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Our Date with Melanie

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“Here you go, babydoll. Cabernet okay?”

I nodded and took the glass from him, motioning for him to come sit next to me in the little corner booth. I know it’s silly, but I couldn’t really bear to have him sit all the way across the table – not when he could be right there next to me, his arm around me, his thigh pressed against mine.

We both sipped our wine as he settled next to me and glanced at his watch.

“Nervous?” I asked him, smiling coyly.

“Not in the least,” he murmured in my ear. “Excited?”

I nodded at him and slid my hand under the table and onto his thigh. God, just touching him made my pussy wet, just sitting near him, just breathing the same air as him. He took my hand and slid it higher, to the crotch of his jeans, and rubbed my open palm against his hard cock. His eyes closed for a second as I squeezed his dick gently through his pants. I snuggled closer to him and whispered, “I can’t wait to have you inside me again, baby.” I can hardly be in public with him these days, I can hardly stand to have any clothes on when we’re in the same room. But we’d left the comfort of our hotel room about a half an hour before so we could meet our guest in the bar.

I was nervous, and I knew he could tell. His eyes kept searching mine as I swallowed more of the spicy red wine. He looked so sexy sitting there with his glass dangling from his fingers – his smile so sure, his eyes so deep and dark, his arm around me so strong and warm. I kissed him slowly on the mouth while we waited for her, remembering the hours leading up to this moment. I remembered seeing him in the lobby checking in earlier that day. I remembered how his eyes wandered up and down my body as I stood in the doorway, how they were just drinking me in, lingering on my legs in the miniskirt, on my tits in the tight little sweater, on my brown eyes as I gazed back at him. I smiled, and I went to him.

I always come to him, no matter who is visiting whom. I always find myself running across the street in traffic, or flinging my arms around him like a teenager, when we first see each other after these long absences. I completely lose my cool around him, and he knows it. So when I saw him in the lobby earlier that day, I ran straight to him and threw my arms around his neck, kissing him eagerly on the ear and pressing my body against his.

He took me back to the room and fucked me so passionately, he always does. The door barely closing behind us, he was already clawing at my clothes, pulling at my hair, and kissing me so hard I could barely breathe. As we sat pressed together in the booth, I couldn’t help but remember how he’d stripped me down to my lacy panties only hours before, how he pushed me to the ground and fed me his cock, how he choked me with it and made me gasp for enough breath to beg him to fuck me.

I took another sip of my wine and rested my head on his shoulder, then kissed him on the neck and the cheek, inhaling deeply. I love his smell, but this time when I inhaled I caught my own scent on his skin. My cunt – on his face, his lips, his chin. I moaned softly when I smelled my pussy on him, remembering how I straddled his face on that bed, how I rode his mouth and then spilled my cum down his throat. I pressed my lips against his ear and told him, “You know, I can feel your cum leaking into my panties, baby…”

His eyes trailed down my sweater to my skirt, as if he could see his cum dripping out of my pussy. “Fucking whore.”

“Your whore,” I answered back, wriggling against him as if I could get any closer. I looked around the bar for signs of her, but caught the bartender’s eye instead. He raised an eyebrow when I met his gaze, shook his head and smiled. This always happens with Rick and me. We make a spectacle of ourselves wherever we go.

“Why don’t I get some more wine,” he said, noticing that I’d finished my glass. I was a bit more nervous than I wanted to let on, but he smiled at me knowingly when he saw my empty glass. “You be a good little slut while I’m gone.”

I was feeling a bit warm and tingly, maybe from the wine, probably from him, when she walked through the door. I recognized her immediately from her photographs, and she smiled when she saw me sitting all alone in the darkened booth. She loosened her coat as she walked toward me, letting it fall off her shoulders to reveal her luscious tits and the pale creamy skin of her neck. I could practically hear my heartbeat and I felt my stomach drop a bit. She was even sexier in person than in her photographs. I got lost in the sway of her hips as she made her way toward me, her long tousled hair and deep hazel eyes, and such a pretty little mouth that smiled warmly at me. I couldn’t help but imagine her sweet lips wrapped around Rick’s cock as she approached my table.

“Joanna, hi,” she breathed a bit nervously, smiling and biting her lip. “Can I… sit next to you?”

I smiled back and nodded. I doubted that Rick would mind that she took his seat beside me. I gestured for her to sit. “You look…” my voice trailed as I struggled for the right adjective. I blushed. “God, I’m a little nervous, I guess. But you look, well, stunning actually.”

She grinned at me and leaned in to kiss my cheek. Her lips were soft as they pressed into my skin. I always forget how soft girls are. It had been such a long time. She inhaled deeply and kissed me again near my ear, murmuring, “God, you smell like sex already.”

I nodded and grinned, my eyes lingering on hers. “He just fucked me,” I confessed in a low, excited voice. “I was just telling him that I can feel his cum dripping out of my pussy right now.” I wriggled in the booth and recrossed my legs, just to feel the wetness in my panties rubbing against my cunt. She looked down and slipped her hand on my bare leg almost instantly. “I want to know what that tastes like,” she said. I put my hand on top of hers and slid it higher on my thigh. “You will,” I whispered in her ear.

Her hair smelled so good, it brushed against my face as I lingered near her neck, kissing her softly there, and again at her throat. By the time I got to her mouth I was overheating, I was lost in her smell and the heat coming off her. I kissed her softly at first, a little hesitantly, until I felt her lips open to me and her tongue meet mine. God she was so warm, so soft, I pulled her close by the waist and kissed her more ardently than before, slow but hard, searching her mouth with my tongue. I felt her moan against my lips and suddenly I could hardly handle being in public with her, even though we were in a secluded corner and out of most people’s line of vision. Suddenly I needed to just crush her with my mouth. I needed to be naked with her, I needed to know if she was soft everywhere, if her cunt was as warm and wet and sweet as her mouth was. I laced my fingers in her hair and pulled gently as I pressed my tits against hers. She was so good, this was exactly what I wanted it to be like. I don’t think either of us noticed that Rick had been standing at the table watching us with the wine in his hands until he took a seat across from us and jolted us from our kiss.

He was grinning when he slid the full wine glasses across the table towards us, his foot playing with mine under the table. “Well hello Melanie,” he said in his easy manner, smiling and openly leering at her, his eyes lingering on the top button of her shirt as it strained to contain her tits.

“Rick,” she blushed. “I’m sorry, I got a little carried away I guess! Thank you for the wine.”

We each took our glasses and let them clink together before taking a slow sip.

“So I see you girls have exchanged pleasantries already,” Rick joked. “You know, I think you nearly gave the bartender a heart attack — not that I blame him,” he said in a lower voice. “You looked very tasty just then, when you were kissing. Of course, I didn’t get a very good look all the way at the bar…”

I smiled and turned to her again. “Kiss me,” I said, reaching around her neck and pulling her close. She leaned in, this time more insistently, and pressed her lips to mine. They were wet, and they slid over mine so easily. I sucked on her bottom lip and bit her lightly, and she purred in response, drawing me in deeper, opening her mouth and letting my tongue invade her. I heard Rick moan softly. “Oh god, you’re such naughty little sluts. You’re making my cock hard…”

I groaned and kissed her harder, my hands tangled in her hair and pulling harder now, making her wince and cry out into my mouth. I wanted to get him so hot like this, I wanted his cock to throb with it, I wanted him to force us out of the bar and use us like little whores for his pleasure. I broke the kiss and turned to him. His eyes were sort of glazed over, he had an expression of pure lust, like he could just eat us whole.

“I need to get out of here baby,” I panted. “Forget the wine. Let’s go to the room, please?”

He nodded and so did she. She was breathing heavily and it was driving me crazy, watching her tits rise and fall. That button on her blouse looked like it would just pop right off. We stood up and Rick slipped between us girls, his arms slung around our waists as we walked to the elevator. I turned around and noticed the bartender watching us walk out, and I couldn’t help but smile at him a bit coyly. This was exactly it, this was what I’d been hoping for, and she was just lovely. I’d been fantasizing about watching Rick with another girl, and I so wanted to play with a woman myself. It had been so long, and he knew that I’d never really had a woman the way I wanted. He knew I wanted to take my time with her, to explore her mouth and her skin and her cunt. I wanted him to tell me what to do, to teach me how to pleasure her. And I knew that he would. He would tell me right in my ear while I knelt between her thighs, he would tell me how to spread her pussy with my fingers and fuck her with my mouth.

When the elevator doors closed in front of us, I kissed Rick’s neck and ear, whispering softly, “I love you baby… thank you…”

Melanie started nibbling on his other ear, both of us kissing along his jaw line and his neck, pressing our full tits against his chest, making our way to his mouth where our lips all met, where we each kissed the corners of his mouth before finding each other’s. Rick’s hands slid down our hips, cupping our asses, pulling us closer to him and each other. I wanted to just melt, to just let him handle us, maneuver us any way, every way, and I knew Melanie did too.

When we opened the door to our room, Melanie giggled at the condition we’d left it in. The sheets were crumpled on the bed and there were sex toys flung all around. There was my little vibrator on the nightstand and next to it, my feeldoe. “What’s that?” Melanie asked, pointing at it.

“It’s a toy I use on Rick,” I explained, picking it up and showing it to her. “It looks like a regular dildo, but really it’s kind of like a strap-on. This part goes inside my pussy,” I smiled, pointing at the bulbous end of the toy. “I can feel it rubbing my clit while I fuck his ass.”

Her eyes widened as she held the toy in her hands, and she brought it between her legs to see what she would look like with a dick. She moved to the mirror by the desk and turned to the side, admiring how it pointed out. “I’ve never worn a strap-on before,” she confessed. “But I think maybe I’d like to try one.”

Rick and I exchanged a knowing smile. This was going to be very fun. He knew I wanted to watch her fuck his ass with that toy later. He moved closer to Melanie and kissed her deeply, brushing her hair from her face. Then he whispered, “I want you to undress Joanna for me, slut. I want to see you both get naked while I stroke my dick.”

He turned the desk chair around to face the bed as we sat on its edge. My mouth watered when I saw him unzip his jeans and free his thick hard cock. I think Melanie’s must’ve too, because she leaned in close to me and said, “I wonder if it still tastes like your pussy,” right before she pulled my sweater over my head and exposed my tits.

I kissed her soft lovely mouth, fiddling with the buttons on her shirt. I loved how each button I undid revealed more and more of her pale skin, her soft tits, her luscious curves. She wore a pink satin bra under her shirt, and I started slowly rubbing her tits through the fabric. She covered my hands with hers, showing me how to squeeze her tits more roughly, and I felt her nipples harden against my palms. I reached over and undid her bra and she did the same to me, exposing our tits to each other and to him.

She looked so fucking sexy sitting there in nothing but a skirt and panties. She had small pink nipples at the tips of her creamy full breasts and she arched into my hands so I could feel their weight. I kissed her throat and her collarbone, licking and dragging my teeth along her pale skin, still kneading the flesh of her tits in my hands. I pushed her back on the bed, pinning her wrists to the mattress, and started licking in circles around her tits, underneath them, lapping closer and closer to her tight little nipple until I caught it in my mouth and sucked hard. She groaned and arched into my open lips, so I sucked harder, taking more of her tit into my mouth, flicking the tip of her nipple with my tongue.

“Oh God,” I heard Rick moan from his chair. “Use your teeth babydoll… make it hurt…”

I gently rolled her nipple between my teeth, and Melanie whimpered underneath me. I was getting so hot, I tightened my grip on her wrists and sucked her nipple harder until she cried out. She caught her breath and looked down at me. “More, please,” she panted. “Please…”

I groaned and took her other nipple in my mouth, moving back and forth between her tits, her little wrists still caught in my grasp, her back arched and her head thrown back on the mattress, moaning and whimpering as I feasted on her lovely tits. Finally she broke free from my grip and kissed me hard on the mouth, pressing the pale flesh of her tits against mine, her hard wet nipples rubbing mine and making me moan.

Rick got to his knees at the foot of the bed and slid his hands up our skirts. He groaned when he felt how I’d soaked through the lace of my panties. He pulled Melanie’s skirt up, rubbing her cunt hard through her pink satin panties. “Mmmm,” he smiled. “You’re so wet, Melanie. Such a naughty little whore… I bet you want to taste Joanna’s cunt, don’t you.”

She nodded her head in response.

“I want you to taste her on my cock first,” Rick said, standing up so his dick was in line with Melanie’s pretty mouth. She licked her lips and pulled him closer to her, looking up at him with those sweet hazel eyes. She rubbed her mouth along the tip and then opened her lips to suck him inside. She moaned as he slid his length into her mouth.

“Mmm, do you taste her cunt on me, Melanie?”

She looked up at him and nodded her head as she sucked him deeper. He put his hands in her hair and held her in place, slowly fucking her mouth in long deep thrusts. He looked over at me, his eyes locking onto mine, and gave me a sexy smile, pushing his cock as deep as it would go inside her throat. She started to choke and her eyes welled up, but she took it like a good slut.

“You’re such a good little cocksucker, Melanie… Take my dick baby, take it…” He pushed harder and faster, fucking her face now, just using her pretty little mouth to get himself off. His cock was very hard now, I could tell every time he pulled out of her. I started to rub my wet cunt through my panties as I watched. She looked so good choking on his cock, taking it like a little bitch, her sweet lips wrapped around that thick shiny shaft as his balls slapped her chin. I couldn’t take my eyes off them.

Rick pulled his cock out of her mouth and she gasped for breath when he released his grip on her. “I want to fuck your cunt now, whore,” he growled at her, throwing her back on the bed, pushing her panties roughly to the side. He looked up at me. “Babydoll, why don’t you feed Melanie your sweet pussy while I fuck hers?”

I smiled and nodded obediently, hiking my skirt up as I positioned myself on the bed over her. I was facing Rick as I lowered my pussy onto her waiting mouth. At first she licked at my wet panties like a cat — with long, hard licks — then rubbed her tongue through the lace right at my clit. Her mouth was so warm, I started to groan and then grind myself on her face. I played with her nipples and closed my eyes, letting myself revel in the warm sensation of her breath on my panties, her tongue wriggling through the lace. When my eyes opened I saw Rick rubbing the tip of his cock along her pussy, his eyes on me. I watched his face as he slid inside her, violating her hot little cunt for the first time. She groaned into my mouth.

“Oh fuck she’s so tight baby,” he moaned as he buried his cock inside her, lost in pleasure. “Oh what a hot little cunt you have, Melanie…” He started to thrust, hard strokes, making her shudder underneath me. I looked over at the lustful smile on his face and I couldn’t resist leaning over to kiss him with Melanie underneath us. I pulled him close and sucked his mouth into mine. He moaned into my mouth and kissed me deeply while he thrust into Melanie, short, hard strokes, his balls smacking her ass.

Melanie pushed my panties to the side and tongued my cunt hard and deep. I wondered if she could taste Rick’s cum from our last fuck as she ate my pussy. I was juicing all over her face, getting so hot from watching this, from feeling her underneath me, from her sighs and moans buzzing against my pussy. I broke my kiss with Rick and turned my attentions to Melanie’s sweet cunt. I watched Rick pump her full of dick and reached over to rub her hard little clit with my fingers. She gasped under my pussy, and started sucking on my clit. I looked up at Rick. “Baby, god, she’s sucking my clit, she’s such a hot little slut!”

“Mmmm I think you should return the favor babydoll.”

I was so close to cumming, I could feel it bubbling up inside me, I could feel my cunt just leaking obscenely all over her face as she sucked my clit hard between her lips. I leaned over and started licking her pussy as Rick fucked it, trying to flick my tongue against her clit while he pounded her deep and hard. I licked his cock where it entered her and then sucked on her clit as best I could. I was getting so hot from this, I’d never done anything like it before, never tasted a man while he was fucking someone else, never felt cunt and cock on my lips in the same moment. Soon I felt her shuddering and writhing underneath me as I kept on and then she just moaned into my cunt, her pussy clenching on Rick’s dick, milking him, cumming all over his shaft and my mouth.

I wasn’t far behind. I sat up and ground my pussy hard against her face, rubbing my aching clit against her chin. She held me by the waist and pulled me down on her mouth, sucking my pussy lips inside, making me cry out. “Oh god, baby, now!” Rick pulled out of Melanie and stroked his wet cock hard, watching me moan and writhe on her face, soaking her mouth in my cum. I heard him groan, “Oh fuck, fuck,” and then he shot a hot jet of cum onto Melanie’s tits.

I love his cum, I worship it, I love how forcefully it shoots from his cock, how much of it he has to give me. As soon as the first stream of jizz hit Melanie’s luscious body I scooped some into my mouth with my finger. He kept cumming, soaking her stomach and her mound, his last few spurts coating her pussy in his cream. I leaned over her and kissed her neck, tasting some of his cum that had pooled in the hollow of her throat.

“Kiss me,” I heard her murmur, looking up at me with lust in her eyes. I lowered my mouth onto hers and opened my lips, feeling her suck his cum into her mouth. We kissed like that for a while, his cum filling our mouths, making our lips slippery as they rubbed together.

She felt so soft and inviting, I couldn’t help but climb on top of her sweet body and feel her pressed underneath me. I pulled off what was left of our clothes and kissed her hard, our tits and stomachs sliding together, slippery from his cum. Soon my thigh was nestled between her legs and she was grinding her cunt on me. Her pussy was smooth like mine, and I could feel the mixture of their cream leaking all over my leg. I started grinding against her hip, losing myself in her deep kisses.

I wanted to feel her pussy against mine, I wanted to feel that velvety wet smoothness rubbing me, so I flipped over and slung my leg over hers, pulling her against me.

“Oh fuck Joanna, yes, grind your cunt on me,” she moaned.

God I was so hungry for this, I’d never done this with a woman before, and I cried out when I first felt her naked pussy sliding against mine. I started rolling my hips and immediately I felt her wetness spreading all over me like hot butter. I ground against her hard, both of us groaning and working ourselves off against each other, feeling Rick’s cum coating our pussies. The wet sounds of our fucking filled the room, and soon Rick climbed over us and started eating us as we pressed our cunts together. His mouth felt so good on me… I could feel his tongue wriggling against my clit, moving from me to Melanie, and then his hands on us, placing our bodies so that our clits rested against each other. I cried out when I felt her hard little nub sliding over mine.

When our moans subsided, I felt Rick stroke my hair gently. “Come here, babydoll,” he whispered softly. “Come see how pretty Melanie’s pussy is.”

He guided me to the floor at the foot of the bed and we both pulled Melanie to the very edge of the mattress, her legs open to us. We knelt between her lovely thighs and Rick stroked her pussy lips gently, spreading the mixture of our cum to her clit. I rested my head on his shoulder, watching him play with her cunt so skillfully. Her hips started to grind a bit, arching into his touch, and soon she was rubbing her nipples, spreading his cum along her tits.

“Let me see you taste her,” he murmured into my ear, pulling me in front of him so that I was kneeling right between her open thighs. Her pussy was glistening with our juices, and she looked so inviting. There was a drop of cum leaking from her cunt down to her tight little asshole, so I leaned in and gently licked it. She shuddered as I licked her softly, her puckered ass, her inner thighs, her mound. I felt her hands in my hair pulling me deeper into her pussy, and then Rick’s mouth hot against my ear. “Lick her cunt clean for me, baby. Tell me if you can taste my cum there…”

I felt his hands behind me caressing my shoulders and the back of my neck, his mouth there too, kissing my ear, urging me on. I leaned forward and carefully traced the folds of her pussy with my tongue, exploring her lips, her clit, her pussyhole. Soon my mouth was filled with the taste of their sex. I love the taste of his cum, I know it so well, and I crave it. I started licking her more hungrily, her pussy so warm on my face, so deliciously wet. I felt her clit hardening against my mouth and flicked it with my tongue. She gasped. “Oh god, again, Joanna, again…”

Rick pulled my hair back and whispered in my ear, “Keep tonguing her clit baby, and fuck her with your fingers… stretch that tight little pussy…”

His fingers slipped between my legs from behind, drawing the opening of my cunt. “Oh you’re so fucking wet babydoll, you’re such a naughty little whore…”

I slipped my fingers into Melanie like he was doing to me, two fingers very deep, still rubbing her clit with the tip of my tongue hard and fast. I curled my fingers against her g-spot and sucked her clit into my mouth as hard as I could. She gasped under me and started whimpering, “oh fuck, god, don’t stop, Joanna…”

She felt so good against my face, her cunt so hot and velvety smooth along my mouth. I buried my face deep between her legs and fucked her hard with my fingers, sucked her mercilessly into my mouth until she bucked and cried out. Rick was fingering me roughly with one hand, pulling on my hair with the other, his mouth on my ear, saying over and over, “Make her cum, whore, make her cum… I want to watch you take her pussy cream all over your little slut face…”

I groaned against her cunt and she ground her hips all over my mouth, spilling her sweet girl cum onto my face. She thrashed against my fingers and moaned, and I just pushed my face deeper and sucked, licked, twisted my fingers inside.

Slowly she began to settle down, catching her breath, the muscles of her cunt loosening their hold on my fingers. I slid out of her and turned to face Rick, my face wet with her pussy juice, and he kissed me hungrily, licking her cream from my lips, sucking on my tongue.

Kissing him is so blissful, I lose myself in his mouth all the time and it was happening again as we knelt on the floor, Melanie still gathering herself on the bed. He pulled me in by my waist until I was sitting in his lap, straddling his cock. I rolled my hips and felt his hardness against my pussy, his chest against my naked tits, his arms pulling me impossibly close. I wrapped my legs around his waist and kissed him more deeply, forgetting where we were, forgetting everything but him. Suddenly I heard Melanie behind me say, “I want to watch you two fuck.”

We broke our kiss and looked deeply into each other’s eyes. He lifted me up, laid me down on the bed beside Melanie, and edged between my legs. He took my ankles in his hands and kissed each one softly before he placed them on his shoulders. I love when he fucks me this way, bending my legs back and pounding me so deeply that I scream and cry out. I looked up at him and admired him just as he was right then, rubbing the tip of his cock against my wet swollen pussy, the look of pleasure on his face as he felt my hot juices coating him. I love how he draws out those moments just before until I absolutely ache for the full length of him.

I cried out when he sunk into me, I could feel his shaft stretching me, sliding deeper and deeper until his balls were resting against my ass. He leaned in and kissed me deeply the way he does right before he starts to just pound my cunt. He slid out almost all the way and then back in hard. God his dick felt so good, I love how he fills me with it, how he thrusts into me impossibly hard, how he makes me completely lose control of myself. I started grunting as he pumped me full of cock, fucking back against him, clenching my pussy around his dick.

“God, yes…” I heard Melanie moan, working her pussy with her fingers. “Fuck her hard…”

He was, he was fucking me harder than I could handle. I was about to cum any moment, I knew he could tell from my face. I was wincing in pain underneath him, his cock probing so deep, stretching me so wide, and soon enough I felt it come and just screamed. He was slamming his whole body against me as I soaked his dick in my pussy cream. He pounded me mercilessly until I couldn’t take it, until I had to just flip him onto his back and pin his wrists to the pillow, his dick still buried inside me.

He looked so sexy laying there helpless beneath me, I couldn’t help but squeeze my cunt against his shaft and grind my hips into him, enjoying my moment on top. I started riding him slowly, looking over at Melanie as she took the feeldoe in her hand and brought it to her cunt. “God I need to fuck myself while I watch this,” she breathed, bringing the tip of the cock to her pussy and slowly sinking it deep inside.

Rick kept looking from her to me and back again, watching as his two young sluts filled themselves with cock. I leaned over and whispered his ear, “You know I’m using your cock just like she’s using that dildo baby. Just using you like a little fuck toy, getting myself off on your dick. And you like that, don’t you baby?”

He nodded, looking in my eyes and groaning as I clenched down on his cock again. I tightened my hold on his wrists and started fucking him harder, my whole weight against him every time I sat on his cock. Melanie was fucking herself hard too, sinking the dildo inside her, soaking it with her pussy cream. I looked at her and smiled.

“Melanie, why don’t you try it on? You’d look so sexy with a nice hard cock…”

She blushed and bit her lip, looking down at the shiny wet toy. Slowly but surely she turned it around and rubbed the bulbous end against her cunt. “Oh god, this side is a lot thicker,” she gasped.

“I know… it hurts at first but you’ll like it,” I assured her. Rick’s eyes were fixed on her pussy lips as they rubbed against the thick end of the toy. She closed her eyes tight and slowly worked it inside her, moaning as it entered her and finally fit into place. She opened her eyes and removed her hands, her mouth gaping open. It jutted out just like a cock, and she did look hot in it. I remembered my first time fitting that toy into my cunt, I remember feeling the weight of a dick coming from my body. It was amazing, holding it in my hand, jacking it off, feeding it to Rick. I knew it would be the same for her.

I was grinding my pussy on him hard and slow, both of us watching her with her toy. She crawled to him, bringing her cock to his mouth, and smiled. “Suck,” she said, her fingers playing with the pussy cream she’d spilled on the shaft. She rubbed the tip against his mouth until he opened his lips for her and let it slide inside his mouth. “Do you like sucking cock, Rick?” she asked innocently.

He moaned on her dick and nodded his head, their eyes locked together.

“Do you taste my pussy on it?”

He nodded again, closing his eyes to savor the taste as she slid it deeper into his mouth. Slowly she started to pull out and then slide back inside again, learning how to use her dick. I started riding him again slowly, matching her rhythm, making sure to rub my clit against him every time I sunk down. God it gets me hot to watch him take a dick. It’s almost embarrassing how wet it makes me.

Melanie looked so sexy on her knees, holding onto the headboard, her tits dangling down and her cock disappearing into Rick’s mouth. I was rolling my hips and working myself off, his cock stretching me, filling me. “God, god you look like such a cockhungry little whore,” I panted. “Take it deep in your throat, baby. Make him take it, Melanie…”

She started fucking his face more urgently and I could hear him choking and gasping for air as she got herself hotter and hotter, losing herself in the pleasure of having a dick. I knew it, exactly how it feels to discover that pleasure and the power that comes with it, and it excited me terribly to watch her. “Melanie,” I panted, “he loves to take it up the ass… I want to watch you fuck him like that.”

She looked up at me with wide eyes and withdrew from his mouth. “God, I want to,” she confessed. “Will you show me how?”

I smiled and nodded, lifting myself off Rick’s cock and moving between his open legs. “Let me see your little boycunt,” I said to him, trying to contain my excitement and regain my composure as best I could. He pulled his legs up to his chest, and I motioned for Melanie to come look at him. She was still rubbing her toy against her clit, still reveling in the sensation of having a dick between her legs. I knelt down and sucked on his balls slowly, gently, whispering to her between licks, “I love rimming his tight little ass and I’m going to get him ready for you, Melanie.”

Rick moaned when I started to tease his ass with my tongue. I licked in little circles around his puckered hole, wetting him, teasing that sensitive spot behind his balls until he started to squirm. Melanie wrapped her mouth around his hard cock, still wet from my pussy, and sucked the tip of it hard. I moved to the base and soon we were both sliding our mouths up and down his dick, kissing each other with his cock between our lips. I moved lower down and started lightly flicking my tongue against his asshole, then harder, more deliberate licks, circling his hole closer and closer until finally I poised the tip of my tongue at the opening, wriggling it inside. I heard him moan, “Oh fuck yes baby, eat my cunt, eat me baby, lick my pussy like you did to her.”

I spread his cheeks wider and sunk my tongue in deeper, fucking him lustfully with my mouth, opening his ass with my tongue. Melanie poured some lube on my finger, and I slowly slid it inside. I love fingering his tight ass, I love feeling him open up to me and take me like a whore. Soon he could take another finger and I knew he was ready. I moved to the side and positioned Melanie between his legs, lubing her cock and his ass so they were slick with it. She started easing the tip inside.

At first I was content to just watch her as she teased his hole, but soon I had to have him too. I crawled to where his head was resting on the pillows and straddled his face so I could hold his legs back and watch her fuck him. She slowly sunk her cock inside him, opening him inch by inch until at last he was full of her dick.

“Oh my god Rick, she’s buried in your pussy all the way, you fucking slut,” I moaned. I lowered myself onto his mouth and ground my cunt all over his mouth. Melanie took her time, holding her cock inside him till he adjusted and then began to thrust gently. I couldn’t believe how well he was taking her, how deeply she was fucking him. I leaned over and took his cock in my mouth, sucking him all the way into my throat. Rick groaned and pulled my cunt down over his face completely, burying himself in my mound, and I started sucking his dick as hard as she fucked his ass.

The three of us were lost in pleasure, lost in the rhythms of our fucking. I could feel Rick’s cock tightening in my mouth and I knew he was about to cum. I wanted it so bad, I wanted it all the way in my belly, and I sucked as hard and fast as I could, milking his cock with my mouth. Melanie started moaning and crying out, the toy rubbing her clit again and again, fucking Rick hard, as hard as I think she was capable of, as she lost herself in orgasm. Soon we joined her, cumming hard as we sucked each other off, my nails digging into his sides, his hands grabbing at my hips, his cock throbbing and twitching in my throat, feeding me the hot cum I was so hungry for. Afterwards I just collapsed onto him, exhausted and full of cum, full of pleasure, full of him.


Melanie kissed us each goodbye, slipping her wet panties into Rick’s hand as she gathered the rest of her things. I helped her fasten her bra and button her blouse, even though I hated putting her back together. She looked so delicious all undone.

“I wish I could stay and play with you two, but I have to catch the train,” she said longingly. “Will you take some pictures for me after I’m gone?”

Rick smiled and nodded. “Look for some in your mailbox tomorrow morning,” he assured her. “There’ll be plenty waiting for you.”

He kissed her mouth and then I did the same, whispering in her ear, “Thank you, Melanie! We need to do this again sometime soon.”

“You can count on it,” she smiled, letting herself out of the room while we watched her go. The door fastened shut and I turned to Rick, who was smiling radiantly.

I laughed and turned off the lights, snuggling next to him in bed. He kissed my neck and my shoulder, my mouth, brushing my hair from my face. I knew, the way lovers sometimes do, just what he was thinking as we drifted off to sleep. Recounting our day together, our night with Melanie, we were both already dreaming of the next morning, of how we would wake each other, how we would start again.

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