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Peggy Sanford at the Bijou

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When I first saw Peggy Sanford, she impressed me as a very prim and proper, classy, country club wife. After five minutes of conversation, the fact that she was married to a much older man who keeps her in a very comfortable but unsatisfied sexual lifestyle surfaced. She works and travels, not for money, but to escape the life that she has been trapped in for many years.

At age 47, she is the typical super-sexed middle age woman who loves raw excitement mixed with wild and endless sex to the point where she will do just about anything for the next exciting experience. I’m not in love with her. But, openly, I am attracted to and awed by her endless sexual appetite.

To tell you a little her physically and personally, Peggy has been married “all of her life,” as she describes it. Her husband is now in his late 70’s and golf is his life. Little does he realize that he is living with a “life support system for a pussy!” He seems to have forgotten or just doesn’t care that her hungry body continuously screams for endless wild sex and deep orgasms, one after another.

Peggy is a former flight attendant, flying for 14 years before she was forced to change jobs. During our first evening together, with considerable coaching, she told me exciting stories from her flight attendant life. For example, once Peggy gained some seniority and with a choice of schedules, she became buddies with a group of girls who flew to Las Vegas. The schedule had a long layover and the girls, needing a little extra money and some excitement, became escorts during their time in town. That told me I wasn’t dealing with “Miss Innocents” here. She has sexually done it all with men, groups of men, women, couples, and more.

Peggy is an extremely attractive woman. Words can not do her justice. She stands about 5’3″, is about 105 pounds, and bare ass naked, she is a firm and natural 35C-25-36. Her gorgeous tits are all hers, upturned with a wild upwards, bouncy tilt, tipped with nipples that obviously show through bras and blouses. Her ass is firm and curvy, a nice size for cupping in each hand as you fuck her standing up! In a t-shirt, braless, all you can see are nipples! They truly point at you! Between those cute, curvy, girly ass cheeks is the perfect rosebud that screams, “Fuck me too!” She is beautiful! I guess that blows the theory that the really good looking women don’t like sex.

Her pussy is perfect for a 47 year old woman… it has a thick bush. I don’t know about you, but I was brought up in the era when grown women all had hair on their pussies. This new custom of girls shaving their cunts is okay, but like having tattoos, it isn’t for me. I asked Peggy about her bush and if she ever considered shaving it off. She told me that she tried it, but unless you have the time and desire to shave it every day, women like her find that a half day of re-growth is beyond uncomfortable. Trust me, if you ever encounter her, you’ll see her pussy lips and that protruding pink clit clearly from within that bush without having to hold it open. But, that dark bush is really a turn-on for older guys like me.

During our first evening together, after breaking through that “prim and proper, country club wife” impression, I discovered this woman was a sex starved slut who craved making cocks cum, making pussies wet, anal sex, and endless exhibitionism. All I had to do was reach over and put her hand on my half hard dick and she’d have my zipper down and her lips locked around my dick! Is she a verified, qualified, hungry nymphomaniac? More on this in a moment.

We talked for hours, and during that time I fucked her three times, two pussy fucks and one deep in her tight and very cute ass. She wanted more, but three is about all I can give without some advance notice, and that doesn’t count the two additional times she sucked me off. I thought she was going to turn me inside-out before morning. I’ve never encountered a woman that could go from being “Mrs. Prim and Proper” to “Slut of the Year” as quickly and easily as Peggy can. Both times, when she sucked me off, I didn’t have to ask, “Spit or swallow?” My cum was gone, and she was licking her lips for more. This is the woman that men dream of.

The next morning, as she stood there in front of me bare ass naked, I could feel my obviously whipped cock stir as I admired her fantastic body. Without a word, I got up and walked over to her, and, from behind, gave her a kiss on the neck. In doing so, I slipped my finger between her cheeks and caressed her asshole with circling caresses. She arched her ass outwards, and pressed against my finger. “Don’t start something you can’t finish” I was reminded.

Soon, she was dressed in a manner of speaking. Peggy had left off her bra, her panties, her slip, and was wearing just a form-fitting knit dress, some thigh-highs, and a pair of 5″ pumps with sexy straps. Being “fucking good looking…” didn’t even come close to describing her. When Peggy walks into a room, people don’t just glance. The moment she is seen, everything stops and all heads turn! As I found out later, when you take her to an adult theater, guys almost run to get close enough to be included…and include them she will!

During breakfast, as we sat side by side, we talked about many things. I learned she has been married since her very early 20s. Although she and her husband had enjoyed a very active and intense sex life in the early years, it has gone by the wayside as his health encountered problems. He did very well in business, giving her a life in the perfect eight thousand square foot home on the inland waterway with every extra you can imagine. He keeps her in a very comfortable lifestyle, complete with a baby blue BMW convertible which is replaced and renewed every year. She is a beautiful, well kept woman with no desire for anything… except wild and endless sexual excitement.

Her traveling job as an on-site claims rep is perfect for getting out of town and having fun when her work assignments are completed. Although we clicked right away, and it was obvious the attraction was there, she made it crystal clear that she was not looking for a love affair.

As I continued to dig more deeply into the corners of her mind, I reassured her that with a wife and kids at home too, I wasn’t looking for romance either, but I’d love to be there as her guide and escort for endless sexual adventures. This put her at ease. A woman like this is every man’s dream. I felt lucky to have discovered her and to have the chance to explore and exploit Peggy sexually to the maximum.

In covering the sexual topics and adventures that I enjoyed, I carefully watched her for any reactions. As we all know, some things turn a woman on and others are a turn-off. You never know until you bait the sex hook and see if she bites. I wanted her so turned on with possibilities that she would become a female battery bunny and “just keep cumming and cumming!”

As I went from one subject to another, Peggy kept bringing me back to the video store, adult theater scenario. Crossing and uncrossing her legs, squirming indicated this excited her, and she asked more and more about what went on in the theaters, in the booths, and in the book stores.

I have long been a “full blown” participant in theater action, especially when the woman was an attractive wife. Getting my dick sucked by some other guy’s wife while a dozen hands are all over her, sometimes getting to unload in her mouth or on her face, makes this one of my sexual favorites. Single women are great, but married women are my favorites. She was hooked. She wanted to do it all! With her next trip just a week away, I started describing where we would go and what we would do.

After getting to know Peggy during our continued conversations, I found our relationship was growing based on the insight that this very attractive woman was really two very different females living within the same gorgeous body. On one hand, Mrs. Peggy Sanford is a very prim and proper woman, a wife with a much older, trusting husband at home. She is a very well kept woman with a country club life, easily presenting the image of the classic soccer mom and a charming Sunday school teacher. Yet, all of this charm is in a body that can turn heads and cause men to grab their crotch whenever she walks into a room.

Peggy is so sexually charged that she easily qualifies as the first real life nymphomaniac I’ve ever encountered in all of my fifty years of erotic adventures. Besides being both an aggressive and passive bisexual, she craves the sight, the touch, the taste of every man she passes. She confessed to me that her tarnished reputation in high school was so well known that boys would date her, knowing if they just placed her hand on their cock, hard or soft, covered or uncovered, that she was good for a blow-job or more that surpassed description.

We discussed the things she had done during her flight attendant days, the adventures she had enjoyed during her travels in her current job as an on-site insurance claims rep. As Peggy’s 14 year career as a wild flight attendant ended because the company closed, she tried staying at home and being the non-working soccer mom. Soon, she ended up climbing the walls, unable to live with herself after becoming a guilty slut, sucking the cocks and fucking several neighbors, the UPS guy, the pool boy, and countless others. It was at this time that she started her current job as an on-site claims rep. Playing too close to home was becoming a problem, and she was smart enough to know it.

Her husband does not have a clue about any of this. Let me pause here and tell you that we are not dealing with a fantasy woman. Peggy, at age 47, is a real person, and the words that follow tell a true, real life story, written by a very lucky observer and participant. Her posted stories tell of a real person, with words that allow you just a little insight into this total sexual being.

Today, while working a claim in the local area, she was about to embark on a new sexual adventure. This would expose her to another wild and real life adventure. She was going to an adult theater, with me as her escort. I was there to enjoy some of the fruits of this sexually charged nympho, and to guide her into the sexual darkness of being a willing and exceptionally beautiful woman, soon to be on row 1 of the “Bijou” theater. We had discussed what it would be like, what would probably happen unless she changed her mind and voiced, “I can’t do this!” I knew that wasn’t going to happen.

Standing before me nude, she asked, “What should I wear or not wear?”

As I sat there, having fucked her twice that morning, I said, “Wear something that looks sexy, complete with thigh-high hose, heels, and make sure the top is very sexy and feminine and unbuttons easily, allowing access to those beautiful tits of yours. As for panties, wear them, but make sure they can come off easily. I’ve already told you what to expect, and you are going with the knowledge that it will, if you don’t stop the guys. That is exactly why you are here, isn’t it?”

She looked up and smiled, saying “Yes, that is why I am here.”

As she pulled her white, see-through bikini panties up over that beautiful bush, I felt my cock swell with desire and anticipation. The dark shadow of her bush was captivating!

I stood up, walked over to her, giving her a kiss as I caressing her beautiful, upturned, natural tits, slipping a hand into her panties and between the wet lips of her endlessly hungry cunt. I thought to myself “This is the kind of woman that men would die for! There is endless pussy between these beautiful legs, and an ass that loves to be fucked and fingered, all making her cum repeatedly!”

Once Peggy was dressed, she stood in front of me. All I could think was “Damn, baby, the guys are going to love your ass!”

Her outfit was perfect. She had picked a very feminine white blouse with a “V” neck and big buttons. When she bent over, you could see her sheer white bra cupping those beautiful breasts. The skirt was a short but classy “A” line, fitted at the waist and then pleated, flaring out, offering easy access to her upper legs and allowing some great views of those thigh-high covered legs and her see-through white bikini panties. Her 5″ heels with the ankle straps were the perfect slut shoes!

As we slipped into the waiting cab, the driver turned and looked back, saying “Where to?”

I responded “The Bijou!” In response, he turned and gave Peg the once-over, top to bottom. She smiled at him, squeezing my hand and crossing her beautiful legs as she did so.

At the ticket booth, the guy behind the glass smiled. “Couples theater is on the right and if you are adventuresome, single men… and couples also are welcomed in the theater on the left. You only need one ticket. Women get in free today.”

He could not take his eyes off Peggy’s tits. She smiled back, presenting the image of the prim and proper first time adult movie-goer, obviously was mixed with just a hint of slut.

As we turned to the theater on the left, Peggy was focused on the adult video store, located between the two theaters, and the darkness of the aisle that was at one end of the long hall leading to the booth rooms. “Is that the way to the little rooms with the holes in the walls?”

I nodded in response.

“Oh my, that excites me!” She smiles as she squeezes my hand.

Entering the theater, we walked up a narrow aisle lined with the tiny little red lights in the floor. It was dark, but the tiny little lights emitted enough brightness to show the dark curtains at the end of the tiny hallway. Entering the actual theater, the curtain behind us, we stood there for a moment, allowing our eyes to adjust to the darkness. I caressed her curvy ass.

The theater screen was filled with the motions of this beautiful young blond housewife being fucked by a huge black man as she held the hands of a white guy, who I assumed was her husband in the story.

Peggy could not take her eyes off the action. In the meantime, I glanced around and realized the theater had a nice group of guys for a Friday afternoon. There were about twenty rows of seats, probably a dozen or more guys, some together and some sitting alone. There was a couple sitting on the back row, and although there were a couple of guys close by, no action was taking place there. I assumed they had already had the action and had moved to the back for some recovery time. Experience had taught me that this was pretty much the standard for these places. When a couple wants some company and some hot action, they sit on the front row where they can be seen. The extra room in front of row one allows the guys free access to the girl friend or wife who is there for some attention. The light from the movie also lights the front row so the guys to get a good look at the gal. Peggy was still holding my hand in the darkness. “Are you ready?” I asked.

“Am I ever…” she responded.

She actually guided me down the six or seven steps in the semi-darkness, down to the center of the first row.

I sensed movement in the theater within a minute of finding a seat. Peggy focused on the screen and the huge black dick slipping in and out of the mouth of the pretty white wife, being guided and encouraged by her husband. Soon, she too sensed the movement. I reached over and put my arm around the back of her seat, and soon she had guided my hand into the “V” neck of her blouse and into her bra. The guys knew what we were doing, and soon there was a guy beside her in the the opposite and three more guys filled the seats behind us.

I was on her left. The guy who had seated himself to her right already had his pants unzipped and his cock was out within a minute! I have to give these theater guys credit. They are fast and not shy! They circle a waiting couple faster than Clark Kent could change into Superman.

The guy directly behind her slipped up on the edge of his seat.

Whispering “May I?” as he reached over the seat back, I felt his hand fondling Peggy’s other tit. The guy to the right, sitting there with his dick out, was now fully erect. He reached over, taking Peggy’s hand and placed it on his cock. She immediately started caressing his full length. In a couple minutes, she pulled my hand, and the hand from behind us, out of her blouse. Then, she leaned over, lifting her ass cheek completely off the seat so her mouth could reach and suck the available cock! It had started.

I reached over and pulled her skirt up so her beautiful legs and her snow white panties were fully in view. Soon, we were surrounded. Peggy was too busy sucking that guy’s cock to see the additional guys. But, as the light of the screen was blocked by male bodies, all waiting to see and participate, Peggy realized everything I had described to her was actually happening, live and in person! I wondered if she would pull her skirt down, panic, and run. It didn’t happen!

As she looked up, three more cocks were out and before her eyes. They were all stroking, teasing her like fishermen with a live worms. I leaned over and told her to stand up, which she did.

Hands were everywhere! One set of hands unbuttoned the single button on the back of her skirt. Two others started un-doing the buttons on the front of her blouse. As the skirt dropped to her feet, hands unhooked her bra and let her beautiful 35C tits swing free from their captive, supportive cups. I could see her pert, prominent nipples standing up in the darkness,

Before I saw it happen, those pretty see-through white bikini panties were down to her ankles and then, both bra and panties vanished. Not waiting for her skirt and blouse to vanish in the darkness too, I grabbed both and tucked them in the seat beside me.

I took a deep breath and counted. There were twelve guys there surrounding us. Several more were in the row behind us, but the majority of the guys were there right in front of Peggy, all in various stages of undress. There were cocks everywhere, and she was quickly surrounded by them, as she stood there in nothing but her thigh-high hose and those sexy heels. Hands were all over her… between her legs, and in, on, and all over her hairy snatch. Others were probing her sexy ass cheeks and the receptive asshole that awaited their touch and exploring fingers. Other hands fondled, squeezed and pinched her nipples and tits.

Peggy dropped to her knees, and with an erect cock in each hand, she started licking and sucking the hard dick of the guy who was between the other two. The guy who had received the first partial sucking while he was seated beside her was now trying get Peggy up and into position so he could guide her bare ass on his lap! He holding his cock so it would slip in her wet and obviously ready cunt. He was about to fuck her!

She willingly maneuvered her beautiful, glowing white ass to his lap, his pants now down and off. I caught a smile from her pre-cum covered lips as she reached between her legs with her left hand and guided the first cock of many into her wet and ready pussy. We had not been in the theater more than fifteen minutes, and already she had tasted four cocks and now she was sitting on the lap of the total stranger, and this man was humping her pussy! Her mouth was once again filled with cock, and each of her hands were placed on waiting dicks!

As the seated guy humped her as best he could, she wiggled her ass and expertly milked his cock for spurting cum. It didn’t take long! Soon, he started jerking and then he exploded and emptied his balls in her receptive cunt! The cock she was stroking with her right hand soon spurted too. That didn’t take long either! Peggy then turned to suck the last remaining drops, licking the whiteness off her hand in the process. She was certainly a hot sight, more than enough to make any man cum!

I admired the outline of Peggy’s exquisite figure in the darkness, surrounded by at least fourteen guys now. Her upturned breasts, firm, yet naturally full and bouncy, were pertly standing up and fully accessible to the hands that groped her in the darkness. A boob of 35C isn’t considered huge by some standards, but when you look at a set of 35C tits on a petite frame like hers, you realize what a gorgeous set of tits she has. These guys certainly thought so, as there must have been four guys feeling-her-up as I watched. Peggy, dressed or undressed, is a strikingly beautiful woman. You could tell from the hard cocks that pointed towards her that I wasn’t the only one with this opinion.

With horny guys totally surrounding us, I remained seated. Peggy was standing beside me with her freshly fucked stranger still sitting in his seat, obviously still pussy whipped from her lap-dance fuck. The other men were in different states of undress. Some had their pants completely off. Others had their zippers down as their cocks stuck out for attention. Peggy, not to deny any of them some degree of attention, once again had a cock fucking her mouth, and two others in her soft, loving, well educated hands. I sat there in total amazement, watching all of this as it unfolded before my eyes. Some of the other guys were jockeying for a position to fuck her as soon she was in a vulnerable, receptive position. Others just wanted a good blow-job or maybe a stroke or two from her sexy hands.

It was at that moment the unexpected happened! The guy being jacked-off by Peg’s left hand started to tense and began to jerk all over. She saw it too. He cock stiffened, and a steady stream of cum started to leak from the tip of his really hard dick. It was like a flowing stream of white pee initially. Then, his cock just exploded with spurt after spurt of really thick cum! Peggy continued to stroke his cock with her soft, loving hand. She just “milked” this guy’s cock! I remember thinking to myself, even in all of the adult theater action I had seen over the years, I had never seen a guy produce that much cum! Of course, I had never watched Peggy’s talented hands at work on other guys either! He continued to shoot a huge load of focused, endless cum, rich and thick! As he came, it shot out in a massive volume, just one powerful spurt after another.

It caught Peggy by surprise. Although I think she was expecting him to cum, she just wasn’t expecting this much! His creme shot all over her hand, then past her elbow to her naked tummy and all over that thick bush which covers her sexy pussy! Once his spurting stopped, his dick was still dripping long strings of his seed. I was impressed! So was Peggy! Some ladies like cum while other gals are turned off by it. Peggy loves cum and it was showing as she glanced down at her pussy hair with freshly spurted white goo all over it!

She had stopped sucking the middle guy when this “spurter” started cumming, and was focused on the cum shower which far surpassed what she was expecting. Once he had finished spurting, with the thick strings of left over cum still stringing down from the tip of his dick, she turned and put his spent yet still half hard cock in her mouth, tasting and swallowing the leftovers, sucking him like it was a new beginning.

He was still sensitive. Her hand had milked him into that wild orgasm, and he was obviously “done” sexually for a while. As Peggy took his cock orally, full length, his cum smeared around the edges of her mouth. Soon, HE had to push HER away. She was too good and he was far too sensitive to let her suck him after such a powerful, massive, spurting orgasm.

As she had turned to her left and bent over, her white, curvy ass was now in the very exposed and vulnerable position. Her cunt lips from behind offered a spectacular, seductive sight! The next guy was so black that I had hardly noticed him in the darkness of the theater, yet without his pants, once he stepped forward, all you could see was a huge and very erect black dick, probably nine or ten inches long, and thick. He reached down and grabbed Peggy’s white ass and turned her to expose a freshly fucked, receptive cunt. She was now in the right position to receive the bigger-than-life head of his well aimed, enormous black dick. Black man like to fuck white women, especially married white women, and he had found a hot one, beautiful, naked and ready.

As I watched, I remembered a saying that I had once heard. “White men have white cocks. Black men have big black dicks!” That was certainly true in this case. This guy was probably six feet tall and the classic very dark black man. Without his pants, all you could see was one really big black dick, sticking out like a telephone pole, and it was now aimed directly at the waiting cunt of Mrs. Peggy. I wondered if she could take it all. It was probably a good thing that she had just been fucked by the guy who was still sitting in his seat in a state of recovery, as she was well lubricated! This black guy was obviously turned on by this exceptionally pretty “white pussy” and he was only moments from fucking a receptive married white slut, now standing right before his eyes, naked and exposed in nothing but her high heels and thigh-high hose!

In all of our talking, Peg had never covered the subject of interracial sex. I didn’t know if she was turned on-or-off by black men or if she had ever “gone black” before. It was too late now. She was about to get nailed by this black guy, and it wasn’t going to take him long before he would have her pretty white pussy filled with his big black dick. I sat back to see what would happen.

It was obvious that the other white guys who had surrounded us were all in a state of awe and were like me, wondering if this very attractive, quite petite white lady was about to give-in to this very dark and very well hung black man. If I had read her other narratives here, I would have known, wouldn’t I?

Even in the darkness, you could see Peggy’s curvy snow white ass fully exposed and displayed before everyone. Her obviously freshly fucked cunt was a sight to behold! There was no talking, and except for the sounds coming from the screen mixed with the soft movement sounds of the guys jockeying for a better viewing spot as they stroked their cocks in anticipation of what was about to unfold before their eyes. I looked at Peggy’s face and said to her, “Are you okay with this?”

She looked up at me and replied “You know I am…!”

With that, the nameless black man placed his hands on her white ass and guided her cute feminine body so she was facing the unoccupied seat she had been sitting in earlier. She bent over, opening her legs wider and wider, offering full access to her now fully exposed asshole and pussy. Her cunt, even in the darkness, clearly showed residue of the previous fucking mixed with her own juices. Her hands grabbed the armrests of the seat as her head was guided by another set of hands to another waiting-to-be-sucked cock attached to the guy who stood behind the seat back. Again, there were hands everywhere, still grouping her bouncy tits, cupping, squeezing, and feeling both of those beauties.

With his big hands, the black man guided Peggy’s legs further apart so he could really get to her receptive cunt. She looked beautiful in the darkness as this huge black dick pressed between the lips of her hairy pussy. She grunted softly as the dark head of his huge dick disappeared between the her cunt lips. I could see her hands tighten on the armrests as he continued to press his black meat into her pussy.

“Oh my gosh! I have never felt anything like this!” Her hands gripped the seat armrests even more tightly, as his black dick disappeared full length in her slippery cunt.

For a brief moment, I thought she was going to climb over the seat back as his black dick must have felt huge, but once he was in, she released the grip on the armrests and then surprisingly, pressed her sexy white ass backwards towards his huge black body, her hairy snatch gobbling up every inch of his huge black monster!

“Oh my, oh my, oh my gosh!” She winced as she said those words. He was in her cunt full length.

Then, with a sigh, the fucking of Mrs. Peggy Sanford began. Except for the sounds that women make when they are really being fucked, she was speechless. There was just a moan, a series of grunts, and a few sounds I can’t describe!

Once he rammed her a couple of times, the fucking really began! I had completely forgotten the guys who were now gathering closer and closer to watch the all of this.

“Get back boys, I need some room to fuck this white bitch like she deserves! Give me some fucking room!” The guys moved back and he went at her with one forceful, hard driving stroke after another!

You could hear Peggy grunting with every inward stroke! He drove his ten inch black dick in her like a pile driver at a construction site, probing a hole in previously touched places! His lose black sack filled with two huge balls slapped Peggy’s ass with every stroke. Her loud moaning and those grunts, mixed with other noises, got louder and louder as he really pulled her white ass back towards his thrusting black dick with ever increasing force! I thought to myself, “She won’t be able to walk or sit down when this black man finishes with her!”

The tempo and the depth of the fucking increased with every stroke. Peggy was hanging on for dear life as the big black man continued to drive his growing black dick in her slutty cunt. The guys had released her beautiful tits, and now her breasts too were flopping with the rhythm of the fucking! Soon, she started the loud moaning that she makes just before she starts to cum.

“Fuck me! Fuck me harder, you black bastard!”

Was this my prim and proper little housewife? Good grief, I had never heard her like this!

“Fuck me! Give it all to me, deeper, harder, faster… come on, drive that big black dick in me, you fucking black bastard!” She continued to taunt him to make him fuck her harder and harder!

With that, he really gave it to her! It was almost like he was raping her as his strokes and his motions grew more and more forceful and brutal. Bang…bang, bang, slap, slap, and then he reached down and slapped her white ass with a couple of forceful slaps! His thrusting strokes became more forceful than anything I had ever seen. He was ramming that big black dick into her pretty little cunt harder and harder and deeper and deeper with every stroke!

She came… again and again and again! The orgasms were deep and to an observer, they were something to behold!

Peggy is one of the few poly-orgasmic women I have ever known in my sexual life. A poly-orgasmic woman can have an orgasm, and then as soon as that orgasm reaches the peak, her body screams for more. The process repeats itself over and over until the woman reaches what Peggy had described as “the ultimate!” When that happens, there is one final orgasm in which she just cums so strongly that she will nearly convulse and at times, even passing out. The more she gets, the more her sexual desires increase. That’s my girl!

The fucking went on for five minutes, maybe more. If this black guy had not been in good physical shape, he could have never held out this long! Peggy “pussy whipped” me earlier until I had completely given out. Not this guy! He had a white woman on the end of that big black dick, and he was going to fuck her until she screamed for him to stop or until he popped that nut and he just couldn’t fuck any longer!

She must have cum at least a dozen times by this point, and soon I saw her tense up, and I knew she was getting ready for “the ultimate!” He was getting close too! Was I about to see a perfect fuck, where the man and the woman cum together? He grunted, and holding her white ass with both hands, drove that big black dick really deep into her pussy and into her waiting cervix! His balls let go with what must have been a huge load of hot cum as Peggy drove her ass back towards his darkness to receive it all! He made a deep grunting sound, and it was done.

“Damn, son-of-a-bitch, fuck her, give it to her!” I said without thinking! The guys echoed my thoughts. Within the group of guys watching her, I saw a couple of the masturbated dicks shoot their loads!

The black man held her ass tightly up against his belly as the last few spurts from his dick sent his cum deep into her receptive cervix! What a fantastic sight! Nothing is more sexy than a beautiful, really sexy woman taking a big dick, her tits bouncing with every stroke. She is the hottest slut I have ever encountered, and there is no end to her sexual needs and desires!

As his black dick softened, he withdrew it from her profoundly fucked cunt. More cum drained out of her pussy lips, over the cunt hairs and down those beautiful legs and over her thigh high hose. There was no doubt that her cunt had just endured a serious fucking!

Slowly, she pulled herself together, then, reaching down and getting a stream of the cum that was running down her legs, she tasted the sweetness of the black man that had just fucked her to a fantastic series of wild orgasms. She glanced at me and smiled.

The black guy turned her around, then holding her with both hands, said, “Clean me up, you fucking whore!”

She dropped to her knees and her tongue cleaned and licked the remaining cum from his black dick. Is there anything this slut won’t do?

I handed Peggy a small towel that I had thoughtfully brought along. She smiled at me and wiped the cum from her legs and pussy. Now that she is up and standing there, still bare ass naked except for her high heels and those black thigh-high hose, the remaining guys again started to jockey for positions. As she turns, one of the guys without his pants and with a raging hard-on approaches her from behind. He reaches around and cups her tits, forcing his hard dick between the cheeks of her ass. I was thinking she was going to call for a time out… but, not Peggy!

Peggy knows what this hard cock wants and again is more than eager to accommodate the needs and obvious desires of another guy! She bends a little and wiggles that curvy ass. Is she going to let him ass fuck her or is she going to bend over slightly and let his hard dick slip into her well used and sloppy wet cunt? My question was soon to be answered.

He wanted to fuck Peggy, and his dick was drooling pre-cum to prove it. Any hole would do! Peggy reaches down between her legs for his dick, which is a nice size, and feels the pre-cum stringing down over her hand as he presses her. “Want some pussy, darling?”

This guy is probably mid-20s, and clearly taken by her looks. She is old enough to be his mother or one of his mom’s best friends, and he is so horny for her pussy that he is about to cum in her hand.

“Darling, you’re going to have to clean me up before you can fuck me. Can you handle that?”

“Yes ma’am, I’d love to do that for you!”

Peggy takes his hand and guides him to the theater seat. She sits down and opens her legs wide, the heels of her sexy shoes digging in on the edge of the seat. Her freshly fucked cunt is now fully exposed, and in the light of the movie, you can still see cum leaking from between her gaping pussy lips and over her asshole. With her hand, she guides him to his knees and his head to between her legs. As he goes down on her, she turns and looks at me and winks! I responded with, “Way to go, baby!”

From where I am sitting, I can see his tongue licking the freshly spurted cum from between her cunt lips, then up and over her clit as he eats the cum and her pussy. Peggy starts to moan a little and her eyes close. From the row behind her, two guys reach over and again start fondling and squeezing her tits! She is loving this!

This guy may be just in his mid-20’s but he certainly knows how to eat the cunt of an older woman. His nose vanishes as he goes further and further into her cunt and into the bush that covers her pussy. Then, he really sets Peggy on fire by taking an occasional lick of her asshole. She likes this, slipping further down in the seat ever-so-slightly, and the moans become louder and louder! This guy is really good, and the left-over cum vanishes from her wide open and fully exposed slit! What a beautiful sight!

As the scene progresses, Peggy is obviously enjoying his talent and his tongue. I can see his tongue circling her puckering asshole as he pushes his nose inches deep into her hairy cunt, right between those delicious pussy lips, teasing her clit and making her eyes roll back in anticipation of the orgasm that is about to happen! What an erotic sight! This guy, 24, maybe 27, is between Peggy’s legs, slobbering all over her cunt, licking, sucking, drinking, enjoying the fruits of a woman old enough to be his mother’s best friend. I can see her toes starting to curl! Then, again, I am watching his tongue as it probes Peggy’s most personal spot, her asshole.

His nose again disappears between those luscious pussy lips. Peggy grabs his head and thrusts her cunt and ass forward as her eyes roll back and she explodes with a massive and fantastic orgasm! She was so loud, I wondered if they could hear her on the street! The guys behind her, squeezing her tits, start fondling her nipples and tweaking her orgasm responses to make her feelings even more complete and intense! I love seeing a woman just explode with an exquisite and endless orgasm!

In watching her, I truly felt this orgasm was even better than the massive fucking she had received earlier from that huge black cock that obviously went all the way up and into her cervix, loading her with massive spurts of hot cum! Clean? Oh yes, this guy had sucked, licked, and tongue cleaned every inch of Ms. Peggy’s cunt and her asshole too. She was like new… now just a little used and wet. There wasn’t a sign on cum on that beautiful hairy cunt of hers!

As she tried to take a deep breath and settle back in the seat for “orgasm recovery”… this horny 27 year old was ready for pussy! I’ll have to say, he earned it. His dick was rock hard, and without his pants on, he had that 45 degree angle that young cocks often get when they are cocked, loaded and aching for a receptive pussy! Peggy saw it and she was receptive! I was sure her cunt was still experiencing contractions from that tongue lashing this guy had just given her, not to mention what he had been doing to her cute rosebud between those fabulous ass cheeks!

One of the things I have always disliked about fucking a woman openly in an adult theater is… there just isn’t a comfortable place to fuck. Even in most couple-theaters, the couches don’t offer a comfortable place to drive a dick into a waiting pussy. This poor guy didn’t know what to do. Peggy is sitting there with her legs still open, but he can’t get into a position to fuck her. He must be feeling like his balls are going to explode!

This young man, as with the big black dude, is in luck because Peggy likes to be fucked from behind. Some women can cum in this position while others can’t, needing a cock rubbing against their clit give them a good orgasm.

She stands up, caressing his young guy with her finger tips…across his lips and then down to his cock and balls. I thought to myself, he was going to just cum right then and there, just from being caressed! Peggy is good! She can caress a guy’s balls with her long finger nails, and if he is really loaded, before he knows what is happening, cum can spurt from his dick!

With a sweet and sexy smile, she turns and again puts her knees in the seat and positions her curvy, receptive ass in the “fuck me” position. He’s ready. She sticks that cute ass out and his dick is there, probing for the opening between those pretty pink pussy lips. I’m laughing inside, saying to myself, “She’s going to empty this guy in about two strokes!”

In one push, he’s in and her cunt is milking his dick wildly! My mind thinks, “She’s probably still having contractions from being eaten! I’ll bet this feels really good!”

Peggy is being fucked for the third time. As she is taking this young dick in her cunt, the guys that are facing her from the row behind are sticking their horny cocks out for her to suck as they again feel her tits. Her breasts jiggle with each stroke as she feels the young cock ramming her. She is loving this, and no kidding… Peggy is about to cum again as this young guy quickly shoots his load into her beautiful body.

He had just popped his load and withdrew his cock when another guy stepped up and takes his place. The fourth fuck was about to take place! She had been close to cumming, but the younger guy had not lasted long enough to give her the chance. She was on the edge and once again, she was very receptive to the next dick that slipping between those well used cunt lips.

This “fourth fucker” looks like a Latin guy. His jeans are off and his dick, although not all that long, was the thickest one of the afternoon. When he parted her pussy lips from behind, you could see her cunt stretch to accept his really thick meat. I would gauge him as being about as thick as two normal cocks put together. He was certainly twice as thick as I am. Once he slipped that monster in her pussy, she immediately started responding. He was good and he knew how to use it. He fucked her with short, close-in, slapping strokes, and he was getting results. His low hanging balls slapped her clit for an even more perfect fuck!

On the row behind us, the two guys that had been feeling her tits and getting sucked had moved, coming around to get a better view of Peggy’s cunt taking the big fat dick. In their place, an older man appeared. He had his pants unzipped and his dick was out for her talented tongue. He reached down with both hands and commandeered her head as he face fucked her, driving his dick into her mouth almost full length. The way he was holding her head, Peggy didn’t have a choice. She was being face fucked and cunt fucked at the same time! There was no escape or stopping this! Her arms reached down and supported her weight as the men shoved and pushed their dicks into two of her three openings.

The guy who had been just sitting in the other adjacent seat finally recovered. He had a birds-eye view of the big, thick dick ramming Peggy’s cunt. After watching for a minute, he motioned to the Latin guy. With a wink of approval, the seated guy reached over and started finger fucking Peggy’s asshole. She was slick and getting a finger in her rosebud was not a challenge! Soon, his probing, wiggling finger was two joints deep in her receptive asshole! It obviously drove her crazy!

The fucking continued, this time with vengeance! Mrs. Peggy was now getting hammered from both sides and all three of her holes were being used, probed, and fucked. I saw the look on her face when the finger went into her asshole. It was a bit of a surprise, but she was so hot by this time that just getting more was all that mattered. This beautiful lady just needed a really deep and really satisfying orgasm, and she was willing to accept any and all probing objects to get there!

The older man fucking her face was the first to cum. I saw his jerking motions out of the corner of my eye. When his cum started flowing, it came in liquid, full spurts that surpassed her physical ability to swallow! She almost gagged trying to swallow his cum as fast as it was being unloaded into her mouth. His hands, now soundly fixed on each side of her head, were not about to release his “cum-bucket.” She was about to choke as she tried to swallow faster, and soon cum was leaking out around the edges of her mouth and dripping off her chin!

As soon as the flow of cum slowed, she once again was able to swallow the remaining cum from his dick. This excited the Latin man who was fucking her cunt, and he let his cock exploded with another load of cum, pumping every drop in her cunt. The guy feeling and probing her asshole saw what was happening, and carefully wiggled his finger to intensify the orgasm that was starting to consume her body.

Peggy started cumming, and I’ll have to say, it was an impressive sight! Her body started jerking all over and, for a minute, I thought she was surely going to convulse the orgasm was so intense! It must have lasted for several minutes! Was this “the ultimate” she had described to me? It was a really deep and intense orgasm, and I could tell as she came down from the fucking, she was done! Her body was finished!

Peggy reached for her top and skirt, wiping the remaining cum from her lips with the towel She looked at me and said, “I can’t do any more… help me get out of here.”

Although disappointed, the remaining guys understood and helped her up from her knees on the seat. She stood up, legs shaking, she dressed, and as I held her arm, we started up the dark aisle towards the exit. About half way, she paused.

“Are you okay?”

“Yes…” she responded. And, with a smile on her face, she looked up at me and said, “My pussy just released some more cum, and it is running down my legs!”

She smiled at the ticket seller as we walked through the book store, and exited, and started back to the hotel. I knew her addiction to sex and the adult theater lifestyle had just begun!

“Peggy’s second visit… coming soon to a theater near you!”

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