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Payback for Sarah

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-Where the fuck have you been?

-Flying baby, what? I…

I laugh, a little uncertainly, but Sarah’s not kidding. She’s in full tiny-tornado mode. Pissed off and scared, I see now. Starts poking me in the chest.

-You said eight or nine and

-Sarah, listen…

-No! Jim! You didn’t call me and you…


-Why didn’t you just call? I was

-Sarah, it’s two in the morning, I…

-You could have called me in between or something or

I point to the counter. To my cell phone sitting in its cradle. It doesn’t help. One tear leaks from the corner of her eye. She doesn’t even wipe it away.

-Sarah, listen, this is going to happen all the time. I was out, we got a call, had to go all the way to Astoria, we got gas without shutting down, we went back out and did another entire sortie. I just landed half an hour ago, came straight here. I didn’t have my phone, and it was quicker just to come home, and

-Fuck you! I was scared!

Okay, this isn’t about a reasonable explanation. Sarah grabs my shirt and buries her face in my chest. I put my arms around her, and her arms go around my waist, but only for a minute. Only until she remembers she’s mad. She pushes back from me.

-You’re an asshole.

-I’m a complete asshole.

-Never do that again.

-I will never do that again.

-You owe me.

-I owe you big-time.

The first ghost of a smile, but I can tell she’s not ready to forgive me yet.

-I’m still mad at you.

-I know.

-I’m glad you’re ok. I was scared.

-I know, baby.

-You’re still and asshole though.

-I will do

I say, with my eyes on hers,

-whatever you want.

She looks at me. I see her calculating.

-Well, start with a shower. You smell like rotten flowers.

-That’s jet fuel

-Well, it smells like rotten flowers.

-Yeah, but…nevermind.

I turn to walk back to the bedroom, stripping off my flight jacket. Sarah smacks me on the ass as I go by. I stop; nonplussed, and keep on. I might be in trouble here. Sarah giggles behind me.

I drop everything in a heap, and put the shower on full hot. I soap up with Sarah’s scrubbie, and sluice the dirt, and sweat, and lather away and down the drain. I soap up again, and rinse, and stand under the stinging spray until the water starts to go cool. Stepping out, drying off with a rough red towel, I pull on some thin grey boxers and an old, well-worn black tee shirt that Sarah stole from me, and come out into the bedroom, my hair still wet. Sarah’s on the loveseat, not the bed, her feet tucked under her, in another stolen tee shirt, her glasses on, hair bunched up on her head, reading.

-You ready to make it up to me?


-Come here and kneel down.

I do. She sets her book down, and parts her legs, drawing me to her, moving to the edge of the loveseat. I move to kiss her, to put my arms around her, and she stops me with a palm in the center of my chest.

-Whoa, down boy! Did I tell you to do that?

I sit back on my heels, and Sarah runs her hands into my wet hair, and moves my face to the inside of her right thigh. I can feel the wet strands of my hair trail along the soft skin of her leg. I’m still heated from the shower, and her skin feels cool and smooth against my cheek. Sarah knots her hands in my hair, and I leave a string of soft, lingering, open-mouthed kisses all the way up to her hip. My teeth gently try the tendon on the inside of her thigh, high up, and she tenses, pulls my face away, leads me across for the same treatment of the inside of her other thigh. I keep my mouth wet and open, and plant sucks and kisses and licks and bites wherever she guides me. Her tee shirt is rucked up around her hips, her head lolling back a little as she watches me. She brings my face directly up between her legs, but stops me before my mouth closes on the thin wet scrap of fabric there. Without moving my head, I extend my tongue, and drag just the tip over the little of her that I can reach. Sarah shudders, but holds my head where it is. I lick her again, at the very limit of my reach, the touch very light, over her panties, wetting her more, pulling a gasp from her. I try to move closer, but she scoots away from me, her hands tightening in my hair. I pull back, and Sarah follows me, wanting just the lightest licks. Pull back further, and she follows me again, and this way I draw her more into my range, until now, by tilting my chin forward, I can lay the full flat of my tongue against her cunt, over her panties, and swipe up hard along her center. Sarah’s tummy clenches, and she rocks forward a little, and gasps again.

-No fair.

I smile.

She stands, and snake-hips her way out of her panties, dropping them onto the floor, and kicking them away, stepping closer to me.

-Same now

She says, her voice thick with lust

-just the tip, lightly

She moves into me, taking my hair again, and I feel a trembling in her thighs when she feels my warm breath on her pussy, and I extend my tongue again, and this time, with no panties to shield her, drag the tip of my tongue up the center of her slit, from as low and inside as I can reach, up the center of her, over her clitoris, piping and sensitive. Her pussy opens like a flower, and I feel her nails on my scalp, and her hips flip forward into me, and I do it again, dipping my tongue deeper into her on the stroke, curling the tip upwards, wringing a gasp from her.

-Just…just, baby…just…do that

The words are just a breath, but I hear. I lick her again, and tongue her clit more sharply at the crest, and Sarah makes a little sound like hnt! I continue light licks and flicks, and kisses directly on her clit. She starts rocking her hips slowly, smoothly, into my face, pulling me into her more, eyes closed, head back, moving my head a little to bring the friction where she wants it. I reach my hands around her hips and grip her ass, and pull her harder into me. Sarah doesn’t seem to notice, but her gasps and cries build as I increase the pace, and pressure, and friction. Sarah’s legs are shaking, and she makes a frantic little sound, and backs towards the bed, pulling me along by her hands in my hair.

-Fuck, baby, make me come, do it right, do it, now baby, make me come…

And now, with her ass on the edge of the bed, she spreads her legs as far as she can, and pulls my face hard into her cunt. I work my tongue against her for a moment, hard, then as her sounds build again, take her sensitive little clit between my lips, and suck and shake it gently, while I slip my two middle fingers, palm up, into the soft and scalloped lips of her pussy, and stroke the forward wall with a beckoning motion, just where she is most sensitive. Sarah bucks and jerks and I feel her pussy clench on my fingers, and her stomach spasm and tighten, and with my free hand, I reach up and find one hard, swollen nipple, and pinch it hard between my finger and thumb. I don’t stop until Sarah pulls my face from between her thighs, and even then, I keep fucking her with my fingers, enjoying her jumps and winces and little cries, until she puts her hand on mine and stops me.

I stand, and the front of my boxers is wet with precum, and my cock is hard and I can feel my pulse in my temples. I take Sarah by the arm and lift her towards me, and then flip her face down over the edge of the bed, her feet on the floor. I move her feet further apart with a little kick and when Sarah starts to rise, I shove her hard between her shoulder blades, and hold her down with one hand, and reaching around her hip, I find her clit with my fingers again, and manipulate it roughly, and I can tell it hurts her a little, but her hips begin to move and I press harder, and she tries to lift her hips away, but I follow, and I can feel her wetness on my fingers and kiss the back of her shoulder and her hands are clenched in the sheets.

-Are we even?

Sarah can’t find her voice, and I rub harder on her clit, my fingers and palm and wrist wet with her juices.

-Sarah, are we even?

She moans, and as she starts to speak I slip my fingers into her pussy, and she loses the words again.

-Ask me to fuck you.

Sarah’s hips are moving rhythmically now, and she is pressing her forehead down on the bed, and she’s pulling the sheets into her. She’s spreading her legs on her own now, and concentrating on her pleasure. I don’t let up on her at all, fingers rough on her clit, and slipping in and out of her pussy. Her inner thighs are wet and slick, and she is pressing her ass out to me now.

-Sarah, ask me to fuck you, ask me baby, ask me Sarah, ask me right now, say it, say fuck me Jim, say it baby, come on, ask me, fuck me, fuck me, say it…

I’m whispering directly into her ear and I know she can hear me, but she can’t focus; she’s too close, and I don’t let up on her at all. Her pussy is soaked, and my hand and fingers are slick, and slipping in and out of her and over her clit, and I’m pressing hard and her breath is fast and shallow. I stand upright, and my fingers leave her for a moment, and she makes a sound of protest, but from behind now, I slide my fingers back into her cunt, and she moans again, and presses back to bring them deeper, to increase the pressure. I keep her moving, keep her on the edge, and free my cock from my shorts, and stroke the wetness dripping from the tip over the head and ridge and shaft, my fingers slipping, and I hold my cock firmly in my hand, and stroke the head up and down Sarah’s wet, open slit, and she moans again, and presses back, but I give her only this, only the head of my cock, swollen and smooth and hard and slick with our mingled juices, and my fingers still on her clit, remorseless, rhythmic.

-Jim, ah, fuck, please, god, fuck me, do it, do, fuck, I can’t…

Her eyes are squeezed shut, her hands bunched in the sheets, her ass pressing back to feel more of me. I keep stroking just the head of my cock along her slit, penetrating her only slightly, but letting her feel it, feel me parting her cunt lips with the head, making her want all of it.

-Sarah, hold still.

-No! Baby, please, just…just…baby…god…

Her panting is rhythmic, breathing fast and harsh. I draw my hand back and bring it down on her ass as hard as I can, driving the fronts of her thighs into the bed. Sarah cries out and moans, but her hips keep moving, and I do it again, and her ass reddens and heats and Sarah whimpers and keeps as still as she can, but her hips are still moving a little, and I put my fingers back on her clit and stroke and she immediately bucks a little and makes a sound with her face in the sheets, and as I work her clit hard, I dip the head of my cock slightly into her cunt, into her heat and wetness, then press the swollen head against her ass, and penetrate the tight little opening just slightly, and Sarah gives a little cry, and moves, and I have to spank her hard again, driving her forward.

-You, you, this…

I know what she’s trying to say, that this is supposed to be for her, that I’m supposed to be doing what she wants. I spank her again, and she squirms but tries to stay still, and I put my mouth very close to her ear.

-I am doing what you want Sarah. You want my cock in your ass. You want me to hurt you, you want me to fuck your ass, you want to come, don’t you baby, don’t you Sarah…

She can only nod. I lick the center of her back, and taste salt. I bite her shoulder.

-Ask me.

I put the head of my cock back against her ass, and drive forward a little, and reach back around her hip and press hard on her clit, and work her roughly again. Sarah gasps, and tries to hold very still, but she doesn’t speak. I stand up a little, and spank her hard three times in succession, and she moans and squirms under me, but I’m pressing her hard against the bed, and she can’t really move.

-Ask me.

Sarah turns her head to the side now, flipping her hair off of her face, and I lean down to kiss her temple and cheek and lick her neck.

-Ask me, baby, ask me kitten.


She makes a conscious effort to speak clearly.

-Fuck my ass baby, hurt me, make me come, god, now, quit fucking around, fuck me, fuck me, fuck…

And while she’s speaking I drive my hips forward, and first the head, then the shaft of my cock slides on her own lubrication into Sarah’s ass. I feel her body gather, she tightens up all over, shoulders drawing in, stomach cramping, chin drawing down, and I pull out slightly, then forward again, harder and deeper, and the friction is intense, and the heat of her body, and now Sarah even presses back into me, and in one more stroke I’m fully inside of her, and with my cock hurting her, and her ass hot and red from the spanks, and my weight on her back making it hard for her to breathe, and my fingers on her clit working and pressing, Sarah starts to come. I see gooseflesh break out on her arms and back, and she puts her face down into the blankets and presses back into me and her hand finds my hand by her head, and grabs my wrist and squeezes, and she presses back into me and thrashes as the orgasm overtakes her completely and I feel her entire body spasm and writhe, and Sarah cries out like she sometimes does, and now I’m overcome by her movement and her heat and the feel of her body under me and the tightness and clench of her ass on my cock, and I don’t care, right now I don’t care if it hurts her, and if I could hurt her more I would, and I pull back and drive my cock hard up into her and Sarah cries out and I know she can feel me as I come, hard, so hard it’s almost pain, a rush of heat and my cock pulsing and it seems to last forever and no time at all, and I fall forward, and cover her and she quiets under me, and I can’t move at all, until I can move my head enough to press my lips to her shoulder, and Sarah reaches back and puts her hand on my head, and gives a little laugh, and I laugh too.

-Jesus, what was that?

I can only laugh again.

Later, in bed, I turn Sarah away from me, and press against her from behind, settling her like a little comma, and she pulls my arm over her shoulder, and snuggles back for maximum contact.

-I guess you’re not a complete asshole.

-Thanks kitten.

She says something else, but I don’t catch it, and I’m drifting off, and Sarah laughs at me, and I can’t even find the strength to protest, and I fall asleep with my face in her hair, and her scent all around me, and I feel her kiss my palm just as all consciousness finally fades.

-Sarah and Jim are real. Please leave us a comment.

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