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Peggy’s Big Boys

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Peggy Williams taught English at the local public high school. She was a very sophisticated woman at age 42 and she had managed to maintain her figure. Her breasts were large enough for her at a 36C cup. She had a slight tummy bulge but it was not that noticeable. Her ass was a little bigger and fleshier than she liked but it was still round and shapely. Her legs were almost perfect and she liked wearing skirts that showed them off.

Peggy always wore a tailored suit to school that showed off her mature figure. She knew that many of the senior boys often checked her out and she was sure she could her them whisper comments about her figure. Peggy had been divorced now for almost seven years and she had no interest in re-marrying.

Peggy had arrived at her home Friday evening and she was inspecting herself in her full length mirror. She liked what she saw as she turned around, took different poses and ran her hands over her tailored suit. Peggy wore her hair in a bun which also added to her look of sophistication. Peggy was pleased the way her legs looked with the skirt cut just a couple of inches above her knees. She was looking over her shoulder in the mirror and checking out her legs when the door bell rang.

Peggy went to the front door to see who was there. She assumed it was another solicitor. She opened the door and she was greeted by three of her students. The three boys were seniors and they were all 18 years old. They smiled at Peggy when she opened the door.

“Hello boys and what can I do for you?” Peggy asked.

“Hi Ms. Williams, we need to speak with you for a few minutes. May we come in?” the one boy named Brad asked.

“Well alright but just for a minute,” Peggy agreed.

The three boys entered her house and Peggy closed the front door. She led them into her living room but she did not ask them to sit down. She studied the three handsome teenagers briefly. They were all over six feet tall and they were all in excellent shape. Brad and the other two boys, Frank and Rick were all excellent athletes. The three boys stood in the living room and took in Peggy’s figure.

“Now what was it that you wanted to speak to me about?” Peggy asked.

The boys looked at each other and smiled before Brad spoke, “We wanted to speak with you about your body.”

Peggy was taken back for a moment and then she composed herself, “Pardon me, did you say my body?”

“Yes I did,” Brad replied and the others nodded.

“I think that you should leave immediately. You have some nerve coming into my home and addressing me like that. Now please leave,” Peggy said firmly.

“Well we can’t leave until we see your body. We don’t want to address you we want to undress you,” Brad replied just as firmly and the other two laughed.

The three boys moved around Peggy so that she was surrounded. They got closer to her and she tried to scare them off.

“You better leave right now before I call the police,” Peggy said in a panic.

“All year we have watched you in class and we wondered what you looked like naked. We decided that today was the day we would find out,” Brad said coldly.

All of a sudden the boy’s hands were on her body. Peggy squirmed as they ran their hands all over her. They groped her breasts and squeezed her ass. Peggy kept trying to fend them off but her two hands were no match for their six hands. Then they began to remove her clothing. First her suit jacket came off and then as set of hands rubbed her tits through her blouse and bra. Peggy reached for the hands grabbing her tits and then she felt the zipper at the back of her skirt being lowered.

Her skirt was then tugged down her legs. It was a tight fit as it was pulled over her buttocks and down her legs. Peggy almost fell with the skirt around her ankles but Frank held her from behind and his hands covered her breasts. Rick pulled the skirt off of her legs leaving Peggy dressed in her blouse, bra, panties, garter belt, nylons and high heels. She looked very sexy like that and the boys felt their erections pushing through their pants.

Frank held Peggy’s hands behind her back as Rick unbuttoned her blouse. He took his time doing one button at a time as Peggy pleaded with them to stop and leave her alone. The boys laughed at her and then Brad knelt in front of her and began to unsnap her garters from her stockings. Rick had her blouse unbuttoned now and Frank pulled it down over her arms pinning them together. Then Frank unsnapped her bra from behind and Rick slipped the bra straps down her arms. Her big tits popped out when they were freed from the bra right into Rick’s hands. Rick gently massaged her generous globes and smiled as her nipples hardened in her hands.

Brad had unsnapped her garters and then he removed her garter belt. He could smell Peggy’s sex and it was obvious that she had become excited as they undressed her. Brad then slowly peeled Peggy’s stockings down her legs one at a time. Peggy shivered from the touch of his hands on her bare legs and thighs. Brad removed Peggy’s shoes and then her stockings from her one foot at a time.

Rick was now sucking on Peggy’s tits and teasing her nipples with his teeth. Peggy tried to fight it but she was getting excited and she knew her pussy was wet. Peggy then felt Frank behind her and he pulled her panties down over the cheeks of her ass. Her pussy was still covered but her buttocks were bare. Frank then massaged her fleshy ass cheeks emitting a moan from Peggy. Brad then took hold of her panties and peeled them down to her knees baring her neatly trimmed pussy. Brad ran his fingers over her vulva causing Peggy to groan. She knew her pussy was dripping wet with desire and that Brad would be able to sense her state of arousal. Brad then removed Peggy’s panties from her body leaving her standing naked except for the blouse around her wrists.

Frank stood up and removed her blouse so that Peggy was now completely naked in front of the three boys. Frank moved to one side of her body and Rick moved to the other side. Both boys unfastened their pants and pushed them along with their underwear to their knees. Their impressive hard cocks sprung lose and stood out from their youthful bodies. Frank grabbed one of Peggy’s buttocks with his right hand and one of her breasts with his other hand. Rick on the other side of her body grabbed one buttock with his left hand and a breast with his right hand. The two boys fondled and squeezed the big tits and fleshy buttocks in their hands. Peggy’s hands instinctively took a hold of both hard cocks and she stroked them slowly as the boys played with her body.

Brad rubbed his hand over Peggy’s vulva and then he parted her labia. He dipped his fingers into her pussy which was now soaking wet and in dire need of attention. Brad fingered Peggy’s pussy as his classmates fondled her body and she stroked the two erect cocks. Peggy felt an orgasm approaching and she groaned when it hit her. Her body shook slightly and shivered as she reached a mild climax. Brad felt her orgasm and smiled as he knew what to do next.

“Let’s take her to her bedroom and give her what she wants,” Brad told his classmates.

Peggy was guided into her own bedroom and she got in bed on her back. The three boys stripped quickly and Brad was the first one between Peggy’s legs. He was rock hard and he eased his impressive cock into Peggy’s pussy. Peggy gasped when she felt the big cock enter her and she wrapped her legs around Brad’s torso.

“Oh my you are a big boy, aren’t you?” Peggy sighed.

Brad started pounding away at her pussy with his big cock as he was really turned on and close to cumming. Then his body stiffened and he ejaculated deep into Peggy’s cunt. Peggy held the student tightly with her arms and legs as he shot streams of cum into her womb. Even though Brad came quickly, Peggy knew that she was in for a long evening with the three boys. It was not uncommon for young virile boys to cum four or five times in one day. Brad pulled out of Peggy’s pussy and Frank was there immediately to take his place. Peggy felt another big cock fill her cunt and she wrapped her legs and arms around Frank.

“Oh you are big too,” she gasped.

Frank fucked Peggy with rapid strokes as he too would not last long. His body soon stiffened and then he filled Peggy’s cunt with his load. Her pussy was overflowing with youthful cum and it began to trickle out of her. As soon as Frank pulled out of her Rick was in her and he too fucked her hard and fast before shooting his load into her. Peggy also orgasmed and she wrapped her arms and legs around Rick and squeezed his body as she climaxed. Rick felt her cunt muscles working his cock as she came. Rick let Peggy relax before he pulled his cock from her pussy. The three boys watched as cum trickled out of Peggy’s cunt and coated her inner thighs.

All three boys were erect and their big cocks dangled in front of them. Peggy stared at the impressive cocks that were above average size. She guessed them to be in the range of 7-8 inches long and at least 5 inches around. Frank may have been a little longer than the other two boys. Peggy liked cocks this size but she did not like real small cocks nor did she like cocks that were too big. Brad crawled back between her legs and he slipped his cock into her cum filled cunt.

Peggy knew that Brad would last longer this time and that she would probably orgasm again before he came. Frank knelt along side Peggy’s head on one side and offered his cock to her mouth. Peggy turned her head to one side and took the big dick in her mouth. Rick moved to the other side of her head and Peggy took turns sucking on Rick’s and Frank’s cocks as Brad fucked her. Peggy had multiple orgasms before Brad came again and her pussy was cum drenched with commingled juices. Then it was Frank’s turn to fuck her again and Brad had her suck his cock clean of their combined juices.

Peggy sucked on Rick’s cock and Brad’s cock as Frank fucked her silly. Peggy had more orgasms and her felt weak and lifeless by the time Frank fired a barrage of cum into her pussy again. Then it was Rick’s turn even though Peggy had nothing left. She lay almost lifeless as Rick fucked her until he came again. The three boys then left her to rest for awhile and they went to her refrigerator and helped themselves to the beer. They all downed one beer and then they returned to Peggy’s bedroom. Brad stopped in her bathroom and located a bottle of lotion and brought it into Peggy’s bedroom.

The lifeless body of Peggy was then rolled over and her hips were pulled up so that her big ass stuck up in the air. Brad got behind Peggy and he began to fondle her ass and tease her nether hole. At the same time Frank got in front of Peggy and fed his cock to her mouth. Peggy sucked on the big dick as Brad fingered her asshole and pussy at the same time. He had put an ample amount of lotion in her asshole and his finger moved around easily. Satisfied that she was ready, Brad put lotion on his cock, spit in his hand and stroked his cock making it very slick. He knelt behind Peggy and eased his cock into her asshole. Peggy gasped on Frank’s cock when she felt the big cock worm its way onto her ass.

Peggy had been butt fucked before so there was no pain for her just that familiar sense of fullness. Brad fucked her slowly as she sucked on Frank’s cock. Rick moved along side her and he played with her big tits as they hung down toward the bed. Brad tried to prolong fucking her ass as he loved watching his big cock slide in and out of her anal passage. He squeezed her fleshy buttocks as he fucked her ass and he like to see them jiggle when his thighs slapped against them. Peggy knew that Brad intended to cum in her ass and although she wasn’t a huge fan of butt fucking she did like the wicked feeling of cum shooting into her rectum.

Peggy felt Frank’s cock pulsate in her mouth and she sensed that he would cum before Brad came. Frank held Peggy’s head gently in his hands as he erupted in her mouth. Even though it was his third load there was still plenty of it. Peggy gulped and swallowed as quickly as she could as jet after jet shot into her mouth. Frank’s ejaculation finally subsided and Peggy sucked on his cock gently milking the remaining cum from his shaft. Frank was thrilled that she swallowed his load as none of the high school girls he dated would swallow when they blew him.

Peggy then felt the first jolt of cum shoot deep into her rectum as Brad began to ejaculate. He fired five or six streams into her anal canal and then the barrage stopped. Peggy felt the fullness in her ass and she used her anal muscles to squeeze every last drop of cum from Brad’s cock. His cock eventually softened and slipped from her asshole with an audible pop and a trail of semen oozing out of her anus. Peggy relaxed for a minute and she felt Brad’s cum trickle down her inner thighs.

Peggy did not relax long though as Rick was behind Peggy and he pushed his impressive cock into her ass. Rick was excited to be in her ass and he fucked it fast and furious. Rick too loved the way her buttocks jiggled as he slammed into her seeking another ejaculation. Peggy was presented with Brad’s cock to suck clean as Rick drilled her ass. Peggy sucked on Brad’s soft cock and she liked the feel of it in her mouth. Then she felt Rick stiffen and cum in her ass. Once again she was taken with the force and the amount of semen that the boys generated when they ejaculated in her. Peggy instinctively used her anal muscles to milk Rick’s cock dry before he finally slipped out of her ass.

The boys left her again and went to get another beer. When they finally returned to Peggy’s room they were ready for more action even though they had all cum three times already. Peggy allowed her body to be maneuvered into position as her pussy was guided onto Brad’s cock as he lay on his back. The Frank shoved his lubricated cock into her ass and Rick pushed his cock into her mouth. Peggy allowed herself to be used by her three students and this time she was thankful to have a cock in her pussy again. She too was horny again and her clit needed a good scraping.

The three boys fucked Peggy for a long time before they finally came again. She had had multiple orgasms and she had collapsed on Brad underneath her. Peggy had nothing left and she lay still as the three boys sought their pleasure. Her mouth just closed around Rick’s cock as he fucked her face until he came in her mouth. Instinctively she swallowed his load. Frank was the next to cum and he shot his wad in her ass which was filled to overflowing from all their cum. Finally Brad came in her pussy and then Peggy moved off of him and lay face down on the bed.

The boys left Peggy alone in her room and helped themselves to more beer. Then they showered and dressed one by one while an exhausted and sexually drained Peggy lay face down in her bed. The boys were ready to leave at that point and they looked at Peggy’s well fucked body. Her belly was full of cum and cum was oozing from her asshole and her pussy. The boys were pleased with their performance and one by one they walked passed Peggy and gave her a light tap on her buttocks making them jiggle.

“Good night Peggy and thanks for a great time,” Brad said and the others echoed his remark.

“Will I see you boys next Friday night?” Peggy said with a sigh.

“You can count on it. We will be here at the same time,” Brad said speaking for the three of them.

Then the boys left her house and Peggy remained in bed too tired to even make it to the shower. She would sleep for awhile and then take a hot bath. Peggy loved it when her three big boys visited her on Friday evenings. She was thoroughly fucked and it took the edge off for the weekend. Peggy liked to go to this one lounge on Saturday nights but she didn’t like to go there feeling horny and desperate. As long as she saw the boys on Friday night she would go to the lounge and be very selective about whom she let pick her up.


Peggy dressed for her night out on Saturday and she put on her favorite red dress. The dress was short and showed off her shapely legs to about eight inches above the knees. She wore thigh high nylons that the dress just covered the elastic tops. She opted for her matching red panties and no bra. She wore her hair down shedding her sophisticated teacher appearance. Peggy liked to look alluring when she went to her favorite lounge. Peggy opted for a taxi that way she was more flexible. She would either come home with someone or she would take a taxi back home if no one suited her fancy.

Peggy arrived at her favorite lounge and as she exited the taxi the expansive view of her legs received a few admiring glances. Peggy paid the driver and entered the lounge. It was almost 9:00 PM when she arrived as she didn’t like to be too early. She made her way over to the taller tables by the bar and found one that was vacant. She ordered a glass of white wine and sipped it as she scanned the lounge. She didn’t spot anyone that caught her eye immediately but then a good looking man set his drink down on the table. He smiled at her and spoke.

“Do you mind? I hate to sit at the bar,” he asked.

“No I don’t mind,” Peggy said in an aloof manner.

“My name is Winston,” the handsome man said as he extended his hand in a greeting.

“Peggy,” she replied as she shook his hand.

“Are you expecting someone?” he asked.

“No not tonight. I just wanted to get out of the house for a short while,” Peggy replied.

“This is my first time here. Do you come here often?” Winston asked keeping the conversation going.

“Yes, actually I do. I am usually here every Saturday evening. It is my favorite spot in town,” Peggy admitted.

She became more comfortable with Winston as they talked and they learned more about each other. He told her that he was an executive for a multinational company. He was not married but divorced for several years, which was just as well since he traveled extensively. Peggy shared that she was a high school teacher in a nearby town but she never went to any of the local places there. The conversation continued for quite sometime and Winston bought Peggy two more glasses of wine. The he asked her if she would like to join him at another club.

“It’s one that I have a part ownership in and I like to stop in once in awhile,” he told her.

Peggy had never heard of the club but she was game to check it out. Winston took out his cell phone and made a call. Then he smiled at Peggy and paid the check.

“My car will pick us up outside,” he said and a chill went through Peggy.

He escorted her outside and into a waiting limo. As they rode to the club, Peggy felt that Winston could see right through her. His gaze was piercing and it was if he could read her mind. Peggy felt very vulnerable in his presence. The limo pulled up in front of a building that was unmarked. There was a long line of people waiting to get inside. Winston escorted Peggy to the front of the line and the door guard smiled and greeted Winston. He opened the door for Winston and told them both to have a good time.

Inside the club was huge with numerous bars and dance floors. There were three tiers of dance floors and then small platforms where a few girls were dancing by themselves. Peggy noticed that she could see up the girl’s skirts when they were dancing on the platforms. Peggy was handed a glass of champagne as Winston showed her around the club. Peggy noticed one girl dancing with a handsome blonde man. Her hips had a graceful movement all their own and her skirt displayed her shapely legs. She wore a thin blouse and Peggy realized that the girl was not wearing a bra. The girl displayed a hint of decadence and arousal to those who watched her. Winston smiled as he noticed Peggy watching Chloe dance.

Peggy’s glass was empty and she was handed a new glass of champagne. Peggy knew that her defenses were diminishing as she drank the champagne and watched all the beautiful people in the club. Winston then pointed out a tall young black man dancing with a beautiful blonde girl.

“Derrick, over there, he’s an employee of mine and has quite a way with the female staff.”

“A real ladies man, you say?” Peggy asked in surprise.

Derrick was across the room in conversation with several others. He was tall and Peggy guessed him to be 6’3″ and in his twenties. He was lean with broad shoulders, strong forearms and shovels for hands. He was handsome with a very dark brown, black complexion and an easy smile. Winston rested his hand on Peggy’s forearm. His fingers were long and delicate as they brushed along her arm lightly enough to make her shiver as he spoke yet softer into her ear.

“Yes, the ladies say he has an enormous cock.” Winston whispered.

“So when does your staff tell you this?” Peggy asked trying to be coy and not disturbed by his suggestive behavior.

“Oh I have had a few young ladies whom I have managed to get to tell me many things, usually in my office after hours after they have taken their panties off.” Winston went on to say.

Peggy realized she had finished her second glass of champagne and regretted doing so. She knew she could lose her inhibitions after too much to drink and she already had three glasses of white wine at the lounge. With Winston’s fingers brushing along her forearm she was feeling aroused. The sensations surprised her and she was speechless for what seemed like several minutes.

“You need another drink Peggy and you should meet Derrick.” Winston spoke before leaving her standing there alone.

A few moments later Winston returned with another glass of champagne and Derrick was beside him as he handed Peggy the drink.

“I’d like to introduce you to Derrick. Derrick this is Peggy, Peggy, Derrick. Now I was just telling Derrick how much you said you wanted to dance with him.” Winston said teasingly.

The nerve of Winston, Peggy had said no such thing. While she was contemplating a response, Derrick’s gentle voice and smiling, dark eyes came quickly to Peggy as he offered her his hand. Downing her third glass of champagne they moved to the center of the room where two couples were dancing to a slow melody. Derrick took Peggy in his arms. Her mind was racing as Derrick’s arms held her and his hard muscled body came together with Peggy’s.

“I saw how you were looking at me,” he said over confidently. “You want me, don’t you? I see it in your eyes every time you look at me. You want me tonight.”

Derrick slipped his hand down and covered one of Peggy’s ass cheeks. Peggy froze as his one hand grasped the entire buttock. Embarrassed Peggy broke from Derrick’s embrace and walked to the far side of the room. She needed a minute to think. Unfortunately the champagne was having its effect on her and her mind was racing and flushed with thoughts of Derrick’s arms around her. Was his cock really huge? Was he really a big boy?

Thoughts flew through her mind and of her three high school students and how they alone should be enough to satisfy her erotic urges. Sex with her three big boys had been and still was so hot for her. Again her thoughts returned to the feelings that Derrick’s embrace unleashed. She could feel her pussy lips all swollen and wet now. Peggy’s mind was alive with desire but her eyes were unfocused. Across the room Winston’s eyes caught Peggy’s and he held them. The longer Peggy looked into Winston’s eyes the clearer it became that she wanted him.

On some level Peggy badly needed to find a way to lose her self and her inhibitions tonight. Peggy’s pussy felt on fire and her breasts ached. She was sure her hard nipples where standing out, visible beneath her dress. Winston simply walked up to her and spoke. She thought about leaving the club as she knew then that she should get out of there.

“Come with me Peggy I want to show you some other parts of the club,” Winston spoke softly.

As if under a spell Peggy took his arm as he led her away. Peggy was close to him as they walked to an adjoining room then down the far hallway. He slid his hand across Peggy’s bare shoulder and his thumb softly caressed the side of her neck sending shivers through her to her core. Close beside him, Peggy felt breathless, warm and wet. Winston’s arm was around Peggy, around her shoulders. His cologne was mixing with the scent of alcohol on his breath.

The first room they came upon was a bedroom and Peggy froze as they entered. There in the far corner a couple was fucking. In the dim light Peggy saw the woman. She was naked, on her knees on the couch and the man was thrusting into her from behind. Small pleasurable moans escaped her after each quick flurry of movements.

“Don’t be so shy, Peggy,” Winston whispered. “It’s not like they are doing anything that you won’t be doing in a minute or two.”

In the dim light Winston lowered his lips to Peggy’s as he shut the door behind them. It was as if Peggy were watching herself in a movie. She saw her lips open and her tongue finding Winston’s lips, then his tongue. Winston’s arms were holding Peggy gently but firmly as his kisses became more urgent. He pushed Peggy’s hand down the front of his pants so she could feel how hard he was. Peggy was melting she was so wet. Even through his pants Peggy could feel his huge, pulsating cock and her heart was pounding. She was in his grasp and in his control. Peggy so desperately wanted to cum. She needed to be fucked so badly and she was so aroused she would follow his every command.

Winston’s kisses soon moved to her neck as Peggy groaned in submission. Winston told her to take her panties off and hand them to him. Peggy was embarrassed realizing how wet they were and how swollen and moist her pussy was. Winston held the panties to his nose and inhaled Peggy’s excitement. He was pleased with the aroma from the moist panties.

“Now on your knees, Peggy,” he commanded.

Peggy knelt before him and her dress was around her waist. Her nipples and cunt were alive with desire as Winston deliberately stared into her eyes while unbuckling and then unzipping his pants. His pants dropped to his ankles as he brought his hard cock to Peggy’s lips. Again Peggy saw this erotic picture of herself now in an x-rated movie. She opened her mouth to run her tongue across the head of a man’s hard cock, a man she hardly knew. Soon Winston’s cock was deep in her mouth as he chanted her name.

“Peggy, Peggy that’s it, suck me, that’s it suck my cock, lick my balls.”

Peggy could tell from Winston’s hip movements and his inability to continue his litany of suggestive talk that he was close to cumming. With Peggy still sucking his cock, Winston eased back to the bed and sat down. Peggy was now kneeling on the floor between his legs. No longer did Peggy hear the sound of the other couple fucking and she wondered if they were watching her?

Peggy continued to lick and suck Winston’s cock and balls before running her tongue under his scrotum across his perineum. He moaned loudly as her hand circled and squeezed the head of his slick cock. Suddenly Peggy felt his hand on the back of her head, grasping her hair forcing her down to his balls. She obediently licked and sucked his balls while his cock erupted with hot jets of cum flooding her hand and his stomach and chest.

Peggy groaned while licking him clean, tasting his cum, trying to see up into his eyes. She still had his cum on her lips as he lifted her up onto the bed as if she weighed nothing. To Peggy’s surprise Winston kissed her deeply. Peggy was totally naked now and so aroused, so in need of him. Peggy orgasmed as he parted her legs penetrating her wet vagina with one deep stroke! Her cunt contracted around his hard cock in a spasmodic frenzy, griping his shaft as wave after wave of obscene pleasure coursed through her body. Peggy screamed out loud as her orgasm gushed forth from her. Like an animal Winston’s hip movements continued to rapidly move his rigid cock in and out of Peggy’s wetness causing her to cry out again. Peggy’s legs spread further for Winston and his insistent cock in his vigorous efforts to cum again.

As Winston continued fucking her, Peggy felt lips press to her parted mouth, but these were the lips of a woman! Suddenly Peggy realized the couple they had interrupted earlier had not left at all but had been watching them fucking. Now the girl’s soft warm hand was on Peggy’s breast caressing and pulling on her hardened nipples as the girl’s wet soft kisses sucked at Peggy’s tongue and lips. Peggy orgasmed again even more intensely with her mouth on the girl’s and their tongues intertwined.

Winston thrust deeply into Peggy. His hard cock was pulsating in a long deep climax as it filled her wet vagina with his sperm. Now in the dim light, Peggy opened her eyes to see the woman kissing her had been Chloe, the young woman with the sensuous hips that she had seen dancing earlier that evening. But where was the man that had been fucking her? Had he been watching too?

Winston had moved to Peggy’s head now, his partially deflated cock was before her as he stroked her hair. Having just been fucked Peggy’s legs were still spread wide. Peggy felt Chloe descend to take her kisses to Peggy’s pussy. Chloe’s hands caressed Peggy’s hips and belly as Chloe’s tongue found the juice that she desired to taste and eat from Peggy’s swollen cunt. Peggy couldn’t stop her hips from rocking back and forth as if she wanted to cum again against Chloe’s voracious tongue. Chloe’s hands and fingers were now caressing Peggy’s ass. Winston sensed Peggy’s need and continued stroking her hair as she stretched her neck trying to reach his cock with her lips again while she fucked Chloe’s face.

But Winston stopped her, saying, “Roll over Peggy, roll over my dear, we need to get your ass ready to be fucked.”

Peggy rolled to her belly without hesitation as if under Winston’s wicked control. Chloe’s hair settled on Peggy’s back as her tongue and kisses moved from the small of Peggy’s back to her ass and lingered there. Then the tip of Chloe’s tongue found its way down to Peggy’s anus where she teased Peggy, rimming her asshole with a wet tongue before penetrating her as if Chloe wanted to see Peggy cum yet again. Winston moved aside and Peggy saw Chloe’s lover, standing before her, the man who had been fucking Chloe earlier. His cock stood erect from a patch of blond pubic hair. Peggy immediately opened her mouth taking him, tasting him as well as the lingering taste of Chloe’s juices still on his shaft.

Again Peggy heard Winston’s faint voice, “Get him nice and wet and hard Peggy so he can fuck your big ass. I hope you want to be fucked in the ass. Do you?”

Peggy could only gurgle as this man’s entire cock was buried in her mouth. Tonight Peggy felt she needed a hard cock in her ass so badly she ached. Now what a picture Peggy presented to Winston. He watched as Peggy arched her hips upward off the bed pushing her ass to Chloe’s hot tongue while sucking Chloe’s lover’s cock deep into her throat. As her lover pulled his wet cock from Peggy’s mouth Chloe pushed her tongue into Peggy’s asshole yet again and brought Peggy to her knees. Peggy’s head now bowed to the bed as her arms extended out submissively before her and her big shapely ass was arched.

Chloe’s lover, a man whose name Peggy didn’t even know and whose face she hadn’t seen was kneeling on the bed behind her. The groaning sounds echoed in the room and the pressure of his hands on Peggy’s hips only fueled her now insatiable desire for more. Then she felt Chloe’s tongue again and if his hands were on Peggy’s hips then it was Chloe’s hands that guided his wet hard cock to Peggy’s asshole. Peggy was sure that Chloe licked her lover’s shaft to further lubricate his cock before it inched into Peggy’s ass.

His cock felt so big. Chloe, who had been caressing Peggy and kissing her clit, was now beneath Peggy licking her pussy as Chloe’s lover’s cock sank slowly into Peggy’s ass. How heavenly it felt to Peggy as he started fucking her harder. Peggy pushed back while Chloe’s tongue danced across Peggy’s pussy and wet clitoris. Chloe’s lover thrust into Peggy again, pushing her forward until Chloe was licking his balls. Peggy screamed again as she came and came.

Winston was stroking Peggy’s hair and throat as he brought his hard cock back to her mouth, while watching her ass being fucked. He had been further excited by the eroticism of Peggy cumming again on Chloe’s face while Chloe’s lover buried his cock inside Peggy’s asshole. Peggy’s orgasm caused her to scream out again as she was fucked endlessly in the ass. With this last orgasm exploding through her, Peggy’s ass tightened around the hard rigid cock buried inside, finally bringing this unknown man to orgasm. Peggy could feel his cock shoot pulse after pulse of hot cum into her rectum as he cried out while his balls emptied, leaving her filled with his sperm.

A spent Peggy collapsed on her belly and she thought briefly of how she must look, crumpled on the bed, legs splayed and her ass and cunt each dripping each with a different man’s cum. Perhaps it was awhile or only a minute that Peggy laid there but suddenly she was aware of another person to her left settling onto the bed. Peggy looked to see it was Derrick naked on his knees and indeed he had an enormous cock, at least ten inches in length and he wasn’t even erect yet!

Chloe moved as her perfect breasts were swung freely. She took Derrick’s cock into her mouth sucking as much as she could down her throat. Peggy watched Chloe’s cute innocent face and beautiful blonde hair, pulled back by Derrick as she sucked on his big black cock. Peggy only had had sex with a black man in the Caribbean and her thoughts went to her vacation there. Peggy often thought black cock but she was worried about being discovered at home. She actually had been looking forward to her next trip to the islands.

Derrick’s cock appeared enormous and thick. Chloe was only able to get the head into her mouth and like a slut she licked along the shaft as if starving for a taste of him. He was hard now, really hard. His cock was thick with distended pulsating veins. His foreskin was receding as Chloe turned back to Peggy. Peggy realized Winston was speaking to her as he stood near her. His cock was once again hard. Peggy’s right hand was near his leg at the edge of the bed.

“Now Peggy,” he said, “Who would have guessed that a sophisticated school teacher would turn out to be such a slut, such a good fuck?”

Winston stroked Peggy’s hair, reaching to her swollen pussy. His long fingers entered Peggy then slowly withdrew along her wetness before he continued to speak.

“If only your Principal could see you now. I see you still need more, Yes? The way you can’t stop moving your hips, am I right? You need more?”

Peggy couldn’t believe what she was hearing. But yes, she still wanted more moving her hips and her open cunt against Winston’s hand.

“Yes,” Peggy said, “I need a hard cock in me, yes please!”

Peggy could hardly believe how turned on she was by the sight of this young man, Derrick’s, huge cock. Derrick’s strong hands pulled Peggy’s hips toward him. Her wet cunt already full of cum was distended and open. As if Peggy were but a feather Derrick turned her onto her back and knelt between her legs spreading open, pushing them to her chest. Derrick paused between Peggy’s spread legs seeming to smile as he brought himself to the opening of her cunt.

Peggy couldn’t imagine how his cock was going to fit inside her. She had never taken a cock so large. He slowly started pushing into her. Thankfully he was gentle as he pushed all the way in. Peggy was so filled. Derrick was stretching her cunt to new limits. Perhaps he had fucked enough young girls to know to start slowly but as Peggy’s orgasm started he began fucking her in earnest. Peggy had never had a cock of this size in her before. Derrick grunted, thrust and plunged back into her again and again. Derrick must have sensed that Peggy was about to cum as he stopped and rolled over onto his back his cock still in her all the while. Derrick spoke again for the first time since earlier when she had left him while dancing.

“I knew you wanted me. You are such a slut, now fuck me. Yeah, you do the work now, make yourself cum, work that little cunt of yours Peggy, make me cum, Do it!”

It was unbelievable that this young man talked like this, but what was worse was that Peggy knew he was right. Peggy did need so badly to cum again. She loved the feeling of his huge cock filling her. Peggy had just had a stranger cum in her ass and Winston cum in her pussy and earlier in her hand while she tongued his balls and yet she still needed more. Peggy started to ride Derrick’s cock with no hint of making love here just pure fucking and in front of these other people she didn’t know. Winston also could not pass up a final time to mention her being a teacher.

He spoke softly with contempt. “Well, I wish your Principal could see what a little slut you are when you are not teaching.”

With that Winston moved behind Peggy and positioned his rigid cock at the entrance to her just fucked asshole. He entered her without resistance and commenced to fuck Peggy in time with her pelvic movements on Derrick’s huge cock. Never had Peggy been so full since that time in the Caribbean; so obscenely fucked like a shameless piece of meat by these two men and in front of another couple unknown to her. Peggy started to cum yet again screaming aloud as her body convulsed in pleasure as she felt first Derrick then Winston cum inside her, filling both her ass and cunt again.. Their fluids were leaking from her when Peggy sensed the presence of more people in the room. She guessed the number to be six or eight although she couldn’t be sure, everything was such a blur and beyond her comprehension.

Peggy was lifted to her feet and she stood totally naked in front of the young men. Hands covered her body as the excited men groped any available flesh of the lovely Peggy. Fingers filled both her holes, her breasts fondled and her nipples pinched as they talked about her body and she clearly made out that they were discussing her fantastic ass. She was then laid on her back on the bed and one by one the young men fucked her. Their cocks were of different widths and lengths and she felt that three of them were well endowed as they filled her pussy. She had multiple intense orgasms before the last man shot his load into her cum filled cunt.

All the while Peggy remembered the words of Winston all night, “What a slut you are Peggy and what a good fuck. What would your fellow teachers and students say if they could see you now?”

She realized that all of the young men were naked now and that they must have felt very secure in this room to remove all of their clothes. Peggy was rolled over and placed on all fours she knew that with their recuperative powers that she was in for another long session of sex. A well endowed man slid his cock into her pussy as another pushed one into her face. Peggy instinctively sucked the cock deep into her mouth as the other pounded her pussy. A third man took her long brown hair and wrapped it around his cock and began to jerk off.

The one in her mouth came first followed by the one jerking off into her hair. The third boy was still fucking her and she felt herself approaching another orgasm. “Oh my, it feels so good!” Peggy heard herself say, “Fuck me my big boys.”

Another young man presented her with his cock which she quickly took in her mouth. Peggy shook as another orgasm rocked her insatiable body as the boy in her pussy filled her with his cum. The boy in her mouth came quickly coating her throat with his salty sperm. Peggy fell forward on her knees resting her head on the mattress. Her gorgeous ass pointing up in the air did not go unnoticed and one of the men scooped cum out of her pussy and lubricated her asshole. He soon had his finger sliding in and out easily and then he pressed his cock against her bung hole. He eased his cock into her ass emitting approval from the other men. The other men whispered words of encouragement telling him to fuck her hot ass.

Peggy was snapped out of her trance when the young man in her ass filled her hole with his jizm. There was so much cum that she felt it swirling around in her rectum and trickling out of her ass down over her pussy and inner thighs. There was more excited talking between the young men and Peggy interpreted some it referencing big cocks. One of the men slid under her and pushed his big thick cock into her pussy emitting an audible gasp from her. A second one offered her his big cock which she sucked into her mouth and a third one slid his big cock into her ass. Now she realized that they wanted her fucked with the three biggest dicks at that same time. Peggy had never been so full of cock in her holes all together. She loved being with these big boys.

They fucked her hard and fast causing her more orgasms if that were possible. Then the one in her ass stiffened and shot his load deep into her bowels. She had never been as full of cum as she was tonight. The one in her mouth followed and she swallowed as quickly as she could as blast after blast filled her mouth. Finally the one in her pussy came and she felt it reach deep into her passage up into her womb. One by one they removed themselves from Peggy but she was given no rest as three others filled her three holes.

Once again Peggy had cocks in her ass, pussy and mouth. She was drained and exhausted but the young men were relentless as they fucked her almost lifeless body in all of her holes. As one man shot his wad and freed up one of her holes another cock was there to take its place. Peggy was fucked for hours and she was sure that the young men each had cum three times maybe even four times before they were finished with her. She collapsed on the bed.

Peggy couldn’t remember when they even stopped. She wondered how many times she sucked to hardness one of them while taking a cock in her ass and cunt at the same time? Or had someone simply jacked off in her mouth or on her face? Sore and covered in cum, stretched and tired, Peggy was lifted to her feet. She was helped putting her dress back on but she never did recover her panties. Peggy heard voices say that Winston’s driver would take her back to her house. She half walked and was half carried from the club and placed in a limo.

The ride in the early morning hours was quick across several towns to her house. The limo driver helped her into the house, undressed her and put Peggy in her bed. She rolled over on her stomach in a state of exhaustion. Peggy then sensed that someone had gotten on the bed behind her and then she felt the driver’s cock enter her asshole. He fucked her quickly and pulled out just before he came. He shot cum all over her buttocks and then he was gone. Peggy fell asleep as cum dried on her ass.


Peggy didn’t wake up until early Sunday afternoon. She lay in bed and tried to recall the night before. As Peggy rested she couldn’t help but think about Derrick’s big cock. It had to be at least 10″ to 12″ long and 6″ around. She remembered how she had sucked him off and then how he filled her pussy with his cock. She remembered cumming and cumming and then being rolled over on top of Derrick as Winston put his dick in her ass. They gave Peggy her fantastic double fuck and she loved it.

Then she thought about all the faceless cocks that she had as the young men fucked her continuously filling her holes with gallons of cum. Peggy then remembered the young girl Chloe who had eaten her pussy and rimmed her ass. Peggy had never been with another woman but she loved the soft tender feel of Chloe’s lips and tongue. She also remembered Winston’s constant humiliating remarks about her being a teacher and about the Principal, teachers and students. What would they think if they could see her acting like such a slut? Peggy laughed to herself because Winston had no idea about her big boys that visited her every Friday night.

Peggy eased her body out of bed and ran a hot bath. Then she went in the kitchen and made coffee. She took the thermal pot into the bathroom and soaked in the tub as she enjoyed several cups of coffee. Peggy was in no hurry to leave the tub and she continuously refreshed the hot water. Eventually she finished the coffee and got out of the bath before she turned into a prune.

She put on a tee shirt and shorts and then went outside to retrieve the Sunday paper. Peggy spent the rest of the day reading the paper, eating when she was hungry and preparing for the school week ahead. Every so often she would reflect on the night before and all the cocks that had entered her body. She had never been so thoroughly fucked or had sucked so many dicks in her life. She was embarrassed when she thought about it but at the same time she felt wickedly erotic.

On Monday Peggy arrived at school looking lie a sophisticated professional. She wore a tailored suit as usual and she had her up in a bun. Many a boy’s eyes turned as she walked passed them on her way to her classroom. A few fellow male teacher heads were also turned although they tried to be more discreet. Peggy went about her day teaching and the memories of Saturday night became distant. Peggy’s free period arrived and she received a call from the Principal’s office. Peggy made her way over to Roger Cummings’s office and he told her to come in. Peggy noticed that he shut the door and locked it and she became concerned about why he wanted to see her.

“Peggy,” he began, “That was quite show that you put on Saturday night.”

Peggy panicked, “What show? What are talking about?”

“Peggy you know very well what I am talking about. I was at that club. I saw you in action. In fact I even got to fuck you in the ass,” the Principal told her.

Peggy was lost for words and she turned ashen white. Her mind raced with all sorts of thoughts. Would she be fired? Would he tell other people? What about his own career?

“Peggy I know that you are shocked by this but I want to tell you that it is okay. I will be discreet about it but you need to do some things for me,” Roger told her.

“Like what?” she asked already knowing the answer.

“Well I think that it would be fun to get together once in awhile. You are a very hot woman and a very good fuck,” Roger replied with a sinister smile.

Peggy knew she was stuck and she just lowered her head and nodded.

“Peggy I want to get a blowjob to get us off on the right foot,” Roger said with a sneer on his face.

Peggy knew that she had no choice as it was the only way to keep Roger Cummings quiet about the club and her behavior. Roger stood up and took off his suit jacket and then he pushed Peggy gently to her knees. He expected Peggy to unbuckle his belt, unzip his fly and lower his pants and underwear to his knees. Peggy did as she was expected to do. She knelt in front of Roger with his pants and underwear down to his knees and she took his cock in her sensuous mouth. Peggy was a master at giving blowjobs and she knew that the better she performed the quicker Cummings would cum and she would be done with him.

Roger’s cock was uncut and it was the first uncut cock that Peggy had ever sucked. At least that she remembered. She liked dipping her tongue into the foreskin and she liked liking the smooth head. Peggy sucked the Principal’s cock all the way into her mouth and it fit nicely. Cummings’ cock didn’t touch the back of her throat like the others and it didn’t fill her mouth either. Peggy had plenty of room to swirl her tongue around the shaft as she sucked him which drove Cummings wild and caused him to ejaculate quickly. Cummings spurted in Peggy’s mouth and she swallowed every drop that entered her mouth. Peggy sucked Cummings’ cock clean and dry and then she arose to her feet.

“Peggy, you are the queen of blow jobs. No one does it better than you,” Cummings said as he pulled his pants back up and redressed himself.

Peggy was glad to be done with him for awhile and she turned to leave. Cummings stepped up behind her and grabbed her shapely ass as he unlocked the office door.

“It’s too bad that I can’t fuck your hot ass in my office but we will make up for it in the future,” Cummings promised as he massaged Peggy’s curvy cheeks.

Peggy walked out of the office and made her way back to her classroom. She knew she was on the hook now with Roger. How could she have been so stupid as to go with that stranger Winston to that club? Peggy was sure that she would regret that decision for a long time to come.

Each day the rest of the week, Peggy was summoned to Roger’s office to give him a blow job. Peggy was now resolved that this would be a daily occurrence. Finally it was Friday and Peggy was glad the week was over. She went home and awaited her three students. Peggy remained dressed in her tailored suit as she loved the way her big boys undressed her before they fucked her. She smiled when she heard the doorbell ring and then she answered it letting the three students into the house.

“I want you three to undress me slowly but before you begin, take off all of your clothes,” Peggy told the three boys as soon as they were in the house.

The boys did not hesitate before they began removing their clothes. The boys removed every stitch of clothing as they had been told. They stood there naked all of them sporting boners as they waited for Peggy’s next instruction.

“Very good my big boys,” Peggy said as she smiled at them taking in their athletic bodies and man-sized cocks. “Now come over here and stand close to me and start undressing me slowly.”

The boys surrounded Peggy and they began with her jacket and blouse unbuttoning them slowly until every button was undone. They removed her jacket and pulled her blouse out from the waistband of her tight skirt. Peggy let her hands drop after the blouse was removed and purposely let the back of her hands brush against their hard cocks. Peggy smiled to herself as the boys jumped at the slight light touch. She wouldn’t have been surprised if they came before they finished undressing her.

One of the boys unclasped her bra in the back and the two others eased it down her shoulders baring her beautiful breasts. The boys gasped with delight as her tits came into view and her nipples stuck out like hard eraser tips. Peggy once again let her hands roam and she lightly scraped their abdomens with her finger nails causing each boy to flinch with a reflex action. Peggy ran her fingertips over the heads of their cocks and she felt the pre-cum seeping out of their pee holes. The boys fondled her tits and played with her nipples as Peggy tickled their crotches with her fingers.

The boys were breathing hard and anxious to get to the next step. They unzipped Peggy’s skirt and pulled the tight skirt down her legs. Peggy stepped out of the skirt when it reached the floor and she stood there in her panties, thigh high hose and heels. The boys were shaking with desire. Peggy left her hands drift under the boy’s scrotums and one by one she scraped underneath with her fingernails. The boys flinched as the shock from her touch traveled through their bodies.

Peggy then had the boys take her panties off next. They each grabbed part of the waistband and slowly peeled her panties down her shapely legs. Peggy stepped out of her panties and then she had them take off her heels and hose. They peeled her hose off one leg at a time as they stared at her trimmed pussy and curvy ass. Peggy told them to kiss her legs as they stood back up. The boys trailed kisses up her legs as they slowly made their way to their feet.

They began to caress Peggy’s body, feeling her tits, cupping her ass and touching her pussy. Peggy told Frank to take the lube from the table and massage her asshole. The boys then had fingers in her ass and pussy as they fondled her tits. Peggy let her hands dance around their cocks and abdomens. Every time she touch them lightly or gently scraped them with her finger nails, the boys bodies jerked with uncontrollable reflex actions. Peggy led them into her bedroom to let the games begin.

Peggy had Brad lay on his back and she straddled him lowering her hot pussy onto his throbbing cock. Brad groaned as he felt the warm cavern envelop his surging prick. Next Frank mounted her from behind and slid his cock into her greased asshole. Peggy moaned this time as she felt the ample cock enter her anal chamber. Rick took his place in front of her face and Peggy sucked his cock right into her mouth. The boys didn’t last two minutes once they were inside Peggy’s holes and one by one they spurted their huge loads into her mouth, ass and pussy. Peggy was proud of herself that these three young virile men could be so turned on by her and that they would lose their loads so fast.

Peggy knew that there was plenty more spunk left in the balls of these energetic students. The boys just kept fucking her as if they hadn’t yet cum. Peggy loved the feeling of their cocks squishing around in her pussy and asshole bathed in their own cum. The boys took longer the second time and Peggy was able to experience two orgasms herself before they came again. Their loads seemed to be just as voluminous as their first and Peggy’s ass and pussy overflowed with youthful cum and she swallowed Rick’s second load. Peggy’s body shook as her third orgasm rocked her body. She disengaged and moved away from the students and plopped down on her back. She still had cum oozing from her pussy and asshole as she lay in bed.

The boys maintained a semi-erect state and they were waiting for the opportunity to mount Peggy again. They stroked her body and ran their hands all over her tits and pubes. Peggy sensed that they would soon be ready to fuck again. As was usually the case each Friday night the big boys took turns in her ass, mouth and pussy as they fucked her until she couldn’t move and until they couldn’t cum anymore. They helped themselves to the beer and they used her shower as they always did before they left for the evening. Peggy fell into a deep sleep as she was sexually stated and exhausted.

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