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Ownership Has Its Privileges

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“Welcome to our home Michael. Please, please have a seat.”

“Thank you Mrs. Stevens.”

Michael sat on the beautiful suede sofa next to his girlfriend Jenny. He had been dating Jenny for exactly a month and she now insisted he meet her parents for the first time. Jenny Stevens could be considered an “old fashioned” gal. At 22 she was still a virgin and still very much living at home with her parents. She was a very pretty gal and quite friendly and intelligent.

Physically she measured an even 5’4″ with short brown hair. She was “curvy” but her figure was always hidden by traditional clothing like pretty flower dresses or conservative business suits. She was incredibly friendly and quite taken with Michael. And although they hadn’t done much beyond holding hands and soft intimate kissing, Michael was very much taken with her as well. Sex didn’t matter to him when it came to Jenny. He knew she was going to be his wife someday. He would just try and be strong and hold out until that day came. It was becoming more and more a difficult task. Michael was quite insatiable. He’d had sex with his last girlfriend once a day, sometimes two and three times. He knew he was in love with Jenny but it sure was getting harder and harder holding out.

“So Michael, Jenny tells me that you’re an intern at the Hospital. What’s that like?”

“Well it’s a lot of work but I knew that going in. The important thing is that this way I get to help people while I practice medicine and someday I will be able to open a private practice and take care of my own family.”

Michael smiled at Jenny when he explained. She blushed and gave a very happy smile. Anne Stevens was less than thrilled. She was sizing Michael up. Sure he was saying all the right things but was he really good enough for her daughter? Her thoughts were broken up by the ringing phone.

“Hello? Yes dear? But we’re waiting for you. No, no. I understand. That’s fine. Be careful.”

“Is everything all right mama?”, Jenny asked.

“Yes. That was your father. Unfortunately duty calls and he’s not able to join us for dinner this evening.”

The three of them sat down for a nice meal and conversation. All in all it was a successful evening.


About four months have passed and Michael and Jenny were very much in love. Michael felt that it was time. Why waste time courting anymore? He had emptied out his savings account and purchased the biggest diamond ring he could afford. It was time to propose. He had made arrangements to meet with Jenny’s father and ask for his daughter’s hand in marriage.

He didn’t realize how nervous he was going to be but now he was standing outside the Stevens household waiting for Mr. Stevens to open the door.

“Hello Michael.”

“Mrs. Stevens. What a surprise! Is Mr. Stevens at home?”

“Please come in Michael. I apologize for my husband but unfortunately he had to cancel on you. He left a message for you that he was sorry but had to fly to Europe for business.”

Michael was very disappointed and sat down. His head lowered.

“Michael, I know why you’re here.”

“You do Mrs. Stevens?”

Michael looked at his girlfriend’s mother. His eyes wide but his face embarrassed.

“Yes I do. Don’t you think it’s a little too soon to propose marriage? I mean Jenny just finished school and is starting her career. Getting married would just set her back. I’m afraid I’m going to have to decline.”

Michael was dumb struck. He was sure Mr. Stevens would have agreed to allow him to marry his daughter. His resentment was growing and yet he was speechless.

“Michael I understand how you must feel. Just hang in there. After another year or so things might be different. Ask again then.”

Mrs. Stevens ushered him to the door quite hurriedly.

“Now if you’ll excuse me I must let you out. I have some important business to attend to. Thank you for dropping by. I’m sure I’ll see you this weekend when you pick up Jenny. Be well.”

Michael stood on the doorstep dumbfounded. What just happened?? He didn’t get it? She was so quick to dismiss him. She didn’t even want to hear him out. It was all very weird to him. He decided to double back around the side of the house and see if he couldn’t get a look at Mrs. Stevens and see what she was doing.

“Mmmm…yessss…like that…yesss…”

Michael heard the voices. They were getting louder. He saw the open window and decided to peek in and see what was going on. He was shocked by what he found.


There was Mrs. Stevens, bent over, being drilled from behind by an older familiar face. He was taking in the entire scene and found a stir in his pants. He began fondling his own cock watching his girlfriend’s mother getting fucked hard doggy style. It was just now that he realized Jenny was just like her mother. Except that her mother was a little shorter, a little curvier, and had dyed blonde hair instead of the natural brown Jenny wore.

He couldn’t help himself as he began stroking his shaft watching her large breasts bounce from the fucking she was getting. In only a few short moments he blew his wad all over the side of the house. He was incredibly worked up. He’d been celibate for over 5 months dating Jenny. Damn he needed pussy badly. Just then he looked at the guy fucking Mrs. Stevens. Michael couldn’t put his finger on it but he was sure he’d seen the guy before.


“HI BABY!!!!”

Jenny hugged Michael strongly. It was Friday and she hadn’t seen him all week. She really missed him.

“Come in. My uncle Ted is here and he’s talking to my mom in the kitchen. Come say hello.”

Michael’s jaw dropped. Uncle Ted was the man fucking Mrs. Stevens just two days prior! He now realized where he’d seen him before. The guy’s face is in a few pictures in their living room!

“Hello Michael. I hear many good things about you Doctor.”

“Um..hello sir. Thank you sir.”

“Michael, Ted is my husband’s brother and is here for the weekend. Unfortunately my husband is away again closing a big deal in Turkey.”

“Nice to meet you sir.”

Michael didn’t really know what to say to this man. Then it hit him. If he played his cards right, he’d get that permission to marry Jenny. Unfortunately he only had information. In order for his plan to work he was going to need proof.


“Honey what’s wrong? It’s like your head is somewhere else right now. Is everything okay?”

Michael looked over at his love.

“Oh yeah. I’m sorry baby. It’s my buddy Greg. He’s having some issues and really wanted to talk to me tonight. Do you mind if I take you back to my place, then head out and meet up with Greg? I promise I won’t be long, then you and I can go out for a bite to eat.”

“Of course sweetie. Go help your friend, but don’t be too long, I’m starving!”


Michael was sneaking around in the bushes. He had both his digital and video cameras. It took some work sneaking them out of his place without Jenny noticing. But, if all goes well, all the risks would be worth it.

“Oh fuck…Ted…fuck…”

There it was. He could hear them. They were in the family room. Michael carefully set the small Sony recorder on the window sill. He got a great picture and just let it record the show. Just for good measure he started taking snaps with his digital cam. He couldn’t stop his hard on from raging. He smiled and thought to himself, ‘Don’t worry boy. You’ll have a wife soon who’ll be taking care of that hard on for you every day and night!’



Anne Stevens was trying to get dressed. She was already late and was rushing out to meet her girlfriends when some impatient asshole wouldn’t stop ringing her bell.

“Michael? What are you doing here? And why the hell were you ringing the bell so many times?!?!?”

Michael pushed passed his girlfriend’s mother.

“What the hell. Look Michael Jenny’s not here and I really don’t appreciate your—”

“Shut up and sit down Mrs. Stevens. NOW!”

Anne Stevens was taken aback. She was frozen not knowing what to do with Michael’s new found attitude. That’s when it happened. Michael opened the manilla envelope he was carrying under his arm and threw a few pictures of her and her brother-in-law fucking in their family room. That’s when she sunk into the sofa.

“Are you starting to get how serious the situation is Mrs. Stevens?”

“H-how did you get tho–”

“Shhh. You say nothing. You sit there and listen.”

She looked up at him. Her hair soaking wet and wearing only 1 shoe.

“Now then here’s the deal. If you don’t want this affair exposed you will immediately consent to giving me your daughter’s hand in marriage. If you do, I promise to keep this secret all to myself, although I should tell you to be more careful with the windows when you’re getting shagged so roughly. Are we clear and on the same page?”

Anne Stevens was stuck. What could she say? She just sat there and stared at Michael waiting for him to lead this conversation. Waiting for him to let her off the hook somehow.

“Nothing to say? How about this…”

Michael removed a mini recorder from his pocket and played it back.

“Fuck my ass Ted. Yes fuck me hard…”

He smiled as he stopped the playback.

“Oh and I have it on video as well. Look I don’t want to do this anymore than you want anyone to find out about it. So just tell me that we have a deal and this will all be our little secret. So do we have a deal?”

Just then Anne Stevens broke into tears.

“Oh Michael. Please don’t let anyone find out. I’m so ashamed. It’s just that Daniel is always away and I get so lonely. When he is here he never wants to have sex with me and Ted is always here and always all over me. Please don’t let Jenny find out. I’ll do anything. PLEASE!”

As Anne Stevens continued to sob, Michael searched his feelings. It was odd to him that he didn’t feel bad. Then it hit him. All this time he was planning on blackmailing this old slut for permission to marry her daughter. It never even occurred to him that he’d be able to take this as far as he felt like. This was going to be better than he dreamed of.

“Stop your blubbering woman and look up at me.”

Anne was a little shocked by this his new tone. She looked up at him waiting to hear more bad news.

“Where were you going?”

“Out…out with my friends for lunch.”

“Call and cancel. You’re spending the day with me and learning your new role in life.”

“New rol–”

“SILENCE. Rule number 1: you only speak when spoken to.”

Anne Stevens quietly picked up her cell phone and phoned her friends to cancel. She then returned to her chair and looked up at Michael thoughtfully.

“Very good.”

Michael started to rub his crotch as he looked at this broken woman.

“I wasn’t expecting this Anne. Do you mind if I call you Anne?”


“Good. You know Anne you’re a very attractive woman. And I haven’t been with a woman sexually since I started dating Jenny.”

“NO. Please no, Michael. I couldn’t. I can’t.”

“You know what’s funny Anne? You actually think you have a choice in the matter.”

Just then Michael’s cell phone rang.

“Hello? Oh hello sir. I’m glad you called Mr. Stevens. Yes it is quite urgent what I need to tell you.”

Anne was shocked. She started shaking her head frantically.

“Could you hold on sir?”, Michael then turned to Anne and whispered, “Are you ready to be a good girl and follow ALL your orders?”

She was stuck. She put her head down and nodded. Michael smiled.

“Sorry sir. The urgent news is that I’m going to become your son-in-law. I’ve asked your wife for Jenny’s hand in marriage and she happily consented. Thank you sir. See you soon.”

Anne fell to her knees and just held her head low.

“Get up bitch. It’s time for you to find your place. But first I’ve really got to drop a fucking load. Stand up and take your slut clothes off. NOW!”

Anne slowly stood up and began removing her clothing. She closed her eyes and tried to imagine herself with Ted or even with her husband. She was feeling lost and confused but even more than that she was terrified of the consequences of rebelling against Michael. When she was naked she stared at him, clearly giving in to what was coming next.

“You look great Anne. You know for a woman pushing 50 you’ve got a great pair of tits. They don’t sag at all.”

“Fuck you Michael. I’ll do what you say but I won’t fucking like it and I certainly don’t need to hear idiotic compliments like tha–“SLAP SLAP SLAP

Anne’s words were cut short by three vicious slaps to the jaw from Michael.

“You can shut the fuck up now. I was hoping this would go smoothly and easily but I see I was wrong. No matter.”

Anne was in a pile of tears on the ground. She looked up at Michael not knowing what to expect.

“Now then, from now on you will refer to me as Master or Sir. You have no more freedoms. You will do what I say, when I say, and how I say it. I own you so you might as well accept it.”

Anne knew he was right. She dropped her head yet again. Michael knew he’d won. He’d just obtained a power over this woman that would allow him to control this family for as long as he chose.

“Now crawl the fuck over here you fucking slut and take My cock out of My pants.”

Anne weakly moved over to where Michael was sitting. She crawled her way up his legs, her eyes filled with tears. She fumbled with his zipper but finally revealed what was a nice hard on. Michael’s cock was of average length for a man of 5’10”.

“That’s right bitch. Take that cock into your whore mouth and suck it dry you pig.”

Anne did just that. She started sucking that cock greedily into her mouth. She was hoping that this would all go away. She seemed to convince herself that if she just made Michael cum he would abandon all of this and she wouldn’t have to bare this beyond this evening.

“Oh fuck. You’ve got such a hot mouth you pig. Fuckkkkkkkkkk”

Michael’s cock exploded cum deep down her throat. Too much for her to swallow, hard as she tried.

“You see that. All that cum. You can thank your daughter for that. She’s still pure and I intend to keep her that way until our honeymoon. So you’ll be taking care of my cock between now and then.”

“B-but I th–“SLAP

“That’s not something you do anymore bitch. No more thinking. From now on you do as your told. Is that clear.”

Rubbing her cheek Anne answered, “Yes.”


“Yes M-Master Michael. Yes Sir.”

Michael grabbed a handful of Anne’s hair and wiped his cock clean. Keeping his grip on her hair he pushed her face back in his crotch.

“Get it back up you filthy fucking slut. You’re about to get the best fucking of your worthless life.”

It didn’t take but a few moments before Anne’s licking of Michael’s cock brought him to full erection. It didn’t take any time after that for Michael to grab Anne and lift her onto his cock.

“That’s it you slutty dog. Ride your Master you pig!”

Michael slapped and grabbed her ass repeatedly. Like it or not Anne’s body betrayed her. She was drenched. She was working her ass. She felt close to climax. The way Michael spoke to her. The way he treated her. It felt right. She WAS a whore. She WAS a slut. She WAS worthless. She knew it now. She knew it in this split second of orgasm that she needed a Master like Michael.



Michael ripped into her titties. He was slapping them. Squeezing them. His other hand grabbing her ass. He was pushing his fingers into her asshole as he fucked her from underneath.

“YESSSSS…Feelsss soooo goooddddd Massster…Fuck Meeeeeee…I’m cummmmmming againnnnnn…”

“Take it you dirty whore. Take your Master’s cock you bitch.”

Anne drenched Michael’s cock with her cum. Over and over again he made her cum. He lifted her and flipped her onto her knees. He fucked her doggy style for what seemed like an eternity. He turned her over on her back and laid her missionary. She became his ragdoll. She bent to his will. When he spit in her face she smiled. When he twisted her nipple so hard that it bled she thanked him. And when he shoved her face into the pillow so he could rapefuck her asshole, she reached back and spread her cheeks to give him better access.

“Oh fuck you pig. You motherfucking slut. I’m cummmmmmm……”


Anne exploded into her own orgasm as Michael thrust into her ass. She was in heaven. For the first time in a long time she felt no guilt and just pure happiness.

“Fuck that was great. Okay pig get up and shower. Get dressed. I’m picking up Jenny for lunch to give her the good news. You will clean this place up and call Ted. You’re going to tell him that guilt has gotten the better of you and your affair with him is over. You are then going to start paying me to own you. You’ll start putting ten thousand dollars a month into my personal account. Is that clear.”

“Yes Master. Master may I ask you a question, please Sir?”

“What is it dog?”

“W-when will you be using this dog again?”

Michael smiled at the question. He realized that he didn’t even need to blackmail her at this point. She was all his.

“Soon pig. Very soon.”


“OH MY GOD! Of course baby. Of course I’ll marry you. I’m so happy!!!!”

Michael embraced Jenny and the two of them kissed passionately. He was going to have his beautiful bride soon. Good thing for him he gets to own and have his way with her mother until then!

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