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Four, Count Them! Four

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We’d been together for a while. The bond was there – clear and strong. I was his at one time – there was no question. There was nothing I’d deny him – nothing. I told him of my fantasies and many times he used them on the phone or in person to take my lust to different levels.

He sent me instructions in emails and text messages and knew with all the certainty that the sun would come up that I’d obey them.

We ended that part of our relationship, but remained in contact. Months later he sent me an invite to dinner at his house. I replied that I’d love to go and what can I bring? He told me nothing, but gave me strict instructions on what to wear. Even though we hadn’t seen each other, he knew I’d follow them.

I got there dressed exactly as he instructed – in a short black halter dress with nothing underneath, high black sandals. My hair was long and wild and my make up was almost whorish, with bright red shiny lips. He looked at me, smiled that crooked smile of his and took the back of my hair and brought my mouth to his – owning it – possessing it and me. The kiss was so powerful it took my breath (and lipstick) away. He kissed me with a passion unrivaled and I always melted from the sheer power and electricity. I knew that part of his strength was the sheer gentleness he sometimes showed me. But in this kiss, there was no gentleness – just strength and possession. It was unimportant how much time had lapsed since we’d seen each other.

I walked in to the room and he immediately scooped me up making me feel small and feminine. I started saying something and he kissed me again taking my words and sense.

“It’s so good to see you, we’re going to have a great night together.” Then he set me down on the bed and blindfolded me. I loved when he blindfolded me – temporarily. I so loved looking at his face – so much of my own arousal I saw in his eyes. But the blindfold awoke the other senses even more powerfully. “The blindfold, pet, will only be on a little while, I have a surprise for you. One of your fantasies will come true tonight. I had shared so many fantasies with him, that I truly didn’t know which would come true – but that didn’t stop the tingling between my legs.

He removed my dress and then put his iPod earphones on my ears and played jazz piano. With the music and the blindfold, I couldn’t see or hear what was going on in the room. I felt his hands spread my legs and put a soft silk tie around each ankle, securely tying me to the 4-poster bed. Next, I knew, were my hands and I splayed them out in submission. I couldn’t hear his “Good, girl,” but I knew in my heart he said it, or thought it.

I then felt his fabulous tongue lick and kiss slowly up each leg, driving the lust to another gear. When his tongue stopped, the build hadn’t even started, but he knew that. He then rubbed my nipples, pinching them, squeezing my breasts – God, it felt so good. My nipples have always been very sensitive but all of a sudden I felt a heat so unfamiliar. He put something on them, not knowing what, but it was cold, and hot at once. I almost felt my nipples grow and harden knowing that it would be days before they softened.

I felt his mouth on my neck kissing and using that magic tongue down to my shoulders. My nipples were burning now – aching for attention. As if he read my mind, his fingers rubbed them, rolling them between his thumb and his forefinger. That build started just from my nipples. What did he put on them? They were on fire!!! He then moved his mouth on my nipple and I shattered unexpectedly, shocking my body in to spasms.

My feet pulled against the ties when I felt hands holding them down. A different pair of hands were on my body and even the powerful orgasm I just had, didn’t stop the shock that there was another man here.

“Who?” I barely got out when he kissed me deeply.

He lifted the ear phones off for a moment on my left ear and said, “No questions, pet. Remember, this is YOUR fantasy – enjoy. Only words out of your mouth should be in pleasure, can you do that?”

I nodded a weak response when I felt the hands at my feet massage up my legs. His hands were strong and a bit rough – a man who worked with his hands. His mouth started on my legs just beyond his fingers. Now there was a mouth on my neck and shoulders, fingers on my nipples, and hands and mouth on my legs. That’s when I felt another mouth on my other nipple and more hands on my sides. Their scents were all different, the music kept blaring in my ears as hands and mouths were devouring me – I didn’t know how many. I counted three, but knew there was someone else – felt him. I wasn’t sure when sharing this fantasy, that it was one that should have come to life. Some are meant to – some not. But I could not deny the pleasure my body was going through.

A mouth with a mustache or beard was now nearing my pussy, down my stomach. I knew I was drenched with the sheer excitement of all these men taking me and using me for their pleasure. But the hair was tickling – I needed him there – I needed another release. I felt fingers touching my pussy. “MMMmmmmmmmmmmm,” I moaned.

That’s when I felt a cock near my lips. I automatically opened my mouth and as I took a large cock inside, I felt something enter my pussy – not a cock – but a dildo. But then it started buzzing and I knew it was a vibrator. Lips were on my clit, the vibrator inside and a cock taking my mouth. Hands were massaging my legs and feet and other fingers were pinching my nipples. I didn’t know how they were all arranged, all I knew was the pleasure my body was experiencing.

The orgasm this time started at the roots of my hair and went out to every pore and the implosion wracked my body in wave after wave of intense pleasure. The cock in my mouth was getting tighter – but then he removed it – and the dildo was removed and the lips on my clit. All the stimuli – then nothing. I wanted more – I wanted it all. “Pleaseeeeeeeeee!!!!” I begged.

My blindfold was removed – as were the headphones. I was faced with four very sexy, very different, and very aroused naked men. And I was theirs to be used – and they were mine to please. This was the ultimate slut fantasy – not one I’d have chosen to come true, perhaps, but there was no denying the arousal and lust and sheer hunger inside of me. I wanted it all – I wanted them all spent and sated – and I wanted to be satisfied like I’ve never been satisfied before.

They had already inspected me, but it was my turn.

There was a dark one – maybe Latino, not sure – and he was about 5’9″ and very stocky and well-toned. He had little hair on his chest and none by his cock, but his was the mustache I felt. His cock was not that long – but quite thick.

The taller one was also dark – but more from the sun than heritage. He had moss green eyes with a twinkle and a killer smile. He was slimmer – but also in great shape with six-pack abs and a long thin cock that had a curve that intrigued me.

Then there was a younger blonde one with ice-blue eyes and a cocky attitude that showed in his smile. It was his hands that caught my attention – wide palms, tanned, well-shaped fingers. His cock was the biggest of them all – even my lovers who certainly didn’t have anything to be ashamed of in that area.

Yes – my lover, the conductor of this event. He wasn’t your classic tall, dark, and handsome. He was maybe about 5’10”, and his complexion was dark from being in the sun, and he wasn’t classically handsome, but killer sexy. He had a lot of perfectly-splayed hair on his chest and legs. It drove me wild just playing with it. I liked when he smiled genuinely because his blue eyes shined. Like now – now he was happy because he saw what his gift was doing to me.

I got up from laying on the bed and kissed my lover then knelt down and took the blonde one’s cock in my mouth while squeezing my lover’s balls. The other two moved around me and started rubbing my ass and one used the vibe against foot. It tickled and someone said, “Get on your hands and knees,” so I did.

I alternated sucking my lover’s cock and the blonde’s – so different, so filling, as they both took fists of my hair and moved me from side to side. I was so in to the sucking that when a flash of a camera went off, I didn’t even care. One of the others was taking pictures of me sucking the two men and I thoroughly got off on the thrill of it. The camera was obviously put away because I felt one man move under me and start lapping at my pussy, making me suck and squeeze with even more enthusiasm.

The vibrator moved from my pussy to my clit to my ass – all the while I sucked and sucked, and squeezed and milked cocks and balls. I was going to explode again and I suppose my moans warned them, but the one who was lapping on my clit, but his mouth right on my pussy and sucked. I came with a force and he kept his mouth right there sending me dizzying in to oblivion.

Then the tall one started slowly pushing against my ass. He was lubed and it was tight, but would go in. The guy below me used the vibrator now on my very sensitive clit as the tall one inched his way deep in my ass, filling me. I was still sucking the two cocks and the dark one below me moved so that he could put his very hard, thick cock in my pussy. They used a slow rhythm and I thought I would need to be peeled off the ceiling in pleasure. The vibe was still on my clit and my lover was pinching my nipples. My nipples that had to be the most sensitive rocks in the world with whatever he put on them. The build was starting again – but this time I was more aware – more aware of the men inside of me. The blonde in my mouth started to moan and tighten and tell me that he was going to cum. I wanted to swallow him so I switched back to him and squeezed my lover’s balls and sucked and sucked. He came hard and in long spurts deep in my mouth, down my throat.

As he was cumming, the tall one in my ass started to quiver and I knew he’d be next. My lover had incredible control and I knew he’d be last. The dark one actually came in my pussy at the same time the tall one in my ass and they were hitting each other through the wall inside of me. The thought of that was so hot, I started to explode again – and again – and again. “Godddddddddddddddd!” one of them yelled.

My lover was next and I felt his balls tighten and heard him saying, “Swallow it all, pet, like the good little slut you are. You love all these cocks using you, don’t you?” And he came – so hard, deep down my throat as he pulled my hair in his fist and grabbed my head closer in to his balls. I gagged on him and swallowed every drop.

Four men took me, used me, filled me – every hole filled – over and over again. They came inside of me, they came on me, they rubbed their cum together on my nipples and made me take it with my fingers and lick them.

As spent as I was after countless orgasms, they had me lie on the bed with a vibrator and dildo and play with myself as I watched them harden and some take pictures. After hours of fucking, sucking, using, swallowing, cumming, and more cumming, I was spent on the bed again. Each of them kissed me goodbye and left. My lover snuggled next to me, rubbed my just-fucked hair out of my face, and whispered, “Good job, pet. Let’s not let so much time go between visits anymore. Hungry for dinner?”

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