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Female Friends

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Ever sat back and thought about sexual situations in your past? I had quite a few in my 20’s, good ones, bad ones, and down right awesome ones.

One year at a Halloween party for one…

I grew up in a small neighborhood. 45 houses in the neighborhood containing people of all ages and statuses. All of us kids knew each other, age was no barrier. Now close to 30, a few of my friends still lived here.

This year, we had a Halloween party in our neighborhood. Alcohol flowed like water from a waterfall. My friends always tried to get me plastered because I always was the responsible one.

We stood in Bob’s kitchen as my friend Mike made me an extra hard drink. He always does that to me! My wife beside me with her wine cooler, our friend Kate, and Heather all there with drinks. Kate was 22; stood 5 foot 2 inches, pretty face, mid-length light brown hair, a pair of 34D’s bouncing around in her costume top. Her costume top was a solid piece, not fabric, so her breasts were just barely contained. She was always slightly flirty and definitely loved her god given assets.

Heather was another short girl with a nice face. She was 24; a little on the heavier side, long black hair, but had a huge set of 38DD breasts…so naturally she was Elvira for Halloween. She was a bit on the snappier side, but not too bad to hang out with.

As we stood in the kitchen enjoying the first toast on the night, Mike, Bob and a few others left Heather, Kate, my wife, and myself there to chat.

“Damn man, what size shoes are those?” Heather burst out.

“Size 18EE.” I answered. I’d always gotten comments on my feet. Despite my size, they still stick out.

“Good lord, your poor wife!” she laughed.

My wife was only 5 foot 2 inches tall and was a beautiful, long dark haired girl of immediate Greek decent.

“I doubt she minds too much,” Kate joined in, while my wife just stood there smiling and blushing red. “unless its not true what they say. Is it?”

I couldn’t believe we were having this conversation with these people. I’d known Kate my whole life and never thought of her sexually…but here she is with a smile inquiring about the size of my dick. My wife looked up at me with a cautious look, wondering what she should say. I shrugged and gave her a whatever look as she turned back at Kate.

“Just say a number…if he’s embarrassed.” Kate quickly retorted with a serious face.

My wife quickly looked back at me, flashed me a grin and faced Kate, “8 and a half.”

Kate’s eyes grew large, and her mouth made an ‘O’ shape, “Whoa!” she breathed out as her eyes turned on me.

Heather’s eyes also turned at me with a smile, “Nice, you go girl!” she said as she hi-fived my wife. “So I guess its safe to say he can make you orgasm with it then…”

“He’s the only one that has been able to so far.” my wife added.

“Lucky you,” Heather’s face changed to a smirk, “I have to assist my man in getting me there.”

“Same here,” Kate jumped in, “How thick is it?”

“Well, imagine the core of a roll of toilet paper. He has an upward curve,” my wife said as she looked the kitchen and grabbed a banana and put it in Heather’s hand. “Pretty much like this, but 8 inches long.”

Kate and Heather’s heads both nodded in approval as they seemed to study it. Turning it over and sideways, checking it out.

After a short, but seemed like a long silence, Kate spoke up, “Well, can we see it?”

My wife looked at me with a surprised look, maybe expecting me to object. Hell, I didn’t care, why would I?

“Sure, but I’m gonna need something to get me hard. I don’t want to show you a soft dick.” I said.

My wife spun around in front of me with her nice ass resting against my crotch, and brought my hands up to squeeze her breasts. Her 36C’s plumped and heaved up in her costume as I gave them gentle but firm massages.

Kate looked down at her tits and began to shake them back and forth in her top. They looked incredible, barely staying in the costume.

“Let’s go into another room, I don’t want the other guys seeing you play with my boobs.” my wife said as she pulled my hands off and began to drag me into the hallway. Down the short hall we went into the master bedroom and shut the door. Kate and Heather sat down on the bed like two spectators about to watch a movie.

My wife assumed her position, and put my hands on her tits as she reached behind and began to rub me through my pants. She was wearing a mid-evil wench type costume that accentuated her breasts wonderfully. Before she could react, I pulled down her top, exposing her awesome chest to these two ladies and quickly cupped them. She gasped in surprised and embarrassment.

“Oh don’t be embarrassed.” Heather voiced as she began to unbutton her top a little.

I released my hold on my wife’s boobs, exposing her tan nipples. Then softly continued massaging her entire chest. “More than that!” I motioned to Heather.

She obliged and unbuttoned a few more until only one button held her top on. Her entire torso was visible, the costume pressing her breasts together underneath these two pieces of fabric and one straining button. She looked up with a sly smile, put her fingers on the button and said, “Dick first…”

With all this eye candy, I was almost fully erect. My wife stepped out to reveal my dick sideways in my pants. The impression was clearly visible, it started at the zipper and stuck out to the pocket of my jeans. My wife grabbed my jeans at those places, outlining the erection and turned her head towards the girls with a smile.

“Take it out!” Kate mock shouted like someone cheering for a sports team.

Wasting no time, my wife unzipped, pulled my underwear aside, exposing the base of my shaft. Both girls eyes widened in excitement as her hand disappeared inside my jeans, grabbing hold and pulling my penis to freedom. It stood straight out, curving upward just like the banana she showed them before. Her hand loosely wrapped around it, she turned and modeled my dick like it was being showcased.

She led us closer to the bed where they were sitting. The two girls began to examine it from all angles.

“Wow, I’ve never seen a dick curve like that before!” Kate said.

“I have, it really hits the G-spot.” Heather chimed back.

“What does it feel like? You know, inside you?” Kate asked.

“What do you think?” my wife returned.

“No, like, does it hurt? The size and curve?”

“At first yeah, once he gets the whole thing wet, it feels great. It fills me up, the curve makes it feel extra thick.”

Heather leaned in to get a closer look and the button holding her tits in came undone. The shirt popped open and exposed two large, oval shaped areola perfectly placed on her big breasts. She looked down, muttered a half-assed ‘oops’ and tried to close her top back around them.

“Hey, hey,” I jumped in, “I earned those.”

“Ok, fine.” Heather said and let go, leaving her beautiful DD’s exposed.

Kate decided to join in the fun and leaned in as well. As she sat before us, her boobs looked like two fleshy orbs her top was barely holding in. Heather noticed the strain and sneakingly reached behind her and pulled the buckle holding her top on. In surprise, Kate leaned up and tried to catch herself, but it was too late. The top had come off and it wasn’t easily going to be replaced.

“Hey, if I gotta show ’em, so do you!” Heather said with a grin.

Kate pulled her top away and laid it on the bed. She had small nipples, and very round breasts, which made her nipples look even smaller. She reached a hand up and with a finger, touched the top of the head of my dick. Then traced the curve all the way down to the base, where my wife’s hand was still holding.

Heather, being the brash girl she is, spit in her hand and wrapped it around my dick, giving it a quick 5 pumps. She flashed my wife a smile almost sending an invisible request. My wife was always shy, but never afraid of sexuality…so she pulled her hand off me allowing Heather all the dick she could hold. Heather moved her hand down to the base.

“Its even thicker down here.” Heather noted as she grabbed Kate’s hand and put it on me, covering the top 4 inches.

Here I was, standing in a bedroom at my good friends house, my shaft covered by two women’s hands. Kate slowly began to twist her hand around the head, and it felt wonderful. Heather pulled her hand off, and grabbed Kate’s wrist taking control of it. She began to pump Kate’s wrist quickly, her hand opening and closing slightly as it went up and down my shaft.

“Damn, that’s got to feel so good!” Kate said mesmerized by the thoughts going on in her head as she stared.

Heather reached down to Kate’s crotch and noted, “Someone is wet!”

“Oh god!” Kate pulled her hand away embarrassed and turned red.

“Come on. Let her feel it!” Heather dared my wife.

Kate looked up at my wife not objecting, but expecting her to say no. It must have been the alcohol, because I expected a no as well.

“Does anyone have a condom?” my wife asked.

“Here.” Heather pulled one from her purse.

“Dirty girl!” Kate laughed.

“You never know where the mood strikes!” Heather called back, “We’ve pulled off the road before and gone for it!”

As Kate pulled her skirt up and her underwear down, my wife opened the condom and rolled it on. It covered about half of my shaft and stretched thin under my thickness.

“Sorry, he’s not this big.” Heather joked.

Kate looked a little worried as she finished undressing. Heather moved behind her and pulled her down on her back. She grabbed ahold of Kate’s tits and rubbed them slowly, gently twisting her tiny nipples.

My wife spit in her hand and lubed up my dick; being careful not to move the condom as she walked me closer to Kate’s waiting body. I reached forward and got handfuls of Heather’s boobs. She didn’t seem to mind. Kate looked down at me as my dick grazed the inside of her leg…clearly she was nervous.

“Just relax,” my wife assured her, “it’s going to feel weird at first.”

I leaned in, and teased the lips of her pussy with my head. She twitched a little, but didn’t pull away. I worked the head inside and moved it around slowly. She began to breathe heavier, as I pushed in the first 4 inches. I was definitely thicker than what she normally had, as she was tight. I started to lightly pump the first half of my dick in her.

“uhh, mmm.” Kate lightly moaned.

My wife was peeking around me watching. She remembered all too well that ‘breaking in’ feeling and was getting quite turned on herself. She left my side and sat behind Heather, taking hold of Heather’s large tits…lightly squeezing and massaging them the way I do to hers. Her hands made Heather’s breasts look much bigger.

“uhh, its fucking huge,” Kate was in her own world, having her boobs rubbed and her pussy gently fucked. “Mmm, deeper.” she faintly begged.

I continued gently thrusting, working up to 6 inches going in and out. Her body arched under the new pleasure, she was so tight, and loving all I was giving her.

“Give her all of it.” Heather encouraged.

Kate’s eyes opened in surprise as she reached down and felt open air between her pussy and my body…touching the couple inches of shaft that was still dry. She gulped realizing there was still more to come, “Oh geez, I…” she squeezed out between her moans.

I reached down and separated her lips, light juices creeped out, so I used my finger to lube up the rest of my dick and started working it deeper with each thrust. In just a few thrusts, I felt the head push against the back of her. I was completely inside her, filling her up. She moaned loud, turned her head sideways and buried her face into Heather’s calf…muffling her moans.

“Ok, now that’s gotta feel awesome.” Heather said noticing Kate’s reactions.

I increased my thrusting speed as Kate’s body twitched every time I hammered her. It seemed like less than a minute when Kate reached up; grabbing Heather’s leg hard. She began to moan loud and fast, barely breathing between moans, her body convulsing in pace with my thrusts…she cried out in orgasmic pleasure for a good 15 seconds before I slowed to let her collect.

“Holy…shit…oh…fuck…” she wheezed out matching each word with my slow, full thrusts.

“That looked fun!” Heather said excited.

Kate exhaled as I slowly pulled out, “Big…that dick is huge.” she said laying on the bed completely limp.

My wife stood up from behind Heather and walked around to see Kate, “That’s how I was the first time. No man had ever been able to make me cum during sex…then all I could do was lay there. It was incredible.” she said as she pulled the condom off my softening dick.

“Hmmmmm….” Kate let out a soft humming sigh as she laid on her back, utterly tamed by an orgasm she apparently had never felt before.

I leaned forward, resting my dick on Kate’s stomach. Heather reached forward and started to slowly tug on it. Her hand sideways gliding back and forth along the shaft, pinching the head a little as she touched it.

Kate propped herself up on her elbows, and fixed her eyes on it. “God…” was all she managed to get out in her breath. She returned to her back and began massaging her breasts. She took notice of her still hard nipples and twisted them a little…smiling and letting out a little chuckle.

“Listen to you,” my wife laughed, “you’re a happy girl!”

“Hmmmmmmmmmm…” Kate just smiled and let out another long sigh.

“Lets see what you got!” Heather dared my wife.


“Yeah, get down here.” Heather demanded as she pulled at my wife’s dress.

“Alright…might as well.” my wife replied as she pulled her dress up and removed her underwear. She laid down right next to Kate on this king sized bed. Kate was still laying there, playing with her boobs in ecstasy.

My wife began to run circles around her clit with her finger to get herself really wet. Heather started to tug away on me to make me fully hard again. With her arms reaching down to play with herself, her elbows pressed her tits together, and jiggled them in rhythm of her circles. I reached forward and ran my fingers around her nipples in an oval pattern…encouraging them to come out and play.

She let out a moan as I pushed my dick inside her. I pushed my way all the way in until my body met with hers.

“Ooh, easy!” she snapped at me.

“Ok, alright.” I answered as I pulled part way out and began giving her 6 inch thrusts.

Kate responded to my wife’s moaning and turned on her side, facing my wife’s neck. She leaned in, began to softly kiss and suck on her neck just below her ear. Kate reached up and began squeezing my wife’s left breast, while keeping a hand working her own.

Heather leaned back, and took her pants off. She began rubbing herself while watching my dick thrust in and out…seeing part of my shaft still exposed.

I angled myself to really stimulate her G-spot. This made my wife tremble a little with each pass. She started to moan and groan deeply. She turned to face Kate and they started kissing. This kept up for a good 5 minutes before another word was spoken.

“She’s taking it like a champ!” Heather noted as she watched and rubbed herself.

My wife only moaned in response as she neared her orgasm. She is used to it, so it took her a little longer than Kate. As her orgasm appeared imminent, I picked up the pace and started thrusting deeper. This always rockets her over the top and this time was no different.

She arched hard as I grabbed ahold of her waist and kept slamming her as hard as I could. Maybe it was the circumstances, but it seemed like she was orgasming for a good 30 seconds! She grabbed ahold of the blanket on the bed and covered her face as she pushed out an orgasmic grunt that let her body limp.

“Don’t stop!” she blurted out.

I picked up my pace again thrusting deep and fast. I could tell she was still up there, as her body still arched with each thrust. Kate just stared in amazement as she knew my wife was on cloud 9.

In no time my wife was moaning loudly. With a few hard thrusts from me, she orgasmed again. Crying out in pleasure that almost sent Heather over the edge.

My wife sank down into the sheets, completely relaxed as Heather behind her had rubber herself into a frenzy. I withdrew and pointed at Heather with a inquisitive look.

“Yes!” she called out as she laid back, still rubbing furiously.

I climbed over top of her and plunged in. Her and I were both soaking wet, so I slid right in. Heather was really tight, and grunted as I went in. I couldn’t seem to get any more than halfway in, she must have tightened up during her masturbation.

She wrapped her arms around my neck and yanked my face into her tits. I thought she wanted me to suck on them, but it seems just me getting that far in was enough. Her head flew back into a pillow and she whined out one of the sexiest moans I’d ever heard. I took my cue and pushed in further.

With a spasm, her pussy allowed me a little more room. She was a loud one, moaning like mad as I kept trying to get deeper. After a minute or so, I was thrusting all 8 and a half inches in and out. Her body was instinctively matching my thrusts.

“Oh my god,” Heather cried out as my dick punished her insides, “…oh fuck..oh FUCK!” she continued saying.

Kate and my wife had turned over and started watching Heather take it. I kept giving as much as she would take and before long, Heather was crying out in pleasure. So loud, that Kate laughed a little and gave her a ‘Shh!’

Heather had no intention of stopping her vocal approval, so Kate handed her a pillow and she bit right into it. I slowed down and pulled partially out, only for her to lean up, grab ahold of my ass and thrust me all the way back in…holding me in place.

Heather’s arms went to the side, leaving the pillow covering her face. I reached down and cupped the outside of her ample breasts, lightly squeezing them. They were so big and soft, I wanted to suck them.

I leaned down, removed the pillow from her, and started sucking her nipple; which was huge, hard and pointing at my tongue. I must have pulled out a little when I leaned down because she wrapped her legs around my ass and slammed my dick back into her. The head of my penis hit her back wall, and the combo of that and my sucking made her moan.

Another minute passed and she loosened her leg hold on me. She looked up at me in approval and I withdrew. I sat down on the bed next to my wife as Kate stood up, walked around the bed, pushed me down on my back, climbing on top of me. My dick had gone somewhat limp in the absence of friction, but over me hung Kate’s breasts. Swinging back and forth as her hair draped over her head.

I reached up and squeezed them, they were firmer than Heather’s tits, but still soft and inviting. I pulled her right boob into my mouth, and began to softly suck and tease her nipple with my tongue.

“Mmmm…” she moaned her approval.

As I sucked and licked, I felt a hand wrap around the head of my partially limp dick. Heather decided it was time to return the favor. With a loose grip, she slid her hand up and down the mid-section of my shaft. I felt the weight of the bed shift a little then…bliss.

Heather’s warm lips wrapped around head of my dick and slowly slid down. She started matching the movements of her lips and hand while she sucked. I could hardly describe the sensation I felt as she slowly made mouth-love to my penis. She sucked and sucked, then I felt her lift off and let go.

My wife took over, grabbing the base of my dick and quickly sucking just the head. Just the way I loved it. Lifting off only briefly to jack me hard and fast for a few seconds, then back to sucking. My wife was master of my stick. Over the years, she learned EXACTLY how to set me off, completely in her control.

Kate laid down on my chest, her breasts bulging out the sides of our pressed together bodies. I squeezed what I could of these bulges as she turned her head sideways, laying on me like I was the bed.

My wife kept tugging and sucking until I was close. Then passed me back to Heather. She aggressively took over, jacking my dick as hard and fast as she could. I wrapped my arms around Kate tightly, squeezing us together as I thrust my waist up.

Heather knew what this meant as she pushed her mouth down onto my head and I came. She kept sucking up and down the top 3 inches as I came in her mouth. I must have shot 5-6 times and she never let up.

Finally, she sat up, and swallowed it with an “Mmmm…that was hot!”

As I lay there with Kate on top of me relaxed, I felt my wife’s soft lips gently and slowly sucking my head. It’s the most relaxing feeling being gently sucked right after you cum. She sucked me softly as I let out a satisfied sigh.

“That WAS hot,” Kate added as she rolled beside me, leaning on me. I felt her breast laying on the side of my chest, the nipple still poking into my skin. She reached down and gently slid her hand up and down my mostly limp shaft. “That was amazing…”

“You stretched me out in there,” Heather voiced up. “I’m going to have to wait a few days, or Bob’s gonna know something’s up.”

“Same here…” Kate added. “You are really a lucky girl!” she added looking at my wife.

“And yes, in this case, it’s true what they say about big feet.” my wife said with a smile.

The girls shared a quick laugh as we collected our clothes and got dressed. Heather peeked out the window and noticed Bob’s truck was gone.

“They must have gone on a beer run, or something,” Kate said as she looked as well, “we should get out there and check on the party.”

Kate was having trouble getting her costume top back on. I watched her breasts jiggle and her little nipples peek out as she tried. She caught me looking and shot me a blushing smile. Her shyness was so cute, and she knew it.

As the girls got back into their costumes, I just stood there, astounded by what happened in the last 25 minutes. Alcohol plus a suggestive conversation led to an experience I will take with me for the rest of my life.

“You know, it won’t be the same for me from now on…” Kate said with a grin.

“Sex?” my wife asked.

“Yeah, I gotta go back to 5 inches…from that!” Kate said, pointing at the zipper on my pants.

“Don’t get me depressed, ha ha!” Heather joined in. “He’s 6 inches, but not that thick.”

“Make them take pills!” my wife joked as she opened the door and they left the room with a chuckle into an empty house.

Everyone was outside, dancing to the music and chatting as if we didn’t exist. We were in our own world for half an hour.

“Hey! Where’s your drink?” one of the guys asked Kate. “Come on, get drunk…I wanna see those tits before the night is over!” he joked crudely.

Kate turned to me and my wife and gave us that blushed smile she was famous for…

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