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Making Hay

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Jan was bouncing up and down on her boyfriend, Bubba’s lap but not in the way you might think. With five of them in the cab of Jake’s old pickup, she did not have anywhere else to sit. They were packed in like sardines but that didn’t keep them all from bouncing around on the rough dirt road that led into the hay fields.

“Come on Jake, you need to get the boss to fix this damned road before we hurt ourselves,” Jan said after they crashed through a particularly large pothole.

“I’m not complaining,” Bubba said with a big grin as he held onto Jan a little tighter.

“I’m beginning to think you’re right,” Jake said as his head bumped the top of the cab on the next hole.

Todd, who was sitting next to Jake said, “Slow down a little, will ya!”

Mike the youngest of the group at eighteen laughed and then let out a whoop as they hit the next deep hole. “Ride-em Cowboys!” He yelled and then added, “And cowgirls.”

“I’m going to cowgirl your butt when we get out of this truck.” Jan told him as she took a swing at his shoulder and missed as the truck wallowed through a set of ruts.

Mike grinned and whispered, “Promises, promises, all I ever get is promises.”

Bubba nudged him with an elbow. “Behave before I have to hurt you.”

“What are you going to do? You’ve got both hands full trying to keep Jan from flying out the window,” he said with a laugh.

“This truck will stop sooner or later.” Bubba replied menacingly.

“Are you sure about that?” Todd said as they rumbled over a cattle gap.

Before anyone could answer, the truck rounded a curve and slid to a halt beside two tractors and two hay trucks. “We’re here!” Jake said.

“About time!” Todd and Jan said at the same time. Mike and Bubba laughed.


The cool morning air had Jan’s nipples hard as she drove the hay truck out across the field toward the first line of hay bales. The heater in the old truck hadn’t worked in years and it never had air conditioning, which was even worse. By lunch break, she would be ringing wet with sweat.

As she neared the first bale, she geared down to low and let the truck idle along. Bubba and Mike jumped to the ground, grabbed the first bale of the day, and tossed it up to Jake and Todd. This was the easy part. The truck was empty, the air was cool, and everyone was fresh and rested.

Jan sighed and settled in for another long boring hot day.

By Jake’s estimations, these two truckloads would finish this field. The two loads from yesterday had been devastating for all five of them. One hundred and three degrees in the shade and ninety something percent humidity had beat them all down.

By the time they had headed out to deliver the loads, everyone was soaking wet, worn out, and grouchy. Today’s weather was not supposed to be any better.


By the end of the first row, a quarter of the truck was full and it was starting to get hot. Jan ditched the long sleeved shirt she had worn for the morning chill, when she stopped in the shade of a big oak for the guys to rest and get a cold drink. She climbed out of the truck to do the same and to stretch her legs.

Jake and Todd sat on the edge of the truck bed with their legs dangling. Bubba and Mike lay sprawled out on the ground. She grinned at the two on the ground as she got a coke out of the cooler tied to the back bumper of the truck.

“You two look like shit,” she told them with a grin.

“You toss these bales and lets see how good you look.” Mike told her frowning.

“No thanks, it’s bad enough in the cab of the truck,” she said to Mike and then she turned to Jake. “How about lowering that broke ass passenger window for me?”

He shook his head. “I’d love to but I’m afraid it’ll fall down in the door again, like last time.”

“Somebody needs to fix some of this junk.” Jan told him and then sighed deeply. It was not going to happen and she knew it. The guy they worked for paid fairly well but never fixed anything until it died and stopped work.

Jake shrugged because he knew the same thing she did. They all knew it. It was a standing joke of sorts. “I’ll lower it but you have to take the door apart and retrieve it if it falls down,” Jake finally said as he hopped down off the truck.

“Thanks,” Jan said to him and then added to no one in particular, “I wish I had my bag, I’d change early and beat the heat.”

“At the end of the next row, we’ll all change as usual.” Bubba replied.

“One of these days, I’m just going to strip and drive naked,” Jan said and then laughed.

“All, right!” Mike said loudly and then gave Jan a leering grin. “I hope I’m on the truck when you do.”

Bubba slapped him in the back of the head. “Watch your mouth, bonehead. She was joking.”

“Are you sure?” Todd asked from the bed of the truck. He laughed as Bubba glared at him.

“Yes, I’m sure,” Bubba, growled. He glanced at Jan out of the corner of his eye. She grinned at him and winked.

“What’s that mean?” He asked her sharply.

She continued to grin as she shrugged and turned to head for the cab of the truck. She loved Bubba but he was sometimes too jealous for his own good. He had a strong well-endowed body but a weak mind. She wondered for the umpteenth time why she put up with him.

Pictures of his big muscular arms and thighs, along with his flat washboard stomach, barrel chest, and of course, his big dick, flashed through her mind. She felt a quivering chill run up and down her spine to pool between her legs as intense heat.

Thoughts and memories of riding that big dick ran through her mind as she got in the cab and started the truck. Her jeans felt tight in the crotch as she worked the clutch and put the truck in gear. The jeans rubbed her partially exposed clit as she did.

“Great, that’s all I need,” she whispered to herself.

“What?” Jake asked from where he was fixing the window.

“Nothing, just got things on my mind.” Jan replied with a big grin.

“Ok, yeah, if you say so.” Jake replied and shook his head as he climbed off the truck running board. “Just remember to keep an eye on the mirrors. I don’t want you daydreaming and someone to get hurt.”

“I know boss, I’ll keep it under control,” she said as he closed the door. With the door shut she added, “For now, anyway.” Her mind was a dangerous place at the moment.


The trip back down the next row was even hotter and more work as the bed of the truck filled up. The stack got higher and the guys were now double-teaming the bales. Todd was down on his knees helping and Jake was stacking. At the slow speed and with no wind, Jan was steadily baking.

By the time, they reached the end and the truck was half loaded, they were all ready to lie down and relax. Jan joined Todd and Jake on the back of the truck. The hay was prickly through her t-shirt but Jan did not care. It was cooler up here and that was all that mattered.

Jan had almost dozed off when Jake sat up and sighed deeply. “This heat is ridiculous but it’s not going to get any cooler.” He sighed again and then went on, “Let’s get changed and remember to take your salt tablets and drink a lot of water or Gator-Aide. Leave the cokes for later, when we get finished.”

All four of the guys already had their shirts off. Jan’s t-shirt was soaked with sweat and her padded bra felt like a wet soggy hot compress on her small breasts. The day before her breasts had looked like wrinkled prunes by the end of the day. She had brought a sports bra with her today.

Grabbing her bag from the back of Jake’s truck, she wandered off into the woods to change. She found a spot behind a screen of bushes and stripped off the t-shirt and bra. She could ring sweat out of both of them. She slipped off her shoes without untying them and wiggled out of her jeans.

She sighed as a slight breeze wafted across her damp body. It was so much cooler with just her panties on. She grinned as she realized the white bikini briefs were wet enough to be almost transparent. Bubba would drool if he saw her now. Thoughts of Bubba made her clench her thighs and inner muscles.

A sound behind her made her turn. Bubba was standing a few yards away, next to a tree peeing. “Too bad we have to go back to work,” he said with a leering grin in her direction.

Jan’s eyes dropped to his dick and she watched as the light yellow stream flowed from the head. His big hand held it near the head and there was still room for her smaller one at the base. She gave a small quivering shake at memories of that thing stuffing her pussy tightly.

When he finished peeing, Bubba shook his dick and then turned toward Jan stroking it slowly. His eyes ran up and down her nearly naked body and his dick started to grow even larger. “Maybe I should give you a quick fuck to remind you who’s the boss,” he said thoughtfully.

When Jan frowned deeply, Bubba grinned and made a show of putting his dick away. “Maybe tonight would be better. That way you can scream your head off without drawing an audience.”

Jan was still frowning as he turned and walked back toward the truck. Asshole, she thought fiercely as she jerked her sports bra out of her bag. He’s starting to take things for granted, she thought as she started to put the bra on. Anger flashed in her eyes and she threw the bra at her bag.

“Fuck him and the little pink pony he rode in on,” she muttered angrily, under her breath. She slipped on a thin white cotton sleeveless t-shirt and wiggled out of her panties.

“I should just drive the truck naked and show him whose boss,” she said aloud as she got her blue jean cutoffs out of the bag. She paused a second and then grinned as she dropped them back in the bag and got out the thin white short shorts she had planned on wearing home.

“By the end of the next run I’ll be soaking wet again,” she whispered and then grinned. “It should be quite interesting at the rest break.”


By the time they reached the shade at the end of the third run, Jan had just enough energy left to open both doors and lay over in the seat. Clouds had moved in about halfway along the run and the wind had picked up a little. Jan lay on her back with her feet propped up on the window ledge.

The light breeze through the cab felt chilled as it caressed her body. She drank the last of the water from the bottle she had in the console and wanted more. The problem was, she would have to get up and go get it. With a sigh, she started to sit up.

She got as far as her elbows when Jake’s head appeared at the door by her legs. He held out a cold water bottle. “Here, drink this and then come get another one, you look beat.”

“I’ve got chills if that tells you anything.” Jan told him.

Jake’s eyes were not on her face. She held in a grin and fought the urge to look down at her chest. From the way the cloth was clinging to her breasts, she knew it was wet and probably transparent.

“Uh, yeah,” Jake said as he tore his eyes away from her breasts. “This will be a little longer stop than normal. I’m hoping those clouds stick around and the wind picks up some more. It’ll help all of us.”

“Thanks for the water,” Jan said with a grin.

“Uh, you’re sure welcome.” Jake replied as his eyes dropped back to her chest for a second. Then he turned and headed toward the back of the truck.

When he was gone, Jan looked down at the front of her t-shirt. It clung to and molded itself to her breasts. Her dark areolas showed clearly as did the lighter peaks of her hard nipples. She might as well have been nude for all the shirt hid.

She sat up and slid over to stand on the running board of the truck. Standing, she could feel the thin shorts clinging to her ass and hips. She wondered if they were as transparent as the shirt. The ass probably was from sitting on the vinyl seat cover.

Driving across the field, she had felt the sweat pouring from under her arms and boobs and streaming down her back. It had felt so sensuous and tickly as it ran down to her shorts and down the crack of her ass. She had wanted wet and now she had it.

The problem was, did she have the nerve to walk this way to the back of the truck. To walk back there and stand around as though she didn’t know what she was showing. Four sets of male eyes eating her up. Well, three sets drinking her in and one set glaring at her and the other three in jealousy.

Bubba’s eyes would bug out at first and he would leer. Then he would realize that he wasn’t the only one looking. She didn’t know what he would do after that. That was something else she was worried about. She didn’t want anyone hurt by his jealousy. She just wanted to show him he wasn’t her boss.

Jan sat back down on the seat to think things over some more. “Hey, Jan, are you alright?” Todd called as he came up along the side of the truck.

With a shiver of excitement, Jan sat up straighter and pulled her shoulders back. She felt her breasts pressing tighter to the wet material of the shirt. “I’m fine, Todd.” She got out in as natural a voice as she could manage.

“Jake wanted me to check on you,” he said, as he got closer. “I brought you another water.”

Todd froze as he got even with the door. His eyes were running all over her body, which made Jan quiver and clench up inside. Jan had seen Todd’s well-defined muscular chest many times but for some reason today it looked even more massive on his lean frame.

Both of them seemed to be holding their breath as they looked at each other. Todd’s lips moved several times but no words came out. Finally, he got out, “Oh my God, you are beautiful.” It was a reverent whisper.

Jan felt a hot blush start in her breasts and run up her neck to her face. She couldn’t remember doing that in a very long time. There was also a surge of heat in her sex and her nipples harden to the point they ached. The awe and admiration in his eyes was something she had never seen in Bubba’s.

Holding her breath, Jan slid forward on the seat, left her left foot where it was, and stepped down with her right as she reached for the water bottle. Her legs were spread wide and she could feel the cool clothe of her shorts pulling tightly against her hot sex.

Todd’s eyes dropped to the crotch of her shorts and grew wider as his mouth moved but nothing came out. That answered the question of how transparent her shorts were. A moment later, Todd’s arm moved as he handed her the water bottle but his eyes never left her sex.

A surge of heat like she had never felt before ran through Jan’s lower belly. If one set of eyes made her feel like this then what were four sets going to do? Can a woman come from just being looked at, she wondered. What would it really be like to be naked with four men looking at her? Jan fought the urge to moan.

Finally Todd found his voice, “I… uh… I better… uh… get back to the guys before Bubba gets nervous and jealous.”

“Uh, huh,” Jan said softly and then smiled. “Thanks Todd and I don’t just mean for the water.”

“You’re more than welcome,” Todd whispered as his eyes flicked up to her breasts and then to her face. He grinned broadly and added, “It was my pleasure, believe me.”

“Mine also. I’ve never been looked at with such awe before and it’s stimulating to say the least,” Jan whispered.

Todd blushed as he adjusted the bulge in the front of his cut offs. “I… uh… understand completely.” He turned toward the back of the truck and then changed his mind and went toward the front. “I think I need to relax before I go near Bubba,” he said with a grin.

Jan chuckled, “That would be a good idea.”

As Todd disappeared around the front of the truck, Jan looked down at her shorts and gasped softly. The soft transparent cloth was pulled up tightly in her slit and outlined her outer lips. The small V of dark hair on her mound was clearly visible. Now she did moan softly.


Jan sat back on the seat and opened the bottle of water. She took a long slow pull from the bottle and then sighed. She could feel the cold water halfway to her stomach. She took another long pull on the bottle and then grinned as she poured some over each breast.

She gasped loudly each time the cold water touched her chest. Her nipples now ached and she wanted to pinch and twist them but she held back. If she did then there would be evidence in the way, the thin cloth would lay. She whimpered and drained the last of that bottle of water.

She put the water bottle Todd had brought her in the console and lay back down on the seat. She left her left foot where it was and raised the other to the windowsill. She could feel the cooling of the cloth over sex as the air got to it.

A daydream of her laying this way naked and Todd’s face between her legs made her whimper softly. Todd’s face was replaced with Jake’s and she moaned. A noise by the door made her lift her head. Mike stood with his head less than a foot from her sex. His mouth hung open and his eyes were wide.

“Hello, Mike,” Jan said and then grinned as he jumped and his eyes flicked up to her face and then back to her sex. He was blushing a deep bright red but he continued to stare openly at her.

After a moments silence, Jan asked, “Did you want something?”

“Uh, yeah, I sure do,” he whispered softly.

Quickly Mike shook himself and said, “Uh, I mean, Jake says it’s time to move out.” His eyes were still on Jan’s exposed sex. He licked his lips and then he was gone.

Jan laughed as she sat up. Everyone had had a look except Bubba. Her hands came up and caressed her breasts through the wet material of the shirt. This was the last pass and then they would break for lunch. By the time, they did that she would be even wetter, and not just her clothes.


Jan had used the mirrors and the brake to slow the truck even more as the guys struggled to get the bales to the top of the load. She had to be gentle with the brake so she wouldn’t throw the two on the truck off balance. It took concentration but she’d had plenty of practice in the past.

At the end of the line, she stopped for Jake and Todd to get off the truck. Then she drove over beside the other truck and parked. The guys were gathered around Jake’s truck as she got her things and moved to the empty vehicle.

She was very much aware of how wet her clothes were as she did. The wind was still up but the clouds had moved on. The breeze felt chilled as it blew over her wet clothes. The windows were already down in this truck and it felt cooler than the other did as she started it up.

Jan pulled the truck over next to Jake’s pickup and parked. Now was her moment of truth. Did she really have the nerve to go eat lunch the way she was? She didn’t really have any choice unless she asked Jake or Bubba to go get her bag. Asking Bubba was out of the question. It was all his fault in the first place.

Steeling herself, she climbed out of the truck and walked toward the rear. Jake, Bubba, and Mike were sitting on the tailgate of Jake’s truck. Todd was bent over getting a cold drink out of the ice chest. No one was obviously staring at her but she could still feel their eyes.

She got the little cooler out of the truck with her lunch in it. She started to open the truck door and sit inside to eat but changed her mind when Todd stood up, his mouth open, and his eyes wide. She grinned at him and headed for the back of the hay truck.

Mike and Jake both looked her way as she climbed up to sit on the back edge of the flat bed facing them. Bubba was still too interested in his sandwich to notice anything. She unpacked her lunch, well aware of the three sets of eyes on her. They continued to eat their lunches but they were devouring her as well.

Jan’s body was tingling all over under their eyes. Her nipples were hard enough to cut glass and she couldn’t quit squeezing her thighs together. Her pussy was hot and wet feeling as she clenched her inner muscles involuntarily. She had been horny but this was so far beyond that, she did not have a word for it.

Mike was the first to finish eating. He repacked his trash and went around to the far side of the truck to put his cooler away. He paused a moment to lean on the side of the truck and stared openly at Jan. He licked his lips several times. When Jan smiled, he grinned and turned to walk off into the woods.

He paused by a tree and Jan figured he had to pee. She watched him from the corner of her eye. Of the three guys, Mike was about the wild and craziest. After a moment, he took a step forward so he was behind the tree from the other guys. Then he turned around.

Jan tried hard not to grin. He had his dick out and it was standing up hard and proud. He ran his hand up and down the shaft several times and then stuck his tongue out and wiggled it suggestively. Jan laughed and then stifled it as everyone looked at her.

“Has the heat gotten to you?” Bubba asked suddenly and loudly. At Bubba’s voice, Mike turned and hurried deeper into the trees. This made Jan laugh even harder than before.

Bubba stood up frowning. “Are you laughing at me?”

Jan shook her head but she continued to laugh. Between Mike’s childish behavior and Bubba’s jealousy, she was out of control and it showed in her laughter.

“Get your ass in the truck while I get your clothes bag,” Bubba yelled at her.

The laughter cut off as if it was on a switch. “Fuck you Bubba Carter, you don’t own me. I’m free, white, and damned near twenty one, so you can just fuck off,” Jan yelled back.

Bubba’s mouth dropped open, he had never heard Jan talk that way. “What the fuck’s got into you? You’re my girl, you don’t need to be showing everything you’ve got to this bunch of assholes.”

“They haven’t seen anything yet,” Jan, said standing up. She whipped her t-shirt off over her head and threw it at Bubba. The shirt hit him in the face. Her shorts followed quickly.

Bubba stood there with his mouth open in a stunned silence. Jake, Todd, and Mike’s mouths also hung open but not for the same reason. Jan stood on the back of the flatbed completely nude except for her tennis shoes.

“Holy shit!” Todd whispered slowly.

“Uh huh,” Jake said.

“Get the hell down from there and put your clothes on,” Bubba yelled.

Jan glared at him and simple said, “No.”

Bubba suddenly charged the truck like a linebacker on Saturday night. As he started up on the side of the truck, Jan executed a perfect high kick, catching Bubba on the side of the chin. Bubba hit the ground, out cold.

Jake and Todd looked down at Bubba and then they both looked up at Jan. Both were grinning. Jan was hopping around on one foot. Seeing them grinning she yelled, “I think I broke my fucking foot on his damned hard head.”

Jake laughed as he walked over and checked Bubba’s pulse. “Good thing he has that hard head or you could have killed him.”

“It would serve him right. I’m tired of his jealousy and bullshit. He thought he owned me, well, I showed him.”

“Yeah, and the rest of us at the same time,” Mike said from the far side of the truck, a big grin on his face.

Jan stopped hopping and grinned. “It’ll be a hell of a lot cooler driving the truck this way.”

“For you maybe,” Todd muttered to himself.

Jan laughed and then winced as she put her weight on her right foot. She walked to the front of the truck bed, turned, and walked back. The ankle hurt but it was offset by the thrill of three sets of eyes on her nude body. A shiver ran up and down her spine.

“Would someone toss me one of the sweat towels so I’ll have something to sit on.” Jan said as she squatted down next to her lunch. She had her knees wider than she would have normally allowed them to open, but she was having fun teasing the guys and herself.

Mike picked up a towel and tossed it toward Jake. It hit Jake in the shoulder. He grabbed it before it hit the ground. He tossed it up to Jan and grinned as she turned more toward him to catch it. Her legs spread wider as she did.

She held that position as Jake’s eyes stared straight between her legs. Mike and Todd both stared as well. Mike licked his lips a few seconds later, as did Jake. Jan shivered and dropped her hand down to stroke her outer lips lightly. They were slippery to her touch. She turned to face the three men, her legs now spread as wide as they would go.

Her fingertips caressing her sex made her shiver harder. Three sets of eyes followed her fingers as she rubbed her sex more firmly. She wanted to masturbate while they watched but she lacked the nerve. Her middle finger slipped between the folds and brushed against her swollen clit. She moaned softly and jerked her hand away.

“It’s all right,” Jake said softly. “Go on, you know you want to and you know we want to watch you. Just relax and go for it.”

Jan whimpered softly as her hand returned to stroke her outer lips.

“That’s it, just do what makes you feel the best,” Jake whispered.

Jan’s middle finger slipped back between her pussy lips and rubbed up and down in the slippery damp cleft of her sex. She moaned as her fingertip touched her wet hot opening. She was so wet. She could not remember being this wet before. Not even the first time Bubba ate her pussy and she had been plenty wet then.

She dipped her finger inside her opening. It felt so good that she pushed it in even farther. Three sets of eyes watched as she fingered her pussy. On a sudden urge, she pulled the finger out of her sex and moved it down to tease her asshole.

With a loud gasp as her finger slipped into her anus, Jan’s hips jerked up and down, fucking her asshole on the finger. Their eyes had her horny but this show she was putting on had her almost out of control. She was having little mini orgasms, one right behind the other.

Jan could feel her stomach muscles rolling and twitching as an orgasm built in her lower pelvic region. She wanted to draw it out but her body wasn’t having any of it. She left the finger in her ass, dropped the towel, and rolled her clit around with a finger on her left hand.

That was all she wrote. Jan came with a gush as her legs slammed shut on her hands. She fell forward onto her knees as her stomach and hips jerked in rhythm with the pulsing pleasure of her orgasm. Her eyes were tightly shut and all she saw was bight flashes of color and light.

Somewhere in the back of her mind, a little voice was cheering her on. That orgasm was better than anything Bubba had ever given her. At the thought of Bubba, her eyes opened and she looked down. Bubba was lying on the ground but his eyes were very wide open, as was his mouth.

Jan smiled at him and flicked her clit with her finger. She moaned as a small surge ran through her belly and her eyes closed again.


A while later, Bubba sat on the tailgate of the truck and looked at the ground. Ever so often, he would glance at Jan and frown. Todd and Jake leaned on the side of the truck and watched Jan eat her lunch. Mike had disappeared into the woods once again.

The thought of Mike jerking off while watching her made her shiver and smile. The bulging ridge in the front of Jake’s levy’s made her quiver inside. The tent in the front of Todd’s shorts was impressive enough that she could not keep her eyes away from it long.

She was forcing herself to eat slowly to draw out the pleasure of them watching her and her alone. She had never been the center of attention before, especially the sexual center. It was thrilling and made her feel powerful and in charge. That was something else she had never felt.

Jan had let life flow around her. She had never stirred the pot, so to speak. Life had always controlled her. Bubba, school, this job, they had all just fallen into her lap and she had went along. Sitting here naked eating her lunch in front of four men was the first truly wild and independent thing she had ever done.

She felt in total control of the situation and she was ready for more. “Who has condoms?” She asked suddenly.

Bubba glared at her and Mike yelled, “I do.”

She grinned at Bubba and said, “I know you do. Do you have one or two?”

“One.” Bubba said and looked away.

“I have two.” Mike yelled from the woods.

“Get your ass over here and quit jacking off.” Todd yelled at Mike.

Mike stepped out to where Jan could see him. He had his dick in his hand and was slowly stroking it. “I’m stroking, I ain’t jacking off. I’ve got other plans,” Mike said with a laugh.

Bubba jumped up and Jan yelled, “Sit your ass back down, it’s no longer your problem and you don’t have anything to be jealous of any longer. I was a connivance and a trophy but I’m not anymore.”

Bubba glared at Jan but sat down.

Jan looked at Jake and Todd. “Who wants the condom and who wants a blowjob?” She asked in a strong quiet voice as a shiver of anticipation ran up and down her spine now that what she wanted was out in the open.

“Can I have both?” Mike yelled from the woods.

“Shut up Mike,” Bubba growled.

“That makes you last, Bubba,” Jan said, giving him a hard look.

Looking at Jake and then at Todd, she said, “You two decide and get the condom from Mike.”

She ate the last bite of her sandwich and drained the last of her soda. “I’m driving the truck just the way I am for the rest of the day. We have four runs to make. Todd at the end of the first one, bring me a couple of cold water bottles. At the end of the second, Mike, you do the same. Jake if you would bring it on the third, that would be nice.”

“What about me?” Bubba asked.

“What about you?” Jan replied. “You’ll get yours when we leave tonight.”

She had her small lunch cooler packed and tossed it to Todd. She held her arms out toward Jake. “Help me down. The sooner we get started, the sooner we’ll be back here and on top of the hay pile.” She grinned and winked at Jake.

Jake shook his head but he was grinning as he helped Jan down. He gave a jerk as she grabbed the ridge in the front of his jeans. “Keep that thought,” she whispered. “It feels delicious.”


The first run went quickly as always. Jan had her eyes on the guys as they lifted and tossed the bales in the side mirror and stacked them in the rearview mirror. Sweat glistening bodies, lean hard muscles, and the thought of Todd with his head between her legs at the end of the run.

She was hot but not just from the heat and wet as hell. She would shift her butt on the towel and feel her pussy lips slip, and slide against each other. Her right hand stayed on the steering wheel but the left kept wandering over her slick chest.

Jan had the truck parked in the shade and had barely gotten it shut off before Todd opened the door to hold out two cold water bottles. Jan had felt worlds cooler driving naked. Sweat still rolled down her body but it felt sexy and sensuous.

With a grin, Jan turned in the seat to face Todd. Her spread thighs were right on eye level with him. She took the water bottles and tossed them on the seat behind her. She was much more interested in the way Todd licked his lips.

“I hope you eat pussy,” she whispered as she slid forward, spreading her legs even wider.

With a grin, he moved forward and planted his face in her sex. Jan gasped loudly and arched her hips up. Bubba had always just licked her from her opening up to her clit, only to go back down and start over. Bubba’s tongue was wide and strong but boring.

Todd’s on the other hand was long, flexible, and agile. He plunged into her depths and stirred them thoroughly. Jan found it hard to catch her breath for several minutes under his attack. When she did finally exhale loudly, Todd ran his tongue up her slit and started to give her clit the tongue lashing from hell.

Jan couldn’t breath again. Her hands went to his head to push him away but ended up pulling him tighter instead as a strong orgasm suddenly washed over her. She heard herself moan loudly as her stomach muscles jerked and clinched. Electric sparks flew along her nerves.

As her clit became too sensitive, she pushed at Todd’s head and lifted her knees. Todd released her clit and lifted his head. The next thing Jan knew he was licking her asshole and pussy. This brought an even deeper moan as her orgasm held its intensity for that much longer.

She had to push his head away again. This time he stepped back. Jan groaned as she lowered her legs and lay back in the seat. “Damn!” she whispered between ragged breaths. Even the cold water bottles under her side didn’t faze her.

“Are you alright?” Todd asked a moment later.

“Oh yeah, I’m just peachy keen,” Jan whispered and then giggled hoarsely. “You sure do know how to eat pussy.”

“I haven’t had a lot of practice.” Todd admitted.

Jan giggled again. “I can fix that and I plan to.”


Jan was still in a bit of a daze as she drove back across the field. She watched the guys and sipped at the water. Once she poured some of the cool water over her breasts and shivered as it ran down her belly and between her legs. It cooled her off somewhat and seemed to wake her up.

Todd’s oral skill had surprised her. She wondered if Mike would be as good and then she thought about Jake. For the first time, she wondered if she could handle what she had started. Two more orgasms like that last one and she would not be worth a shit to drive.

The end of the second run came much quicker than usual. Jan wasn’t sure if it was anticipation, daydreaming, or the guys were working faster. She pulled to a stop in the shade and shivered as she opened the driver’s door. Mike was there an instant later.

He held up two water bottles but his eyes were locked on Jan’s sex. She dropped the water bottles in the console and slid forward until her ass was right on the edge of the seat. Mike seemed to be frozen on the spot, his eyes wide, and his mouth hanging open slightly.

With a grin, Jan put her hands on the back of his head and pulled forward gently. With a jerk, Mike looked up at her face. “I… uh… I….” He stammered and then he blurted out. “I’ve never done this.”

“Just lick, I’ll guide you to the best spots,” Jan whispered as she pulled on his head again.

Mike let her pull him forward and then he stuck out his tongue. Jan gasped at the first touch of his tongue on her slit. It was a tenitive, uncertain lick but it was his first. Jan felt power surge through her as he took another lick, a firmer stronger one up her slit.

She guided him to her clit and her stomach jerked as he licked it firmly. Then he was trying to suck on it and flick it at the same time. Jan moaned softly and rocked her hips against his mouth. It was so different from Todd or Bubba. Less experience and more enthusiasm.

Jan rocked her hips controlling the pressure of his licks. When she pushed down on his head he moved down along her slit to her opening. His tongue wiggling inside her made her groan and her hips jerk. As his tongue went deeper, she moaned louder.

When he curled the end of his tongue and pulled his head back, Jan groaned. He fucked her pussy slowly with his tongue, his beautiful long flexible tongue. Jan’s breathing got faster as he rubbed and touched something she had never felt before. An orgasm was growing with incredible speed.

It wasn’t as intense as with Todd when it hit but it was long and drawn out as Mike kept working his tongue in and out. Jan finally had to push his head away. With a groan, she closed her legs, and lay back on the seat.

“Did you…. Uh…. You know?” Mike asked in a breathy whisper.

“Oh God, yes,” Jan whispered back. “I never knew your tongue was so long.”

Mike grinned and rolled the full length of his tongue out. The tip was well past the bottom of his chin. Jan giggled and shook her head wildly. “Holy shit! No wonder I was coming my brains out.”

Still grinning, Mike turned and walked away.


Jan finally found the energy to sit up and had finished half a bottle of water, when Jake showed up at the door. “Are you all right?” He asked with concern in his voice.

Jan grinned and nodded. “Never better,” she answered and then sipped on her water.

“Ok then, lets get a move on,” he said. He shook his head as he turned to walk toward the back of the truck.

Jan started the truck and turned it around. She lined up on the row of bales and headed out. This side of the field was partially shaded by the sun getting lower and the tall trees along the edge of the field. It should be a little cooler.

This run was slower as the guys had to stack the hay higher but the shade helped with the heat some. Jan had to stop once as a bale got away from Jake and Mike and fell back to the ground. One missed bale in six and a half runs wasn’t bad when you consider the number of bales.

She could hear Todd ribbing them as they climbed down to retrieve the bale but he helped them toss it up onto the top of the pile. Bubba stood back looking at the cab of the truck with a frown on his face. He did not look happy at all. Jan felt a pang of sorrow for him but it was his own fault. She hoped he would learn something in the end.

Jake and Mike climbed back up onto the bed of the truck and Jake yelled, “Roll it out.”

Jan let off the brake and applied the gas. The truck started to move and they were back to work. The rest of the run went smoothly and it wasn’t long before Jan shut off the truck at the end of the row. The thought of Jake bring her water and eating her pussy had her hands shaking as she opened the drivers door.

Turning in the seat to face the open door, Jan drained the last of the left over warm water and tossed the plastic bottle on the floorboards. This run had been cooler with the shade and she wasn’t sweating nearly as much. The thoughts of Jake eating her pussy had kept her pussy very wet.

She rocked from side to side and then back and forth. A grin spread across her face as she felt and heard the wet towel squish under her ass. She wondered how much of that was sweat and how much was from her sopping wet pussy. She would definitely have to remember to clean the seats in both trucks.

Jan giggled softly. For the first time ever, she was thankful for vinyl seat covers. Jake clearing his throat, made her look down. With a smile, she took the two bottles of water and put them in the console.

“How are you doing?” Jake asked softly.

With a grin, Jan replied, “Never better. I’ve had three of the biggest orgasms of my life and I found out Todd has hidden talents I never dreamed of. Not to mention, Mike’s extremely long tongue and totally virgin status in that area.”

Jake chuckled. “So you got Mike’s cherry for eating pussy, huh.”

“It kind of surprised me from the way he acts and talks.”

“Yeah, the brashness and bluster of youth is something that takes time to get over but this will be something he’ll remember the rest of his life.”

“Me too,” Jan whispered and then giggled.

“Drink some water and rest, I’ll take a rain check on the oral until we finish.” Jake told her and then winked. “I like to take my time and do the job right.”

Jan giggled and said, “If you do the job any better than the last two then I’m going to die or at least sleep for a week.”

“With age comes experience and that’s something I have in spades,” Jake said with a grin.

“That sounds interesting,” Jan, whispered as Jake turned and headed for the back of the truck.


The last run was hard work for the guys as usual but the shade helped, along with a breeze. At the end of the last row, Bubba and Mike hopped up onto the truck and Jan headed for the starting point by Jake’s truck. Now, it was time to rest and cool off before tarping the loads and heading out to deliver the hay.

Jan parked by the first truckload and shut the motor off. The guys were all sprawled out on the hay as Jan got out of the truck. She grinned at the slick shiny dampness on the seat cover. She used the one dry edge of the towel to dry it off. The rest of the towel she could ring out.

At the back of the truck, she opened the cooler and got out a fresh bottle of water. “Hey, anyone up there want some water or a coke?” She asked and then tossed up water and cokes as requested.

She took a moment to get a fresh towel and to wipe her body down. The rough towel felt good as it ran over her skin, especially when it touched her nipples or her outer lips. Running it up and down in the crack of her ass made her shiver. Her whole body seemed more sensitive, more alive.

Turning around, she saw Todd and Mike watching her closely. With a grin, she grabbed four towels and tossed them at the two guys. When one towel hit the edge of the hay and fell to the ground, Mike said, “You throw like a girl.”

Laughing, Jan looked down toward her feet and then replied, “Duh. I am a girl, dummy.”

“And a damned beautiful one, at that,” Todd said with a grin.

“Thank you, kind sir. Now, hold these while I climb up.” She told Todd as she tossed her water, a coke, and her towel up to him.

The hay was prickly and rough on hands as she climbed up. The smell was fresh and sweet in the afternoon air. Four sets of admiring eyes on her naked body as she made the top of the pile made her flush with pride. She felt beautiful for the first time in her life, not just pretty but beautiful.

The four guys were sitting with their backs against the truck cab, their legs stretched out in front of them. Jan got her towel and with a smile, turned around, and bent at the waist to spread it out on the hay. A soft groan, two soft whistles of appreciation and a deep sigh told her just what affect her display was having.

Straightening, she got her drinks and sat down cross-legged on the towel facing the men. She opened the water bottle and drained half of it in one long swallow. She recapped the bottle and opened the coke. She drained half of that and then belched. “Excuse me,” she said softly.

Everyone but Bubba chuckled or laughed. He said, “That’s very lady like. What are you going to do next, stand up and let everyone watch you pee?”

Jan saw Jake’s face go cold and hard, and Todd had an angry look on his face. Shaking her head slowly, she said to Bubba, “If that’s what I want to do, I will. I’m my own person and what I want to do I will, so get over it. You’re a good guy most of the time but the jealousy has to stop. I hope you learn to control it with your next girlfriend.”

“What do you mean by my next girlfriend?” Bubba asked and then the light came on. “You’re dumping me? No fucking way. That’s not going to happen. Women don’t dump me.”

“I already have, you just haven’t caught on yet,” Jan said softly. “I don’t want to hurt you but I’ve suddenly realized that we aren’t going to make it over the long run. We’re to different and really don’t have anything in common but sex.”

Bubba opened his mouth to say something several times and then sighed deeply. Looking at Jake, he said, “I’m taking your truck to the farm. I’ve had about as much as I can stand today.”

Jake nodded and replied, “The keys are in it, just leave our clothing bags here so we can change.”

Bubba nodded and slowly got to his feet. He looked down at Jan and started to speak again but ended up shrugging before he climbed down off the hay truck.

A few minutes later, Jake’s truck started up and they all watched as Bubba drove away.

As the truck went out of sight around the first bend in the road, Jan sighed as deeply as Bubba had and whispered, “I hated to do that and I do wish him the best of luck but I’d had enough.”

“It happens,” Jake said. “Life has a funny way of changing all of a sudden. What we never question about our lives suddenly becomes a big thing, and becomes focused in a way that has never happened before. I’ve been there and done that several times in my life.”

“Yeah, I was focused on the tree and couldn’t see the forest,” Jan whispered and then grinned at her own little pun about Bubba’s tree.

“Are you going to miss the tree?” Todd asked with a grin of his own.

“If I do, then I can always go visit it. A hard tree has no conscience or memory.” Everyone laughed or chuckled at that. When everyone quieted down, Jan added, “I’ll just have to make sure I stay satisfied enough not to miss it.”

“Speaking of which,” Jake said, “It seems Bubba took his condom with him and I can think of several places much more comfortable than this pile of hay bales. Why don’t we head for the ranch and then head over to my place? I have the pool and the hot tub, not to mention a few beers in the icebox.”

“As long as I can stay naked, I don’t care,” Jan said with a grin. “I’m liking the attention I’m getting among other things.”

“I don’t see why you can’t. Put your shirt on from this morning just in case we have any problems with the trucks or cops. I’ll drive one truck and Todd can drive the other.”

“Hey, how about me?” Mike asked.

“You can ride with Todd or with me. Your choice.”

Mike looked at Jan and asked, “Who are you riding with?”

“How about if I ride with you and Todd halfway and then switch to the other truck and finish the ride with Jake?”

That’s sounds great,” Mike said as the other two men agreed.


Jan sat on the ice chest wearing Jake’s morning shirt. It was three sizes to big for her and looked like a short dress when she wrapped it around herself. Bubba had left the guys bags but had taken hers with him. It was a spiteful thing to do but it was par for the course for him.

The guys grabbed their bags and headed for the woods. “Hey, were are you guys going?” Jan asked and then grinned. “You can change right here if you want to. If you can look at me, shouldn’t I be able to look at you?”

“She has a point,” Todd said with a chuckle.

“Uh, yeah, I guess she does,” Mike replied.

Jake grinned and shook his head as slipped off his boots. “I’ve never been bashful,” he said as he undid his belt and then unzipped his levies.

Mike and Todd’s shorts soon followed suit and Jan found herself looking at three naked men. Jake may have been the oldest but there was certainly nothing wrong with his body or his equipment. He had a dark all over tan and no tan lines.

Bubba had them all three out gunned, so to speak, but then again, did that mean all that much? His tongue was bigger but Todd was better at eating pussy. Jan shivered as she remembered Mike’s long tongue. His dick was long also and narrow for its length. His body was short and slightly round but there was muscle under the baby fat.

She licked her lips, as she looked Todd over. He had a great body the biggest dick of the three. Nothing like Bubba’s but…. She wondered what it would be like to suck his dick or either of the other two for that matter. Bubba’s dick was more than a mouthful. Just the head was a mouthful. She sighed and then shivered.

Her mind was playing hell with her body as she watched the guy’s towel off, put on clean shorts, and t-shirts. None of them put on underwear and she grinned at that. The ride back to the ranch was going to be interesting to say the least. Several ideas were already percolating in her brain.


Todd got in the truck on the drivers side and Jan climbed up on the seat from the passenger side. She paused with one knee on the seat and one foot still on the running board. Mike was right behind her and her ass and sex was right at his eye level. A little wiggle of her ass from side to side was all it took for him to bury his tongue in her pussy.

Jan groaned as Mike wiggled his long tongue deep in her pussy. Todd chuckled and Jan looked up to see him grinning. “You have to watch Mikie, he’ll eat anything.”

“Oh, yeah, and believe me he can reach depths I never knew existed,” Jan whispered and then groaned softly as she moved up onto the seat.

Mike’s tongue came out of her sex and he said, “Hey, I was have an afternoon snack.”

Jan spread out her towel on the seat and sat down. As Mike climbed in the truck she whispered, “Why don’t both of you take off those shorts, I want to play a little on the way to the road.” Looking at Mike she added, “In fact, I think I’ll ride in your lap until we get to the road.”

Mike’s mouth dropped open. “Uh…. Do you mean ride in my lap or….”

Jan laughed as he scrambled out of his shorts. His dick was already hard and stood up against his lower belly. “Put that condom on and find out,” Jan said breathily. She was being very bad and she knew it.

Todd slid his shorts off and laid them on the seat next to Jan. “I guess you want me to hit all the potholes on the way out of here?”

Jan grinned at him and whispered, “Please do.”

Todd laughed and started the truck. Jan had Mike slid over more to the middle of the seat and moved his hips forward. She straddled his thighs and sighed. “I’ve wanted to try this every morning and every afternoon since I started working these jobs.”

With that said, she reached down and pulled Mike’s long slender dick away from his belly and slowly impaled herself on it as he groaned softly. It felt weird at first. It didn’t stretch her vagina almost to the point of pain.

Bubba was the only person she had ever had sex with and that was all she had for comparison. As her ass settled on his lap, Jan sighed and wiggled around. He felt good inside her and knowing that Todd was watching made it all the better.

The truck lurched forward and Jan rocked on Mike’s lap. His dick moved inside her pussy and she gasped as her inner muscles clapped down on him. With Bubba, she had never felt that before. She shifted her hips from side to side, as the truck crossed the cattle gap. The rumbling vibrations as the front tires crossed were fed into her sex. The same thing happened with the vibrations from the rear wheels.

Mike reached up and gave her breasts a gentle squeeze. Jan pushed out her chest and started to moan but it was cut short as the right front tire of the truck dropped into a pothole and then bounced out of it. Jan and Mike both bounced up off the seat. Jan felt her hair, brush the roof and then they landed back on the seat. Mike’s grip on her breasts tightened as her sex slammed onto his dick and his lap.

Jan’s eyes went wide and her mouth formed a perfect circle. She was unable to breath as her clit slammed down on Mike’s pelvic bone. His dick seemed to reach new depths and her pussy clamped down on it tightly. His tight grip on her breasts made her nipples ache. She threw back her head and raised her arms to place her hands on the roof.

The back duel tires entering and leaving the pothole wasn’t nearly as sharp but it still bounced them both around. Mike groaned as loud as Jan did.

“Only a hundred more potholes to go,” Todd said with a laugh as they hit the next one with the front tire.

It wasn’t as deep so they didn’t bounce as high but it was followed by a section of ruts that threw then sideways and back and forth. The next pothole was deep and was Mike’s undoing as he groaned and came. Jan was close to coming herself. Her pussy was gripping Mike’s dick tightly and she could actually feel the extra warmth at the head of his dick as he came.

With a deep moan, Jan rocked her hips on Mike’s lap as she tried to finish herself off before his dick deflated. She was really, really close, when the truck went through a series of four holes and several ruts grouped together. Her clit hammering his pelvic bone and his dick moving in her pussy pushed her over the edge. She grabbed Mike around the neck and hung on to him as the orgasm washed through her body.

She was so out of it, she didn’t even notice when Todd slowed and then stopped the truck. “I guess I hit one to many potholes,” he whispered softly. His hand was slowly stroking his dick as he watched Jan.

Mike groaned softly and whispered, “Its my fault, I couldn’t handle it. My biggest fantasy and I blew it way to early.”

Todd chuckled and nodded. “We all would, believe me.”

Jan moaned as her hips flexed sharply several times at his words. She had always figured the guys fantasized about her but to hear them say it and the way they said it sent shivers up and down her spine. She rested her head on Mike’s shoulder as Todd put the truck in low and rolled out.

She could feel Mike’s dick slowly go soft but the way she was sitting kept it from coming out of her vagina. Todd missed as many potholes as he could now but there were far more that he hit. At least they were the smaller ones for the most part.

Jan was halfway dozing when she realized Mike’s dick was getting longer and stiffer the more she rocked and bounced on his lap. Experimenting, she squeezed her inner muscles and felt her vagina tighten around him. Mike’s hands that had been holding her around the waist ran up and down her back slowly under the big shirt she wore.

“I think I’m catching my second wind,” he whispered in her ear.

Jan smiled as she nodded.

“Should I go back to hitting the big potholes?” Todd asked with a laugh.

He laughed even harder when Mike said, “Yes,” and Jan said, “No.”

“Things are fine the way they are,” Jan said softly.

Todd nodded and continued to dodge the big holes as best he could in the bad road.

Mike groaned softly as Jan squeezed his dick and rocked her hips slowly. The sway of the truck and the sudden bounces of holes just added to both their pleasures, especially the rub and slap of Jan’s clit on Mike’s pelvic bone. She could feel another orgasm rising. Not as sharply as the first but slowly and easily.

Just short of the highway, Jan’s orgasm peaked and burst over her. It was not as intense as some of the earlier ones but it was long and drawn out in a sensuous rolling way. Her inner muscles clamping down and fluttering along Mike’s shaft put him over the edge a few seconds later.

Between Mike’s grunting moans and Jan’s whimpering, Todd got distracted and damned near ran into the back of Jake’s truck as he stopped at the highway. Todd planted both feet on the brake and slid to a stop. Jan rocked back hard and then rebounded toward Mike, planting his dick even deeper yet in her pussy.

Mike yelled, “Shit!”

Jan moaned loudly and whispered, “That’s one way to punctuate the end of an orgasm.” Then she giggled as she squirmed on Mike’s lap. “That was the longest and shortest the ride down that road has ever been. Both at the same time.”

“Tell me about it,” Mike whispered.

“Sorry about that,” Todd said and then added, “You guys had me distracted to say the least.”

“Distracted ain’t the word for it,” mike said and then chuckled. “Out of my mind is closer to the fact.”

“I wonder what the road in to the next job is going to be like?” Jan asked with a giggle. Both guys laughed.

“I’m swapping places with Mike for that,” Todd said under his breath.

Jan shivered and wiggled on Mike’s lap. “I guess that means I have to go to work naked or just in Jake’s old long sleeved work shirt.”

“It works for me,” Todd said with a big grin as he pulled out onto the highway following Jake.

“It works for me too.” Mike said and then added, “I’m not sure how Bubba’s going to like it though.”

“I have an idea that Bubba has worked with us for the last time. Jan shut him down hard and we saw it. He won’t hang around, if I know his type,” Todd said thoughtfully.

“You’re right on that,” Jan put in and then yawned. “I think all those orgasms are catching up with me.”

Mike yawned and nodded. “Me too.”

Glancing at Jan, Todd said, “You can always lay down in the seat. We’ll wake you if Jake stops or we get to the farm.”

“There’s not enough room with the three of us in here,” Jan replied.

“I could go ride with Jake,” Mike offered.

“I’m supposed to ride with him,” Jan said and then yawned again. “Not that much is going to happen except me getting a nap.”

“Poor Jake,” Todd whispered as he flashed his lights several times and Jake slowed to pull over.


The highway wasn’t that busy but five cars flew passed as Jan moved from one truck to the next. She hadn’t buttoned the shirt when she got out of the rear truck and walked with her hands at her sides as she headed for the front one. The wind had picked up and the shirt fluttered open and closed several times. Jan forced her hands to stay at her side.

The trucks blocked her from the road most of the way but she wondered if any of the people in those cars had seen her as the shirt opened and closed. A shiver ran up her spine that had nothing to do with the cool wind. Reaching up to open the door of Jakes truck caused the shirt to open even more.

Jake was grinning at her as she climbed up to sit on the seat. “Showing off is thrilling, isn’t it? Even if you don’t know whether anyone is looking or not.”

She nodded and then groaned as she saw he wasn’t wearing his shorts. His hard dick was standing up against his lower belly. All thoughts of a nap left her mind as she licked her lips, lay down in the seat, and turned over to face him.

She rested her head on his bare thigh with her face only inches from his hard dick. She licked her lips at the thought of sucking his dick as a shiver ran up and down her spine. What would it taste like? What would it feel like to get more than the head of one in her mouth? She whimpered softly.

Jake brushed his hand over her hair lightly and then moved it to her arm. His hand caressed her arm and shoulder as he said, “You don’t have to unless you want to.”

Jan groaned softly and said, “That’s just it, I want to and in the worse way. I liked the taste of Bubba’s but it was too big to do anything with. Yours….” She let the sentence hang as her mind ran over the idea of sucking his dick.

“I’m really not sure what to do,” she admitted a moment later. “I could barely do more than suck on the head of bubba’s dick.”

“What do you want to do?” Jake asked softly as he pulled the truck back onto the highway. “Just do what you want to do. There is no wrong way for a blowjob. That is, unless you bite.”

Jan giggled and scooted closer to Jake, her head now farther in his lap. “I promise not to bite but you might need to coach me some.”

“You’ll be fine,” Jake said as he shifted the truck into high gear and up to cruising speed.

Jan took a deep breath and moved her head forward until she could take a lick at the base of his shaft. Bubba had liked her to lick him there. Jake’s dick twitched and she took that for a good sign. She licked him again with the same result.

Feeling more confident, she licked the shaft with small fluttery licks from the base to the head. She used the tip of her tongue to trace the flange and the V under the head. Jake’s hips flexed and Jan smiled.

“It’s nice to take my time and not have my head shoved around,” Jan said softly.

“I always figured Bubba for a “me” kind of guy. I never could understand what you had in common with him. Other than sex maybe,” Jake said and then squirmed in his seat as Jan went back to teasing the head of his dick.

Jan took a long slow lick from the base of his shaft to the head and then looked up toward Jake’s face. “I’ve asked myself that same question a hundred times today. I have also wondered why it took me so long to kick him to the curb, so to speak. I’ve always known I could do better. I just didn’t want to be alone, is the best way to put it.”

Jake glace down and grinned. “Being alone is not going to be a problem if I know those two in the other truck.”

Jan frowned for a second and then turned her head to swallow Jake’s whole shaft to the very base. It was an odd feeling after just being able to swallow the head of Bubba’s dick. The thing was, it also made her feel as though she had power over Jake.

When Jake groaned softly, she swirled her tongue around the base of his shaft and slowly worked her way upward. By the time she reached the head, she could feel Jake trembling. She wondered for a brief second if he would cum in her mouth if she did the same thing in reverse.

Not pausing to think about it, she slowly lowered her head, sucking as she went, her tongue attacking him like a mad butterfly. His groan was back louder and he was trembling harder. Bubba had never came when she sucked him. The thought of Jake coming made her tremble.

As Jan started to work up his shaft, Jake put a hand on the back of her head to stop her. In a trembling voice he whispered, “You’re fixing to get your tonsils painted.”

Jan grinned around his dick and then sucked on it firmly as she raised her head swiftly. She paused a second with just the head in her mouth and then sucked even harder and quickly lowered her head until her nose was buried in his pubic hair. She could feel the head of his dick in the very back of her throat.

Jake’s deep long drawn out groan as she started to slowly raise her head, her tongue once again teasing him unmercifully, made Jan whimper. This was a power trip the likes of which, she had never felt in sex before. There was also the unknown of when Jake would come or even if he would.

Suddenly, she realized she wanted him to. She wanted it more than anything she had wished for in a long time. Her tongue moved even faster, as did her head. Up and then down quickly as her tongue fluttered and swirled around and over his shaft.

She felt Jake’s hips arching up and then he was coming in her mouth. Jan froze for a millisecond and then with a groan swallowed him to the base. His taste grew strong, spicy, with an overtone she couldn’t identify.

Not thinking, she swallowed. The head of Jake’s dick was in the back of her throat. Swallowing around that head and then the thought of what she was swallowing made Jan groan deeply. The next thing she knew, she was coming right along with Jake.


The gate on the road into the hay barns was wide open. It was supposed to be closed and locked. Jake shook his head at the spiteful things that some people did. Bubba knew that if the owner came by and saw the open gate, he would be pissed.

Jake made the turn through the gate and followed the road up to the big barn. His old truck was parked sideways in front of Todd’s car and Mike’s motorcycle. It would be just like Bubba to lock the keys in the truck. Jake shook his head again.

Parking next to the big barn, Jake sighed and looked down. Jan was asleep with her head still in his lap. The head of his soft dick was only inches from her lips. For someone who supposedly knew little about sucking a dick, she sure had drained him dry.

Opening the truck door, he eased her head up with his hands as he slid over to get out. Jan mumbled in her sleep as he lowered her head to the seat. She brought her hands up and tucked them under the side of her head for a pillow, never waking up.

Jake grabbed his shorts and slipped them on as the other truck pulled in next to him. There were streaks of lightning on the southern horizon. Jake studied it as Mike got out of the truck. “Did you stop and lock the gate?” Jake asked without turning around.

“Sure did. That’s just like Bubba to try and get us all fired,” Mike said as he moved to stand next to Jake and watched the storm. “Is it coming this way?”

Todd came around the back of the truck stretching and rolling his shoulders. “The power steering fluid on that truck is getting low again. Is there any in the barn?”

“Probably,” Jake said and then added. “Open the big doors up. We’re putting the trucks inside just to be safe. That storm is moving fast and it looks like it’s headed this way.”

“How was the ride home?” Mike asked with a big grin.

Jake turned his head and looked at the younger man. “Not bad. Why do you ask?”

Todd grinned and replied, “You were doing eighty for a while there.”

Jake nodded. “Yeah, I probably was. Jan is sleeping like a baby and I could use some sleep myself.”

Mike chuckled and slapped Todd on the back. “I told you she would knock his socks off.”

“Talk about stating the obvious,” Todd said with a grin.

“Let’s get those door open. That storm is definitely headed this way,” Jake broke in.

“There’s nothing worse than wet hay,” Todd said as they headed for the corner of the big barn.

Jake turned back to the truck he had been driving and walked over to the open door. He was smiling as he stepped up on the running board. Leaning over, he kissed Jan on the cheek. “Hey, sleepy head, you need to move over so I can get back in.”

Jan mumbled in her sleep but didn’t move. With a grin, Jake placed a hand on the top of each of the sleeping girls shoulders and pushed. Jan moved across the seat far enough for Jake to get in. Jan only mumbled again and then wiggled to get comfortable.

Jake was smiling as he backed the truck up and then pulled it forward and into the big barn. A moment later, Todd pulled the second truck in behind him. Mike was closing one side of the big double door as Jake got out of the truck.

Todd got out of his truck and went around front to open the hood.

“Just leave it for the unloading crew,” Jake said as he walked past.

“Whatever you say, boss.” Todd replied.

Mike was pulling the second door shut.

“Leave it open enough to get your bike inside. It looks like you’ll be riding with Todd unless you feel like riding in the rain,” Jake said as he walked out the door.

“How much you want to bet, Bubba locked your keys in the truck,” Mike called after him.

“I never bet on sure things,” Jake called back.

Sure enough, the doors were locked, all the windows were rolled up, and the keys were in the ignition. With a grin, Jake moved to the bed of the truck, reached over in the back, and under the metal workbox. When he pulled his hand back, there was a magnetic key box in it.

Mike walked up beside Jake and grinned. “He’s not nearly as smart as he thinks he is.”

“In more ways than one,” Jake said as he unlocked his truck.

Getting in, he started it up and drove over to park next to the barn doors. A moment later, Mike pulled up along side on his motorcycle. “Hey boss, if I hurry I think I can beat the rain home.”

Jake eyed the approaching storm and nodded. Mike lived the opposite direction from the way the storm was coming. “You be careful and I’ll call ya in a few days.”

“Sure thing,” Mike said with a grin. “Take my change bag with you, ok. Oh, and tell Jan I’m deep in lust with her.”

Jake laughed. “Will do,” was all he had time to say before Mike roared away into the dark.

Jake was getting out of the truck when Todd pulled his car up next to him. The passenger window came down and Todd said, “I guess I should head on home, if you’ve got everything under control.”

With a grin, Jake asked, “Aren’t you forgetting a little something?”

“I have my bag and Mikes,” Todd said. “I think that’s everything.”

Jake laughed and shook his head. “You can be so dense sometimes. When Jan wakes up and you’re not here, she’s going to chew my ass for letting you leave, so get your ass out of the car.”

“Uh, well, I figured she would end up at your house.”

“Yeah, she will, but you’ll be there also. I watched her looking at you earlier and son, you’re in trouble if you think you can handle it. I always thought you two would make a much better couple, if you know what I mean.”

Todd looked at Jake hard for a moment and then grinned as he shut off the car. “Can I use both hands?” he asked as he got out of the car.

“Handling her as in hands won’t be the problem. Handling the fact that she likes to be looked at and likes showing off in public, now that might be a problem. She’s found her freedom in more ways than you can count today, that’s what I’m trying to tell you.”

Todd looked thoughtful for a moment and then nodded. “Yeah, I see what you mean. I’ve never thought of myself as the jealous kind of guy but….” He paused in thought.

After a moment, Jake said, “My advice is to take it one day at a time and see where it leads. Today might be a one time thing but don’t count on it.”

Todd nodded but before he could reply the rain arrived. Both men hurried into the barn. The rain was heavy, stinging, and cold.


Jan woke up slowly as Jake shook her shoulder and said, “Hey, sleepyhead, there’s a nice warm bed at my place that would be a lot more comfortable than this truck seat.”

With a big yawn, Jan rolled over on her back, stretching as she went. When her legs straightened all the way out, she looked toward her feet. The passenger door was open and Todd was grinning at her. “It’s raining its ass off,” he said.

Jan could hear the rain on the tin roof of the barn. Looking up at Jake she asked, “Where’s Mike?”

“Trying to beat the rain home. He didn’t want to leave the motorcycle here over night.” Jake paused to grin and then added, “He wanted me to tell you that he’s deep in lust with you.”

Jan chuckled and then laughed. “That’s sounds like something Mike would say and mean.”

“He had to use and L word and that one didn’t scare him,” Todd said with a chuckle.

Jan stretched again as she rolled over on her stomach. She came up on her hands and knees and then looked over her shoulder at Todd as she moved toward the passenger door. When her knees reached the edge of the seat, she paused, moved her right knee over to the side, lowered her upper body and wiggled her ass from side to side right in Todd’s face.

Jake laughed and shook his head. “Girl, I thought you had enough of that earlier.”

As Todd licked one ass cheek and then the other, Jan whimpered softly and shook her head. “There’s no such thing as enough,” she whispered. Then she groaned loudly as Todd’s tongue took a long slow lick up the crack of her ass.

Jan had never had her pussy eaten in this position before. Todd had an ass cheek in each hand as he licked and tongued her opening. She felt so open and exposed that it made her shiver. That Jake was watching made her shiver even harder.

Todd alternated between exploring the depths of her sex and licking her asshole. When he pushed the tip of his tongue into her anus, she gasped loudly and pushed back to get the tongue even deeper. Bubba had never touched her back there and what Todd was doing was driving her up the wall.

“I take it that anal sex never came up between you and bubba.” Jake said with a grin as he watched the different emotions cross Jan’s pretty face.

Jan shook her head and then moaned as Todd worked his tongue in and out of her ass. She had teased her asshole earlier just to be raunchy but this was so sensuous and felt so good. She kept squeezing her inner muscles tightly as an orgasm built slowly, almost leisurely.

Sudden images of Mike’s long thin dick slowly siding up her ass made Jan flex her hips against Todd’s tongue. That slow leisurely orgasm broke over her mind with blazing fireworks and flashes of lightening along her nerve endings. The inner muscles of her ass kept trying to grab and hold Todd’s slippery tongue.


Thunder rumbled as the rain continued to pound the tin roof of the barn. Jan shivered as a cool gust of wind sweep in through the open truck door and caressed her naked body. She was laying flat on her stomach, her legs spread wide as her right foot was on the floor of the truck.

Memories of Todd’s tongue in her ass as Jake watched made her shiver even harder than the breeze did. The thought of Mike fucking her ass with his long thin dick made her moan. That was what had set her orgasm off. The fact that anal sex had never crossed her mind before….

Well, not as an actual fact, no, but, as a fantasy the answer was a definite, yes. With Bubba, there had been no way for it to happen. His aversion to anything anal and his size both worked against it ever happening. With a soft groan, Jan pushed up onto her hands and knees and then quickly looked over her shoulder to see if Todd was still there.

Seeing that she was alone, she slowly backed toward the passenger door. She grabbed Jake’s old flannel shirt as she climb down to the floor of the barn. The dusty concrete was cool on her bare feet. Her socks and tennis shoes were on the floor of the truck. She could not remember taking them off.

She stuffed the socks in the shoes, threw the shirt over her shoulder, and walked to the back of the truck. There was no one there. Then she heard laughter and low voices from outside. There were two piles of clothing just inside the partially opened barn door. She heard the steady drum of the rain on the tin roof.

With a grin, she walked over to the door and looked out. Jake and Todd were both naked and out running around in the rain. With a laugh, she dropped the shoes and shirt and then she walked outside into the dark parking lot to join them.

The rain was cold at first but felt so good against her skin after the heat of the day. “What a way to end a great day,” she said to no one in particular.

Jake chuckled and asked, “The rain or Todd’s tongue up your cute little ass?’

Jan felt her face get warm but she grinned at Jake and answered, “Yes.”

Todd walked up behind her, put his arms around her waist, and kissed her on the neck. Jan leaned her head to the side so he had easier access and then groaned softly as his hot hard dick bushed against her ass to settle between the cheeks.

A moment later, Jake took three steps, leaned in and kissed Jan on the lips. She kissed him back as her arms went around his waist and pulled him forward. His hot hard dick pressed against her belly just above her mound. Her breasts mashed against his hairy chest.

Talk about your rock and a hard place. She was sandwiched in just such a place. A hard hot dick in the back and the front. Jan moaned loudly into Jake’s mouth as she flexed her hips back and forth. There is not telling where things would have gone if headlights had not appeared on the road leading up to the gate.

The three naked people broke apart and scrambled for the door and their clothing. Jan threw on Jake’s old shirt and peeked around the edge of the door. She could see headlights at the gate but nothing more because of the glare.

Jake, with his shorts and t-shirt on, stepped into the doorway and shaded his eyes. “I can’t tell who it is,” he told the other two.

Todd, now dressed, stepped out next to him and shaded his eyes. “It’s probably the boss. You know Bubba called him to say the gate was left unlocked.”

Jake waved toward the gate. A moment later the cars horn blew and the car backed up, turned around and drove back to the highway. The three watched as it headed back toward town.

“The boss is right,” Todd said with a grin.

Jake nodded and looked over his shoulder at Jan. “I think it’s time to head for home.”

Jan grinned as she nodded. Looking at Todd, she asked, “The three of us?’

“You don’t think I’m going to leave you all alone and defenseless with this dirty old man do you.”

“And whose going to protect me from you?” Jan asked still grinning. “That is, if I wanted protecting. I kind of liked the rock and a hard place I was in.”

Jake laughed and shook his head. “Like I said Todd, you are in a whole heap of trouble.”

“And you think you’re safe?” Jan asked and then chuckled. “I’m getting in the truck while you two lock up. I hear a hot tub calling my name and at least half a dozen beers between now and daylight.”

With that said, Jan slipped the shirt off and walked naked out into the rain to get into Jake’s old pickup. Her hips had a sway and swing that made it a marvel to watch her ass as she walked away. Only when the pickup door closed did either of the two men watching move and then it was a scramble to get the barn doors closed and locked.

“Life is certainly more interesting,” Jake said as he and Todd walked toward their vehicles.

Todd chuckled and said, “And it’s likely to stay that way for a while if we’re lucky.”

“Luck will have nothing to do with it as long as we keep Jan happy and satisfied,” Jake said as he stopped by the truck door and opened it.

Looking inside at the beautiful naked woman sitting in the front seat, he grinned and added, “It will be a hard dirty job but ain’t I glad it’s going to me that will be doing it.”

Jan looked at him funny and then at Todd on the other side of his car as he said, “Amen to that.”

Looking at Jake she asked, “What hard dirty job?”

Jake smiled and got into the truck. He closed the door, leaned over and kissed Jan softly on the lips for a second. Straightening up, he started the truck and then whispered, “You my dear and a lovely dirty job it will be to keep you completely satisfied for as long as you want, when you want and where you want.”

Jan blushed deeply, her face getting very warm. A second later, she whispered, “Oh yeah, that hard dirty job.”

Jake followed Todd to the gate. Todd got out and opened the gate. Jake pulled past and drove down to the highway. He stopped there and waited for Todd to catch up. Looking over at Jan, he asked, “Any regrets?”

She looked thoughtful for a moment and then shook her head. “No regrets but I keep wondering why it took so long for me to kick Bubba to the curb.”

“The known is always easier than the unknown,” Jake said as Todd pulled up behind them. As Jake pulled out onto the highway, he added, “Todd is a much better match for you than anyone.”

Jan nodded and whispered, “I know but….” She let the sentence hang.

“You’re not ready to jump head first into another steady romance thing. You have a lot more exploring to do,” Jake finished for her.

Jan chuckled as she nodded. “I feel like there is a whole lot more to life than what I had before and this afternoon and tonight has proved that so very well. So yeah, I have a lot more exploring on a personal, sexual, and life in general level to do.”

“Just keep Todd in mind as you do all this exploring. He’s a pretty open guy and from what he says, not really jealous but… Well, just keep him in mind. Flashing and showing off to others isn’t much of a problem but sex with others…. Well, it does carry a price in a relationship unless it’s thoroughly understood by all concerned right from the start.”

Jan scooted over closer to Jake and kissed him on the cheek. “Yes, Uncle Jake, I will keep your advice in mind as I do my exploring and yes, I will have a long talk with Todd as soon as possible.”

Jake grinned as he flashed his brake lights and pulled over to stop on the side of the road. Todd pulled in right behind him. Jake turned his head and kissed Jan on the lips softly.

When he broke the kiss, he said, “So get out of here and go talk to him. You live with your parents and he lives with his, so if you two need a place, there is a spare key to the pool house under the planter in the carport.”

Jan grinned and kissed Jake long and hard. With a soft moan, she broke the kiss and slid over to the passenger door. “I love you Jake and I think I always have only I never knew it.”

With that said, she opened the truck door and climb out. She grinned as she picked up his shirt and smelled of it. “I’ll keep this for those cool morning rides to work.”

Jan tossed the shirt over her shoulder and walked naked back to get into Todd’s car. Once seated with the door closed, she said, “We need to talk.”

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