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Out of This World! Ch. 02

Category: Incest
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The following story depicts plenty of male and female bisexuality, plus several fetishes such as anal, spitting, cum swapping and smoking. If you are offended by the notion of sexual acts between two men, you should skip this story and read something more suitable to your taste.

The previous chapter has been revised and expanded. More chapters will follow soon.

All characters and their actions in this story are fictitious and created solely for enjoyment of responsible, adult readers.


Next day I awoke in my bed next to my lovely wife. I looked at the time on my phone. It was already three in the afternoon. I looked over at Lola. She was lying on her stomach with only a soft, white bed sheet partially covering her right leg and the lower part of her gorgeous butt cheek. I slowly ran my fingers across her shoulders and down her back, caressing her warm, soft skin down to the exposed crack of her lovely buttocks.

“Mmm,” she softly moaned.

I moved my fingers even lower until I reached her soft pussy lips. The curls of her pussy hair were covered with dried cum juice. When our party had ended in the wee hours of morning, we were too tired to clean up and had gone directly to bed. I closed my eyes and images of last night played like a movie in my mind.

Tom and Bax, mostly Tom, had come inside and all over Lola’s cunt. Watching Tom go at it like the Energizer Bunny made me wish that I was at least twenty years younger. But then again, i didn’t do too bad for a guy my age. I came inside and all over my daughter at least four times previous night.

Oh shit! I remembered. I fucked Kia, my own precious, little daughter…and it was fucking amazing!

Did I feel bad about making love to my own child? No, I didn’t! In fact, I couldn’t wait to make sweet love to her again. Remembering last night had made me hard as a rock. I had to find her and fuck her!

I loved my daughter and she loved me. She wanted me and I wanted her. As long as we both knew what we were in for and our intimacy did not ruin our family, there couldn’t be anything wrong with what we did.

“Oh,” Lola sighed when I shoved my nose between the folds of her pussy lips. “Lick it, babe … clean me up!”

Sniffing the intoxicating scent of my wife’s pussy, I grabbed her ass cheeks, spread them apart and dragged my tongue up and down her ass crack before I started to lick her pussy with long, slow and sensuous strokes. I tasted and swallowed Bax, Tom and of course Lola’s own caked, savory cum as I licked up and down her wet slit. I sucked and chewed on the crunchy strands of hair until they melted in my mouth and became soft again. Although I prefer cream pie, I don’t mind eating cake once in a while. I particularly enjoy cleaning up Lola’s cunt with my mouth after a steamy, sweaty gang bang session. I just love eating her pussy after a dozen men empty their balls deep inside her.

Lola let out a muffled cry, and her legs and ass shook intensely as she came. When I withdrew my face and raised my head, I saw that she was clenching her pillow with her fingers as she quietly let her climax run its course through her body. When she finally stopped quivering, I spanked her ass playfully and waited for her to recover from her quick mini orgasm.

“Fucking shit, Jon!” Lola cried melodiously. “Please fuck me, now!”

“No” I replied wickedly.


“I’m saving it for Kia,” I confessed.

“Aw … all right,” she agreed reluctantly. “I better save my energy for those sluts too.”

“Yeah,” I said as I leaned down to kiss her beautiful lips.

“Am I a bad father?” I asked as I pulled away from her lips.

“Why?” she asked with a grin.

“You know why.”

“Because you fucked your own daughter?”

I nodded in response.

“Nope,” as she playfully pinched my nipple. “You’re just a fucking perv!”


“Relax honey,” she said before licking my nipple once. “I’m a pervert too. Remember? I fucked her too!”

“Do you feel guilty at all?”

“Not a fucking bit!” she said as she stretched her arms above her head. “We didn’t make her do anything she didn’t want!”

“I guess you’re right.”

“It’s not like she is a little child and we forced her to do it!”

“Umm … yeah?”

“Yes,” Lola paused and yawned. “The moment she saw your stiffy at the airport, she had her heart set on fucking you.”


“So … fuck no!” she looked straight into my eyes. “I don’t feel a damn bit guilty!”


“Why is it all right for some stranger … some creep who doesn’t even love her to fuck her and we, who love her can’t fuck her because…” she paused.

“We made her?”

“Right!” she said and started to caress my balls with her soft hands. “Just because we made her … we don’t get to play with her? Society is so fucked up!”

“Yeah we should be the allowed to play with the toys we make!”

“God damn right we should!” she slapped my chest. “I’m trying to make a point here.”

“Point taken.”

“I need to shower,” she said letting go of my balls. “Do you want to go before me? I need to wash all this cum from my hair. It will take a while.”

“Yeah … good call.”

“Have the coffee ready for me after you’re done.”

“Yes ma’am!”

“Come on,” she spanked my butt again. “Move your sexy ass!”

“All right. I’m going. I’m going!”


I had just put the coffee maker on the burner when my daughter entered the kitchen. She looked extremely hot wearing only a red, silk sarong around her toned waist. Her stiff, pink nipples looked like a couple of cherries on top of her perfectly round mounds. Damp from her morning shower, her golden hair looked darker than usual.

“Good morning Daddy,” she said cheerfully, her lovely blue eyes gazing directly into mine.

“Morning Kia,” I said, looking foolishly at the stove.

“That’s it?”

“What’s what?”

“Kia?” she pouted. “I’m not your little Bubbles anymore?”

“Good morning Bubbles,” I mumbled embarrassedly.

“Where’s my morning kiss?”

I moved forward to kiss her cheek. She quickly stood on her toes and my kiss landed on her full, little lips. I instinctively stepped back when she reached for the towel I had wrapped around my waist, but that only helped her remove the towel more quickly.

“It’s really hot today Daddy,” my daughter said as she removed her sarong. “We don’t need to wear these!”

“We don’t?” I muttered.

“What’s wrong Daddy?” Kia said as she moved toward the fridge. “You weren’t so shy last night when you fucked the living shit out of me over and over again!”

I was speechless, shocked and extremely turned on by her racy tone and dirty, explicit choice of words.

“How many times did you come inside my little coochie pie?” she asked, grinning wickedly.

“Three … four times?”



“I came here for a popsicle,” she said as she grabbed an ice pop from the freezer and unwrapped it. “A popsicle and a quickie!”

“Listen honey,” I said as she started licking her popsicle seductively. “We need to talk!”

“Can you bang my pussy first?”

“Well … that’s actually what I wanted to talk to you about.”

“You want to talk to me about banging my pussy?”

“Umm … yes.”

“I think I know all I need to know about the birds and the bees, Daddy!” Kia chuckled. “I’d rather have you bang my pussy instead of talking about it!”

I laughed and watched my naughty, little daughter sit up on a counter and push her crotch forward. Slowly, she ran two fingers up and down her cunt lips. My cock started throbbing at the sight of her seductive peep show.

“Why don’t you slam your willy up my coochie and talk to me while we fuck?” she said as she grabbed my forearm and pulled me in closer to her. My cock hardened faster than any other time I could recall.

“Do you want some?” she said as she slowly ran the tip of her popsicle up and down her hot slit. “Ooh that’s cold. Pussy freeze!”


“Then lick my kitty cat!”

“Are you sure?”

“Sure I’m sure!”

“You don’t regret what we did last night?”

“What?” she chuckled. “Are you crazy? Last night was the best night of my life. What’s there to regret?”

“I mean…”

“Look Daddy,” she said in a very serious tone. “I fucking loved last night. Now stop acting all silly and lick my pussy. I can’t wait for it anymore. I loved the way you fucked the shit out of me last night and I want you to fuck the shit out of me right now.”

I looked into her smoldering blue eyes and smiled.

“You have such a beautiful smile Daddy,” Kia said lovingly. “Now eat my juice box for me … please!”

I slid my palms under her firm butt cheeks and lifted her ass off the counter before placing my mouth on her steaming hot cunt.

“This popsicle tastes more like tangerine than orange,” my daughter mewled. “What do you think?”

“Definitely tangerine,” I replied, briefly removing my face from her sweet, tangerine flavored pussy lips.

“It says orange on the wrapper,” she purred. “Ooh … lick it … lick … lick my kitty, Daddy!”

Some of the popsicle’s juice was running down to my daughter’s asshole. I forced my tongue up my sweet girl’s butthole while I held onto her butt cheeks firmly.

“Ooh! You want my poopsicle?” Kia giggled. “It’s so cold … and so hot. Lick my butthole Daddy. Feels so good!”

Kia moaned and growled when I forced my tongue inside her puckered hole. When I tried to pull my tongue out of her, she tightened her sphincter. She then slammed her crotch forward, grinding her pussy on my nose and face. I tried to pull my tongue out, but she shoved her ass into my mouth. When I finally succeeded to pull my face back, a thin, slimy film of pussy cum lingered between my nose and her slit.

“Stop teasing my pussy!” Kia complained. “Lick me!”

“Where’s your girlfriend?”

“Don’t know,” Kia pouted. “My guess is she and Tommy are banging like crazy right now!”

“Oh? Is Tom here?”

“Yeah … he slept over at our place. Fay wanted to fuck him with a strap-on.”

“Did she?”

“She didn’t let the poor boy sleep a wink. Come on Daddy. Lick my pussy!”

I placed my face on her crotch. She moaned deeply when my nose touched her erect clit. She wiggled and squirmed her little ass, grinding her crotch on my face, begging me to lick her faster and harder.

“I guess this means you’re not feeling guilty anymore!” Lola’s sweet voice came from behind me.

“Mmm … good morning Mommy,” Kia mewled.

“Good morning sweetie.”

I stopped licking my daughter’s sweet, little hole and turned my head to see my beautiful wife walking towards us with a pretty smile on her radiant face. She was only wearing a towel around her waist and her nipples were already starting to harden.

“Hope you’re not mad at me,” Kia said, feigning concern.

“Why would I be mad at you honey?”

“Well … for doing this without your permission.”

“I’d get mad if it were anyone else,” Lola confessed. “But you can fuck your father any time you want. He can also fuck Bax, Suzy and their kids without asking me first.”

“Hey, wait a minute,” I interjected. “You fuck at least a dozen guys and girls without asking for my permission!”

“Yeah…like who?” Lola asked, a naughty grin forming on her hot face.

“Are you serious?”

“Yeah,” Lola chuckled.

“Frank, Malin, Rob, Sven,” I said, perfectly knowing that Lola was just toying with Kia. “You even fucked Deon for three straight days without letting me know first!”

“You spent that whole weekend at Bax’s place,” Lola pointed out the facts. “I got tired of waiting and asked my boyfriend to come over and fuck me while you were banging your buddy and his wife and kids!”

“Deon?” Kia asked, clearly turned on by our half serious argument. “I met him a couple of years ago. He’s so fucking hot!”

“You should see that huge brown cock of his,” Lola added. “It’s even bigger than your dad’s!”

“Wow!” Kia exclaimed, looking down at my huge, hard dick.

“You’re not jealous because Deon’s dick is bigger than your’s babe,” Lola said with her familiar devilish grin. “Are you?”

Before I could reply, Lola squatted down and we started making out only a couple of inches from our daughter’s hot cunt.

“Daddy,” my daughter pouted. “Did you forget something?”

“What honey?”

“Weren’t you going to bang me silly?”

“Right … sorry baby!”

I stood up, aligned my hard cock with my daughter’s tight pussy hole, ramming it all the way inside her with a single ferocious thrust.

“Fuck, Mommy!” Kia panted with excitement. “My sweet daddy is going to fuck my little pussy. Watch…oh!”

Balancing her weight on her hands, Kia leaned back and bucked her hip forward, watching excitedly as her pussy lips spread open and then closed, clinging tightly to my cock.

“Watch your head baby,” Lola warned when she realized Kia was about to hit her head on a cabinet.

Lola placed her hand behind our daughter’s head and told her to lean back. With her free hand she started to caress Kia’s trembling stomach, her firm tits and the inner parts of her thighs. With her legs spread wide open, Kia pushed her cunt forward and all the way down to the base of my cock with a low moan.

“Oh god!” Kia wailed, her eyes fixated at her pussy. “You see that Mom? Daddy’s dick stretches my cunt so good. It’s a perfect fit!”

“It definitely stretches your pussy really good,” my wife purred hotly.

“It’s perfect,” Kia whined. “His big cock fills me up so fucking good!”

“It would be nice to see if you can fit Deon’s dick in your little slit,” Lola said in a low, throaty voice. “Would you like to try that, baby?”

“Big…oh…black dick?” Kia moaned as she slammed her pussy against my crotch.

“Yeah,” Lola replied. “Huge, thick, black dick fucking your hot, little pussy!”

“Ooh,” Kia cried, grinding her pussy against my pubic area. “Yeahmmmm!”

I pulled back slowly, forcing my daughter to scissor and lock her legs around my waist in protest.

“Just keep it all the way in for a bit Daddy,” my daughter pleaded. “Let me do the fucking for a while.”

Lola and I watched with excitement as our daughter started to slowly gyrate her pussy at the very base of my cock. She dragged her clit and slit up and down, then across my crotch. I felt her tight pussy grip my shaft, squeezing and milking my throbbing rod as hard as possible. Lola leaned down and spat on our daughter’s clit, making her grind and squeeze my dick even harder. Lola kept on spitting, drenching Kia’s entire crotch in slobber.

“Yeah babe,” my wife purred. “Just like that. Squeeze your father’s big dick with your pussy. Nice and slow. It looks so fucking hot.”

I felt my daughter’s pussy spasm lightly on my cock. She opened her mouth but no sound came out. She then suddenly screeched with ecstasy when my wife put her fingers on her clit. Her heels pressed against my butt cheeks and she pushed her cunt even harder against my crotch.


“Come sweetie,” my wife whispered hotly. “Come all over your sexy father’s cock baby. Ooooh … keep coming sweetheart. That’s it … come for your mom and dad my sweet, sexy girl!”

Kia closed her eyes and tilted her head towards my wife. Lola leaned in and kissed her on her cute little lips, slipping her tongue into her sweet mouth. Suddenly Lola reached down and grabbed Kia’s pussy hair in her fist. Kia screamed into her mother’s mouth when Lola tugged as hard as she could on her pubic hair, forcing her to raise her lower body. A powerful orgasm shook Kia’s entire body, causing her pussy to convulse violently. Suddenly powerful stream of warm cum juice flooded my daughter’s hot hole. I tried to pulled back, but Kia tightened her legs around my waist. Kia lost it when Lola released her pussy hair and began smacking her swollen clit with the width of two fingers.

“Yeah, pretty girl!” Lola husked lustily. “Come for us babe!”

“Ffffffffff!” Kia hissed as she came over and over again, drenching my crotch in her sweet pussy juice.

Lola held our daughter tightly, slapping her clit, scratching her pubes, sucking on her earlobe, licking her neck. Kia’s body shuddered with orgasm after orgasm. Her hot eyes were glassy, high on ecstatic lust. She grunted, wailed, whined and moaned a few more minutes until the devastating effect of her orgasm finally started to subside.

“So good,” Kia declared when her orgasm was finally over.

“Yeah it looked amazing,” my wife agreed.

“Can I have some water Mom?”

“Sure honey.”

Lola grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge and held it to Kia’s mouth. Kia drank half the bottle in one go. She then released her grip on my butt cheeks and scooted back slowly, leaving me enough room to start fucking her pussy.

I rammed my cock back and forth, slowly but firmly as I held onto my daughter’s ankles.

“She sounds so fucking wet,” my wife said looking at me hotly.

“She is really, fucking wet,” I replied.

“Look at her pretty face,” Lola said. “I think she’s going to faint.”

“Put your arm behind her.”

“I can’t … not enough room,” my wife replied. “Why don’t you lift her up … it’s easier for you to pound her that way.”

“What if she faints?”

“I’ll hold her up from behind.”

“Can you?” I asked, although I knew Lola was perfectly capable of lifting and holding Kia’s light body up as long as she wanted.

“I dance and work out every day,” my wife replied, flexing her small, but toned biceps “She doesn’t weigh that much.”

“All right, let’s do it.”

I looked at my daughter who looked very amused by our little banter. I lifted her body off the counter and my wife quickly got behind her, placing her hands under her ass.

“Fuck!” Kia yelped. Her beautiful eyes were glowing with lust as she let us lift her up, handle her roughly, hold her and fuck her.

“Hold onto her tits and let her lean against you,” I said to Lola. “I’ve got her ass.”

“Whoa, yeah!” Kia exclaimed. “I fuckin’ love this!”

I held on tightly to my daughter’s lower body as my wife placed her arms under her armpits and reached for her tits. When Kia was lodged securely in Lola’s arms, I started to fuck her hard and fast without mercy.

“Fuckin’ shit!” Kia screamed. “Bang my fuckin’ cunt, sweet Daddy! Pound it hard. Hard. Hard!”

My wife leaned forward and started to kiss me wildly on my mouth with my daughter’s back pressing against her heavy breasts. Sandwiched between our bodies, Kia let out a soft yelp when Lola started to squeeze her tits tightly, tweaking her rubbery, hard nipples, rolling them between her fingers.

“Oh god, yeammmh,” Kia wailed, scissoring her legs around my waist again. “You two are so fucking good together.”

“Fuck her harder!” my wife demanded in a low, lusty voice. “Fuck that tight, little cunt until she begs you to stop. Pound that fuckin’, tight, slutty slit!”

“I’m fuckin’ comin’ again!” Kia suddenly screamed.

Shaking fiercely, my daughter screamed as she came one more time. Careful not to drop her, Lola’s toned triceps flexed as she held on tightly to Kia’s squirming body. I kept on pounding her pussy with fast and brutal thrusts. I loved the feeling of my daughter’s convulsing cunt lips around my cock. Kia’s orgasm had sent her to another dimension. She was wailing and sobbing like a baby. He mother held her sexy body up securely and began to slap her throbbing clit with her outstretched hand.

“Oh, fuck, wow!” Kia cried. “Slap my goddamn clit harder, Mommy!”

Turned on by Kia’s naughty plea, Lola smacked our daughter’s cunt lips and erect clit as hard as she could. Kia mewled and whined, thin rivers of hot tears running down her bright red cheeks.

“Spit on your fingers, Mommy, please” Kia pleaded with her mother. “Make them wet and spank my fucking cunt harder!”

Instead of taking her fingers to her mouth, Lola leaned in closer and spat a big glob of saliva all over our daughter’s overheated gash. The sharp sound of her wet fingers smacking against Kia’s puffed up pussy lips almost made me come. I had to stop pounding her for a short while in order to hold back my orgasm, but Kia couldn’t stop moving and clenching my excited rod with her young, powerful cunt.

“Fucking shit on a stick!” Kia screamed when her mother inserted two fingers into her cunt like a hook along side my cock and started to pull back on her hole. I assumed she did that to make Kia stop moving her crotch. It worked for a few seconds, but then Kia began writhing her upper body like an eel.

“See baby girl,” Lola husked into Kia’s ear. “That’s how much Deon’s big dick can stretch your cunt!”

“Aw, oh, mmm!” Kia moaned. “I want it inside me!”


“I want…black…cock…in…m’pussssy!”

“Yeah,” Lola husked. “Soon baby…we’ll have him over and see if you can handle his cock.”



“Careful, Lola,” I alerted my wife when I saw Kia squirm violently in all directions. “Hold her tighter. Don’t drop her babe!”

“FUCK!” Kia roared, screamed, grunted and whined, forcing Lola to withdraw her hand from her cunt in order to secure her convulsing body.

“You like it rough, little slut, don’t you?” Lola husked, rolling Kia’s nipples extremely hard between her fingers.

“Ah, shit,” Kia gasped and then fainted for a few seconds as we had predicted. When she opened her eyes, I resumed fucking her again with full force.

“Daddy! Daddy!”

“Yes…Bubbles,” I panted.

“I fucking love you so much. Bang me harder. Make me come…just one more time. Pleeeeeease … mmm … fuckmeeeedadddyyyy!”

“You better come then baby,” I panted. “I’m going to fill your hot snatch soon!”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, oh!”

Kia began to sob as her cunt exploded one last time, gripping my cock with spasms that pushed me right over the edge. I sent load after load of hot gooey cream deep into my little angel’s sizzling twat.

When Kia finally stopped whining, moaning, roaring, squirming and moving, Lola and I gently put our daughter down. Kia’s legs were shaky and weak from that final, thunderous orgasm, so I held onto her hot body and helped her sit down on a chair.

“Fuck!” Kia exhaled, looking up at us with her lustful, happy and loving blue eyes. “You two are so fucking good at this. Do you do this sort of thing often?”

“All the time, babe,” Lola answered as she lit a cigarette.

“Can I have one of those, Mommy?” Kia asked.

“Sure,” Lola said, giving her lit cigarette to Kia.

“You can teach me so much,” Kia said.

“We will,” I said. “But I have a feeling you already have a lot more experience than you say you have.”

Exhaling a thick cloud of gray smoke through her nostrils, Kia raised one eyebrow, grinned mischievously and nodded.

“Who wants coffee?” my hot wife asked cheerfully.

“I want mine with half and half,” Kia said. “And I want chocolate chip cookies.”


Lying in an extra wide lounge chair by the pool, completely naked, Lola looked lovelier than ever. She was wearing her oversized sunglasses on her head to keep her long, layered golden hair out of her face. Wriggling her ass, she scooted down to the front edge of the chair and used her elbows and forearms to raise her upper body. Standing on her knees in front of the lounge chair, Fay was was admiring Lola’s beauty. Placing her ass on the very edge of the chair, Lola put her feet on the ground and spread her legs wide apart. Fay placed her right hand on top of Lola’s golden bush, pushing down firmly. Smiling wickedly, Fay slowly lowered her face down to her hot lover’s crotch. Lola began shuddering with excitement before Fay’s lips made contact with her thighs. Fay kissed and licked Lola’s inner thighs, dragging her sweet tongue up towards her shivering cunt lips.

“Fuck!” Lola sighed deeply when she felt the beautiful girl’s hot breath upon her throbbing knob.

Fay looked up into Lola’s hot, blue eyes as she started to flick her swollen clit with the very tip of her nose.

“Oh…o…oh…o…oh,” Lola moaned melodiously as Fay wiggled her clit with her nose.

“I love your big, juicy clit,” Fay sighed, then kissed the tip of Lola’s clit before taking it into her mouth.

Suddenly Lola bucked her hips forward as a brief, electrifying orgasm erupted inside her convulsing cunt. Fay extended her little tongue as Lola shoved her crotch into her face. Beside herself with lust, Lola began to swipe her cunt across Fay’s hot face as hard as she could. Fay kept her head still, letting Lola mash her cunt and clit all over her face.

“Oh my god,” Lola shouted loudly as a second orgasm started to boil up inside her pleasure center.

“Fuck yeah!” Fay exclaimed right after she pulled her face back a bit, watching as the folds of Lola’s hot puss throbbed and fluttered visibly.

“Oh, you fucking beautiful girl,” Lola said in a low, excited voice. “You really know how to make my pussy happy!”

“I’m not done with you yet!” Fay said, looking into Lola’s hot eyes. “I’m gonna make your hot kitty come all over my fucking face until you pass out!”

“Oh, god!” Lola exclaimed, her heart melting with hot lust as she looked at the incredibly beautiful girl’s horny face. “Yes, oh yes, oh yes!”

Completely naked, Fay looked hotter than ever. She was wearing her jet-black hair in a very tight and bouncy ponytail. Her deliciously round and firm, medium large tits were crowned with juicy, dark pink nipples. Suddenly she shoved her body upward, dragging her stiff, left nipple over Lola’s pussy and clit. She stopped, grabbed her tit and started to flick Lola’s hard knob with her nipple.

“Mmmnngfuck!” Lola whined as her cunt clutched and convulsed into orgasm.

When Lola’s legs stopped shaking, Fay placed her hands on each side of Lola’s pussy lips and spread them apart. She looked up at Lola again and smiled at her before she gathered a big glob of saliva in her mouth and spat it right into Lola’s quivering slit.

“Oh, fuck!” Lola yelped in surprise.

Fay smiled hotly and began to smack Lola’s clit with the width of three of her fingers. Lola yelped, squirmed and cried, coming one more time. As soon as she calmed down, Fay mashed the heel of her palm down over Lola’s mound, moving her hand rapidly in a circular motion, all over the sensitive flesh of Lola’s pussy. This time Lola howled as she came.

“I love you Fay!” Lola confessed over and over again. Sometimes she screamed her declaration of love for our daughter’s lover, sometimes she mouthed it, but it was always those few words, “I love you Fay!”

Fay made hot love to Lola’s insatiable cunt, kissing it, smacking it, rubbing it, licking it tirelessly. I wondered if Kia was all right with what was going on between her mother and her girlfriend. Every once in a while Lola and I would add a live-in boyfriend or girlfriend to our lives, but Fay was already in a committed relationship with our daughter, so I was excited to see how this situation was going to play out.

“Oh, god,” Lola gasped when our daughter’s sexy girlfriend shoved her middle finger into her deliciously wet pussy. Looking into Lola’s cunt, Fay relaxed her wrist and began to wiggle and rotate her finger.

“Oh, my fuck!” Lola screamed when another load of saliva splashed against the quivering flesh of her painfully hard clit.

Placing her nose right on top of Lola’s clit, Fay inhaled the exhilarating scent of her lover’s steaming cunt into her lungs. Lola’s large, knotted knob began to throb harder when Fay puckered her cute lips and started to blow on it ever so gently. Lola’s gorgeous breasts rose and fell as her breathing quickened in response to the thrilling sensation of Fay’s hot breath upon her throbbing cunt.

“Oh,” Lola gasped. “Make me come again. Please!”

“Again?” Fay laughed softly. “Haven’t you had enough?”

“No…oh!” Lola huffed. “Come on sweetie, do it, please!”

Turned on beyond belief, I was watching this amazing show from the comfort of my own, adjacent lounge chair. I was sitting up on the lower edge of the chair with Tom on all fours in front of me, his head was between my legs and my dick in his mouth. He bobbed his head up and down the entire length of my cock while Kia rammed his poor, abused asshole with a high quality, nine inch strap-on dick from behind.

“Suck my Daddy’s dick, pretty boy,” Kia shouted as she slammed her cock back and forth into Tom’s asshole.

Completely naked, Kia wore her golden hair in a messy braid, which dangled over her jiggling left tit as she fucked Tom brutally with long and hard strokes. Her hands squeezed Tom’s hips extremely hard as she banged the boy’s asshole violently. Tom was still wearing the same garter belt and stockings from the previous night, although his stockings were now full of tears and holes.

“Take my big dick up that tight ass, pretty boy!” Kia barked, as she slammed her strap-on cock all the way in. “Your ass looks so fucking hot!”

Surprised by Kia’s rough handling of his asshole, her harsh words and dominant demeanor, Tom tried to protest, but my thick dick plugged his mouth, muting his screams. Following Kia’s lead, I grabbed the back of Tom’s head and lifted my ass off the chair, slamming my dick so far up his throat that he started to gag. Tears began to run down the corners of Tom’s hot eyes and long strings of clear snot came out of his nose.

“Yeah Daddy,” Kia shouted as she kept on ramming the poor boy’s ass. “Fuck that pretty boy’s face!”

“Fuck his ass baby girl,” I shouted in response. “Fuck his pooper, Bubbles!”

“Mfffngh,” the beautiful boy tried to scream with my dick stretching his hot mouth.

My beautiful, sex-crazed daughter and I fucked him at both ends as hard as we could. I was not worried for Tom’s safety. He could handle a hard banging better than anyone I ever knew.

“Fuck his slutty mouth, Daddy,” Kia spat as she fucked the boy. “Yeah…yeah…yeah…take my cock like a fuckin’ slut, you little shit!”

Looking at Kia, I knew that she was in seventh heaven. Her lovely tits jiggled and bounced beautifully. Her long nipples became extremely hard as she began slapping and smacking Tom’s butt cheeks with both hands.

“Ffff!” Tom cried, trying to pull his mouth off my cock…but I didn’t let him.

Kia looked at me and smiled before returning her attention to slamming her young victim’s asshole. She then stopped smacking Tom’s ass cheeks, leaned over the boy’s body, grasped his shoulders tightly, then resumed fucking him with short, brutal strokes.

“Fucking shit!” Lola’s raspy scream startled me.

Waiting for Lola to recover from her latest mini orgasm, Fay was contemplating her next assault on her hot, eager cunt. With three fingers still inside Lola’s slit, she remained motionless, waiting for Lola’s convulsions to cease. The hot girl was having a grand time exploring Lola’s trigger points and hot buttons. As experienced as she was, Lola was like putty in Fay’s hands. She had surrendered her body completely to the hot girl, letting her, expecting her to have her way with her.

“Ooooooh, godfuckinshiiityeah!” Lola squealed, utterly losing control when Fay once more attacked her sensitive pussy with her mouth.

Fay began munching, chewing, sucking, spitting, humming and blowing as she pounded her fingers in and out of Lola’s eager fuck hole. Over and over again, countless series of strong, thunderous orgasms rippled through Lola’s sizzling cunt and squirming body. Fay pulled out her fingers, cupped Lola’s ass cheeks in her palms, then lifted her ass up and off the chair. She shoved her face forcefully into Lola’s insatiable cunt, humming loudly as she moved her entire face from side to side.

“Ooowowooh!” Lola howled as her body was seized by consecutive and parallel orgasms. She pounded her fists on the lounge chair cushion, thrashed her head violently and roared like a possessed lioness through gritted teeth as she shoved her cunt upward, grinding and mashing it across and into Fay’s face. She screamed and grunted so much and so loud that she temporarily lost her voice.

“A…,” Lola groaned, her entire body shuddering as she climaxed over and over again.

Her smaller orgasms were followed by longer, more intense ones, then another series of short ones and then a more powerful one. Lola has always been multi orgasmic, but what I was witnessing that day was completely new to me, and surely to her as well. She kept on mashing her cunt all over Fay’s face, squealing and sobbing hotly as she came. Her voice sounded raspy and tormented. Fay clutched Lola’s ass mounds as tightly as she could, nibbling, slurping, licking and fucking Lola’s pussy with her tongue, mouth and face.

“What the fuck!” Kia exclaimed as she watched her mother and girlfriend engage in their incredibly erotic sparring match.

Kia grabbed at the elastic band of Tom’s garter belt and pulled hard as she pounded the boy’s asshole absentmindedly. She shook her head in awe as she watched her sexy girlfriend attack her mother’s pussy with all her might. Going insane with lust, Lola was trying to scream to no avail. She had lost her voice completely.

“You go girl,” Kia cheered. “Give it to her babe. Eat the shit out of my mother’s yummy pussy!”

In response, Fay moaned loudly into Lola’s succulent snatch. She kept her tongue stretched out inside Lola’s slit while moving her face from side to side. She then draped Lola’s legs over her shoulders, then without removing her mouth from her cunt, she Let go of her ass cheeks. Lola tensed her shoulders and pushed her body up, bucking her hip up and down, she shoved her crotch forward, grinding her pussy forcefully across Fay’s beautiful, flushed face. Her sweet cunt juice smeared Fay’s mouth, chin, cheeks and forehead, running down her neck, shoulders and cleavage. Predicting Lola’s fall, Fay swiftly wrapped her arms around Lola’s waist. Suddenly Lola’s tormented body jerked, writhed, squirmed, and then finally slumped.

“Nnn…oh!” Lola whimpered weakly, then fainted.

Still supporting Lola’s lower body on her shoulders, Fay grabbed my wife’s ass mounds again and began to truly lick, suck and slurp up every drop of juice out of her cunt.

“Daddy,” Kia mewled as she hurriedly pulled out of Tom’s ass and skipped towards me as she unbuckled her dildo. “I need to ride your fuck pole!”

Grabbing Tom by his hair she pulled the startled boy’s mouth off my cock and jumped on my lap. Without even looking down, she grasped my cock between the throbbing lips of her hot pussy. Placing her hands on my shoulders and her open lips on my mouth, she savagely slammed her soaking wet cunt up and down my painfully hard shaft. Standing beside us, Tom watched us in awe as he stroked his cock with his fist. Kia grunted and roared like a wild cat as she rode my dick as hard as she could. Suddenly she grasped my hair with both fists and pulled hard, then began spitting in my face over and over again.

“Open your mouth, Daddy,” she commanded me. “Yeah baby, swallow my fucking spit Daddy!”

I opened my mouth like a good boy and Kia began spitting directly into it. My mouth was soon filled with my daughter’s slimy saliva and I had no choice but to swallow. Kia leaned in and bit my Lower lip. She panted and groaned as she kept on spitting in my face and into my mouth. I was surprised by the volume of saliva that my horny little girl was able to produce in her little mouth. Soon my face and hair were covered in slobber. Kia kissed me, licked me, rode me and spat like a sprinkler.

We kissed. She spat. I swallowed…and loved every fucking wet moment of it.

Kiss. Spit. Gulp!

Although I was used to exchanging bodily fluids with my lovers, drinking saliva was completely new to me. I was happy and proud to learn that my young daughter was able to teach me a thing or two. A moment later, I felt Kia’s hot, wet pussy release a warm stream of girl juice down my shaft before it began to squeeze my cock vigorously.

“Nfuckingod!” she screamed into my mouth as her pussy convulsed violently and released another splashing stream of hot cum down my shaft, all over my balls and thighs.

Finally, after sighing deeply, Kia stopped moving. She was done coming. Releasing my cock from the tight grip of her cunt, she slowly got off my lap and walked towards her mother and Fay on shaky legs. A short moment later Tom took Kia’s place on my lap. He slammed his tight asshole down my shaft, wriggling his butt cheeks until they smacked against my trembling thighs.. Tom’s hot young body was glistening with perspiration. I raised my head and began licking his chin, face, chest and nipples. Then I lifted his arms and licked the salty sweat off his shaved armpits. His blue eyes ablaze with lust, he began to ride up down my shaft with his hot, slick asshole. I grasped his waist tightly and began to thrust my crotch up and down. I fucked my sweet, young lover’s asshole with vicious upward thrusts, meeting his wild downward plunges with incredible ferocity.

“Oh, ah, oh!” Tom panted loudly. “Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck meeee!”

Soon we both started to grunt and roar, shouting obscenities at each other as we picked up the pace and the intensity of our fucking. Tom stroked his cock in his fist, fast and hard as we continued to pound, bang and slam at each other. I let go of his waist and held onto his soaking wet hair with both hands, pulling him down forcefully as I kept thrusting my dick up inside his sweaty poop canal as hard as I possibly could. Hot, salty droplets of sweat rolled off Tom’s hair and forehead onto my face and into my open mouth. Suddenly the hot boy slammed his ass down my dick, resting his trembling butt cheeks upon my thighs; his anus began to tighten and relax, announcing the arrival of a marvelously intense climax.

“Fu…uu…uu…ck!” the pretty boy screamed. “Co…m…iiing…Unc…le…Jo…o…on!”

Tom aimed his throbbing dick and fluttering piss hole directly at my face. A massive load of creamy goo splashed against my lips, cheeks, nose, neck and chest. As soon as I opened my mouth to gasp, I felt Tom’s asshole squeeze my rod and another thick ribbon of hot cum flew out of his fluttering piss hole, landing directly inside my mouth. This last touch proved to be too much for me. With a loud growl, I began to shoot my heavy load of man juice deep into Tom’s bowels. Tom’s cock squirted a few last gobs of cum upon my chest as he gyrated his hot ass on my fuck stick.

“Fuck yeah, Daddy!” Kia’s voice came from the left. “That was fucking awesome!”

I looked to my left. Lola was on the edge of the chair, hugging her knees. She looked absolutely drained. Her fingers trembled as she tried to light a cigarette with her lighter. Kia took the cigarette from her mother, lit it and gave it back to her. Lola looked down at her knees as she took a deep drag and exhaled through her nostrils.

“That was something else,” she said, looking up hotly at Fay. Her eyes were filled with tears. Fay sat down beside her on the chair, throwing her arm around her waist. Lola placed her head on the girl’s chest and began to cry quietly.

“Why are you crying Mommy?” Kia asked as she gently caressed Lola’s hair.

“Because it was…so…good,” Lola sobbed. “I never thought I could come so many times in one go!”

As Lola kept on crying, Fay held her face between her hands, licked her tears, kissed her nose and forehead before running her tongue across Lola’s lips, sliding her tongue inside her mouth.

“Aw, look at these two love birds, Daddy,” Kia said to me, a lewd smile lighting up her amazingly hot face. “They’re so fucking hot together.”

I was happy to see that Kia was not jealous at all. Maybe compersion is hereditary. I always encourage Lola to fuck and enjoy sex with as many guys and girls as she wants, because I know that her feelings for me go beyond lust and love. Watching her enjoy an intense sexual experience with someone else, makes me extremely happy. I love to see that content smile, or those tears of joy on her face after she climaxes all over someone else’s dick, fingers or face.

“Who wants to do something really naughty?” Kia asked, her blue eyes sizzling with mischief as she looked at her mother, and then at me.

“Me, me, me!” Lola cheered, raising her arm above her head. Her large tits jiggled and bounced as she waved her hand frivolously. Not only she was no longer crying, but she looked extremely cheerful and energized. Although I wanted to keep up with my nymphomaniac wife and daughter, I had to confess that I needed to rest and refuel before I could play some more.

We agreed to rest and regroup in a few hours. I went inside, ate some leftover pasta from the night before, and turned on the TV. Before I could even decide what program to watch, I dozed off on our super comfortable sofa.

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