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Our Parents are Swingers

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As anyone who has grown up in a tightly knit family knows, there are personalities, likes and dislikes, and of course the private secrets about other members of the family. These secrets are sometimes small, sometimes large, and are rarely revealed to outsiders because, in a way, it would be doing something against the family’s privacy and trust.

Let me begin. It started innocently enough, I’d just turned twenty, getting ready to return back to college and I was in the attic of our house looking for some old books that I’d packed away in a box several years before. There was a lot of clutter in the attic and I finally spotted the box that I was looking for. It was underneath some other boxes and, as I moved one of them another box fell to the floor and spilled open. I was completely surprised by what I saw. The box was full of homemade porn. The photos weren’t slick magazine photos; they were real photos of people having sex in what looked to be private homes. For the most part the people were just average men and women performing every imaginable sex act. There were a lot of old Polaroid photos in the bottom of the box that looked to be at least twenty or more years old.

After my initial shock wore off a little I started looking closer and I began to recognize some of my parent’s friends and a couple of neighbors from our old neighborhood. At the bottom of the box there was another smaller box that was taped-up. When I opened the box I was really surprised — I could hardly believe what I was looking at! There were hundreds of nude pictures of my parents having sex with other people and each other. There was no doubt…they’re hard-core swingers! Suddenly things that had happened years ago started to make sense to me.

I still remember how my hands were trembling as I held picture after picture of my mother getting fucked and sucking men’s cocks…and of my father fucking other women, eating their pussies and having his cock sucked. Most of the photos were very hard core. There were photos of mother receiving facials and photos of her spreading her pussy lips to reveal cum in her vagina. There were a lot of photos of my father fucking mother as well as other women. In some of the photos mother was even having hardcore sex with other women. There were even some close-ups of DP’s — double penetration. I was pretty sure the woman in the photos was mother! I had never been as turned on as I was looking at the photos. Mother had a good figure, a lot better than some of the women in the photos but a lot of the other women had larger breasts than her. I kept looking and I came across a set of pictures that really shocked me. The first photo was of two couples having sex on a bed. When I looked closer I could see father fucking my aunt Judy (mother’s sister) as mother was getting fucked by my uncle Ted. There were other photos that made it clear that the four of them were very close and NOTHING was taboo!

Anyway, that afternoon, as I sat on the floor of the warm and quiet attic looking at the photos I heard Jennifer, my sister, as she started to climb up the ladder that led up to the attic.

“James, are you up there? I’m coming up,” she called out.

Jennifer’s my sister. She and I are fraternal twins, not identical twins. I was born first, she second. One thing you have to know about Jennifer and me, we’ve always been exceptionally close; closer than most brother and sister and even closer than other fraternal twins that we know about. There are things about twins that are hard for most people to understand. For as long as I can remember we often share the same thoughts and we feel what the other feels, especially emotions. We understand each other and it’s sometimes difficult to even keep secrets from each other…it always seemed that we could just magically figure things out. We’ve always had a secret code between us that only we understand — a lot like intuition I guess. Don’t get me wrong, Jennifer and I have had our battles too…Plenty of them but they never came between us.

Anyway, I just kept looking at the photos; I didn’t try to hide them. As her head popped up in the attic she softly asked, “I couldn’t find you, what are you doing up here?”

“Come look at what I found,” I said to her.

“What is it?” She asked as she came in the attic.

“Just some photographs,” I said quietly as I handed her several photos.

She sat down next to me and started looking at the pictures that were spread-out on the floor and she was as shocked as I was. I knew that Jen would have the same reaction to the photos and I was right! In moments her hands were trembling slightly and her breathing was a little erratic. I knew she was getting just as horny as I was.

“My god! Where did these come from?”

“I found the box hidden over there,” I pointed.

“Look at this…is that–?” She hesitated before saying softly. “Is that mother?”

She handed it to me and in the photo two women were on a bed lying on their sides in the sixty-nine position eating each other’s pussies. Even though the faces of the women were mostly hidden there was no doubt that it was her in the photo.

“Yeah, it’s her,” I said.

“I never knew anything –” She was quiet as she took her time looking at the photos. She picked up another photo and handed it to me and asked, “Do you know who this is that’s fucking her?”

“No, I don’t think so,” I answered. “But there are lots of photos of some of our parent’s friends and some of our old neighbors in here. Look at this one.” I handed her a photo of our father lying on a bed as a woman sucked his cock. “That’s Mrs. Conner, one of our neighbors at our old house sucking his cock,” I said.

Jennifer and I sat next to each other looking at the photos together and talking about them. I finally asked her, “Did you know they did this? Did you know that they were swingers?”

Jennifer had a strange look on her face for a moment before she answered. “No, not really, not about being swingers I mean, but they’ve been talking to me about sex a lot, especially mother.” She hesitated for a moment before continuing. “A couple of months ago something happened that I never told you about. One afternoon I came home from work earlier than usual and she and dad were in their room fucking. Their bedroom door was wide open and they were making a lot of noise…I think they actually wanted me to watch them fuck. I stayed in the hall and watched them for several minutes until they both came and I didn’t know if they knew I was there or not so, I quietly left and went to my room.”

Jen looked at me and said, “It’s happened two more times since then and I can’t help it — they leave their bedroom door open it really turns me on to watch them.” She paused. “After that, mother asked me several times, if you and I ever had sex together. Of course I lied and told her no.” Jen paused before adding, “I think she was a little disappointed that I said no — I don’t think she believed me.”

I was pretty sure that no one knew that Jen and I started having sex with each other right after our eighteenth birthdays. It seemed so natural and it happened so easily. One afternoon I was in my room studying and I was really horny — horny enough that it was really hard to concentrate so, I decided to jack-off. I thought no one was home and I took off my gym shorts and sweatshirt and lay naked on my bed and started stroking my cock. My cock got very hard when suddenly Jen came in my room. Maybe it’s hard for people who aren’t twins to understand but I wasn’t embarrassed that she caught me and I didn’t even try to hide or stop…probably because Jen and I’ve always been comfortable being nude around each other.

“I just knew you were doing it,” she said with an edge of surprise in her voice. “I could feel it. I was going to my room to do the same, I’m really horny!”

I stopped jacking-off and raised myself up on my elbows and boldly said to her, “Take your clothes off…we can do it together.”

She stood there looking at me and she seemed a little shocked by what I’d asked. In a moment she said, “I’m so horny I’m afraid I want more.”

“Maybe it’s time,” I said. “I want more too and I’m ready if you are!”

I remember how she looked at me for a moment before she simply took all of her clothes off and stood naked, at the edge of the bed just looking at me. Her tits were young and perky, her belly tight, and the dark triangle of her pussy hair seemed to me as if it was somehow protecting her fragile womanhood. I watched as her fingers sought out her clitoris and she began to gently roll it under her middle finger. Her body shuddered gently as it responded to the pleasure that began spreading from her clitoris to the rest of her body.

Neither of us said anything as Jen got on my bed and lay down on her back. I moved over between her spread legs so that I was facing her. As I looked at her pussy I remember thinking how erotic the pink flesh looked under her dark pubic hair. Jen was rubbing her clit and I could see the moisture of her anticipation on her pussy lips. Her eyes looked directly into mine and she had a slight smile on her lips as I began stroking my cock. A long strand of clear, pre-fuck lubrication dripped softly out of the end of my hard cock and onto my hand.

Neither of us were virgins. Jen was on birth control so we didn’t worry about fucking bareback. I began rubbing her tits and playing with her nipples which got hard almost immediately as Jen played with my cock. “God, I’m so fucking horny,” she said as she folded her knees and pulled her thighs up against her body as if inviting me to fill her wet vagina with my cock. I brought my body up over hers as the head of my hard cock pressed against her clitoris. I felt her delicate fingers take my cock and direct it to the entrance of her vagina.

“Fuck me,” she whispered. “I’m so horny.”

I rolled my hips and gently drove my cock into her tight vagina as deeply as I could before withdrawing it almost completely out — only to plunge it back inside her again. Each time my cock rushed into her vagina she let out a soft whimper of pleasure. As we fucked, my mind was a jumble of erotic thoughts mixed with so many, difficult to describe, emotions. I felt as if I never wanted to stop fucking her.

It felt excited and familiar as we fucked. Our bodies pressed together, our heavy breathing simultaneous as our pleasure built. I managed to look down several times to see my hard cock plunging in and out of her wet pussy. I didn’t have to ask, I knew by simply looking into her eyes that Jen was having the same thoughts as I. It was the moment that we had finally given in to. I felt no guilt, only excitement and I know Jen felt the same.

“Fuck me, I’m so close!” She whispered.

As we fucked Jen thrust her hips upward to meet my cock as it plunged into her cunt. Her naked breast rolled erotically each time my hard penis thrust into her body and it wasn’t long before my orgasm was rushing upon me and I groaned loudly as my cock began to spew my cum inside her vagina. Jen too, cried-out loudly as her body jolted the moment her orgasm flooded over her. My cock pulsed over and over as my cum was ejaculated into the warm depths of her vagina. I was breathing hard and Jen was moaning softly as we lay in bed, holding each other while our bodies recovered from the intense closeness we’d shared. My softening cock was still held inside her tight vagina and as we lay together. I couldn’t help but notice that her breath was warm and sweet. The vision of a few strands of her damp hair resting on the side of her neck oddly reminded me of her innocence.

That was the first time we had sex.

I was looking at a photograph of mother receiving a facial and I handed it to Jen and she took a deep breath as she looked at it and said, “I’m so horny, let’s go down to my bedroom so we can have sex!”

“Our parents should be home any minute,” I answered with some reluctance.

“Well then let’s fuck right here!” She said.

I looked at my watch and could see that it was still a little early.

“Ok, let’s go down to your bedroom,” I said. “But we can’t take a lot of time.”

We carefully put the boxes back in place, left the attic and went to Jen’s bedroom where we quickly got undressed. Jen was first as she slipped off her panties and lay on her bed. I got undressed as fast as I could and when I slipped off my Jockey shorts my cock sprang free and a large drip of clear pre-cum lubrication dripped onto my thigh and Jen played with it with her fingers before licking it off of them. I moved between her spread legs and she spread her cunt lips with her fingers giving me a beautiful view of her erotic young pussy. I placed my arms under the backs of her knees and slowly inserted my cock into her tight, very wet, vagina and we began to fuck.

I sucked on her tits and nibbled gently on her naked shoulder as we fucked. Like always, we both were lost in the powerful emotions that always were created whenever we had sex. I’d had sex with other girls and women before but none of them were ever as good, or intense, as it felt while Jennifer and I fucked. We thrust our bodies at each other and were wrapped in each other’s arms as we fought to get close to our first orgasms. Suddenly I looked at the bedroom door and saw our parents standing in the doorway. They were smiling as they watched us fuck. I stopped fucking Jen unsure what to do.

“Don’t stop,” Mother said softly.

It seemed strange to me but at that moment I just didn’t care that they were watching us. I knew Jennifer saw them too but we just continued fucking. I slowed down a little and Jen cried out. “No don’t stop!” Jen pleaded. “Keep fucking me! Don’t stop now! I can’t stop…fuck me! Harder! I’m so close!”

I began to fuck Jennifer again and as I glanced back I saw that father was standing behind mother with his arms around her and he had lifted the front of her dress and one of his hands was inside her panties and he was fingering her. I turned my head back to Jen and we began to fuck harder. When we fucked it was if Jen was just a very sexual woman — not my sister anymore and it was easy to get lost in the indescribably intense lust of the moment.

I was getting close to cuming and I was really trying to hold it back when I saw that mother had come into the room and sat down on a chair next to the bed to watch us — she didn’t say a word. I glanced briefly at her and saw that she had a very sensuous look on her face, the same look that I remembered from some of the photographs that were taken when she was getting fucked. It was obvious that she was very turned on. Mother took a deep breath and let out a soft moan that was barely above a whisper and I couldn’t hold back any more. My cock began pounding Jen’s cunt even harder and I couldn’t help but let out a groan of pleasure as I came. Jen clawed at my back and wrapped her legs around my hips and she began to cum too. It was one of the most intense, emotionally draining, fucks I had ever experienced, and even though we weren’t alone in the room; Jennifer and I were lost in each other. We lay together, holding each other. Jennifer’s face was against my neck our breathing in unison. Nothing needed to be said as our minds shared the intensity if the moment. We both knew that it was purely between us and nothing, or no one, mattered at that moment.

As our passion slowed I began to get uncomfortable about the fact that our parents had been watching us and I turned my head towards where our mother had been sitting and she was gone. They both had left the room without saying a word.

I slipped my softening cock out of Jen’s vagina and rolled off of her and we lay on our sides facing each other. I know that we both were feeling awkward and satisfied. I was sure that we both had a jumble of emotions about having been watched by our parents and their puzzling approval at what they saw.

That night, and for the next few days, nothing was said about what happened and both Jen and I wondered if anything ever would be said. Jennifer and I had sex two more times when we were home alone. The last time we almost got caught when we both fell asleep after having sex in my bed. We awoke upon hearing our parent coming home but we got dressed and out of my room just in time. However, a few nights later it was about eleven o’clock at night and Jen quietly came into my room wearing nothing but a see-through nightie. I thought she wanted to fuck but she smiled a mischievous little smile and said, “They’re doing it again with the door open, come with me…we can watch,” she said softly. She took my hand and we quietly went down the hall to their open bedroom door. One of the lamps on the bedside table was on and it was easy to see what was happening. They were on their bed, both nude, and mother was sucking on father’s hard cock as he moaned softly. I got an immediate hard-on as Jen and I stood there watching them. Jen’s breathing was becoming louder as we watched. Mother stop sucking and moved over to straddle father’s hard cock before she slowly lowered herself down. Watching father’s hard cock slowly slip into mother’s vagina was unbelievably erotic. She hesitated a moment before she began to ride up and down on his cock, whimpering softly with pleasure. As we stood there I wanted to fuck Jen so badly I could hardly stand it and I reached under her short nightie and began to play with her clit. I looked at her for a moment and when I turned back mother had turned and was looking at us with a big smile on her face. Her breasts were not perky and firm but just looking at them turned me on even more. Her pussy was shaved just like most of the photos I had seen of her.

“Well, I guess it’s your turn to catch us,” she said with a soft laugh. “Come and join us on the bed. I hesitated a moment and Jen took my hand and led me into the bedroom and we both got onto the king size bed as Jen slipped her nightie off and let it fall to the floor.

Father sat up next to mother and they both watched as Jen and I got on the bed. I took off my sweatshirt and dropped my gym shorts on the floor and mother reached out and took my cock with her feminine hand and stroked it softly as I knelt on the bed in front of her. “It’s even a little bigger than your father’s cock,” she said with a smile.

“We thought this would be a good way to teach you both about sex but it looks like you both were way ahead of us already,” she added.

Father moved to give mother enough room to lie down on the bed and she spread her thighs softly and reached down with her hands parting her wet, pink pussy lips, holding them open as she looked at me and said, “Do you want to fuck me, I’m all yours if you do.” Her words sounded strange and at the same time warmly erotic. There was no question that I wanted to fuck her and I moved between her warm thighs as she reached for my cock and directed it to the opening of her vagina. Our faces were only inches apart as my cock slipped into her cunt and filled her sex-canal. We began to fuck and it was taking everything I had to keep from exploding inside her and filling her with cum. We fucked slowly at first and it seemed as if I could feel every soft fold in her vagina. I had no sense of time; my mind was on the incredible fact that I was finally fucking my own mother. It was the fulfillment of a powerful, deeply held desire, a fantasy finally realized.

Father was moaning and I remember looking over and I saw Jennifer on her knees and she was sucking on father’s cock as he lay against the pillows watching his daughter sucking his cock and me his son fucking his wife…my mother.

Mother was starting to make more noises as we fucked and she held her hands on my ass cheeks as I plunged in and out of her warm vagina. Her eyes were penetrating mine as we fucked and in moments her body tightened up and she began to fuck me back as hard as she could as a powerful orgasm swept over her. She cried out repeatedly and I couldn’t hold back any longer and my cock began spewing hot cum into her body. Spurt after spurt filled her as I had the most powerful orgasm I had ever had. I groaned softly as I felt as if I’d completely drained my balls of their cum. Mother and I stayed locked together as my cock slowly softened and I knew she wanted me to fuck her again but there was no way for a little while.

I was so lost in the intensity of the moment I didn’t notice that Jen was on the bed next to us. She was on her back and I and father was fucking her slowly. Both mother and I watched as his hard cock plunged in and out of her delicate flesh…it was a beautifully erotic sight. I pulled my cock out of mother’s vagina and saw a flood of my cum flow out of her cunt and down toward her anus.

We both sat up on the bed to watch father fucking Jennifer. Mother was behind me and she was messaging my back and shoulders as Jennifer’s cries of deep pleasure filled the room. In moments I got hard again listening to her delightful cries of, “Fuck me Daddy! Fuck me!”

Mother had her right arm around me and her left hand was fondling my penis and scrotum as she watched her husband fuck their daughter. Her breath was choppy and warm as she watched.

The four of us continued our sex play for several hours that first evening and I told them about the box of photos I’d found and they admitted that they’ve been swingers for years and were finally glad that we knew.

The sex expanded over the next few months and Jen and I even went to some of the parties with them as well as small get-together with other married couples they knew.

Always, the sex was intense, exciting and wonderful.

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