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She stands there completely nude, holding the wide black leather collar between her breasts. The buckle is a heavy gauge steel as is the large cold ring affixed to its front which dangles down toward her smooth shaved groin. Her eyes are closed and she can smell the leather mixed with her own scent from the last time she wore this collar several days earlier.

This collar isn’t dainty like the braided choke chain silver collar she wears daily. Nor is it fancy like the thin blue and gold fabric collar that she is allowed to wear when they go out together. This collar practically screams submission to her. That’s why this collar is her absolute favorite of them all.

This collar was bought for her to wear when her Master decides she needs to be disciplined, and for when the time for her maintenance is at hand. She wears this collar for maintenance tonight and her body is trembling as she goes through the ritual she performs before he puts it on her.

She had already bathed and shaved her legs and her vulva, as she has done for the past several years. Her Master says that a clean shaven body is his way of having her prepared at all times, and to help bring her freedom from the turmoil brought on by the world every day. She has put her long dark blonde hair into a ponytail hanging down the alabaster skin of her back and secured it with four hair ties evenly spaced. She has dabbed a very small amount of the perfume he had given her, to be used only with this collar, in four places on her body. She put a dab on the hollow of her throat, some at the top of her groin above her smooth vagina, and a little on each of her wrists.

She meditated now as she held the collar to her chest, clearing her mind of all the garbage it accumulated daily. She let the fear and excitement of what was to come very soon completely fill her mind. She slowed her breathing and took long, deep breaths with her eyes closed feeling the supple leather in her hands, feeling the weight of the collar she held.

From behind her she heard him say softly but sternly ‘Position.’ Without any hesitation she kneels in place and raises the collar to her right shoulder, resting the buckle there. He takes the collar from her hand and she reaches back moving her ponytail to drape over her left shoulder, the soft hair brushing against her breast.

He places the collar slowly around her throat and tightens the buckle. This is always a bit frightening for her, because for the collar to be snug, it chokes her slightly as he inserts the pin into the leather and then it releases just enough to fit perfectly around her slender throat.

The soft leather on her skin always helps her to achieve a submissive mindset as it is intended to. This is most definitely the case as she kneels on the plush rug, facing away from her Master.

He then says in the same commanding tone ‘Wrists.’ With just a heartbeat of hesitation, she raises both of her hands and places them on her shoulders. Her Master has not used the wrist collars in a few months and her heartbeat quickens as he takes her left hand, placing the soft thin leather around it and secures it in place, then he puts the second leather cuff around her right wrist. She doesn’t know why he is using the wrist collars this evening. He has never used them in maintenance before and she feels her natural stubborn behavior begin to mount.

She knows better than to speak once the collar is around her neck, even though she is very curious if this is to be a discipline or a maintenance she will be getting. She hears him open a cabinet and a moment later hears a drawer slide open and listens as it closes. Then she hears him leave the room but he doesn’t door the close.

She kneels on the soft carpet, her back straight, and for a few minutes she waits silently. Her ponytail still slightly covers her left breast and her hands are still on her shoulders, the heavy steel ring on the front of her collar feels slightly cool and heavy against her throat.

She has knelt in this exact spot many times in the past. Sometimes a few minutes would pass, but sometimes it was longer. She remembered that her Master had her kneel there only once for almost a half hour, and when he had called, her legs couldn’t hold her weight. She smiled at the memory of his distress, and the tender way he had lifted her to the bed, carefully removing her collar and releasing her from submission as he worried over her, apologizing over and over, making sure she was okay. She had not been made to kneel that long again.

At a guess, it was five or six minutes before she hears him in the living room say ‘Present you to me.’ With this command, she rises and puts her ponytail back in place. She leaves the bedroom and her eyes are fixed on the floor about three feet in front of her. She then kneels before the leather chair he sits at and rests her cheek on his knee.

‘I’m sure that you are curious why you are wearing the wrist collars for a maintenance, cherished of mine.’ He says softly.

‘Yes Sir. I am Sir.’

‘You will be getting additional attention with this maintenance.’ He states matter of factly. ‘You have been slipping in the way you act in public, and you have been hesitant when I give you direction. This is not acceptable behavior, as you well know, and I need to address this behavior now, before it gets out of control.’

She closes her eyes and remembers how she had lost her temper with a cashier at the grocery store. She also remembers how she had indeed been slow to do as he told her several times, just like this evening when she had hesitated in submitting her wrists to him.

‘I understand Sir.’ She finally says, but she doesn’t move. She knows he takes complete control when she wears this collar, just as they had agreed.

‘Posture.’ He says after a few heartbeats, and she stands up quickly before him with her back straight and her arms loose at her sides while looking him in the eyes. She now sees that he has one of their backless bar stools setting beside the couch with a pillow on its seat. She also sees that the coil of soft cotton rope they use for serious discipline is in front of the stool. The large wooden discipline paddle is leaning against it. Their much smaller round wooden paddle, and the thin wicker cane she fears and loves, are on the floor behind the stool. Her pink vibrator is setting within east reach on the couch, and a bottle of lotion with one of the white thin drying cloths is beside it.

He sits for a few moments, admiring her form, and her eyes watch his facial expressions as he slowly gazes over her nude body. His eyes linger on her full breasts as her nipples grow large and erect with her excitement. He reaches out and caresses her smooth firm belly as his gaze goes to her smoothly shaved vagina, the pout of those lips beginning to show just a hint of moisture from her rising arousal. His gaze continues slowly down her shapely legs and then retraces her body, to look into her eyes again.

‘Turn.’ He says, and she feels his gaze upon her as she slowly turns in place until she stops, facing away from him. She feels his fingers trace the outline of both of her buttocks and then cup her left cheek, giving it a firm squeeze.

‘Onto the stool.’ He says, and she immediately complies hearing him get up from the chair behind her.

She lies across the stool, resting her belly and upper groin on the pillow he has placed there for her. The stool has a rectangular seat, and is just under three foot, making it so she can lay centered on it with the balls of her feet touching the floor, her fingers reaching the linoleum on the other side. From the edge of her vision, she sees him take the rope, which he uses to bind her ankles to the outside of the stools legs, about two foot apart, exposing her smooth vagina to the cool of the room and slightly spreading the cheeks of her firm back side. He doesn’t tie her ankles tightly, just enough so she can’t move them. He then binds her wrists, looping the rope through the wrist collars, and tying them to the other two legs. With the length that remains, he secures the ring on the front of her collar to the bottom crossbar of the stool, pulling it tight, and her ponytail falls across her shoulder, the end touching the floor. With this done, he checks her restraints, making certain that the bonds are not too tight against her skin, but also ensuring she is firmly atop the stool. She also tests her bonds, and finds she can only wiggle her hips slightly from side to side.

‘I am keeping you in place for your own safety love.’ He says, as he picks up the small wooden paddle. ‘I don’t want to harm you and I believe your hands may get in the way of the severe spanking I am going to give you.’ With these words he rests the paddle lightly against her buttocks and rubs the polished wood gently, in a circular motion, going from one cheek to the next.

‘Do you understand why I am doing this?’ he asks.

‘Yes Sir.’ She says, her voice trembling slightly.

‘Do you know what I mean when I say ‘severe’?’ He asks her.

‘Yes Sir.’ She says again.

He continues lightly rubbing the paddle around her firm buttocks and says ‘I don’t think you know what I mean,’ and the paddle strikes her left buttocks softly, then it caresses her buttocks again as he continues. ‘I’ve not ever given you the kind of spanking I intend this evening.’ and the paddle strikes her right cheek, a bit harder, then caresses it again. ‘I will not be gentle and I will show no mercy tonight. You need to understand that I am the Master. I am to be obeyed by my wife.’ The paddle strikes the center of her buttocks three times quickly, over top her anus, as he says this, and she tries to wiggle a bit, but still can’t move.

‘I accept your decision Sir.’ She says as she settles back against the pillow.

‘I know my sweet, submissive wife.’ he says as he rubs the paddle around her buttocks. ‘And though you will probably change your mind, I will be assured of your complete submission after tonight.’

He lays the paddle on her back and steps in front of her, picking up the cloth. ‘Is there anything else you need to say before we start?’ he asks as he stands in front of her.

‘I love you Sir.’ Is all she says as she tries to relax her body over the stool.

‘I love you too my dearest.’ He replies. She knows he is tying a knot in the center of the cloth to use as a gag for her. They have used a gag many times in the past allowing her to release her emotions vocally, sometimes quite loudly, without the neighbors thinking the worst and calling the authorities. He ties the cloth in place, the knot in her mouth, and she bites down, checking to make sure that it’s comfortable.

The paddle comes down on the center of her buttocks with force then, the smaller head connecting with the inside edge of both of her cheeks, just kissing her anus slightly. Before the sting can be fully felt by her butt he brings the paddle down on her right cheek hard with a loud ‘smack’, and then her left cheek, just as hard. She tries to squirm, but can only wiggle a little tied onto the stool as she is. He strikes each cheek separately again, then strikes the center of her butt once more, full force, the small paddle causing her anus to contract sharply as the wood kisses it again.

She cries out past her gag and tries to arch her back and kick, but the collar holds her so that she is only able to raise her head slightly as he strikes the cheeks of her butt, striking the skin loudly several times more, using the full force of his arm.

She feels the skin of her bottom heating up, and the sting of the paddle has her gasping through the gag in her mouth. He has only very rarely given her a spanking without warming her bottom up first, which reduces any bruising and allows her to become accustomed to the spanking before it becomes true discipline. This seems to be one of those rare times when she will have deep bruises to rub for several days.

The skin of her butt cheeks is already sore and stingy as his cool hand slowly rubs it. ‘God,’ she thinks, ‘he hasn’t even given me a dozen swats and I already hurt!’

He swats her buttocks directly over her anus full force several times more, and she moans through the gag as her swelling rosebud throbs and pulses from each strike of the paddle. Then he rubs the center of her buttocks and he glides a finger over her swollen and very sensitive anus, bringing a soft moan from her lips.

He then sets the paddle on the couch, and picks up the thin wicker cane. The first strike of the cane across her already painful ass, is not what she expects. He strikes her hard across both cheeks with the upper half of the cane, bringing a deep sting to her fanny that grows to a strong throb while he pauses for five or six seconds, then he strikes hard across her firm ass again.

The cane raises welts across her buttocks as he strikes her across both cheeks four more times solidly. She rocks and tenses with each strike but can’t move enough to avoid the slim whicker tip, as it strikes her bottom over and over, with only a few seconds between each extremely painful hit. He then moves to the other side of her, and strikes her bruising bottom from that side a half dozen times. Again, she can feel the welts rise across her ass with each violent contact and tears begin to stream down her face from the pain he is inflicting on her back side.

He uses the tip of the cane then to strike each cheek separately, so hard that she can hear the cane whistle through the air before it meets her skin. She feels each impact of the cane and welts continuing to rise, along with the pain, before he strikes again, covering the majority of of her swelling red fanny with welts.

She feels the small paddle rest momentarily on her hips, as her tears turn to the sobs she knows always bring sweet release of emotion and guilt. Then she screams with shock, as loud as the gag will let her, when the paddle lands squarely against her vulva. The strike isn’t hard, but she feels the pain deep within her slit as her womanhood pulses to life. She screams through the gag ‘No!’ and tried to shake her head, but with the collar secure against the stool she can only try. She can’t even see him to beg him to stop.

He strikes her tender vulva again, and once more she screams through the gag, her entire body tensing and bucking against her restraints. She can’t kick her legs, but that doesn’t stop her from trying as the paddle strikes her vulva harder and she feels the lips of it beginning to swell as her clitoris throbs and starts to tingle within her.

He hits squarely on her vagina, hard, one more time, and she feels him set the paddle on her lower back after she stops thrashing about. Then he begins to softly pet and stroke her swelled lips, slowly easing some of the pain. She isn’t surprised the lips of her vagina are extremely sensitive to his touch, and she shudders at the extreme pain she feels as his fingers first stroke them. She is surprised when one of his fingers slips very easily between her lips due to pre cum she hadn’t realized was there. ‘Her body couldn’t be reacting to that kind of pain.’ She keeps telling herself, ‘That just couldn’t be possible.’ She believes that her arousal is due to the spanking. The arousal has to be from the welts on her bottom, it has to be from the bruising she feels. But with the tingle and throb of her clitoris as he slowly draws a finger across it, she just can’t be sure.

He stops playing with her then, and takes the discipline paddle in hand. With a loud ‘smack’ the large paddle lands solidly across both of her welted butt cheeks, the holes drilled into it, removing the air cushion most paddles have. He swats her swollen ass hard again, and she has no doubt that it is deeply bruised already as the sting from the paddle causes more sobs. She can feel the familiar thud within her as the paddle contacts the skin of her ass again, vibrating from her anus through to her clitoris. This is the kind of spanking, she had admitted to her Master, that she has always desired.

His next strike is centered hard across the length of her sit spot, and the paddle connects squarely with her vagina, causing her to emit a primal scream like a wild animal, and sob ‘No! Oh please, God NO!’ But he does not stop. Just as he said, he is showing no mercy, and she feels anger welling up within her. He connects again smartly across her sit spot, squarely against her swollen vulva, and again she screams wildly, adding a string of profanity that is, thankfully, muffled by the gag in her mouth.

Again and again he strikes her across the same spot until her screams are hoarse and ragged. He keeps swatting her vagina, and even with the intense pain her sobs begin to slow. The tears are a steady stream now, and her emotional release completely engulfs her awareness. She is shaking as he continues to spank her; her ass numb, along with the lips of her vagina, as he strikes hard with the paddle again and again.

She orgasms then, surprised that she is even close to climax. Her reaction is so strong, with her body bucking and convulsing, the stool sways dangerously. He puts a hand on the center of her back, steadying her, as she thrashes about in one of the strongest orgasms she has ever experienced.

She then feels him place his thick member against her slick swollen lips. As he pushes into her, sliding across her pulsing clitoris, her body releases another orgasm, as strong as the first. He keeps pushing deeper until he is buried within her, the head of his penis pushing against her cervix. Her position makes this deeper penetration possible and they both know he can stimulate her G spot this way. He hits that spot just as her climax eases and her entire body shudders as she is thrown into orgasm once more, his thick cock buried within her.

He then pushes even deeper, the head of his penis pushing into her womb, past her cervix painfully. She thrashes around on the stool, still deep in climax, but instead of diminishing as she expects, her climax escalates. This causes her head to swim and her vision blurs before she momentarily loses consciousness.

For the few heartbeats of her swoon, while her body continued its extreme climax, he must have pushed himself deeper into her, for she now feels him inside of her more than she thought would be possible. He pushes against her so hard while gripping her hips and pulling her onto him, that the stool has rocked forward on two legs, and her palms are almost flat on the floor. Then his body trembles as he climaxes violently within her womb, his member expanding and elongating ever so slightly within her, as her body continues to shake with orgasm.

Her entire body trembles all over, and her vagina pulses and contracts around his softening penis as it diminishes in size while still within her. The head of his penis slipping out of her sore womb as it throbs softly and he pulls back from her, setting the stool legs back on the floor. He withdraws fully from her vagina as her tender lips quiver and throb, her swollen clitoris pulsing between them. With as deep as his member was when he climaxed, it wasn’t really surprising that there was no leakage as she lay across the stool, her body still trembling and spent. ‘All of that cum is deep in my womb.’ She thinks to herself as she hears him leave the room. She still can’t believe that she had climaxed from a spanking to her vagina, but there was no denying what she had just experienced first hand.

She is completely past the anger that had been her initial reaction to that spanking as she hears running water from the bathroom. The swoon she experienced had to be explained by the position of her body over the stool, obviously causing the blood to run to her head. Although the climax her body had experienced had been far beyond any she could remember she just couldn’t believe that an orgasm, no matter how strong, would cause someone to pass out that way. With this in mind, she trys to relax her very painful, red welted ass, as she enjoys the slight cool of the room on her very sore vagina. She lay over the stool contentedly, confident that her Master would return in just moments to release her bonds.

She hears the water from the bathroom stop and moments later, feels a cool cloth drape over her throbbing buttocks. He doesn’t rub the cloth, but instead just applies pressure through it against her bruised and welted back side for several minutes. Then he applies pressure through the cloth to the swollen lips between her legs, causing a shudder as her vagina and clitoris pulse and spasm in unison.

Leaving the cloth draped across her sore butt, and tucking it between the lips of her vagina, he then stoops in front of her and unties the gag in her mouth before he undoes the rope from her collar. He then unties the rope from the wrist collars she wears, but does not take those collars off. He helps her stand erect; her ankles still bound to the stool, as he drops the rope to the floor behind her.

As she stretches her stiff back, resisting the strong urge to explore her bruised fanny, he steps behind her. She expects him to release her legs, but is surprised when he gently pushs her forward onto the stool again.

He makes her lean over the stool, and she feels him securing her waist to it, wrapping the rope several times around her as he weaves it through the supports. When he is done she finds that the soft rope winds around her hips, waist, and lower back, securing her once more to the stool. This time, even though she is secured into a position of leaning forward while standing, he doesn’t secure her hands. He then steps in front of her to the couch, taking up the bottle of lotion. He takes her left hand and pulls it forward to touch the couch. She finds that most of her lower arm, about six inches from the elbow, extends beyond the front edge of the seat cushion.

He steps behind her again as she hears him squeeze lotion into his hand. She places her hands on the front of the couch as he starts rubbing the cool lotion onto her bruised buttocks, gently rubbing it in with slow circular motions. He thoroughly covers her butt with lotion, being careful not to put too much pressure onto the spots where she can feel the bruising is deepest and he softly massages the cheeks of her very sore fanny with both hands.

Once the lotion has penetrated her abused skin, he says ‘hand me the vibrator.’ Which is easily within her reach. Without a moment of hesitation she hands the vibrator over her shoulder to his waiting hand. She hears him turn it on and feels its cold head push against her still slightly trembling lips.

Her vagina has dried some as her arousal subsided, and he works the silicone vibrator in and out of her gently. First only its head penetrates her swollen lips, as he gently pushes the humming sex toy slightly deeper within her a few times. She feels the moisture further within her contact the vibrator and, as it becomes slick from her moisture, he slides it deeply within her sore aching slit.

The vibrators additional stimulator built into its base contacts her swollen clitoris as the main shaft reaches its deepest point. Her body shudders involuntarily from the pulsing of the toy against her clit and the added stimulation causes her to let out an audible gasp.

He increases the speed of the vibrator and slowly eases it back out of her, until the head is just slightly penetrating her. Then, very slowly, he changes the angle of the vibrator down slightly, to contact her clitoris as he slides it into her again. The entire shaft tingles along her super sensitive clit as it enters her causing her to throw her head back with a moan, until it seats itself deeply within her soaking wet vagina.

As she climbs to yet another orgasm she feels lotion drip onto her anus. She can’t control the mounting arousal of her body as he places a finger against her bud of an ass hole, pushing it gently into her as he withdraws the buzzing sex toy slowly from her slit.

He pauses, before the head of the vibrator leaves her pussy, its internal motor causing her lips to tremble and jump. He withdraws his finger slowly from her anus, until only the tip is within her, and then he pushes two fingers into her, as he plunges the vibrating toy deep into her pussy and seats it against her clit once more. He flicks the button of her vibrator onto high, then withdraws his fingers completely from her. Climax explodes between her legs, shaking her body, as she throws back her head, moaning loudly from him stimulating her.

He withdraws the vibrator completely, and she lets the stool take all of her weight as she closes her eyes to fully experience the orgasm her body is releasing. She knows that his member is erect again, and that he intends to take her ass with it, so she relaxes her body as she feels the head of his thick penis placed against her sensitive rectum.

‘Not a sound.’ he says as he pushes himself slowly into her. She stifles a scream, and clamps a hand over her mouth as he pushes himself fully into her. The sphincter muscles of her ass stretch painfully wide and her orgasm ended abruptly as he pushed into her, giving her no time to become accustomed to his girth as he has always done. Then he draws himself completely out of her, and places the head of his member against her painful anus momentarily, then slowly pushs it fully inside of her again.

The pain from him in her has her gasping and her legs tremble violently with him entering her fully before withdrawing completely again. Then her Master really fucks her ass hard, pushing himself as deep as he can go inside of her. Her pain is all consuming and tears of complete submission to him roll down the cheeks of her face.

After he has fucked her ass for what seems a very long time, he withdraws his erect member saying ‘stay right there.’ Then he goes into the bathroom and she hears the shower turn on. She relaxes her pain torn body across the stool, still holding onto the edge of the couch, and lets the tears flow freely, as her well fucked asshole throbs painfully.

She feels complete submission to her Master at this point, and would happily continue allowing him to use her body as he sees fit. She had been submissive to him for a number of years in their marriage, but she always had a small bit of rebellion towards that submission. For the first time in her twelve years of marriage, she didn’t feel that way. She felt like he was her entire world, the only thing that mattered to her was him. She had finally reached the kind of submission they had been trying to achieve, the kind that she had been striving to give for most of her life.

After about ten minutes, as she reveled in these feelings of complete submission, he came out of the bathroom. He moved one of her arms, and sat in front of her, nude, on the couch. His hair still wet from the shower, and she can smell his clean body as he sits there.

‘You will now take all of me into your mouth, and then into your throat.’ He states.

She replies softly, submissively, ‘Yes sir. I will try.’ And reaches for his semi hard penis.

But he stops her by taking her chin lovingly in his hand. Looking into her eyes, he said ‘No dear. You WILL succeed this time, or we will have to start over.’ He then reaches around her and unbuckles the collar from her throat, re-buckling it much looser.

‘No sir!’ She blurts out anxiously, as he readjusts the collar ‘I mean, yes sir! Please sir! I don’t know if I can take any more discipline to my fanny sir! I will do as you say sir! Everything you say sir!’

She takes his flaccid penis into her mouth, leaning forward since the couch seat is a full foot lower than the stool. She holds the base as she works it with her lips and tongue, quickly bringing him back to erection. Then she pushes his member to the back of her throat, releasing the base, and pushes her mouth forward feeling the thick head slightly enter into her throat. Her gag reflex kicks in, and she gags on his solid member, but continues pushing her mouth down on it, forcing the thick head of him slightly deeper into her throat.

She withdraws from him slightly, and feels the slight pain from her throat stretching around his swollen head. She had gotten about an inch of him into her, a personal best she realizes. He stops her then, and stands up in front of her, his penis wet and erect. She rises up to his member, and again takes it onto her mouth, placing her hands on his hips to support her upper body as she pulls him closer.

The angle she is now in tilts her head completely back as she pulls him into her mouth, then to the back of her throat. She finds that, even though the position is uncomfortable for her, it opens her throat up allowing it to be more accommodating for his size, it also gives her more control over her gag reflex.

She pulls him closer to her again, taking his engorged head into her throat. When she gags on him this time, she is able to pause to regain control of that stubborn reflex, before pulling slightly off of him to breath. Then she urges him forward again by the hips and as the head of his penis pushes into her throat just a little deeper, she felt the helmet pop fully into the top of her throat as she gags slightly around it.

She pauses to regain control of her gag reflex again, the head his pulsing member slightly within her throat, and she looks down her nose to see that only three or four inches of him are showing past her lips. Determined, she rises off of him, taking a few deep breaths while lightly sucking on the head, then takes a deeper breath and pulls him to her, into her throat.

She feels the helmet of his cock pop into her throat as she opens her mouth wide while pulling him to her. Another small gag escapes her, but she doesn’t pause, easily controlling the reflex. She pulls him urgently forward by the hips, and the entire length of his throbbing cock slides slowly down her throat, stretching the cartillage as it goes all the way in.

She holds him there for two heartbeats, her lips resting against his pubic hair, a feeling of triumph welling within her. Then she feels his member swell slightly and he gently places his hands behind her head, holding his cock deep in her throat as he reaches climax. She feels him pulse and throb within her throat, his member expanding slightly, and feels the warmth of his ejaculate spurt into her. She controls her panic as she realizes that she isn’t choking, and has no taste of his semen in her mouth.

He releases her head as her body begins to beg her for air and she slowly withdraws him from her throat. Their eyes meet, and she sees the adoration he feels for her bright on his face. He unties the cloth gag they used previously, and gives it to her. She wipes her mouth as he steps around her, and begins to release her from the the stool. He then tenderly unbuckles the wrist collars, then the collar from around her neck, setting them, one by one beside the stool.

He takes her by the hand pulling her into his arms as they sit, naked, on the couch. He then cradles her lovingly, and says ‘You are my world, and my love. I am so very proud of you for the submission you have shown me today.’

With those words, he kisses her mouth softly, holding her until she falls asleep in his arms while he strokes her neck and shoulders, kissing her cheeks lovingly.



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