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Our First Meeting

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“Hi there, I’m Chris,” I say, as we meet for the first time and shake hands.

“Lovely to meet you. Come on in,” you say.

We walk through to the kitchen/diner.

“Cup of tea or coffee — or would you prefer something stronger?” you ask.

“Coffee would be great,” I reply, “One sugar and not too strong, thanks.”

We sit down at the table and chat for a while and eventually we steer the conversation around to the subject of sex — the reason for our meeting.

“I discovered something recently about being bi — apparently we wank more often than hetero people do!” I comment.

“And why not, it’s free and its lots of pleasure! But it’s funny how few people admit to doing it,” you answer.

“Oh, I’m open about it,” I said, “I totally admit to wanking as often as possible! And now, having raised the subject, here’s my next question.”

“What, about wanking?” you ask, “I’m forever at it too!”

“Well, yes, in a way,” I say, laughing, “What I’m always interested in is, apart from your hand, what do you use when you wank? I mean, what other stimulation do you use? I like to read letters or stories — do you prefer to read or shut your eyes or watch a video — or what?”

“A bit of everything, actually,” you reply, “But my real favourite wanking aids are some German magazines that I bought some while ago. There aren’t any letters but there’s loads of pictures, mainly of gay pairs, bi-threesomes and groups and they show sucking, fucking and anal penetration — as well as plenty of cum shots. Do you want to have a look at some?”

“I’d love to” I say.

You get up and leave the room, shortly to reappear with quite a pile of magazines.

So that we can both look at the same pictures, we move the chairs to the same side of the table. Sitting side by side, we begin to leaf through the magazines.

“This is one of my real favourites — just look at the size of that cock,” you drool. “That would be a real mouthful. There’s a picture later on showing it shooting off over another blokes’ cock and stomach — it always makes me so horny.”

“I like this one,” I say, as we turn over to a double page spread of two blokes holding each other’s cock as they shoot their spunk over a third guy who is lying on his back, wanking.

And so we carry on enjoying the magazines and as we do so I let my hand fall onto your thigh.

“I bet you’ve got a great big hard-on,” I say and not waiting for an answer, I move my hand up to your groin where I find the base of your cock. I trace the stem of your penis down your leg — it’s hard and throbbing. “I was right,” I laugh as I gently squeeze your shaft and move my hand slowly up and down.

“How about your cock — is that stiff too?” you ask, putting your hand onto my lap and sliding it up and down my jeans-covered penis.

“I’ve had a hard-on for ages,” I answer, “Tell you what; you’ve got a double bed haven’t you? Lets go and lie on it and carry on reading these mags and see what happens.”

“Sounds like a good idea,” you reply, “and I suggest that we take our jeans off — my cock will get all crumpled if it stays in my jeans in its current condition.”

We move to the bedroom and strip down to just our pants, which are well stretched by our aroused cocks. We lie on the bed with a pile of magazines between us. Selecting one each, we start browsing and admiring the bodies on view. My erection threatens to escape and I begin to gently caress my cock through my pants. I notice that most of the knob of your cock is sticking out above the waistband and your hand is wrapped round your material-covered shaft.

“Oh, bugger this” you eventually say, “Get your pants off,” and a few moments later we’re both lying naked on the bed, our two erections pointing at each other.

“We don’t need the pictures any more, do we?” you ask and gathering them up, you dump them on the floor by the bed. We move closer together. Our bodies touch — first our feet, then our hands and finally our chests, our stomachs and our cocks meet. We wind our arms around each other and kiss each other gently on the lips. Your pelvis and pubes rub against my groin and I can feel the heat that your erection is giving off. We begin to kiss with open mouths — our tongues curling around in each other’s mouth. My hand moves down your back to grasp your buttocks and to pull you tighter into my groin — then I move my hand down between us to take hold, for the first time, of your straining cock. I move your foreskin back and forward a few times, feeling the pre-cum fluid as it wells from the tip of your penis.

I ease myself away and, moving down the bed I kneel beside you. Understanding, you spread your legs to allow me to kneel between them. Now I bend over and holding your cock upright, I lower my mouth over your knob.

“Oh Chris,” you moan, “I’ve been waiting for this — I’ve been having wet dreams about you sucking my cock ever since I replied to your advert — at last its coming true.”

My mouth and lips tell me that you’ve got a nice cock — it’s got to be over 7 inches long and fills my mouth perfectly. Your foreskin slides easily over the knob and I can already taste that lovely salty taste of pre-cum, as it seeps from your cock.

Now I begin to slide my mouth right up and down your stem making you whimper with pleasure. I let your cock out of my mouth and lick all around the head. I start to wank you as I suck you, taking your cock out of my mouth every so often. Your cock jumps and throbs and a little trickle of lubrication oozes from your knob. I lick it up before it can run down your stem. Now I know that you’re getting near to your orgasm because your thighs and hips are trembling and your cock is lubricating more. I very lightly use my fingers to collect some of the fluid and I carry it to your mouth where your tongue licks the drops from my finger. You’re so very close to coming now, I just know. I kneel up and let go of your cock, then I lean forward to kiss your body as you lie on your back. Then I work my way up from your cock to your navel, to your nipples and to your mouth — you’re quivering all over now.

I let my body rest on yours, squashing your urgent cock between us. One false move and your spunk will be shooting everywhere! My stiff cock is lodged in the cleft of your buttocks — the end of my cock must be very close to your arsehole. I move my hips up and down, making the tip of my cock slide from around your balls to your arse where it nudges against your arsehole and then returns. After a little while I decide that it is time to bring you the relief that you’ve been craving.

I move back down your body, this time making sure that I don’t touch your cock until the last moment. Then I lower my eager mouth right down over your cock, engulfing it totally. I hold it in my mouth as I run my hands over your balls and down to your arse. Briefly I break off from sucking you to drop some saliva down near your arsehole before returning. Then, using my spit as a lube, gently I insert one lubed-up fingertip into your hole where I can feel your muscles squeezing. I push my finger further inside you — I can hear you moaning and groaning — urging me on. Probing inside your arse I locate your prostate gland and start to massage it. Now I hold my finger still and concentrate on your cock. Keeping just the knob in my mouth I start to wank the stem while sucking and licking you. Suddenly your hips begin to jerk and I can feel your cock swell as your lovely hot slippery sperm pumps from your cock into my waiting mouth. I feel six distinct spurts as I renew my massaging of your prostate — your balls must have been full — as full as my mouth now is.

Instead of swallowing all your spunk immediately, I hold some of it in my mouth, savouring the taste. I move my body higher up the bed and kiss you, using my tongue to transfer some of your spunk into your mouth. We continue to kiss as your body relaxes. Then we rest, breathing heavily, side by side. Words aren’t needed now since we can understand each other’s needs perfectly.

My cock is still hard and I gently run my hand over it to keep the erection at its peak. As we lie there, your hand takes over from mine. You begin to feel your way around my cock, firstly smoothing your hand over the knob and then sliding your fingers down my stem, causing my cock to throb with lust. I reach out to your cock and grasp it — I love the feel of it and already it’s beginning to stiffen up again. Your hand grips my cock and begins to wank me with a steady rhythm — this is ok for a while but I don’t intend to cum this way.

Now it is your turn to move and you reposition yourself until you are kneeling just as I did over you. Your mouth engulfs my cock and your lips slide up and down my stem. My cock feels as if it could explode with pleasure. By now your cock is completely hard again and so you turn around on the bed until we’re in a 69 position — your cock is just above my mouth and I reach up to suck it. Your mouth hasn’t been idle and has hardly left my cock. Still you slide your lips and tongue up and down my cock, now bringing your hand into play to wank me off. Your cock is now pumping in and out of my mouth too and it’s obvious that you want to be able to cum again. My hips are pushing up off the bed as my cock prepares to unload its sperm. Your hand and lips work faster and harder — there’s no stopping us now!

“I’m coming any moment now,” I pant between mouthfuls of cock, “Keep sucking — Oh yes, here it cums. Oooooh yessss — that’s it — I’m cumming!”

My hips shake as my orgasm drives the spunk up my cock and into your mouth in a series of shuddering thrusts. I can feel my spunk pumping up from my balls and I can hear you panting as you suck me off while you continue to thrust your penis deep into my mouth. As my orgasm finishes, so your second ejaculation starts — your cock is almost making me gag because it’s so far down my throat. Your sperm squirts out into my mouth and down my throat and again I can taste the lovely salty yet sweet tang of your fluids.

Eventually we disengage and lie side by side again.

“I think you enjoyed that,” I laugh, “you’ve cum twice in less than an hour — we’d better get you a transfusion!”

“I’m fucked” you say, panting heavily, “I can’t take all this excitement.”

“No you’re not fucked” I reply, “You’ve just been sucked — although at least one of us might get fucked later if we still have the energy.”

“Let’s have a break and a cuppa first,” you say as we sit up. Soon we rise and, both still naked, we move back to the lounge/diner.

You organise a bite to eat and a cup of coffee while we sit and chat — filling in things that we want to know about each other. Eventually the subject of sex arrives again — we’ve obviously recovered.

“Do you want to go back to the bedroom?” you ask.

“Why” I ask innocently, “What have you got in mind?”

“I want to get your cock back in my mouth” you say, “And you’ve only cum once, so you owe me one!” “What makes you think that I can cum again?” I say, “Perhaps I’m a one-shot man.”

“I just know you’re not” you answer, looking at my partially re-erected penis, “And you’ll cum again and again by the time I’ve finished with you!”

We retire back to the bedroom where we lie down side by side as before.

As we begin to touch each other, our two cocks, which have hardly softened, rise and harden — ready again.

“Come and lie on top of me,” I ask, “I want to feel your body on mine and your hot hard sexy cock rubbing against me.”

You roll over me and we kiss eagerly, our arms entwined. Your cock is alongside mine — its heat is incredible. As you squirm above me your cock slips down between my legs and you move your hips to rub your cock up and down between the cheeks of my arse, just as I did.

“Do you want to put your cock in me?” I ask quietly, “I’d love to feel your cock moving up inside me and I promise I’ll let you shoot all your spunk inside me too.”

“Not yet,” you say, “If I get my cock in you, I’ll only cum too quickly.”

“So what,” I say, “I want you to spunk in me and I’m sure it won’t take you all that long to recover and be ready to cum again. Come on, I brought some KY just in case — here it is, in my jeans.”

So saying I fish out the tube and give it to you. You don’t delay in taking the cap off and squeezing some onto your fingers. You rub some KY onto your stiff cock and the rest you rub into and around my arsehole. Two of your fingers slip inside easily now, causing me to groan with pleasure. Kneeling between my legs, you aim the end of your cock at my hole and begin to push. I can feel my arse opening to allow you to enter. A bit more of a push and your knob slides inside — now it’ll be easy for you to fuck me. You get a bit more KY, smear it around your cock and then you begin to move your cock in and out of my hole. Gradually you increase the speed of your actions and at the same time you start to wank my cock, which is sticking up in front of you.

It’s quiet now — punctuated only by our quickening breathing and the slap, slap, slap of hot flesh. You’re panting now and your cock is starting to get out of control as your orgasm nears.

“Are you sure it’s ok to cum in you?” you ask.

“Oh yes please,” I reply “Make sure that all your sperm’s fired up inside me — deep inside, that’s where I want you.”

I grab hold of your buttocks and pull you hard to me, driving your urgent cock firmly inside.

“Oh yes,” you groan, “Any moment now I’m going to start. I’m going to fill your arse with my cum. Any time now — ooooooh yes, here it cums!”

I hold you hard against me and I can feel each pulse as your cum rockets up your cock and into my arse — I can feel each jet as my arse becoming filled with cum.

“Oh, that’s better” you breathe, “I really wanted to do that. It’s been too long since I sank my cock in someone’s arse. Fantastic!”

You continue to lie on top of me, just resting and panting. My unspent cock is still erect between us and as we recover, we begin to squirm against each other, your cock still embedded in my arse. Before long I can feel that your cock is getting hard again and you begin to move it in and out of my hole — you’re wanking yourself off against my arsehole!

“Hey, that’s not fair,” I whisper, because I don’t want to spoil the sexy atmosphere, “It’s my turn to cum. My cock’s full to bursting and it’s your cock that’s getting the pleasure!”

“Oh sorry Chris — I was enjoying the feeling,” you say and you gently pull your cock from my arse — it’s all slimy and slippery with KY jelly and your spunk.

“Now, what shall I do with this cock?” you ask quizzically, grasping my penis and rubbing my foreskin up and down. “I could just wank it or I could suck it or I could take it up my arse — which is going to be best?”

You bend down and take my cock in your mouth once more — I think that you’re obviously chosen to suck me off. You move your mouth up and down my knob and at the same time your hand begins to wank my shaft. It feels lovely and I know that you’ll easily be able to bring me off. Then you stop.

“No, on second thoughts I want your cock inside me, I think. I want a mouthful of your spunk and I want you up me — but since I’ve already had your cum in my mouth, you can fill my arse this time.”

This time you lie beside and facing away from me and present me with your arse. I locate the KY and, squirting out a generous amount; I lubricate my cock and then smear the rest around your arsehole. I push my slippery finger into you — then I introduce a second finger. My fingers slide in and out, gradually stretching your hole until I think that you’re ready to take my cock. You’re already shaking with anticipation and your hand is wanking your cock steadily. I move my body closer — my cock now touches your arse. “Shall I put him in? Do you want me up inside you?” I ask, knowing what the answer will be.

“Oh yes, I’m all ready — let me feel your cock inside me now.”

I bring my eager cock to your hole and, making sure that everything is well lubricated, I begin to push my cock inside. My knob is getting squashed as it strains at your ring and then suddenly it’s sucked inside — I have to stop pushing to avoid sinking all my cock into you in one go. I hear you grunt with pain and then groan with ecstasy. Gradually I work my cock further and further inside you until I can go no further.

“Oh, that’s good” you moan, “Oh I feel so full. I can feel you right up inside. It feels so hot.”

I start moving my cock in and out and I take over from you to wank your cock in time with my movements. You’re groaning and moaning with desire — I’m going to have to concentrate on fucking you or you’ll get there before me. I stop wanking you and simply hold and caress your cock while I begin to increase my efforts in your arse.

Now I can feel my orgasm building up — I know that it won’t take too long to cum.

“Are you ready?” I say as I thrust harder, “I’m getting ready to cum. I’m going to pump your arse full of my spunk very soon. My cock wants to unload. Any minute now….. When do you want me to cum?”

Your hand covers mine on your penis and starts to move it up and down your cock more rapidly.

“Soon — soon! I’m almost there too,” you cry, “keep pumping and I’ll tell you when I’m about to cum — no, it’s too late to stop — I can feel it coming.”

It’s all go now — I’m thrusting my cock in and out of your arse and your hand and mine are furiously wanking your cock.

“Hurry up!” I yell, “I’m coming up your arse any moment if I don’t stop!”

“No, don’t stop,” you say, panting, “I’m coming too — oh yes, oh I can’t stop it! Ooooooh, here it cums!”

In my hand I can feel your cock pulsing, swelling and pumping your spunk from your balls. I feel each jet of spunk as it rises up your shaft and squirts out of your knob. As it does so I feel my orgasm arrive — I have to hold still as the feelings peak — then I too can feel the spunk as it gushes up my shaft and into your arse. “Oh yes, oh yes, I’m filling you — I’m filling your arse — I’m cumming.”

My spunk continues to pump into you until finally a last spasm squeezes the last drop or two from my cock. My whole body is twitching as my orgasm takes its course and unwinds. Gently I slide my cock from your arse and a trickle of spunk runs down your arse cheek as I do so. Then you turn over and hold up your hand.

“Here you are, I caught most of my spunk for you ‘cos I know you like it in your mouth.”

I hold your hand and lick the pool of salty sperm from it — what a lovely way to end a super fuck.

But we’ve run out of time and energy today. Next week we can do it all over again, only better!

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