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Opening the Cabinet Ch. 02

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It was a full week before Bethany heard again from Mrs Boxwell. All during the week at school she had felt anxiety, almost heartsickness, at what she had done last Saturday night. A million questions went through her mind. Mainly, it was: What’s wrong with me? But then as she thought about her cute friend Lissy on her knees doing what she was doing, how shocking it was, she could not help but get excited. Late in her bed at night she masturbated. Oh, it was wrong, but she couldn’t stop herself.

Images assailed her mind: the black-haired beauty moving her head rhythmically; her hands tied behind her naked back; Mrs Boxwell smiling arrogantly… And then the sounds, the almost weird squishy sounds of a wet tongue moving and moving again over the same spot, and the long sighs and moans… Most horrible, and exciting, was the remembrance of her good friend’s gaze looking up through pubic hair, their eyes meeting and then looking away quickly. Yes, it was shameful. What was Bethany to do? There was certainly no one to talk to about it. Not even Lissy, who now avoided her in the halls at high school. They were going to graduate in only a few weeks and now their friendship seemed irrevocably ruined. It was just too strange. In their History AP class, Bethany looked at the back of Lissy’s head–her long black hair gathered in a pony-tail–and her stomach lurched when she saw the head bob, but, no, just from a question in class. It was not at all from what Bethany imagined it to be. She was surely going crazy…

Then it happened. She received an email, the sender’s name causing her heart to jump painfully. It was from Mrs Boxwell, and it had an attachment. Hands shaking, Bethany got up from her desk and went to close her bedroom door. She didn’t want even the smallest chance of her little sister seeing what might be on her computer. Blowing out a breath, she sat again. The subject line read: YOU BETTER LOOK AT THIS!

She opened the email. It merely said, “Bethany, thanks for the babysitting last Saturday. I think I will need you again on this Saturday at around seven. Can you come?”

Bethany stared for a long time, her mind blank. Finally roused from a violent wash of images and feelings, she remembered the attachment. It was two photos. One was of Lissy standing naked with her hands tied behind her back. The other was of Bethany leaning back on the chair topless–the rest of the photo was cropped, but with a rush of excitement Bethany knew it was taken when Lissy had gone down on her. In fact, she looked close to having an orgasm.

Bethany replied: “Yes, I’ll be there.” She hesitated to write, “Please don’t tell anyone,” or even, “Will Lissy be there?” but instead, losing the nerve, she merely hit REPLY.

* Saturday night arrived with excruciating slowness. But then it was suddenly upon her and Bethany was rushing out the door, yelling behind her that she was going and getting a yell from her mom in return to “Have fun!”

Bethany shuddered.

She walked the five blocks to Mrs Boxwell’s house. At the door finally, she rang the bell and waited with weak knees. She nearly fled before the door opened abruptly.

“Oh, Bethany! I’m glad you could come over. Please, come in.”

It was as if nothing had happened. Mrs Boxwell was acting in her usual crisp, professional manner. She wore a dark navy outfit with a wide leather belt and gold earrings.

“Hello, hi, uh, I…?” Bethany stammered.

“Don’t be so shy! Come in!”

Then Mrs Boxwell flashed that arrogant smile of hers, and Bethany felt sick, heart pounding. The older woman’s teeth were white and perfect, her black eyebrows plucked and slightly angled to give her an appearance of indefatigable watchfulness. The eyes shone as Bethany stepped inside the house.

The two women went into the living room, exactly the place of their debauchery the week before. Bethany’s heart lurched when she saw her friend on the couch, smiling almost apologetically.

“Hey,” Lissy said.

Her black hair was undone, spilling over her shoulders, and it looked like she had some makeup on, rouge on her cheeks and lipstick–which was unusual for Lissy, who was a natural beauty. But what caught Bethany’s eye most was the dark stripe on Lissy’s neck. As she came closer she realized it was a collar. Bethany jumped, feeling Mrs Boxwell’s hand land on her shoulder.

“I thought you two would like to see each other again,” Mrs Boxwell said. “Lissy tells me you haven’t talked much this week. Is that right, Bethany?”

“Well, no, I mean, yes, a little. But…”

“That’s fine. That’s fine. Sit over here, please. Good. Now, as you girls know I have certain pieces of incriminating evidence. Yes?”

Lissy murmured, “Yes.” Bethany could only nod dumbly.

“Now…” Mrs Boxwell paused. She stood before the girls, also seeming a little nervous. “You understand what I could do to you? Lissy, you already told me your parents are religious. What would they think of what you did last Saturday?”

Lissy looked at the floor. “They would kill me,” she said.

“Yes. And Bethany?”

“Please, I… I don’t want to do this. I’m… not a lesbian. Please!”

Mrs Boxwell laughed a short, weird rasp. “No one is calling you a lesbian, dear girl. And what do you think you are being asked to do, exactly?”

“I don’t know.”

“Well, I think I do.” Mrs Boxwell was becoming visibly excited. Her left hand dropped to her belt, the thumb unconsciously touching the buckle. “I have plans for you two tonight. Very interesting plans. You two like going to mall, don’t you?”

Both girls nodded.

“I thought so. But instead of shopping for clothes, we’re going to shop for girls, so to speak.”

Bethany could only stare. But she was surprised to hear Lissy say “Yes,” in a soft, submissive voice.

“But first, I would like an appetizer, so to speak. Bethany? Stand for me, please.”

Bethany hesitated. But, after exchanging a quick look with her friend, she rose from the couch.

“Please, Mrs Boxwell. I’m real sorry for everything. Couldn’t you just let us go…?”

“Shh. I have something for you.”

Bethany flinched as Mrs Boxwell brought up her hand and, brushing away Bethany’s blonde hair, snapped on a black collar around the girl’s neck.

“There. You may have noticed Lissy has one too. She understands what it means. Don’t you, Lissy?”

“Yes, Mrs Boxwell.”

“Please…?” Bethany fingered the collar at her neck. She had never felt so ashamed. She thought of ripping the thing away but she was afraid of what might happen: Mrs Boxwell’s eyes scared her. “I don’t want this. Please?”

“Hush. Lissy? Are you ready? Good.”

“Bethany?” Lissy said in a strange voice. “Come over here. Get on your knees.”


“Now!” Lissy said with sudden force. “Get on your knees!”

Mrs Boxwell smiled. “That’s good. Keep going.”

Bethany looked at Lissy in amazement. With her makeup on and the collar, Bethany barely recognized her friend. Was this a dream? Not knowing what else to do, she dropped slowly to her knees.

“We want you get some practice first,” Mrs Boxwell said.

Lissy pushed up her skirt. She wasn’t wearing panties. Spreading her legs, she revealed her neatly trimmed pussy.

“Lick my pussy.”

Bethany groaned. She felt helpless. She could smell her friend as she neared the pussy. She remembered that smell. She sighed, feeling a hopeless insanity coming over her. But she continued to hesitate. Lissy looked down at her, trying to smile.

“Tell her to eat your pussy, Lissy. Come on.” Mrs Boxwell got more comfortable, sitting in her chair.

“Eat my pussy,” Lissy said.

Bethany looked down at the curls of hair and the swollen lips of the vagina. She couldn’t believe she was going to do it. But her mind could think of no other way. She bent forward and extended her tongue.

“There you go. You saw how Lissy licked pussy. She got pretty good at it. Come on. It’s only fair, Bethany. Come on.”

Bethany ran her tongue up the slit. She licked and licked again. The opening grew slick. The odor was strong but she found she didn’t dislike it. Lissy started to move her hips.

“Oh, yeah. Um, yeah. Uhnn.”

“Keep licking. Lick her good. Lissy, tell her to eat your pussy good. Pull on her hair. Tell her–!”

Bethany felt her hair tugged hard.

“Eat me, Beth, come on, lick my pussy good!”


Juice started flowing out. Bethany got her whole mouth on the pussy. A brief, absurd thought went through her as she thought of her lipgloss, how it was probably ruined by her friend’s pussy juice. She was surprised by how much there was. She started to suck it in, her tongue curling inside the opening and pulling in more, tasting and swallowing as Lissy groaned more loudly.

“Oh, yes, YES!”

Bethany looked up as her friend started to tense, her breasts in her shirt bobbing, her plastic earrings shaking beside her head. Bethany stabbed the clitoris with her tongue, trying hard to please her friend. Lissy moaned and writhed, her hand clawing the back of Bethany’s head. Then she pumped once, and then a shorter one, groaning and almost yelling.

“God, yes! God! Shiiiit!”

Bethany licked more softly. She felt a weird elation having just given her friend an orgasm. She remembered her own, and wondered if she would have another that night. She moved back, her lips and chin wet. Both girls were panting.

“Thanks for the show, girls,” Mrs Boxwell said. She patted the camera in her hands. “And now, shall we to the mall…?”


They were at the Cherryglenn Mall, the older woman and the two 18-year old girls strolling down it seeming for all the world like they were on an innocent shopping excursion. Mrs Boxwell approached several women, but after talking with them and pointing to the girls, the women seemed shocked and went on their way. Finally they went into Anthropologie and there saw two girls, one with long platium hair and the other an Asian girl with short hair. They were standing at one of the tables and giggling.

“Hi, ladies. How are you?”

“Oh!” the Asian girl said. “Do you work here? Can you help us?”

“No, I don’t. But I think I can help you.”

“Oh, yeah?”


Mrs Boxwell offered to buy them anything they wanted. She was rich, and she enjoyed buying fashionable clothing for young women. The girls were freshmen at the local college, and they admitted they could not always afford the clothes they wanted. The Asian girl introduced herself as Mindy. She was short, wearing jeans and a university sweatshirt with sunglasses up on her hair; her smile was pretty, and her eyes mischievous. The other girl, less outgoing, was taller with larger breasts in a tight turquoise shirt and the face of a model. Her name was Audrey. She walked away on occasion, looking at the displays, but then coming back to where her friend talked to the strange older woman.

“And these are my friends,” Mrs Boxwell said.

Mindy said hi to the girls, seeming to notice them for the first time. A brief note of puzzlement came into her eyes when she noticed the collars on Bethany and Lissy. Bethany could only stand in abject wonder. Nothing like this had even remotely happened to her before. She could still taste her friend’s pussy in her mouth. It seemed she was getting involved in something evil and strange, the feel of the collar around her neck reminding her of that. But it was as if the taste of pussy had numbed her mind. She felt as if she were floating. Normally she would never have had the courage to approach college girls like Mindy and Audrey, but she felt curiously detached and warm, as if it was happening to someone else.

“So you want to buy us whatever we want?” Mindy said. She giggled. “What if we want, like, a thousand dollars worth of stuff?”

“Mindy!” Audrey said. She slapped her friend on the arm.

“Yes. If that is what you want. However, there is something you will have to do for me.”

“Oh, of course. What is it?”

Mrs Boxwell came closer to Mindy. In a lower voice, she said, “You see, my girls here are having a contest…”


“It’s a contest to see who licks the best pussy.”

“What?” Mindy laughed. But seeing the woman’s serious stare, her laughter trailed off to nervous giggles.

“What did she say?” Audrey said.

“You’re kidding, right?”

“I’m very serious. I know the owner here. We’ll go back to the dressing rooms and do it there. You won’t get in trouble. And then I’ll buy you whatever you want.”

Mindy looked at Bethany and Lissy. Then she looked at Mrs Boxwell, nervous but smirking.

“All right. I’m so messed up right now, shit, why not? I’m horny. It’s a deal!”


“Mindy!” Audrey slapped her friend again. “Are you nuts? Let’s go, let’s get out of here!”

“You can go, but I’ve never had a girl do me before. Come on, it’ll be fun!”

“You’re crazy!”

But Audrey followed them to the back of the shop. They went into one of the large dressing rooms. No one else was back there.

“So what do I…?” Mindy giggled.

“Who do you want first?”

“Shit, they’re both cute.”

“All right. Lissy, you go first.”

Mindy unbuttoned her jeans and pushed them down. She had long tanned legs. Giggling, she caught sight of Audrey looking into the room as well.

“Can you believe this shit?”

“It’s crazy!”

Mindy pulled down her blue panties, revealing a shaven vagina with just a wisp of black hair above the slit.

“You’re going to get in so much trouble!” Audrey said.

“You’re just jealous! Okay, now…?”

Mindy sat on the bench. Lissy came forward and knelt before the cute Asian girl. Bethany watched as Mindy let her legs open, her face amazed and suppressing a giggle, and Lissy sighed as she put her face into the pussy.

“Oh, God!”

Tentative at first, Lissy started to lick the pussy. Mindy watched with fascination, her breath becoming ragged. The other three women watched also, Mrs Boxwell giving Mindy encouragement.

“She’s a little cuntlicker. That’s it, pull on her hair. Tell her how much you like it.”

The giggles stopped as Mindy thrust her hips into Lissy’s face. The girl down on her knees seemed to nod as she licked and licked, her mouth making loud sucking noises on the Asian pussy.

“Mmmm, this is so fucking good! Mmm, God, yes, lick it, bitch! Lick it!”

“I can’t believe this,” Audrey said, but with a throaty sound that betrayed her arousal.

“Okay, now for contestant number two,” Mrs Boxwell said.

Bethany was awakened from her stupor by a sharp slap to the back of her head.

“Bethany? It’s your turn, dear. Show them what you can do. Your friend will be hard to beat.”

Suddenly fired by a weird zeal for competition, remembering that she always did worse than Lissy in grades and practically everything else, Bethany dropped to her knees in front of Mindy. The vagina before her was engorged and wet, covered with Lissy’s spit and leaking cum.

Bethany moaned.

“Come on, bitch. Let’s see what you can do. Can you make me come?” Mindy said, smiling down at the pretty high schooler.

“I don’t… know if…” Bethany said, suddenly losing heart. “Don’t, please…”

“Come on!” Mindy pulled the shy girl into her crotch. “Mmg! That’s it!”

Bethany, rudely pulled in, brought out her tongue and tasted the pussy. She licked and licked. The fact that the pussy was already so wet from Lissy made it all the more exciting. The musky scents and tastes invaded Bethany’s senses, her tongue trying to do its best to please the older girl. She rested her hand on Mindy’s thigh.

“Ahhh, that’s nice…”

Mindy ran her fingers through Bethany’s hair. The touch was loving, no longer as rough. Her pelvis jerked. It seemed she was getting closer to coming.

“Oh yeah,” said a different voice.

Bethany looked over briefly and saw Lissy on her knees before the other girl, Audrey. She was on the other bench, her naked legs spread and holding Lissy into her pussy.

“That’s it,” Mrs Boxwell said, watching with approval. “I thought you would like this.”

Audrey was breathing hard, her cheeks flushed. Her blue eyes looked down at the young collar-wearing girl licking her pussy. She groaned, nipples blooming in her turquoise blouse.

“This is so fucking hot,” Mindy said, looking over at her friend getting eaten out. “Uhhn. Shit. Oh yes!”

Her hands clawed at the back of Bethany’s head. Bethany concentrated her tongue on the clit, working it back and forth. At last Mindy jerked hard, throwing her head back, trembling and working her wet gushing pussy into the young girl’s tongue.

“Mmmmmgh god! God!”

“Very nice,” Mrs Boxwell said in an unsteady voice. “She’s a good pussy licker, isn’t she?”

“Yes. Oh yes.”

Bethany was finally pushed away, her chin dripping saliva and cum. She felt humiliated but weirdly turned on as well. She briefly caught Mindy’s eye.

“Thanks,” Mindy said. “I think you were best. I mean, your friend was good, but…”

“Well, let’s see how she does on Audrey. Shall we?”

Unresisting, Bethany was pulled over to the other seated girl. Lissy, wiping at her lips, sat back and allowed her friend access to the blonde pussy. Audrey moaned as Bethany licked her pussy without hesitation. The pussy tasted different, almost sweeter, and the flesh was hotter. Audrey pulled on Bethany’s hair.

“That’s it,” she whispered. “That’s it.”

Audrey came, jerking her pelvis into Bethany’s face. Breathless, Bethany sat back and wiped the cum from her mouth. Mrs Boxwell was not through, however. In order to truly judge, she said, she wanted both girls to get naked. Lissy and Bethany submissively undressed. Bethany unbuttoned her shirt and undid her bra. Her friend was naked before her, as if this was also a contest. Eventually, both girls stood stark naked except for their earrings and neck collars.

“Very nice!” Mrs Boxwell said. “Now, you ladies may do whatever you would like to them…”

Mindy and Audrey wasted no time in molesting the girls before them. Mindy thrust her finger in Bethany’s wet pussy and then had Bethany lick her fingers off.

“Mm, that’s it. Taste your pussy juice, bitch.”

Bethany moaned as she sucked on the finger. Lissy was having her nipples pinched by Audrey, and Mrs Boxwell was caressing Lissy’s ass. Eventually the girls were made to satisfy the desires of all three women, eating again the pussies of Mindy and Audrey.

“Mmm, God, yes, I want to cum on your pretty face!”

Bethany felt even more humiliated by being naked on her knees and sucking pussy. But there was nothing she could do about it now. She was Mrs Boxwell’s slave. She only hoped the ordeal would end soon.

“Now for the coup de grace,” Mrs Boxwell said.

She sat on the bench and spread her legs. First Lissy, and then Bethany, licked her pussy. Mrs Boxwell moaned with delight, coming several times. Mindy and Audrey watched, playing with themselves and fingering the asses of the girls as they licked pussy.

“Mmmmmgh! Fuck!”

Mrs Boxwell caught her breath finally.

“And now to bestow the prize.” Mrs Boxwell looked down at the two captive teens with some tenderness. She smiled at Lissy, and then Bethany. “It goes to you, Bethany. You’ve really come far.”

“Thanks,” Bethany said, feeling weirdly elated.

“And now, for your golden prize…”

Mrs Boxwell got up suddenly and crouched over Bethany. At first Bethany was confused, not understanding why she didn’t bring her mature pussy down again for her to lick it as normal, but then the hot urine hit her.

“Oh no! Please!”

“Don’t move! And keep your mouth open…!”

As the pee splashed on her naked body and even into her mouth, Bethany could not help thinking she perhaps should not have opened that cabinet.

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