packed my gear and was gone without so much as a “fuck you buh bye!” It took me a few weeks, but I found a nice place in the city. At the dawn of the first day of me being in my new house I felt great. I took to my new home with gusto and before long I found a great gym, a wonderful cafe, and a great place to relax. It was at the gym that I unknowingly met the third part in my life’s rebirth.

I was on the treadmill running at a steep angle making my lungs burn when I saw the sight that nearly made me break my neck. She was a young thing, couldn’t be more than nineteen, she was fully stacked however. Her thin waist and massive ass made my shorts nearly rip open. She had a tight athletic bra on that strained heavily against a pair of at least D sized breasts. She had a tan completion that showed she was either Latin or Mediterranean in complex. Her hair was a thick lustrous black and she had it tied in a high pony tail.

When she started to run I kept going. I had run my normal four miles and didn’t stop until she did, that was seven miles later. I nearly had a heart attack as I got off the tread mill. She noticed my discomfort and came to me.

“Are you alright sir?” she asked me in a concerned voice.

I saw her face and it was even nicer than her body. She had brown eyes and full pout lips. Her nose was perfect to her features and her cheeks had slight dimples in them. Her soft hand touched my shoulder and it felt like a jolt.

“I’m fine, just overdid it a little.” I panted.

She helped me to a chair and had me sit down. She got my water bottle and gave me a drink. I watched her fuss over me to my protests, but she had none of it.

“I’m training to be a nurse sir, let me help you. You may be dehydrating.” she said officially.

I looked at her incredulously as she took a towel wet it then started to wipe my face down. I smiled at the simple kindness she was doing. I felt like an eel as I had been leering at her the whole time, and yet her she was being nice. I guess the nice man in me was trying to come back to the front, but the dick I had become was stifling him.

“There you seem to be cooling off nicely, go stretch and hit the sauna. It’ll make you feel better.” she said smiling.

I nodded my head and got to my feet, she helped me stand the lovely woman she is. I started to walk and my thighs let me know I shouldn’t have run that hard. I staggered off towards the sauna and to my surprise she followed me to make sure I got there in one piece. She helped me in the sauna and started the steam. I saw her bent over the controls and my shorts became very uncomfortable. Her juicy ass was not but three feet in front of me and it was a sight to behold. The heart shape of it was the first thing that caught my attention, then the way her shorts framed her ass to her smooth lean legs. She was well proportioned to say the least. I figured she stood only five feet four inches, so the curves definitely made her stand out.

She got up looked over at me and I was able to turn my head away from the grand spectacle of her body. My eyes panned up towards her lovely face. She had a pleasant look on her face as she chirped out it was going to be all right then left slowly swaying her hips. My poor brain was in overdrive at the spectacle of this woman, I wanted to see more of her I determined then and there.

I spent the next few weeks at the gym like it was a new religion. I found her days of going to be simple three day a week variety. She was obviously the attraction of the gym as many men came and gawked and tried to hit her up. She was a tough cookie as most were let down easy, the ones who pressed got let down hard then tossed out on their heads, some not in that order. I kept to myself for a while at first gauging her likes and dislikes, I had scored deals with stuck up Japanese companies before so this challenge was just up my alley.

I spent the next few days just being social to her, and the plan was working as she didn’t like overly aggressive men. I figured she was either inexperienced, or maybe she hadn’t gone all the way as stand offish as she was. We exchanged pleasantries on a few occasions and then I decided to make my play. After a nice workout involving the treadmill and talking about music I went for broke.

“I’m going for a fruit smoothie after this, want one? My treat.” I asked her politely. I used the savvy I picked up negotiating to put her at ease with my request. Her eyes brightened up and she nodded her head.

“Oh that sounds yummy. Do you mind if we go to a different smoothie bar I know of? Theirs is absolutely delicious!” she chirped at me with pleading eyes.

The voice she pleaded at me with made me uncomfortable to say the least. She was so damn cute it was terrifying. We dried off and I changed into my casuals. I was wearing a simple button up shirt and slacks. My shoes were nice dress shoes, but they were comfortable enough to wear casual. I went out to my car and admired it. I had bought it to please my own mind back when I was married, and it was the sole possession of mine that survived her prick… lawyer I meant to say. It was a metallic gray 2007 Shelby GT mustang. I spent some money after my contract to fix it up. I made it look hot to say the least. I know most of the rich buy Bentley and the likes, but I loved this car from the moment I laid eyes upon it at the dealership. I looked up and saw her come out. She was wearing black yoga pants and a pink top. She was just a knock out to say the least.

“Wow nice car!” she exclaimed as she came up. Her eyes were wide and traveled over my car. She was drooling over it it looked like. “Old school front grill, twin pipes…wow that is an awesome ride!” she continued.

She knew her cars, I was impressed. She looked up at me and I had an ace to play.

“Seems as though you know where the place is…” I started then tossed her the keys and she caught them wide eyed, “why don’t you drive us there.” I said smiling.

She squeaked ran up and hugged me. I felt her breasts squash against my chest and my crotch responded against my wishes. She hopped up on her tip toes, I am six three after all, and kissed me on the cheek. She then jumped into the drivers seat and waited patiently. I got in and had barely sat down when the engine fired to life and she tore out of the parking lot. She knew how to drive a car it seemed. She was bubbling out little bits of facts about Mustangs the whole drive and she was so happy to be driving one. I knew that I had scored cool points with her for this. She pulled into a nice trendy bar in the part of town that made me look at it funny. It was the part of San Francisco that catered to the gay community. She hopped out and urged me on.

As I got out she took my hand and drug me along behind her into the bar. We entered the place and it was full of people sitting around drinking coffee and espressos. The shake bar was in full swing as three men were pumping out shakes for a large crowd. She stood in the line with me and I felt her squeeze my hand. I was enjoying the attention she was giving my hand when she leaned into me and whispered, “The banana mango strawberry is amazing by the way.”

I nodded my head and decided to give it a try. We got to the front and ordered. It took a few minutes and then we got a seat.

“My name’s Belinda. What’s yours?” she asked me as we sat.

“Jake, Jake Ross. Nice to finally meet you Belinda.” I said politely taking her hand and kissing the top of it.

She giggled at my old way of greeting her. She and I spoke a lot of each other and what was going on. I found out she was going to be a nurse in a few months as her schooling was near up. She was also into rock music which came as a shock to me. She also told me she had gotten out of a bad relationship. She didn’t speak too much of it, but I could relate. I told her of myself and she sat there listening intently. She was watching me speak as if she was a school girl watching her favorite professor. I felt her warm gaze upon me and we simply just enjoyed the moment. When I was done with my shake I looked at my watch, it was after three in the afternoon and I did need to get back to work, but then again I am the boss so it wasn’t a thing to call out for the rest of the day. She had to get home as her roommate was going to make their favorite for dinner. I offered to give her a ride as she didn’t have a car and she was in heaven at the thought.

We got out to my car and I smiled yet again and tossed her the keys. She looked at me then said, “Wow…twice in one day. Jake your too nice.”

I shrugged my shoulders and got into the car. We drove to her place which was further into the neighborhood. We got to her place and she looked back at me.

“Want to come in?” she asked me softly. I nodded my head and she took my hand again. We went into her apartment and it was a mess. She was sheepish about the mess and cleared off a spot. I sat on the couch and she patted my cheek.

“Be right back.” she purred and sauntered off to her room.

I sat back in the couch and it wasn’t the clutter of her and her roommate that caught my attention, it was the amount of bras and panties on the floor that caught me. They were obviously liberated when it came to each others bodies and I was simply happy to be here. I sat back in the room and looked across the way to the TV, on top were some pictures. I got up and looked at them and saw Belinda hugging a very attractive Latina. I guess that she was her roommate. I was looking at the various pictures when I heard her come back. I looked back over my shoulder and she was wearing a simple house robe that cut at her mid thigh. It was black with Asian dragon designs and looked to be of silk. She walked up to me and without a word she got up on her toes and kissed me on the lips softly. I looked back at her and she smiled.

“That’s for letting me drive that beautiful car of yours. I always wanted to drive one before, so thank you so much!” she chirped then kissed me again. I caught her around the waist this time and lifted her up.

She sighed and kissed me harder this time. I shifted her and she hopped up and put her legs around my back. My cock throbbed between my legs as she snaked her tongue into my mouth. I was in heaven at this point as she continued to devour my face. She then pulled back and looked at me in her beautiful eyes.

“I knew you were watching me the first day we met. I also know that you ran so hard not to miss a minute of me running. I like the endurance it shows you have. You do have that endurance right baby?” she said to me with a hungry look. I smiled at her darkly and she shivered in my arms.

I leaned forward and kissed her hard on the mouth causing her to moan into me. I turned about and pressed her against her wall. She groaned as my cock became hard as steel. It was pressed against her leg and she felt it through my slacks. She got wide eyed as it pressed against her and she looked down.

“That thing is huge!” she exclaimed as she undid her legs from my back and got down on the floor.

She unzipped my fly reached into my slacks and found what she wanted. I sighed as she pulled me out through my zipper. I was enormous it seemed in her small hands and she started to pump me slowly. As she a did a dribble of precum leaked out of my head. She smiled and looked at me naughtily, then snaked her tongue across my leaking slit. I threw my head back and groaned loudly. She purred on my dickhead then licked me again. She continued her licks until I felt her mouth take me in. I grabbed her shoulders as she did and my his inadvertently pumped forwards. She groaned as my cock filled her little mouth. I was enraptured as her full lips sucked hard on me. I felt the twinge in my loins and she did as well. I had gone a long time without relief and she saw the tortured look in my eyes.

“It’s been a while for you baby?” she asked me in a soft voice.

I nodded my head and she looked at me painfully. “How can a cute guy like you have gone a while?” she asked incredulously.

I looked down at her and told her why. She was shocked to say the least. She was angry with my ex for being such a bitch and was stunned at how hard I worked to get myself to my current place.

“Wow Jake, that’s fucked up. I’m sorry your life hasn’t been so great, but I can make you feel right today.” she said smiling at me.

I looked at her and she undid her robe letting it drop to the floor. She was fully nude underneath! Her generous tits were capped with thick dark nipples and areola. Her dripping slit was shaved completely bald and it looked delicious. Belinda held out her hands to me and slowly undid my shirt. My chest had gotten bigger thanks to the gym and my own taking of work out supplements. She smiled as she saw it and licked my nipples as she undid the shirt. Again I was in heaven as this beautiful woman was torturing me softly. She slid down my body dragging her tits along me and undid my slacks then slid them down my legs. She undid my shoes and socks then took them all off. She pushed me back so I fell on my back on the couch. She crawled along at me then took my cock in her hands.

Belinda stroked me hard and sucked me back into her mouth. She sucked me with a fury, I was lost in my own little world of lust as she did. She twirled her tongue on the tip ad sucked me hard into her mouth. She then opened wide and took me deep into her throat. I screamed out as she did. She smiled up at me with her mouth fully on me and it looked so damn hot.

“Cum in my mouth baby. You deserve it.” she whispered to me as she pulled off.

She then sucked harder and harder and I lost it. I fired off a massive blast of cum. She sucked and swallowed as fast as she could, but I was too much for her and it dribbled out of her mouth and down her chin. She pulled me out of her mouth and stroked me and another shot hit her in the lips and she groaned. I was drained and it felt great. She licked herself and my cock clean then smiled u at me.

“Wow you were really pent up weren’t you baby?” she asked me sweetly.

I put my hand on her face and she kissed it softly. I sat up and pulled her towards me. I kissed her hungry mouth and she sighed as I did. I tasted my cum on her tongue, but didn’t care. I then turned her over on her back and began to make my claim on her.

I licked her neck softly and she giggled. I trailed my tongue down to her thick nipples and sucked them both hard. She sighed and whimpered seductively as I did. I knew she was enjoying this as her body began to writhe under me. I continued my furious assault on her nipples and she started to grind her crotch into my stomach. I felt her sopping heat against me and I needed a taste. I licked her down her firm belly then down her firm hips. She was whimpering as I did and I continued my own torture of her. I licked her hips then down her thigh. She cried out as my hand brushed her clit. I licked her thigh down to her knee. She whimpered and pleaded me for more so I continued. I got to her feet then licked her toes and she moaned loudly. I then lifted her leg straight up and repeated my journey up it. I got to the back of he thigh and she screamed out in pleasure. I then angled my head and went to the juicy part of her being. I licked the slit from bottom to top and she bucked. I spread her legs wide and dove my tongue deep into her. She cried out as I did then I furiously went to work on her pussy. Her juices dribbled down my chin as she screamed and cried out at my ministrations. She undulated under me her hip bucking against my face as I continued my onslaught. She grabbed a double handful of my hair and started to buck wildly. I felt her spasm under my hands and she screamed as her juicy pussy flooded my tongue with her sweet nectar.

I lapped away at her juices and savored the musky sweet flavor of her. She was shaking and bucking under my tongue her cries apparent to the next state. She sat up and was shaking forcing my face from my treasure. I sat up and she pulled me up to her and kissed me deeply. She was climbing up and as I got to my knees she shoved me back hard. I landed on the floor and she sprang off the couch and straddled my hips. She found my now rock hard member and angled it upwards. She gave me a feral look as she drove herself fully on me. She threw her head back and cried out as her nails dug into my chest. She then began to shuddered as another orgasm swept through her body. I reached up grabbed her hips and ground her deeply into me. She moaned a deep throaty moan and started to pump up and down on me at a feverish pace. She was bucking and thrusting down at me like a mad woman .He hair had come out of the bun she had it in and was cascading down her shoulders. It stopped at the mid point of her back and she arched her back as another orgasm ripped into her. Her eyes fluttered as she screamed out my name.

I was so lost in this moment I threw my head back and moaned loud as she squeezed my cock tightly in her hot hole. I was able to look up and then my eyes got wider still. Her roommate was standing there in a simple business skirt and blouse. She was watching the show and her hands where twisting her nipples under her shirt. She looked at me and licked her lips slowly. She then stepped out of her heels and undid her skirt slowly. I watched in amazement as it slid down her thighs and the tops of her black stockings came into view. My cock throbbed deeper inside of Belinda as her roommate teasingly undid her shirt. Her tits were not as big as Belinda’s, but they were a nice C-cup at least. She undid her bra then her own dark nipples came into view. She slid the tiny thong she wore off her hips and her own shaved pussy came into view.

“Wow Belinda, you were right Meja. He’s cute.” she purred as she sauntered over to us.

Belinda sighed and leaned back as her roommate grabbed her huge tits from behind and twisted the nipples hard. She bit Belinda’s neck and caused her to cry out. Belinda leaned back into her roommate and her walls tightened on my raging member. She smiled as she leaned back and her roommates mouth met hers. They touched tongues in front of me and licked each others tongue slowly. I was so lost in the spectacle that I hadn’t noticed Belinda got off me entirely.

“Jake this is Lacinda, Lacinda this yummy man is Jake.” Belinda sighed out.

Lacinda said hi to me by licking the tip of my cock. I arched my hips at that and she smiled at me.

“Si mama, he is yummy. Do you mind?” she purred to her roommate

Belinda leaned down and kissed her fully on the mouth and they made out over my cock. I was enthralled by the show before me as these two sexy women tongue wrestled in front of me and on my cock. I felt a hand grip my raging member then I saw Lacinda lean down and take me fully in her mouth. Her mouth was so hot and full it made me twitch. Belinda’s lip were thick and full, Lacinda’s were poutty and just nasty. I had never had seen thick lips like these on most of the women I had met, but these two were perfect. Lacinda’s ass came into view and it was as thick and ripe as Belinda’s. I cried out as her tongue played with my cock in her mouth then I really groaned as Belinda took my balls into her mouth. I was so lost in my own world I didn’t realize Belinda had licked a finger and teased my ass. I bucked hard as her finger slipped in and I shot a fountain of cum into Lacinda’s hungry mouth I bucked so hard she gagged as the cum flowed out of her mouth and pooled on my crotch. She coughed me out and my last spurt hit her chin. She licked those fat lips slowly then licked me clean. Belinda then released my balls from her mouth and smiled at Lacinda.

“Mmmmmm mama. He is very yummy! I love it baby. Can we keep him?” she purred. She bit her lower lips like an expectant school girl and Belinda smiled and kissed her lips.

She looked down at me then in a husky tone asked, ” Do you want us to keep you Jake?”

Now I am not an idiot but any stretch of the means and I realized if I had said no I was going to jump of the Golden Gate bridge. However, I had a better idea.

“No, you can’t keep me…but I can keep you if you want.” I said smiling. They looked at me and their eyes asked me a question. “Shall we go to my place after we are done here?” I asked.

Belinda eagerly nodded her head as did Lacinda. They got up and hoisted me to my feet. They dressed quickly and I got into my clothes. Belinda came out of their room wearing a short skirt and nude stockings. Her top was tight on her chest threatening to rip open. She wore five inch heeled knee high boots. We left their place and got into my car. It’s only a two seater, but they got into each others lap and I drove off. I knew that if anyone was going to look in they’d probably be jealous of me just for the car. If they saw the hot woman pile in it, they’d likely want me dead.

Belinda took out her I-pod and attached it to my dashboard then synced it to my radio. I was looking at it as she got it to play and the sounds of Killswitch Engage flooded the car. The two of them cuddled as their favorite song “My Curse” played. I watched them hold each other sweetly and bob their heads to the song, it was cute yet awesome to see them happy in each others arms like they were. I looked out the window and saw my house came into view a while after. It is a nice two story Victorian I bought at a reasonable price of 4.3 million. It was stacked and due to my place in the company I got a discount on it. They saw the house and their eyes lit up like a Time’s Square Christmas tree.

I pulled into the garage and they got out of the car and walked into my house. It’s a simple design of simplicity and elegance that doesn’t scream out for a gay designer with blue hair to come and tear it apart. They were suitably impressed by it as they took a hand each and led me to the kitchen. It was stocked with everything they needed and they told me to get out as they made dinner. I went to my office and saw my computer flashing. I sat at my computer turned it on and saw the emails. As I sat in my chair to take care of them I told my job I was unavailable for at least the day. I looked back to see Lacinda staring at me hands on her hips. She walked to me and her heels clicked on the floor. I sat back in my chair and she got a seductive look in her eyes.

“Belinda told me you have a great tongue. I want to find out for myself.” she purred at me as she got to my chair.

I pulled her in front of me and hoisted her up on my desk. She giggled as I did then sighed as I ran my hands up her nylon covered thighs.

“You like baby?” she whispered.

I nodded my head and licked her stocking tops. She sighed as I did then I leaned her back and scooted her butt off the edge. I leaned down and savored her scent and licked out with my tongue on her now flaring clit. She sharply inhaled as my tongue hit it, then she sighed and spread her legs and wrapped them around my shoulders. I then went with a fury as my tongue invaded her slit. She cried out as it did and I grabbed two handfuls of her ass and squeezed them hard. She cried out in pleasure as I tongued her now sopping slit. Her own taste was just as sweet as Belinda’s and I was lost to the sensations. I did everything to her I did to Belinda and was rewarded when she screeched out and squeezed my head between her strong thighs and came violently. I lapped at her quivering slit and she fell flat on her back on my desk. I slid my fingers up her thighs and she moaned in pleasure as I did. I got up and drew my cock out and slipped it along her slit. She whimpered as I did and she opened her legs wide. I grabbed each one and slid my whole length into her. She cried out as I did then I began to slip in and out of her juicy hole.

She bucked against me as I slammed into her pussy and she cried out as I withdrew. I continued my assault on her and she whimpered and bucked underneath me. I felt the twinge in my balls and then she stopped me by clamping her legs on me. She shimmied off me and sat up.

I was near cumming but she grabbed me and whispered in my ear, “Not yet baby. We have plans for you tonight.” She bit my ear and licked it then got off my desk. She slid her skirt in place then sauntered out of the door. My cock throbbed so painfully I was about to scream in rage. She looked back to me blew me a kiss then went back to the kitchen. I sat back and my cock didn’t appreciate the torture it was going through.

My balls were swollen and I felt they were going to burst. I sat back and calmed my mind in hopes to ease the suffering. It helped after a while then I got up and went to the bathroom. I washed my face and dripped some cold water on my swollen balls and that was the worst mistake I had ever made. The painful throbbing that followed was near maddening. I sat back breathing shallowly. It worked in a small way. I got up then walked out of the bathroom and the smell that came to my nose was heavenly.

I walked to the dining room and saw they had set the table and Lacinda was opening a bottle of wine. She smiled at me then handed me the bottle. I opened it and handed it back to her. She took it and poured three glasses and had me sit in the chair near the head of the table. She and Belinda came out with the dinner on three plates. I saw the simplicity of the meal, but it looked so damn good I was not about to waste it. We sat down and ate drinking the bottle of wine, then another. By the time we were done we were all laughing at small stories of her and Lacinda. They met at the smoothie bar and it was instant chemistry. They lived together for the last six months and Lacinda was the bread winner of the two. She worked for a company that I knew of quite well. It was one we had folded into our own group. She looked at me when I showed her my card. I was technically her boss. She laughed aloud and then purred at me.

“Does this mean if I sleep with the boss I can be better rewarded at work?” she purred into my neck. I laughed aloud and pulled her into my lap. She threw her arms around my neck and said, “I’m all yours to dictate to sir.” I slid my hand up he thighs and felt another hand grip my arm. I saw Belinda come up behind me and squash her breasts into my back.

I leaned into the women and heard Belinda whisper, “Where’s your room baby?”

I stood up with Lacinda in my arms and then shocked Belinda and I shifted her and scooped her up in my other arm. I went up the stairs with them both and they giggled at how strong I had become. I walked them to my door and slipped through it. I sat them both on my bed. I saw them smile up at me then Belinda sat up. She grabbed Lacinda by her head and turned her to face her. They made out passionately for a long while then looked at me and held out their hands. I climbed into the bed with them and they both tore at my shirt. It came off quickly and so did my pants. They then laid me back and did a naughty showing of them undressing each other. The way they licked each other as they did made my blood boil. They both then stood only in heels boots and stockings. My poor mind was lost in the sight of these beautiful women as they hungrily stalked towards the bed then crawled along it to me.

I met them halfway and our hands met each other. Belinda sat up straight and I latched my mouth to her nipple causing her to whimper. Lacinda then got down under me and took my cock into her hot mouth. I was in ecstasy, I couldn’t believe that a few short years ago I had to plead my ex for sex, and wouldn’t even get it, and now here I am with two of the most sensational women I ever met lusting after me. After a while on her nipple I had Belinda lie back. I shifted my body so Lacinda could continue her ministrations to my cock and laid on my side. Sliding down her body I came to where I wanted to be and started to eagerly lap at Belinda’s hot pussy. She cried out and whimpered as I did my work then she came hard on my tongue. I lapped away at those sweet juices as she cried and whimpered. She thrashed about on the bed for a good while until I stopped.

Looking down at Lacinda I took her chin in my hand. She let my cock out of her mouth and I hoisted up up to lay next to her girlfriend. I then spread her legs wide and nestled my face between her thighs. I ate her pussy with vigor, as she thrashed about on the bed. I slid in two of my fingers into the hottest pussy I ever came across. She bucked and writhed against my face as I continued on her and was rewarded with her hot juices. I licked away as she cried out and undulated under me. I was able to complete my goal and looked up to see Lacinda lean over and kiss Belinda deeply on the lips. The sight of their tongues laying got me so hot I had to fuck something or my balls would burst.

I slid up to my knees between Lacinda’s quivering thighs and stroked her stocking tops making her moan into Belinda’s mouth. I then teased my cock along the entrance of her juicy pussy then without warning I slammed balls deep into her and she cried out in pleasure. I was like a man possessed as I slammed into her hot pussy like a villain. I threw her legs over my shoulders and leaned in making my angle go further into her. She was grunting and whimpering as I continued my frenzy. I then saw Belinda fingering her own clit and looking at Lacinda with a lust filled gaze. She leaned over and started to suck Lacinda’s nipples and she cried out in tortured pleasure as I continued my frenzy. I had enough presence of mind to slow down then stop entirely as she was shuddering from a massive orgasm that ripped through her. I pulled out and sprang across the bed behind Belinda. I lined my cock up to her sweet pussy and plunged in behind her all the way. She squeaked as I did then cried out as I buried myself to the hilt in her. I then bean to buck and pump my hips furiously inside her. She howled and cried out hands tearing into my sheets. I heard the fabric actually rip as she tore into them and I was smiling darkly. I fucked her with all my pent up frustrations over the last four years and my mind began to get happy. I had these two women her in my bed and willingly ready to give themselves to me. I then felt my cock start to get that sensation.

“God I’m going to cum….holy shit!” I exclaimed.

Belinda yanked herself off me and spun around. Lacinda came up as well and they took my cock in their little hands and began to violently stroke it. They then put their faces together and opened their mouths letting their tongues touch each other and they looked at me with pleading eyes.

“FUCK!” I bellowed as a massive spurt of cum hit them in their tongues. Being as worked up as I was I fired of several more thick ropes of cum. I had always been a fan of the great Peter North for all he was able to cum, but on this moment of my life I think I may have outdone even him. When I was finally done they had cum everywhere. They didn’t complain as they then took turns sucking me dry and then they messily kissed each other and licked my cum clean from each other. It was the most erotic thing I had ever seen.

I fell back to my back and laid there a moment as a breeze hit my cock and it was too sensitive for that. I laid there and felt them climb on top of me. Belinda snuggled under my left arm and and Lacinda my right. They then placed a leg over mine teasing my skin with their stockinged thighs and both cuddled deep into my side. I felt them sigh and shake as they were in the throes of aftershocks.

“Does this mean I get to keep you?” I asked my voice a low whisper. The only answer I got was when they both leaned up and kissed my lips at the same time.

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