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My Christmas Surprise

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Let me start off with a little bit of history of this encounter. I have been bi-curious for quite some time but too afraid to ever act upon it and my husband is secure enough in our marriage to encourage my fantasy as long as he is not left out. With that let’s begin my awakening…..

My husband called me on my cell and said he had to work late this night and had no idea when he would be home, so I decided to have a pre- Christmas cheer girls night out with my two best friends Trish and Leslie. Let me describe them to you before we go on.

Trish gets all the guys she is 5’3″, long black hair, very perky breasts and a very nice small tight ass, and Leslie gets her fair share too, she is 5’10”, long wavy sandy blond hair, big breasts and a plump ass. As for me, well I am a brunette who is 4’11” with small but firm breasts and a plump ass.

Anyway, since it was snowing out, I took a taxi to meet my friends at this new establishment in town that was having a Christmas Grand Opening. When we walked in, the place had lights and tinsel all over the place. We walked in and went to a quiet corner of the bar and had a few drinks. After a couple of drinks I called my husband to see how his night was going, he informed me he still had no idea when he would be getting off and to enjoy my night.

The place was packed and to my surprise they were all women. Everyone who was dancing on the floor seemed to have no problem touching anybody and everybody everywhere while they danced. It sort of reminded me of a Roman Orgy. My friends and I had a few more drinks under our belt to get our courage up then decided we wanted to go out on the floor too.

At first the three of us were on the edge of the dance floor and people started to slyly make little advances like brushing up against us and letting their hands slip across our ass. I was a little shocked at first, but thought no harm in simple touching as long as that was all it was and outside of my clothing.

When the touching was not rebuked, the advances became more and we were being moved further onto the dance floor. This place was like none I have ever been to before or found since. Drinks were being brought to you on the dance floor while you danced. Before I knew it the three of us had hands all over us, up our skirts and over our breasts.

We heard a woman say to the crowd that new bodies were up for the grabbing. I felt a woman’s hand slide under my skirt and stroke my pussy over my thong, and I heard Trish gasp as she had a strangers hand in her shirt. Leslie who was usually the quiet shy type seemed to come out of her shell she was all over a complete stranger with one hand in the pants of this woman rubbing her pussy and the other grabbing her hair and pulling her head back.

I couldn’t take my eyes off Leslie, I was quite shocked to see her new behavior. We danced and drank some more on the floor which seemed to last hours until I was so hot and bothered by all the touching and groping that I wanted to go home and make love to my husband and told the girls it’s time to go.

We grabbed a taxi for our journey home. On the way Trish and Leslie were still in the moment and wanted to play more, Trish and Leslie started to kiss. Lips at first then they were tonguing each other with both grabbing each others breasts.

When they stopped, Leslie looked at Trish and said that they could not leave me out of the fun. They had a virgin in the car that needed breaking.

As I started to protest, Leslie kissed me deep and long, while Trish started to let her hands slither up my skirt. I was startled and wasn’t sure about letting this go on because I had never been with a woman, but I liked what I was feeling and let them touch me. Leslie suggested that we get some wine and go back to my place for a night cap. We all agreed.

When we got back to my place, my husband was still not home. I tried not to act like a ninny and poured three glasses of wine. Trish started to play some sultry music on the stereo while Leslie was re-arranging some of the furniture in the living room with couch cushions and blankets thrown on the floor.

I was feeling a little antsy and I excused myself to the little girls room and called my husband to see when he would get home. He told me not for awhile yet and to enjoy my company. I went back down stairs to find Leslie and Trish already lying on the cushions kissing and caressing each other. When they saw me they stopped and motioned for me to join them. I told them that I was okay and to go on with what they were doing and I would just sit back and watch.

They shrugged their shoulders and went back to what they were doing. Leslie and Trish were kissing each other with their hands slowly exploring each others bodies. Leslie was removing Trish’s shirt and bra and moving slowly taking in Trish’s whole nipple and areola into her mouth and sucking and then taking her teeth to nip her nipple. Trish was letting out low ecstasy groans and her hands were pushing up Leslie’s skirt and finding their way into her panties one finger at a time.

It almost looked like a beautiful well rehearsed dance. I was so engrossed with what they were doing that I couldn’t take my eyes off them. As this was going on, I did not realize my hands were finding their mark on me as I watched. I had already slid one had into my bra and was pinching my nipple while I was sucking and nibbling on the other hand.

Leslie and Trish were still exploring each other now fully undressed when they stopped, looked at me and rose off the cushions. Each grabbed a hand and gently pulled me to the cushions. I started to protest and they told me to hush and let it happen, I just might like it.

As I sat on the cushions, Leslie started to kiss me on the lips and work her way down to my neck, nipping with her teeth at the base where my neck and shoulders meet. I was getting goose bumps and a tingling sensation through out my body and “oh how good it felt” . Trish on the other hand was working her way up. She had removed my stilettos and was slowly licking and sucking each little toe on my feet with one hand massaging my thigh. I was amazed at the feelings I was getting. My pussy was now starting to swell in my panties and I could feel a wet spot start. Trish noticed this too and winked at Leslie.

Leslie had undone and removed my shirt and bra with such ease I barely noticed that they were off. She was now working her mouth down my shoulder to find my swollen breast wanting to be tasted, while Trish was now licking up my leg giving little nips here and there to remind me where she was going. All of a sudden I felt like we were being watched and when I looked up, my husband was sitting in an arm chair in the corner of the room with a Santa’s hat on watching the activities. His hand rubbing his cock through his pants. When I went to stop, he said please don’t, I’ve been waiting for this all night.

I looked surprised, and when Leslie and Trish saw my look they went back to what they were doing to distract me. Leslie told me to lay back and let them do the work. Trish was slowly pulling off my thong and licking my bikini line. I jerked a little, not sure how far I wanted to go with this, but then I felt the heat of her breath on my pussy and my body took over.

I instinctively started to move my hips left and right so her tongue would find my clit. I heard her chuckle ever so slightly and then she would barely let her tongue brush across my clit. I found myself moving my hips more and more trying to match her, but she kept on avoiding my engorged pearl. I found myself getting impatient and just wanting her tongue to engulf my pussy. She stopped with her tongue and sat up on her legs and started to let her fingers explore me. I felt her rub a finger on my clit and I felt it getting rock hard.

Her other hand was trailing inside my lips and I could feel one finger enter my pussy and start rubbing my “G” spot and when she saw how wet I had become, she gave a little giggle of pleasure and then I felt her thrust in two fingers into my aching pussy. I swear fireworks went off inside me. I found my hips arching up to meet her thrusts. After a few moments, she took out her fingers and started to lick off my juices telling me how tasty I was and she wanted more of me. She now bent over me and was hungrily eating my awaiting pussy.

With her ass up in the air, I heard my husband saying Ho Ho Ho and start to move over to the group. He asked if he could join in the merry festivities and all that he received was a lot of muffled uh huh’s. He removed his clothes (but left the hat on) and got down on all fours.

His clean shaven cock was already rock hard and I could feel him drip on my leg as he started too work his way over to Trish. He started to lick her ass-hole with his tongue and then he fucked her ass with it while his fingers were fucking her pussy and rubbing her clit. Trish was letting out groans of pleasure and seemed about ready to explode. She stopped eating my pussy and suggested in a low voice that it was time to change positions and she turned around and started to suck my husbands cock.

She started very slowly at the tip and lapped up his juices with her flicking tongue and sucking just the head of his cock into her mouth. He moaned in ecstasy at her touch. He rocked back onto his haunches as she then worked her way down his shaft until she got to his balls.

She gently licked and sucked each one very tenderly rolling them around in her mouth. She began working her way down further to that little stretch of skin between his balls and ass and was flicking and prodding her tongue back and forth, up and down. My husband was now aching to thrust his cock deep inside my pussy and stopped Trish from going any further.

As Trish and my husband were busy, Leslie was on her knees bending over me grabbing and sucking at my breasts and working her way downwards . My breasts seemed more alert and my nipples hard as they were responding to her touches. She seemed to be moving ever so slowly down the front of me now kissing my stomach and tonguing my navel. When I opened my eyes I saw her wet shaven pussy directly over my face. Her pussy looked beautiful.

It was swollen, with her clit just protruding between the lips and I could see it glistening in the light. I was so in the moment, that I forgot that they were women and let my tongue flick once upon her clit to taste her. She tasted sweet and all of a sudden I had to have more of her. Instantly her lips swelled and her clit was like a flag that had just been raised.

I started to let my tongue investigate this new terrain more intensely. Leslie let out a little cry of surprise and pleasure. I was amazed at how my mouth and hands seemed to know what to do and what spots needed tending. I flicked my tongue more vigorously over her clit and was sucking in her lips into my waiting mouth. My hands were spreading her lips and my tongue was probing into her sweet spot and I was fucking her with my tongue. She was now grinding her dripping pussy on my face.

Her juices were running down the side of my face as I could not lap her up quick enough. I thought I would try to shock her a little and with my middle finger I was now tracing her nice and tight ass-hole. She started moving back a little, so my finger would enter in further. I licked her ass a little to lubricate it and let my finger go in. She was now rocking back and forth as my tongue was fucking her pussy and my finger was fucking her ass. Her body was arching to my touches. I was exhilarated that I could make her feel this good.

We all seemed on the brink of cumming and I suggested that my husband come over and let me feel his hard cock thrust deep inside of me and let me feel his juices overflow out of me. I laid on my side and raised my right leg for him to come and enter me from the side. I wanted to see him thrusting in and out of me.

I love watching my pussy lips engulfing his cock and watching my juices glisten and make it shine. I thought Trish and Leslie would take care of each other, but that was not to happen. As my husband was pumping into me, Leslie came over and got down on all fours with her ass in the air and started to lick my pussy from an angle.

Trish came up to Leslie and started eating her pussy from an angle and it turned out that we had made a circle and Trish’s pussy was right next to me. I didn’t want her to be left out and I just had to taste her too, I started to lick and suck at her pussy. We were all in such a frenzy that we ate and lapped and fucked each other like we were in a pie eating contest. I couldn’t believe the sensations my body was having.

I was out of my mind with the feeling of a hot wet tongue flicking over my clit while my husband was pumping deep inside of me and I was tasting one of my best friends juices. I started to moan as I was cumming and that seemed to set off a chain reaction. Leslie, Trish and my husband started to cum too.

All our bodies clinched and shook with such emotion, that we all collapsed in a heap under the mistletoe. After laying there for awhile, all our bodies still entwined, my husband looked at me and asked how did I like my Pre-Christmas present. I replied that it was great and could we do it again some time.

My husband, Trish and Leslie all laughed and said of course. Looking up at the mistletoe, we all giggled and each of us gave the other a long deep penetrating kiss to the other. My husband then looked at the other two and thanked his elves for helping set this up for me. They replied that they enjoyed this present too.

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