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I saw the low rider coming up on my rear end fast. I moved over into the right hand lane to let him pass. I saw the gun barrel protruding from the rear window and saw the flash of the first shot. I laid over in the seat and let the car go on its own. Two more shots were fired and both of them hit me. I heard his engine race as he accelerated away. I sat up and gunned my car towards the nearest hospital. Staggering into the emergency room, I collapsed on the floor in a pool of blood. The world went away. I’m dead, was my last thought.

My eyes blinked open. Everything was white. I looked quickly around and came to the conclusion I was in a hospital room. A hand gripped my arm. My daughter was standing beside the bed crying.

When she saw my eyes open she gave a little scream and called for the nurse who came rapidly into my little room. “Mr. Saunders can you hear me?” she asked.

“Yeah. What happened?” I asked her.

“You’ve been shot. You got to us just in time. We’ve been working on you for two weeks.”

“But that just happened tonight!” I protested.

“No sir, it has been two weeks. Do you remember what happened?”

“I remember some punks in a low rider shooting at me. Did they hit me?”

“They hit you three times, once in the chest, once in the arm and once in your butt. The one in your chest gave us a lot of trouble.”

My eyelids fluttered shut and the world went away again. Then I heard the nurse talking to someone. “He’s going to make it but he’ll require lots of care. See, he’s awake again. How do you feel Mr. Saunders?”

“I feel fine. How long was I out this time?”

“Just two days. We’re going to give your daughter some training. She needs to know how to take care of you once you go home.”

“I can take care of myself,” I informed her.

“No sir, you can’t. Those bullets fixed it so you are going to be at least partially disabled for quite a while. We still have a lot of work to do on you here but in a few weeks, we’ll send you home. Pay attention to your daughter. She will know how to care for you.”

“Oh daddy please let me take care of you. You have taken care of me for so long and I owe it to you to do my best to help you. Besides, until you are well I will be stronger than you. Just relax and let me pamper you.” My daughter sobbed.

“Well, all right honey. I’m not going to fight you and the nurse. How long will I be in the hospital?” I’ve always been a sucker for a crying woman.

“We’ll move you out of the ICU in about a week. Be good to your daughter or you’ll be right back in here!” admonished the nurse.

Ten days later they moved me into a ward. My daughter, Rachael, was with me every minute. Slowly the therapists rehabilitated me. Finally I could get around a little with help. The doctor said, “We don’t need to keep you here any longer Jeff. Pay attention to your daughter and do what she says. We have given her enough training to take care of you. Let her.”

“What did you do about your job?” I asked.

“Oh daddy, I know we’ve got enough money. You said so several times after I graduated college and I was applying for jobs. I quit my job to spend all my time with you. It was pretty much a dead end position and I had been thinking of a change. Now I have the perfect excuse. I have to take care of my daddy!”

“That’s a hell of a sacrifice baby girl. I appreciate it though. Maybe you can get a degree in nursing to go along with your degree in engineering.”

“Daddy I don’t want to nurse anybody but you. You’ll have to help me and not fight some of the things I’ll have to do to take care of you. Promise me you won’t be a grouch.”

“Okay, I promise but try to be good to me. I’ve had enough rough treatment.”

“Oh daddy, you know I won’t hurt you.”

They loaded me into her Blazer and we went home. When we got there I found I couldn’t walk without help. The bullet that hit me in the butt had torn up lots of tissue.

“You’re going to be sore for a while daddy. I’ll have to help you with everything,” she declared with authority.

“Everything like what?” I asked with concern.

“Well, your arm is shot up; your butt has a big gash in it and you can’t breath right just yet so I’ll have to take care of everything you do.”

I shuddered at her idea of what ‘everything’ meant. “I’ve got to pee. I suppose you’re going to help me with that,” I said skeptically.

“Yes daddy, I am. Let’s get going. I’ll help you into the bathroom.”

When I tried to stand a terrific pain shot up my leg and into my butt. I almost cried out but managed to control myself. She was under my arm in a heartbeat, helping me down the hall and into the bathroom. As luck would have it, my right arm was the one that took the bullet. It was also the hand I used to piss with. I reached for my zipper but it wouldn’t move that direction. She was under my left arm.

“I can’t unzip my pants honey,” I whined.

“We knew it would be that way for a while,” she said. Her hand dropped to my zipper and she fished my cock out. She grabbed it and pointed it at the toilet. “Get with it,” she ordered.

As I urinated, my cock started to get hard and she was having a hard time hitting the can. She giggled and asked, “Did I do that?”

“You know damned good and well you did that,” I grumbled. About that time I finished. She shook it which did nothing to calm me down.

“Gee daddy, I don’t think I can get it back into your shorts until it goes down. Come with me.” She grabbed my cock and led me away to the living room. I plopped glumly down on the sofa and she sat beside me. She still had my cock in her hand.

“It’s never gonna get soft if you hold it,” I grumbled.

“Sure it will. It just depends on how you hold it.”

She started sliding her hand up and down the shaft. Her intentions were clear. She was going to jerk me off!

“Oh God baby girl, you can’t jack me off. That would be incest.”

“Don’t be silly daddy. I’m not going to jack you off. I’m gonna blow you!”

She suddenly dropped her head into my lap and engulfed my ridged member. She sucked it deeper and deeper into her mouth until all of it had disappeared. My hips moved involuntarily and a pain shot up my back side. She took my cock out of her mouth.

“Don’t fight it daddy. I’m going to drink your juice. Just relax and let it happen,” she smiled. She returned happily to her blow job.

All I could do was sit there and let it happen. Soon the pleasure started to out weigh the shame. I groaned and put my good hand on the back of her head. Her motion increased in intensity. She sucked a lot harder. When her mother had been alive she had done this to me but it wasn’t anywhere near as good as what my little girl was doing. I felt my climax building in my balls. “I’m gonna cum!” I screamed.

She wasn’t impressed and soon I was shooting copious amounts of semen into her throat. She stopped sucking and licked my drooping dick dry. “See? It’s going away already!” she remarked as she tucked it neatly back into my pants.

“Oh little girl that was so good but it was so wrong,” I told her.

“Get used to it daddy. I’m going to do all kinds of fun things with you as you get better. Don’t be ashamed just look at it as advanced therapy from your new nursey.”

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