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Once Again

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I set the weights down, grabbed my towel, and walked into the locker room.

Sitting down, I removed my socks and shoes and pulled off my top. I stood up and pulled off my gym shorts and jockstrap. I put my sweaty clothes in my gym bag, grabbed a clean towel, soap, and shampoo, and walked into the showers.

I always used the middle stall on the left and was happy that it was empty. I flipped the towel over the hook, stepped into the stall and turned on the water.

I heard another shower start and turning my head noticed a well-built man moving into the stall across from mine. I stepped forward under the showerhead and let the full force of the water hit the top of my head. I washed my hair with my shampoo and rinsed it. Using the bar of soap I lathered the back of my body and rinsed it off. Turning around, to wash my front I looked over and the man had his back to me and was soaping his back, butt, and legs. Even from the back, he looked familiar and I felt a faint twinge.

He turned around, looked at me, and winked. I nodded my head in acknowledgement. I was slightly surprised since most men avoided any kind of contact in the showers. Looking down I saw that he was well hung and had very large balls. I had noticed him during the last couple of weeks, which was why his backside had looked familiar. He started soaping up his chest and I finished soaping up and rinsing off. I turned the shower off and grabbed my towel. As I started drying my body, he turned off his shower, grabbed his towel, and started drying off also.

I wrapped my towel around my waist, stepped out of the shower and walked back into the locker room. Pulling fresh clothes from my bag I sat down and started getting dressed. The man walked by me and proceeded to duplicate my actions. I stood up, dropped my towel, and pulled on my jockeys and shorts.

As I sat back down, the man said, “Hi. My name is Frank. What’s your name? “Jack.”

He stood up, walked over, and we shook hands.

Frank asked, “Would you like to get something to drink? I am new in town and do not know many people.”


We finished dressing, discussing where to go. I told him to follow me and we walked out of the gym.

I threw my bags into the back seat and started my car. I waited until Frank was behind me and pulled out into traffic. I headed to my favorite neighborhood bar and pulled into the parking lot. He parked next to me and we went into the bar. It was Tuesday night so it was not crowded and the bar was quiet. We sat down in one of the booths, ordered our drinks, and started talking. Frank was from Los Angeles and had recently moved here as part of a job transfer. We discussed each other’s jobs, careers, and backgrounds and ordered another round of drinks.

Frank was quiet for a minute and looking at me intently said, “At the gym I noticed that you have looked at me more than a few times. I have been watching you and I am going to take a chance. I am bisexual and I think you are too. Am I right?”


It had been years since a man had jumped my bones and vice versa. I was alone as my wife was visiting her sister in New Mexico and my kids were married.

He said, “My wife is still in California cleaning up loose ends and both of my kids are in college. Are you are interested in getting together.”

I nodded, paid the bill and we left the bar. I told Frank to follow me. We pulled into my driveway, got out of our cars, and entered the house. I turned the living room lights on and motioned towards the couch.

“Have a seat. I’ll get us a beer.” I said.

Walking into the kitchen, I grabbed us each a beer, popping the tops, and went back into the living room.

Frank smiled as I handed him a beer and I sat down across from him in the love seat.

“TV? Music?”

“Neither. I only want to suck your cock.” He said.

We each took a swig and set our beers down. My experiences with men were usually more subtle. I guess he believed in the direct no holds barred approach because he pulled his shirt off. I watched as he took his tennis shoes and socks off.

He looked at me and said, “Well?”

I stood up, saying, “Not here” and walked towards the bedroom. I turned on the lights and pulled back the covers on the bed. I pulled my shirt off and removed my shoes and socks. Frank dropped his shorts and his hardon was plainly visible in his underwear. My cock felt superhard as I pulled both my shorts and jockeys off, my dick bobbing up and down.

“Nice.” Frank said and pulled his underwear off. His cock was also hard and stuck straight out from his body. His prick was at least nine inches long, matching mine. This was going to be great!

I lay down on the bed and Frank crawled between my legs.

“No. Sixty-nine first.” I said.

He turned around and his legs straddled my head, his crotch inches from my face. I moaned as his hand curled around the base of my cock. I moved my arms around his legs and reaching in grabbed his cock and pulled it towards my open mouth. He groaned as my tongue lapped at the head of his cock. My cock twitched in his hand as he lowered his head, sliding his mouth down my erection.

I raised my head and loved the feelings and sensations as his hard cock slid into my mouth. When the tip touched my throat I moved my head back and started sucking on his cock. He was sucking on my cock and we started loving each other’s hard shafts, our heads and hips moving at a steady pace. I let go of his cock and felt the shaft drive completely down my throat. We started to suck each other’s cock at a faster pace and I felt my cum boiling in my balls.

Frank grunted and drove his cock as deep as he could into me and spurted. I swallowed each stream of hot cum as he repeatedly orgasmed. I sucked on his cock, milking him dry of cum, and he moaned as I continued to suck on his softening cock. I moved my hips faster and Frank deepthroated me, his bobbing head matching my pace.

I moaned as I orgasmed sending shot after shot of cum into his mouth and down his throat. Frank swallowed all of it not missing a drop. We kept sucking each other’s cocks getting every drop of cum that we could and loving the shafts sliding between our lips and into our mouths. Finally I let his dick, wet with my saliva, slip from my mouth. Frank raised his head and shoulders and let my cock drop from his mouth.

He rolled off me and off the bed. The whole sexual encounter had not taken more than fifteen minutes. I knew that I was not satisfied and I hoped that he was ready for more. He went into the bathroom and I could hear him pissing. He flushed the toilet, washed his hands, and came back into the bedroom.

“Christ that was great, but it wasn’t enough and it didn’t last long enough.” Frank said.

“Yup. I agree.”

Frank slid into bed next to me, our bodies touching, and started stroking my chest. His fingertips made small circles around my tits and he tweaked and pinched my hardening nipples. He rolled on his side and started kissing and sucking on my chest and I felt my cock start to harden. He sucked on each nipple and gently nibbled on them making them even harder. He repositioned his body and started running his tongue and lips up and down the center of my chest moving closer and closer to my hard cock.

I moaned as he ran the flat of his tongue down the length of my cock. Moving his head between my legs, he lapped at my balls. Frank sucked first one and than the other rolling them around in his mouth. I spread my legs and raised my hips and he ran his tongue down between my balls and anus. He probed that sensitive area with his tongue sending thrills through my groin. He lowered his head further and licked at my anus and I moaned again. He ran his tongue up and down my butthole and slid the tip of his tongue into it. He tongue-fucked my asshole and I gasped at the sensation.

Frank moved his head back up and again lapped at my cock. He ran his tongue up one side of my cock and than down the other. He opened his mouth and sucked the head of my cock into it. I could feel him running his tongue around the head of my cock as he continued to suck. He lowered his head and I could feel his lips and tongue on my cock as he took more of it into his mouth. Frank moaned and started bobbing his head on my cock.

I gasped as he deepthroated me. He did not maintain a steady cocksucking pace, but rather alternated both how deep he took me and how fast. God he was good. If this was going to last, I would have to stop him. I did not have to stop him, he did.

He lifted his head and said, “Not yet. Okay.”

I said “Yes…” and he rolled on to his back.

I raised up and over and sucked and bit his nipples. They were bigger than mine and as I played with them they got harder and bigger. I turned my head and looked down his body. His cock was hard and it twitched on his belly from his arousal. I licked and sucked my way down his chest towards his hard shaft. I moved so that I could lower my head between his outstretched legs. I lapped at his balls with my tongue and sucked on each one. I loved the feeling of them rolling around in my mouth as I took each one in and massaged it with my mouth and tongue.

Frank gasped as I tongued his anus. I tongue-fucked his asshole and he moaned. I moved my head back up and looked down on his hard cock. I lowered my head and opened my mouth. I moaned as the head of his cock slid between my lips into my mouth. I ran my tongue around the ridge and pushed it into the slit at the end of his cock and his cock spasmed. I lowered my head and felt his cock slid between my lips and into my mouth.

Deeper and deeper his cock went until it touched the back of mouth. I lowered my head further and felt his cock enter my throat. I lowered my head further and the tip of my nose touched his hairy sac. He moaned as I started to deepthroat his prick. When I felt his hips start to move I stopped and let his cock fall from my mouth back on to his belly.

“Your turn.” I said and fell back on the bed.

He moved down and knelt between my legs. I stretched my legs apart and bent them at the knees with my feet on the bed. Frank moved forward and lowered his head. He opened his mouth and sucked my cock into his mouth taking about half of it. He reversed his head and just before my cock would have slid out, stopped. He ran his hands up and down my cock sending tingling sensations up and down my hard shaft. He opened his mouth slightly and saliva ran out and down the sides of my cock. He used his saliva as a lubricant and began to stroke my cock. As he gave me a wonderful handjob, he continued to suck on the head of my cock and run his tongue around it.

I moaned and told him to stop. He did and moved back up the bed and lay down next to me. I moved down the bed and he opened his legs mimicking my earlier action. I knelt before his groin and played with his balls, gently massaging them and rolling them around in my fingertips. I lowered my head and sucked on the head of his cock. He thrust up and I sucked on more of his cock. I raised my head and parted my lips. A gush of saliva steamed down his cock from my mouth and I ran my right hand up and down his cock. I made a tight circle with my thumb and middle index finger and ran it up and down his cock, squeezing it as I went. He moaned as I continued jacking him off and sucking on the head of his cock. He gasped and I stopped.

I moved back up and lay down next to Frank. He reached across my body with his left hand and stroked my cock. I moved my right hand down, clasped his cock, and stared jacking him off. We lay next to each other giving each other a handjob. I reached across with my left hand, pinched, and played with his nipples. Frank did the same to me as we continued to stoke each other’s cocks.

I gasped and said, “We.. had.. better.. stop or.. I.. am.. going.. to.. come!”

We both stopped and took deep breaths. I moved around and lay on my side and Frank followed suit. We each moved a leg so that the other could access the cock before our faces. I moaned and so did Frank as our mouths closed down on our cocks.

We started slowly sucking each other’s cocks taking them deeper into our mouths. I groaned as he swallowed my cock. I took his cock all the way and it was his turn to moan. We deepthroated each other and our pace picked up.

I grunted and thrust my hips driving my cock deep into Frank and erupted. Spurt after spurt of cum blasted from my cock into Frank’s mouth. He moaned as each jolt of cum hit deep into his throat. Frank grunted, thrust, and hot cum spewed from his dick and I swallowed. Another blast of cum hit the roof of my mouth and I swallowed. He was spurting the tasty jism and I was swallowing as my cock was spurting into his mouth. We moaned, groaned, and swallowed each blast of cum. We each must have spurted six or seven times before the flow ebbed.

As he sucked my cock dry, I milked his cock of any trace of cum. We continued to suck each other’s cock long after there was any cum. As our cocks softened, we still sucked, savoring the feel of a cock in our mouths. I let his cock slide from my mouth and took a deep breath of air. I reached over and gently stoked his cock and Frank did the same. We lay there, enjoying each other’s sex, in the afterglow of making love.

“Wow!” I said.


I twisted around and kissed him.

“I’ll be right back.” I said.

I jumped up and went into the bathroom. I looked down at my soft cock, still wet from his saliva and I peed. I flushed the toilet, washed my hands, and went back into the bedroom. I turned off the lights and lay down next to Frank.

“You are spending the night, right?” I asked.


We hugged each other and went to sleep.

I woke up from a powerful sexual dream to reality. Frank’s head was lying on my belly and he was stroking my morning hardon. I moved my arm down draping it over his waist, my hand closing around his cock.

“Good morning.” He said.

“Good morning yourself. What a great way to wake up.”

I replied. He twisted around and I rolled over on my side. I grabbed his cock and stroked it in a slow leisurely manner while Frank’s hand curled around my prick. We lay in bed and jacked each other off for a few minutes, enjoying the early morning lovemaking.

I moved my head between his legs and tongued his balls. Moving even closer, I ran my tongue up and down the crack of his ass. He moaned and moved so that he was on top of me. It was my turn to gasp as he swallowed my entire cock in one smooth motion of his head. I reached up with my hands and using my thumbs, I spread his ass cheeks apart. I raised my head and pushed my tongue into his asshole. His hips jerked from side to side and I forced more of my tongue into his ass. Using my tongue like a small wet prick, I fucked his asshole.

Frank groaned and started to bob his head up and down my cock. He placed his hands under my butt and I raised my hips driving my cock deep into his mouth and down his throat. It was my turn to groan as I felt his fingers probing at my asshole. He slid two fingers in and wiggled them around while deepthroating my cock. I dropped my head down and slid two fingers from each hand into his butt. I found the head of his cock with my mouth and sucked on it. I opened my mouth wider and more of his cock slid in. He lowered his hips and his entire cock slid into my mouth and down my throat.

We started to finger fuck and deepthroat each other’s ass and cocks. I slammed my hips up and came, sending spurts of cum into his mouth and down his throat. He drank the cum spurting from my cock and sucked on it while sending his fingers deeper into my ass. I sucked on his cock and shoved my fingers even deeper into his ass. He moaned and continued to suck on my cock. Frank groaned and shoved his hips down driving his cock deep into my throat and erupted. I swallowed each blast of hot cum, fucked his ass with my fingers, and sucked on his hard spewing cock.

Finally, his cock quit spurting jets of cum and I dropped my head back down on the bed, his cock slipping from my mouth. I slowly withdrew my fingers from his asshole and sighed. Frank was still sucking on my softening cock, milking it of any remaining cum. I moved my hands around and squeezed his cock, delighted as more cum oozed from his cock dripping on my tongue. I licked the head of his cock and let it slide into my mouth. I sucked on it and swallowed the cum still oozing from the slit.

Frank raised his head letting my cock fall from his mouth and gently removed his fingers from my ass. He kissed my balls and ran his tongue up and down my cock. I sucked his cock, swallowing the entire soft length, loving the feel and taste. I moved my head back and kissed the head of his cock. Franks raised his hips and rolled over on to his back.

We lay there looking at each other’s balls and spit covered cocks for a few minutes while running our hands up and down each other’s bodies.

“Shower time.” I said.

We got up and went into the shower where we washed each other’s bodies and horsed around, enjoying the touch of each other hands and bodies.

We have enjoyed many lovemaking sessions since our first encounter and have become the best of friends.

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