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O’Malleys Bar

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“Hey guys, just hold on to my beer would you, I’ve got to go pee. I’m so full I’m bursting.”

A gang of us had come down from the campus to O’Malley’s Bar, down on Victoria Road. O’Malley’s is one of those bars that caters for a wide range of customers, from us university types, the art school arty kids, and the occasional corporate suit kicking out at the end of a long week doing whatever they do up in the city.

The place has a bunch of small round tables, each lit with a circle of light above, so it had kind of an old New York gangster vibe to it. Away from the tables and bar area, there were a couple of deep dark rooms, where from time to time there would be some kick ass rock’n’roll going down. Tonight though the bar was full, but no band, so it was just all noise and people. We had all come down because it was the end of semester, and we’d handed up the big papers, done the exams, so now it was time to chill out and kick back.

I was feeling cute as a kitten, with my combination of a classic just above the knee black and white pleated skirt with an oh so gorgeous swirl when I spin, and a soft silk cream blouse; under which I was wearing my lacy blue tanga panties and bra. You know, the type of lingerie a girl buys because she just wants to feel good even if no-one else knows, just a piece of lacy froth and colour.

Feeling sexy, feeling wicked, I had on my white lace stockings and suspenders, and my highest chrome heel and toes. Even so, I’m still petite, but I’ve been called a pocket dynamo. Jade earrings setting off my brilliant green eyes, and with my blonde bob haircut from Pierre’s, I was the queen of princesses for the night. I wondered who my prince would be….

But I’d chased down a few too many drinks in a hurry, and was just busting to go. The base of my belly was feeling full, bladder pressing down giving me a warm tight feeling at the top of my cunt. As I got up from the table I wobbled a bit (wow, I’m tipsier than I thought), and twisted to catch my balance.

As I swirled my skirt brushed the arm of the corporate suit sitting at the next table — an older guy, I’d noticed him when he sat down. He looked up at me and smiled, as if to say, “hey, careful there little girl, don’t fall, but if you do, I’ll catch you.”

I caught my balance and moved away, and he turned his attention back to the graceful young thing he was with – one of those fresh young corporate girls, grey pencil skirt, hair in a high pony tail, black heels, excited to be out with the boss on a Friday night. Good for you honey, I thought, but I still gotta go. God, I’m full and hot down there, I need a pee!

So I make my way down to the back of the caverns where the toilets are. But what’s this, why is there such a long queue? Get out of my way boys and girls, this girl’s in a hurry. Gotta go, gotta go, I’m busting here. Damn, it looks like only one of the toilets is working, both women and men are going into the gents, they must be sharing. How am I going to make this happen?

So I start clenching my pelvic floor, try to push some of that fullness back up into my body. Problem is, I’m also pushing blood into my cunt so everything is getting a tingle on. Startled, I realise my nipples are peaking erect now, giving me tightness in my breasts as well as my belly. In a weird way, this is getting hot, but I still gotta go….

I’ve now got about thirty people in front of me, this is not good. So I’m clenching my legs together tight, like a toddler in a toy shop. Dammmmn I need a piss. How do I distract myself now, before I explode?

As the line creeps forward, I see a movement some thirty feet away: there’s a girl up against a far wall, back in the shadows. She’s leaning with her back against the wall with her legs slightly apart, her hands pushing back on to the brick. Her face is turned up, her eyes are closed, what is she doing? As I look, she gives a little shudder, as if she’s had some sudden relief, and she straightens herself up.

Wow, she is lovely. One of those slender bitches from art school, but she is a sight. Even though it’s really dark over there, I can see that she is wearing a tight clinging dress which fits her like a sheath, but only just covers her ass, the pattern looks like burning fire, all red and gold.

God if she bent over, that would be a sight to see, even for a girl like me. Just look at those legs, they go on forever, open lace stockings with bare thighs, black and gold heels, they must be six inch heels at least. How do those art school girls get away with that? Black as black kohl on her eyes, scarlet red lipstick to match her spiked red hair, black nails. I see her straighten her dress down…but I still need to pee. Badly need a pee. Owww.

My bladder and belly are now the only things I can think about, and I cross my legs real tight and start rocking from side to side. I need to hang on I need hang on, oh my goodness I’m full. I…am…going…to…burst, I need to piss so badly I’m hurting.

“Hey, why don’t you do what I just did? You look like you’re ready to go.” It’s the girl from the wall, she’s now right next to me, her mouth hot breath by my ear.

“What do you mean, what you just did?”

“I can see that you’re about to burst, that you really need to pee, but that queue is another five minutes, you’ll never make it. Come with me.”

And she takes my hand and pulls me out of the line. I’m almost in tears now, my bladder is so full, I can’t think. We’re over by the wall and I vaguely register that we are in shadows. “Try now,” she says, “try to let go.”

But I’m nervous, I can’t pee here, I’m not private, people might see me. “I can’t, I just can’t do it.” I’ve got tears down my cheeks, I’m in so much pain.

“You just need to relax, your bladder will empty all by itself, you’ll feel so much better.”

But I’m now locked up, my belly and cunt are full of liquid heat, but I just can’t pee here.

Suddenly I feel the front of my skirt lifted, cool air against my thighs and she has cupped her hand hard up against the crotch of my panties. Her hand is so warm, and she’s applying a steady pressure which is pushing up against all the liquid in my bladder. I don’t know what is happening now, my legs are apart, my back is arched up against the wall, and my hands push hard against the brick wall behind me.

My whole body is tight and hot and, oh my god, there’s a pressure up against my asshole, she’s pressing a finger hard across my little hot dark hole, and her palm cups my sex, and my ass gives a single throb…and my bladder releases. I pee and pee and pee down over her hand, down my leg, god I can feel the hot liquid spill over my ankles. I am so full and full and hot and wet and her finger is still pressed firm up against my asshole and I’m falling against her hand. I feel her arm around my waist to hold me up and god, I’m still gushing piss. Fuck, the relief is almost unbearable.

And I feel a hot mouth against my throat and her other hand is now up inside my blouse and she pushes the full weight of her hand up against my breast. My nipples are hard and hot and tight, and every pulse of my cunt and bladder and asshole is a pulse all through my breasts. I push my breasts against her hand and up against her body, and her hand on my crotch keeps on pushing up against hard against the wetness of my sex.

My pee is slowing to a trickle now, but her tongue is pushing firmly between my lips and my head is arched back to take the force of her kiss. Her tongue is deep into my mouth and my own tongue responds between her moist lips into her hot mouth, tasting her cherry lipstick and feeling the hardness of her teeth. I can’t get my tongue deep enough into her mouth and then…

Her fingers press both into my tight ass hole and up between my lips and into my cunt and she has me trapped, every slick tight place has a pushing finger or a pushing tongue and now one of my nipples is being tugged and pulled with her free hand and my belly starts to fill again with weight and heat, and I am enveloped by her.

She is pressing her whole long body hard up against mine and she has set up a spiral of pleasure in every soft hole and every hard point and now my clit is hard and my nipples throb and my asshole clamps on her finger and my cunt aches and my clit throbs and my sex clenches and she just doesn’t stop I’m being pushed higher and hotter and harder until my whole body tightens and arches as if I’ve been pierced to my centre with a lightning bolt and the centre of my belly and sex and lips and ass and breasts and deep in my cunt I simply explode with pleasure.

I shudder and come and come, with a whimper at the back of my throat, my eyes tight closed, her tongue fucking my mouth. Ohhh yes, make me, make me oh, fuck harder, ohhhh…

My head bangs back against the wall, and even the shock of that bump sends another shudder through my tiny body. I don’t think I’ve come so hard, ever before. She has taken me completely, and I don’t even know where I’ve gone. One last trickle of pee slides down my leg as my sex throbs and becomes a pool of hotness in the center of my being.

Her lips now gently caress my throat and her hand now gently pushes up against my wet full sex, and her other hand presses against my whole breast. She supports my weight for a while as I catch my breath, and then she takes her hand away from between my legs, smooths down my skirt. She brings her hot wet hand to my mouth, and I am aware of the sharp smell of my pee mixed with the sticky juice from my cunt. She touches two wet fingers to my lips, kisses my throat one last time.

Gazing straight into my eyes, she smiles and whispers, “see, you just needed to relax.” And just as silently as she had arrived, she was gone.

I looked around, and took a moment to compose myself. My thighs and legs were still sticky with my wetness, but my skirt was dry where she had lifted it away from my hot body. I realised I was still in the shadows and thought to myself, “thank goodness, nobody saw us.”

Relieved, but still hot and tingling and confused, I made my way back our table. I’m sure my cheeks and chest are blushing red, but in the darkness and the shadows I felt that I can keep it together. My sex aches and is tight between my legs.

But when I sit down at our table, I see that the corporate suit at the next table is looking at me, with a quizzical smile on his face. He mouths the words, “I saw what you did, just then,” and holds my gaze for a long second.

With blood rushing to my cheeks I stand up and rush towards the exit. As I burst out the door, one of the tall blond boys from the swimming team comes through the other way. Normally I would be a flirty girl with him, but after what has happened in the last ten minutes I can’t face him.

“Oh hi, how have you been, do want a drink with me tonight?”

“I’m sorry, I’m not feeling so good right now.” And I rush out the door into the cooling night, cheeks ablaze, but my breasts and nipples still hard with pleasure and my cunt still wet and hot and my legs still damp with piss.

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