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A New Friend

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Josh got up and started down the road around noon on a Saturday afternoon. He had been anticipating this weekend for sometime. It had been months since he had seen Tricia. The two hour drive was pretty easy as he had made it a few times. Meanwhile Tricia was busy preparing for the more than satisfying sexual adventure that she knew would occur that night.

She showered making sure she was freshly clean. While in the shower she made sure to shave her aching pussy. She needed this weekend. It had been months since she had been satisfied the way Josh was able to. As the razor smoothed the stubble she resisted the urge to get a start on her satisfaction. Tricia finished her shower and got dressed for the rest of the day. The weather was very warm and she dressed in her shorts and a tank top.

Tricia thought to herself “Who would believe that she would have so much fun with someone she barely knew.” The two had met months earlier but at the time it seemed so much longer. The two spoke daily whether it was by email, phone, or online. They each had their separate lives and neither was willing to leave that life. She was fine with the idea of only seeing him once every few months.

The memories of the last time he saw her flooded his mind. She had met him at a hotel room in a town half way between their two towns. He couldn’t help but notice the straining cock pushing against his pants as he thought about her. She was like no other woman he had met. She was willing to do and try most things that others turned their backs to. They both talked about all the naughty things they would do to each other this meeting since they had more time and resources.

Finally Josh made his way down that small county road to her house. Once she saw his car pull down the drive her pussy immediately became wet. She met him at the back door and they kissed with the mad passion she had been waiting for. They broke their kiss to go in to the living room.

Tricia got a call as they sat on the couch getting caught up on things. Josh got a mischievous smile on his face as he began to kiss on Tricia’s neck and ears. He cupped her large DD breasts in his masculine hands. Playfully Tricia rolled her eyes as she tried to get him to stop but it was no use. He was determined to toy with her while he knew she had to be quiet.

Josh moved lower and lower until he was at the top of her shorts waistband. He smiled as he unfastened her shorts. His hand slid up the leg of her shorts to find her panties already soaking wet. He slipped a finger inside them and quickly it found its way inside her wet pussy. Tricia started breathing a little heavier as she lifted her ass to allow Josh to slip off her shorts and thong. She was still on the phone when his tongue made initial contact with her swollen lips. Her body jumped with the amazing sensation of his expert tongue teasing her. Josh noticed the more he teased her, the more engorged her lips and clit became.

She moved a hand to the back of his head as she had to use the other to steady the phone as much as possible. Tricia knew he would not stop until she came. Finally she was able to get off the phone and concentrate on the tongue between her legs. She spread her legs even more and put her feet up on the ottoman to get more comfortable. With her hands she pulled her lips apart to let Josh have better access to her wet slit and the very hard clit. He used long slow strokes with his tongue to lick her wet slit up and down. Then he sucked her lips into his mouth sucking hard on them to make them even more swollen. Tricia grunted and moaned as she felt her body tensing up and getting to that point she so desperately desired.

Josh sensed she was close and increased the pressure he applied and the frequency of the flicking of his tongue. She started thrusting her pussy into his face as she pulled him into her. “I’m cumming! I’M CUMMING!!!!” Tricia screamed as her body tensed up and her legs clinched his head tightly in place. She tried to catch her breath as her body slowly began to relax. Unable to move she motioned for him to come kiss her. As their lips met she tasted her cum on his lips.

They had plans to go eat and go get a new toy at the local porn shop. During dinner they playfully discussed all the things they could buy and should do later that night when they got back to her house. Plenty of toys were discussed ranging from butt plugs to the ever famous rabbit. They finished dinner and headed to the local porn store.

When they went inside the walls were covered with displays and massive quantities of sex toys. Josh and Tricia carefully walked every inch of the store looking at all the toys they had to offer and even some of the movies that filled the middle of the store. In the end Tricia decided on a glass dildo that was clear with a pink screw like protrusion going around the entire shaft. Josh bought some lube for the rest of the night’s activities.

Josh drove the two of them back to her house. While he drove she began to play with her large tits and pulled them out of her bra so he could watch her. He reached over and pulled on her nipples as she squeezed and played with them. Then she reached over and began to caress his cock through his jeans while he attempted to keep the car on the road. Her hand slipped inside and she stroked his cock softly and slowly. Luckily for Josh Tricia’s house was not far away now.

After he pulled into her driveway they hurried into the house to explore each other as well as try out the new toy she purchased. Josh playfully chased Tricia down the hall to her room and then onto her bed. Both of them were completely naked by the time they reached her bedroom. She lit several candles around the room before returning back to the bed where Josh was laying already stroking himself. Once on the bed she laid beside him replacing his hand with her own.

They began to kiss as she stroked him. Her hand would occasionally rub and caress his hairless sack. Then she rolled on top of Josh and began to kiss down his body. She kissed his slightly hairy chest and made sure to pay attention to his erect nipples. Josh moved the pillows to prop his head up so he could watch his lover work her way down his body to his hard cock.

When she reached the rock hard dick she smiled and licked her lips just before taking him all the way into her mouth. He moaned loudly as she devoured him in one motion. She bobbed her head up and down on the cock before her with the desire to please like no other woman had ever pleased Josh. Tricia worked her mouth and hands in unison to bring him close to ecstasy before letting up to prevent him from cumming. Josh marveled at how Tricia could take him all the way in and maneuver her tongue around his cock to create such a sensation to make him beg for more.

Finally he couldn’t take much more and he caught her when she was without a mouthful. He rolled her over before she could fight him. Josh went to get the new toy she just purchased and the lube before heading back to the bed where Tricia laid naked rubbing her clit. The glass cock had a spiraling ring traveling the length of the 8 inch shaft and a rounded point on the end to stimulate the g-spot. He poured a little lube in his hand and on the shaft of the dildo.

Then he took a position between her legs with the dildo in hand he parted her swollen lips. She wiggled as he inserted the shaft deeper into her pussy. Once it was totally inside her, he slowly worked it in and out while rubbing her clit with his other hand. His hand moved the dildo faster as she grew more and more needy. Her hips were now gyrating with the thrusts of the dildo. Josh lubed up his fingers on his other hand and also her little asshole.

He inserted one finger first and let her get use to it before getting a second finger inside her. He was still fucking her with the glass cock. Tricia had a couple of small orgasms from this pleasure. She needed that big mind blowing orgasm she knew that was capable between the two. “Fuck my ass with the dildo please” she asked. Josh was more than willing to comply. He lubed her ass and the dildo even more to allow it to glide in.

She winced slightly as he inserted the new toy. He took his time to allow her to adjust to the size as well as the stretching it was creating. When she was ready he slid it in and out of her as much as she could take. She closed her eyes to enjoy the feeling of having this glass cock fuck her ass. He surprised her when his tongue suddenly flicked her rock hard clit. Her body jumped with the unsuspecting pleasure. Josh’s tongue manipulated her clit steadily as he fucked her ass with the dildo. “Oh fuck Josh that feels so damn good!” she moaned as he continued to please her. She felt that orgasm building. It was so close. “Don’t stop! God please don’t stop now!”

This only excited Josh even more as he fucked her harder and harder. He was ready for her to cum again for him. Josh sucked her clit and worked it with his tongue trying to make her cum. Uncontrollably Tricia’s hips bucked and fucked the dildo as her hands held Josh’s head firmly against her mound. “I’m cumming. I’m cumming I’m cumming” Tricia muttered between breaths. He clamped on and furiously licked her clit as she came. All of her muscles tensed up as she tried to control her limbs and then to attempt to catch her breath.

After a few minutes Tricia opened her eyes and could not believe what had just happen. She had never cum so hard before. Her pussy was still pulsating. Josh watched her try to recover. He had his cock in his hand slowly stroking it as he watched her chest heave up and down as her heart tried to slow down from the euphoria of her orgasm.

She knew her pussy would need time to re-cooperate so she slid down the bed to where Josh was sitting with his cock still in his hand. Tricia rolled off the bed and ran to her dresser to get something out of the drawer. When she returned she had a small thin vibrator in her hand. She talked josh into getting onto all fours on the bed. With her hand freshly lubed she stroked his cock from behind. Then to his surprise she dripped lube onto his asshole. Then her finger worked into his tight virgin hole. They had talked about this but he didn’t think she would really do it.

Tricia was patient and worked a finger into his ass nice and slow. She checked with him continuously to make sure he was ok and she wasn’t hurting him. After a few minutes of stimulating him with one finger, Tricia added a second. Josh winced as she stretched his ass farther than it had ever been stretched before. She made sure there was plenty of lube as he started to relax and enjoy the fingering he was receiving.

When she felt like he was ready she asked him if he wanted more. Before he could really answer Josh looked back and saw Tricia lubing up her dildo. He felt the hard object pressing against his back door. She applied a little pressure while still making sure he was ok and that it wasn’t hurting. Amazingly he felt no real pain since he was relaxed and had been properly stretched to build up to the dildo. Tricia added a little more lube as she worked it in and out of the tight hole slowly.

Josh was really enjoying the toy being used on him. His comfort level was more than he had expected. “Fuck me a little harder Tricia.” She grinned with the request. “You like your ass fucked don’t you?” Josh didn’t say anything in reply. She simply did as he asked. His well lubed ass allowed the toy to slide in and out with ease. He reached back and started to stroke his cock as she fucked his ass. He was getting close to cumming. Josh wanted to fuck her. He wanted to fill her hole with his cock. Surely by now she had enough time to recover.

Tricia reluctantly pulled the toy out and put it on the table beside the bed. It didn’t take long for Josh to balls deep into her pussy. She didn’t have much say in the matter either as he started fucking her dripping wet pussy. To be honest she didn’t mind it at all either. That was her favorite type of fucking. Hard and fast. Tricia grunted with each thrust as it seemed like he kept getting deeper and deeper.

Josh pushed her legs up to her tits and watched his dick as it passed in and out of her swollen pussy lips. He fucked her with long and slow strokes so he could savor the sight of his thick cock inside her hairless pussy. It was all he could do to keep from shooting his wad right then.

He told her to roll over and get on all fours by the end of the bed. Tricia playful did a sultry walk to the end of the bed. When she got on all fours she shook her ass at him and said “Where you gonna stick that dick of yours big guy?”

With a smack on the ass he replied “You don’t worry about that. Let me take care of where I put it.” Before she could think of a witty come back he was already fully inside her again.

Josh had his hands on her hips fucking her hard from behind. The sounds of his crotch slapping against the back of her thighs and ass filled the room. She arched her back to feel him as deep as she possibly could. When she did, Josh reached up and grabbed a handful of her hair. He knew she liked this. Vulgarities spewed from both of their mouths as they each reached a new orgasm. Her hands gripped the bed sheets as he fucked her as hard as he possibly could. She lost all control of her muscles as they contracted rapidly. That sensation drove him over the edge. He pulled out and shot his hot milky white cum all over her ass.

They both collapsed onto the bed. After several minutes of hard breathing they finally caught their breath and were able to talk normally again. Josh got up and went to the bathroom. He returned to the room and noticed how the smell of sex was so strong that even the candles that burned on the dresser could not cover it up. He returned to the bed where Tricia was still laying on her stomach. He used the damp wash cloth her brought back with him to wash off the drying cum on her ass.

The two fell asleep soon after. She laid in his arms as they drifted to sleep. They rested for a few hours before Tricia felt a poking in her back. Then she realized he was caressing her tits while kissing her back and neck again. She pushed her ass against him to let him know that she wanted to play as well.

Josh was really grinding his cock against her ass as she pushed hard back. He moved his hand down to find her pussy already soaking wet again. His finger slid in which caused her to start moaning again. She rolled over onto her back and pulled him on top of her. His cock slipped in as he teased her by just allowing the tip to enter. She grew frustrated with each partial penetration. With her legs she tried to force him in all the way. He caught her before she could trap him with her legs.

He teased her a little more before finally ramming home his thick cock. She screamed in delight as he stretched her tight pussy once again. Her ecstasy was short lived as after a few quick pumps he removed his cock and kissed his way down her body. He made sure to lick and suck her hard nipples for an extended amount of time. To her delight he finally reached her pussy.

She couldn’t get enough of his oral skills. The teasing drove her wild. Josh didn’t disappoint this time either. He kissed all around the swollen hairless lips. She wiggled in the bed as he teased her. Soon she was moving her hips trying to get his tongue to where she wanted. He stopped and waited for her to stop. Tricia whimpered in a pouting tone.

Josh picked up where he left off and lightly ran his tongue along the outer fold of the lips. He sucked each one into his mouth while pulling away to let it pop out. Then he flicked his tongue side to side as it passed up and down her wet slit. She held her pussy wide open to get the maximum exposure of the oral experience.

His tongue explored every inch of her pussy and even her ass. He licked her starting at her engorged clit then all the way to her sphincter. His tongue twirled around the tight hole he had fucked with a dildo hours earlier. She jumped with each quick circle he made. He pressed his tongue hard against her as he licked the area between her ass and pussy. Back and forth he licked her. She squirmed the entire time.

Finally the teasing was over. He needed to taste her cum. Working his way up to her clit, Josh sucked it all in his mouth. He kneaded it with his tongue as he continued to suck on the large pearl sized clit. Just when she thought it couldn’t get any better, he inserted two fingers and quickly searched out her g-spot. It didn’t take long before she was bucking and cumming all over his face. Tricia grabbed as much of Josh’s hair as possible forcing his face into her wetness.

Tricia laid there trying to catch her breath as her body still tingled from the orgasm that just took over her body. Josh moved back up the bed and kissed her. She could still taste her juices in his mouth. Then Josh got up and grabbed her by the hand and said “Come on, lets go sit out side for a little while.” Reluctantly Tricia agreed and they moved out to the back porch.

They sat on the back porch looking up at the stars. It was easy to see them without all the bright lights of the big city that he was use to. Even though it was summer it was still a bit chilly out side so Tricia went in and got them a blanket to snuggle in. Eventually her hand began to move up his naked thigh until it got to his semi-rigid member. Josh knew what she was up to and had no objections.

Her hand playfully caressed the organ until it was fully erect again. She moved down a few steps get better access for her mouth. Tricia toyed with him by teasing his cock with her mouth. She ran her tongue up and down the length of the shaft before flicking the head. All Josh wanted to do was grab the back of her head and slam his cock into her mouth and fuck her face, but he didn’t. He took the torture because he knew it would be better in the end for both of them.

Finally she swallowed his cock in one motion. Taking the full length in her mouth and then quickly pulling it all back out. Again she swallowed him. Each time she took him in it felt better and better. Her hands cupped his balls and kneaded them lightly as the saliva dripped off his cock. He finally had to stop her so he wouldn’t cum in her mouth. He knew she didn’t like it and besides he wanted to please her again as well.

Tricia stayed on her knees on the steps as Josh took his place behind her. He bent down and gave her pussy a few licks just for fun. He found that her pussy was already dripping with juices. As he stood up he smacked her has harder than he had ever before. The echo of the smack filled the early morning air. “Bring it on baby!” Tricia said as she teased him by wiggling her ass at him.

With a quick thrust Josh was balls deep into Tricia’s always tight pussy. He knew she liked it a little rougher than what they had been so he decided to give it to her like she wanted. Josh slapped her ass as he fucked her with more aggression than he had ever done with anyone else. The slaps stung more than usual in the cool crisp air.

The couple’s grunts and moans made the horses stir that were in the neighbor’s yard behind Tricia’s house. The sounds of their skin slapping against each other seemed deafening in the near silent outdoors. The wood steps creaked under his feet as his body rocked back and forth pumping his manhood into her juicy hole.

Tricia was really getting into it and began to slam her ass against her lover meeting each of his thrusts with her own forcing him deeper insider her. He held on tight to her hips making sure he didn’t slip out. Her grunts were getting louder and it made him want to treat her even dirtier. “Are you my dirty little whore?” he asked. He couldn’t believe he had asked that. Josh was never really big on “dirty talk” but for some reason the mood along with her desire overwhelmed him.

Between grunts and moans she replied “Oh yes fuck your dirty whore. Make me your bitch.” The words coming from her mouth nearly stopped Josh as it surprised him that she would say such things. The nastiness only encouraged him to do and say more to her. She held onto the step to brace her self and to keep her face from being pushed into the porch with all the force of his thrusts.

Josh grew bolder as the fuck session went on. He took a handful of her short brown hair and pulled it. She mentioned in a few of their sexual discussions about how she liked her hair pulled. This turned Tricia on even more if that was possible. She felt her first big orgasm building. Her moans got louder than before. She couldn’t help but scream when the orgasm rocked her body. Josh kept fucking her to make the orgasm continue as long as possible.

He slowly started to slow down as she came off her sexual high. Josh knew that the steps were not the most comfortable location for Tricia so he suggested they go inside to continue. Once back in the bedroom, Josh laid on his back and Tricia straddled his fat cock. Her large tits bounced around as she humped his manhood with the same ferocity as he had done to her earlier outside.

First she leaned forward to let him play and suck on her hardened nipples. She loved it when he bit them. The slight pain excited her. She continued to grind against his crotch stimulating all the right places inside her pussy. When she sat up he felt so deep inside her. Her hands clinched his chest leaving small scratches as she rode him. He grabbed her hips forcing them to move faster back and forth across his crotch. Soon her body was tensing up as another orgasm gained momentum. Her hands squeezed his chest even harder as she came all over his cock.

As her hands relaxed she reached over to the side of the bed and grabbed the lube from earlier. She oiled up his cock and squatted over it taking it all in her ass. She was still relaxed from earlier so it didn’t take much to get him inside her. She was still very tight against his cock. The feeling of her ass sent him into a state of euphoria. She knew how to work it as she rode him up and down. She would go really fast before slowing down to almost a stop. Tricia repeated this sequence multiple times driving Josh wild.

He wanted to be back in control so pulled out and pushed her on her back. He pushed her legs up to her chest and re-inserted himself into her tight ass. She worked her hand between her legs and rubbed her clit as he penetrated her back door repeatedly. The tightness of her ass was beginning to work its magic as he sensed his balls tightening up. Josh held onto her legs as he slammed his cock home as hard as he could like it would be his last time.

Tricia could sense he was getting close and said “Cum in my ass. Fill it with your hot cum baby!” Josh couldn’t speak as he concentrated on fulfilling her demands. He could only mutter and grunt as he got closer and closer. Tricia frantically rubbed her clit to try to time her orgasm with his. They were both so close. Josh screamed out as he shot his first load of cum deep inside her. When she felt the second and the third loads hit she exploded in her own overwhelming orgasm. Her hand froze over her clit holding it as it throbbed and pulsated. His body continued to twitch as his cock slowly shrank before finally popping out of her ass.

He rested on top of her as she ran her fingers through his hair. Neither one wanting to move but they couldn’t stay like that long since both were very hot and covered in sweat. Josh rolled off her and let the fan above attempt to cool him off. They talked about how good everything felt and how amazing it was. Eventually both drifted to sleep in the early morning hours.

As they slept the morning hours drifted by and Tricia finally woke up around 10 a.m. She went into the kitchen to start a pot of coffee and see what was in the cabinets to make for breakfast. Josh heard her stirring in the kitchen. After a trip to the bathroom he went in to see if he could help. There really wasn’t much to make since she wasn’t a fan of cooking. He told her he would just get something on the way home.

Josh decided that he better shower before heading home and asked her to join him. Her legs were still weak from the night long fuck session but she didn’t know how long it would be before she saw him again. She wasn’t about to miss out on a minute of time with him. She went to get the water started and a couple of towels.

They both entered the shower and stood there to let the water rinse their sex covered bodies. Tricia squirted an ample amount of body soap into her hand and slowly worked the soap into his skin. She made sure to cover every inch of him and paying special attention to his currently flaccid cock and now non-virgin ass.

All of this playing caused him to get an erection in her hands. As the water rinsed away the soap, a smile covered her face. She slowly sank to her knees in the shower. Josh positioned the water away from their bodies to keep from drowning his lover as she stroked his cock. Finally she took him in her mouth. While she sucked him she surprised him by working a finger into his ass. He spread his legs to allow her better access to his hole. Josh leaned against the glass of the shower as he let her work her mouth over his cock. He put his hand on her head and twisted her hair to force her to look up at him as she sucked his pole.

He knew Tricia was antsy to feel some cock in her again so he helped her up. They tried a few positions but nothing really did work with the height difference of well over a foot. They agreed to move things to the somewhere a little more accommodating. They dried off as they made their way through the house looking for somewhere different.

They settled on the living room since there were large couches. She opened the curtains to let all the light in yet left a shear covering so they wouldn’t be open to the public. The thought of them seeing out without being seen excited both of them.

Josh sat down on the couch and Tricia quickly straddled him as she faced him. They kissed passionately as he slipped right in. His hands moved back and forth between caressing her large tits to squeezing her ass as she rode him. She wrapped her arms around his neck to hold on as she bounced up and down on his cock.

She turned around and sat right back down on him. Watching the people go by and knowing they didn’t have a clue what was going on so close to them was a huge turn on for both of them. Her back pressed against his chest as she slowed it down and gently worked her hips back and forth. His large hands squeezed and pulled on her hard nipples.

While leaning back she whispered in his ear “I love it when you fuck me from behind. I wanna feel it one more time.” He simply nodded and moved her over to the ottoman. She got on her knees on the ottoman as he took his position behind her. “Give it to me hard one last time baby” she said with a smile as she looked back at him.

Josh bent over and playfully bit her ass. She jumped and giggled with his tiger impersonation. He spread her ass cheeks apart and relished in the view before lining his fat cock up with he dripping hole. He knew this would be the last time so he wanted to savor every stroke, every inch of her. Slowly he slid into place deep inside her. He stayed there motionless letting his organ feel the warm of her pussy. Finally he slowly withdrew his cock almost all the way out. Just the defined mushroom head remained inside her.

Tricia was aching for more. She wanted the hard sex she desired from him one last time. Her arms prepared her for what she hoped would be that hard fucking. “Come on baby, fuck me please!” she whimpered as she looked back at him. He knew she would grow impatient if she didn’t get what she wanted.

He watched as his cock penetrated her swollen pussy. The two hairless bodies looked so good together. He couldn’t control himself any longer and quickly began to pound her pussy like she so desperately begged for. “Ahhh yeah baby! Give me all of your fat cock. Fuck me harder!” she grunted as she grasped for more leverage on the ottoman.

His balls slammed against her clit with each body crashing thrust. He squeezed her hips trying to hold on for dear life. Tricia moaned louder and louder with each thrust. His own grunts got louder as well. “Come on baby fuck it. That’s it fuck it. Oh fuck yeah.” She said between moans.

Josh would get her so close to cumming before slowing down to catch his breath and to help her orgasm build stronger and stronger. This was driving her crazy. She wanted to feel the orgasm. She wanted his cum all over her body. He was denying her that satisfaction temporarily.

Each time Josh would really get into the fucking and hammer her hard, her tits would graze against the fabric of the ottoman. By now the nipples and surrounding area were a glowing red color. She enjoyed the sensation of the constant stimulation of her nipples.

After one of the lulling moments when Josh slowed down to help build her orgasm, she noticed that the strength and power of the thrusts were different. They were stronger and more powerful than before. She figured he was on the verge of erupting. Preparing for the final hurrah she wrapped her arms down around the sides of the ottoman for more leverage.

Josh furiously pounded her pussy as beads of sweat dripped off his temple. He reached forward shoving her face into the ottoman muffling her screams only slightly before moving his hand to her shoulder. He pulled on her shoulder forcing his dick as deep as possible. She felt so full and overwhelmed with pleasure. Their grunts and groans filled the room and seemed to echo through the rest of the house. At this point they didn’t care if anyone outside heard them.

Faster and faster he fucked her. They were both nearing the highest point of ecstasy. Their sweat covered bodies slammed against each other with each thrust. His hand clinched tighter, pulling on her shoulder to meet every thrust. He was concentrating too hard to say anything more than the loud grunts and groans that bellowed from his clinched teeth.

Tricia held on tight as the first wave of her orgasm took over her body. As soon as that wave subsided she was able to get out the words “Oh FUCK I’m cumming Josh!” just before the next larger orgasm hit. Her eyes rolled back in her head as she laid there unable to control her body. The seismic orgasm she desired erupted through her body.

The pulsations of her pussy sent Josh over edge. Just as he pulled out, the flood gates opened and several large loads of hot milky cum covered Tricia’s back. One of the first few spurts landed between her shoulder blades just below the ends of her brown hair. Even after he finished shooting his load, the head of his cock throbbed with the remainder of his orgasm.

Josh collapsed back against the couch as Tricia laid motionless on the ottoman. Neither one of them were talking as they took a minute to regain their breath. Tricia attempted unsuccessfully to lift herself off the ottoman. Ten minutes passed before she was able to roll off and rest her head in Josh’s lap. She licked clean the tip of his now flaccid cock.

Finally the couple managed to get up off the floor. They both got dressed without much being said as they both dreaded the time that loomed. She knew he had a long two hour trip home.

With his things now gathered he walked over to where she stood watching him. He wrapped his arms around her not knowing when he would see her again. She laid her head against his chest as he ran his hand up and down the middle of her back. Neither one wanted to break the embrace and spoil the moment but finally Josh pulled away.

He kissed her just before walking out the door. When he looked back he saw her standing at the door watching and waving bye. She didn’t want him to leave but she had enough memories to get her by on those lonely nights when she ached for a hard fucking. Josh pulled down the driveway and turned on the road heading out of the small town. It would be months before he saw her again but for now he was content and satisfied.

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