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The Dinner Party

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He looked just like my ex-husband from a distance and first glance. At first that alone had me turning away. But I soon came to realize that he was very different. He was much younger, despite the premature graying of his hair, he was taller by about five inches, and his shoulders were broader. Also, and this was the most important, my ex had not one passionate, spontaneous bone in his body.

This man, I had reason to believe, had many. His eyes followed me around the room and I was starting to feel almost uncomfortable from his constant perusal. Of course, my body had other feelings about the matter. My nipples were starting to pucker and that last time we made eye contact, as I walked by him I found my pussy was actually clenching. No, this man was most definitely not my ex.

I was walking around the reception, saying hi to the people I knew, it had been ages since I had gone to a party but everyone in my office was invited and I could not turn down the invitation. It was a formal affair, and my gown for the evening was a sapphire satin sheath that showed all my curves. The neckline was a bit risqué for this type of event, but I’d wanted to ensure people remembered who I was. There was certainly one man who would remember me, and he was staring at my legs now, enjoying the long expanse of tight, shapely leg revealed by the slit in the skirt.

This man really made me hot for some reason. Sure he was gorgeous, but we’d not met at all, not even an introduction. I’d never heard his voice or had my hand clasped in his. Just those eyes from across the room. It sprung to mind someone else who looked at me with that sense of intensity and want. John. The thought sent chills up my spine.

As insane as it seemed, I was contemplating a way to get him in bed. I began to flirt with him shamelessly. My gaze was constantly seeking his. When last I turned around to find him, he was gone. I scanned the room and actually felt a moment of panic that he had left. When I turned back towards the main reception area, there he was. My breath caught in my throat. The instant sensation of hardening nipples and the sweet torture of wetness between my thighs invaded my body.

He was even more handsome up close. His amazing brown eyes held mine. They were the color of hot chocolate, such a deep brown you could feel yourself getting pulled in. He simply held out his hand towards me, and for some reason I found myself placing mine in his. The touch of our skin together sent tingles all the way up my arm. I’m sure he felt it, because the sudden grin, revealing straight white teeth, was knowing. He turned and pulled me after him.

Beyond the reception area and through the lobby, then finally he turned and spoke. I thought I’d melt, his voice was so sexy, with just a hint of deep timbered raspiness.

“I have to leave. Come with me.”

“Why do you have to leave?”

“If I stay another second, I’m going to explode. You drive me crazy.” He ran a hand down my arm, his eyes following the motion, fingers soft as feathers. My body went on full alert. “I want you alone. Now.” He reached again for my hand and my body had a will of it’s own. I trailed behind him, getting more excited by the second. Outside, he walked me across the street to a hotel. It was upscale and the thought of a nearby bed had me feeling good about things. He guided me through the lobby and up the elevator. The elevator was full of people; he pulled me close up against him, my back to his front. I teasingly bumped my ass against him and felt how hard he was.

The low warning growl in his throat had the woman next to him looking at him strangely. I smiled. When we finally escaped the confining space, he led me to his room. The lights were down and the window that stretched the length of the room displayed an impressive view of the city at night. The door closed behind me and I felt his arms come around me. His lips nuzzled my neck, placing wet kisses along its lines as his hands came up to cup my breasts.

I was happy to see we wouldn’t be wasting much time. I was so hot. My nipples were screaming in pleasure as his hands teased them through the satin. I was braless, my large, firm tits open to his touch. He pushed the thin straps down my shoulders, placing small kisses along their path downward. I felt him undo his pants behind me as he sucked on my neck and I was eager to reach for him.

But he pushed me up against the window, my tits pressing against cold glass as they puckered harder. He pulled my zipper down and tugged my gown from my hips. His hand on the center of my back kept me against the glass as he ran his other hand up my leg, tugging at a garter.

“I knew you’d have these on. I just knew you would.” He reached up and tore the thin string of my panties and they fell from me. He’d kicked his shoes off and now he stepped from his own pants and boxers. I could see his cock in the reflection of the window and my body started to hum. It was huge, with a thickness that had me squirming against his hand. He popped the buttons on his shirt, and when his muscled chest was bare he came up tightly behind me, pressing into me.

His cock was nestled between my thighs. He groaned at the wetness he found on them and reached his arms around again to my front, pulling my shoulders back from the glass so he could pinch my aching nipples.

“I can’t wait. I need you right now.” His cock was finding its way as he tilted his hips, and it was poised at my folds. He rammed it inside me so hard and fast I cried out. I was so wet, but he was very thick and long and he rammed me again from behind. My body was pressed tightly against the glass and it was nearly lifted up each time he shoved that hard cock into me. He was slow, and so very deep. His hips pushed me tight into the glass, my exposed clit rubbing the cool surface with each deepening stroke.

I could see the lights and the skyline overshadowed by his reflection. His hot eyes kept my gaze the whole time he fucked me. I was grunting from the wonderful pleasure of the discomfort he was causing me, and I could see his eyes closing now as he concentrated on not cumming.

“Don’t hold back,” I said. “Cum for me.” I was writhing against the glass, trying to get my clit more firmly against it. I was so close to climax. Then he angled deeper and hit into me hard and fast, picking up the tempo and I started to throb and clench around him.

Our moans and grunting as we coupled like animals mingled with our combined scent and I felt myself slip over the edge. I cried out as my climax ripped through my body, sending wave after wave of heated spasms through me. The feel of me clenching him sent him over as well, and he hollered out as he jerked against me, and I could feel his hot thick cum squirting against my walls. We continued to stay locked together as each of us settled down and breathing returned to normal. He placed soft kisses on the back of my neck and slowly pulled form me.

He lifted me and placed me on the bed, absorbing the sight of my passion flushed body, trailing his fingers through the cum dripping on my thighs. He brought his hand to my mouth and I sucked his fingers, one by one. I saw his cock jump to life and I instantly wanted more. I pulled away to get a better look at him. Damn, but he was magnificent, even not fully hard, he was the largest I’d ever had, and perfectly shaped with a big fat head. I grazed my nails up and down his length in a soft, almost nonexistent touch and I could see the veins coming up to the surface again, watched as his cock grew. I leaned down and pulled him into my hot mouth.

I could taste myself on him and it turned me on. My clit was throbbing and he must have known. He lay down and pulled my hips over his face. He savaged my pussy as I was sucking on him. I could hardly concentrate on my own pleasurable task because he was making me weak with desire. My legs were trembling and when I used my hands to massage his sack while I sucked that beautiful cock, he went wild.

His lips were pulling at my clit, his fingers sliding inside me, the wet sucking noises he made as he licked my slit and sucked my lips into his mouth had me panting, unable to breathe. I could only tremble uncontrollably as he finished me off. I came so hard I screamed, my hands stroking him his full length, my lips sucking at him. I felt layers of climax overtake me, like cascading waves.

I fell from my position straddling his face, still panting and unable to hold myself up. He followed me though, his hands spreading my cunt open again as he fingered me deep and bent to continue sucking my hard clit. My back arched off the bed and my hips were squirming away from him. It was almost too much to bear, the sensations too intense. He didn’t allow my escape.

Holding my hips in place, he slid one wet finger into my ass as he slurped my pussy. I’d never had my ass played with before and I tried to pull away. He held me firmly.

“Let me,” he said. He returned to his play of my ass, and as I got used to it, I felt my nipples getting peaked again. Each time he thrust his finger into me, he’d suck my clit, and I was starting to anticipate the sensation, even began pushing my ass against him, urging him on.

He pulled away and came up over me, kissing my belly and moving up over my ribs. My tits were pouting, wanting attentions and he complied with their silent pleas. One hand pinched and then soothed as his lips closed over the other nipple. So soft and easy. His warm lips and laving tongue contrastingly different from his rough pinching fingers on the other side.

I could feel my pussy clench as I moaned from the pleasure of it. My hand was holding his head in place as he suckled me. As I got more and more worked up, my hips were thrusting up against him, begging for more cock. My other hand led him into me and he began slow and easy. As his head popped past my folds, I inhaled and held it. He felt even bigger than the first time, or maybe my pussy was just swollen. Whatever it was, it was near pain to have him pushing inside me. He went slowly until he was buried as far as he could go, hitting my inner barriers. His whole length didn’t fit inside me, but he seemed to still enjoy it.

He sucked my tits hard as he started to move. The friction of his fat cock sliding in and out, slow and easy soon had me panting again, and when I reached down to rub my clit he smiled and kissed me. His tongue tangled with mine and our kiss became wild. His hips followed suit and he started plunging into my pussy a bit harder. He was holding back, I could tell from the strain on his face and the tenseness in his shoulders.

I was close to exploding already and a few more deep thrusts, feeling him hitting my limits over and over, had me bucking against him as I came, crying out my pleasure for his ears to enjoy, complimenting his hard thick cock.

As I started to relax, he turned me over and before I could protest, he was pushing his slick cock between my cheeks. As I tried to pull back, he held me tight, whispering nasty things in my ear. He begged me to let him in my ass, told me how much he wanted to feel its tight ring clenching his huge cock. I was near to screaming from the burn of his entry as he rubbed my clit and the two sensations blurred into one.

I found I was craving another inch of him, and then another. He coaxed me, soothed me, I could hear his grunts of pleasure each time he made it further inside my tight ass. He was relentless in his attentions. His hands were on my clit and my nipples. Teasing and exciting, his lips on the back of my neck and ears. And always, that sexy voice whispering how good it felt for him, feeling me squeeze his cock the way I was. Always giving pleasure in one way or another as he pushed further in. He took his time and I was close to cumming when I felt his hips against mine from behind.

He was rubbing circles around my clit, sucking my earlobe and I started to cum. Not like before, not fast and hard. This was different. It built in intensity the more he played with me and reached a new level of pleasure when the full force of it hit me, my entire body was pulsing. My breasts, my pussy, my ass, my legs jerking as spasm after spasm overtook me. And it kept up, pulsing again and again. I hadn’t come down from it yet when he started to move inside me.

I literally screamed from the pleasure and pain of it. He pumped my ass some more. I started to enjoy the pain of it and my orgasm continued onward. I was dizzy, nearly about to pass out from the intensity of it all. He reached down and grasped my hips from behind me, raising me up a bit and rammed hard.

I exploded. Stars and lights danced in front of me as I clenched down on him.

I was wild, pushing back against him and letting him ride me harder and harder as my fingers rubbed my hot clit. I must have passed out for a few seconds as I came again. The next I remember, he was lying over my back, still in my ass, brushing my hair away from the side of my face.

He was holding me now; I could feel his cock pulsing still inside me each time my body quivered in residual pleasure. I drifted of to sleep hoping he’d stay inside me, that he would harden when we woke and fuck me again, and realising that I didn’t even know his name.

When I awoke a few hours later, I realized that it had been a few years since I took part in such an act of abandonment. It thrilled me and made me think of John some more. And I was eager to experience more of it. To feel it. To treasure it. To have it penetrate the very essence of my being. I snuck off to the bath room and got a clean soapy towel. I began to stroke his cock clean, rubbing it softly watching as it began to rise to attention. Once it was clean, I had very naughty thoughts that I could not relinquish.

Straddling him, I guided his cock inside my pussy, taking all of him. Once I had adjusted myself, I began to rock back and forth on him. I felt like I was riding a bull.

Suddenly two hands took possession of my hips and began to guide me. I looked down into his smiling face and thrusted harder and defiantly against him. The waning hours of the night were a blur of raw sex and desire and I never did get his name. Nor did I offer mine. When I awoke, long after the sun rose, I gathered my things — tossed about the hotel room and left with not so much of a thank you or a second look. Sometimes you have to leave things alone because they were meant to only happen once.

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