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My Sister’s Friends

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I still remember it like it was yesterday. The absolute best night of my life:

Hi my name’s Logan Jones and this is the story of an event that was so amazing I never forget it.

It was a few years ago and I was just over 19 years old. It was my sister’s 18th birthday and it was set to be a good one. She and around 15 of her close friends-she was popular at school-were going downtown for lunch at a fancy new restaurant before coming back to our place for a slumber party.

Before I get too much into the story, I think it would best to tell you a little about myself. Im just over 6’2″ and a have a nicely toned athlete’s body. I have a well rounded face with shaggy dirty blond hair that hangs down just above my eyes. Through my school years and even to this day I have been very shy and basically a loner. My parents have always had a hard time believing this because of my good looks and healthy lifestyle. But it has always been that one flaw. I’ve never been very social and not very good at striking conversation. The few girls who’ve ever been noticeably interested in me soon forget about me once they realize I’m so shy. Because of this I’ve only had any kind of sexual encounter, surprisingly, twice. And with the same girl.

But enough about me, on with the story. I had never met any of my sister’s friends personally since we went to separate schools, however I’ve heard quite a lot about them. At the beginning I was going to stay home and watch t.v. while they were at the restaurant but once I realized there was nothing on, I decided to take my parents place as chaperone. They of course had no problem with this once they decided they would spend the night at a hotel somewhere in the city.

The girls had, without asking, rented out my room to get dressed in and do their makeup. I was forced to sleep in the basement guest room.

I had no real choice but to go in my plaid shirt and jeans that were in the laundry room since the rest of my clothes were in my room and I was waaaay to shy to walk in on the girls getting dressed just for something to wear.

It was about 5 pm when the girls’ two part party bus appeared to take them downtown. Instead of wasting gas and taking my own car, I got in the passenger’s seat of the bus. The hour drive was spent doing pretty much nothing since the driver spoke little english which was more than fine by me.

We arrived at about 6:15 pm due to traffic and the girls were already shrieking with joy. As they exited the bus in single file I got my first chance to take a look at them. They were mostly dressed casual-dressy like me. The girls were quite a sight; nearly all of them had fit bodies. It was the last three that really caught my eye. I new exactly who they were even if I hadn’t seen them before. My sister had talked about them many times in the past year and boy were they a sight to see.

The first I recognized immediately to be Jessica. My sister had reported her to be very out going and to have a very attractive personality. Her personality wasn’t the only thing that was attractive. She had long dirty blonde hair and looked to be about 5’7″. She was wearing a loose pink shirt that did very little to hide her what appeared to be C or even D size tits. She also had flare jeans that showed off her tight ass to everyone who could see.

The next was no doubt the very un-modest Lauren. Lauren had long black hair and bangs that came to her eyes. She had one of the nicest bodies I had ever seen on an 18 year old girl. Her tits were average sized and so was her ass. These complemented Lauren’s long slender body considerably. She was wearing a baby blue tank top and jean short shorts. However it wasn’t her body that set off my spark, it was her striking bright green eyes that I could not stop thinking about.

As the last came out I felt a shiver of arousal run down my spine. Kathryn. I had heard a lot about her and I could see why. Kathryn was often spoken of to be the star point guard of the state basketball team. She had a serious look to her that made her that much more interesting. She had brown wavy hair that went to just higher than her elbows. She was about 5’4″ but still had the most appealing body of the three. She was wearing a skin tight green tee shirt that ended just under her navel and the sleeves went just lower than her shoulders. Through it I saw the firm B breasts and you could tell she had a toned flat stomach. Her lowriding tight jeans let him appreciate the modestly muscular texture of her legs. Most surprising was unlike the other girls in their high-heels, Kathryn was wearing white skate shoes.

It took about 30 seconds after they passed me before I realized my dick was getting hard and it was actually beginning to hurt. I calmed down considerably after I had payed the bus driver his first payment.

The restaurant was quite roomy, but the only party table they had was full with the girls, so gratefully I sat by myself in a booth.

Even though I had ordered a beer and large steak, I couldn’t eat. This was solely because I couldn’t take my eyes off of the three girls who were giggling in their own little bubble at the end of the table. Thats when the first incident happened. I noticed that there was some kind of commotion going on and suddenly Jessica stood up and made her way over.

“Hey, hows it going?” She said friendlily to me.

“Uh, umm, I’m fine, what up?” I reply.

“I was just wondering if I could borrow your salt shaker cause Melissa knocked ours over.”

“Uhhh yeah, yeah, suure.” I say shakily.

“Thaaaaanks, your the best!” She says happily.

However before I can reach for it, Jessica leans over my lap for it. While she was in this position, her tits were mere inches from my face. I could clearly see the edge of her black bra and suddenly I could feel myself getting hard again. Once Jessica had her salt she stood back up. However I new she was staring directly at my huge bulge until finally out of awkwardness she said that was all, rose one eyebrow and walked back to her table.

Not even a minute later I could see Jessica, Kathryn, and Lauren giggling and looking in my direction.

The second my dick had calmed down again, I stood up to go to the washroom. After I had taken a leak and washed my hands, I left. I almost jumped in surprise as I ran into Lauren waiting there for her turn in the only washroom. She ended up bumping into me, but for some reason I had a feeling it was on purpose. She gave me a sly smile and rubbed her crotch against mine, making me hard for the third damned time that evening. As she passed me, I very distinctly heard her whisper, “Watch where your going hot stuff.”

God I could feel every eye on me as a sat down, cock bulging and face flushed.

My sister came and got me around 7 pm for the cake cutting. It turned out both Kathryn and Lauren were missing since two seats were empty. Before I could say anything my sister shoved me down and announced it time to sing happy birthday.

Thats when the two girls returned. Lauren sat down in her seat and Kathryn just looked at me questioningly. Suddenly I realized I was seated in her chair and felt totally stupid for making her stand. But before I could stand up she just walked up and sat in my lap. Not just on my knee which would have made me embarrassed enough, but right on my crotch. Fuck my cock was so hard it took a lot of effort not to go jack myself off in the washroom. And besides, I was so damn turned on by Kathryn’s toned ass on me.

In fact I was sorry the minute she got off. After everyone had eaten their cake, it was finally time to head back. The bus driver returned at 8:30 pm sharp. However before I could climb into the passenger seat again the three girls approached me confidently.

“Hey Logan, why don’t you come sit in the back with us, your sis says that she’ll help the bus driver find the house!” Jessica said with a grin.

“Yeah, it’ll be fun!” added Lauren with who was also smiling. Kathryn just plain stood there with her arms crossed and a smile on her face.

I thought to myself, why not. I was going to masturbate tonight already, I might as well have some fun.

I climbed into the bus last and sat down in the only available spot-in between Jessica and Kathryn. As soon as the bus started moving, Lauren stood up with a sly grin on her face.

“So it was fun huh Kathryn?” She asks. Kathryn simply replies with a slow nod.

With that, Lauren climbed onto my lap and straddled me, while at the same time facing me. The only sound I could make was a low groan as she grinded her self into my crotch. She continued sitting on me and laughing at my discomfort before giving way to Jessica’s blowing in my ear.

I new the whole time they were making fun of me and enjoying my uncomfortableness but I couldn’t form words to protest.

Finally we were home and they all began to act like nothing happened. My face began to return to it’s normal color and my breathing returned to normal. But my damn boner wouldn’t go away.

Before the girls could head to my room to change I quickly grabbed a shirt, shorts, and boxers before returning to guest room where I would spend the night. After I was changed and had washed up I began to hear movement in the other basement room which had our big 70 inch LCD t.v. in it. I decided to investigate.

It looked like the girls were going to watch a movie off of pay-per-view. I was about to leave when the three angels/nightmares saw me and called me in. God, I couldn’t afford to get a boner in these thin shorts.

“Please watch the movie with us?” Jessica asked me nicely.

“Oh I was thinking about just hitting the sack. Do you know were my sister is?” I reply.

“Yeah she didn’t feel to well so she decided to go to sleep and we all moved our sleeping bags down here.” Lauren said.

“Don’t be such a wimp and watch the movie with us. Or are you to scared?” Kathryn said slyly.

“I’m not scared….” I said but after I realized that they would never let it go if I didn’t, I agreed to watch.

However I began to question my decision once I found out what they were watching. Although not labeled as one, I new this was pretty much a porno. And with Kathryn’s legs across my lap and Jessica and Lauren leaning on me from the other side, there would be no way to hide myself if I had an erection. I was able to control myself after all but mostly by not watching the film which I officially labeled as a porno with a story line.

All my sense of control left when Kathryn removed her legs and placed her head in my lap. My dick jumped so hard I new she felt it automatically. She sat up straight and mouthed something to Jessica that I couldn’t make out. Suddenly Jessica pretended to stretch and on the way down, she gently squeezed it. I jumped so hard, I let out a low groan that all three of the girls grinned at.

The second the movie was over, I stood up and mumbled something about sleeping. I couldn’t wait to jerk off, but I made myself wait about an hour so that I wouldn’t have any more interruptions. Just as I was about to pull down my shorts, I heard a knock at the door.

“Logan, are you still awake?” Kathryn called with an odd excitement to her tone. I didn’t want to get called back to watch another “movie” so I stayed quiet. After a minute or so I heard my door creep open slowly. Because of the darkness, I was able to open my eyes slightly. Kathryn was slowly walking towards my right side in her lose basketball shirt and nike shorts.

I heard two more sets of feet moving, one to my left and one to my feet. I was too excited and curious to say anything. Suddenly I felt many things at once. A hand went over my mouth, both my arms were pinned down and my legs were being straddled. I tried to yell out but couldn’t. I felt handcuffs lock around my wrists, attaching them to the head board of my bed. The same happened to my ankles. A white strip of fabric was tied around my mouth, gagging me even better than the hand had. Now I was spread out on the bed, unable to move and unable to speak.

The lights flickered on and I could clearly see flamboyant Jessica, hot Lauren, and sexy Kathryn. They towered over me able to do what ever they pleased with me. They all looked extremely horny and it made my cock that much harder knowing I did that. Kathryn was the first to speak:

“Fuck, you don’t know how long we’ve been wanting you, how horny you make us. We have been watching you, thinking of your hard on in our hands sucking and fucking you dry.” She shuddered visibly as I tried to make sense of what she was saying.

“We have watched, waiting for the moment for us to take you against your will and do what we want.” Jessica continued.

“You WILL take all of us and do what we want. Our bodies with give you more pleasure than you can imagine.” Jessica said with quick raspy breaths.

The two other girls uncuffed me and forcefully flipped me over once Jessica was under me. Now I was tied, facing downwards on top of easily one of the hottest girls I had ever seen.

“I’m going to take off your gag, but you have to promise me you’ll stay quiet.”

I nodded.

Jessica untied my gag and tossed it on the ground. Then she grabbed my hair and pulled me down to her open mouth. She french kissed me for about a minute before I had to come up for air.

“Damn your a good kisser, lets see what else you can-”

But before she could finish I moved to her neck and made sure to kiss every square inch of it.

I had just reached the nape of her neck when she pushed my head up. I was about to ask what the problem was when I realized what she was doing. She grabbed her cut off pajama shirt and lifted it over her head.

Underneath were her beautiful C20 cups that were encased in a white lacy bra. The smooth curves of her stomach stared up at me, glistening in a light sheen of sweat.

I wasn’t about wait for orders. I moved down to her navel and began to lick it wetly. Then I moved up to her nice abs and lightly licked them. I continued this until her abdomen was covered in my saliva.

By this time she had a large wet patch on her crotch and was making a low moaning sound.

Next I moved up to her tits. She reached behind her and unclipped the bra. As it fell to the ground I moved in on her left nipple which was already rock hard. By the time I was finished her back was arching and her eyes were wild with lust.

Now I moved down for desert. She quickly pushed off her pink pajama pants and immediately shoved a finger inside her soaking wet pussy. I just looked up at her and licked my lips.

The second her finger was out, my tounge went in. I lightly circled Jessica’s bulging clit making her let out a soft groan. I was planning to take things slowly, but obviously that was not going to happen. Jessica grabbed my hair and shoved my face deep into her pussy. It only took about two minutes before I could feel her first orgasm coming on. Suddenly she humped my face hard enough that her nicely trimmed bush pressing against me. She shrieked as she hit orgasm and her juices flowed into my sucking mouth in a steady stream.

We lay there for a moment before Jessica got up and helped flip me over. She traded places with Lauren.

Once I was locked in position, Lauren climbed on top of me and straddled my body just above my bulging dick that was once again becoming painfully hard. Since I had only been with a few girls at the time, I really had no idea if my 8 inches were normal sized, small, or big.

Lauren was wearing a tight tee shirt that had the words SOMEONES GOING TO BE LUCKY TONIGHT on the chest. She had pink short shorts on as well and I could see her wetness soaking through already. She nice and softly began to kiss my ear and then my neck. I could smell her lavender perfume and began to uncontrollably arch my back. I new she could feel my cock pressing against her because she smiled at me and inserted her tounge into my mouth. Damn she was a good kisser.

After a while Lauren sat up and got the girls to uncuff me again. She slowly took off my shirt, and then my shorts. Now all I had on were my boxers, which atleast gave my boner a little freedom. Once the cuffs were back on, She crept down to my navel. I could feel Lauren’s soft lips and tongue going over my belly button, my abs and my chest. If she kept this up, I new I was in danger of cumming.

Lauren sat back up and began to strip herself. The slim curves of her pale but still very sexy body made me gasp. Her C10 tits were in a silk smooth bra and so were her panties. God, she had hot legs.

She moved downwards untill she was on top of my dick. I started to gasp in pleasure as my boxers were removed. Finally I was free. My dick must have been above average because every one of them gasped in awe as I grew to my full 8 inches.

“Its sooo big and firm!” Lauren said as she wrapped her hand around it’s base. I started to shiver in pleasure.

First Lauren squeezed my base a few times and just watched my cock react. Then she started jerking me off with both of her hands. My eyes just rolled back in my head as I felt her lips take my balls. Then she worked her way up, kissing my entire shaft, tracing the veins with her tounge. Once she was at the top, I felt her plunge down my cock untill she was just over halfway down. She started to bob her head always going a little lower. I could feel my balls tightening as she began to deep throat my entire eight inches.

“He’s gonna cum!” Kathryn yelled out. Suddenly Lauren’s mouth left my cock but I felt her teeth slide over the head as she lifted off. I was so close! Obviously they were saving me for something else.

Lauren retreated off of me and began touching herself in my chair. I could hear her coming as I was flipped back onto my stomach. This time Kathryn got under me.

For some reason I found that she turned me on more than the other two. Mabye it was her perfectly toned body, the way she didn’t really care about anything, or the fact that she was just interesting. As I kissed her neck softly she began whispering things to me.

“By the size of you dick, and your hard body, I have a feeling that you can last a long time. But I have the sexual stamina higher than anyone you will ever be with, and I think I should warn you that I will out do you in every way.”

I didn’t say anything, I was too busy licking her left ear. Then I felt Kathryn’s hands on my head and I kissed her the best I could. I felt her tounge wrestling with mine, and tasted her saliva as it mixed in my mouth. I knew that she could feel my hard cock against her stomach and I didn’t even care.

I moved down and began to kiss the part of the stomach that was not covered between her basketball tee shirt and her nike shorts. She got the idea and pulled her shirt over her head.

Now I had a clear view of her tight abs, hard B size tits, and the muscular V shape that ended below her shorts. I traced every curve, every bend, every crevice with my tongue. There was a mix between saliva and sweat coating her body and that turned me on soooo much more. I could hear and feel her sharp breaths and low groans of pleasure. She grabbed my head and pulled my up for another passionate kiss before having the girls flip me back over.

My cock was standing straight up now and everytime it touched anything I felt a shiver of pleasure course down my legs.

“Now your gonna get your reward for waiting.” Kathryn said in a sexy voice.

She unsnapped her blue bra revealing the petite but beautiful breasts beneath. She also slid out of her shorts and panties. She straddled me and gripped my cock in one hand.

Thats when Jessica handed her something that surprised me. It was the year old condom that was hidden in my underwear drawer. So they had been fishing around in my room. She slid it onto my pulsing boner, telling me that she was on the pill but didn’t want to take the chance.

It wasn’t until now that I truly realized that she could make me fuck her as much as she wanted and I was powerless to resist. Unless I showed her more endurance than she had.

I sighed as Kathryn rubbed the head of my member against her slit and slowly inserted it.

She showed physical stress as my huge dick penetrated her:

“Ohhh ya, come on, I can take you ahhhhh. Come on, COME ON! Ill take all of you! MMM YES there we go”

I simply moaned as I had trouble getting into her wet but tight pussy. Slowly she began to hump me with her hips and she placed her hands beside my head.

She couldn’t stop the flow from her mouth in between kisses.

“OHHH yes! Shove that big cock into me, shove your big prick! I can take! I will last! OHHH YES AHHHHH MMMMMM MMMMM FUCK YEAH! FUCK MY PUSSY! IT WANTS YOU, IT NEEDS YOU! MMMMM AHHHHHHHHHHH”

I was unbelievably turned on by her voice and it took all my energy to not cum. I new Kathryn was getting close as well-I could feel her convulsing vaginal muscles. Thats when I had an idea. If I could get the loose part of my headboard unlatched, I would be able to get the cuffs out.

With a newfound strength, I pulled the plastic cuffs as hard as I could, but instead of the headboard coming loose the actuall cuffs broke. My hands were now free to do what they wanted. Kathryn, who was still moaning and screaming loudly just licked her lips at me.

The tables had turned now. I broke my ankle cuffs easily and rolled over. Kathryn stopped humping for a second and pulled my cock out of her pussy.

“I’m on the pill so I want this off,” she said taking off the condom and shoving my cock back in. Kathryn wrapped her legs around my back as I set the pace. It only took about a minute before we both new we were close to cumming. I kissed her fiercely as we neared.

I yelled as I released the most powerful orgasm of my life. Thick hot streams of my cum fired into Kathryn’s pussy and dripped down the sides. She screamed as her body was wracked with not one, but two continous orgasms.

We both fell asleep with Kathryn on top of me, our juices all over our bodies.

The next morning I woke up around 7 am with all three girls draped over me. Kathryn was the only one awake and she had been watching me sleep. Before I could say anything, she slid down to my still semi-hard cock and began to lick both of our cums off of me. By the time she was done, I was hard again.

She simply slipped my dick into her mouth and sucked me for five minutes until I cummed again, this time making sure to swallow every last drop. She kept her mouth around the head until she was sure there wasn’t a drop left in my balls.

Last night had been the start of a very interesting relationship between the three girls and me. I found myself looking forward to each and every slumber party that my sister had. Even to this day, I am secretely fucking my sister’s friends.

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