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Kayla Gets an Early Christmas Gift

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Kayla gunned the engine of her car to pass the slower truck as she raced up route 94 on her way to the family cabin in Door County. Her thoughts were on her boyfriend, or ex-boyfriend as it were, and she seemed to be taking it out on her poor car. Kayla had broken up with Chad a month ago after she caught him screwing his lab partner from his Advanced Chemistry class.

He had tried to tell her it meant nothing but she was very hurt all the same and ended it.

Snow was falling lightly as she drove north. It was a week before Christmas and she was on break from her senior year at Northwestern. She had told her parents she needed to get out of Chicago for a while to clear her head. A few days at their cabin on a lake in Wisconsin would help wonders, she hoped. Her parents had agreed as long as she came back for Christmas. It was bad enough, they said, that she was leaving the day after her twenty-first birthday.

Northern Wisconsin had already had several early snowfalls and the weather looked potentially like more of the same the next few days. She wanted to get into the cabin and settled before any real snow hit. She would stop at the grocery store on the way and get her supplies for the four or five days she planned to stay. Her dad had said there was gas for the snowmobile so she didn’t need to worry about that.

Kayla arrived around mid-afternoon with her groceries. She got the heat turned up in the cabin and unpacked pretty quickly. The most joy she had in a month was finally stopping at a liquor store and being able to purchase alcohol. She bought some vodka, wine and a few different mixers. She planned on having a party of one for several days.

The first night was uneventful. She made dinner and mixed herself several drinks afterwards. The satellite TV got HBO and she watched a good movie. There was a little sex in it and it just made her hornier. Chad and she had been going together for two years. She had gotten used to fucking and sucking with Chad and missed it now. The drinks helped dull her pain and she fell asleep in front of the TV on the couch. She woke at two in the morning and crawled upstairs into her bed.

When Kayla woke the next morning, she showered and dressed. She made herself breakfast and ate at the table looking out over the lake. It had snowed fairly heavily at night and a beautiful white blanket covered everything. She decided she would get out of the house and go snowmobiling. The lake had a nice trail that took you completely around it. She had done it with her dad many times.

She cleaned up her dishes and dressed warmly for her ride. The snowmobile was in the garage and she checked the fluids before starting it up like her dad taught her. He had purchased a new Kat last year and the new snowmobile roared with power as she started it. She pulled out of the garage and across the yard to catch the trail around the lake.

The new snow was nice and powdery and several inches deep covering the older base. She hit the trail and cruised along enjoying the cool crisp sunny day. The new snowmobile had more power than the old one and she tested its speed several times when the trail allowed.

Soon her thoughts, unfortunately, drifted back to Chad and her mood soured as she traveled along. Her speed seemed to increase too as she thought about her life. She had thought they would be married after they both graduated in the spring. At least that was what she had hoped for. Now, she only had graduation to look forward to. Her thoughts were occupied with her uncertain future as she sped along the trail.

She never saw the deer ahead until he jumped out across the trail in front of her. She swerved to avoid him but that was a mistake too on this narrow path. She left the trail crashing through brush and tiny trees, down a slight embankment and hit a small rock with her front runner. The snowmobile lurched to the left and turned on its side. It plowed through the snow into a sideways slide with her still on it down the embankment. Her body and the snowmobile plowed up snow before it. Her body bent down a couple little trees as she slid.

The snowmobile finally came to rest but with her right leg trapped under it. She was nearly buried in snow that had accumulated as they plowed down the slope. Kayla checked for pain but didn’t feel anything too bad. Her back hurt from hitting the trees and her right leg was an unknown. It did not feel too bad but with the weight of the snowmobile she couldn’t be sure. She pushed snow away and tried to move. Her leg was pinned fast and she could not budge it or the snowmobile.

The reality of the situation hit her like a ton of bricks. She needed help and fast. She was dressed warmly but she would not survive too many hours trapped in the snow and cold under the snowmobile. Her hat was also gone and that was very bad. She had left her cell back at the house, a mistake she now regretted.

Kayla dug out more snow from around her and fortunately found her hat. She put in back on but it was wet so it did not help much at first. She screamed help several times but she was at a part of the trail that did not have houses nearby. Kayla felt like crying but knew she needed to stay strong and think about how she could survive.

Kayla tried to dig the snow with her gloved hands from around her leg and the snowmobile. It was packed down hard and she could not get too far with just her hands. She pulled her leg hard but her boot would not move and it was buried to deep under the snowmobile. She started crying then.

Kayla was sobbing when she heard the roar of approaching snowmobiles. She stopped to listen and there was no mistake – they were coming her way. She started screaming hoping they would hear her. She listened in horror as they passed right by fifty feet away up the hill without stopping. She could not see them nor could they see her over the side of the hill. As she listened to the sound of the motors fade, she started crying even harder. She was in deep trouble. She might die here.

Kayla was sobbing quietly when she heard voices. She listened.

“I’m telling you I saw snowmobile tracks going off the path,” one voice said.

“Where?” the other said.

“Back here somewhere,” the first said.

Kayla screamed help as loud as she could. She screamed several times then stopped to listen. She heard nothing and screamed for help again. Then she spotted them as they too saw her over the side of the hill.

The two men ran towards her down the hill through the snow and brush. It took them only a few moments to reach her.

“You okay?” one asked.

“I’m stuck,” Kayla said, “but I think I’m okay.”

The two guys looked to be about Kayla’s age. They came around the snowmobile and positioned themselves on either side of her.

“When we lift up see if you can pull free,” the slightly larger of the two said.

Kayla watched as the two got handholds on the snowmobile, and then lifted. The snowmobile rose up several inches and Kayla pulled. Her boot came free easily now and she slid back and out from under the snowmobile. The guys set it down when she was clear.

“Oh, thank you both,” Kayla said. “I thought I might die trapped under there.”

“No problem, little lady,” the taller one said. “My name is Sean and this is Brian.”

“My name is Kayla,” she said.

“Nice to meet you, Kayla,” Sean said. “Can you move?”

“I think so,” Kayla said trying to put weight on her freed leg.

“Can you walk?” Brian asked.

“It does hurt a little but I don’t think it’s broken,” Kayla said.

“Lucky you,” Sean said. “Here let us help you up the hill.”

The guys took an arm each and assisted Kayla up the slope to the trail. She could put a little weight on the foot and it did not hurt too bad but it had gone numb under the snowmobile’s weight.

“Can you stand here for a few minutes?” Sean asked.

“I think so,” Kayla said.

“Brian and I may be able to right your Kat. If we can, then we can pull it up with our snowmobiles. Wait here. You want to sit?” Sean asked.

“No, I think I can stand,” Kayla said.

She watched the two guys move down the slope. They got to the snowmobile and took up the same positions but on the high side of the hill this time. She could hear them say one, two, and three. Then she watched as the snowmobile rose up fairly easily. The downward slope of the hill helped leverage the weight. In another second the snowmobile went over, rocked hard momentarily but stayed righted and came to rest. From where Kayla stood, it did not look too damaged. ‘Might even run’ she thought.

The guys scrambled back up the hill. Sarah noticed they weren’t even breathing hard.

“There. We should be able to pull it up now,” Sean said. “Our snowmobiles are around the bend.”

They each took Kayla’s arms and helped her walk around the bend to their snowmobiles. They had parked single file along the side of the trail. Sean and Brian helped her get on Sean’s snowmobile. He then got on too and started the engine. Brian had his going next and they turned around to head back to hers.

As they dismounted Brian said, “You know you’re very lucky. You picked the one spot to run off the trail with only a few large trees.”

They had parked right by the downward slope and Kayla could stay seated and look down the hill to her Kat. As she looked down she noticed if she had left the trial twenty feet in either direction the outcome might have been much worse. Several stands of nearly full grown white birch trees would have been directly in her path.

“I guess you’re right,” Kayla said taking in the significance of her luck.

Sean had removed a long rope he had stored under the seat of Brian’s snowmobile. He tied it off to the back of Brian’s snowmobile and then went around a large tree on the opposite side of the trail. Brian and he then went down the hill with the rope. They pushed the snowmobile so the front end pointed more up the hill and tied it off with the rope. Brian then stayed and waited as Sean came back up.

Sean got on Brian’s snowmobile and slowly gassed it. The rope went taut and pulled from around the tree and down to the Kat. The Kat lurched around and then started climbing the hill as Brian pushed. Sean moved down the trail pulling the rope and Kayla watched as her Kat climbed steadily back towards the path. It looked to be not too badly damaged. In another half minute the Kat came up over the crest of the slope and came to a stop on the trail. Brian untied the rope from her Kat and from around the tree. Sean came back and the two guys retied her snowmobile with a much shorter rope for a tow.

Within minutes they were moving along the path. Sean was back riding with Kayla in the lead and Brian followed pulling her Kat. It then dawn on Kayla – where were they headed?

“Where’re we going?” Kayla shouted against the wind in Sean’s ear.

“My house is not too far from here,” he said back.

In another five minutes they pulled off to a side trail of the main path and in another few minutes came upon a cabin. Kayla reasoned they must be on the other side of the lake from her house. The guys killed the engines in the driveway. They inspected Kayla’s Kat and it would need some work but not a lot to be trail worthy again.

Sean invited her inside. Their cabin was about the same size as Kayla’s. She learned it was Sean’s family’s and Brian was a visiting college friend. They both went to Wisconsin and were also on Christmas break. The inside of the cabin was nice and the warmth felt good to Kayla. They shed their coats and boots as Sean offered to make her hot chocolate.

It troubled Kayla for a moment being alone with two strange guys in their house but after all they had probably just saved her life and they seemed friendly. She sat down in a chair and removed her right sock. Her ankle did not seem swollen at all but it hurt a little. Her leg had a few scratches and her jeans were torn in two spots on the lower leg. She had just about determined she would live when Sean brought the hot chocolate and Brian a plate of sandwiches.

Kayla ate a chicken sandwich and drank her hot chocolate. The hot liquid warmed her inside and made her feel better. The guys ate sandwiches too and drank hot chocolate. Sean started a fire in the fireplace.

“So, you guys are Badgers, huh,” Kayla said referring to the mascot for Wisconsin. “I’m a Wildcat.”

“Northwestern, huh,” Brian grinned.

“Yeah, I think we beat you guys in football this year,” Kayla said smiling.

“Maybe, but I think we’re going to kill you guys in basketball and wrestling this year,” Brian responded with a grin.

“You think so, huh?” Kayla challenged.

“Definitely,” Brian stated.

“We’ll see, we’ll see,” Kayla replied. “What grade are you guys?”

“We’re seniors. And you?” Brian said.

“Same,” Kayla agreed. “What’s your major?”

“I’m math and Sean is engineering,” Brian responded.

“You want to teach?” Kayla asked Brian.

“Yeah, I think so. I have always loved math,” Brian said. “How about you?”

“International Studies,” Kayla said. “I’d love to travel. Especially now!”

“Why especially now?” Brian asked.

“I caught my boyfriend cheating on me recently. I thought we might get married after graduation but that seems very remote now,” Kayla lamented.

“That’s a shame. Where would you like to go?” Sean asked joining the conversation after getting the fire going good.

“I don’t know,” Kayla said. “I’d like to start in Europe and then maybe the Pacific Rim.”

“That’s cool,” Brian said.

“It’s getting hot in here now,” Sean said. He took his sweat shirt off.

Kayla nearly gasped. This guy was ripped. He had muscles on top of muscles. In the sweatshirt she couldn’t really tell but now just in a t-shirt he bulged everywhere.

“I…I really should think about getting home,” Kayla said.

“Where do you live?” Sean asked.

“The other side of the lake. My family has a cabin,” Kayla said.

“You want to call them and tell them you’re all right?” Sean asked.

“No, I was the only one up for the week. No one is there,” Kayla said.

“Why not stay for dinner then,” Sean said.

“I couldn’t impose like that. You guys have already done so much for me today,” Kayla said.

“No problem! It’s better than eating alone with this guy,” Sean joked nodding at Brian.

“Screw you too, Stick,” Brian said smiling.

“Stick? Why did you call him, Stick?” Kayla asked.

“Just a nickname,” Sean said quickly before Brian could answer.

“It’s hot in here now,” Brian agreed. He too removed his sweatshirt and was equally as built as Sean if not more so.

Brian’s t-shirt underneath his sweatshirt read ‘Wisconsin Wrestling’.

“Are you guys wrestlers or something?” Kayla asked.

“Yeah, Brian wrestles Varsity at 167 pounds. I’m Varsity too at the 177 pound weight class,” Sean said.

“You guys really good?” Kayla asked.

“We were both Big Ten champs at our weight class last year,” Brian said. “As a team though, we lost to Iowa by two points for the Big Ten Title.”

“Wow,” Kayla said. “Impressive.”

“Thanks,” Brian said.

“How about it? Stay for dinner?” Sean asked. “We’re having steaks.”

“Well, since I’m with such celebrities,” Kayla joked. “I guess I could.”

“Great!” Sean said rising and going into the kitchen.

“What about my snowmobile?” Kayla yelled after him.

Sean popped back out of the kitchen door and said, “We can tow it over later when we take you home. Is that okay?”

“Sure,” Kayla said.

“How’s your foot?” Brian asked.

“Not bad,” Kayla said. “I’m a little banged up but I’m really surprised I didn’t hurt myself worse.”

“Yeah, you’re one lucky lady not taking out one of those trees,” Brian said.

“Don’t I know it,” Kayla said.

Sean returned. “Hey, you guys up for going in the hot tub?” Sean asked.

“Sounds good to me,” Brain said.

“Well, I don’t think so,” Kayla said.

“Come on, Kayla. It’ll be good for your small aches and pains,” Brian said.

“Yeah, it will be soothing for you,” Sean said.

“I … ah, I don’t have anything to wear,” Kayla said.

“Who needs clothes,” Brian joked.

“Shut up, Brian,” Sean said. “I can find something of my sister’s for you,” Sean said. “Better yet, come with me.”

“I like my idea better,” Brian yelled as they walked from the room.

“Don’t mind him,” Sean said. “He’s just trying to be funny.”

Sean showed her upstairs to his sister’s room. In her dresser they found several swim suits.

“You can try these on here,” Sean said.

“They look kind of small for me. How old is your sister?” Kayla asked.

“She’s nineteen now but I don’t know how old those are,” Sean admitted.

“Well, I’ll try I guess,” Kayla said.

“The hot tub will feel good,” Sean encouraged.

He left, closing the door. Kayla pulled the suits out and looked at them. They were all bikinis. One looked old and small and she eliminated it right away. Another turquoise one looked better but she checked the bra tab and it said 32B. Kayla was a 36C so no way was she fitting into that. The last one was a pretty print of multiple colors. The bra was a 34B. It would probably be way too small but she thought she would try it on.

Kayla stripped off her clothes feeling tightness in all her joints. Her body was beginning to feel the ordeal it had been through. Her right leg hurt and her back too. They were right. The hot tub would feel good.

Kayla tried on the bottoms and they fit okay. It was a tie at the hips old style and could reasonably fit for several sizes. The bra was very tight. She could get it on but not well. Her large breasts looked like they were bulging out and the strap dug into her back which was already sore. She decided to use her bra and one of the many t-shirts she could see in the open dresser drawer. She put one on that read ‘ADoorAble’, obviously a reference to Door County. It too was tight but not overly so. She put her sweatshirt back on and left her other clothes on the bed.

When Kayla came back down the stairs, the guys were on the deck removing the cover to the hot tub. Steam rose in the air when it came off. Kayla noticed they were both in Speedos. Sean had his back to her. He had a tight butt and muscular legs. His upper body was narrow at the waist and broad at the shoulders. He was cut like a body builder. He was definitely extremely strong and fit and close to six foot.

Brian was on the other side helping Sean set aside the cover. He was slightly smaller. His upper body looked hairless and chiseled just like Sean. He had a six pack that was well-defined. The muscles on his arms bulged as he helped with the cover. When he straightened up, Kayla saw the bulge in his Speedo. It was not huge but definitely pleasing to her eye. Brian was blonde and blue eyed. Sean was also blonde, almost red with a few freckles, and blue eyed. One might have taken them for brothers but that was not the case.

Kayla exited the house onto the deck and walked towards them. The cool air nearly took her breathe away. The guys spotted her and smiled as she approached. Both seemed to be looking her over.

Kayla was a package most guys would look at in double takes. She had thick auburn hair with natural waves. It ran down below her shoulders. Her skin was nearly flawless and very white. Her face was cute with high cheekbones and a petite nose. Her eyes were deep brown and inviting. Her lips might have been her best facial feature. At least Chad had thought so. Many people thought she resembled Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Kayla’s best overall feature was without a doubt her breasts. They were full, round and sat high on her chest. Her aureoles were rosy pink and larger than silver dollars. Her nipples were about the size of thimbles when erect and even redder. Kayla was not athletic but she did work out often and had a trim waist. Her legs were shapely and fairly long. She stood close to five seven, not much shorter than Brian.

“I think we did a good thing for mankind saving this beauty,” Brian said grinning.

“I hate to agree with you,” Sean said. “But in this case you are more than right.”

Sean was now facing her and she glanced again at him as she got to the hot tub. She tried not to look down but his Speedo looked to be struggling to contain something.

“How’s the water?” Kayla said with a smile.

“102,” Sean said.

“Perfect,” Brian said slipping over the side into the large hot tub.

Sean joined him but not before Kayla stole a glance at his crotch. It was a passing glance she hoped no one saw. She began to feel conflicted about this hot tub experience. Was this just a muscle soothing activity or more than that? Should she let it be more than that?

Two benches were just outside the hot tub. One had several large white towels stacked up on it. Kayla pulled off her sweatshirt and put it on the same bench. She turned to get into the hot tub. Both Brian and Sean watched her as she moved to enter.

Kayla slowly eased into the hot tub getting used to the hot water. The guys watched her as she did. It took less than a minute but probably seemed longer to her and quicker to them as their eyes feasted on her body.

“You couldn’t fit into any of my sister’s tops, huh?” Sean said.

“No, Sean, they were too tight,” Kayla replied.

They all soaked and relaxed in the hot tub for a while. At one point Sean got out to get them all a glass of wine. He brought a plate of fresh washed red grapes too. They sipped their wine, ate grapes and talked about school, graduation, and plans afterwards. The water felt really soothing and relaxing to Kayla. She shifted around one time and Sean noticed her back.

“Kayla, stand up a second,” Sean said.

“What?” Kayla said standing with her back to him.

“I see what looks like a red line under your wet shirt,” Sean said.

“Really,” Kayla said.

“Pull your shirt up a little on the bottom,” Sean said.

Kayla did revealing the small of her back to nearly her bra strap.

“Wow,” Brian said.

“Kayla, you have several long red welts across your back,” Sean said.

“Really? That must be from when I was sliding in front of the snowmobile into several tiny trees,” Kayla said.

“Yeah, must be,” Sean said. “They like whipped you and gave you some good welts.”

“My back does hurt,” Kayla said.

“Come over here between Brian and me,” Sean said.

Kayla moved between them and turned to face Brain.

“Hold your shirt up again,” Sean said, examining the lowest welt visible on her back.

Kayla pulled her shirt back up. Sean slowly ran his fingers over the red lines. They were not too bad probably protected by her coat and layers of clothes. He rubbed them lightly.

“How does that feel?” Sean asked.

“Good,” Kayla said.

“Put your sore leg up here in my lap,” Brian said, and she complied.

Brian began massaging her ankle and calve while Sean continued to knead the tender spots on her back.

“Oh, that feels good, you two,” Kayla said.

The guys worked tenderly on her leg and back and Kayla closed her eyes and relaxed at the attention to her sore body.

“Kayla, would you consider taking your shirt off or at least letting me raise it high so I can get at the top of your back?” Sean asked.

Kayla thought about it for a second and pulled her wet t-shirt off and dropped it over the side of the hot tub. She still had her bra on. Sean worked higher now on her back getting to another welt across her shoulder blades. Brian kneaded her thigh. Kayla moaned softly as the guys massaged her sore areas.

“Oh, this feels so good,” Kayla said.

“You have nice legs, Kayla,” Brian said.

“Thanks,” Kayla replied.

“Put your other one up on my lap and I’ll massage that too,” Brian said.

Kayla complied while Sean kneaded the sore muscles of her back.

“Kayla, I can’t get around your bra strap very good,” Sean said.

“What are you asking, Sean? You want to unfasten it?” Kayla asked.

“Just the big strap around your back,” Sean said.

“Okay,” Kayla said, holding the cups of her bra to her tits in the front.

Sean undid the hooks and moved the straps aside. He then went back to kneading her back and massaging her shoulders. Brian worked on her left leg now. He worked from her feet to dangerously close to her bikini covered pussy.

Kayla knew where this might be headed but she didn’t care at the moment. The guys were doing a wonderful job on her legs and back. The soothing hot water and the tender massaging were relaxing her. The sexual significance of what was happening too had her pussy reacting.

At one point, as Sean massaged her lower back, Kayla leaned back into him. Sean had turned sideways on the seat to work her back. Her head came back on his shoulder and her upper back pressed against his chest. She still held her bra to her breasts.

Brian’s hands were working dangerously close to her bikini clad pussy on each side of her upper thighs. The feeling to Kayla was exquisite. Sean worked her sides with his strong hands as her head still rested on his shoulder. He whispered in her ear.

“Does this feel good?” Sean asked.

“Wonderful,” Kayla said.

“Want me to do more?” Sean asked.

“Sure,” Kayla said.

Sean worked on her arms down to her hands covering her tits. Then he worked her sides and around across her flat stomach. Brian was massaging her feet. Sean nudged her cheek with his face. She turned her head towards him. Next thing she knew they were kissing. Sean’s hands slid under hers and cupped her breasts. Kayla did not stop him.

Kayla and Sean continued to kiss and his hands tweaked both her nipples. They stiffened like bullets as his hands caressed them. His tongue sought hers as they kissed deeply. Kayla did not stop. She kissed him back. She did not stop when she felt Brian’s hands work back up her thighs. This time his hands did not stop, but lightly pinched her labia through the material of her bikini bottom. Still she did not stop them.

As Sean and Kayla kissed passionately her left hand came up to caress his face. Sean broke the kiss only for a moment as he pulled her bra completely off and tossed it down by her wet shirt. His hands then returned to caressing her tits and pinching her nipples. As she kissed Sean, she knew Brian could see her tits above the water line. It only excited her more.

Kayla had never done anything like this before. She had never been with one stranger let alone two at one time. Her tongue played with Sean’s as Brian ran a finger up and down her slit rubbing the material of the bikini against her pussy. Sean’s hands on her breasts felt incredible. It had been too long since she last had sex. Her body loved the attention it was getting from the guys’ hands and kissing Sean.

Kayla felt the ties on the sides of the bikini bottom being pulled. She moaned into Sean’s kiss as she felt the bikini bottom being removed completely. Her lower body was still under the water so Brian probably didn’t have a clear view but she was completely naked now. Kayla felt one of Brian’s fingers press between the folds of her labia.

Sean shifted on the seat pulling her back more on top of his legs. As she flattened out from a sitting position, her breasts came out of the hot water, and the cool air washed over them helping to make her nipples hard. It was still light out and her tits shown white as ivory. Sean’s hands kneaded the ample flesh and pulled her cool stiff nipples.

Brian also shifted and Kayla could feel her ass now resting on his knees. Her stomach and abdomen rode just above the water’s warm caress. Kayla thought she felt something between Sean’s legs poking her in the back. Then she was immediately drawn to the attention Brian was giving her pussy. Using both hands he was parting her lips and then she felt his tongue licking her slit.

The many sensations to Kayla’s body had her head swimming. The hot of the tub on her back along with the cool of the air on her breasts and stomach caused her body to tingle. Sean’s kisses excited her and his hands did not seem to tire from playing with her tits. Brian had his tongue probing deeply into her cunt seeking her hole. She moaned into Sean’s mouth when she felt Brian’s tongue push deep into her cunt.

Sean broke the kiss and said, “You’re beautiful, Kayla. Your tits are magnificent.”

“Oh, god. You guys are driving me wild,” Kayla said.

“Can we fuck you, Kayla?” Sean asked.

“Yes,” Kayla groaned.

“Do you like Brian eating your pussy while I pinch your nipples?” Sean said, as he did.

“Oh, god, yes,” Kayla gasped.

‘Kiss me, Kayla. Kiss me and let me play with your wonderful tits while Brian sucks on your pussy,” Sean said.

Sean kissed Kayla deeply and kneaded her tits. Brian was licking her from the bottom to the top and teasing her clit. Kayla shuddered and moaned into Sean’s mouth each time Brian attacked her clit. The guys kept pleasing her body. Sean shifted a bit and broke their kiss only to take a turgid nipple into his mouth. Kayla groaned loudly as the cool nipple was covered by his warm mouth.

Sean seemed to sense exactly when she was going to cum. He moved back to kiss her as she felt her body racing towards climax. Brian had a finger inside her tight cunt and he licked her clit in tiny quick flicks. Kayla thrilled to all the wonderful sensations to her body. In another few seconds her orgasm burst upon her. She moaned into Sean’s mouth as she crested. Her body shook as wave after wave of pleasure took her. It seemed like minutes but a few seconds later she moaned out her last final pleasure.

The guys let her sit back down in the water after she came and warm again her breasts and stomach. They were right next to her on the seat. Brian turned her head and kissed her. She could taste herself as she kissed him back. Sean’s fingers caressed her shaved cunt and probed into her hole.

Kayla moved her hands into the guys’ laps. First she found and grabbed Brian’s cock through his Speedo. She could feel his stiff cock pushed up against the cloth. When she grabbed Sean, she nearly gasped. His cock felt huge. It was like a trapped monster inside a too small cage. She rubbed the cocks as they caressed her body.

“Let’s get out and go inside,” Sean said.

“Good idea,” Brian agreed.

“Okay,” Kayla agreed, knowing full well they would each be fucking her before very long.

Using the towels from the bench, they dried off. Kayla glanced at the guy’s suits. Both had hard-ons but Sean’s looked massive.

“Now you know why we call him Stick,” Brian laughed, following her eyes.

They went into the house wrapped in towels and went right to the first floor master bedroom. The guys unwrapped Kayla from her towel and eased her back to sit on the bed. Brian stepped forward to her. Knowing what he wanted, she pulled his Speedo down his legs so he could step out. Kayla looked at his cock with thirsty eyes. He was not huge but thick. He was probably as long as her ex-boyfriend, Chad, but thicker.

Kayla closed her hand around Brian’s stiff cock and guided it to her lips. Kayla had always loved sucking cock and she wanted to demonstrate her skills for these guys. She wanted to give them pleasure for the joy they gave her in the hot tub. She also felt a bit of thanks was in order for them saving her from her winter dilemma.

Kayla sucked the big head of Brian’s cock into her mouth as Sean knelt by them and fingered her shaved pussy. He could now see what Brian had a good view of in the hot tub. Her pink pussy looked so juicy and swollen with need. He swung her legs up onto the bed. She held herself up on one elbow to suck Brian’s cock as Sean got between her legs. He started to feast on her cunt as she worked on Brian’s nice cock.

The three kept at it for several minutes and then the guys wanted to switch. Sean moved up to Kayla’s head as Brian moved between her legs. Kayla reached up and pulled down Sean’s Speedo. She watched fascinated as his cock came into view. When it was finally free of the trunks it bounced up and down before her. It was massive, the biggest cock she had ever seen in person. It had to be ten inches in her estimation. It was fairly thick too. Kayla closed her hand around it.

“Oh, my god,” Kayla said.

“You like it?” Sean asked.

“He’s hung like a horse, isn’t he,” Brian said laughing.

“It’s so big. I’m not sure I can handle that, Sean,” Kayla said, a bit worried what his big cock might do to her tiny pussy.

“It’ll fit after Brian,” Sean said.

Brian positioned himself over Kayla and guided his rock hard cock to the entrance to her pussy. He rubbed her slit until he found the opening and pushed forward. Kayla was wet and the cockhead easily popped inside. Brian was thick and it stretched her deliciously.

“Oh, fuck,” Kayla said, still stroking Sean’s beautiful big cock.

Brian pushed more into her and she moaned. The wonderful feeling of fullness from a cock inside her returned. Kayla pulled the head of Sean’s cock to her lips. She kissed it as Brian sank all the way into her. He was stretching her wider than ever before. She could taste pre-cum as she kissed and licked the head of Sean’s cock.

Brian started pushing into Kayla as she sucked the head of Sean’s cock into her mouth. Her tongue flicked the underside of the head and teased the hole at the end. Her free hand held the long shaft as she worked him with her mouth. The rush of sensations was pushing her towards another orgasm. Having her pussy stuffed and fucked while sucking the biggest cock she ever saw had Kayla juicy and excited.

“That’s good, Kayla. Get that big dick nice and wet so it will slide right into your pussy,” Sean said.

“Oh, fuck, she has a tight pussy, Sean. You are going to enjoying fucking this cunt like I am,” Brian said.

Kayla moaned around Sean’s cock. She had the feeling these two had double teamed other girls before.

“Stretch her out for me, Brian. I’ll do the rest,” Sean said.

“She has a sweet pussy,” Brian said.

“Her mouth is not bad either,” Sean replied.

Kayla was trying to concentrate on sucking Sean’s cock. The guys’ comments about her mouth and pussy thrilled her as they worked her two holes. She was building fast to a powerful orgasm. She had Sean’s cock deep in her mouth on each downward thrust. She wished she had a better angle to work at him from to see how far she could go. Kayla had learned to suppress her gag reflex but had never tried anything as big as Sean.

Moments later, Kayla had to pull back off Sean. Her orgasm hit full force as Brian pumped repeatedly into her tight cunt. Kayla’s pussy walls clamped even harder around his cock as she screamed her climax.

“Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck,” Kayla repeated, as Brian kept trying to fuck her cunt.

“You made her cum,” Sean said. “Now, it’s my turn.”

“Fuck, but I haven’t cum yet,” Brian protested.

“You can cum in her mouth while I fuck her,” Sean said.

“Oh, but her pussy is so sweet. Let me just dump one here and then you can have her,” Brian stated.

“Brian, come on. You’ve had her pussy all afternoon. You can fuck her again when I’m done,” Sean said.

“She won’t be as tight when you’re done,” Brian remarked.

“He can fuck you again when I’m done, can’t he, Kayla?” Sean asked.

Kayla was just coming down from her orgasm and listened to this erotic banter between these two friends. She was the object of their lust but she didn’t care. She loved it!

“Yes,” Kayla replied.

Brian pulled out of Kayla and she mourned the loss of his fat cock until she realized what was coming. Sean and Brian shifted positions except they pulled Kayla so her head hung off the bed upside-down. Brian rubbed his stiff cock over her lips before he pushed it into her open mouth. Kayla tasted herself on his cock.

Fear crept into Kayla’s mind as she felt Sean pushed the head of his cock against her cunt. She tried to concentrate on Brian’s cock in her mouth. She had never sucked cock upside-down before. His balls tickled her nose as he moved slowly back and forth in her mouth. Kayla could feel her cunt being stretched again as Sean sunk into her.

Kayla groaned loudly around Brian’s cock as Sean pushed into her. He reached the point where Brian and most other cocks had stopped but continued on. She squealed around Brian as the long cock pushed further into her cunt than anyone had ever been. Kayla thought she might pass out from the sheer pleasure before he even got it all in. She could feel him press against her cervix. She felt slight pain as the monster cock pushed even deeper.

Kayla wanted to scream out but Brian was now fucking her mouth and she could only gag on his cock. She tried to focus on breathing as Sean finally bottomed out in her stretched and penetrated hole. He pulled back and Kayla felt like he was pulling her insides out with him. Sean pulled out a little ways then pushed back in. He did this gaining speed with each thrust.

Brian couldn’t take it anymore. He was pushing his cock to the back of her mouth on each thrust.

“I’m going to cum,” he announced, in a wheezing voice.

Kayla put her hands around his cock and balls. She wanted to make sure he didn’t choke her by shooting off down her throat. Kayla tried to keep him from the very back of her throat as she sucked voraciously on the head.

“Feed it to her,” Sean said.

“I’m going to,” Brian gasped.

Seconds later Brian’s cock erupted in her mouth. The foreplay in the hot tub and the fucking of her tight cunt had him charged up. He hosed the inside of her mouth with his cum. Kayla did manage to keep him from choking her, collecting his load in her mouth as he shot. Brian blasted into her several times before slacking off.

Kayla could not swallow in this position. She had always swallowed a guy’s cum since her first blowjob in high school. She did not mind the taste and loved the sensation of it sliding down her throat. However, she could not swallow easily upside down. Plus her brain needed relief from hanging off the bed. She pulled off Brian when he was done and sat up so she could swallow.

Sean continued to push into her in long smooth strokes. The sensations to her pussy had her climbing the orgasmic ladder once again. Kayla took Brian’s cock back in her mouth and tenderly sucked the last drop or two from his deflating organ. Sean was fucking her with urgency now and Kayla was nearing her peak too.

Kayla finally let Brian’s cock slip from her mouth just as she neared orgasm. Sean was pounding hard into her cunt and the sensations were driver her crazy.

“Fuck her good, Sean,” Brian said. “She loves it. She loves your big cock in her.”

“Oh, you’re right, Brian. She does have a nice tight sweet pussy,” Sean gasped.

“You’re going to make her cum again. Pound her good,” Brian encouraged.

“Oh, fuck,” Kayla grunted. “I love your long cock, Sean.”

“Fill her full of your cum,” Brian said.

“Oh, shit,” Sean moaned. “Here it goes!”

“Give it to me, Sean. Give it to me,” Kayla cried out.

Sean pushed deep into Kayla one last time and fired his cum. Kayla felt the hot cum blasting her insides and she came too. Her legs clamped tightly around Sean as he continued to cum inside her. They stayed locked in each other’s arms as Sean finished cumming in her cunt. Kayla groaned out the last of her climax as she sensed Sean going soft in her.

Kayla’s cunt felt a bit abused as Sean slowly extracted his long cock. Brian was already hard again from watching the two of them fuck and he anxiously took Sean’s place. Kayla did not have the strength to stop him and Brian entered her again. His thick cock still stretched her but did not reach to Sean’s depth.

“She’s still tight,” Brian said.

“Fuck her slow and steady while I have her suck my cock,” Sean said.

Sean feed Kayla his big soft dick as Brian pumped her cunt. Kayla got into Sean’s dick in her mouth and tried to deepthroat him. She fought hard to get it down. It would have been easier kneeling before him. ‘I want to try that later,’ she told herself.

The guys worked her two holes until they were both ready to cum and so was she. Sean groaned and pumped his cum into her mouth. Kayla swallowed it all down and tenderly sucked his cock till she felt Brian cum inside her. The hot cum once again drove her to her orgasm and she shrieked around the softened dick in her mouth as Brian ground his pulsing cock into her. She stayed with him till they both finished, then slumped exhausted to the bed. Brian rolled off her to the side as well.

Sean left to go start dinner as the two other lovers rested. Kayla could feel cum leaking from her pussy as she lay there. The sheets beneath her were becoming wet.

Brian dozed off on the bed. Kayla got up and cleaned herself in the bathroom. She then went to find Sean. He was cleaning potatoes to bake. The steaks were on a tray to go out to the grill.

Kayla walked up behind him. Sean was still completely naked, as was she. She reached around him and grabbed his big soft dick.

“This is a nice way to cook,” Sean said jokingly.

“This is a nice cock,” Kayla replied laughing.

“Did you like it?” Sean asked.

“It was incredible inside me, Sean,” Kayla said.

“Think you can take it again? Or are you too worn out?” Sean asked.

“Give me till after dinner and I’ll definitely try,” Kayla giggled her reply.

“You’re on,” Sean said.

“Can I help with anything?” Kayla asked.

“You can help with the salad,” Sean responded.

The two of them got dinner ready. They sipped wine as they worked. Brian eventually rejoined them and they had a good meal together.

After dinner they all went into the hot tub together. Kayla sat on Sean’s big cock while Brian pushed into her mouth. Sean pinched her nipples as she rode his cock. Then they switched and Brian tweaked her nipples as Sean fingered her clit. Kayla came once during this incredible treatment to her body.

It took a while longer but eventually they all got off again. Sean blasted her pussy with cum again while Brian feed her a good load. Kayla had an intense orgasm as well from the multiple sensations. They stayed in the hot tub for a while basking in the afterglow of so much sex. They were all fucked out, especially Kayla.

Afterward when it got late they took her back to her house. They had offered to let her stay but she wanted to get home to freshen up. They agreed to meet again the next day. Kayla knew it would be another non-stop round of fucking and sucking but she wanted it as much as the guys.

When they dropped her home, they left the snowmobile they had towed over in the driveway. Kayla would call for repairs in the morning.

“Bye,” Brian said. “See you tomorrow.”

“Have a good night,” Sean said.

“Bye, guys, and thanks,” Kayla said.

“For what?” Sean asked.

“Well, for possibly saving my life, for feeding me, and for fucking my brains out,” Kayla smiled. “All of it was sure nice.”

“You’re welcome,” they said in unison.

“You’ve given me a wonderful early Christmas present,” Kayla said.

“We’re not done yet,” Brian said jokingly.

“I hope not,” Kayla said laughing with him.

“We’ll give you some more Christmas gifts tomorrow,” Sean said getting into the joke.

“I can’t wait,” Kayla smiled.

They parted but only for the night. Kayla spent the next night at Sean’s house. During the next two days, they fucked every chance they could and every time a stiff dick came back up. Kayla did manage to deepthroat Sean and blew his mind. Kayla lost track of how many times she came, how many loads she swallowed, and how many times her pussy got fucked. She even let them both have her ass once.

‘It was the best Christmas present I ever had,’ she thought, driving back home the day before Christmas. She already started thinking about next Christmas. It brought a smile to her face.

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