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Parttime Lover

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I met Gord in a local chat room frequented by swingers and people that leaned towards the alternative lifestyles.

Neither my husband Rick or I had partaken of any extramarital sex but it sounded so spicy that I was constantly returning and getting into conversations with the fifty-nine year old gentleman who lived a couple of miles from us.

Gord told me that his wife was suffering from a major disability and their sex life was nonexistent. He said he still loved is wife and didn’t want to leave her.

During the course of our talks Gord said he would like me to send him a pair of my panties so he could use them when he jerked-off. Had sent him my picture, clothed of course so he knew what I looked like. I saw no harm in sharing a pair of my panties with him, as God knows I had lots!

I selected a frilly pair of pink bikinis with lace around the leg openings and waistband, Before putting them in a manila envelope I masturbated in them and had Rick take my picture wearing only the panties with my legs spread open. I put the picture in the envelope with the panties and mailed them to Gord.

A couple of days later Gord emailed me, he was ecstatic! He had received my panties and wanted me to watch him lack-off with them on his webcam. I brought Gord’s webcam up on my Yahoo and there he was with my ink panties wrapped around his cock. I watched while three strings of white cum fired onto the crotch of my knickers. It was too much, I had to go and relieve myself.

That night I told Rick about Gord’s little show and how hot it had got me. Rick asked if I would like to meet Gord in real life? Being a chicken I declined.

The next day I mentioned to Gord Rick’s suggestion that we meet. Of course Gord was all for it. He said we could just meet and we didn’t have to do anything if I didn’t want to.

Now both Gord and my husband were pushing for us to meet.

“What’s the need for it?” I asked Rick.

“You can brighten the guy’s life up and it won’t cost you anything. You saw how much just a pair of your panties meant to him.” Rick coaxed.

“Well, maybe just to meet.” I gave in.

Gord was thrilled. I gave him our address and told him he could come over the next night. I emphasized it was just to meet and talk.

I was nervous as hell when Gord’s Buick pulled into out driveway. I watched out the window as Gord got out and walked to the front door.

He was just like his picture, salt and pepper hair, tall and distinguished looking. He had an air of kindness and gentleness about him.

Rick had convinced me to wear a peignoir set. A floor-length negligee with a cover-up wrap. The gown by itself was transparent but the wrap blurred that I was naked beneath.

Rick greeted our guest at the door and invited him in.

Gord was very polite when Rick introduced us. He looked into my eyes and not at my obvious cleavage as he said hello. We adjourned to the parlor to enjoy a drink.

I had my customary Daiquiri while Rick and Gord had rum and Coke. We exchanged small talk about family, jobs and the weather.

Rick was in the kitchen preparing our second drink when Gord asked me if Rick and I had ever had a threesome?

I told him honestly that once Rick and I had shared our bed with my younger sister Nikki when she lived with us for a couple of months. Nikki was between jobs and paid for her room and board with her ass.

Gord asked if I had never had another man since we married?

I confessed to a brief affair with a guy where I had been working but that I had confessed my infidelity to Rick and stopped seeing my lover.

Gord asked if I had enjoyed sex with another man?

I told him it had been great but I couldn’t handle the emotional entanglement involved.

He asked me how I would feel about “no strings sex”?

I said with the right guy it might be O.K.

I did feel comfortable with Gord, after all our online chatting I was beginning to like him. He seamed honest and sincere in all he said, not just another guy on the make.

Rick returned with our drinks and I excused myself to use the washroom. When I returned the guys were laughing and obviously plotting something devious.

“I would like you to fuck Gord!” my husband said.

The blatant request flabbergasted me. The two guys watched for my reaction.

“What brought this on?” I needlessly asked.

“Well our friend Gord here has a rusty load he’s been saving too long and you have the perfect place for him to put it!” my husband stated.

I hadn’t said no immediately and I think they could see I was pondering the proposal.

“And what’s in it for you Dear?” I asked.

“Just a delicious cream pie after.” my husband grinned.

The thought of Rick eating Gord’s cum from my pussy was too much.

“What are we waiting for?” I said heading for our bedroom.

The guys followed me into the bedroom where I boldly slipped my gown ff my shoulders allowing it to fall to the floor in a puddle around my feet.

I am a natural woman with a tangled thatch of curly red pubic hair concealing the entrance to my love tunnel. I stood there in all my naked glory, my large pink nipples erect.

“Oh my God!” Gord exclaimed.

“Well, am I going to get fucked?” I complained lying across the bed with my legs spread open waiting got Gord’s cock.

Gord wasted no time stripping to join me while Rick watched with glee. In minutes Gord was on top of me on the bed.

I felt the beautiful cock I had watched cum on my panties sliding into me. I wrapped my legs around his hips and pulled him into me.

Gord felt good in me, actually better than Rick. Certain cocks are perfect fits for certain pussies, just the right size and shape to fill my cunt pressing all the right places. Gord kissed me on the lips as his cock started to fuck me.

I knew it was supposed to be emotion-free “no strings” sex but I couldn’t help feeling warm and loving towards this beautiful man making love to me. My cunt embraced him like a like a long lost lover.

“Fuck me Gord.” I pleaded.

It was a loving and tender fuck, our bodies moved together in perfect sync. It was not al all lewd like I thought it might be, it seemed like the most natural thing to do.

Gord’s obvious experience worked me up to a crescendo, his cock playing my pussy like a violin. Years of making love to his wife had taught him what a woman wants.

“Oh yes, yes!” I moaned as I squirmed on his cock.

Gently he grasped my buttocks and pulled me onto him in a trombone-like action. I squealed my delight.

In the corner of the room Rick watched with his cock in his hands. He was watching an experienced lover seducing his wife’s heart.

Then for some unknown reason I spontaneously said “I love you” to Gord as we fucked. Rick looked on surprised as Gord drove his cock into me with renewed energy.

“Oh yes. yes!” I moaned as I felt the beginning of my orgasm.

It started around the head of Gord’s cock and spread upwards though my pussy into my chest on the way to my head. Gripping my mind the world spun sending a cascade of kaleidoscope of dazzling colors crashing down as my body trembled in a spasm of ecstasy.

“Oh my fucking God!” I screamed as I had the most intense orgasm of my life.

Rick and I have reached a friendly agreement. Gord shall fuck me as often as we wish in return for my husband being allowed to watch and partake of the spoils.

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