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Our First Experience With Others

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Well I guess that it’s now or never. We’re finally going to do it I suppose, and I can’t wait. My wife Belinda and I have always talked about expanding our sex life for a long time. Lots of pillow talk and suggestive comments, but never the thought of going through with it until now. I don’t know what’s different about now, other than we both feel confident that it will be a positive thing.

We also think that we have found someone that we feel comfortable with. That was more important than anything.

After we finally agreed that we would try to find a couple to have some fun with, I started to pursue the local swinger’s paper and websites. Nothing really caught our eye until I saw the add for “discreet, safe …let’s have fun!” That was EXACTLY what we wanted. After I contacted them, I arranged for us to meet the couple over dinner in a nearby town. They lived about two hours away and we met them at a nice restaurant about half way between.

They had informed us in the E-mails that he was originally from Jamaica and she was from the Dominican Republic. I had never thought of them being black until they arrived. I didn’t mind, but I thought Belinda may be a little apprehensive, but she never even flinched!

Paul and Tanya were a beautiful couple. He was very tall, dark and very in shape. Tanya was lighter skinned and beautiful. She had long curly hair, full lips and a gorgeous smile. They were both very polite and quite friendly. The dinner went great and time just flew by. I think that we all kind of forgot what our final motive was. We all just gelled.

Towards the end of dinner after several glasses of wine, Paul said that they had had a wonderful evening, and hoped that they would be able to see more of us. Several days earlier, we had agreed that our first evening out would be just a casual dinner with no pressure or strings attached. The idea was to get to know each other and sleep on it a little. He said that we should send him an E-mail to let them know one way or another what our intentions were. Before they excused themselves, we all exchanged hugs and handshakes. When Paul and I shook hands, it was very friendly and business like. When we hugged each other’s wives, it was much more sensuous. Tanya was so crisp and fresh and was sure to make me feel as much of her body during the hug as possible. It was great, to say the least. After we were done, Paul and Belinda were still hugging. He was a tall man and very strongly built. I could tell that he was being more than just friendly with his hug. We said our good-byes and watched them leave. They were a very sexy couple and were a site to watch leave. Both were built great and dressed so well.

Belinda and I sat back down to enjoy a little more wine before we left for the house. She didn’t say much at first, just sipped her wine. I watched her glass tremble as she took it to her mouth. It was obvious that her adrenaline was flowing! I think that I already knew the answer, but I asked anyway.

“So what do you think? They seem great don’t they?”

She responded with a nervous smile, “Yeah…Tanya is very pretty”.

I knew that Tanya was not what was on her mind. “What about Paul?” I said.

“He was pretty handsome too…and he was very strong…..and he was polite too.”

I could tell that she was still nervous. I didn’t talk any more for a few minutes, we just relaxed and looked around the restaurant. I could tell that she was thinking by the way that she was just staring at things. I slid closer to her in the half-circle booth and gently moved my hand up her thigh. She tensed up a little as I slid my fingers over skant panties. They were soaked through! Once she realized that I was feeling her moisture, she finally looked at me and smiled. I slid my fingers under her panties and fingered her until she was starting to close her eyes. She and I both knew that she couldn’t cum here! It would be way too obvious.

She said, “can we go home now?….right home!”

I said, “you bet!”

We walked quickly to the car. Once inside I could smell her pussy. We almost bumped heads as we went for each other. Finally she laid her seat back and pulled up her dress.

She pulled her panties aside and said, “lick it for me, please! lick it good!”

I dove between her legs and began lapping up the cream that had ran down her thigh. I licked all around her thighs and ass. She was creamy all over! She was just oozing juice and I just kept lapping it up. Finally I moved onto her clit and began a slow sucking and licking. It only took a few licks before she tensed up and gave out a scream. She wrapped her legs around my neck and pulled my head into her cunt. She came hard, real hard. I have never seen her cum that hard before.

Once she relaxed, I said, “so you want to go home and send Paul and Tanya E-mail?”

She just smiled and said, “let’s go!”.

On the way home, Belinda continued to lay back in the seat and gently stroke her thighs and cunt. She was never one to masturbate very much, so this was way out of the ordinary for her. I watched her insert her two fingers into her cunt and stroke in and out over and over. As we passed under the occasional street light, I could see the cunt juice oozing out of her and how shiny her fingers were. As we were pulling down our street, she was starting to cum again! I had never seen her get herself off before! She just squeezed my cock with her left hand and vigorously fucked her cunt with her other. I could hear the juicy sucking noise as her sopping cunt gushed out her juice and she moaned with pure pleasure! By this time I was nearly ready to shoot myself. As I pulled into the garage, I pushed the button to close the door and she immediately went down on me and began sucking my cock. She was in a sexual rage! Of course it didn’t take long for me to cum. Normally she would pull away and jack me off, but not this time. She sucked and stroked like my cum was her lifeblood, and she had to have it. My cock finally exploded into her mouth! She just kept stroking and slurping my cum and swallowing like crazy. As my orgasm subsided, she squeezed my cock from the base to the top, milking out every drop of cum that she could. I knew this evening wasn’t over by as long shot!

I fucked her twice that night and I think that she could have taken more. After we relaxed a little, she asked what we were going to put in the E-mail to Paul and Tanya. We decided to meet them for drinks the following Saturday night at the hotel lounge next to the restaurant where we had dinner. They responded within one hour, so they must have been up late checking their E-mail waiting for our response. Their message implied that they had had a very sexually charged evening after dinner as well and were eager to see us. It sounds like the excitement level was mutual.

The next week was tense at the house to say the least. We were only able to have sex once on Tuesday night because of all the hustle and bustle of life. Belinda was so sexually energized for that session. I had never seen her so wet and really into the sex. It was great and she repeated her blow job performance from the Saturday night. By Saturday, we were both charged to say the least! Even though we were very busy that week, I could tell that Belinda was constantly thinking about it. Even the little kisses were very hot and erotic.

Ever so slowly, Saturday afternoon finally got here. Belinda was primping herself up for the evening. She was very sexy in a red dress and black pumps. I noticed that she had purchased a very sexy red bra and panty set that matched her dress. Very nice. I moseyed on over behind her as she was putting on earrings and pushed my partial hard cock into her ass. I gently slid my fingers into her cunt and she was wet already. I began to finger her, but she insisted that we leave or we would be late. I pulled out my fingers and licked the juice off in front of her.

She just smiled and gave me a hot kiss and whispered, “we’re really gonna enjoy this evening aren’t we?”, in a very sexy voice.

It was so out of character for my once conservative, shy wife that was about to be fucked by another man with me in the room.

I replied with, “I think that we will enjoy it more than we realize!”.

When we arrived at the lounge, Paul and Tanya were already there and had us a booth. Both Paul and Tanya were dressed very well. Tanya was stunning. It was obvious that they were as excited about tonight as we were. We hit it off right away. We all had several drinks when Paul mentioned that he had already reserved a room and was ready to head up if we were. After some nervous exchange, we all agreed. Once in the elevator, Tanya made it a point to stay close to me and Paul did the same with Belinda. The sexual tension was unbelievable. We all knew what was about to happen and we were all very ready for it.

Once we were in the room, I was a little unsure how to begin. Tanya wasted no time taking the lead. She sat me down on the bed and told me to relax. Paul and Belinda sat on the other bed and watched Tanya work her charms. She knew that it was our first time doing this. Although they had only done it a few times before, she seemed very calm and relaxed. I leaned back on the bed while she knelt on the floor between my legs. She unzipped my zipper and pulled out my nervous, but coming to life cock. I looked over at Belinda to see her reaction. Paul was nuzzling her neck and gently rubbing her inner thigh. Her eyes were wide open and enjoying the show.

Tanya was gorgeous, with light chocolate skin, long curly hair, full lips and huge eyes. I just took her all in as she began to lick my balls and stroke my cock. She was very slow and deliberate, and my cock grew to full proportions quickly. She finally wrapped her full lips around my cock and began to suck my nearly exploding cock. Every time she sensed that I was about to explode, she would back off and lick my balls or slow down. It was aching to cum so bad that I knew that when I did, I was going to cum in gigantic proportions.

As I was getting the slowest blow job ever I looked over and Paul and Belinda has progressed a lot. Paul had removed Belinda’s dress and bra. She was lying back on the other bed, across from us and Paul was fingering her under her panties and was sucking on her tits. I could see his black fingers shinny with her juice as she was beginning to moan a little. Paul then stopped and removed her panties and moved down between her legs. Her raised her thighs quickly in anticipation of his tongue. He began licking her thighs, clit and ass. She loved having her ass fondled and gently licked before and she really liked it now. Finally Paul settled on her clit area, and began a rhythmic fucking of her cunt with two of his long fingers, while he licked her clit. I could tell the she was beginning to cum and cum hard. Her stomach tightened and legs wrapped around his neck. She wrapped both hands around his head and pulled him into her cunt. With a shrill scream she came and came very hard! Bucking and squealing. Telling him to suck her pussy and to lick her juice. She had become very vocal and was on fire! This was the first time since we were married that another man ever touched her and she was begging for more!

After Belinda’s orgasm subsided, Tanya removed her clothes to reveal a most beautiful body. She straddled me as I lay back on the bed and slowly sat herself down on my raging cock. She was so silky inside. She began a slow rhythmic fucking up and down on my cock. I could feel my balls getting wet from her creamy cunt. She just cooed with pleasure. Again I could feel myself beginning to explode and she sensed it and stopped her motion and just squeezed my dick with her amazingly controlled cunt. Without moving, she could squeeze and sort of spasm her cunt, which felt great.

She whispered, “let’s watch them for a while”.

We tuned on the bed to where she could sit on top of me and fuck me while I had a great view of Paul and Belinda on the other bed.

Belinda was now completely naked except for a garter belt and red stockings. Paul had removed his shirt earlier, but was still wearing pants. Belinda sat up on the edge of the bed and began to unbuckle his pants. She was very hot and seemed to be tearing at his clothes. His pants dropped to the floor and she reached for his cock, which was pointing down. Pointing down because it was so long and thick! I guess something that size has to give way to gravity. He was enormous! She pulled his boxers off and his at least 10” cock sprang up in her face. It was thicker than anything that I had ever seen. Probably the size of a soda can! It was very veiny and had an even thicker head on the end, which was all shiny with pre-cum. Belinda looked over at me for a brief moment, knowing that I was watching her every move. Although it was only a second, it seemed like forever. The look was of fear, excitement, lust, pure desire and thanks all rolled into one.

Belinda began stroking his cock and started to lick his balls.

Paul put his big hand quickly behind her head and firmly said, “suck my cock and lick up all that cum on the end first!”

She seemed a little shocked but began licking the pre-cum oozing from his cock.

“Now, wrap both hands around it and milk it till you get it all!” as he held the back of her head.

She did as he instructed and she moaned with pleasure. It was so erotic to watch my wife try to stretch her lips and mouth around his huge knob and cock. She just wrapped her lips around it and jacked him off with both hands. Only then did he begin to come to full hardness. His huge member started to point up and Belinda was having a harder time keeping her mouth around it. As she was sucking his head, she lowered one hand to her cunt and began fingering her cunt. I could tell that she was building to another orgasm.

Once he was completely hard, he pulled away and arranged the bed. He stacked several of the pillows in a pile and had her lay over them face down, propping her ass high in the air. He moved in behind her. He spread her legs more than she wanted and started rubbing his giant mushroom all over her cunt, smearing what was now almost a river of her juice all over his cock head. He then spread her ass cheeks wide and placed his giant knob against her cunt. He then leaned over her and placed his hands on her outstretched arms. I had a perfect view and watched as his thighs and ass tightened as he began to push his giant rod into my now whimpering wife. Her cunt was stretching but not nearly enough to allow him in. He paused for a moment and pushed some more and her cunt began to relax. Finally one more push and his head plopped in. Her face was turned my direction, and the pure lust on her fact was almost too much to take. Tanya was sucking hard and I feel was going to have me cum this time. After watching this huge man fuck my wife, it wouldn’t take me long.

Paul began to push his long cock into my wife. More and more each time. After several minutes, he had about seven inches in her and she was loving it. I watched his flat black cock pull out with her shiny juice all over it. The more he fucked her, the more he pushed in. Finally he had her stretched to the hilt and his entire organ was in her. He ground his hairy sack against her clit, while she got used to the size. It looked like he had stuck her with a black sword!

He whispered, “ I think that you’re ready now”.

He held her hands down and pulled his cock all the way out and then plunged it all the way back in, until his balls slapped her clit. Again. and again gradually getting faster and slamming her cunt harder and harder. She was in pure heaven and beginning to cum. I had never made her cum with my cock before, but she was cumming now, and so was I. This was too much to take. As I watched my wife have a screaming hard orgasm from this man brutally fucking her cunt with his massive cock, I began to shoot. Tanya, kept her lips around my shaft as I started to shoot what was the most explosive orgasm of my life. Belinda was watching me cum while she was cumming and both of us seemed to fuel the others orgasm. Tanya slowly stroked me with her lips and swallowed every drop as I squirted blast after blast into her mouth. She really got off on pleasuring me. As my orgasm began to lessen, Tanya continued to suckle me and slowly bring me down.

I watched as Paul was really getting a rhythm now. His entire cock and balls were covered with her juices and I could swear the he was still getting harder. When he would pull out, it was like his cock head was pulling the inside of her cunt out with it! She looked at me with pure lust in her eyes. I could only imagine how big his cock head was now. He began to moan a little. I watched his ass, thighs and back tighten. He mumbled that he was cumming. Tanya whispered to me that “he cums a lot…a whole lot!”. Belinda was now at his mercy. He put his hands down on the flair of her waist and pulled her in. There was no way that she could pull away even if she wanted to. He was locked in. His stroked got shorter and harder as he slammed into her. He began to shoot his cum deep into Belinda. She was cumming again as well gripping the bedspread with her hands. His muscled body was in spasm as he hosed her cunt walls with his hot creamy cum. He just kept convulsing as he pushed in and out of her. As he began to slow down, I noticed a very white ring of cum all around the base of his cock and balls. A slow stream of their combined juices trickled out of her cunt and down her ass. He continued to fuck her for another three to five minutes making sure that he had milked his entire load into her.

When he pulled his long black snake out of her, her pussy was very swollen and red and a trail of cum followed. What a load he must have shot into her! My wife just laid there in sort of a daze. After watching that I was ready for more. She looked so hot and satisfied lying there. I crawled over on the bed with her as Paul joined Tanya on the other bed. I asked her if it was as good as it looked. She gave me a big hug and kiss and said that it was better than she had imagined. We just lay there and watched Tanya work her oral charms on Paul’s massive meat. He had never really gone soft. Once she started sucking his cock, he was completely hard again in no time. I spooned in behind Belinda and slid my cock into her warm and slippery quim. It was so hot and creamy. I just slowly fucked her while I fondled her tits from behind. It just kept feeling better and better. I knew I wouldn’t last too long watching this show.

Paul put Tanya on her back and raised her legs for maximum penetration. His cock slid right into her creamy hole. He began a slow rhythmic fucking, but picked up speed quick. Tanya was cumming already from his thorough fucking. She bucked her cunt against his lower stomach as she convulsed. It was obvious that it was a good one for her.

Paul continued until he was ready to cum again himself. Once he is in the early stages of orgasm, he looks over at my wife, who is facing him and getting fucked by me from behind. He pulls out his huge cock and comes over and puts it in her face right next to me. He puts the head against her lips and begins stroking his cock. He’s gonna shoot all over her lips and I’m right beside her watching the whole thing. She puts one hand over his hand and jacks him up and down. His first spurt squirts across her lips as she’s licking his cock head. He then backs up a little and shoots again over her face. I’m starting to cum with him and so is she! I can feel her pussy spasm around my cock as I squirt my load in her already creamy pussy. Paul’s last few shots shoot all over her neck and chest. She finishes him off by slowly sucking his cock head.

We all collapse in a heap on the bed. Tanya comes over to our bed and joins us. I then move between her legs for a final taste of her silky pussy. Her cunt is very swollen and musky from the thorough fucking that Paul gave her. Just licking her cunt lips seems soothing for her after that. Only several moments later, she begins the last of her orgasms. Her cunts begins to drizzle juice down my chin. I just lap up all that she has and she finally calms down.

After we all shower, we make arrangements to meet again “someday” and promise to stay in touch via E-mail.

What an evening! Belinda LOVED the evening. I don’t know if she ever wants a repeat, but I do know that our sex life has been fantastic ever since that evening. It has fueled fantasies that we never dreamed of.

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