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Our Risqué Day by the Pool

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My name is Carol and I’m 39 years old, I stand about 5’5″ tall and weigh in at about 105 pounds. I have light brown shoulder length hair that I like to pull behind my ears sometimes. I own a small car rental shop in town, which does fairly well to support my son and I. Tim or as I still like to think of him “TIMMY” is my 18 year old son, he decided to stay with me after my husband Mark and I thought it best to go our own separate ways, we did not have a falling out, just a mutual decision on calling it quits.

Tim is a mixture of his father and I, he has his athletic frame and dark hair which he shares with my green eyes and pale skin. He has caught the eye of plenty of ladies about town when we go about our shopping or chores.

I have a best friend named Tina that I do most everything with. One thing I love doing with her is to kick back by the pool I have at my house and drink a few mixed ones while listening to music from days gone by. I would like to say that I’m not attracted to her, with her slender frame and long blonde hair and blue eyes; it’s safe to say that I do not have tendencies towards women but if I ever did she would be what I would like to find. Tina is 37 years old with body that is close to mine; she is two inches taller than me, she has about 10 pounds more on me, in more of the right places, but I have a cup size on her, my chest being a firm 36 C. We met when she came into the office to rent a car when hers broke down. She has never been married but definitely has had her share of suitors in and out of her whirlwind life.

To say what happened on one particular sunny day is a complete shock, could be considered the understatement of the year. Tim was suppose to be gone visiting his father for the weekend and Tina and I had made plans to meet at my house to discuss our frantic work week and sip some margaritas by the pool. Like all the best laid plans of mice and men it started with me having to run into the office for a customer with an out of town emergency, it was to take an hour at the most, but ended taking well into the early afternoon. After a quick call to Tina to explain the situation she was more than willing to come by after I had a chance to freshen up. I told her it was fine if she just came over as I was getting cleaned up and I would meet her out back; I kidded with her saying she could get the drinks ready for the festivities to begin.

As it was a weekend I was dressed in attire which consisted of flowery skirt that hung loose around my legs, I choose not to wear panties since it was warm and I was in a hurry to get to the office. A sleeveless button up top that was cream colored, which I kept the top two buttons undone as well; in my mind it made sense “no panties, no bra.” Not that I’m a wanton floozy sharing my goodies about town or anything; not that I did not get a sharp thrill between my legs whenever a cute guy made an obvious advance towards me. I’m a flesh and blood woman that is single and I would like to think in the prime of my life.

I pulled up to the house with thoughts of seeing Tina in a bikini again and once again getting a tingle between my thighs. The wetness I experience when I see her stripped down brings quite a few climax inducing nights, to be honest even a few multiple climax ones as well. So having my head lost in the cloud of Tina’s thighs and smooth tummy, I completely missed seeing Tim’s car parked on the road and not in the driveway, not that I was expecting to see it there in the first place. I raced into the house to freshen up fast due to her being only a few minutes behind me, I was in the mood to drink and flirt with my best friend on this very heated day. I raced in the front door to my front room where I removed my work shoes and was clad only in my bare feet, I laid my purse on the coffee table and started to unbutton my top to the sounds of music in the air. At first I just thought it was anticipation for the upcoming afternoons events that were running through my head, until it switched to a commercial for a sports cream. My first thought was I was being robbed by a burglar that liked a local station. I instantly looked for the source of the music which was coming from the back of my house. Knowing where it was coming from I grabbed up the first thing I could find as a weapon, which just happened to be the bottle of wine I planned on drinking with Tina. I crept slowly to a window to see if a strange person was going through my yard only be just as surprised by what I did see. My son lying next to the pool in a pair of loose boxers and nothing else. The thrill of seeing seem was intensified by another jolt to my already wet pussy, lying there, he was the spitting image of his father, who I loved very much to this day.

Knowing that I was not in mortal danger I stepped out of the sliding back door to ask what was going on.

“Tim, what is going on? Why are you still here and not on your way to your fathers?”

“Mom!” he exclaimed, jumping up from the deck chair.

“Tim” I said again, “You scared the hell out of me, tell me what you’re still doing here.”

“I left a message on your phone that dad had something come up; I guess you didn’t get it.”

As he was explaining this to me he was trying to plant his feet on the ground to stand. I walked closer to him, placing the wine bottle on the table that’s next to the deck near the pool. When he finally righted himself he had worked his boxers loose in such a fashion so that his fly lay wide apart and I could see his considerable manhood working its way free. Having already working myself into a fright and catching him unawares I did not want to embarrass him any further by bringing it to his attention (I secretly had to admit that seeing him fully displayed as that was more than I could bear, meaning that my wetness turned into a full on flood and I was incredibly aroused by my hunky son.) He explained that since he was not leaving after all he thought he would catch some rays, to try and get rid of some of his paleness. I can’t argue with the evidence, especially when it’s staring me straight in the eye.

“You have to go in and get dressed Tim, Tina is on her way here to relax by the pool. As much as she may like the view I don’t care for you parading around here like that in front of my friends.”

He nodded and started to walk a few feet past me on his way to the door, when he stopped suddenly and said aloud

“…As much as she’d like the view…” I could see his mind begin to spin at the thought of my sexy friend finding him attractive.

“NO, NO, NO. Get that thought right out of your head.” I said to him, but it was too late, his brain did not have enough blood left to think straight after all of it rushed to his member which had grown at least three more inches outside of his open fly. My mouth may have watered a bit, if so I tried not to let the drool slide to far down my chin, I really did. I mean this was my lit… big man and thoughts like that are not meant to run free. Even if he looked delicious standing there all hard muscled and sweaty from the sun. If my nipples were to get any harder I could easily get a job cutting diamonds.

As I tried to rush Tim into the house to put on proper swim attire, we both heard a noise coming from in the house.

“It’s Tina, she’s here already, quick try and get out of sight.”

Which was laughable because there was nowhere to go except in the house past her. He had the same thought in frightened expression.

“Where am I suppose to go mom, my clothes are in the house.”

Both of us franticly looking around only saw chairs around the pool; as the sliding door started to open we made a dash to one of the chairs, where he sat down and finally noticed his cock standing straight up out of his boxer briefs. You would think that the look of stunned disbelief on his face could not be any more shocked then it was at that moment, turns out a few moments later would put that one to shame.

Not knowing what else to do at that precise moment to hide his shame did the one and only thing his brain could think of to hide himself, He grabbed at my arm and tugged me down onto his lap. As he pulled me towards him franticly, my skirt flew out wildly to bunch up in an uncomfortable fashion under me. Tim let out an explosive breath when I landed on him. At that precise moment Tina came through the back door and called to me.

“There you are sweetie, I was looking for you on the insid…” “Oh, hello Tim, I thought you would be at your dads.”

Tim being unable to catch enough air at that moment, I replied,”His dad had last minute plans, so we have him all to ourselves.”

“Well I have had had worse news than that.” She laughed as she worked her way to the chair across from us.

We both laughed at that. Mine more from nerves over the situation then from anything else. Tina loved to talk when she was excited, at this moment that’s what she was, but not half as much as Tim, I could feel his girth straining against the fabric of my dress, let me tell you it was at full mast at this point. Tina was stunning in her choice of outfits today, she chose her little micro top bikini to lay out in, not thinking anyone but us girls would be here. I knew I enjoyed the view, so no doubts that he would double so.

As Tina started talking about her week she started to pour some drinks into the glasses she grabbed on her way out of the house. I knew that I was still causing Tim a lot of pain by the way I was sitting. I tried at that point to slowly work my way off of him, all I really did was make matters worse, so much so that he used his hands to pull the bunched up fabric off of his rod to cover his lap a bit more. One thing neither of us considered was just how high I was really sitting on him. Once the skirt flew free from me sitting on it, I was direct skin to skin with my virile sons throbbing cock, which just happened to be trapped right at the entrance of my pussy lips. Which was saturating his dick with my love juices. I could feel his throbbing penis knocking on my entrance, begging to be let into the place he was only once before 18 years earlier. I half listened to Tina as she told us about her work week in the office. I was much more interested in what was going on under my dress, as I suspect Tim was as well. His hands had planted themselves firmly on my hips and was trying to position himself at a better angle to enter me, right in front of Tina, my extremely “HOT” looking friend.

Where was this coming from? I don’t know personally but at that moment I was lost in a sudden haze of extreme lust for my studly son.

Within the fifteen minutes or so of walking through my front door my life changed so drastically that I am allowing my 18 year old son to push his long hard cock into my love canal. It was like a drug to me, all I wanted was for him to enter me and end this yearning I had, to lose myself in the situation of being so naughty in front of my best friend without her knowledge. That was the moment I decided I needed this “I” wanted this more than I had ever wanted his father. I looked over my shoulder at him to look him squarely in the eyes, to communicate with him that I wanted this too. That’s when his face took on that look of stunned wonderment, that moment I shifted my weight and took my son my entire son, deep into my quivering lips. The sexual rush of total abandonment was enough to cause such an intense instant orgasm, I nearly passed out. Just the feel of his warm flesh sliding into my craving hole was enough to make the past two years of being alone disappear and become a distant memory. I was fulfilled. I was complete. I wanted MORE!!!

Tina looked up from mid sentence with concern in her eyes and her voice when my orgasm struck. It must have been a sight to behold, she asked quickly,

“Are you alright Carol?”

How could I tell my best friend that my son’s big cock just caused me to have the best, most intense orgasm of my life?

“I’m fine, just a little winded from work this morning.” “I left with no breakfast.”

It must have worked, she looked relieved that I was okay. I don’t think I could have loved her anymore at that moment. In some small way she was sharing a very intense feeling with me that I never wanted to end. Given the way my son’s cock was forcing its way into me I didn’t think it would. His hips were doing their best to jack hammer into me from his sitting position. All this while trying not to alert Tina to our naughty escapades that were taking place right under her sexy pert nose.

After a few minutes more of his vigorous fucking I needed to speed up my son’s climax. The only way to do it that I could see without giving myself away is a chair dance to the song that was playing in the background. I was bobbing my head and shaking my ass in quick tempo to the beat, Tim took the hint right away and acted like this was one of his all time favorites as well. Tina enjoyed the music blaring in the air as well and was shaking her talents in her tight top.

Tim was nearing the point of no return. His rod was as hard as steel trapped between my legs. I knew he was ready to blow his load deep inside my flooded canal, I was eager to feel his hot load burst inside me. I wanted it more than I wanted my next breath. One last push from below and his cock started exploding the precious fluids I craved deep inside my womb, that rush of semi liquid fluids caused yet another mind blowing orgasm to burst forth from between my legs to once again coat his lap in my sex juice.

Our breathing labored and sheen of sweat covering us both caused us to become once again lightheaded. Quickly playing off on the music we all laughed at being silly and said it was time to jump in the pool to cool off. Tina agreed quickly to the suggestion and asked if she should wait on me to get changed. I told her no. To go ahead and dive in while I excuse myself to get changed. She agreed, stood up to remove the wrap around that was covering her sexy as hell legs. Once that was done she flashed a stunning smile at the both of us, in our post sex haze of ecstasy we smile back as she walked to the edge of the in ground pool and dove in. In that brief moment of aloneness I quickly turned to my son and passionately kissed this man, my son. We both had the same thought for him to jump up with his softening cock that was sliding out of my honey hole and run inside before she came from under the water.

I wanted more. I knew I would have more of this man-child of mine.

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James wrote

Wonderful story of both of you so enjoyed what next??