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Our Friend’s Birthday

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“Ugh, I just wanna kiss someone tonight! Is that so much to ask for my birthday?” Sean said with a jokingly frustrated tone as we stood in line to get drinks.

“Then do it!” I replied, encouraging him to go approach one of the hotties on the dance floor.

Before I could register what had happened, Sean leaned in close and planted a wet kiss on my lips.

He then turned to my boyfriend, Carl, and planted a nice firm peck on his. We both were caught off guard. I had always wanted to have a three-way kiss with my boyfriend and someone else. This was close to it, and it turned me on a little.

The three of us went to high school together and have known each other for a long time. My boyfriend and I have been committed for almost 7 years now, and we had never explored anyone else together sexually. However it was something that we’ve both fantasized about for years.

Sean was a cute guy, and very friendly. He wasn’t exactly either of our type, but at this point, it didn’t matter much. When he kissed us, an idea sparked in my head. “Maybe we could all hook up tonight. After all, it is Sean’s birthday.” I thought. The idea made my cock grow inside my jeans.

We shrugged the kiss off and carried on with the evening. We got a few more drinks and danced in the packed gay club that smelled like sweat and cologne. After a while, it got to be too hot to keep dancing so we went out to the patio and sat down to get some air.

“Ill be right back guys. I gotta pee!” My boyfriend said. He got up and hastily walked to the men’s room, leaving Sean and I sitting alone together at the table.

“Are you having a good birthday?” I asked.

“Amazing so far! Thank you for taking me out tonight. I needed it for sure!” He said. I could tell he wasn’t lying. Sean had been having issues with his long distance boyfriend lately.

I sat there silent for a second. I wanted to ask him something, but I was nervous to approach it. Sean was our friend. I didn’t want to overstep my boundaries. Finally I just said it.

“Would you ever have a threesome with Carl and Me?” I blurted out.

Sean’s eyes grew wide. “Uhhm, damn that was quite the question!”

I laughed. “I know I can be pretty blunt sometimes. But really though, if you had the chance, would you?”

He looked at me with a devilish smirk as he thought about the question. “Uh, fuck yes! You and Carl are so hot together! And if im being honest, I’ve thought about that plenty of times.”

I was pleased with his answer. I knew tonight was definitely a possibility of turning into something we hadn’t planned, and it was making me dangerously horny.

With quick thinking, I devised a plan between Sean and I to carry out our little three-way. We also decided to not tell my boyfriend Carl until we were back at Sean’s place.

Carl came back from the restroom. Sean and I changed the topic of conversation to keep Carl out of the loop for now. It wasn’t long until we left the club. All three of us came together in my boyfriend’s car, so it was only natural that we’d be driving Sean home.

We eventually pulled up to Sean’s apartment. It was past 2 a.m. and Sean mentioned that his roommate wasn’t home. So Carl and I agreed to walk him inside to make sure he was okay. Sean was pretty tipsy, so we helped him inside.

We all plopped down onto Sean’s couch. Sean looked over at Carl and told him how grateful he was to have such good friends.

“It was our pleasure, Sean! We had a blast tonight!” Carl said. Sean looked over at me and back at Carl.

“Honestly, the only thing that would make tonight better is if I was getting my hole pounded by someone!” Sean exclaimed, and laughed. I looked over at Carl. He was amused by Sean’s comment.

“Well we better get going!” I said. I got up and so did Carl. We walked over to the door and began to leave. But this was all part of the plan. Sean acted a bit disappointed and said his goodbyes as we exited the apartment.

Carl and I walked halfway to our car when I began looking through my pockets. “Did you leave something babe?” Carl asked.

“I think I left my phone in Sean’s apartment. Lets go back real quick.” I said. We walked up to Sean’s door and gently knocked. This was it. Our three-way was about to happen.

Sean answered the door, knowing it was us on the other side.

“Forget something guys?” He said. From the time we had left the apartment, to the short time we came back to retrieve my phone, Sean had undressed down to nothing but his dirty socks. He stood there in the doorway almost completely naked with his uncut penis standing erect, begging for someone to give it some attention.

I looked over at my boyfriend to see his reaction. He was mesmerized by the beauty of Sean’s cock. I would assume he was a bit surprised to see his good friend standing there, waiting for us to make the next move. He looked over at me with hunger in his eyes. “Should we?” He asked me with lust in his eyes.

“Im down if you are!” I replied. We both entered the apartment and pushed Sean on the couch. Carl proceeded to take his pants off while I jumped Sean and started sucking on his oozing dick. Carl was bursting with excitement to see his boyfriend sucking his best friend’s hard cock.

Sean’s penis tasted amazing. It was still sweaty and musky from when we were dancing at the club earlier. I sucked on it like I I hadn’t tasted anything like it. I looked over at Carl and asked if he wanted a taste.

Carl didn’t bother to answer as he pushed me aside to get his share of this new cock we have just been introduced to. He moaned with pleasure as he tried his best to deep throat Sean’s pulsing, cum filled penis. Sean wasn’t extemely big, but it was enough to make you gag if you tried to take all of it.

It was amazing to watch my boyfriend suck on another cock. To see the pleasure he was getting was putting me over the edge. I got close to Carl and began to suck on his dick.

Carl’s penis was perfect to me. It was uncut, with a gorgeous head and a smell that made my mouth water. As I took it into my mouth, I could taste the sweat and cheese he had built up through the day. I sucked on his cock with just as much passion as he had while sucking on Sean’s. It was a dream come true.

After a few minutes of oral exploration, Sean starts begging for someone to fuck his asshole. My boyfriend looked at me with hope in his eyes; Hope that I would say yes and allow him to enter our desperate friend.

The look I gave reassured him that I wanted nothing more than to see my boyfriend pound this hot guy’s hole that lies inches in front of us. With newfound devotion in his eyes, Carl squared up to Sean’s ass and eased his swollen head onto the tip of Sean’s awaiting hole. The sight was almost too much to handle. Carl gently pushed his cock into Sean’s ass. I watched as the head slowly disappeared as it sank into Sean’s anal cavity. They both grunted and moaned as my boyfriend explored his insides.

“Oh my…fuck this feels so good!” Carl shouts. Sean can’t do anything but moan as his ass gets dug out by this sexy boy on top of him. As for me, I was on the sidelines watching these two gorgeous guys fuck right in front of me. I wasn’t touching my dick yet, but already it was leaking so much precum my boxers almost looked like I had pissed them.

Suddenly Carl stopped ramming Sean. He looked up at me and asked if i’d like a turn. I leaned in and gave Carl the sloppiest, most passionate kiss in all of our years together. It was my way of saying “Fuck Yes!”

He exited Sean and moved aside. I climbed on the couch mounting myself behind the warm hole I was about to enter. My cock was slightly bigger than Carl’s, so Sean was going to feel me for sure.

As I gently inserted my head into his anus, I was pleasantly suprised how warm it was. I had never been inside of an ass that was so hot, literally. I couldn’t believe that this is what my boyfriend was just feeling a few seconds ago.

I sank deep inside of Sean, feeling the “gooshy”, slimy area of his cum hole. My mind was nowhere except right here, inside of our friend. I was lost inside the warmth of him. I didn’t realize how fast and hard I was pounding him. Sean’s face was turning red and I could tell he was in a mixture of ecstacy and sheer pain. I knew I had to slow my pace.

Just as I did, Carl got behind me and started fingering my ass. The pressure of his fingers inside of me caused my senses to tingle with pleasure. I knew he was getting me ready.

I begged him to put his dick inside of me. He took his fingers out and quickly positioned his dick right outside of my opening. Without struggle, he jammed his cock into my hole, causing a sharp pain to shoot up my back.

I squealed as he forced himself into me. Without even giving me time to catch my breath, he built up a steady pace fucking my asshole. It was almost more than I could handle. I tried to focus my attention on the ass that I was inside of, taking my mind off of the pain Carl was putting me through.

We now were all fucking each other at once. I was in the best position, as I was in the middle. But I could tell that both Sean and Carl were lost in this paradise of sex with me.

Im not sure how long we fucked for. But after a little while the pressure was building up and I was going to cum.

“Shit Carl, fuck me!! Im going to explode!” I yelled.

Carl rammed his cock in me with all of his energy. The force caused me to ram Sean extremely hard, making him yelp in pleasure. This was the moment my cock burst.

I proceeded to squirt puddles of juicy, white, boy juice all over the inside of Sean’s backside. As I came, Sean’s anal muscles squeezed my dick, actively milking out as much cum as I had to offer. In addition, the feeling of Carl ramming me from behind caused my cock to twitch and shoot harder than ever. This was by far the most intense sexual experience I had in my life.

Once I had no more cum to offer, Carl slided out of me, and I slided out of Sean. I stood up and got out of Carl’s way. He motioned forward to Sean and immediately stuck his dick back inside of Sean’s leaky hole.

Once again I was standing there, watching my boyfriend fuck the hole I had just emptied myself into. The feeling was magical. I knew exactly the amount of pleasure Carl was feeling at this moment.

It wasn’t long until Carl came. He tensed up, closed his eyes, and let out a grunt of ecstacy as the first drop of cum squirted from him. He was so hot to me as he unloaded into our friend. Sean was just laying there, taking everything Carl had to offer.

After they stopped, Carl got up and let out a sigh of relief. He kissed me, almost as a thank you for what had happened tonight. I knew he was satisfied, and so was I. But there was one more guy who still needed release. The birthday boy.

I kneeled down and put my face directly in front of Sean’s throbbing hard cock. It looked like it was seconds away from exploding. I took it into my mouth, pressing the head against the back of my throat. I gave it a few pumps with my mouth and suddenly I felt something warm hit the back of my tonsils. Sean’s salty cum was shooting with force into my oral cavity. I almost choked on the force of the squirting ejaculant.

As I was taking the load, Carl was watching with amazement. He loved how slutty I was tonight. Seeing his partner sucking someone off and swallowing his load was a newfound desire for him. He pulled me by my hair away from Sean’s cock and pressed his mouth against mine, attempting to taste the last bit of Sean’s cum before it was all gone.

After a few minutes, Carl and I put our clothes on and kissed Sean goodbye. As we exited his apartment, I grabbed Carl’s hand and held it while we walked to the car. I knew that what happened tonight would only bring us closer.

We got home, got naked, and slipped into bed. Just as we were about to fall asleep, Carl’s phone blinked with a message. I grabbed it and handed it to him. He opened it and sure enough it was a picture that Sean sent.

In the picture, Sean was squatting over his phone, showing us the cum we left inside of him. It was oozing out of his loose hole and dripping down his leg. The caption read, “Sleeping on the floor tonight. I don’t want to fuck up my sheets. See you boys next weekend.”

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