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Old Friends – New Lovers

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I’ve known Sarah for nearly 20 years. We “met” online back when the Internet was in its infancy. A time when you had to pay 29 cents to send an e-mail. We were both married then, and had a mutual interest in a certain female singer, which helped our friendship blossom. This was back in the days of cassettes and other memorabilia being swapped and I’m sure that she enjoyed getting little packages from across the country like I did.

As the Internet advanced, so did we. We opened up to each other about our problems. It was so easy then because while we were friends, we were 3000 miles apart, and it was unlikely that we’d ever meet, and for 5 or so years, we didn’t. When we did meet that first time, in a neutral site, spouses in tow, it was brief and weird.

We’ve flirted with each other occasionally over the years; well… it was more my flirting with her. With Sarah being 7 years younger than me it was always a thrill for me to think that I may have aroused her. I doubt she has any memories of our instant message conversations as we were both touching ourselves, but there were many things burned into my memory that I’ve used as masturbation fantasies all these years. She fascinated me and she knew it. And she knew that if she IM’s me late at night that I’m likely to be surfing porn. Like many men married for decades, my sex life had mostly become a solo event. Sarah was the one woman that knew of my habits and understood it.

Sarah knows me better than anyone, including my wife. And while there were some difficult periods in our lives for us both, our friendship has endured. Sarah’s not married any more, hasn’t been for some time, and she’s become an adoptive mother to a bright young boy. We’ve seen each other a number of times over the years, but it has been about 7 years since we saw each other. That is, until Sarah and her boy both came to visit my wife and I for a week’s vacation.

She looked wonderful when I met them at the airport. Her smile with those dimples always mesmerized me. She didn’t seem to age a minute during the last 7 years. I immediately remembered why she had fascinated me, though it was somewhat weird for me to see her as a mom. She was always so free spirited to me, even when she was married, and here she was introducing her little man to me.

We did all the things you’d expect those first few hours back at our house, but all I had in my mind was the chance to be alone with Sarah for a little while. Maybe being the single parent to a 4 year old meant she wasn’t as active sexually as she’d like. I don’t think I was ever her type, but just maybe something hot and sexy would happen. With her son in bed after a long flight across the country, and my wife heading up to bed Sarah and I were finally alone.

We spent an hour or 2 just talking, while I just kept looking at her, thinking about all the things I had fantasized about. Her breasts were much fuller than I remembered, and I wanted so badly to stand behind her and take out the braids in her hair just so I could run my fingers through her gorgeous locks. I had problems at times keeping a conversation until I blurted out “Why don’t we go for a moonlight swim? “. My pool is way in the back of my property and it’s well secluded. She said that her bathing suit wasn’t unpacked yet so she couldn’t swim without waking the boy, but she was eager to stick her feet in the pool while I took a dip.

My mind raced and my heart began to pound as we walked slowly out to the pool area. Even with all the lights on back there it’s relatively dark, but I did put on a few lights so we could see where we were going. It was still very dimly lit even with the light in the pool on. I couldn’t help but begin to think about some way to make something happen between us. I quickly went into the pool house to change and within seconds I was in the pool as she came and sat by the edge.

I stayed close to her as we talked in somewhat hushed tones, though it was totally unnecessary. After only a few minutes I just couldn’t resist and reached out to Sarah’s feet and began massaging them while they were under water. I thought it was a bold move, other than a hug or 2 we’ve never really had any real contact. A sigh from Sarah let me believe that this was OK for her; I knew it was great for me. I have never had a foot fetish, but it was still erotic to be touching her, massaging her. I gave her a great foot massage as I watched all her tension melt away from her. While I massaged I kept telling her to come swimming with me. She kept refusing in between her sighs from my massage, citing that lack of a swimsuit again. I stepped back from her for a second, whipped off my swimsuit, slapped it up on the bricks next to her and said “No one needs a swim suit, it’s dark, it’s 2am, its you and me and no one else will ever know” and I again stepped up and massaged her feet moving up to her calves.

Sarah has muscular legs and it was a thrill massaging them, and I told myself that I could see that she missed the touch of a caring man. I had always suspected that she was a tiger in bed, mainly because I knew that she was that rare woman that could enjoy sex for sex’s sake, unlike many other women that need the “love” attachment to the physical act. My heart was about to jump out of my chest as I rubbed her legs. Damn, I was totally naked in front of her, even if she really couldn’t see a thing with me underwater in the relative darkness. By now my erection was so hard it was almost painful. I stood up quickly and turned and swam into the deep end, floating lazily in front of the underwater pool light, casting a big shadow on the bottom of the pool. To my surprise I saw her begin to take her big loose top off. Wow!! I thought maybe she’ll strip down to her bra and panties and give me a thrill, but no, I was wrong as I saw her turn and reach around to unhook her bra!

Now I was cursing myself for not putting on every available light! I turned my back to her, affording her a chance to get in the pool without my prying eyes. When I heard a splash, I turned and swam towards her. She was bobbing in the shallow end, water up to her ears. I spied her shorts and panties on a chair and knew she was also totally naked. I had to tell her that I was totally hard, and she replied, “Well yeah, I wouldn’t have expected you not to be”. We talked about being naked in the pool, and she said she found it arousing to feel the water swirl around her flesh. Her breasts unconfined were bobbing around underwater and I could see she must be a DD at least.

We talked about how nice it was for her to have an adult conversation. Besides work, she has rarely had a moment without her child in tow. I could see that she missed the free spirit Sarah, and I was hoping this might be a chance to reconnect with that part of her. I was trying to remain cool, as we kept the talk a little racy. I stood up, moved to where she had been sitting earlier, and hopped up on the deck, feet and shins in the pool, my hard cock fully exposed to her eyes. I watched the look on her face as I sat there and could see her looking directly at me, her eyes averting to my crotch, then back up to my eyes where she sees me watching her watch me, then back down to my throbbing erection. Now maybe she was cursing me for not putting on every light!

Sarah moved toward me, still staying low in the water, and surprisingly reached out and began massaging me as I had her. It basically put her face height with my cock, and I again watched her look at me, though it was still fairly dark. I was about to pop! Her fingers were working their magic on my calves and I still couldn’t believe that she was inches from my nakedness. I knew I had to do something, and soon, or I was going to start spurting cum all over the place. I asked her if she would stand up and let me see her breasts since she had been eyeballing me in the darkness for a few minutes now. She slid back away from me and as she stood up she reached to cover her self somewhat as her beautiful chest came into view. I used this moment to jump down off the deck thinking that at least if I do cum now I won’t embarrass myself. She lowered her arms and now it was her turn to watch me look at her. I almost forgot to breathe as I took her in as best I could. Her breasts were full, wonderful, too dark to see much detail, but still it was an amazing site. I felt more alive than I had in ten years.

She had a sly smile on her face, as she dropped back into the water. Maybe she liked this wicked little encounter we’re having. I could see the tired look in her face as it was nearing 3AM. It was likely that the boy would wake up in 3 or 4 hours. So against my better judgment I suggested we get out, and get her jet lagged body to sleep. I got out and got some towels for us both. My penis was still very alive and was a little hard to contain as I wrapped a towel around my midsection. I carried a towel to the stairs edge and wrapped it around Sarah as she came out of the pool. I collected my clothes and then hers being sure to put hers on top as we made the walk through the grass back into the house. I followed 2 steps behind her as we made the slow walk. More than twice I held up our clothes to my face and tried to get a hint of her scent, but I didn’t want to make it obvious and had little luck.

We headed into my office and while I turned on my computer, I explained that I needed to check my mail, but that wasn’t true. I was going to relieve myself with a quick jerk off session, as I had been hard for the better part of an hour. I couldn’t believe what had just taken place, and I’d have to think, neither did Sarah. I liked that it was exciting, yet not really overtly sexual, and hopefully she did too. I think my restraint made her more comfortable around me. I was not going to rush anything between us. Hell what already happened was already more than I ever expected. We kissed on the cheek and said our goodnights as she headed off to the next room. Before her door was even closed I had my towel open and my hand on my cock. Sarah knew me well, and I’m sure there was no doubt in her mind that I was jerking off, not 20 feet away from her, a thin wall separating us. The only question in my mind was: is she doing it too?

It didn’t take long for me to have one of the most satisfying orgasms ever. As I replayed the events of the past evening I stroked my thick hardon. Her sexy image was permanently burned into my brain. With a few restrained grunts I pumped myself under my desk until I unloaded onto a piece of copy paper.

Sarah was only here about 10 hours and my mind reeled as I thought about the next week together. We may not have a lot of alone time, so who knew if that nights encounter would be our only one. And, even if it was, it will be something that will replay in my mind over and over for the rest of my life.

The sun was shining brightly as we arose on Sarah’s first full day here, but I think the smile on my face was brighter than any rays of sun. We had some breakfast and began to plan out the week, deciding about what to see and when. She chose to spend most of the first day at the house, trying to rest off the jet lag, and I certainly wasn’t going to complain about that!

It was a nice warm day so the pool was certainly going to be the main focus of entertainment for the 3 of us. After we ate, I cranked up some tunes and headed out to the pool to get ready for a day in the sun. My swimsuit was out in the pool house changing room so I quickly changed, and was in the pool before Sarah and son made it outside. I found it quite interesting that while her son was in his swimsuit, Sarah was carrying hers. He came in and joined me as Sarah went into the pool house to change. She certainly had the opportunity to get changed in the house, and I had to wonder if she purposely changed out here, which would at some point allow me to steal a sniff of her panties. I just knew that I was going to get that sniff of her womanly scent today, and while I wanted to get out of the pool that instant and head to the changing room, I knew that I couldn’t.

We had all day and in due time I would find a reason to get something from in there, and when I would I was certainly going to get my nose in the crotch of her panties. Having a pool has always afforded me the opportunity to indulge in my panty fetish in the past, and today would hopefully be no different. One-time years ago, with another female friend visiting, she changed in my bathroom and left her panties rolled up on the tile floor. That worked out well because I had every reason to go into the bathroom and when I did picked them up, unrolled them and held them to my nose. I got instantly hard and quickly masturbated to her scent. She had to suspect that I did something because I purposely left her panties folded up on the countertop when I was done, though she never said anything to me about that.

We spent a lazy hour or so in the pool, before I finally decided now was the time. I got out when I knew they were in a place in the pool where they couldn’t see in the changing room. I went in on the premise of getting towels and there was my opportunity. Sitting on the bench were her shorts with her panties inside them folded nicely. Well they weren’t obviously splayed out for me to see and enjoy, but that wasn’t going to stop me. I unfolded them quickly and stuck my nose in them and inhaled deeply. Sarah’s scent was fantastic, and I couldn’t believe I was getting the opportunity to find out what her most intimate of scents was like. Truthfully, maybe everyone’s panties smell the same, but in this case it was a total turn on for me. If I never get the chance to actually touch or lick her, at least I knew that I would remember this moment in many a jerk off sessions in the future. I wished I could take my cock out at that very moment, but all I could do was take a second quick hit of her heavenly aroma and fold the clothes back the way I found them.

I went and sat at the table hoping my semi erection wasn’t obvious, as I began to wonder now if she really did “want” me to smell her scent. As I said, she could have changed inside but didn’t, then again she did keep her panties somewhat hidden. Well, either way I got my chance once and I knew there would be more chances through out the day, and there were. Every chance I got I was in there taking a quick deep breath of her sexy scent.

Neither of us mentioned the little sexual game we played night before, but it was certainly on my mind. If it was just a function of her being overtired and a little tipsy, that was fine with me. I had already had moments that would stay with me for years. I offered her a drink and she readily accepted a rum and coke, and she got out of the pool and walked towards me to get her drink. It was that moment that I got my real first look at her in her swimsuit. To me she looked wonderful, and what I found totally erotic was the fact that some of her pubic hairs were sticking out the sides of the crotch of her suit. Damn! I didn’t get any kind of look at her pussy last night and while I really wasn’t seeing much now, the thought of her smell still in my head coupled with her hairs showing gave me an instant erection. I tried not to stare, but I did sneak as many peeks of her crotch as I could. I quickly sat down hoping she didn’t see the obvious tent in my swim suit.

The hours passed. We ate lunch and kept drinking. And we also had to keep the boy entertained. At one point she and the boy went into the house to use the bathroom, and as soon as the door slid closed I shot back up and bolted into the pool house. I knew now that I would at least have a minute or 2 with her panties and when opportunity knocked I jumped on it. I unfolded them and opened up the crotch of her panties, and stuck my nose in to get another sniff. Incredibly, they were still damp with her womanly juices. She had told me once in those few cyber sex sessions that she was a very wet girl and she was apparently right. I took the opportunity to rub the damp crotch under my nose, and as I had hoped, I was able to smell her for most of the rest of the day.

As more time passed I think Sarah knew her pussy hairs were showing and didn’t care, She sat opposite me at one point and spread her legs a little. I tried not to look but when I did she watched me watch her and smiled. So maybe our little game was on again, as best as it could be with a 4 year old around. If she looked down at my crotch she would see my suit beginning to tent again, and I’m pretty sure I did see her glance down there once or twice.

After a short while, Sarah asked me “So, did you like how my panties smelled?” I immediately turned beet red, and began to stammer with an embarrassed look on my face. “It’s OK” she said, “As we were walking in last night I saw your reflection behind me in the glass door and I saw you raise our clothes to your face. Even through the sounds of all the crickets I was sure I could hear you take a deep sniff. Did you think there was any other reason that I changed out here?” I admitted to her that I wondered why she didn’t change in the house, but still wasn’t sure and I was still a bit embarrassed.

I asked her how she felt about what I did. Did she find it repulsive? Did she find it sexy? Or was she indifferent about my sleazy act? She replied that she thought it was odd that I would want to do that, but no she wasn’t repulsed, and it did in fact turn her on a little knowing that I know what her pussy smells like. She went on to say that I must have enjoyed it because she noticed all the times I went in there and stole a sniff of her. I then admitted that I not only smelled her in the pool house, but that I can smell her right now if I breathe thru my nose because I rubbed her wet spot on my upper lip while she was inside.

Sarah then said something that really made the blood rush down to my other head ” I can totally understand how you must like my scent, because when I finger myself I love to lick my juices off my fingers” Damn, I thought to myself, there’s another image I’ll never get out of my head. She gave me that sly smile again as she looked down at the tent in my swimsuit. “Gee,” she said, “that’s looks painful, you should go take care of that” as she smirked “You know, like you did last night”. OK, so she did know me as well as I expected. “Like you didn’t do the same thing?” I asked. She smiled at me then, and let me tell you, she’s got a wonderful smile. Her face lights up, and her dimples frame her lips beautifully. “I’ll never tell,” She said, but I took that as a yes.

She was right about my erection, as it was painful. I waited for it to come down a little when I told them that I was heading in to the bathroom and that I would be right back. Of course I was heading in there to jerk off and again she probably knew that. It didn’t take long once I got in there. I could still smell her on my upper lip as I stroked my cock furiously. I kept breathing deeply thru my nose, smelling her scent. I was about to cum just from the thrill of being able to smell her when I remembered her mentioning her licking her fingers clean while she finger fucked herself. I envisioned her naked, her big breasts hanging beautifully as she diddled herself. As I imagined her raising her fingers to her mouth, that did it and I again shot a most satisfying load with her in my head.

My next encounter with Sarah happened in my office late the next night. Sarah was wearing sweat pants and a loose tee shirt; I was still dressed in shorts and a tee myself. I kept looking at her chest, trying to figure out if she had a bra on. I knew she was dressed for bed and I couldn’t imagine that she did have one on, but the reality was that her breasts weren’t all loose and jiggly so I decided that if she indeed was braless, her large boobs were still quite firm for breasts that size. We had been going through tunes and copying stuff to her ipod when we “accidentally ” came upon a few short amateur porn clips that were on my hard drive. I asked if I could view them quick to see if I wanted to keep them or delete them and Sarah was fine with that. The reality was that I knew exactly where they were and it was no accident that I had come upon them.

I clicked on the first clip and it was an attractive middle-aged woman with large breasts slowly touching her body. She was moaning softly as she rubbed and squeezed her large breasts. My heart began racing and my cock began to fill with blood as I watched the screen with Sarah sitting beside me. When the woman on the screen lifted up one of her boobs to her mouth and began tonguing her nipple I couldn’t help but say “God, that is totally hot! I guess I will have to keep this video around to use at a later date.” Sarah smirked at that comment and said “I do that all the time, is it really that hot to you?’

I had known Sarah liked to suck on her own nipples when she got herself off and it has driven me nuts knowing that all these years. In fact her sucking herself was yet another image in my head that I used when I masturbate. I was now trying to figure out how I could see her do that for real.

I told her “Yes it is totally hot, and I know you like to do that cause you told me that once. And I have to admit that I probably came hundreds of times over the years imagining you doing that”. OK, so the cat was out of the bag again. But this time at least the lights were on so maybe I could actually see something more than the other night in the pool.

At this point I reached down to adjust my extremely hard cock, which needed some room in my shorts. Sarah saw me do this and again smirked her sweet little smile and said ” You having problems with that thing again?” To which I replied, “Yes, of course I am, the video got me started and this conversation isn’t helping” and with that I reached into the leg of my shorts and quickly pulled it out into view. Sarah looked down at my crotch, my hard cock sticking firmly out the leg of my pants as I said “You saw it in the dark, I thought maybe you might like to see it in the light as I held it firmly, wagging it at her.

Sarah drew in a deep breath as she stared at my hard cock. I in turn began slowly stroking it up and down, being sure to let the pink head stay visible the whole time. Now I must say here that I don’t have some monstrous cock. Its probably of average length but I do think it is fatter than most, and it was probably harder than it has ever been. I looked over at Sarah and I could see her nipples hardening under her shirt.

“Well” I said “as you know I was going to do this later but if you don’t mind I’ll just do it now, here, so you can watch” and with that I spit into my hand for lube and began stroking in earnest.

Sarah watched intently as I stroked my hard cock in front of her. Her nipples were really visible now and I said ” I see that this is arousing you as well, either that or your nips think its extremely cold in here” as I kept stroking for her. “Yes” she said, “Of course I’m aroused, your cock looks a lot better in the light than it did in the dark.” Oh, that sure was a nice thing for her to say if she meant it or not. If possible my cock seemed to get even harder.

Now I smiled at her as I said “Don’t be shy then, I would love to see your titties in the light since you’re surely enjoying the view I’m giving you.” Of course, I didn’t really expect her to lift her top, but within seconds her shirt was up under her chin and her beautiful breasts were there for me to visually enjoy fully for the first time. They were simply fabulous, and I had to stop stroking myself or I would have cum on the spot. Her pretty pink nipples pointed down slightly. Her areolas were much bigger than I expected, even with her nipples being hard. I could only imagine how big they would be when she wasn’t aroused. Her nipples looked like they stuck out a good inch, almost trying to tell me that she has pulled and sucked on them for most of her life.

“Wow” I said. Truthfully, I was speechless. I wanted to tell her to touch herself for me like I was doing for her, but I really couldn’t form words at that point. She began to rub her tits sensually, pinching her nipples as I stared at her. Then she slowly moved one hand down from her breast to her crotch, and she began to lightly rub herself on the outside of her sweatpants. Damn I thought to myself as I still gripped my cock but not daring to move my hand, maybe she was going to get off with me.

At this point I could tell that she was getting totally hot. Sarah moved both hands up to her left breast and pulled it up to her mouth and I saw her tongue dart out and lick her rock hard nipple. I had to let go of my cock cause if anything touched it while I was watching her I would certainly explode. Then she sucked the nipple into her mouth. That had to be the sexiest thing I have ever seen in half a century of living! While she sucked her nipple I watched her other hand make its way back down, only this time it went inside her sweat pants.

I again grabbed my cock and slowly stroked it, my eyes never leaving her. She in turn slowly let her breast back down and I could see her hand furiously working her pussy inside her sweats. She was getting so worked up now that I could hear her fingers working herself. God she was totally wet, and I loved every minute of this. The sounds of her fingering herself were better then the finest symphony. I was again just squeezing my cock as I watched her throw her head back, and moan softly as she began to cum. Her face and neck turned pink and even though her breasts were exposed I just had to look at her face as she came hard. I glanced down and saw that her titties were moving around as she rode her finger, she didn’t stop as she came; she just kept right on going. I could hear her fingers fucking her wet pussy now, and I could tell she was fucking herself hard as she moaned and came again, only this time a lot harder. I could faintly smell her womanly scent now, and the visual along with her intoxicating scent was making it hard for me not to cum.

Sarah was breathing heavy as she slowly opened her eyes and looked at me. I again began to stroke my hard cock for her, totally thrilled that she was watching me. “I want to see you cum for me” she said as she slowly took her hand out of her sweats. I could see her juices glistening on her fingers, and I wanted to taste them. “I want to cum for you I said, like I have been doing for years by myself. ”

She shocked me then as she moved her wet fingers to my face. She held them under my nose and said ” Here Walter, smell me, see how wet you made me, I want you to smell my juices” as she rubbed her finger under my nose. . God I was so close to cumming then as I took a deep breath and smelled her fuck juices. “Now that you can smell me,” She said in a low sexy voice “I want you to cum as you lick my fingers clean”, and with that she thrust her slippery fingers into my mouth.

Her taste was indescribable and it only took a second before I was squirting my cum hard, so hard in fact that it shot out a few feet from my red cock head and landed on Sarah’s thigh, easily 3 feet from me. I came so hard that a sharp pain hit me in the head as I tried to catch my breath. It was by far the most amazing orgasm I had ever had.

My heart kept thumping in my chest for a long time as the sweat poured off my brow. I could see Sarah breathing heavy as she too tried to catch her breath. I had so many things I wanted to say but silence seemed to be speaking for us both at the moment. Her smell still permeated my head, as I tasted her sweetness on my lips. Eventually I tried to speak but I had trouble forming words. Sarah could sense that I was near speechless and mercifully she leaned into me, kissed me on the cheek and told me that she needed sleep. She stood up on what looked like wobbly legs and told me “I look forward to seeing you tomorrow”. After she left I was finally able to recover from a most eventful evening. In truth it probably only lasted 30 minutes but it will be a memory that will last a lifetime. I hated to wash my face and brush my teeth that night but I did exactly that before I slipped into bed.

The next day brought the typical tourist traps that every city is known for. It didn’t matter where we were or what we were doing though. All I could see was the look on her face as she orgasmed the night earlier. In truth, even though we haven’t touched each other, we have been intimate without intimately touching. Sarah had to see how I was looking at her though and her sly smile here and there let me know that she understood what was on my mind.

The day wore on and ended up in the pool once again as we entertained her child. I managed to masturbate twice that day on the memory of the night before. We had dinner and popped open a few bottles of wine. As the night wore on her son and my wife both went to bed leaving us to hang out. We popped open another bottle a little after midnight and while I barely touched my glass I made sure Sarah’s was always full. I know she is responsible enough to not drink alone, so I surmised that she rarely has the opportunity to let go, unwind and catch a buzz.

I once again tried to play it cool but inside I was hoping that we would once again do something memorable. Truthfully, I wanted to eat her in the worst way. I have always loved giving oral and to be able to give it to her would be incredible. I suggested another moonlight swim and she readily accepted. WOOHOO!!

We quietly made our way out the back door and to the back of the property to the pool. This time I put on every available light! I wasn’t going to not get my visuals this time. I removed my clothes in the light where she could plainly see that I was already in a semi erect state. I pointed at the changing room where I knew her bathing suit to be, she stepped into the room and closed the door. I proceeded to get in the pool while she changed into her suit. Boy was I surprised when she emerged from the room totally naked carrying a towel! I could see that she doesn’t shave down there, which is fine by me. I was finally getting a glimpse of her pleasure zone and I got totally hard in a second.

She quickly joined me in the pool and we began a sexy conversation as she continued to drink her wine. Soon the wine was taking its toll on us both, but with the bathrooms all the way back in the house I told her that I had to pee and that I was going to get out and pee in the lawn and that she was welcome to join me. I knew that she knew that I always had a thing about pee, at least that was if she remembered from conversations we had over a decade ago. I got out of the pool knowing that it was going to be tough to pee with a hard cock, but I was going to try. Sarah surprised me by getting out with me and following me to the grass.

I stood there holding my hard cock trying desperately to go. Sarah snickered as she saw my struggle and said in a sexy voice ” Are you having trouble with that thing again?” Then she squatted down in front of me and shocked me when she reached out and grabbed my throbbing dick. “Let me help you” she said as she began stroking me with one hand while I think her other hand went to her own crotch. It wasn’t going to take long for me to pop as her hand worked me, then I hear her sigh and I heard a hissing sound and a splash, then I felt a hot sprinkle on my foot . She was peeing as she stroked me and it was hitting me in the foot. I immediately started bucking my hips as rope after rope of cum erupted from my cock head. She turned my cock to the side so I wouldn’t cum all over her, aiming my seed into the lawn. Her urine was so hot on my foot as she continued to pee and sigh in relief. As for me I was weak in the knees as she just held my slowly shrinking cock as her pee slowed to a trickle. I now knew it was soon going to be my turn to pee as my cock was now soft enough to finally let go.

Sarah stood up and said, “There, I hope I helped” as she let go of me. I replied, “Yes you sure did help but please continue helping as I’m about ready to pee”. She took the hint and reached down to grab me as I began to pee. It was so sexy to have her holding me as I went. I put my arm around her as she stood next to me, she aimed it all around and even splashed some on our feet and she smiled and said “Wow, that is so warm”. I was soon empty and I gave her a tight hug. I felt wonderful to feel her big naked breasts against my body. We both went back to the pool and waded back in. It was then that I asked her if she had remembered my pee fetish. “Of course” she replied “It’s not every day that someone has the balls to admit that to someone. How could I ever forget that? ”

I poured her some more wine as we continued our sexy conversation. She soon moved to the side of the pool and hopped up to sit like a few nights before. I moved to her and again began to massage her feet. I moved my hands up to her calves as I told her that she made me cum and now it was her turn. With that said, she spread her legs inviting me in, and boy did I jump at the chance. I moved right up and began to massage her inner thighs as she laid back and put her feet up on the deck. That position automatically splayed her legs wide giving me total access to her. I couldn’t see her as well as I would have liked, but I was able to see that her pussy lips looked engorged with blood and I thought I could see her clit peeking out at me. I wanted to dive right in start eating her, but I knew the best thing to do was go-slow and let her horniness build.

I leaned in and kissed her inner thighs as I heard her moan. I slowly continued moving closer and closer to her pussy as I kissed and nibbled her thighs. I was a little disappointed in that I couldn’t smell her arousal as the chlorine from the pool was the over powering scent for the moment, but I knew my sense of taste was going to overtake any sense of smell shortly. I moved to her pussy and began soft kissing all over her hairy bush. I couldn’t believe that I was about to lick and taste her in earnest. Finally neither she nor I could take it any more, her hand moved to the back of my head and pulled it into her crotch as she hissed ” Lick my cunt Walter, lick it now”.

Wow, how hot is that? Most women hate that word and here was Sarah not only saying it, she was saying it while telling me to lick it, not that I needed any encouragement. I relaxed my neck and let her do the driving for the moment, letting her move my head and therefore my tongue to where she wanted it, and she wanted it on her clit. I began a slow circular motion with my tongue as I felt her loosen her grip on my hair. I opened my eyes and looked up at her breasts in the darkness. Her big tits were down in her armpits somewhat and her nipples were rock hard. Sarah let go of my head and reached for her nips and started tweaking them as I continued my circular assault on her clit. I slowly sped up my motions as I simultaneously began licking a little harder; building her up to what I hoped would be the first of a number of orgasms. I kept my eyes glued to her fingers pinching her nipples as her pelvis began to thrust under my face. When I sensed that she was close my gaze moved to her face, as I wanted to see the look on her as I made her cum. My tongue began dancing hard and fast on her joy button now and I tried hard to read her motions as her hips bucked below me. She began a low quiet moan and I knew she was going to cum. Her fingers pinched her nipples hard as she bucked again and again as she came on my tongue. I continued licking her lightly as she came down but I was far from done with her.

As soon as I sensed she could take it I moved my mouth down from her clit to the bottom of her slit. I knew it was wet with her juices, as I had felt my chin getting gooey as I made her cum. Now I was finally going to get a good taste of her and I shivered with excitement as my tongue pushed into her lips and began to lap at her juices. Her taste was heavenly, and boy was she wet. She oozed into my mouth as I licked her lips. I slowly worked my tongue upward making sure I didn’t miss a drop as I again got to her clit and sucked it into my mouth. I moved back down and licked her length again this time making sure my tongue pushed into her to tickle her pee hole, she bucked a little when I did that but she made no motions to stop me, so I continued to tease her there for a minute or 2. It seemed oddly electric licking her pee hole, almost like licking a 9-volt battery, but then again it could just be me and my odd fetish. I moved back to her clit and focused my attentions there until her hips began gyrating again. Then I again moved back down, this time low enough to dip my tongue into her asshole just a little. She moaned and wiggled her hips at my touch there. I have always wanted to lick her there, probably even more than licking her pussy, but in the position we were in I couldn’t do much more than clean up any of her juices that ran down there.

Soon I moved back up to her clit and focused on making her cum again. It didn’t take long before she again exploded on my tongue; this time I could really feel her juices hit my chin as she came. I once again eased off somewhat, giving her a chance to come down a little before continuing my assault on her pussy. I began teasing her clit again and this time while I did I moved a finger to the opening of her slit. I slowly eased a finger in her as I continued my tongue dance on her clit, which seemed to be getting bigger with each swipe of my tongue. I then began finger fucking her with my one finger. She was soaking and I could smell her sexiness as my finger pistoned in and out of her. Without warning as I pulled out my finger I went in with 2 of them. It was a little tight but she moaned and I licked her clit harder. I hooked my fingers up towards the sky while they were inside her hoping to find that most sensitive spot deep in her abdomen. I sensed that she was getting close again and I reached up and surprised her as I pinched her nipple between my fingers. That did the trick and she again came hard on my face. I looked at her face again to see how beautiful she looked when she orgasmed. I stopped pinching her nipple but I let my hand roam around her soft breast. I thought it was odd that I had actually touched and tasted her pussy before I had touched her breasts. I changed the licking of her clit to a very soft slow motion but for the moment I kept my 2 fingers buried deep inside her.

I still wasn’t done with her and I slipped my fingers out and moved my tongue down to enjoy her juices some more. I pushed my tongue in her and sucked lightly at her hole, enjoying all her womanly ooze coming out from her. My tongue moved up to her pee hole again and tickled her there. That was when she grabbed my head again and told me that I had to stop cause she had to pee again. I told her that was fine and that she should just pee. I moved my head away from her crotch and began kissing her inner thighs up around her knees. I hear her whimper as I assumed she was thinking about letting go. “Go on’ I said, “the pool is 30,000 gallons, your pee wont affect it” as I continued to kiss her thighs. Sarah then decided it was ok as she grunted and began to give herself some relief. I knew what was coming but I don’t think Sarah did. Once it got going her pee didn’t dribble into the pool as she expected, instead it arched out of her and hit me square in the chest. It was so hot it felt like a flaming spear hit me as it rolled down my chest into the pool. Had I not been in the way I would have bet that her stream would have landed a good 6 feet away from her. Most women don’t know it but if they pee at the right angle, their flow can easily mimic or I would bet even surpass a mans stream. My hands that were resting on her calves now held her tight as she rained on me. Sarah lifted her head and looked up to see why she didn’t hear a typical splash of her pee into the pool. She looked surprised but that didn’t stop her from peeing and I was glad she didn’t stop. I was enjoying this immensely, my cock was once again hard as steel. She watched her flow until it weakened and then dribbled the last of her urine.

Once she was done I just couldn’t wait to make her come again. My tongue went straight to her slit and I slurped at all her lady liquids before moving yet again to her clit to concentrate on giving her one final orgasm. I didn’t care that some of what I tasted was a few drips of her pee. It didn’t take long before she grabbed me by the head again and pulled me hard into her slit as she rode my face and tongue. Sarah cried out, humping me furiously as she came hard. All her other orgasms were kind of quiet, but this one was far from that, which made me think that I had done good and maybe given her something to remember. Maybe it was because I wasn’t afraid to taste all her pussy had to offer. I don’t know, but it sure seemed like she came harder for me than any other woman ever had.

We were both panting as I moved my face away from her. I could taste her on my lips, and smell her on my body as I slowly slipped under water to wash both her and my sweat off me. Sarah just lied there, breathing heavily. I move to her again with my wet hands and rubbed her calves and thighs as she slowly stirred. She sat up feet back in the pool as moved to hug her and hold her close for a minute.

Sarah whispered to me that she knew I had to be hard again and wanted to fix my problem so she suggested we trade places. She slithered down into the pool as I hopped up in her place, but I did move a bit to the right as I noticed the filter jet was there and I hoped that maybe Sarah would put it to good use.

I spread my legs as she moved toward me, and she squealed a little when she felt the jet hit her in the thigh, She reached for my hard cock and began to feel it and my ball sack gently. I warned her that I really wasn’t going to last all that long so I encouraged her to enjoy the sensation of the filter jet for a bit first. She let go of me with one hand and reached into the water, I assume to spread her labia open to the hard water stream. She had such a wonderful look on her face as she squeezed me tight with her eyes closed. She worked on her positioning a bit and soon enough I could see her hips rotating into the filter jets stream. Sarah continued to squeeze me as she again approached yet another orgasm. Then I guess she remembered that she was also giving me pleasure so her hand again began to slowly stroke me. She closed her eyes, threw her head back and as her hips bucked she came yet again. That had to be at least the 5th one of the night for her. I guess I was right about her; she really is a sexual tiger.

As she was coming down she moved closer to me and took my manhood into her mouth. Boy what a sight I had in front of me as I looked down to see her beautiful head of hair going up and down on my cock. I warned her that I was close, and she just sped up her movements on my rod. Then as if on cue she must have felt me getting ready to explode, or more likely she could taste the pre cum ooze from me, she lifted up, pushed her big breasts at my cock and jerked me off hard and fast. “Cum on me Walter, Cum on these big tits you’ve been staring at all week” as I shot rope after rope of my seed on her beautiful breasts. I wondered if my sperm on her felt anything like her pee hitting me.

We were both totally spent as we got out of the pool, dried off and got dressed. Well at least this is one night that I wouldn’t have to go jerk off in the quiet space of my office, though I’m sure I will be using these memories for the rest of my life.

The next day sadly was the last full day that they will be spending here. We again did all the usual things, with me stealing glances at her cleavage every chance I got. As the day and then night wore on I was hoping for one last encounter but it didn’t matter if it happened or not.

We found ourselves alone again late that night, again with her in her sleepwear, though this time it was in my basement where I keep all my CD’s and other music stuff. Sarah was sitting on the floor on my cowhide carpet looking at some books when I moved behind her and began massaging her neck and shoulders. Like our first encounter I could feel her tension melting away under my touch. I just loved touching her and I could enjoy massaging her for hours, if we had hours.

Without warning Sarah lifted up her top to expose her bare back and shoulders to me. I continued my massage for a few minutes before switching from my hands to light kisses on her neck and shoulders. I could feel her get goose bumps as I apparently found a sensitive spot. I encouraged her to lie on her stomach and when she did I continued my kisses, slowly working my way down her back. I noticed some faint dark hairs in the small of her back and I surmised that she likely had some hair down her ass-crack and probably around her rosebud. I have always been really turned on by that (why I don’t really know) and at that point I decided that I just had to see what was really there.

Unlike our outdoor encounters there were plenty of lights on inside. I kept kissing lower and lower on her back and when I got to the waistband of her bottoms I gave a little tug. Sarah lifted her pelvis up allowing me the chance to slide her pants down. I jumped at that chance and at first slid them to her knees as I continued kissing the cheeks of her fine ass.

Her ass looked perfect to me as I kissed her soft cheeks and gently squeezed it with my fingers. I moved to the top of her ass crack and slowly began kissing down each cheek, slowly making my way down, I tugged again on her panties and pants and this time I took them off her. I moved to in between her legs which naturally forced her to spread her knees to let me fit in. I kneaded her incredible ass cheeks and as I did I would spread them so I could get a good look at what they were hiding. I leaned in and this time when I spread them I blew lightly onto her asshole. I was right; it did have some beautiful fine black hairs surrounding it. God I wanted to just bury my tongue in there but once again I tried to make this pleasurable for her so I took my time.

I could feel that Sarah was enjoying this. As I blew on her, she would lurch back to me trying to make contact with my lips and tongue. She didn’t need to encourage me any more though because the next time she lunged back I moved forward and let the tip of my hardened tongue tickle her asshole. Sarah moaned and jumped as I didn’t think she expected the contact, but within seconds she moved back to my tongue again and I began to rim her as we apparently both desired. As with her pussy, her ass tasted wonderful, and I was in heaven as I licked her most forbidden place. I licked her lightly before taking my pointy tongue and pushed it past her closed sphincter. I couldn’t get it in very far but I could sense how she was enjoying my tongue fucking of her ass. She was up on her knees now with her head still low on the cowhide. I kept tongue fucking her as she rocked back and forth. I moved my hand up to her slit and rubbed her pussy and found her once again very wet to my touch. I slowly pushed my finger in her so I was both tongue fucking her and finger fucking her pussy. She was rocking back and forth helping me double fuck her. I again heard what was now becoming a familiar whimper and she pushed back hard, impaling both her holes on me as she bucked and came hard. I tried my best to do what I thought would help her pleasure along.

Sarah moved forward and while my tongue came out of her ass my finger still remained in her pussy. It was so warm and wet in there. She lay back down on her stomach and I removed my finger, and slipped my own pants down to my knees as I slithered up her body kissing my way back up her back to her neck. As I did so, my hard cock slid into her wet ass crack and I slowly began to hump her as I kissed her ear. She turned her head to me and I just kissed her forehead as my cock nuzzled so comfortably in her soft ass cheeks. I asked her if her cum was as good as it seemed and she just smiled and told me that besides what I was doing to her, her hard nipples were rubbing on the soft cow fur and between all of that it was an incredible feeling. I began humping her cheeks a little bit harder.

Sarah asked me if I had a condom, and of course I was smart enough to have one handy. She told me that she wanted to feel me inside her. I told her that I was ready for this moment but that I wanted to do it so I could look in her eyes as we fucked. I moved off her, reached into my pocket for the condom and removed my pants completely. I laid on my back and handed her the condom. It didn’t take but a second to get it on as she lifted her leg over me and got ready to sit on my hard cock. My eyes were glued to her face as she slowly sunk down on to me.

There is a look a woman has when she’s filling herself with man meat. Its something that they probably don’t even know exists, but it does and it’s an amazing thing to see, and I was seeing that look on Sarah’s face as she slowly pushed my fat cock in her. I let her take her time because in reality I knew that I didn’t think I was going to last very long. Soon enough, she had me all the way in her and she began to slowly lift up and down fucking me.

I reached up for her and pulled her down to me. She leaned down, putting her arms to each side of me as she began fucking me faster and faster. In this position her face was inches from mine and her hair fell forward framing both her face and mine, and at that moment, with her hair around us both it was like nothing in the world existed except her face. I looked into her eyes as she rode me, and I tried like hell to not cum until she was ready to cum herself. We seemed like we were in our own little world, when I saw her close her eyes, throw her head back and begin to hump me short and hard. I knew she was about ready and I encouraged her by saying “Cum hard Sarah, and I’ll cum when you do”.

Sarah moaned loudly and I pulled her down to me to kiss her as she came hard on my cock. My hips fucked her hard as I shot spurt after spurt into her and the condom. My lips kissed hers as she slowly came down from her orgasm. Her lips were so soft and warm. I was again surprised that I had licked her 2 other bodily openings before I had ever given her a kiss on the lips, but that kind of played into my thought that she could easily separate an overtly sexual act from an act of love.

We both rested for a few minutes and it felt so nice to have her lying on top of me, the weight of her and her beautiful breasts resting on my chest. My cock slowly softened and within a minute or 2 it slipped out of her wet hole. I could feel her wetness dripping down on to my balls.

We softly kissed one more time before she eased herself off me. I sat up and grabbed a nearby tissue and removed my condom. Sarah reached for her panties and I watched as she used the crotch of them to clean up the juices between her legs. She took her time cleaning herself, giving me a great show in the process. When she was satisfied that most of her wetness was mopped up she reached out and handed her panties to me. “Here” she said “why don’t you keep these to remember this week by, but you have to promise me that every time you use these to jerk off with you’ll tell me”.

I know I’ll be using these panties twice a day until her scent is gone. But even when I can’t smell her anymore, I will always have the memories of this week. Sadly, we kissed goodnight and went to our separate beds. Sarah and her son left the next morning. Maybe I’ll see her again next summer, maybe I wont ever see her again, but either way I will always see her in my mind when I’m pleasuring myself. And I hope that maybe once in a while Sarah remembers our fun when she’s home doing the same thing.

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