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A Gift Returned is a Gift Enjoyed

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“Fine!” Holly yells, as she collapses onto the couch.

“Fine!” Chris yells back, as he goes out the door and slams it, hard.

Holly huddles on the couch, grasping a pillow to her chest, sobbing her heart out. They just had their first real fight. She can’t believe what he expects from her. How dare he assume she’d just go along with his request with no regard for her feelings on the matter.

Chris storms down the stairs to his car and slams the door. He takes a deep breath before he puts the key in the ignition. He wasn’t asking much, in the scheme of things. He thought she’d love the idea, the sensuality and adventure of it. How could he be so wrong?

They’ve been a couple since they met during the Christmas holidays. They share a love of things kinky and have had several adventures indulging their desires for BDSM. Both being switches, they have fun trying things out on each other. But to Holly, this latest request is going too far.

Chris guns his car and speeds back to his place. Once there, he pours himself a stiff drink and takes it down to his basement playroom. Looking around, he decides there are too many memories there, so he goes into the yet unused room next door. He sits himself in his specially designed barber chair and fumes.

Holly has to pad to the bedroom to get more tissues. She blows her nose and is done with crying, until she spies the paddle he uses on her sitting on a chair. She starts crying again and throws herself onto the bed. She pounds a pillow as if it is attacking her.

She cries until she’s cried out. With a pounding headache, she takes some aspirin, gets into her nightgown and crawls into bed. Maybe if she sleeps, things will look better in the morning. Maybe.

Chris wants to drink himself into oblivion, but doesn’t. He knows better than that; problems do not look better, no solutions come, when you’re half blind. He sips his drink, pondering what went wrong with the conversation.

He puts his head back on the headrest and closes his eyes. His drink consumed, he falls asleep in the chair.

The next morning, Holly groans as she looks in the bathroom mirror. Crying always has its price and her face shows it. She showers, inhaling the steam. She really doesn’t want to go to work but calling in sick is not an option today. Her boss is at a conference and she has to man the office.

The day goes as expected; a flurry of phone calls in the morning, a paperwork snafu, and the afternoon drags on. Her colleague, Silvia, has been watching her all day. She knows something is wrong. When it is time to close the office, Silvia asks Holly out for a drink.

Holly, not wanting to go home, says “Yes. I could definitely use one.”

Silvia is a smart, older woman. You wouldn’t know it to look at her, but she’s had many interesting experiences in her life. She thinks she can help Holly with whatever the matter is.

They order drinks at a quiet hideaway bar, one they both feel comfortable being in.

“Holly, something is wrong. Tell me, maybe I can help.”

“We had our first fight. I don’t know what to do now.”

“Well, how bad was it?”

“Chris wants me to do something; he even planned it, without asking for my opinion. He assumed I’d go along with it. It scared me and made me mad.”

“Was this thing so outrageous that you couldn’t do it, or didn’t want to for other reasons?”

“It was the assumption that I would change something just because he thought it would be exciting, that I would be turned on by it.”

“Holly, what was this thing he wanted you to do?”

“I don’t want to talk about it. Please.”

“Okay, but let me just say this. If it scared you, do some research on it. I’m sure he isn’t the first person to think of whatever it is, there has to be something on the internet.

Find out how others handle it, did or did they not like it, etc. It will be less scary if you know more about it.”

“Okay, maybe I will. Now, let’s drink.”

That was the end of that conversation, but Silvia did plant a seed of curiosity in Holly’s mind.

Chris has a headache when he wakes, still in the barber chair. His muscles complain when he gets up out of the chair, so he downs some aspirin with his coffee. He feels better after a hot shower, and makes his way to the nursery which he owns.

After the holidays, it is pretty quiet. Plants don’t move much during the winter months so he concentrates on after holiday inventory and paying the first of many bills.

After he closes the shop, he stops and picks up some dinner and goes home. He pours a glass of wine and eats while watching the news. He tries not to think about the fight, but finally gives up and logs onto the internet, looking for anonymous advice on how to get your partner to agree to a kink activity.

He finds a few helpful items and bookmarks them for later. He feels a little better now about dealing with this issue.

Once Holly is home, her curiosity gets the better of her. She is so upset that the drinks she had didn’t really make her tipsy, so feeling sober, she logs onto the ‘net. She types in search words and up pop many items to click on.

She decides to read articles before viewing any videos. She clicks on one link and reads about one woman’s experience. The woman was forced but found it so exciting, that she plans to have her partner do it again.

She finds another link to an article written by a woman who hated the experience. She expresses the fears that Holly has and she feels vindicated. She then clicks on a link and reads a first-hand report of exactly what Chris asked of her. As she reads deeper into the article, she finds her fear lessening.

The woman was reluctant, but found the experience so sensuous, so empowering that she was glad she let her partner do it. So far, two out of three articles are positive.

She tries the videos next. The first video shows a woman being forced into the situation and crying but also masturbating and cuming. Talk about mixed messages! Holly moves on to the next one.

In this one, the woman is tied up, naked, and looks totally terrified at first, but then she cums, without any intimate touching. Holly admits to herself that this one turned her on.

To choose the next one, Holly closes her eyes and moves the mouse and just clicks and watches whatever one she gets. This video is done slowly, and sensuously. The woman is totally into it and smiles as the situation unfolds.

Holly realizes that this could be, if done right, be very sexy and lead to other things. She resolves to speak to Chris about it. Maybe they can resolve this and both be happy.

Both Chris and Holly give it a few days before speaking, both wanting to have cool heads prevailing. Neither had planned when exactly they would get together and talk, but fate has other plans for them.

Holly enters the grocery store, looking to pick up items to make dinner for her and Silvia on Saturday. She’s in the pasta aisle looking at the top shelf for her favorite tomato paste. She sees it way back on the shelf, but she’s too short to reach for it.

She turns and sees a tall man across the aisle and asks him if he could get it for her. He turns, and she’s looking at Chris.

“Um, hi,” Holly says, feeling awkward. “I’m making dinner for Silvy and I need some tomato paste.”

Chris reaches up easily and grabs a can. “Just one?”

“Yes, thanks.”

Chris turns to walk away.

“Um, Chris! Please, we need to talk.”

Chris turns back and stands, waiting.

“I’ve done some thinking, and some research. I was scared, but now I think it could work for both of us.”

“You do? Tell me.”

“Not here. Can we go somewhere, get coffee, or something.”

“Yes. Okay. Let’s finish shopping and talk.”

They each checkout their purchases, put them in their cars, and Holly follows Chris to a local coffee shop. They find a quiet corner to talk. Holly starts first.

“Chris, I felt really scared about what you asked for. I had never heard of it, much less wanted it. It’s such a radical change. It would affect not only me, but those around me. How am I supposed to explain it to my boss, co-workers, family, and friends?

I still don’t know how, but I’ve done some research and it opened my eyes to the possibility of it being a real turn-on, if done right. Would you be willing to work on it with me?”

Chris likes what he’s hearing from her. He’s happy she took the initiative to find out things on her own. As she’s talking, he’s picturing her under his control, and how she would look afterwards. It will be good for her; he will make sure it is.

“I had no idea that it scared you so much. I guess I just thought you’d know about it. I’m sorry I made you feel that way. I’ve done some reading on the subject as well and I think I can make it good for you; make you feel good. We can do this together.”

They walk out of the shop, hand-in-hand, glad they made up. He walks her to her car and kisses her as if on a first date before going to his car.

On Saturday, as Holly is putting dinner on the table, Silvia asks about the problem.

“I ran into Chris in the grocery store and we went for coffee and talked about it. We’re going to work on it together soon. I think it will be great.”

“But you still won’t tell me what it was about?”

“No, maybe later on.”

About a week later, Chris arrives at Holly’s house and they make plans, taking into account her fears and ways to resolve it. Holly is much relieved and looks forward to the experience. Chris is pumped that he will get to give such pleasure to her.

D Day will be on Valentine’s Day, which is a Friday; his gift to her; he guarantees that she won’t want to return it.

The day arrives and Holly can’t sit still at her desk. Her pussy is so tingly in anticipation of the night. When she arrives home that night, she showers and dresses in a red hot teddie, crotchless, with black fishnet stockings and garter belt.

She doesn’t usually wear heels, but she splurged on a pair of Manolo Blahnik black leather caged sandals. She’s sure she’ll wear them more than once. She puts on black suit pants and jacket to cover it all up until she’s ready to reveal it to Chris.

She arrives at Chris’ and they have wine before dinner, both relaxing into each other as they used to. They eat a light but energy restoring dinner. After enjoying some kissing, and more wine, in the living room, he asks if she’s ready.

“Yes. I’ve been ready all day.”

They go down the stairs to the basement. He takes her hand and leads her into the room with the barber chair. He has placed candles around the room and proceeds to light them, giving the room a warm glow. He turns on some romantic instrumental music and keeps it low just to add a little ambiance.

“Lovely,” Holly says.

He walks over to her and starts to undress her. She swats his hands away and steps back from him, slowly unbuttoning the jacket. Before she shrugs it off, she undoes the slacks and lets them fall at her feet. She then takes off the jacket and steps out of the slacks. She does a slow turn so Chris can take in every detail.

“Wow! You look amazing, so hot!”

She places one leg up on the armrest of the chair and shows him the crotchless part of the teddie.

“Oh my god! I can’t wait!”

He quickly reaches her and takes her in his arms and kisses her deeply. She returns his kisses with passionate ones of her own.

They part and Chris tells her he has something for her. He takes a box from a drawer and hands it to her.

“I got the idea from something I read. It may help you get into the mood while I’m doing you.”

She opens it to see an egg-shaped vibrator and remote.

“You’ll have it inside you and you, or if you so choose, I will control it.”

Holly thinks a second. “I think it would be more fun if you control it.”

“Okay. Shall we have a seat?”

Holly sits herself in the barber chair.

“Spread your legs so I can insert the vibrator.”

Holly does, and before he puts the vibrator in, surprises her by licking her first. She’s already wet, he is happy to see. He licks her a few more times, then pushes the vibrator in.

“Shall we see if it works?”

He doesn’t wait for an answer before turning it on and she squeals with delight at the sensation.

“I think you’re going to love this, Holly.”

Chris pulls some velvet ropes from a drawer and looks at Holly.

“Are you okay with this?”

She nods and says, “Yes. Go ahead.”

Chris ties her to the chair, arms and chest, before caping her, tightly. He pumps the chair up to a workable height.

“Shall I proceed?”

Holly takes a deep breath, and says, “Yes.”

Chris picks up the big clippers and Holly, never having seen anything so big, nearly cums looking at them. Chris sees her eyes widen and turns on the vibrator. All he hears is a slight hum and Holly’s yelp tells him he got her good.

He leaves the vibrator on the lowest setting as he puts clippers to her head. He starts at the side of her head and shaves up and flicks away the shorn hair. He watches her reaction but her eyes are closed.

Another pass of the clippers up her head and hair slides down the cape.

Her eyes open at the sound and sees her hair in her lap. She gives a little shiver knowing that it’s really happening and closes her eyes again.

When he’s done with that side, he turns the chair to do the other side. She still hasn’t opened her eyes. He spies a little tear slipping from her eye. To distract her, he turns the vibrator up until he hears her moaning and trying to move.

Just a little more and she’s breathing harder. It’s then that he turns the vibrator off completely. She groans in frustration and looks at him. “Bully.”

He shaves that side of her head and again moves the chair so he can do the front. He turns the vibrator on and she jumps in the chair, as much as the ropes allow. He turns it up as he clippers the top of her head.

The hair is sliding down her face and she keeps trying to blow it off. Chris leans down and blows it off for her, taking a quick kiss as he does.

A few more strokes of the clippers and the top of her head is bare. She feels the air lightly caressing her skin but her main awareness is the vibrations. She’s feeling them stronger and her pussy is getting wetter the longer he leaves it on.

Before the final shaving, he decides to play with her. He turns the vibrator up a little more every minute or two until it’s at the highest setting. She’s wiggling in her seat, trying to cum.

He lets this go on as long as he dares, then turns it down, then up, then back down. He continues playing with her, almost letting her cum, then taking the pulsations away.

When she’s ready to scream from need, he pushes her head down and shaves her neck, from bottom to top. With the second pass of the clippers, he hears a moan escape from her.

It has a different sound than the moans from the vibrator and he knows that she is tuning into the clippers now.

He runs the clippers up her neck again, pressing just a little bit harder and her moan is deeper. The sensation of the clippers sends threads of heat down to her pussy.

With the vibrator sending them back up her spine, the circuit is complete and her body responds at an ever increasing pace.

He still has a lot of hair to remove, and shaves her again and again. Her moaning is breathy and faster. With the last few passes of the clippers, he turns the vibrator up to max and presses a little deeper and slower.

Her body is moving in the chair and she is cuming, moaning deeply with the unexpected pleasure she is feeling.

He turns off the clippers and slowly dials back the vibrator until it is off. She sits in the chair, breathing heavy, coming down from the high. Chris takes off the cape and removes the velvet ropes.

He looks at her face, so pink with passion. Her beautiful features stand out now without her hair to hide them. He hopes she feels the same when she sees herself shorn.

She slowly raises her head and looks at him. He has the chair looking away from the mirror.

“Do you want to see?”

“Am I still pretty?”

“You are still beautiful.”

He slowly turns the chair. Her head back down, she slowly lifts it and peers at her reflection. She’s stunned at her baldness. She reaches to touch the fuzz and recoils at first, but then reaches back to stroke it.

She puts her hand back in her lap and turns her head side to side. She’s quiet the entire time.

“Do you like it?”

“I’m in shock. I don’t know. It feels weird, looks weird.”

“I know you were worried about explaining it to others. I have a wig seller coming here tomorrow to pick out a wig for you to wear in public, if you want. With me, you can be without it, as I love you as you are.”

“Oh, Chris! That is so thoughtful! Thank you! It’s like this will be our little secret.”

Chris blows out the candles in the room and pulls her from the chair and holds her as they walk up the stairs to the bedroom. The lights are low as they descend onto the bed. He caresses her fuzzy head and kisses the top of it.

“Did you enjoy it as you thought you would?”

“I loved how you played with the vibrator, it helped distract me from losing my hair, but I have to admit, when you shaved my neck, I could feel it all the way to my toes. I didn’t know it would affect me that way.

I’ve read that some women turn on with that but it sounded unbelievable to me. So, to answer your question, yes, I ultimately enjoyed it.”

“I’m glad. I hope you will let me do that again. I love seeing you turned on.”

She kisses him and there is no more talk that night.

The next day, the wig seller arrives with trunks full of different styles, colors, and lengths. Chris helps Holly pick out a couple different ones and pays the woman. Holly is thrilled that she can try different styles.

She picks one for work, family and friends; one that looks like her usual hairdo, and she picks out a long, blond slutty looking wig, for intimate playtimes when she feels this way. Holly thanks Chris with an unexpected blowjob that leaves Chris speechless, which doesn’t happen very often.

At work the next Monday, Silvia noticed a change in Holly, and asked her for drinks again.

“Holly, you look relaxed and happy. Did things get resolved with Chris?”

“Oh, yes. We worked things out and it was a wonderful weekend.”

Holly picks up the pepper to sprinkle on her salad. It is very fresh and pungent, and it causes her to sneeze hard, which causes her wig to skew slightly.

“Uh, Holly,” Silvia touches her head.

“Oops,” Holly says as she adjusts it the best she can. “Well, I guess the secret is out.”

“You shaved your head?”

“Yes. That’s what our fight was about. He wanted to and I was scared, but we both did research and came to an agreement. We did it this weekend. He knew how worried I was about explaining it so he bought me a couple wigs.”

“Wow! Did you, I mean, how did you like it?”

“Yes, I ended up liking it. He has his own barber chair and has some training. It’s our little secret, so please don’t tell anyone.”

“Your secret is safe with me, as mine is with you.” Silvia lifts a curl on her head which lifts the wig on her head.

“Oh my god, you’re bald too?”

“Yes. My partner and I have been into shaving for years. We use foam and straight razors more than clippers. He’s an expert with the razor.”

They sit talking about different kinds of behavior. Holly learns that Silvia and Pete are into more extreme play than she and Chris are.

“So, are you going to get back at Chris at all?”

“Well, he did this as a Valentine’s gift, one he said I wouldn’t want to return, but you know, I think I do want to return the favor.

I saw haircut videos so I’ll watch and learn how to cut a man’s hair. I’ll spring it on him when he least expects it.”

“Good girl. You’ve got to keep him on his toes.”

One weekend a couple weeks later, Holly finally has time to devote to research. She sits down at her computer and watches several videos on cutting men’s hair. She finds she especially likes the high and tight videos, but concentrates on full head clippering.

She watches the video several times, practicing the holding of the clippers and the angles which get the best results using her cell phone as a prop. When she feels comfortable that she knows the ins and outs, she then plans when to accomplish her deed.

She wants to catch Chris off-guard, so rather than try to get him at his house, she hatches a plan to lure him to her father’s shop on pretext of picking her up there and going to dinner. Her father closes his shop early on Wednesday nights so she plans it for four days hence.

The day arrives and Holly lets herself into her father’s shop to get things ready. As she walks into the shop from the back, she remembers the time she sat herself in one of the chairs and clippered her pussy bare.

It was just before Christmas and it was the night that she and Chris consummated their relationship. She decides to tease Chris by doing it again but in front of him this time.

Holly gets everything ready, the cape and clippers, as well as the velvet ropes to tie him to the chair. She then goes into the back room and strips, putting on just a barber’s jacket and wearing her fishnet stockings, garter belt, and cage sandals again. She waits to hear Chris pull up in his truck before putting on her coat, so it looks like she’s ready to go.

Chris walks into the shop. “Hi, beautiful. You ready to go?”

“Um, almost. Have a seat while I get something out back.”

Chris sits in the chair as Holly goes in the back for a second, and then comes back, very quietly. Chris does not hear her.

Chris is facing away from her so she grabs the ropes and throws the first one around his shoulders to pin him to the chair.

“Hey! What are you doing?”

“Just returning the gift you gave me,” she says with a wink and a smoldering smile.

Chris is intrigued and just watches her as she restrains his arms to the armrests.

When he’s all tied up, Holly capes him, tightly. She backs away and stands before him and takes off her coat.

“Wow! You look so sexy in that!”

She smiles but says nothing. She walks over to the other chair and turns, slowly unbuttoning the jacket so that Chris sees she is naked underneath. She hears him gasp and swallow hard. She knows he’s turned on by the sight.

She sits in the chair, draping her right leg over the armrest and reaching for the big clippers she used on herself before. She lifts it and caresses her cheek with the clippers, giving it a kiss when she turns them on. She slowly lowers them to her nether region and hesitates just a second, looking at Chris. His eyes are riveted on the hand with the clippers, his mouth open, breathing a little faster than before.

She places the clippers at the bottom of her pussy and shaves upwards. When she reaches the top, she blows the hairs off the clippers with a light puff of air, and shaves upwards again. It feels so good that she lets out a moan. Chris is mesmerized and the cape is rising with his erection.

Holly shaves herself again and again, baring more skin each time. She’s getting wetter with each pass and a moan occasionally escapes as her eyes close at the sensation. When she’s bare enough, she places the clippers against her pubes, just above her clit, and presses.

She does this until she feels her climax beginning deep down in her core. She throws back her head, and with her other hand, she plays with her tits. Her eyes are closed but as her orgasm takes her, she opens them and looks directly at Chris.

He is still staring at her hand at her pussy, but he’s trying to squirm on the chair. The cape shows a definite tent pole now. Holly’s moaning lessens and she removes the clippers and turns them off. It takes Chris a moment to come to himself. In between deep breaths, he says, “That… was… incredible!”

Holly smiles but again says nothing. She walks over to him and stands behind him, and picks up a clean clipper. She grabs hair at the top of his head and clicks on the clippers. She shears him from the front to back. She enjoys the gasp that emanated from Chris as she continues shaving all of his hair off.

When the top and sides are done, with more strength than he believed she had, she roughly holds his head down. She is rewarded with a deep moan. She knows that Chris sometimes likes to be dominated and this was one of those times. She shaves his neck until he is completely bald.

She stands back and turns off the clippers and puts them on the shelf. She picks up a brush and brushes the remnants of his hair off him. She undoes the cape, and as she raises it up in front of him, she simultaneously turns the chair to face the mirror. When she removes the cape, Chris sees that he is now bald. It’s a shock, but a smile slowly builds on his face as he checks each side.

He turns to look at her. “This has to be the hottest haircut I’ve ever had. You amaze me, Holly.”

Holly isn’t done yet. She turns the chair again and undoes his belt and zipper and pulls out his super hard cock. She then turns her back to him and spreads her legs, taking him into her from behind.

Chris’ arms are still tied and can’t hold her hips, but she doesn’t need any help. Holly is riding him fast and hard. Chris hasn’t been this turned on since, well, forever, and his cock is rock hard as she slams down on him again and again. She reaches to play with her clit as she fucks him.

They both last longer than they imagine they could, considering how turned on they both are. Holly’s movements become faster as she feels her orgasm start. She’s moaning loudly and almost screams when it hits her full force and Chris joins her and spews more cum in her than he thought he could hold.

When Holly recovers, she pulls off Chris and kneels to lick all the cum off his cock. She then tucks him back in, zips up his pants, and puts the belt back in place. Chris, still breathing heavy, can only watch in disbelief at his woman.

Holly stands up and says, “Happy belated Valentine’s Day, honey!” as she unties the shoulder rope first, then his arms. He reaches out and pulls her into his lap and kisses her deeply. When the kiss ends, she snuggles into him and they sit quietly, enjoying each other and the afterglow.

“Thank you, love. I’ve never been happier to have a gift returned. You are amazing!”

Holly kisses his cheek and says, “Holidays just aren’t the same since I met you.”

They get up from the chair and tidy the shop, clean the tools, and head home for a night of lovemaking in front of a roaring fire.

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