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One Pleased Woman, Two Happy Men

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Claudia was enjoying her champagne. Her friends, Marianne and Mark, always knew how to host a party. Their house was perfect for it, as well. There were three cabanas around the pool, each with a king sized pad and gauzy curtains for at least a modicum of privacy. A high fence around the property kept away prying eyes in the very upscale subdivision in Boca Raton.

Claudia had been there a few times before and each time felt completely at ease with the environment and the other party guests.

It’s far too easy to describe someone like Claudia as vivacious. She certainly presented herself like that to the outside world. Her smile and laugh was quick. Her manner was often innocently flirtatious. When Claudia met new people, they always came away with a feeling they had met a genuinely nice person.

Claudia was fully aware of the persona she presented. It was part of her yet also separate. Deeper, beyond the easy smile and the gentle laughing was the personality of an intelligent and thoughtful woman who also had a streak of libertine painted on her soul that she sometimes expressed in private with the men in her life. This is why she gravitated towards similar people. Marianne and Mark were certainly a hedonistic pair. They had no kids and careers that gave them affluence and the freedom to indulge themselves. They had an exquisite home decorated in a minimal, modernistic feel. They took frequent tropical vacations to luxury resorts with names that Claudia never quite recognized.

Claudia suspected they might be swingers and this intrigued her. She had never considered such a lifestyle. Yet the party hosts never revealed what their sexual preferences or lifestyle might be. They simply put on fine parties for a group of friends and sometimes friends of those friends. It was an eclectic group but with the one theme of intelligence being consistent with everyone. Conversations were always tremendously fascinating because of the many backgrounds of the guests – academic types, business types, artistic types, and more. This is why Claudia enjoyed herself so much, it was the people that Marianne and Mark invited.

With her glass of champagne yet again refilled, Claudia mingled with the party guests around the pool. The soft, nighttime warmth of a South Florida summer meant that the casual yet elegant clothes worn by everyone there were perfectly matched to weather. Light, jazzy music permeated the air from well-hidden speakers around the pool.

There were quite a few new faces mixed in with a few regulars who Claudia had met at previous parties. She found herself chatting with Justin and Yadira, a 40-ish couple whom she had met several times. There were a very attractive pair. Yadira, obviously Spanish, was a petite woman with long, black hair and laughing eyes. She was always at Justin’s side and they clearly shared an enviable emotional intimacy as a married couple.

But it was Justin who Claudia was drawn to. Oh, such a handsome man, tall, upright, and with an almost chiseled face beneath thick, wavy, salt and pepper hair. He was nice, too, with a hearty laugh, a kind nature, and a string of witty retorts which made Claudia always smile. She had to resist an urge to say something inappropriate like “Yadira, I’m going to borrow your husband one night, I hope you don’t mind.” Of course Claudia would never say such a thing but the thought percolated in her mind as she looked over Justin as a lion looks over an antelope.

The attractive couple was talking about their latest vacation. Yadira’s accent was modest but obvious. “Oh, we went to Jamaica last month with Mark and Marianne… it was such a great time.”

This quickly piqued Claudia’s interest. “Where did you go?”

Justin answered almost too quickly, “A resort called Grande Lido, it was a pretty fancy place.”

“I know that one, it’s right across from the wild resort called Hedonism or something like that.” Claudia had thought about a trip to Jamaica herself and she had done some research.

“Yes, we heard about that place but we were having too much fun with Mark and Marianne to go over there.” Yadira suddenly blushed, realizing her comment was open to broad interpretation. Justin was quick to cover the potentially awkward moment. “Grande Lido was actually quite sedate, no one was running around naked like they do at Hedonism.”

“Nothing wrong with running around naked at a tropical resort. That’s what I would do.” Claudia looked straight into Justin’s eyes as she said that. Justin looked right back, not even blinking, a slight smile on his tanned face.

“Marianne and I went topless a few times, just to balance out our tans.” Yadira seemed unconcerned that Claudia was staring at her husband. “Being topless was also convenient when we got massages on the beach. That was heavenly!”

This caught Claudia’s attention and she stopped looking at Justin. “A massage on the beach, that sounds quite sensual.”

“It was great. The masseuse had perfect hands and she massaged away all the stress, not that we had much while on vacation.” Yadira giggled and then took her husband’s hand. “You liked that massage, too, didn’t you?” It seemed to Claudia that Yadira was smirking as she asked the question to her husband.

Justin was calm and collected. “Of course I enjoyed that massage, that masseuse was good and she was sexy as hell. There’s almost nothing better than a good massage from a sexy woman.” He looked down at Yadira with a clear and daring smirk of his own. Claudia sensed an intimate inside joke between husband and wife and it led her mind in territory exciting yet potentially uncomfortable. She drank a big swallow of her champagne.

“Of course, honey, that’s why I arranged it for you… so Claudia, are you into massages?” Yadira artfully directed the conversation away from Justin’s comment.

“I love massages, I just don’t have enough time to get one often. I think the last time I got a massage was three months ago. I was all rubbery for two days. But I would rather have a massage on a tropical beach like you guys did!” Claudia was steering the conversation back to Justin and Yadira’s Jamaica vacation. She was definitely curious about the type of relationship they had and she wanted some more clues.

Justin briefly raised an eyebrow and Claudia noticed. Yadira flashed a brilliant smile and moved her long hair back behind her head. Claudia knew that Yadira was intelligent and intuitive and so would likely understand that Claudia was fishing for more personal information.

Yadira took Claudia’s hand. “We’ll tell the whole story but I want another drink and then I want to sit down somewhere comfortable. Find us in a few minutes, promise?”

“Of course, I need more champagne anyway and then I’m going to mingle a bit more. I do enjoy these parties.”

Yadira let go of Claudia’s hand, turned, and then took Justin by the waist and they both walked away, whispering to each other. Claudia sauntered by the pool and then found the host and hostess of the party.

“Claudia!” exclaimed Marianne. “We are always glad to see you. Are you enjoying yourself?”

“Of course, this is excellent champagne and the company is always fun and entertaining. I was just chatting with Justin and Yadira and they were talking about your Jamaica vacation to Grande Lido.”

“Grand Lido?” Mark asked quizzically.

“Oh, you are so silly, that’s the name of the resort where we were staying. I think you spent too much time in the sun.” Marianne was laughing at her husband’s forgetfulness. But Claudia knew it wasn’t forgetfulness. She knew that Mark was a sharp and detailed fellow. It suddenly occurred to her that Mark, Marianne, Justin, and Yadira most likely went to Hedonism and were trying to keep it a secret with a white lie.

Claudia went right along with their story as to avoid embarrassment, not that Mark and Marianne would be embarrassed. They often made remarks about their own sex life without any sense of shame. “Oh Mark, one resort is like the other I’m told, I’m not surprised you didn’t pay attention to the actual name.”

“We were all having a good time, it doesn’t matter. Let me get you some more champagne.” Without waiting for a response, Mark left for the kitchen to collect a bottle of bubbly for Claudia.

“Oh, there is someone here you simply must meet. He’s an old friend from my college days and he’s here to visit. He’s one of the smartest men I’ve ever met.” Marianne knew that Claudia was attracted to intelligent guys. The party hostess quickly scanned the pool area to find her friend. It took but a few seconds and Marianne called out loudly, “Hernando! Over here!”

A tall, slender, dark-haired man with broad shoulders separated himself from a small group and walked towards Claudia and Marianne. Claudia was impressed with his confident stride and his impossibly thick black hair. “Spanish poet” was her first thought as this man walked up to the two women.

“Claudia, this is Hernando, a dear friend of ours from years gone by.”

Hernando extended his large hands and clutched Claudia’s hands in an intimate grasp. “It is my pleasure to meet you.”

She looked up into his dark eyes. Thirty years ago, Claudia would have been quivering with excitement. As she was over 40 and not so vulnerable to such handsome men, her response was a warm, “it is a pleasure to meet you, as well.” Yet she still had fleeting thoughts towards Hernando and those thoughts were lewd as hell.

While not exactly a poet, Claudia learned that Hernando was certainly Spanish and definitely an artist. His hands told the story each time he reached out to touch Claudia’s arm when he talked about his clay sculptures. She noticed that his hands were strong and large but with soft skin. Each time he touched her arm, she was drawn into him and found herself standing closer to the tall man.

“So Claudia,” his accent was moderately thick but certainly understandable, “while I am in town, I am renting a small studio, would you like me to sculpt you?”

Marianne broke out laughing. “Hernando, you try that line on every woman you meet, I think Claudia can see through that.”

But Claudia loved the idea. She loved the idea of his strong hands working pliable clay and then working on her own pliable body. Each time she drank her champagne, the tingling bubbles seemed to be concentrating on the sexual parts of her body. She enjoyed it immensely and didn’t resist the developing fantasy that involved Hernando.

“I guess for a sculptor, that line is perfectly natural.” Claudia gazed up and directly at Hernando, almost like a challenge for him to keep the pickup line theme in play.

“It’s what I do, sculpt the likeness of women.” He looked right back at Claudia.

Marianne picked up on the chemistry between Hernando and Claudia. “Of course Claudia, he only sculpts nude women. “He did my likeness a few years back, it was an anniversary present from Mark.” Claudia noticed a faint flush appear on her friends’ cheeks.

“Of course, all good sculptures must be done in the nude.” Claudia actually found herself batting her eyes at Hernando. The champagne was making her bolder than usual.

Mark finally appeared to refill Claudia’s almost empty glass. “I’m sorry, I was detained by Yadira, she wanted to know if it was OK to have a swim.”

“I hope you told her it was fine.” said Marianne.

Mark replied, “Of course, I’m surprised more people aren’t in the pool. Hernando, you’re quite the swimmer, you should take off your clothes and dive in!”

“Perhaps later, I’m enjoying my conversation with Claudia. She might have me sculpt her while I am in town.”

Is that what you’re calling it? ‘sculpting'”? Mark laughed easily.

“I’m better with my hands than with my words. You know English is not my first language.”

“Don’t sweat it, we’re all friends here. I think Claudia would make an excellent model for a sculpture. She has such a nice figure, don’t you think Marianne?”

Marianne looked up and down at her friend. “Oh, I think so, all the right curves in all the right places. And nice boobs!”

Claudia didn’t mind the attention. She never thought much about her figure, she just knew that it was appreciated and that yes, she had a healthy set of boobs.

Suddenly, there was a loud splash behind them. Someone had obviously jumped into the pool. They all turned to look. The pool lights were dimmed so it wasn’t immediately clear who was swimming. Claudia assumed it must be Yadira. She saw a feminine form swimming underwater towards the edge of the pool that was closest to them. A head popped up and two arms grasped the pool’s edge. It was indeed Yadira.

“Oh Mark, the water is wonderful and so warm!” Yadira’s long hair was behind her back as she looked up at the group standing by the pool.

“It’s been so hot these past few days that the water is like a bathtub right now. Where’s Justin?”

“He’s getting some towels. He’ll be in the water in a second.” Yadira looked up at Hernando and Claudia. “So Claudia, you’ve met Hernando, he’s got the most amazing hands, you know.”

Claudia looked down at Yadira and suddenly realized that she wasn’t wearing a bathing suit. She was completely nude, her breasts clearly visible in the dim light. With Yadira’s legs outstretched behind her, Claudia could see her butt and the lack of any covering. This party was getting interesting and Claudia responded by taking a large gulp of champagne. She noticed that Hernando, Marianne, and Mark paid no notice to Yadira’s nudity.

“Yes, we were just talking about that,” replied Claudia. “Hernando’s famous hands.”

There was another splash in the water at the other end of the pool. Again, all eyes were drawn to the sound. This time, a masculine form was swimming underwater toward the group. Yadira’s husband, Justin, popped up behind his wife in the warm, pool water.

“Hey, is anyone else going to get in this incredible water?” Justin looked straight at Claudia. This caught her off guard. She saw that he had a lean build and broad shoulders. His stomach was flat and his chest was lightly dusted with brown and white hair. His skin was whiter than Yadira’s but without looking too pale. He looked great to Claudia, just the type of distinguished 40-something man whom she found alluring.

“I wasn’t prepared for skinny dipping,” said Claudia. She looked down at Justin who had swum up behind his wife and put his arms around her, clutching her breasts without a hint of hesitation. Yadira didn’t say or do anything, just let her legs spread to let her husband get between them. She had to angle her body downward a bit. Claudia might have been a bit embarrassed but it all looked so natural and no one else seemed to care. Of course, all the champagne helped.

“Skinny dipping doesn’t require preparation, it requires taking off your clothes and jumping in the water… come on you guys.” Justin was now talking to the whole group.

Marianne volunteered first. She didn’t say anything, just pulled her pretty, summer dress up over her head and kicked off her shoes. Claudia could only raise her eyebrows when she saw that the party hostess was completely sans undies. Marianne sat down on the edge of the pool and dropped down into the water.

“OK Mark, your turn.” His wife looked up expectantly at him.

“When in Rome…” Mark found a nearby seat to sit, slipped off his loafers, and non-chalantly stripped naked without a care. Claudia didn’t want to look too closely but it was pretty clear that the party host was, well, impressively hung in a circumcised way. Mark let himself into the water and quickly swam over to his wife into a somewhat deeper part of the pool. There were now two naked couples in the water.

Hernando was looking but turned to face Claudia. “When I learned this expression, ‘skinny dipping’, I thought it was very funny. Americans are very creative with new expressions.”

“Usually it’s something we do when we are kids, but there’s nothing wrong with adults doing it, too. Are you going to get into the water?” Claudia was hoping that he would say yes and strip down right then and there.

“I think so, but not just yet. I need another drink and I should get back to my other friends. But if you get into the water, I would certainly be tempted to join you.” His eyes showed an intensity that made Claudia’s heart skip a beat. Or maybe it was the warm, wet place between her legs that skipped a beat.

“Hmmmm, then I think I should be getting into the water, too.” Claudia figured that with a few naked party goers in the pool, she could certainly do the same.

Hernando strode off leaving Claudia to stare at his very firm ass which was highlighted by tight, white pants.

“Hey Claudia, stop looking at his butt!” Yadira called up from the water.

Claudia jerked her head away in embarrassment and looked down at Yadira. “Oh hush, please tell me it wasn’t so obvious.”

Justin responded before Yadira did. He was still behind his wife, his hands cupping her full breasts. “Don’t worry, it wasn’t obvious… so, are you getting in the water?”

Claudia considered for a moment. “Sure, what the hell, I hope there are towels when I get out.”

“Yup, we took care of that.” It was Marianne talking. She was facing Claudia, Mark behind her, his hands under the water around his wife’s middle.

Claudia unstrapped her sandals, pulled down her gauzy pants and then pulled off her tight top. As she was not exactly prepared for skinny dipping, she was wearing a matching bra and boy-short panties in beige so they wouldn’t show too much under the thin fabric of her summer outfit.

“Hubba hubba! Show your stuff!” Justin said loudly. “Take it all off!”

Claudia should have been embarrassed. She should have turned away. Other party guests had turned to look, after all. Instead, Claudia faced the two couples in the pool and reached behind to unfasten her bra. Her ample breasts spilled out.

“Oh yeah!” exclaimed Mark.

Claudia grasped her lacy panties and slowly pulled them down. It was something of a show for the naked couples in the pool and anyone else who decided to watch. With a deft flourish, she kicked the panties aside, raised her arms and proudly said “Ta da!”

There was a smattering of applause from around the pool and the couples in the pool were all smiles. Claudia knelt down, sat at the edge of the pool, and slid in. She was glad that she had tended to her pubic hair so it was neat and trimmed.

The water was indeed quite warm and it was immediately relaxing and sensuous at the same time. “OK, this is nice, just don’t let me get too far from my champagne.” she said to Mark and Marianne.

“I’ll fix that.” Marianne swam over to the edge of the pool, hoisted herself up and out and without a care, walked naked and soaking wet to the table where Claudia’s bottle and glass were sitting. The party hostess took both, and brought them to the edge of the pool so Claudia could help herself at any time. Marianne then got back into the water.

“Oh, thanks so much Marianne. This is quite civilized, skinny dipping with champagne.” Claudia parked herself with her back against the edge, her arms up and supporting some of her weight, her champagne glass in hand. Her large breasts floated in the dim water.

“Anything for a friend, I just need to get back to my husband, he started something he has to finish.” Marianne swam over to her husband grabbed his shoulders to push him down a little bit. “OK husband, I’m all yours again.”

Claudia just watched as the scene continued. She was happy, comfortable, and relaxed. Mark and Marianne were kissing passionately, her legs looked to be wrapped around his middle, but it wasn’t completely clear to Claudia.

At the other end of the pool, three or four other figures were getting into the pool, the dim light of the outdoor landscaping just barely illuminating naked skin.

Justin swam up to Claudia, leaving his wife to socialize with the skinny dipping partiers at the other side of the pool. “Oh yes, civilized indeed” he said as he approached the very relaxed Claudia. He then stood up, his tall form requiring that she tilt her head upward to see his face more clearly. Her eyes lingered just slightly on his extremely attractive torso.

“Hey, don’t block my view, I was watching Mark and Marianne…” Claudia motioned with her free hand. Justin shifted over a few feet and that’s when Claudia noticed his quite firm erection. It wasn’t difficult to see even in the dim light because he was standing so close to her. Claudia only glanced because she didn’t want to look unseemly.

With enough champagne in her, Claudia wasn’t being bashful about what she was seeing in front her. “Damn Justin, you should get back to your wife with that thing.”

He looked down and then back at Claudia. “Oh hell, she does that to me. Actually, most naked women do that to me… um, that includes you.”

In any other circumstance, despite her own libertine thoughts and deeds, Claudia would have politely fled the situation so as not to cause embarrassment or emotional turmoil between Justin and his wife. It was the teasing hints that perhaps Justin, Yadira, Mark, and Marianne were all swingers which led Claudia to simply stay there and enjoy the party atmosphere. It also helped that she had always had a rolling boil of lust for Justin and the champagne was working it’s boozy magic on her.

“I still think you should be after your wife, just like Mark is after Marianne.” Claudia moved her head in a subtle gesture to point out the host and hostess in an intimate embrace in the middle of the pool. Justin turned and gave a lingering look before turning back to Claudia. “They are such exhibitionists.”

“Are you telling me that they’re actually screwing right there?” Claudia thought they might be, yet the notion still pleasantly surprised her.

Justin moved towards Claudia and then leaned back against the pool’s edge next to her, only their arms touching “Yup, they’re doin’ it… right there… no shame… see how his hips are moving and her legs are around him?”

“Damn, that’s pretty hot.” Claudia was watching the pair of lovers closely. As her eyes focused more it was easy to see that Marianne was positioned to receive Mark’s thrusts. Claudia turned slightly towards Justin while still watching Mark and Marianne. “How come I’ve never seen this at these parties before?”

“Some parties get more uninhibited. I think Mark and Marianne invite folks pretty carefully. I think this crowd is a bunch of swingers and maybe you got invited anyway. They always really liked you. Hell, Yadira and I think you’re hot as hell.”

Claudia sipped her champagne and considered this for a moment. “I figured you guys might be swingers, I just never thought it through.”

“It doesn’t bother you, does it?”

“Not a bit, I’m having a blast just watching.” Claudia was still watching the party host and hostess enthusiastically making love for all to see. “Stupid question, but are they going to cum even with all these people around?”

“I certainly hope so, that’s the exciting part!” Justin was also watching intently.

“Amazing…” Her voice was quiet.

And then, as if on command, Marianne tilted her head back, opened her mouth, and let out a low moan of pleasure. Mark was rapidly thrusting, leaving the water turbulent around him. He grunted loudly and closed his eyes.

“See, I told you they would cum… and the night has just gotten started.” Justin reached over and stroked Claudia’s thigh under the water. Her legs were spread and it would have been easy for him to dangle his fingers at her pussy. Claudia probably would have let it happen, too.

“Tell you what, Claudia, I know this is new to you and I’m not going to pressure you into anything. Instead, I’ll give you a nice massage later on. How does that sound?”

“That sounds great!” She was honestly enthusiastic with the prospect.

“But you’re going to have to be naked.”

“That sounds even better!” Again, Claudia was enthusiastic and also quite well aroused with the idea.

“Cool, stay here while I go find my wife. You do realize that I’m going to screw her in this pool.”

“I certainly hope so, your hard-on is going to explode!” Claudia looked down at Mark’s well engorged and quite large cock poking straight up under the water.

Mark laughed loudly and comfortably and then moved away leaving Claudia to her own devices and to the champagne. She looked around and saw that at least a dozen people were in the water. Some were socializing, some were being obviously sexual with each other. It looked to be a fairly even balance between men and women. There were still some people standing around outside the pool. She noticed Hernando but he was too far away to catch his eye.

Mark and Marianne swam up to Claudia. Marianne had a big smile on her face and Mark was looking quite contented. Marianne spoke first. “So, you’re seeing the other side of our parties, what do you think?”

“I think this is sexy as hell and why didn’t you tell me sooner?”

Mark chimed in. “We didn’t know how you would take it so we just took a risk an invited you to a party where we knew things would get hot.”

“Hot is right. You two were certainly having fun…” Claudia’s voice trailed off a bit as she noticed that Yadira and Justin were coming over to join the three of them at the edge of the pool.

“Hey guys…” It was Yadira. “I’m glad the party is taking a nice turn. I’m even happier that Claudia has joined us.”

Claudia smiled and felt a certain closeness with her four friends. “Wow, quite the party… and Justin, aren’t you supposed to be doing something with Yadira right about now?” Claudia had the sudden impulse to watch Justin and Yadira more closely and personally.

Claudia watched Yadira reach down and lightly grab her husband by his erection. “Hmmmmm, I think I know where this is supposed to go. You don’t mind, do you Claudia? We know Mark and Marianne don’t care if we get a little frisky right here.”

“By all means, I think the poor man needs some lovin’… or at least a mind-blowing orgasm.”

Marianne spoke up. “What about Yadira, doesn’t she deserve the same courtesy?”

Claudia raised her eyebrows and sipped her champagne. “Of course, I figured the two of them could handle that together quite well.”

“I have a better idea.” said Justin as he took his wife by the waist with both hands and hoisted her out of the water so she plunked her shapely rear end on the pool’s edge, letting her smooth legs dangle into the water. The warm water was dripping from her naked skin. She was sitting right next to Claudia who had to shift her arm as Yadira was being hoisted out of the pool.

“I know what he wants to do” said Mark in a mischievous tone. “Go ahead Justin, we’ll all get a kick out this.

Yadira looked at her husband with a big, bright smile and then positioned herself with her hands backward supporting her body and her hips upward, her legs still dangling into the pool. She then spread her legs widely, presenting her sex to her husband. Claudia had to shift again. This time she stood up in the pool and at the side of Yadira’s widely spread legs.

Claudia was acting nonchalant on the outside but she was wildly excited on the inside. She felt her heart pounding and if she were not waist deep in the pool, she would have felt her natural wetness between her legs and not just the water of the pool.

Justin moved toward Yadira and planted a deep kiss right on her lewdly exposed pussy. Yadira let her head fall back and moaned softly.

Claudia was mesmerized. She’d had some voyeuristic experiences before in her life. She had even had sex with other people around. This was quite different. It was so much more relaxed and natural and yet still incredibly erotic.

“Justin has the most incredible tongue.” Said Marianne. “He can literally fuck with it”.

“You’ve done this with him?” asked Claudia, trying to maintain her composure.

“Oh yeah, you should try him, too” Marianne didn’t take her eyes off the brazenly sexual scene going on right in front of her.

“Well, he did promise me a massage later.” Claudia responded softly.

Mark chuckled. “Tongue massage between your legs?”

Yadira moaned again, louder this time. Justin was clearly doing something right with his tongue and his mouth. The placement of his wife’s legs obscured a more detailed view to the three audience members.

“I was thinking of just a hand massage… but s-seeing this… I think I w-want a tongue m-massage, too.” Claudia was on fire and actually stuttered when she responded. This was just too intense.

Marianne sidled up to Justin and reached over and downward towards his submerged waist area. “Claudia, give me your hand, I want you to feel something.” Claudia hesitated.

“Seriously, you have to feel this.” Marianne was mildly insistent. Claudia, who was standing on Justin’s other side, reached over and downward as Marianne was doing. She felt a feminine hand. Marianne gently took Claudia’s hand and guided it to Justin’s very large and very thick erection.

Marianne was smiling broadly. “He’s almost as big as my husband… just don’t stroke him too much, I think he’s going to burst!”

Claudia could only clutch Justin’s hard cock, but her small hand didn’t even reach around the whole shaft. “Wow, he is huge!” Claudia shuddered with the thrill of holding on to Justin’s member. She had secret fantasies about this and here it was actually happening. If she could swoon, she would have. She would rather be swooning with an intense orgasm.

Yadira started bucking her hips and Claudia felt Justin’s cock throb. She let go, not wanting him to cum without being inside his pretty wife. Yadira moaned again, loudly this time. It was obvious to Claudia that she was cumming intensely. Yadira’s let out a staccato of grunts… “UH UH UH UH UH UH”… and her stomach muscles were visibly contracting.

“I just love watching a woman cum.” Mark said with a smile. Claudia watched his wife reach down and casually stroke his halfway aroused penis.

Justin pulled away from Yadira’s pussy. “Damn, does she taste good!” He exclaimed. Marianne leaned in and kissed Justin on the mouth.

“Yup. She tastes good!” was her enthusiastic evaluation.

Yadira sat up straight and saw the four people looking at her and smiling. “OK, I need to be fucked, right now, right here.” Her slight accent sounded so exotic to Claudia.

This was Justin’s cue. He was certainly ready as Claudia had felt when her hand was around his incredibly stiff cock. Yadira boosted herself off the edge of the pool and was on her feet with her arms around Justin. A problem of physics presented itself. Justin, being tall, and Yadira, being short, didn’t quite match up if they were to have sex right there and then with three people close by and watching.

Justin was resourceful and obviously horny as hell. Without saying a word, he spread his legs wide while still standing up. This made his body lower. He grabbed his wife by waist and picked her up a few inches while she spread her legs. Now they could join together sexually. With a tentative push forward, Justin brought his erection to Yadira’s entrance and then pushed in.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh!” was all the Yadira could muster as her husband stretched out her pussy as he entered her. Her back was at the edge of the pool and her arms were outstretched widely, her hands clutching the rim of the pool for support.

“Now that’s what I’m talking about!” said Mark with delight. Marianne simply smiled happily as she softly held her own husband’s cock.

Claudia was enthralled and almost high with her arousal. She, herself, was not keen on having sex in a pool for a few reasons yet this was amazingly erotic to her. She guessed that Yadira must be incredibly wet because her husband entered her so easily despite being under water.

Justin was not being delicate with his wife. He thrust in and out with a strong, steady rhythm that left Claudia impressed. This went on for a couple of minutes and Yadira’s passion rose and rose. “Oh, I cumming, I’M CUMMING!” Yadira’s voice seemed to raise an octave. Her husband didn’t stop. The water around them was full of turbulence and small waves. The three observers didn’t say anything, just gazed on the scene.

Claudia was so tempted to let her hand dally and diddle between her legs to put out the fire of her arousal. She so much wanted the same experience that Justin’s wife was having. It was maddening.

“UH! UH! UH! UH!” uttered Yadira with each thrust of her husband into her. Her small body bounced up and down in the water while her legs barely held on to Justin’s waist.

Marianne could sense the passion that engulfed her friend. “Hun, there’s nothing stopping you from indulging yourself. You’ve got fingers, right? And look around and see what’s happening.” Claudia managed to pull her eyes away from Yadira and Justin to see that the party transformed from a social event to a sexual event. But she still hesitated, not really knowing why.

“I’m just letting myself build up for that massage Justin promised me.” Claudia was being half honest. She so much wanted to let her fingers do some magic between her legs.

“Whatever you feel comfortable with, but nothing is going to stop me.” Marianne winked at Claudia then moved her left hand closer to her body. The water only halfway covered up the fact that she was using two fingers on the cleft between her legs.

Suddenly, Justin’s voice was heard. “Are you ready? are you ready?” He was still pumping away into Yadira.

“fuck me, just fuck me!” Yadira hissed.

“YES! NOW!” Justin cried out. He pushed his hips forward violently and just held himself in that position. His wife pushed against him and moaned loudly.

Claudia let her mouth drop. It was incredible what she was witnessing. Justin was cumming hard and three people, including her, were watching the entire erotic spectacle.

There were a few, long moments of silence as Yadira and Justin were locked in their passionate connection. Then, slowly, Yadira relaxed her legs so they could drop back down to the floor of the pool and her husband could step back. Both had a sheen of perspiration on their upper bodies. Yadira’s eye’s sparkled in the dim light.

Mark spoke first. “Damn Justin, don’t wear yourself out. The night is still young.”

“Yeah, you owe Claudia a massage.” said Marianne.

Another voice came from behind them. “I seem to have missed all the fun.” It was Hernando who had made his way over to them while their concentration was on Justin and Yadira.

Claudia looked over at him. He was naked and his skin was a shade darker than everyone, except Yadira. There was no hair on his smooth and defined chest and the water the clung to his skin made him look more desirable. She was enthralled and smiled up at him “Sorry Hernando, you certainly missed it.”

“Oh, there’s time for more, I just wanted to be social with the host and hostess of this wonderful party.”

Marianne replied. “We’re pleased that you showed up!”

“I would not have missed it and I see that Claudia already watched the excitement. What did you think?”

“I don’t really know what to say except wow.”

“So nice to hear, thanks Claudia” responded Yadira. “I do love getting fucked in front of an audience.” Claudia thought that such explicit language was kind of jarring from such a sophisticated woman.

Justin spoke next. “Claudia, I’m going to relax for a few and get a drink. Can you wait before that massage?”

Claudia’s look of disappointment must have been obvious to everyone. Hernando saved the day. “If it’s a massage you want then I’ll certainly volunteer. Such nice skin deserves my hands.” This made Claudia smile and almost blush though she wished for more than just his hands. The party was turning into a rich night of possibilities for her. “I accept your offer.” She said quickly.

Justin looked almost relieved. “Thanks buddy, I really do need rest. Yadira wore me out.”

“See, everything works out. I’m going to get drinks for everyone.” said Marianne, ever the good hostess.

Claudia turned and moved towards Hernando, her face bright and her body rather inflamed with only somewhat concealed desire. Her nipples had become hard and were obvious to anyone who looked. “OK Hernando, where should we have this massage?” she asked in a very flirtatious way.

“We’ll use the empty cabana at the other end of the pool. I believe that two of them are already taken.” He said in a low, intimate voice. “Here, take my hand and we’ll dry off when we get out of the pool.”He took Claudia’s hand and they walked to the pool stairs where they climbed out of the pool. They found a couple of clean towels that Mark had stacked up before the party. Hernando handed a towel to Claudia and took one for himself.

As she towelled off, Claudia looked over her companion with appreciation. He was in very good shape for a man over 40 though how far over 40 Claudia couldn’t quite determine. Hernando was muscular but not in a bulky way and his legs and butt were absolutely perfect. As for between his legs, that was large and smooth and half erect. She was tempted to get on her knees and suck him into a full erection. She resisted that temptation.

Claudia was certainly having lusty thoughts and the thought of his big, strong hands on her body left her almost trembling in anticipation. When they were dried off, Claudia boldly took his hand and led him toward the vacant cabana. They didn’t bother to wrap towels around themselves as most everyone at the party was completely nude, whether in the pool or out. Claudia shamelessly looked down at Hernando’s cock. “I’m certainly impressed, I wouldn’t mind seeing it larger.”

A female party guest overheard Cladia’s comment about Hernando’s thick penis. “If it gets larger, I want to try it out.”

“Sorry, he’s mine for a nice massage.” Claudia said over her shoulder at the woman who made the comment.

“I know that woman, she’s all talk.” Hernando said as they reached the vacant cabana. “I hope you’re not all talk.” He looked directly at Claudia.

“I guess you’ll find out, won’t you?” she replied and then scooted onto the large, king-sized pad that was covered by a fitted, white sheet. It was very comfortable. Hernando joined her. The other two cabanas were each occupied by a couple. The gauze cover prevented a clear view but the low sounds of arousal made it clear that whoever occupied them was indulging in something sexual.

“Now, just lie down on your stomach and leave your arms by your side and relax.”

Claudia complied. She was feeling relaxed already. It was the champagne, the mood of the party, and her anticipation. The wonderfully warm and soft night air just added to the provocative atmosphere. She was lying completely flat on her stomach, her legs slightly spread and her head on its side, facing the side where Hernando was on his knees. She closed her eyes.

“I’m going to start with your shoulders because that’s where everyone has the most stress in their muscles.” His accent was making Claudia tingle.

She felt his warm, slippery hands on her shoulders. She didn’t ask where he might have found the massage oil, she just assumed that Marianne had made it available somehow.

His hands were indeed big and strong. She felt the deep pressure of his fingers as they kneaded the skin and muscles of her shoulders. As he was kneeling at her side, his left hand didn’t have quite the force of his right hand. Claudia didn’t care. The feeling was amazing. She felt blissful and, at the same, quite aroused. It was an interesting combination of sensations within her.

Hernando spent several minutes working on her shoulders. Claudia felt her muscles loosen and the knots disappear. He then used one of his strong hands to massage her neck. She was in heaven. His touch was too firm to be considered an intimate caress a lover might use. It was a firm pressure, almost therapeutic. If it weren’t for the fact that the party was intensely sexual and both Claudia and Hernando were completely naked, her massage experience could be that of a patient in the expert hands of a professional massage therapist.

The sounds of the party – soft talking, quiet music, and the obvious sounds of sexual activities – were lost to Claudia. She was thoroughly enjoying the sensations that Hernando was applying to her neck. It might have been five minutes or 15 since Hernando started, she didn’t know or simply didn’t care. He also took the time to apply just enough massage oil to keep her skin slick. Then, he moved his hands to the lower part of her back pressed firmly. There was an audible “pop” as her spine clicked. A satisfied “Ahhhhhhhh” came from her mouth.

“I think your back needed that.”

Claudia quickly came out of her reverie. “You are amazing, you know that?”

“Thank you very much. I need to make sure you are very relaxed before the next stage of the massage.”

“Next stage?” Claudia was in eager anticipation.

“Yes, like this.” Hernando released his deep pressure on her back and started to lightly touch her back with just his fingertips. He continued to touch her like that, moving up and down her back and teasing her neck with a feathery finger motion.

“Ohhhhhhhhh” was all Claudia could muster. Her massage experience with the Spanish sculptor had changed from therapeutic to sensual and she responded quickly. Her body became deeply aroused with eroticism. She involuntarily shifted her hips upward slightly.

Hernando saw the change and and escalated the experience by shifting his body so that he straddled her lower legs. He then moved his hands down to put them on each of the checks of Claudia’s ass. With a gentle motion, he rubbed and squeezed the flesh with both hands. He then moved upward with his hands, touching her back, then her neck. He lowered his body down and moved Claudia’s arms over her head.

She felt something at the top of the cleft of her butt. It was Hernando’s cock and she felt that it was thicker and fuller than when she first saw it. He whispered in her ear. “Are you enjoying yourself?” She could only nod her head. She didn’t want anything to stop. Hernando lightly massaged her extended arms and then downward to sides of her body. He did this many times, each time ending at her butt and back upward. When he moved upward on her, his body lowered and she felt his cock on her back or behind.

After awhile, Hernando stopped. He moved off of her and sat on his knees beside her. “Are you ready for more?” Claudia opened her eyes and looked over at him. She was greeted by the wonderful site of his huge erection standing outward and upward from his mid-section. She rolled over on her side so she could get a better look. She rested her head on her hand.

“More? I would love more. What do you want me to do?”

“Lie on your back and put your arms over your head,” he said in a soft voice. She did as directed in a slow, almost feline movement.

“Hernando, you’ve fulfilled one of my wishes.” Her voice was throaty and low.

“Tell me how I did that.”

“I’m seeing your cock bigger.” She was looking directly at it.

“Ah, you noticed.”

“It’s hard not to notice.” She reached down and grasped it. “Yes, much bigger,” Claudia remarked and then released it so as to raise her arm again over her head. Hernando said nothing, just smiled downward and looked deep into Claudia’s blue eyes and regarded her blonde hair spread out on the cabana pad.

With an obviously practiced technique, he drizzled a few drops of massage oil onto his hands and then lightly put them on her stomach. He was kneeling perpendicular to her. With his right hand began to caress one of her breasts. With his left hand, he stroked one of her thighs. Claudia spread her legs. She wanted him to caress between them.

“You’ve got me completed relaxed and completely turned on, do you know that?” Claudia said softly.

“I can tell. It’s going to get better, I assure you.”

“You’re confident, aren’t you?” Claudia laughed a little.

“I know what women like.”

“Oh, what do they like?”

Hernando didn’t answer. He moved his left hand between her legs and used his index finger to explore Claudia’s wetness. She moved her hips upward to help him along.

“You do know what women like… I really like…that…” Claudia’s voice trailed off as the erotic sensations swelled upward and throughout her body.

Hernando continued to stroke and caress Claudia’s pussy. His fingers were working expertly and effectively to set her alight.

“Ohhhhhh…. ummmmmmm…. OHHHHHH!” Was all that Claudia could manage. Her massage had gone to pure seduction and a deep lust within her. She wanted more. She brought her left hand down and took hold of Hernando’s extraordinarily erect cock and stroked it. This motivated him to work his fingers faster on her. “Ohhhhhh…. more…. don’t stop…” Claudia was trying to give him directions. He didn’t need any. He took his index and middle finger and slowly entered her, curving his fingers upward to press on a spot that he knew would make Claudia gasp and moan. He wasn’t disappointed.

“Oh GOD!” Claudia suddenly called out. Her pussy spasmed and contracted around Hernando’s two fingers deep within her. She thrust her hips up as the orgasm rippled outward from her hips. All the sensations from the massage served to make her climax powerful and strong. Hernando kept his fingers inside her. He bent down to carefully nibble on one of her nipples as her body pulsed in pleasure.

It took a few moments for Claudia to relax her body once the echoes of the orgasm slowly faded away. She still had Hernando’s hard-on in her hand and a contented smile on her face. She wanted more.

“Yes, you certainly know what women like.” She whispered glowingly to Hernando who responded by smiling broadly and then pulling his hand away from her pussy.

“There is more coming, are you ready?”

Claudia answered by stroking his cock up and down sensually. She was amazed at its warmth and firmness. She wanted it inside her, deeply and completely.

Suddenly, there was a movement of the gauze curtains at the other side of the gazebo. Claudia looked over to see Justin’s face peering inside. She was certainly surprised.

“Hey you two, I came over to help with Claudia’s massage but it looks like you have things pretty well in hand.” His voice was friendly and comfortable.

Though surprised by Justin’s sudden entrance, she didn’t let go of Hernando’s cock, she kept stroking it.

Hernando spoke first. “I was going to complete the massage but now that you’re here, you can help me with something.”

Justin smiled. “Anything for a friend. What do you want me to do?”

“That’s easy my friend, use the famous tongue of yours.” Hernando sat back on his knees as Justin parted the curtins and got on to the gazebo’s platform. Claudia shuddered in excitement. With two amazing men, she knew she was in for a memorable experience.

“Hello Claudia, are you up for something fun?” asked Justin as he positioned himself between Claudia’s spread legs.

She regarded him with pleasure and excitement. “Please, I want it, right now.”

Justin didn’t hesitate. He got on his stomach, his face right between Claudia’s legs, her pussy glowing, pink, and moist. With skill born of experience, Justin began kissing the inside of her thighs, his hands firmly grasping her waist. He moved upward, his mouth gently on the soft skin.

Claudia let her head fall back and she closed her eyes. She moved her hands upward and over her head, releasing Hernando from her grasp. She reveled in the sensation’s of Justin’s lips kissing her so intimately. Hernando shifted his position to kneel at her left shoulder. He took both his hands and began a slow and steady kneading of stroking of Claudia’s breasts. The sensations she felt were amazing and overwhelming.

The man kissing between her legs moved his head upward one final time to put his mouth directly on Claudia’s sex. She felt his long and powerful tongue on her swollen and firm clitoris. It was so intense that it made her gasp involuntarily. Then Justin begin to move his tongue all around her pussy, up and down, side to side. Claudia moaned in deep pleasure. With Justin working his oral expertise between her legs and Hernando massaging her breasts, Claudia felt another orgasm building. She let the sensation build quickly. It was intense and wonderful.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh…. GOD!” Her spasm of extreme pleasure tore through her quickly. Justin held on tightly to her waist and continued the minister his mouth and tongue on her convulsing pussy. He was relentless. He put the tip of his tongue right to her clitoris and pressed hard, moving his tongue with a rapid flicking motion.

“OH! OH! OH!” erupted Claudia. Hernando leaned over and seized one of her nipples with his mouth. He sucked and licked it vigorously, his hand on her other breast pinched and tweaked that nipple. Claudia was beside herself in soaring passion.

Justin changed the shape of his tongue and made it dive into the opening of Claudia’s vagina. Her eyes snapped open. She tried to look down to see what Justin was doing. Hernando’s head blocked her view. It didn’t matter because Justin was literally fucking her with his tongue. She couldn’t believe the sensations she was feeling. She let here head down as the next orgasm shot through her. “OH! OH! OH! I’M CUMMING!” she yelped suddenly. Again, her whole body spasmed and the two men giving her such pleasure had to hold tightly. Justin didn’t stop with his mouth and tongue but Hernando leaned back to watch Claudia being lost to her pleasure. She let herself be completely lost to all the incredible feelings in her body.

With her latest orgasm starting to fade, Justin relaxed his tongue and mouth. Claudia came back to reality and the knowledge that two men were pleasuring her. She couldn’t help but smile. Justin got off his stomach and knelt between her legs. Claudia looked downward and saw that Justin was just as excited as she was. His firm and thick erection bobbled upward. She then turned and saw Hernando who was slowly stroking his own large and fierce erection. She had two wonderful cocks to choose from.

“So, who is going to fuck me first?” Claudia looked up at Justin and then up at Hernando.

Hernando spoke first. “I think that is the lady’s choice.”

“Either one, we’re not going to leave until you’re completely satisfied,” said Justin with a cat-like grin on his face.

This presented a delightful dilemma to Claudia. “I think Justin is the best position and I really want to get fucked right now.” While she normally didn’t use that kind of language, she truly did want a stiff cock inside her.

Justin moved forward a bit and grasped his erection. Hernando reached over to find a large and thick throw pillow and scooched it under Claudia’s ass. This raised her hips and put her in a better position to receive Justin. Hernando then reached through the gazebo curtain to get a fresh condom from a table sitting close by. The party hosts had obviously thought of everything. Hernando passed the condom to Justin who quickly unwrapped it and rolled the latex down his long and thick cock. Claudia watched in amazement. It was hard to imagine that in a few moments that thickness would be deep inside her. She let out a long, satisfied breath of air.

And then, Justin was at her sexual entrance. He was still on his knees and slightly bent over. “Are you ready?” was his simple question.

“Yes… now… please…” stuttered Claudia. Justin took hold of his cock and guided it downward and just barely into her. Again, Claudia sighed. “Please… please…” Justin pushed a little further and Claudia felt the amazing fullness as her pussy stretched to receive him. Her generous natural lubrication made it easy. He pushed further still. Claudia moaned. He pushed yet again and Claudia was then completely and totally filled with his cock. It was heavenly for her. Justin didn’t do anything, he simply let her get accustomed to his amazing fullness.

Claudia took the opportunity to turn her head towards the other man in the sexual tableaux. Hernando was watching her intently. His cock stood out straight and level, his hand idly stroking it. She reached out to replace his hand with her own. She loved feeling him like this. It gave her a sense of power and control, that she was in charge of Hernando’s arousal. It made it all more amazing because Justin was deep inside her. She had two attractive and passionate men at her disposal

With such intensity, Claudia couldn’t totally focus on stroking Hernando. She had to put her head back and close her eyes once again. Justin began a slow back and forth thrusting with his hips. He had a hand on each of her upright knees. His power and strength allowed him to rest on his own knees as he moved back and forth. Claudia was loving each delicious thrust into her, her pussy getting impossibly wet with desire. She was both relaxed and aroused at the same time.

The back and forth motion from Justin raised her ardor with each thrust. Claudia let the sensations wash over her. Her lover was impossibly hard and the stiffness filled her and stimulated her massively. With the thick pillow under her shapely ass, her pelvis was in the perfect position to receive him completely. Claudia let her head fall back and her breath became more rapid. She didn’t let go of Hernando’s cock because she wanted him ready when Justin was done. Hernando responded by leaning over and kissing and lightly nibbling her stiff nipples. This made Claudia suddenly suck in a lungful of air. She was in sexual heaven.

Justin sensed her increased arousal and matched her by increasing the tempo of his thrusts, in and out, in and out. He took his hand from her knee and placed a finger on her clit. This made Claudia gasp loudly. Her body was being assaulted with sensations – lips and teeth on her nipples, a large and firm cock deep inside her, a finger massaging her clit. It was all too much and she simply exploded with muscle-twitching passion and her whole body tensed in orgasmic contractions. “OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, GOD!”

The man between her legs didn’t stop his thrusts. This brought Claudia to an even higher plane of pleasure. Justin kept massaging her clit with his index and middle fingers, the moistness of Claudia’s pussy clinging to his digits. “UH! UH! UH!” she grunted out in short staccato bursts, her hand amazingly still holding onto Hernando’s stiff cock.

“Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” She really meant it and Justin pounded into her in way of response, his rhythm increasing along with the power and depth of his thrusts. “OHHHHHHHHH, GOD!” Claudia cried out again, the wave of intense pleasure releasing again inside her.

“Uhhhhhhhhh!” Justin suddenly moaned out, his own orgasm tightly capturing him. He thrust deeply one last time into Claudia and then held his cock inside her as it spurted the liquid warmth in strong throbs that she certainly felt. His hands gripped her knees tightly as he was paralyzed by the intensity of his climax. Claudia suddenly came again. “OHHHHHHHHH, GOD!” She put her head back and her eyes rolled upward. Justin was spent and couldn’t match Claudia’s passion. He looked over at Hernando and raised his eyebrows. The Spanish sculptor took the hint and backed away from the orgasming Claudia. He found a condom, rolled it down his thick and firm cock. Justin also backed away from Claudia, letting his rapidly deflating erection wetly slither out from Claudia’s moist sex.

Hernando and Justin adroitly switched places. It was now Hernando’s time to thrust into Claudia. With a strong push of his hips, Hernando slowly and delightfully into Claudia. “AHHHHHHH!” She called out. It was another delicious cock and she was glad to receive it so deeply. Her orgasm overwhelmed her without hesitation. She had no will nor wish to control her lustful response. She clenched her fists tightly and opened her mouth, almost panting with her extraordinary desire. Again, she climaxed “Oh GOD!… I cumming again! she gasped loudly. Claudia didn’t care who heard her, she wasn’t thinking at all, she was simply too caught up in the moment and the moment was amazing.

Hernando wasn’t as vigorous as Justin. His in and out thrusts into Claudia were simply steady, strong, consistent. She responded passionately by moaning and pushing her hips back against the Spanish artist with each of his long and deep movements into her. Justin was nibbling and kissing her inflamed and profoundly sensitive nipples which brought her ardor to soaring new heights. With moments, there was no seperating Claudia’s orgasms, it was just a long and wickedly intense sensation made even more incredible when Hernando’s cock began to throb with his own climax upon him.

“Oh fuck, OH FUCK!” was all Claudia could utter. She knew that the cock so deeply inside her was about to erupt. Her pussy was gripping it tightly and each of its throbs was obvious and wonderful to her. And then he came with a tensing of his torso and a final push into her. He held his breath as the pleasure of his muscle contractions enveloped him. Claudia had her eyes closed in her own pleasure and so didn’t see that Hernando was cumming, but she certainly felt it and if it weren’t for the condom, she would have been filled with his warm fluid. It didn’t matter to her, her final spasm wracked her body with a shuddering convulsion of erotic delight.

When both Hernando’s and Claudia’s climax faded. The conjoined pair both opened their eyes to regard each other. They both just smiled that unique, post orgasmic bliss smile. Justin had sat back on his knees and was now smiling.

“Damn Hernando, you really had her going.” He looked down at the very satisfied Claudia. “And you are incredible. We should have done that before!”

Claudia slowly came back to life as Hernando withdrew himself from her pussy. He used discreet motions to remove his very full condom from his deflating erection and dispose of it in a small waste can next to the cabana platform as Justin had also done. Claudia didn’t bother to close her legs. She felt so incredibly contented and sexual that any sense of modesty was cast aside. She let out a long sigh of supreme happiness and looked at Justin.

“I’ve wanted to do that with you for a long time… I’m so glad I did…” Her voice was quiet and intimate.

Hernando was sitting at the edge of the cabana platform. “I would still like to sculpt your likeness. I know your body much more now. It’s such a wonderful body.” He reached forward and put a hand on her warm thigh to show his appreciation.

“I’ve never had two men like that, but I have always fantasized it. I’m in heaven now.” She put her hands behind her and under her head while Justin took the pillow from under her ass. She closed her eyes and relaxed for a moment. There was an interruption in her post-coital reverie when the gauze of the cabana parted. All three players in the sexual scene turned to see who was there. It was Yadira and she was quite naked.

“So there’s my husband… I heard Claudia’s voice and I figured Justin was somehow involved. And here’s Hernando, too!” The pretty Latina smiled at the scene before her.

“Hi sweetie, Hernando and I were having some great fun with Claudia here. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Of course not, you silly boy… Claudia, you certainly look happy. Did you enjoy yourself with these two amazing men?”

Claudia just smiled and signed loudly, her eyes lightly closed, a subtle sheen of perspiration on her face and body. Her nipples were still hard.

Yadira looked at the deflated erections of both her husband and Hernando and a look of disappointment crossed her face. “I seem to have arrived at the wrong time, I was hoping to get in on the action.”

Hernando spoke first. “I would be delighted if you wanted to spend some time with me here. I think I could be motivated to perform again. But there is something I’d like to do to Claudia to get me back in the mood.” He had a wry smile on his face.

Claudia opened her eyes and considered what to do next. She hadn’t expected a fourth person to join the scene but the cabana was certainly large enough for the four naked bodies. “Do you want some privacy?” She realized that the question was kind of absurd even as she was asking it. “Oh, never mind…”

Yadira giggled and Justin just smiled. “My dear, if we wanted privacy, we wouldn’t be at this party.” Justin said.

“Yes, I realized that as I was asking the question, I feel kind of stupid.”

“You’re just new to this scene, that’s perfectly OK. But you might want to shift over so I can get on the pad with everyone. I want to enjoy Hernando later.” Yadira said. Claudia shifted over and Yadira climbed onto the cabana pad. The olive-skinned woman positioned herself on her side quite close to Claudia who was still on her back.

“You two look quite alluring.” remarked Justin who was sitting on the edge of the pad, his feet on the cool paving stones that formed the floor of the pool area. He bent over to delicately kiss and lightly nibble one of Claudia’s pert and quite hard nipples. She sighed quietly in pleasure.

Yadira reached the short distance to Claudia’s other breast and grasped it with her small hand. Claudia rolled her head to the right and just smiled at Yadira even though this was the first time she had been touched by a woman like this. Yadira smiled back softly and massaged Claudia’s breast gently. Between Justin’s mouth on one breast and Yadira’s hand on the other, Claudia was gently aroused with her eyes were closed as she felt completely indulged by her companions.

She then felt Hernando shift his position at her feet so that he was on his knees between her still spread legs. He carefully moved both her back to raise her knees upward and further apart. Hernando then slowly bent down and put his mouth and tongue directly but gently on her still aroused pussy. Claudia moaned quietly and raised her hips ever so slightly. Her gentle arousal quickly became more feverish.

Yadira noticed Claudia’s response and subtle movement. “Hernando is very good at that, just lie back and enjoy.” Her voice was low and intimate. Claudia just kept her eyes closed and nodded her head ever so slightly. Everything was just so sexually perfect at the moment.

The Spanish artist continued to softly lick and kiss Claudia’s pussy. He was obviously being very careful considering that she was just soundly fucked by two men and she might be rather tender between her legs. Claudia’s arousal escalated with each delicate motion of Hernando’s tongue and lips. Yadira stopped massaging Claudia’s breast and leaned over to kiss the blonde’s nipple just as Justin was doing to the other one. There were now three naked people pleasuring her and it was delightful bliss.

Almost involuntarily, Claudia reached out one hand to find Justin’s half-erect cock and then reached out to one of Yadira’s large and firm breasts. Yadira shifted so that Claudia could more easily massage the soft skin and fiercely erect nipple. Justin didn’t have to shift at all as Claudia gently squeezed his slowly growing erection.

A small orgasm glissaded through Claudia as Hernando worked his magic with his mouth on her pussy. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh” she murmured in delight. It was not a powerful and overwhelming climax. It was just a warm and wonderful reminder of her femininity.

Claudia was completed satiated and utterly satisfied. Even with Hernando still giving her delicious cunnilingus, she felt herself coming down from her sexual high. She relinquished her grasp on Justin’s cock and Yadira’s breast. Her focus shifted so she became more aware of her surroundings. Hernando sensed her refocus and he removed his face from between Claudia’s legs and got back on his knees. His cock had grown to half-mast from his excitement at pleasuring Claudia.

Yadira took note of Hernando’s arousal with an appreciative look and a smile. “I think I want that to grow bigger” she said to no one in particular. She shifted her position on the pad so she could grasp him and and put her lips on the head of his penis. She was lying on her belly but also up on her elbows and began to coax him to full erection.

Claudia also propped herself on her elbows so she could intently watch Yadira’s mouth move back and forth on Hernando. Justin was also watching at this point. He clearly had no issues with his wife expertly sucking on the Spanish artist’s rapidly firming erection. Justin reached out and began to massage one Claudia’s breasts.

“She gives excellent blowjobs and I’m told she’s also good at eating out women.” He said quietly. Claudia had never experienced that from a woman, she was suddenly quite curious. “I think I might like to find out at some point, but not just now, I think I’m done for awhile.” A content smile came across her face.

Justin winked at her. “The night is still young and Yadira really likes you.”

Claudia considered for a moment. “Yes, the night is still young and I need some champagne and a swim…”

Justin released his grip on her breast. “I’ll join you, my wife has things well in hand with Hernando.”

Claudia looked over at Yadira and Hernando. Yadira was now deep throating Hernando. Claudia laughed. “She has things well in mouth.”

Justin helped Claudia up from the mattress pad and they left the cabana, holding hands, into the soft night air where the party was getting more exciting and held still more erotic possibilities for Claudia.

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