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Out of Town

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I am a manager at a local manufacturing firm and spend most days at the factory, working in the office or walking round the shop floor. I enjoy the work but often wish I could get out more and meet different people. I was therefore delighted when my boss suggested I might go to London to meet some customers and visit their factory. It would involve spending a night in a hotel, something I rarely got the chance to do.

My wife was not too happy about me staying away but I assured her it was only for two nights and I would keep in touch by phone. I found a hotel near the factory and made the reservation. On the day I was due to go I packed my best suit, hopefully to impress the customer, and then packed all the other things I thought I would need and set off for the station.

I arrived in the late afternoon and checked into the hotel and decided to eat in the restaurant. There was a reasonable looking bar there so I thought it would be easier to stay in for the evening. I wasn’t sure about the dress code so I wore a dark shirt and tie and suit trousers without the jacket for dinner. There were several other guys eating on their own and, during the meal I had a good look around at my fellow diners.

What I have not said so far is that, although I am happily married, I am bisexual and so I like to seize these rare opportunities to see if I can meet up with another guy. There were one or two good looking men in the room and I made sure I made eye contact and smiled when the chance came. After dinner I went into the bar. There were a few stools at the bar so I decided to sit on one of them hoping to be able to make conversation with other guys who came up to order.

Another thing I usually do in these circumstances is make sure a some of the waistband of my white briefs is showing over the top of my trousers. I always tuck my shirt in my briefs and I have found on occasions that this has aroused interest and led to other things! After a couple of guys had been to the bar but then gone and sat elsewhere one of the guys I had seen at dinner came in. He was wearing a white shirt and dark trousers and no tie. He was slim, dark haired, worn quite long, and probably in his 30’s.

I smiled as he came to the bar and ordered and he said hello and we got chatting about what we were doing in London, where we came from etc. I thought I noticed him clocking my waistband but couldn’t be sure. He seemed happy to carry on chatting and we bought more drinks and generally enjoyed each other’s company. After a while he excused himself and went to the loo and when he came back I noticed, to my amazement, that the waistband of his black underwear was showing. For some reason this always makes me horny and I felt my cock starting to harden inside my trousers. I tried to look and see if he was bulging but it wasn’t easy to see. I think he must have noticed because he looked straight at my bulge and smiled. Then he moved his seating position so that I could see a very definite outline of something pushing against the front of his trousers.

I decided that it was definitely time to make a move so I said that I couldn’t help noticing he tucked his shirt in his underwear , like I did. I said something about it being fairly unusual and he replied that he didn’t do it very often – his wife didn’t like it – but that he liked the feel of the shirt tucked in so he did it whenever he could. I asked him what sort of underwear he liked and he said that he normally wore briefs or boxer briefs. I said that I usually wore briefs, sometimes bikini and sometimes yfronts or midis. I so rarely got the chance to talk to another guy about underwear, and especially tucking, that I was getting really horny.

Suddenly my new found friend, Ian was his name, said he hoped he wasn’t being too pushy, but he had quite a few pairs of undies in his bedroom drawer and he’d enjoy showing them to me if I would like to go up. I tried not to sound too keen but accepted and we went up in the lift to his room which turned out to be quite close to mine. He made some coffee and then showed my his drawer which had a selection of black, white and some coloured briefs and boxer briefs of a variety of makes. I asked why he had brought so many with him and he said he just enjoyed having them there to look at and handle, and to wear, of course!

I asked what he was wearing right now, although I had already seen the waistband and his brief line when he bent over to make the coffee. He said they were CK briefs, and then said, well why don’t I show you. Without waiting for an answer he quickly took off his shoes and undid his trousers and gently took them off. The black CKs were bulging well and I could see the outline of his cock pointing upwards. The other advantage of the shirt being tucked in is that you get a full view! I told him that they looked very nice and offered to show him mine which he immediately accepted.

I had a dark red shirt on tucked into white sloggi midi briefs and he said how much he liked contrasting shirts and briefs. I was so horny by this time that there was a small amount of precum showing on the briefs. He said how great it was to be away from home and enjoy being with another guy in our briefs. He had a friend he saw sometimes who indulged him but all he really wanted was sex. ‘And did he get it?’ I asked. ‘Oh yes’ he said, and smiled that gorgeous smile that had attracted me to him right at the start. He asked if I got to meet many guys and I said it was difficult being married and stuck in the same town most of the time. It was a long time since I had met anyone and that was the last time I had been away with my job.

By now we had both made it clear what we wanted and I moved closer to him and took him slowly in my arms. We kissed gently and rubbed our bulges against each other. It felt so good and my hands moved down and stroked his waistband and the fabric of the briefs as we pulled each other close. Then he pulled away for a moment and dropped to his knees in front of me. His hands felt all over my briefs, lingering on the damp patch of precum and then tenderly stroking the outline of my cock as it pushed against the cotton. And then he leant forward and did the same with his lips and his tongue. I was in ecstasy and trying hard not to cum – I didn’t want it to stop. I moved back and pulled him up, kissing him again to share the taste of my damp briefs. Then I whispered in his ear ‘Can I do the same for you?’ He quickly said ‘oh yes please’ and I went down on him, savouring those black Calvins, waistband, cotton and most of all the beautiful bulge which seemed to have grown even bigger.

Ian was moaning with obvious pleasure as I took the bulging manhood into my mouth through the briefs. ‘ Suck me, suck me,’ he moaned, as I gently eased the uncut cock out of the leg of the briefs and kissed and licked it. Then I moved in closer and took it into my mouth and gently started to suck the throbbing prick, savouring it’s juices and trying to give Ian the pleasure he wanted. It was obviously working because he suddenly shouted, ‘Hell, I’m gonna cum’ and as I pulled away slightly thick creamy cum shot into my mouth and on to my face. I used my tongue to lick his cock till it was clean and then Ian pulled me up and kissed me so we shared the cum in my mouth and on my face.

By this time I was desperate to shoot my own load and Ian said ‘Fuck me, please’. I had only ever fucked a guy twice before so I was really nervous, but he quickly went and bent over the table, lowered his briefs and showed my his waiting hole. I pulled my cock and balls out of the leg of my briefs, soaking wet on the end with precum. I used it to lube him with my finger, and then slowly pushed my 6 inches between his cheeks. It slid in much more easily than I had imagined – other guys had clearly been there before – and I started to pump him. ‘Oh fuck yes’ he cried out and I pushed harder till my briefs rubbed against him as I pushed right inside. I was so excited it took only a few thrusts before I knew I was going to shoot. I yelled – ‘I’m cumming, baby’ and then out it came, hot creamy spunk, shooting into his mancunt. I kept pumping away till I was sure I was sure I had finished and then slowly pulled out. ‘That was fantastic, pity it couldn’t have gone on longer’ he said, and I assured him it was brilliant for me too and I was still a bit inexperienced. He reassured me it would get even better and then pulled his briefs back up, carefully tucking his shirt in, and we lay on the bed in each other’s arms, kissing and looking at the cold coffee in the cups that he had made earlier. ‘Would you like some more?’ he asked, but I said that I was happy just lying there with him.

I realised I hadn’t asked how long he was staying and was so relieved when he confirmed that he was here the next night too. I had a great day with my customers and, well, as you can imagine, I had another great night too. How can I get away more often?

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Bob wrote

Wish this story was longer and wanted it to continue so you need to write what happened the second night.