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Our First Party

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We had always wanted an old house in a nice area of Edinburgh, but who would have guessed how things would work out? We got the house – an old stone-built Victorian terrace in Trinity – but not long after we bought it Rob was made redundant. With the Edinburgh property market the way it is we knew that it would be next to impossible for us to sell without making a huge loss.

I could take a long time telling you about how we tried to solve the problem – but this story is about what we did do – certainly not what we expected to be doing when we moved in! This is a true story and we are still writing it…


Rob answered the door for the first couple – I’ll call them Drew and Aileen. Rob took their coats and ushered them into the lounge. Drinks were set out on a table at the side of the room and Rob set up a drink for each of them while he checked that they were clear on the ground rules for the evening.

I was watching from the dining room and could see that Drew was in a dark suit with a white pressed shirt open at the collar. Average height, but he was well groomed and clearly took care of himself. His partner Aileen was a slim brunette poured into a dark green cocktail dress, her bobbed hair pushed back to show off demure pearl earrings. Both of them looked a little nervous, but a lot less nervous than I would have been in their shoes.

Next to arrive were Donald and Bryony. Rob took coats and sorted out drinks as before. Donald was tall and wearing a light grey suit with a pale pink shirt and pale blue tie. His hair was thinning on top, but close cropped in the way that I like. She was a pale blonde and was wearing a scoop neck top and pencil skirt. The top was pulled tight across her chest emphasising the shape of her breasts.

The two couples made small talk while we waited for the third couple to arrive. We had been precise about times and were getting a little worried that they might not show. But five minutes later the doorbell went for a third time. Rob swept them in and introduced them to the group already in the lounge.

Chris and Kate were a little younger than the other two couples, a little younger than they had looked in their photos. He was smartly turned out in a suit and shirt like the other men. She was wearing a slinky dress covered in tiny mirror tiles so she shimmered in the light. Looked as though she could be Kate Winslet’s sister (which is why I have called her Kate here). They looked more nervous than the other two which might explain why they were late.


We had advertised the event on the web and invited people to apply by email with a photo and some personal information. We had no real idea what we were doing or how it would work, but tried to appear as professional as possible. The deal was that each couple would pay £200 for the evening for dinner, drinks and anything else that was on offer. No promises and some clear rules on how the evening would be managed that people had to sign up to in advance. People needed to be clear about what they were getting into.

I was surprised how many applications we received – more than 20 – and mostly from good-looking couples who looked as though they were in their late twenties or thirties. Rob had said it would all be people in their forties and fifties trying to put a bit of spice back into their lives. He couldn’t have been more wrong. True there were one or two that matched that description, but they were the exception. We set a date and selected three couples for the first evening – £600 minus expenses in the bank – a big contribution to the mortgage!


Rob reminded everyone to be careful about personal information and names. In setting up the evening we had been clear that people would not have to say who they really were because we knew that anonymity was important. He explained how the evening would be structured – we would go through for a light meal and there would be some warm up games. After that we would see how things developed. Nobody was required to do anything that they weren’t comfortable with, but people should also be comfortable to say what they did want. People could trust each other.


Places were set in the dining room with name plates. Like any good dinner party we had split up the couples to add interest. Rob sat at one end of the table with me at the other.

When we were seated Rob rang the bell by his wine glass. This was the signal for Jim and Adrienne to come in. They were our waiter and waitress for the evening.

Jim was someone that Rob had worked with before who had been made redundant at the same time. He was a little younger and good looking in a boyish sort of way. When Rob had told him about the idea and asked if he would help he had been grateful for the opportunity to make a little money.

The waitress Adrienne had been a little harder to recruit. We had asked an agency to offer us a choice of staff telling them we were a introduction agency that arranged dinner parties for singles – we couldn’t tell them what we were really up to. When Rob and I had done the interviews we had tried to assess which of the girls would be prepared for what our parties might involve.

None of them had seemed exactly right, but Adrienne seemed the best bet. We decided that we would tell her before the evening so that we could make other plans if it wasn’t going to work out. She was a language student in the city trying to earn a little extra money to get by while she stayed in Edinburgh. When I explained what the dinner party was really about she looked a little uncertain, but said ok. After all she was only going to be a waitress for the evening.


Adrienne set out the starters while Jim poured wine. We had decided to keep the food light to as not to interfere with the evenings main purpose. I was to lead conversation over the first course – which was also the starter for the evenings events.

Rob and I had talked about this before. What we wanted to do was to raise the temperature a little, but not let things get too carried away. The clear rule for the first course was talk only. This game would have two rounds and was quite straightforward. I explained that I would begin by telling the table something that turned me on then we would go round the table in turn until it got to me again.

“I like it when Rob strokes my nipples when we are having sex” I said.

As soon as I said it I blushed. Up until then I had just thought about this as a business venture that we had planned and organised, but now I had told a group of strangers something personal about me and I realised what we were doing was for real. Trying to keep myself together I turned to Drew on my right.

“Your turn and be honest, because it might happen for you later.”

Drew looked a little sheepish, but had paid his money and wasn’t going to back down.

“I like it when Aileen licks the bit on the underside of my cock – you know the bit where the head joins the shaft. It makes me so hard.”

He smiled nervously and looked at his partner. She caught his eye and looked away nervously. It would be her turn soon.

“Now Bryony. What do you like?”

“I like it when Donald takes me from behind. He has a great cock and completely fills me up so that I feel it deep inside.”

Bryony said this with a degree of confidence that I hadn’t expected so early in the evening. But I was intrigued and wanted to see Donald’s cock for myself. Now it was Chris’s turn.

“Kate climbs on top of me and rides me hard. That gets me off.”

Now we had reached the end of the table and it was Rob’s turn. I had no idea what he was going to say and having heard myself tell the table that I liked it when he stroked my nipples during sex I was a little nervous about what secret he might share. It was like a far out game of Mr and Mrs.

“I like it when Jane talks dirty to me during sex.”

I blushed again. I had found it hard to do at first, but began to get into when I saw the effect that it had on Rob. But I still felt a little guilty about him telling everyone and anyway this was meant to be about him, not about me.

Anyway people seemed to be warming up as we went round the table. Now it was Aileen

“I get turned on when Drew is rough with me”

People exchanged looks and she looked worried –

“No, not for real, play rough, you know”

Now it was Donald. He looked a little more confident.

“I like to watch myself fuck Bryony in the mirror.”

“Hey – what do you mean the mirror, you tape it” added Bryony.

“Only so I can watch it later!”

Everyone around the table laughed and relaxed. I hadn’t realised the tension until then. Only Kate in the shimmering dress to go. Her partner Chris had already talked about what she did when she licked his cock, what would she say?

“This is hard for me, I haven’t done anything like this before” she started.

I thought – me neither! But said nothing.

“I just like it when Chris fucks me. Pretty straightforward, hey?”

I was going to offer some encouragement, but Aileen jumped in first.

“Nothing to be ashamed of with that. Works for all of us.”


For the second round of the table each person would tell the table something that their partner fantasised about – a little more daunting – but before this round started it was time to change courses and get a little more comfortable.

Rob rang the bell again and Jim and Adrienne came in. This time they had four coat hangers each which they quickly handed out.

“Ok, you know the rules. Next course in your underwear. The staff will take your clothes and hang them up – you won’t be needing them for a while.”

Talking was easy enough, but now people had to take the next step. I certainly felt a little vulnerable as I unzipped the back of my dress and let it fall to the ground. Jim picked it up for me and placed it on the hanger.

I felt very naked just wearing my white bra and pants. Looking around the room I watched as everyone slipped out of their clothes while Jim and Adrienne circulated gathering them onto hangers.

Everyone was smartly turned out – two of the guys in white trunks that hugged their cocks tightly – if they were nervous it didn’t show. The other two guys in more modest boxer shorts that offered a little more discretion.

But the women were stunning – they had really made an effort!

Bryony was wearing a sheer black bra and matching tiny pants. Her nipples and neatly trimmed pubic hair were clearly visible through the material. Kate was more discrete wearing hipster trunks and a stretchy cotton top, both in white, that emphasised her athletic shape.

But Aileen took my breath away. Her breasts were supported by a pink quarter cup bra which covered nothing. Her dark, firm nipples were clearly on display for everyone to see. Down below she wore a matching pink thong that did little more than cover her cunt lips. Nothing was left to the imagination – everything was clearly on display.

All eyes were on Aileen as though she had hypnotised us. She broke the spell –

“What are you all looking at – never seen breasts before?”


People sat down and made themselves comfortable while Jim and Adrienne topped up the wine and served the next course. I could see people checking each other out – little sly glances and knowing looks between partners. When Jim and Adrienne left the room it was time to start the next round.

I decided I would go last this time so explained the rules and turned to Drew telling him to start this time.

“Well, Aileen is pretty straightforward as she said – she fantasises about sucking big cocks – and would do if she had the chance, that’s why we’re here.”

Aileen looked down at her napkin on her knee and said nothing. I wasn’t sure how well this round was going to go.

Next was Bryony. She looked across at her partner and said –

“Donald wants to see me fucked by another man. We’ve talked about it, but never done it before. I guess that’s why we came tonight.”

“Maybe we’ll be able to help you out tonight” I said with a smile.

Donald looked a little sheepish, but we quickly moved on.

“Kate has talked about being gang-banged by a group of men, but I don’t know if she would really want to do it – she likes to be in control too much.”

Chris looked quizzically at his partner to see if he was right, but she wasn’t giving anything away.

Now it was Rob. We know each other pretty well and have talked about what we do and don’t like, but even so I had no idea what he was going to say. We should have discussed this before I thought, but too late.

“Hmm” he began, “Jane can be difficult to figure out and there’s more going on than she lets on, but I think she might be a bit like Kate and want to lose control of what’s going on. She needs an excuse to stop behaving like a good girl.”

I felt really challenged by what Rob said and didn’t know whether he was right or not, but I didn’t let on and simply smiled at him.

Now it was Aileen’s turn.

“It can be difficult to tell sometimes, but I think Drew wants to be told what to do. He wants to be a love slave who can be ordered about and forced to do things he couldn’t ask to do himself.”

We were almost back to me again. Donald looked thoughtful

“Bryony would like to show off her sexuality – it’s a turn on for her seeing others getting turned on by what she’s doing.”

I could see Bryony nodding in agreement and she looked grateful for what her partner had said.

Next it was Kate.

“I think Chris would like to watch me with another woman – and maybe join in, but probably just watch – he’s such a voyeur!”

Now it was my turn. I had been challenged by what Rob had said and wanted to push the boundaries a bit myself. We were running the evening, but that shouldn’t stop us having fun.

“Rob would like to fuck two women at the same time. One riding him while the other sits on his face. He’s such a pussy eater and so wants to be the centre of attention.”

Now it was Rob’s turn to blush – he’s so easily embarrassed. He covered the moment by ringing the bell so that the plates would be cleared away.


Nobody said much as Jim and Adrienne gathered the plates, but it was clear that everyone was thinking about what had been shared and the anticipation was building. Time for another game.

This round was to take things a bit further – the first round of contact activity. Rob placed a deck of cards on the table and I explained the rules. For this round each of the guests would be required to do a forfeit. Each person would draw a card and then act out the instructions on the card for the entertainment of the others. Coffee and mints were on the table for anyone who wanted them, but the way things were developing I didn’t think they would be needed.


Rob explained that people could volunteer to go first or we could go round in order, but that the forfeits would get more challenging as time went on. There were six cards in total – three for the guys and three for the girls. Each card had a number on the back from 1 to 3.

“Now” said Rob, “does someone wants to choose the first card?”

I wasn’t sure how this part of the evening would work out. We had talked about having a game of truths and dares or strip poker or even naked twister, but in the end decided on something a little more structured to move the evening on.

Kate leaned forward and picked up the number 1 card. She handed it back to Rob to read out.

“Ok” he said, “I hope you’re ready for this. You are to take off one of the men’s pants and then play with his cock for three minutes – but you can’t use your hands! You choose the guy, start now and stop when I ring the bell.”

Saying that he turned over the egg timer beside his wine glass and sat back. Kate hesitated.

“Hey, you better get on with it or you’ll be out of time and then there will be a worse forfeit to follow.”

Kate went round the table to where Drew was sitting.

“You better stand up for this” she said “and I’m going to use my hands for the first part.”

With that she hooked her thumbs over the waistband of Drew’s boxers and pulled them down his legs in one easy motion. His cock sprang out. It was only half erect and in need of a little encouragement. Kate leant back so the rest of the room could see it. Nicely trimmed hair I thought to myself.

“Well, where shall we start?” she said.

With that she leaned forward and ran her lips down the length of Drew’s cock. Instantly it began to grow firmer and to become horizontal. She continued licking and nibbling for a little while then leant back.

“That certainly worked. Let’s try a little more.”

This time Kate she took the end in her mouth and pushed her lips firmly down the shaft. Leaning back I could see that she had rolled back the foreskin and exposed the glands. They were purple and stretched tight as a drum. Now she began to lick around the underside of the glands.

“Was this where you said you liked to be licked?”

Drew moaned in assent. It was clear he was enjoying himself. It was as though the rest of us weren’t there! A tiny bead of pre-cum appeared on the end of his cock, but Kate smartly licked it off and he moaned again. It was clear where this was heading.

But before things could develop further Rob rang the bell.

“Damn” said Kate, “I was just getting into that – next time you should give me five minutes!”

As Kate stood up I could see just how into it she had got. Her nipples were stretching the material of her white cropped top and there was a damp patch across the front of her hipster trunks. Drew was certainly left high and dry, but quickly recovered himself and forced his cock back into his boxers before sitting down. He looked more than a little pleased with himself.


“Next person” said Rob.

Chris picked one from the number 1 card from the guy’s set and passed it back to Rob to read out.

“Hmm… a little tougher this one. You are to be blindfold and eat out one of the women – we’ll choose who this time – and you have to guess who it was. You’ve got three minutes again.”

Rob passed Chris the blindfold.

“When you’ve put that on, we’ll pick someone to strip off and we can begin.”

“Hey, but that means I don’t get to see anything!” said Chris.

“That’s part of the game” said Rob.

Chris put on the blindfold. When he had done that Rob pointed to Bryony to tell her that she was to be the subject for the game. She looked a little daunted, but unhooked her black bra and placed on the table. Great tits I thought, this should be fun. Then she reached down and slipped down the matching sheer pants. I could tell they were already damp by the way she had to pull them off her cunt. She sat back down on her chair with her ass on its edge and her legs stretched out in front of her.

“Ok” said Rob, “she’s sitting down in front of you and ready to go – time starts now.”

Chris moved forward slowly until he was directly in front of Bryony. Bryony pulled her knees up, then let them fall to each side to give him better access. Leaning forward Chris used his lips to find her inner thigh and began to lick his way up towards her cunt.

“You better speed up or you could run out of time.”

He took one long lick all the way from Bryony’s knee until his tongue brushed her cunt lips. That was clearly what she’d being waiting for and she gasped audibly. Taking that as his encouragement Chris started to lick up the length of her cunt lips in a series of long, deep strokes. The effect was immediate. Bryony began to writhe on the chair pushing her cunt onto Chris’s tongue. She became flushed and her nipples erect. Chris was clearly good at this I thought, or else Bryony is a horny bitch.

“Time” said Rob and rang the bell. “I think we can safely say you had a good chance to explore – who do you think it was?”

“Bryony” said Chris without hesitation, “I recognised her from the noise she was making.”

Chris slipped off the blindfold to inspect his handiwork. Stepping back, we could all see how engorged her cunt had become. The lips were a dark purple and had opened up exposing the pink within. Bryony’s cunt was covered with a combination of Chris’s saliva and her own juice.

“I’m not really sure if I want to put these on again” she said picking up her bra and pants, then she placed them back on the table and sat down.


I was thinking this game was going well. Two performances already and it everyone seemed to be getting into the spirit of it. Taking a quick look round the table everyone looked comfortable with what was going on and the state of arousal was rising.

“Ok” said Rob, “let’s have someone who hasn’t been involved yet. If you’re shy you might be keen on getting one of the easy cards.”

That left Donald and Aileen. I wondered who might take the next card, but not for long as Aileen lent forward and turned over number 2 card from the girl’s pile. Rob picked it up to read it out.

“A solo performance this time. You are to masturbate for the audience. And in case you need some assistance we have a tray of toys for you to try out.”

With that he went over to the sideboard and opened the cupboard. He returned to the table with a tray with three toys sitting on it – a large clear silicon dildo, a rabbit vibrator and an egg vibrator. He placed the tray on the table in front of Aileen. Then he turned over the egg timer to start the three minutes.

Aileen took a couple of seconds, then selected the egg vibrator. She pushed back her chair so we could see what she was doing more clearly. With an easy motion she flicked the on switch as her hand moved the egg down her stomach to the top of her pink thong. Slowing down she gently rubbed the egg over the outside of the fabric. I shuddered with pleasure remembering how material like that amplifies the effect of the vibrator.

After about thirty seconds she slipped the egg inside the waist band of her thong. I didn’t immediately understand what she was doing, but then it became clear – she was using the thong to hold it in place leaving her hands free to do other things. She ran both her hands up her body and over the edge of her quarter cup bra – no need to take that off! Tweaking both her nipples between finger and thumb she began to stroke her breasts while the vibrator continued to buzz against her clit.

This was already a great performance and there looked to be at least a minute to go. What happened next totally stunned me. After about thirty seconds of stroking her breasts she reached out to her side and placed her hand on Donald’s stomach. Then as the vibrator in her pants made her wriggle and squirm she pushed her hands down into their shorts and pulled his already hard cock free and started to wank it off.

The sight was a phenomenal turn on and I could feel my cunt pouring with juice. Donald looked fit to burst, but before he could Rob rang the bell. Aileen let go of his cock, but it was too late to stop herself and the vibrator carried her over the edge to a shuddering orgasm. Pressing her hand against her cunt to ride it out and hold the egg in place she gasped and moaned until the pleasure subsided and she was able to speak again.

“Phew” she said, “I hope I didn’t break the rules there.”

We were pretty stunned, but her partner Drew managed to say

“Quite a performance – almost like you forgot we were here.”


I wasn’t sure how many more rounds of the game most people would be able to take. Donald had clearly been taken to the edge by the last performance and wouldn’t take much more. I had seen Kate fingering herself under the table during the performance. The sexual desire heavy in the air like before an electric storm.

We took a short break to let everyone have a drink and catch their breath.

“Time for the next competitor” said Rob, “and I think it should be Donald as he’s sat out most of the activity so far – well up until the last round! Take a card.”

Donald lent forward and took the number three card leaving the number two card on the table.

“Well you could have taken an easier card – but this one says – you are to be tied to the chair and each of the girls will take it in turns to turn you on however they choose.”

With that Rob went back over to the cupboard and pulled out some bungee cable. He handed it to Kate who was sitting beside Donald and said –

“You tie him, he’ll like that. Just not too tight as the stretch in the cable should hold him in place pretty well anyway.”

Donald sat in his chair while Kate tied him in place. Hands behind his back and to the back of the chair. Legs tied to the two front legs of the chair. When she was finished tying him Kate reached down and pulled his shorts down to his ankles exposing his already hard cock.

“Well well – as I tied him I guess I get to go first.”

With that she crouched down and took his cock deep into her mouth in one movement. Drawing off slowly she repeated the action twice more, then turned to Bryony and said

“All yours.”

Bryony went over to Donald and put her mouth exactly where Kate’s had been. Holding Donald’s penis firmly at the base with her hand to pull the skin back from the glans, she began to suck greedily. After a few seconds she stopped and stood up to allow Aileen a turn. Aileen bent down as the others had down and began to suck on his cock while her hand pumped up and down.

Donald was clearly enjoying it and as Bryony and Aileen swapped over I could tell that he was already wet – I wondered if he would last the three minutes and looked over to the egg timer to see how long had gone. Rob hadn’t turned it over. I wasn’t ready for what came next. Aileen stood up and turned to me.

“Ok, your turn” she said, “the forfeit did say all the girls!”

That’s not what it meant I thought, but I was unsure what to do. I wanted to be a good hostess and obliging, but also felt then need to retain control. Rationalising it I thought, what harm could a little mouth action do. I looked at Rob who nodded at me and moved over to where Donald was tied up.

Up close I could see how hard Donald’s cock had become. Pre cum was leaking everywhere.

“Well” I said, “I could clean it up a little.”

With that I began to lick the pre cum and saliva from the other girls off it in quick strokes. After a few licks it was pretty clean, but still glistened with moisture. I didn’t want to go too far so I stood up.

I thought it might end there, but Kate had other ideas. Slipping her white hipster pants down her legs she turned her back on Donald before slowly backing herself on to his lap. Her cunt, already wet from what had gone on before, easily swallowed his cock and she ground herself hard against him. This was a lot more than he had bargained for, but he seemed more than ok with it.

Like a dare she gestured to Bryony to indicate it was her turn as she lifted herself back off him. Bryony took her place, but this time facing him and while she moved up and down on his cock she stroked her breasts.

Keeping up the pace she moved on and Aileen took her place. My God! I thought, its my turn again next – sucking him was one thing, but this was a bit more – what had I got myself into.

I needn’t have worried. With a grunt he began to cum. Aileen stepped off quickly and he spurted over her stomach and legs. Like the slut she clearly was Aileen lent over and sucked him clean using her hand to pump out the final drops.


Wow. Things were certainly hotting up. While Kate untied Donald, Rob passed Aileen a napkin to clean herself off.

“That was intense” said Donald. “I felt I was going to explode for so long.”

“Yeah, you were pretty hard”, said Aileen, “I was surprised you were able to hold out as long as you did.”

We took our seats again, though I noticed no one bothered to replace any clothes, I guess there didn’t seem much point any more. Rob re-arranged the cards on the table.

“Just two more forfeits to go. Who’s next?”

Bryony reached across and took the number 3 card. She passed it back to Rob.

“Hmm – for this you have to pick two guys. I would leave out Donald for this one, as I suspect he might not be up to much for a little while. I guess that means Chris and Drew. You happy with that?”

Bryony thought for a second, then asked

“Do I not get to pick you Rob? Jane sucked Donald’s cock in the last round.”

Rob blushed and looked at me. Fair’s fair I thought and nodded to him it was ok.

“Alright then, I choose Rob and Chris for this round.”

“Ok” said Rob, one of us has to sit on the edge of the table for this one, while the other stands behind Bryony. When we all get in position you should all get the general idea.”

With that he slipped off his pants and hopped up onto the edge of the table. Bryony stood in front of him with Chris behind her. I could see what was meant to happen. Bryony was to suck Rob’s cock while Chris fucked her from behind.

With a nervous smile at me Bryony bent forward arching her back and took Rob’s cock in her mouth. I know Rob loves to have his cock sucked, but the added excitement of seeing the women do it be fucked at the same time would drive him wild.

As Bryony began to suck Rob’s cock Chris eased himself easily into her cunt from behind. His cock was pretty hard already and she was wet from what had gone on already. Chris began a steady in and out motion holding her hips to steady them both. She began to moan gently as she sucked on Rob and that must have intensified the feeling for him. He leaned back and looked at the ceiling and I could tell he was trying to hold off from coming.

He had no chance. As he started to spurt Bryony pulled off and let it cascade over her breasts and face.

She was fairly far gone herself and was forcing herself back on Chris’s cock while holding on to the edge of the table for balance. A few more thrusts and she began to cum, sending Chris over the edge as well. He gripped her harder and pumped inside her feeling her cunt contact and release with the orgasm.

As it subsided Bryony lent forward over the table and licked the final dribbles of cum off Rob’s cock. Chris’s cum was already beginning to run down her legs.

This time it was my turn to hand out the towels as Rob clearly wasn’t going to be up to much for a few minutes.

“Ok” I said, “time out before the next round.”


I looked around the room and took stock. Almost everyone was looking a little the worse for wear from their exertions. Of the guys, only Drew had yet to cum and it was his turn next. We would need to sort that out in the next round. Of the girl’s Aileen and Bryony had already cum, but all three certainly looked up for more.

Clearly Drew had been doing the same arithmetic.

“Its my turn next and I want to choose my own forfeit. I want to fuck Kate while she eats out Jane. That should make us all square.”

Rob looked a little taken aback. He is used to organising things and prefers it when things go according to the plan. But maybe he would be curious about my reaction. He looked over to me

“You ok with that?” he asked.

I was nervous, but could feel myself getting wet in anticipation. I had seen Kate work on Drew’s cock and wanted to feel what that tongue could do for me.

“Same positions as last time then” I heard myself say.

I moved round to the end of the table and slipped my white pants down and off. I was surprised just how wet they were already. Though I knew I was turned on I hadn’t realised how much because I was focusing on managing the party. My cunt’s thoughts had clearly been elsewhere!

Kate moved around in front of me. As she bent down she smiled at me playfully. I could feel her warm hands on the inside of my legs spreading them apart. Then suddenly her tongue was licking up the length of my slit until it reached the clit at the top. Damn that feels good I thought. I could feel her using her fingers to spread my cunt wide open to let her lick more deeply. She was alternating the licking with sucking and nibbling on the clit.

It was driving me pretty wild, but the feeling intensified when she worked two fingers into me and began to move them in and out with a fucking motion. Rob does that too and it drives me wild, but that it was a woman doing it to me made it ten times more exciting. I felt totally in her control.

She was becoming more feverish as Drew pounded into her from behind. I could feel the effect of each thrust communicated through her body. He was quickly building to his orgasm.

I was too. Kate’s finger-fucking and licking was more than I could take for long. I gestured to Rob to help me take off my bra – I couldn’t do it on my own because I was supporting myself on my elbows. He came over and slipped it off. Then he leant over and pulled on my nipple with his lips. I felt myself explode. The stimulation of my nipple alongside what Kate was still doing was too much to resist. I felt tremors go through my body as Kate kept licking and finger fucking me. I must have had three orgasms one after the other as Kate refused to stop.

Kate was losing it too. Drew’s cock swelled inside her and she reached down to rub her clit sending her into a moaning orgasm of her own. Drew pulled out and shot his load across her ass and back leaving streaks of white fluid on her skin.

I lay back on the table unable to move. I felt so satisfied by what had happened – I hadn’t realised how much I had needed the release.

When I looked up I could see the action was continuing. Aileen was straddling Donald on his chair. Bryony had lain down on the floor and Chris was licking her cunt hungrily.

Rob winked at me

“I guess the party’s got started, babe” he said.


That was some of what happened at the first of our parties. As I said this is a true story and maybe we’ll put some more reports on here to tell you how it developed. We certainly hadn’t expected to be so directly involved ourselves – but we’ve come to enjoy it as one of the perks of the job!

As have Jim and Adrienne. When Rob took the coffee cups out to the kitchen he had expected to find them doing the dishes and clearing up. But what he found was Jim taking Adrienne from behind over the dishwasher. They’d clearly been more into what had been going on than they let on and we’ve used their commitment to the ‘job’ in events. After all, there’s always room for staff development.

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