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Olivia and Friends

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Olivia and I had not dated much. And most of that was more about sex, not dating.

Our first date was dinner, then back to her place for drinks and, quickly, bed. It was not that I was so great at seducing her. She just seemed as interested in sex as I wanted her to be in my daydreams. If you’re thinking that a relationship like that couldn’t last, well… well, you’re right. But on to the story.

Olivia was a very attractive girl. 5 foot 7, slender, fairly large breasts, long legs, and long, brown hair. We were both 22 years of age.

I arrived at her place in the late afternoon that day, thinking that it may be little more than a couple of drinks, fucking her once or twice, then a quick bite to eat to end the evening. That’s not really as much as I wanted out of the relationship, but that is what the last couple of dates had been. I’m not really complaining, but I was finding that I was hoping for more from a girl. Yeah, it kind of surprised me, too!

True to form, I arrived to music playing and Olivia pouring a drink for me before we went out. As before, we drank, sat on the couch and talked, which led to kissing and the inevitable.

Olivia was a great kisser. Her full lips parted and allowed our tongues to battle each other. Her hand held the back of my head, pulling it into the long, passionate kiss. Her other hand roamed over my chest and arms. She seemed fascinated by the muscles in both. I did have very good upper body strength, and Olivia soon was pulling my shirt over my head to run her hands over the muscles in both.

I could not be far behind, as I squeezed her breasts through her blouse, Luckily she wore no bra, so her large but firm breasts felt wonderful through the thin material, but unluckily the blouse had buttons. I hate buttons. They always seemed to slow things down so much.

After one button I was able to reach in and stroke the bare flesh of her breast. I spent some time massaging it and playing with her thick, hard nipple. After a few minutes of this, and another button, Olivia helped by frantically working at a button or two herself, then shrugged the blouse over her shoulders and down her arms while I was still working on the last button.

As I dove mouth first onto a breast I mumbled some curses aimed at buttoned clothing in general. She pulled my head in with both hands, “forcing” me to fill my mouth with her boob while promising to never wear buttoned blouses again. There was much moaning from both of us while speaking, and the words made sense only to us in the heat of the moment.

I eventually worked my way down across her flat stomach, working at her shorts, intending to eat her pussy, but when she rose up to let me pull them off her hands latched onto my belt and I held there while she removed my pants as well. My dick sprung free and she grabbed it quickly.

My dick was a little above average in length at about 7 inches, but it was much above average in width. Olivia loved to wrap her hands around it and admire it while she slowly stroked up and down its length. It never did last long, though, because by then we were definitely in a hurry. I leaned in to kiss her eager mouth and her tits while my hands were reaching down to rub over her legs, her thighs, and finally to her pussy.

I rubbed along her pussy lips, not surprised to find them moist. The real wetness I felt was when I slipped a finger inside her. Her moan told me she had been waiting for that, so I slid another finger into her.

“Yes! Oh, yes!” she moaned as I massaged the inside of her. But she never did let go of my dick.

I slid my fingers out to a less joyful moan from her, and slid my hands under her thighs. I scooted her out onto the edge of the couch cushion, then lifted her legs up higher to tilt her crotch up. Olivia pulled my dick down towards her pussy, rubbed it through her slit a few times, and positioned it at her entrance. I pushed forward.

“Uhhhh!” we both said as my dick slid into her, stretching the walls of her pussy as it had done before.

I was about halfway in, but we were both in a hurry. A couple more pushes and I was deep. Olivia helped, her hips pushing her pussy up as much as they could, almost pinned down as they were.

I held myself deep inside her for a moment, enjoying her wet vagina pulsing the length of my dick. She was ready for more before I was, and let me know with a deep throated groan and a push of her hips. I held her by the ankles and lifted them up high, tilting her pussy even more upright, then pulled back nearly out of her before pushing my body weight down on top of her, ramming my cock all the way home.

Olivia yelled out in pleasure as each thrust impaled her. She did seem to like it a bit on the rough side at times. After 3 or 4 of these I once again held deep inside her, then began a more leisurely fucking. I pulled out and thrust in more slowly, feeling my cock pushing down the channel of her pussy, her walls being pushed open by my invading cock and closing back over it, holding it tightly.

After a minute or two of that we desired more force again. I began thrusting my cock the whole length of her channel faster, more forcefully. We both yelped as our pubic bones mashed together and my cock bottomed out inside her.

I pulled completely out of her, catching my erection with my hand and rubbing it up against her clit. She screamed out at the surprise and the pleasure of this new feeling, then again as I pushed down on my cock so I could shove it back deeply inside her.

By this time she had given up control of her body, giving herself over to nothing but physical sensations. For a second time I pulled out, using my hand to direct my dick against her clit, then pushing it back down to ram into the length of her channel. She was limp and moaning.

The third time I tried the same trick, I rubbed her clit but pushed a little too hard on my dick to get it back in her. My dick settled right on the pucker of her ass hole instead of where I had intended. I held it there, for a moment not comprehending what had happened. The next moment I was realizing it, but could not think clearly enough about what to do. My cockhead felt good nestled in her little opening. It was while I was trying to clear my head that I heard her speak.

“Okay. But go easy,” were her words, halting and breathless as they were.

Again I struggled to understand what was happening. What did she mean?

“Slow,” she said, and wiggled her ass slightly on the tip of my cock.

Finally my brain kicked into gear, and I was suddenly aware that I was going to fuck an ass for the first time in my life. I took a deep breath and pushed – gently – into her. But it didn’t go far.

“Shit,” I heard her say. Then, “Get some more… juice… on my hole.”

Her pussy had been leaking, and a lot of it had run down her crack to her ass. But she evidently needed more. I stuck two fingers inside her pussy and rubbed it around, which caused a lot of happy noises to come from her. I then moved to her rosebud. Leaning back to get my dick cleared, I rubbed the juice over the hole. Not being totally naive, I realized that she may need some lubrication inside her, so I pushed a wet finger in. She squealed with surprise and pleasure while wiggling her ass around.

I got another finger wet and pushed two into her. This was tighter and caused her to groan with a little pain but there was more pleasure, especially when she loosened up and moved them around inside of her. I pulled them out and wet them again and repeated, easier this time.

I surprised her by shoving my dick deep into her pussy, then pulling my fingers out of her ass and pushing my dick in. It went in easier but only an inch or two.

“Mmmm Ahhhhh,” she choked out of a clenched throat. overcome with surprise, sexual excitement, and some pain, but she didn’t seem to want to quit.

I pushed in harder a couple of times before my head popped through.

“Stop,” she said, and I thought it was over until she said, “Okay.” she just needed to adjust to the intruder.

She pushed her hips back slowly and I pushed into her more quickly. We both moaned in pleasure, hers mixed with pain. We continued like that for a while until I was worked in the whole way. We had to stop and rest, then continued.

Gradually, very gradually, we picked up speed. I tried to match her desires as she came to stretch out enough. I had been holding her hips tightly, helping to pull her onto my cock, but when it felt okay I removed them and reached underneath her. I found her pussy and her clit, playing with them both. It took little time to drive her over the edge.

“Ahhh! Unnngggggg!” she could form no words but made all sorts of noises as her body convulsed. As my dick was caught in her vise, I could hold out no longer and I erupted deep in her ass. I also made quite a few noises of my own!

We were both overcome with the experience. I sort of collapsed onto her. Well, beside her, but onto one of her legs which remained spread eagle. We both lay there for at least several minutes, not sure if we were awake or not. Until suddenly Olivia twitched and jumped up, disentangling us.

“Car doors!” she nearly yelled. “Sara and Emily”

I don’t know how she knew it was them, or even how she knew the car doors were in the driveway of her townhouse, but she was frantically hunting and grabbing for her clothes.

“Get dressed,” she yelled, and I joined in the chaos.

She was ahead of me, and not bothering with underwear. I followed her lead and quit looking for my shorts. I slid into my jeans and grabbed my shirt just as the door opened. I flung my arms through the sleeves and pulled the shirt down as the girls appeared.

“HI,” the girls all said at once, giggling and hugging each other. Olivia introduced me to her roommates and we said hello. I noticed their eyes sweeping around the room and then focusing on Olivia and me. That’s when I noticed Olivia had buttoned only two buttons on her blouse, and they were crooked. Our underwear could now be seen by us all. It made Sara and Emily smile naughtily.

“So whatcha doin’?” Emily asked in a sing-song manner.

Noone said a word for what seemed like a very long time, with sexual tension building every second. Everyone knew what had been going on. and I began to wonder how badly this would end.

“Tell you what,” Olivia said, grabbing a beer bottle from the floor and laying it down on the coffee table. “You want to see what’s been going on, let’s play.”

She was moving the bottle side to side on the table, playing, and now spun it. As it slowed she stopped its spinning so that it pointed at Emily.

Olivia stared at Emily. “You first.”

Emily was confused. “Me what?”

Olivia smiled wickedly. “Take something off.”

“Whaaa?” Emily was no longer confused, but didn’t know wht she wanted to do.

Olivia added, “You should see my boyfriend naked,” while licking her lips.

Emily began to slowly unbutton her blouse. Noone stopped her, so she continued, slipping it off her shoulders when done. Everyone admired her full, probably C cup breasts encased in a frilly white bra.

“All right!” Olivia squealed in delight. “You spin.”

Emily spun, which ironically pointed to Olivia. She whipped off her skirt, displaying her naked, shaved pussy to everyone’s amazement.

“Well, you saw my panties over there,” she said, nodding to her panties under the table, explaining her nakedness.

Everyone else was speechless as Olivia spun, with the bottle landing on me.

I took off my shirt, especially since I had no shorts on underneath my pants. I was not as anxious to show my stuff as Olivia had been, but the girls seemed quite interested nevertheless. I was in shape, muscular arms and chest, as well as a slim waist. I didn’t know why girls were so interested in that, but I was aware – and grateful.

When I spun it pointed again at Emily, who surprised us all by removing her bra.Her breasts stared at me as if alive. Big, firm, and shapely, they and her thick nipples were sights to behold. I wondered if she was liking this a lot. She could have taken off her slacks, but instead she exposed her naked breasts. Or maybe she was also wearing no panties. Interesting.

Emily’s spin finally pointed to Sara. She was much slower in pulling off her top. She was embarrassed but she did it, which is all that counts. Unlike the other two girls, Sara had small breasts. A cute bra let little flesh show, but she was enticing. Quickly she spun, probably to get the attention off her. It landed on Olivia.

Already half naked, Olivia undid the two fastened buttons on her blouse and shrugged it off, exposing her entire naked body to the room. She loved the attention.

Sara’s shorts came next, leaving her in bra and panties, then Emily lost her slacks, but she was wearing panties. Finally it came to me, wearing nothing but pants. My dick had fully recovered and pointed straight up as my pants slid down. The girls all clapped.

“Impressed?” asked Olivia, looking to the other two for approval. Indeed they were. They seemed in awe. Emily unconsciously licked her lips.

“Just take them off,” Olivia said to Emily.

Emily removed her panties, showing her pussy was shaved just like Olivia’s. They then looked at Sara without saying a word, who slowly and carefully removed her bra, uncovered perfectly formed but small little titties. She hesitated taking off her panties but eventually gave in, very slowly revealing her little pussy covered with a small strip of hair, just enough to hide her slit.

Everything up to this point had been foreplay. Just an excuse that allowed everyone to get naked. Everyone but Sara, anyhow. The others seemed very sexual, but Sara seemed shy, retiring. She also seemed younger. My mind flashed on the hope that she was 18.

Emily looked at my girlfriend. “Can we sample now?”

I knew her meaning, and when Olivia nodded, Emily wasted no time getting to my side of the table. She took my erection in her hand and stroked it, looking at me, at everyone, smiling and enjoying herself immensely. I did too, especially when she took it into her mouth. I noticed Sara’s eyes get big, as mine must have,

She took it out of her mouth and slapped it against her cheek, moaning with bliss. She stood up and looked at Olivia.

“How much do I get?” she asked.

Olivia smiled. “Anything you want, if he doesn’t mind,”

Emily laughed and rubbed her hands over her body, cupping her tits in display. “Oh, he won’t mind, will he?”

She turned, displaying her entire body, and I stepped up behind her. I cupped her breasts from behind, causing her to moan. I kissed her neck and shoulder, sliding one hand down her side. She wiggled her ass back as my erection nestled between her butt cheeks.

“Ohhh, fuuuck,” Emily moaned.

Olivia laughed. “That’s probably what he has in mind.”

I couldn’t believe my girlfriend had done all this, and approved of me fucking her friend. But I also wasn’t about to stop and question it. I pushed my dick down, rubbing it along her crotch. We were both so excited, my dick rock hard and her pussy soaking wet. But it was not a good angle standing there.

I put my hand on her back, signaling her to bend over the arm of the couch, her legs spread. As she did this her pussy opened up for me and I slipped my dick in her slit. Rubbing it up and down her slit got it wet, and I pushed into her vagina. She was not as tight as Olivia, and did not have any problem taking me. Her pussy walls parted around my cockhead and closed in again around the shaft. In about three strokes back and forth I was all in. I began long, slow but forceful strokes in and out, feeling like it was a perfectly snug fit. We fucked for several minutes before Emily erupted in a convulsive orgasm.

I paused while she finished. I was nowhere near ready, as I had just cum a short while before. As I waited, Olivia came up and whispered in my ear, “Sara is a virgin. But she wants you.”

My cock twitched at hearing those words. I looked at Sara, who was staring at the juncture of my cock and Emily’s pussy. I swear her mouth drooled just a little.

Just as I started to move again inside Emily I heard Olivia say, “Take her ass!”

“Yeah, do her in the ass,” Sara repeated, sounding like she was in a trance.

“Uhhhh, yeahhhhh,” moaned Emily quietly, and I knew I was going to do it.

Moments before I had taken my first ass, and now I was ready for another. And all this while being watched for the first time. Surprisingly to me I seemed to like being watched. It was all very exciting. I felt like I was dreaming.

I pulled out of Emily’s snatch and pushed two fingers in, wetting them thoroughly before pushing them into her butt hole, one at a time. She didn’t seem nearly as tight as Olivia. I guessed she had anal sex before, perhaps often. I wet my cock head again in her pussy juices and then positioned it at her anus. As I spread her butt cheeks she pushed back, then I pushed forward. It was tight, but I could tell she was relaxed and I got inside her a little. I was soon past her ring. I pushed one hand down hard on her back, flattening her face onto the couch cushion, and could drive harder into her from that position. I wasn’t going fast, but pushing hard. She was much more open than Olivia, but nothing like her pussy.

It was now that Olivia leaned into my ear again saying, “I think the virgin may want to be dominated.”

My mind spun around those words while my cock throbbed inside Emily. Was she a submissive? I had no experience with that. I really had not even fantasized about that kind of thing. Well, not much. I really had no desire for it that I knew of.

Evidently Sara had been whispering to Olivia while they watched me screw their roommate. She seemed to like the way I took control. It turned her on to see a ‘real man,’ as she said, not the ‘boys’ that kept trying to get in her pants. She was ready to lose her virginity, and she was willing to do it with me.

I tried to think of what I should do with that information. Especially the submissive part, if that was true. Remember, I was thinking while slowly fucking Emily in the ass!

“Sara, sit on the couch,” I said, looking at her. She looked at my face for the first time, at least that I noticed. She rose off the floor and took the two steps toward the couch.

Before she sat I said, “One leg against the back, facing this way.”

She hesitated. Was she thinking of what I meant, or deciding if she should even do it? I didn’t know, but she did sit facing us, one leg bent, then pushed it against the back of the couch.

“Slide closer,” I said.

She couldn’t get much closer without getting her pussy in Emily’s mouth, but that is what I wanted.

“Emily is going to eat you,” I told her. It was the first Emily had heard of it as well, and I felt her ass clench. Was that good or bad? Hey, I didn’t know these girls, my girlfriend had pushed us together, and I didn’t think our relationship was going to last long anyway – so what harm was there in seeing what all could happen?

To my surprise, at least a little, Sara scooted up to Emily’s head, and Emily raised up, opened her mouth, and began to lick pussy.

“Have you ever eaten a girl? I asked Emily, who shook her head no and mumbled, “Huh-uh.”

My cock throbbed again inside Emily, but I was trying to not fuck her very well. If this little virgin wanted me, I didn’t dare cum again until I was inside her. Not an easy task, but it helped that Emily’s attention was now taken up mostly by eating out Sara. I was moving my cock very slowly, barely fucking her, as we all watched her eating Sara’s pussy.

Her mouth sometimes covered Sara’s little pussy completely, her tongue sometimes lapping her pussy lips, sometimes sticking straight into her hole, and sometimes twirling around her clit. Needless to say, Sara was gasping for both at this experience, writhing her hips against the onslaught of Emily’s tongue, pushing increasingly harder.

As the little virgin obviously was getting closer to an orgasm, I shoved two fingers into Emily’s pussy. My fucking her ass had not done much about getting us close to cumming, but I couldn’t leave her hanging. I pushed two fingers into her pussy and found her little bundle of nerves, pushing on the spongy spot, and used my thumb to find her clit on the outside. Both events brought long, loud moans from Emily, which also caused Sara to moan more at the extra feeling it brought to her pussy.

After a while of this new oral experience, Sara was going crazy, finally erupting in a huge orgasm, holding Emily’s head tight to her pussy as she exploded. In turn, I began really attacking Emily’s g-spot and clit, pinching them together from inside and out, bringing her close to her own explosion. I rammed my cock into her ass a few times as I worked at her pussy, her hips thrashing around now as much as they could move, and she erupted with a muffled yowl.

Sara had fallen back onto the couch in exhaustion, though Emily continued to lick her on and off before and after her own orgasm. I popped my throbbing cock out of Emily’s ass, hoping that I was going to have someplace else to put it, quickly. Hopefully into virgin Sara, but if not it had to go somewhere. It was throbbing with way too much stimulation.

I picked up someone’s panties from the floor. I had no idea who they belonged to, but I wiped my dick off with them as Olivia and Sara watched. Then on some perverted spur of the moment I saw Emily’s leaking pussy still pointed up at me, so with one finger wrapped in the panties I stuffed some of it into her pussy, leaving most of the panties hanging out.

I stepped over to Sara, my wagging erection flying in her face. Taking hold of it I said, “Open your mouth.”

She did so with little hesitation, and I pushed it forward into her mouth.

“Lick it,” I said.

Her lips were covering the head, but they fell off as her tongue began to swirl around the head. She sucked it back in, then licked some more. Without being told she licked all the way down the base, having to hold onto the shaft to keep it steady. She licked the length of it several times before taking it back into her mouth and sucking it. It was lovely, but I had to put a stop to it. I wanted to cum in her pussy, not her mouth.

I sat on the other side of Sara’s head as she lay there, Emily’s head still in her crotch. Looking down at her I asked, “Are you a virgin?”

She looked up through glazed eyes and moaned, ‘Yeah.”

“Do you want to lose your virginity?” I continued. “Right now?”

That brought her around to full consciousness. She looked up at me and said, “Yes,” very softly.

“Then get up,” I said, trying to sound authoritarian.

She disentangled herself from her position with Emily and sat up. as she started to stand I took her hand and pulled it toward me.

“Knees on the couch. One leg on each side of me.”

She looked down at me, my 7 inch dick now feeling like an inch or two more, standing straight up from my lap. It seemed like an obscene image to be having a girl looking at, and it turned me on even more. If possible. Damn, how hot could I get?

Staring straight at my throbbing cock, she spread her legs and positioned herself as I had directed. This little bit of a girl, just having turned 18 a month earlier as it turned out, looked more like 16. Perhaps because she was so damn small. Barely 5 feet tall, a tiny thin waist, small boobs that couldn’t be more than an A cup but looked a little larger on her small frame. I didn’t feel too guilty when I reminded myself she was old enough. But I did have to remind myself. Taking her virginity did nothing but excite me.

“Lower yourself down on my prick,” I told her. “You’re going to take your own virginity.”

I had already had a couple virgins, and had learned how painful it was for them. Especially when I wasn’t careful. I was also wondering if this frail looking little girl could handle my width. As much as I had just been through, it felt like it was as big around as her waist. In my mind it looked almost that size as well, though I knew it wasn’t. Still, I was going to have her in control in case the pain was too much. A strange turn of events if she really wanted to be dominated. Taken. So I tried to sound ‘bossy,’ just in case.

“Take hold of my dick and rub it in your slit. Get it wet.”

She was dripping, so being wet was not a problem. She rubbed it a couple of times so that my cock was wet as well, though precum was certainly oozing out of it.

“Now put it in your hole,” I directed. I was hoping that I could get into her before I erupted. I could feel the cum building already. Much too soon.

Sara placed my head at her hole and moaned louder than she had been before, and I guess I moaned as well. “Sit down on it. Push it inside you as much as you can,” I directed.

She did just that, though I doubt it went in an inch before she cried out in pain and stopped. The other girls had been talking to her before, though I hadn’t paid any attention to them. But now I heard them telling her it would be all right, grit her teeth, that sort of thing. When she managed maybe two inches they began telling her to push harder. Quicker. “Like pulling off a Band-aid.”

For my part, I was nearly done. Sadly I said, “I’m going to cum soon!”

I was trying to hold off, but I didn’t think I was going to make it. When I saw Olivia’s hand reach toward my cock I wanted to say “NO!” I was afraid her touch on my dick was going to be the last straw I could stand before cumming. But I couldn’t speak. I could only moan, and give in to the fact that I was going to cum before really taking Sara’s virginity.

It was a strange feeling. Olivia took the base of my cock in her hand, her hand wrapping around it. Or perhaps her fingers pinching it. I didn’t know just what she did, but instead of causing me to erupt as I had expected, my orgasm suddenly was not so imminent. She had actually delayed it somehow! I sighed my gratitude as I pushed slightly up into Sara, causing her to moan some more.

Actually the moaning was nearly constant. My mind could now go back to the fear that she might not be able to take me. Still only a couple of inches in, I reached down to her pussy. Her lips, and maybe even some of the skin around them, felt like it was being pulled inside her along with my cock. I pulled my cock back a little and spread her pussy lips with my fingers, as wide as it would go. She then sank down a little and it felt like it went in easier. Still maybe only two inches, but it felt easier, wetter. Her moaning even sounded a little more pleasurable.

The two girls had been talking to her, whispering in her ears, but now Olivia said out loud, “Push, Sara, push down. Do it!”

Sara did just as she was told, with louder moans to accompany it, but she did sink down a couple more inches.

“Now, pull up and back down. Up and down. In and out,” Olivia encouraged her.

Sara did just that as I felt her impale herself on my shaft. She moaned more, yelled and even shrieked at least once, but soon I was sliding slowly in and out of her soaking pussy, pushing the walls far apart with each trip, getting easier but still so tight that I was afraid I might be injuring her. I had never had such a small girl.

But she and the girls continued, and I was not about to stop it. Any thoughts I had of hurting her were only fleeting at best as I began pushing my hips up as she impaled herself on me. Finally for the first time it felt like we were actually fucking. She grabbed onto my shoulders for balance and bounced on my cock, her moaning now sounding mostly good. I had removed my hands from her pussy and now held onto those small, firm tits. They were large enough to bounce along with her, and I began admiring just how nice they were.

I was pinching her little nipples when she began to sound like an orgasm was building. I thought I had caused it, but then I noticed that Emily was rubbing her clit as we fucked. Sara then started to rock her hips on me, while I was buried deeply inside her. Though admittedly I was not all the way in, it felt great to me. My own orgasm seemed to be building again as Sara’s most surely was. It hit her with a vengeance.

“Aaaaaahhhhhh” she screamed as if being split open. But in a good way, if possible.

She continued screaming, loudly, as she rocked on my throbbing cock, sinking lower and perhaps bottoming out. I’m not sure, because her pussy clenching even tighter and pulsing on my shaft was more than I could take, and I burst open. She was nearly done screaming, though still orgasming, when she felt my cum shoot up into her. That brought another round of screams. She was in heaven now, losing her virginity and enjoying it immensely. At least that’s how it sounded to me.

After I was done cumming my cock seemed to stay just as hard. Every time her pussy would spasm it almost felt that I was cumming some more, though I knew I wasn’t. I was surprised that my cock stayed so hard, buried deep inside of this small little pussy. I started wondering if it was actually going to soften as another pussy spasm squeezed, a couple minutes after it was technically over. But finally I felt a little less pressure around it and realized that my erection was finally subsiding,

We stayed like that for several more minutes, my cock not wanting to leave, and neither of us wanting to move. Finally the girls started to help Sara up. It was then that I realized my shaft was softened but still held tightly by Sara’s narrow pussy walls. They pulled her up and out as I felt like my cock could still fuck her, though I knew it could only feel that way on the way out. She pulled off my cock with a plop, laying in a heap in the corner of the couch. She was totally worn out. But so was I.

“Holy fuck,” one of the girls said. I didn’t know who. I didn’t care.

They discussed what an amazing fuck that had been, and also their own experiences. Sara could do nothing but moan a few times. I didn’t do that much. But I enjoyed listening.

We finally began moving again, feeling each other up a bit as a way of saying good-bye. My cock was sore. Sara couldn’t seem to walk. But we all felt good. As we dressed I wondered where this was all going. Olivia had always been mostly sexual, today extremely so. But maybe that was all. I thought perhaps our relationship was over, and it turned out that I was right. Too bad. I would have loved to continue this group experience with these amazing girls, but it was not to be. Olivia and I would get together and fuck once more, but it seemed somehow empty and it ended abruptly, though on good terms.

I did meet up with Sara and Emily again a couple of weeks later, just by chance. But that’s another story.

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