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It Started So Innocently

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My family moved from Ohio to California when I was in High School. I instantly fell in love with California and enjoyed the opportunity to play outdoor sports year round. I excelled in baseball and swimming. We lived close to the beach to, so I learned how to surf pretty good. As the years went by I developed many great friends and was fairly popular. I missed some of my friends in Ohio but that’s about it. 

My parents were easy to deal with and I pretty much got away with a lot of crap. My little sister Chris, had it a little tougher than me but she managed to have her fun too. We watched each others backs and were very close. She was 2 years younger and had a lot of hot girlfriends. I banged a few of her friends and became very close to one Samantha. Chris was cool with this because she banged one of my best friends. Samantha was pretty wild when she got drunk, she liked to drink Margaritas and I supplied her with many. We did all kinds of things when we got drunk and naked. She let me bang her in the ass when she was on her period, which was more intense than her snatch. I always counted the days till she had to start using pads and tampons. I loved to screw her sweet ass and she didn’t mind as long as she was drunk.

I went off to college and let the relationship between us fizzle out. I studied hard in college and did well. I also did good with the ladies and banged a lot of horny college chicks. In my senior year I started to get serious with one girl, Holly. She was athletic, smart and loved to suck cock. She was a very enthusiastic cock sucker, but could never take my cock all the way down her throat. 

What she did love was the taste of my cum, way too much. When I shot big loads in her mouth, she would let it pool up in her mouth, savoring my milky love juice as long as she could before she swallowed it. Then she would try to kiss me right after and I always pushed her away. I could never understand why she craved my cum so much, but one day in the future I would figure it out. 

After graduating college, I landed a good job that paid well. I soon had my own condominium and things were looking bright. Holly lived about 30 miles away and we spent almost every weekend together. 

Most of the time she came to my place for the weekend to fuck my brains out, once in a while I went to hers. She shared an old house with two hot flirty roommates. Her roommate’s always tried to seduce me when she wasn’t looking. Her roommates were a few years younger than Holly and super sexy. They would prance around the house half nude all the time and flash me all kinds of skin. I always loved the free shows, when Holly was doing chores or checking the mail.

Holly and I were pretty close but there was one thing she wasn’t into. She wouldn’t take it in the ass. She didn’t even want to try and when I pressed her she got pissed off, so eventually I let it go. The relationship was falling apart, especially on one afternoon when she caught me making out with her roommate.

Her roommate Courtney, had the nicest toned ass I’ve ever seen and flirted with me more and more. She said she’d let me fuck her in the ass if we ever got the chance to be alone. I guess she found out from Holly that I wanted anal and Holly didn’t. 

One Saturday afternoon I was watching a baseball game at her place, Holly left me alone with Courtney and went to run some errands. Immediately Courtney came on to me when Holly left. She came out of her room wearing the sexiest purple bra and thong. I got and instant hard-on when she walked in, then she came up to me and sat on my lap. We started making out like horny teenagers, it was getting very hot. She gabbed my cock and jerked me as we made out. I slid my hand down her smooth ass crack and began to massage her tight ass hole with my middle finger, that’s when Holly walked in. Courtney jumped up and ran to her room and Holly started screaming at me to get the fuck out. That was the last time I saw Holly, or her roommates. 

I was bummed out and felt stupid for messing around with her roommate. I threw myself into my job and focused on work and exercise. My boss recently hired a new big guy named Brad who was given the vacant desk next to mine. Brad is 6’2″, very good looking guy with a slightly muscular build. Like me he loved sports and was a star athlete in High School. Brad is 26 years old like me, and just got divorced from his High School sweetheart. We had a lot in common, more than I knew at the time.

We had a lot of fun on the job and began to hang out after work. Brad was very humble guy and always dressed sharp. After getting to know him better, I could sense he lost a little of his confidence. He really was a very kind, sincere person. I wanted to help him through his divorce and help him gain his confidence back. Although he had no kids with his X wife, he was heartbroken. He found out she was having an affair with her boss and was crushed. She dumped him for a rich older guy and moved in with the home wrecker. 

As the weeks went by, we became closer, he seemed to be getting over his divorce and began to laugh a lot more.

We went on bike rides, went swimming and generally had a great time together. He looked nice in speedos and filled out the front pretty good. He also looked great in bike tights, so I bought some just like his. We also loved watching comedy shows like Impractical Jokers and silly slapstick movies.

He was coming out of his shell and began to open up about his personal life more. 

He had the same complaint I did with my X. No anal sex, ever. We talked about it and thought it was funny we had the same problem with our X’s. I told him about Samantha, my anal sex queen from High School and he wanted to hear every detail. He had a girlfriend in college that would give up the booty once in a while, which he admitted was the best sex. He also said that as long as she was fresh out of the shower, he loved licking around her bum hole. He said it made her crazy for him and it turned him on big time. He claimed it gave him a monster hard on in no time. 

“What’s the big deal, as long as you take it slow at first and let them adjust to the new sensation. Some chicks are just too uptight to try. They think it’s disrespectful to their pussy’s or something.” 

“I know, some chicks get really pissed off when you hit them up for a little backdoor action.”

“You got that right, you think we were asking to shove a baseball bat up there.” We both laughed. 

“Brad you are hilarious. Who writes your material?”

“It’s you Mike, you inspire me to be my goofiest.”

“Thanks, I appreciate that.” I replied with a chuckle. 

He always cracked me up with his comments and after our anal sex talk, we soon began to talk about anything on our minds. There was no holding back on any subject anymore.

One Friday night after work at his place, we were drinking beers, sitting next to each other watching silly videos again. Then a video of guy deep throating a banana came on, it was funny but kind of awkward to watch with him. We laughed hysterically when the guy choked at the end.

“That was fucking crazy Brad, have you ever seen that one before?”

“I’ve seen some crazy shit online before but never seen the deep throat banana man.”

“Are you sure?” I poked at him.

“Awe come on Mike, you know I’ve never been gay.”

“I don’t know that for sure.” I teased at him.

“You fucker, shut up.” He said jokingly and shoved my arm.

I was a little drunk and feeling silly, so I went to his kitchen and grabbed one of his banana’s. I came back in with the banana hidden behind me. I whipped it out and put down to my crotch and wiggled it.

“Hey big boy, I have a surprise for you.” Teasing him like this, for the first time. It was all fun and games and he knew it.

“Come on Mike, your drunk.”

“I know I was just messing you bro, I know your not gay.”

I’ve never been gay either; but if I had to, Brad would be the perfect candidate. He had a sexy ass and a great smile. I put the banana back and we resumed our silly videos. We ended up getting pretty drunk that night, so he let me sleep over for the first time. He gave me a blanket and pillow and I fell asleep on the couch. The next morning I woke up and saw him across the room coming out of the bathroom, he was completely nude. I couldn’t believe how big his cock was, it was like 7 inches soft.

He must of thought I was still asleep and when he glanced at me, I pretended I was. He walked around the kitchen for a minute then went back to his room. Brad sure had a big cock, I can see why his X-wife didn’t want that going up her butt. 

I got up a few minutes later to take a leak and I was stuck with a boner that wouldn’t let me pee. I couldn’t pee so I leaned forward and bent my hard shaft down to drain my lizard. When I came out Brad was in the kitchen wearing sweats, no shirt and making coffee. I was glad he wasn’t nude anymore. It would of been hard not to stare at his big cut cock. 

“Good morning Mike, you sleep OK?” He said kindly.

“Yeah, not bad. This is very comfortable couch.”

“I fall asleep all the time on that thing, hey how about some fresh coffee?”

“Why thank you my good man.” He handed me a big cup of coffee.

“Cream and sugar, just the way you like it.”

We joked around and talked for a while about work. He suggested a short walk and some fresh air, I agreed. He changed into some shorts and tennis shoes and offered me some shorts also. 

“Brad what size shoe do your wear? I can’t wear shorts with these work shoes!”

He started cracking up and noticed my dress shoes on the floor. 

“Why not, that will look cute.”

“Very funny, what size shoes you got?”

He went to his room and tossed me a pair of tennis shoes.

“I wear size 12 but these are small on me, if you like them there yours.”

I tried them on and they fit great, which was a pleasant surprise.

“Dude thanks, these are sweet.”

“There yours!”

We took off for a Saturday morning walk. During our walk we made fun of almost everyone we saw. Then we saw a smoking hot chick running in skin tight spandex leggings. She smiled at us as she ran past.

“Fuck she was hot. Nice camel toe.”

“I bet she could suck down a big banana!” He said, and we both cracked up. 

“I got a big fucking banana for her anytime.” I joked back, as we continued laughing our asses off. 

I thought of saying, ‘she could suck a whole banana but she couldn’t suck all of your big dick’. I resisted the temptation and let it go. We saw more hot chicks and guys running and biking. We were having a great time, joking it up and teasing each other. When we got back to his place we had some more coffee and he flipped on the TV.

“You got any plans for today Mike?” He asked.

“I got a bunch of stuff I need to take care of. I’ll be busy all afternoon.”

“Well if your free tonight, you wanna watch some hoops?” 

“Sure, that sounds great buddy, why don’t you come over my place tonight.”

“OK, how about I show up around 7:00 at tip off?”

“Perfect, I’ll be ready by then. Hey Brad can I snag a banana? I’m starving.”

“Dude, I dare you!” He said, with a mischievous grin on his face.

“What the fuck?” Then I realized he was teasing me about the deep throat banana man.

I went and grabbed the big banana from last night. I walked in and started to peel down the skin. I decided to poke fun at him with the banana. He was sitting on the couch and I stood off to his side with the banana in hand. It wasn’t as big as his cock, but good sized.

“Is this what you want big boy?” I teased.

“I seriously dare you.”

“You can’t be serious Brad.”


He looked over and laughed as I put the big hard banana to my lips. I wasn’t going to suck it for him, no way. I was just playing along with his teasing.

“Go for it.”

“Now way dude.”

I pulled back and was about to take a big bite out of the long banana, when he stopped me. 

“Come on, just try for a second.”

He was semi serious at this point, so I decided to give it a half ass try to shut him up.

“If I get this down my throat, I will dare you to do something like this tonight. You still want me to try?”

“OK, sure. I will take that dare because you will never get that fucker down your throat without gagging.” 

I gave him a look like don’t mess with me, I can do this. I never tried this before but thought if I go slow I could handle this and make him do something even crazier. I began to shove it slowly down my throat, it was going down perfectly. Then I pulled it out and shoved it further down a second time, almost to the base. I pulled it out and stopped, and took a deep breath. I could see he looked mesmerized and tantalized. So I went at it again, taking the banana down even deeper. 

“OMG Dude that is awesome.” He was laughing hysterically and slapping his leg. 

I did it one more time, pretty sure I could take the whole thing now. I Slowly pushed the big banana down and finally was able to take it all the way down my throat. I even surprised myself. I heard clapping from him as I pulled it completely out. I felt a little funny about what I just did, I also felt a hard-on in my shorts; which totally surprised me. 

“Man your a pro Magic Mike, we should put you on You Tube. You’ll be famous!”

“I don’t know how, or why I did that. If you ever tell anyone, I’ll kick your ass.”

“It’s cool Mike, I swear to keep it between us. That is our secret, trust me OK?’

“I trust you Brad, but a dare is a dare and you owe me one buddy. That wasn’t easy.”

“I’m sure it wasn’t. Not that I would try, but I don’t think I could do that.”

“Now watch this.” I bit the tip off the banana and started chewing. 

He grabbed his cock and cried in pain. We laughed like kids and made light of the situation. I wanted to get going. I was feeling horny, and needed of a nice jack off session. I don’t know what came over me, or why I was so horny all of a sudden.

“Ok Brad I better get out of here, I feel like a freak now.”

“Dude it’s no big deal, let it go.” 

“Thanks Brad, I swear I never tried that before.”

I grabbed my stuff and head for the door with my head down, obviously embarrassed.

He got up and grabbed me by the shoulders. 

“Dude it cool, don’t get weirded out. Were just having fun. You’ve been a great friend and I know your not gay. I’ll see you tonight.”

He grabbed me and gave me a nice big hug for the first time. I felt his monster cock against my leg and my cock was still hard for some strange reason. Then I thought of his big long cock bouncing around this morning. Now is was pressed against my leg and the fucking thing was semi-hard. I held on to Brad long and hard, he must have felt my hard cock too. I moved my hand down his back and stopped right above his nice ass. I was scared to pull back and let him see me blushing, so I held on as long as I could. 

“Brad, I’m going to get going, I need some time to figure out a good dare for you tonight.”

“No banana tricks OK?”

“No banana sucking I swear. I owe you for keeping this a secret. I’ll see you tonight bro.”

“Sounds good, have a great productive day.”

I left Brads in a hurry, horny as hell. I bolted home and wacked my meat like crazy. I came real hard without the use of a video or magazine. Just nasty thoughts of sucking his gorgeous cock. Rubbing it around my face and tasting his pre-cum, then sucking it hard and devouring that monster. Giving him the best blow job of his life. 

During the afternoon as I plowed through my chores, I got to thinking about the guy sucking banana video. I took a break and fired up my laptop, I found more than one banana sucking video. Some with guys, some with girls. I had to admit, I was the best of the bunch. I wasn’t proud of it at first but then thought, it was pretty cool that I could take a big long banana all the way down my throat. 

When I was at the market that afternoon shopping, I saw the banana display. I couldn’t resist picking through them and finding the biggest hardest bananas in the bunch. I raced home to try it one more time. 

The bananas I selected were a little bigger and a bit green, definitely harder. I peeled back the skin and slowly started sucking down the banana like it was Brad’s cock. I was totally surprised at the boner I got this time. I was able to get the whole thing down my throat and then I started pulling it in and out of my mouth. It turned me on and I began to whack my meat like crazy. I had so much pre cum seeping out, I didn’t need any lotion. In no time I shot the biggest cum load into my hand and checked it out. I took a bite of the banana with a hand full of cum. Feeling crazy and horny, I put the banana in my hand and rolled it around in my cum. Then I licked the cum off the banana pretending it was Brad’s cock. I loved the taste of banana and cum mixed together. I was glad I had five more hard bananas. I licked and sucked all the cum off the banana and licked my hand and fingers clean. This was completely new to me, I didn’t know what to think of myself. I knew I liked it now, and it was fun, so I left it at that.

Then I began to think about sucking Brad’s big cock again. Could I take it all, what would it be like, what would his cum taste like. Would Brad want me to? He’s not gay either, this is nuts. I blew it off to just a lack of recent sex. I didn’t think this was really going to happen with Brad, but it was a fun fantasy I couldn’t get out of my head.

Then I remembered our hug, I enjoyed the sensation and he had to also. I was curious to what he was thinking at that moment. I knew he had not been laid in a long time, maybe my banana show really did turn him on. He was coming over tonight, I was getting butterflies in my stomach. 

I went about my chores and worked hard all day to pass the time. I took a nice hot shower and shaved my cock. It was easier to shave my cock with a boner. I never had a boner like this while shaving. I was one horny mother fucker. I decided to shave my entire body nice and smooth. I took my time and used a second razor to get every crevice nice and smooth. I felt real horny and very sexy after I dried off. I put body lotion all over my naked frame. I enjoyed putting lotion all over my cock and balls. I totally got into putting lotion all over my ass and bung hole. Feeling a little kinky, stuck a finger in my tight ass, then two for the first time. I tried to stretch my ass a little just in case. My cock was throbbing hard again. ‘God dam, I’ve never been this horny before’ I thought to myself.

I put on some nice clean clothes and fixed my hair. I put on some cologne, flossed and brushed my teeth and felt much better. I was ready for big Brad’s arrival. I was even more ready to play truth or dare. I wanted to see his big cock come to life right before my eyes. 

He showed up on time and had a bunch of beer with him. I gave him a hug and welcomed him in. I was pretty sure his cock wasn’t hard this time, so I tried to curb my horny thoughts for a while. 

“Hey Mike how was your afternoon?” He asked politely.

“Very productive, I got everything done around here.” I waved my hand around my nice clean living room.

“Place looks great buddy, care for a cold one?”

“You bet, I’m ready for one, or six.” 

I wanted to get him drunk as well and see if I could get him to whip out that big cock sometime tonight. He put the beers in the fridge and grabbed one for each of us. He was wearing tight red shorts that looked great and a super tight stretchy work out shirt on. His ass looked nice bending over, as he put the beers in the ice box. I was feeling flushed at this point, I was really horny for this guy! I took the beer from Brad and guzzled it. Brad smiled at me and sat down on the sofa. The TV was on and the game began.

“This is going to be a great game.” He said.

“Yeah the Kings are in trouble.”

“Really, I think the Lakers will beat them easily.”

“You wanna bet?” 

“You already owe me a dare, you want to go for more?”

“I was hoping you’d forget about that.”

“A bet is a bet, a dare is a dare. You owe me and I’m collecting, I just haven’t thought of a good one yet.”

“OK Mikey, if the Kings win were even. If the Lakers win, I will do one truth and one dare.”

“Sounds good, that will make it interesting.”

We had fun poking fun at each other during the game. It was a back and forth game and I was getting nervous. I had a feeling the Lakers would win and I hadn’t come up with any good dares or questions yet. I didn’t want to scare him off by daring him to do anything to sexual but I wanted to test him for any signs of any attraction to me. I was getting drunk and horny and he seemed pretty friendly tonight. Bumping me, getting me beers and he even slapped my ass when I got up off the couch once. It felt good and I wanted more. 

“Mike, I’m screwed. The Lakers got this game in the bag.”

He hastily shut off the TV during the final seconds of the game. 

“Dude, can you put on some tunes, I’m done with the TV tonight.” 

“Are you a sore looser Bradley?” I teased. 

“Well not normally but this truth or dare thing has got me nervous.”

“Poor little boy, you’ll be OK in a few days.” I said with a big smile. 

I put on some tunes and dimmed the lights. I also shut the blinds for more privacy. He watched me, as I moved about the room. I hope he was thinking about me like I was thinking about him, I thought to myself.

“Come on man, it’s time to play truth or dare.”

“Alright, you got me Mike. Let the games begin.”

“Lets do this at the kitchen table.” 

Oh shit, I think I’m going to be sorry.” He said with a funny smile…

We sat down across from each other on my small 4 chair dining set. We cracked open our beers and got ready for the game. The music was playing low and I had a feeling that this was going to get interesting.

“OK, here’s the rules for our game. First of all, what happens here, stay here, agreed?”

“Yes, for sure, agreed.”

We take turns first me then you. You get to ask three questions and then tell the dare. If you do not do the dare, or answer the questions honestly you give up $100.00 bucks. Is that cool with you?”

“That sounds fair Mike, anything else?”

“Feel free to drink all you want, your not driving home tonight.”

“That’s fine, I think I can deal with the rules.”

We shook hands and began the game.

“OK, question number one. When is the last time you got laid?”

“Oh dam, about four months ago. You know that.”

“Number two, when is the last time you jerked off?”

“Around lunch time today.”

“Last question, have you ever tasted your cum?”

“Oh your nasty, yes I have. Back in my college days.”

“Now the dare, try to suck a banana all the way down.”

“Oh, fuck. Are you serious?”


I grabbed a big, fresh banana for him to suck, I put it on the table in front of him.

“I guess I was asking for this.”

He sat back in his chair and peeled the banana to the base. I didn’t tease him and sat patiently and waited. He slid the banana into his mouth and opened wide. He began to take the banana down his throat. He looked determined to take it all in. He pushed it up and down several times just like I did it. It was quite a turn on and I was thinking how nice it would be if my cock was that banana. This was quite erotic and I was enjoying this way too much. He took his time and after several tries he was able to deep throat that thing. I clapped for him and he raised his arms in victory. I was getting horny and eager to do his dare, hoping it would be something sexual with him. 

“OK Mike, here’s your first of three questions. Number one did you enjoy watching me deep throat this big banana?”

“Yes, it was awesome. You totally surprised me, I didn’t think you could do it.”

“Number two, have you ever sucked a guys cock?”

“No, never I my life.”

“Number three, did you enjoy sucking that banana today?”

“Yes.” I said shyly.

“OK, now for your dare. Take your shirt off, rub some baby on your nipples and try to make them hard.”

“No problem.” 

I removed my shirt and got some oil. I came back and applied some oil to my smooth chest and massaged my nips for him. He looked like he was watching a stripper or something, I was glad I was turning him on. My nipples did get a little hard and I enjoyed doing it for him.

“Is that good enough?”

“Very good, Mike. Now it’s your turn and don’t be shy.”

“OK question number one. Did you try to suck a banana after I left your house today?”

“You fucker, OK yes, I tried it. I was curious. 

“That’s cool, question number two, did it make you horny?”

“Well, yes a little.” He said quietly. 

“Have you ever given a blow job to a guy before?”

“Nope never, Ha!”

“Ok now for your dare. Take off all your clothes except your underwear and rub oil on your chest.”

“You fucker I will get you for this!”

Brad got up and removed his shirt and began to rub oil on his chest. 

“Pinch your nipples a little bit.”

He took a deep breath and did as I asked. He seemed to be enjoying himself and he did this for a few minutes.

“OK, that’s good enough. Take the shorts off too, like I asked.”

He stood up and pulled his shorts down and it was obvious he had a hard on. It was impossible to miss. It was hard and fucking huge, which made me gasp. I tried to make light of the situation.

“Wow nice cock man. No wonder your X didn’t want to take that monster up her ass.

“When can I put my shorts back on?”

“After my dare.”

“OK, my man Mike. Here we go question number one. Have you ever watched gay porn?”

“Yes, but not very many.”

“Number two, did the gay porn’s make you horny?”

“Well to be honest, not really except one.”

“Number two and a half, what did you like about that one? Take your time.”

“Well it was a group sex video with guys and girls. Then there was two hot rugged young guys who started rubbing each others cocks. They had nice big hairless cocks and didn’t look gay at all. This was a very hot video, I think most straight guys would have even liked it. Then one of the hot guys started rubbing the other guys cock all over his face and made his face wet with pre-cum. Then he began to lick and suck on the big cock-head, there was more but that was all I could take and shot my load. I shut it off before it finished. So I don’t know what happened at the end.”

“Alright, here is question number three. Are you feeling bi-curious tonight?”

“Maybe a little. I replied shyly.”

“OK Mike, you gave me a great idea for your dare. I want you to put your laptop on the table here and play that video. Then you have to remove all your clothes, watch it with your hands on your hips for 5 minutes.”

“No way Brad.” I stated, but I really wanted to do this.

“Ok I win and I’m collecting. $100.00 bucks young man, hand it over.”

“Alright you got me, I’ll do it.”

I went and got my laptop and fired it up on the kitchen table. I found the video in no time and pushed the play button. Brad scooted over right next to me, so he could see the video up close. I slowly removed my shorts and underwear as the video began. My cock was already hard, I looked down at Brad who was breathing harder as he checked me out undressing. Then the hottest gay sex video I ever saw began to play for us. 

The video started and I had to stand there and watch this hot sex scene without touching my hard cock.

My cock is pretty big, about seven inches but it looked like eight tonight. I looked down to see his cock straining to be released from his underwear, it had to be nine or ten inches. The hot guys began to do there thing. Brad seemed to be enjoying this more than me. It looked like pre-cum was making his underwear wet. I wanted to grab it and taste his fresh pre-cum. Even more, I wanted to try to take it down my throat. He was rubbing his hard-on and was obviously enjoying the shows. Mine and the hot gay sex video. I was watching his cock now and he was watchin mine. After five minutes I couldn’t take much more.

“Times up, your up next Brad.”

“Dude you were right, that was extremely hot! Give me a minute, I need to get a beer.”

“No problem, I need a new beer to.”

We both slid our underwear back over our hard cocks, I was more than ready for more fun and tantalization. We were not acting so silly anymore. We were getting way to horny and things were beginning to heat up a lot between us. 

“Ok Brad, question number one. Have you ever put any kind of dildo in you ass?”

“Nope, never have.” He said seriously.

“Ok, number two. Did you like that video or did you love it?”

“It was way hot. Yes, I did like it a lot.”

“OK, that will do. Number three, would you rather have me deep throat your cock, or would you prefer to oil up my ass and pop my cherry; if you had to.?”

He paused for a long time deep in thought, he seemed a bit flush. Dam, maybe I went to far this time.. 

“Both, if you want to.” He finally said.

My heart was racing and I was ready for anything now.

“OK now for your dare. You have to rub your cock all over my face and then put the head in my mouth so I can taste your cum.”

He smiled slowly and said. “I’m cool with that.”

He dropped his shorts, I sat down with his big sweet cock inches from my face. He began to rub the big fat cock-head on my face and around my lips. I was so hot for him by this point, I let him slid it into my hungry mouth.

I finally got a taste of his pre-cum for the first time. It was fucking insanely delicious, I was really getting into it, I could tell by the serious look on his face he was to.

Brad’s breathing got louder and faster and he started to push his cock deeper into my warm mouth. I had to stop him before he came, there was more teasing to do. I knew sooner or later, I would be rewarded with a huge load, of his hot seaman before the night was over.

“OK Brad, now it’s your turn.”

He looked disappointed after I stopped but sat down to catch his breath for a minute. 

He thought long and hard for a minute then began his questions.

“OK Mike, question number one. Would you ever want to put your cock in my tight ass and fuck my brains out?”

“Yes, I’d love to. I think it would be fun to try that, even tonight if you’d like.”

He took a big deep breath, his leg was shaking now. Question number two, would you like to try to take my boner up your virgin ass tonight?”

“Yes, I would like to try that, I’ve never been so attracted to a guy before. I don’t want this to screw up our friendship, so please be sure you want to do this with me.” 

“Great answer, OK, question number three. If we make love tonight, can we do it without using condoms? I want to fill your sexy ass with the biggest load of my life. Your making me so fucking horny.”

“Yes, I would prefer that.”

“Great, now for your dare. You must deep throat my cock and swallow all my love juice.”

“OK sure, lets do this in my bedroom.”

I grabbed his hand and yanked him into my room. I pulled the covers back and laid him down on my bed. I looked up into his eyes and crawled up to him. We kissed for the first time very passionately, we also started grinding our cocks together. I knew now, there was no turning back. I slid down his body, kissing his oiled up chest and made my way to his big hard beautiful cock. I was lusting for his cock and I wanted to please him like no other. 

He was trembling and when I licked the underside of his cock he moaned out loud. I loved his cock and wanted to make it squirt like crazy. I wanted to taste a huge load of his cum for the first time.

I opened wide and sucked his big purple mushroom cock head. I sucked like a man possessed at first, I could tell I was doing a great job by the moans escaping his lips. I then began to slide mouth open mouth up and down the side of his big long delicious cock. Pre-cum was seeping out of his cock and I pulled back up to taste it. It was sweet, salty and delicious. Then I began to deep throat that monster. It was way better than a banana. It was warm and pulsating with lust, I couldn’t get enough. Up and down I went, enjoying every second. I was using one hand to hold his cock in place, while the other hand stroked that big beautiful cock. I worked his cock further down my throat with each stroke. I was getting closer to the base each time. Brad was making a lot of noise and breathing harder and harder. I finally got his monster all the way down my throat, past where I swallow. It was fucking intense. I was now completely adjusted to his size and started to bob my head like fucking piston. I was doing a great job, all my practice really paid off. After a few minutes of my first blow job, his cock started twitching like crazy in my mouth. He was getting close to giving me his hot sticky delicious cum, I couldn’t wait to see how much love juice he was going to give me. I wanted it all, I wanted it now, I was so ready for his big load to shoot in my hungry mouth. I wanted this mans protein, I wanted to make him feel like a king.

“Mike I’m about to blow my load, I can’t take much more.”

I pulled back so his cock head was the only part of him in my mouth. Then he started to blast my mouth with warn fresh seaman. It was salty and delicious, I loved it. I lusted it and sucked it all down like an experienced cock sucker. I kept sucking spurt after spurt, I was wondering if it would ever stop. I was hoping it wouldn’t, it tasted so sweet. He was filling up my mouth real fast. Finally after about thirty seconds he stopped coming and settled down. I swallowed the big load savoring the taste, enjoying the entire experience. I slid back up to him and kissed him hard. I grinded my aching hard-on into his crotch. Our oiled up chests felt sexy and warm. This was too much fun, I thought. I was so attracted to him and was ready for more hot man on man sex.

“Did you like that Brad?” I asked with a huge grin.

“You are amazing Mike. That was the deepest, best blow job of my life. No woman has ever been able to make me cum so much or so hard. I could get use to this.”

“I’ve been wanting to do that ever since I saw you walking around your place nude early this morning.”

“I always sleep in the nude. I thought you might of seen me nude, then I wanted you to. I’ve been so horny lately and was feeling a little bi-curious the past few weeks. I never felt this kind of attraction to a guy before and wanted you to be my first.”

“I started to feel the same way towards you too but I didn’t want to freak you out. I was afraid I would scare you off and loose a great friend. When I talked with you about our X’s not giving up the back door, I was ready for a trade off. I started thinking about you when I beat off. You have real nice ass and I obviously love your big beautiful cock. I imagined it was us in that video and it always made me cum very hard.”

Mike I’m game for a trade off, you can take my ass anytime you want. Just let me try you sometime, if it’s too big we can stop.”

“Brad if your willing to give up you virgin ass for me, I will definitely do the same for you. I think we can build up to slow and soon my ass will be yours.”

“Mike, lets do this. I want you to be my first right now. Oil me up and fuck me like there is no tomorrow. Just take it slow at first.”

I grabbed him and pulled him in for another passionate kiss. 

“Really, I would love to. You got me so horny Brad. Your ass is smoking hot, I’d rather pound you than any other person in the world.” 

He pushed me on my back and went for my cock. He sucked the head and licked it like I did for him. He seemed to be copying my new cock sucking skills. He was enjoying this almost as much as I was. No woman ever sucked my cock with so much enthusiasm or lust. He started pumping my cock with one hand and sucking my sensitive cock head with his mouth. He started to try to deep throat me and I was appreciating his efforts.

I had to stop him or I would cum soon and wouldn’t get to his ass for a while. I wanted his ass now!

“Brad this is awesome but I am going crazy with lust. I want to do you right now.”

Then I remembered what my High School girlfriend Samantha started doing right before I fucked her nice ass. She would douche her butt hole and make it nice and clean for me. Sometimes I would lick her ass before I popped her back there. My last girlfriend never came by to pick up her belongings after we broke up. I still had some of her panties, thongs, bras and other sexy stuff. She also left tampons, pads and douche. 

“Brad before we do this, would you mind taking a quick shower and freshening up your ass with a douche? If you will for me I will do the same for you. Then we can be nasty and clean all night long.”

“Sure, but do you have to go to the store? I want to keep this going and I don’t want to stop for too long.”

“Thanks to my last X, I have some here. It’s under the bathroom sink, I’ll warm it up for you. Just hop in the shower and I’ll bring it in a few minutes.”

“Is this a dare?” He smiled at me and grabbed my cock. 

“Yes, it’s a double dare. I want you to shave you cock, douche your ass and put on some sexy panties for me.”

“Then I will do the same for you. Are you cool with that?”

“You horny mother fucker, that sounds hot. I use to put on my X’s panties on backwards so I could fit my cock in. The front went up my ass like a thong. It always felt great. I would masturbate that way; and it always worked.”

“I like that, I’m going to do that for you tonight.”

I went to get the douche and warmed it up while he started his shower. I warmed up two bottles and handed one over the shower door to him. He took it from me and thanked me. He had a razor in his hand so he was shaving like I asked. I went to my dresser and selected some panties for us to wear. I found some that might fit him but there was no way they could conceal his huge cock. I picked a pair for me and got the bed ready. I got some Vaseline out and cleared off my night stand. I put the Vaseline next to the oil on the nightstand and put a few fresh beers down to. I lit a bunch of candles on dresser and shut the lights off. Then I laid a big towel down in the middle of the bed and I heard the shower shut off.

I tossed his panties on the bed, grabbed my douche and panties. When I opened the bathroom door he was drying off, his clean shaven cock was completely hard again. I put my sexy panties on the counter for him to see, then I slapped his ass and hopped in the shower. I rinsed my body and off and spoke out to him.

“Brad everything is set up in my room, make yourself comfortable, I’ll be there soon.”

“Hurry up man, I’m so fucking horny now. I’ll be ready for your cock, when you finish cleaning up.”

“Awesome, I can’t wait.”

He left the bathroom and I began to soap up my ass. I inserted the plastic tip of the douche to my ass and pushed it in slowly. It actually felt good going in and then I squeezed the warm liquid up my ass. It felt real good and I emptied the bottle. I was ready for something bigger now. I finished my douching and rinsed off. I was never more horny in my life.

I dried off slipped on my panties and made my way to Brad.

He was sitting on my bed, wearing panties and drinking a beer. His hand was rubbing his big beautiful cock through the panties and he smiled as I walked in. 

“Mike this is so hot; I loved douching my ass! It’s nice and clean and ready for action.”

“I loved douching for you to. I’ve never been so turned on. I was pretending the liquid was your cum filling up my ass.”

He put his beer down on the night stand and I grabbed his ankles. I pulled him down so his head was on the pillow and slid onto him. Our pantie covered cocks grinded together and we made out like teenagers again. I rubbed his chest and he grabbed my ass with both hands. He rubbed my fresh ass slowly and gently, it felt amazing. After a few minutes he slid his hand under my panties and teased my tight hole. I rolled on my side and pulled him on his side so we were still facing each other. I began to rub his ass gently to and pulled the panties up just a little. We kept kissing and grinding, building up our lust even more. Grinding our cocks together while wearing panties was making me crazy. It felt so sexy and nasty and Brad was feeling the same. 

I stopped for a second, turned my back to him and reached for the oil. When I did this he grabbed me from behind and put his face in my ass crack. I let him enjoy my ass for a minute before I turned back around. He slid up to my ass as I was bet over. He started grinding his big cock up and down my ass crack. It felt so hot and nasty, I was ready for anything tonight.

“Mike I know I owe you big time and I will do anything sexual you want. But please can I do your ass first, It’s all I can think about? I want to take my time and play with your ass a while. I want to oil it up, massage your tight hole and lick it clean before I take you all the way.”

“Well, since you put it that way, sure. That sounds amazing.”

Wasting no time he took the oil from my hand and I laid face down for him. He began to massage my buns very sensually, I was getting very turned on. Then he slowly pulled my panties down my legs and I could hear him taking deep breaths. 

“Man your ass look good enough to eat.”

“My ass is yours for the taking, I want you to be my first and only male lover.”

He squirted some oil on my buns and rubbed it in.. He kept going closer and closer to my tight virgin hole. This started making me crazy for him. He took his time warming up my ass. Then he took the Vaseline off the night stand and rubbed some on his big sexy cock. Next I felt him spread my ass cheeks and expected to feel him apply the Vaseline to my anus. I was surprised to feel his tongue licking around my virgin hole. It was wonderful sensation and he took his time making me squirm like crazy. By now

I was like a female dog in heat. 

“Brad, oh that feels so great, I want you so bad. Please give me your love, all your love.”

I felt him back off my buns, then I felt him lubing up my horny ass with Vaseline.

He took his time, applying Vaseline on my bung hole. It was making me so hot, I wanted to see how this would feel. God I was ready to try this, I was dying to try this. He stated to lube up my bung hole real good. He put a finger in and fucked me slowly with it. Then two fingers and more Vaseline I was shaking and begging him for more. Then three fingers were stretching me out, It was totally awesome. He worked my ass like this for a few more minutes and then I felt him move around behind me. He pulled me up gently and I felt his warm body against my ass. He spread my ass cheeks one last time and rubbed his big cock up and down my shiny ass crack. I loved this sensation too, Hi cock felt super hard and made me quiver. 

“Take me Brad, please, take me now.”

I felt him line up his slick cock to my anus and I tried to relax to accept his big meat. With one hand spreading my buns the other guided his throbbing love pole into my ass. I felt the huge cock head stab me a few times, I was too tight at first. Then with a little more force he got the head in and paused. his cock twitched in my ass and gave me quite a rush. 

“Are you OK so far?” He said as he breathed harder and harder. “Please tell me your OK?”

“I’m fine, keep going.”

Then I felt him push in a few inches, I was adjusting to his girth and wanted more. He pushed in again with more force, he had about four inches in and it felt fucking amazing. He kept inching in little by little, stretching me out, giving me more and more of that beautiful cock. He pulled back out with the cock head still inside and slid back in again.

We both grunted out loud together, when he did this. He slid in more and more, his hand was shaky on my buns. I was taking his meat like a champ and loving it. He pushed in deeper and deeper making me insane. He had to be close to filling me completely up all the way, I didn’t think I could take much more any deeper. Then I felt him finally hit my buns with his body. He was all the way in, I was glad I could take that much meat for him. I was fine and ready for a pounding. He pulled out again almost all the way and drove harder back in. I was totally getting fucked now and glad I was. My cock was squirting cum on the towel all by itself. I was on all fours and focusing on handling the fuck of my life. I looked down and saw my cum squirting spirt after spirt. Taking it in the ass was very pleasurable for both of us. I felt both hands on my ass and began to slowly pound me, we were both getting out of control. He had me gong nuts coming all over my bed. I never came like that before. It was like one long constant orgasm. I was hoping he was having as much pleasure as I was. I didn’t expect to have an orgasm while getting nailed from behind, but sure did.

I took his cock with all my heart. This was the greatest I’ve ever felt in my life. I started begging him for more hard cock up my ass. He took my cue and really started to give it to me good. He couldn’t pound me that fast, like slamming wet pussy. This was different and more intense. He gave me his best and I told him to fuck me as hard as he could.

Soon his balls were slamming into mine with great force. Another unexpected turn on.

He kept pounding and pounding me relentlessly and I wanted it all. He was going as fast as he could. The friction between us was magical. I felt his first jet of hot cum squirt into my ass. This was so intense, I thought I might pass out. Soon he pushed in all the way and held me tight. I loved the feeling of his hot cum filling up my ass. I was hoping he had a quart for me and I pushed back hard to accept his love juice.

His orgasm seemed to last for almost a whole minute. I didn’t want this to end. After he completely emptied his balls, he fell on me and his cock slid out. I fell onto my cum soaked bed with his big hot sweaty body on top of me. He held me tight again and I was no longer a virgin anymore. 

“Mike I never imagined that sex with you would be so fantastic.” He said into my ear softly. 

I turned around to face him for the first time after our intense sex.

“Brad, I can’t believe how much you made me cum.”

“You came too, really?”

“Yes, were laying in it. I squirted all over the place without even touching my cock.”

“No way that’s awesome!” 

“I was just as surprised as you are. I really needed that, god I feel great. I also loved receiving you hard thrusts and when you shot your load in my ass, it was such intense pleasure. It’s way to hard to describe.”

“Is you ass OK?”

“Yes it’s fine. I don’t know if I can do that again tonight but I still want to make love to your sweet behind. Are you cool with that?”

“Dude I’m your in any way, in any capacity.”

I wanted try his ass but I needed some time to recuperate and get cleaned up. I didn’t want cum dripping out of my ass all over the place so I covered my ass and ran into the shower and cranked it up. 

“Brad care to join me?” I yelled out to him. 

I jumped in the shower and cranked it up again. Brad stepped in right after I did. My shower is big enough for two and we enjoyed it together. He took the soap from me and lathered me up. He washed me down with tender loving care. He took his time on my cock and ass. I just stood there and let him enjoy my body. Then when he finished I took the soap from him and reciprocated his kind actions.

I worked my way from his shoulders down to his ass and cock. I slowly washed his body and ass crack. I put a finger in his tight anus and gently fingered him back there. He seemed to love this and grabbed my ass. His smooth cock and ass were fun to play with and he certainly was enjoying this. It’s hard to say who was having more fun at this point. 

We kissed with our fingers up each others ass’s as the water cascaded over us. I could get use to this.

After we dried off and got dressed we were very relaxed. I was fine with just kicking back for the rest of he night and watching a movie. We had a few more beers and decided it was time for bed. I insisted he sleep on my queen bed with me and he did. 

Nothing sexually happened between us for the rest of the night. 

Sunday morning arrived and we woke up at the same time. We went out for coffee and acted like normal buddies again. There was no talk of our sexual adventure last night but there was still some casual bumping and ass grabbing. 

When we got back to my place Brad decided to get going. Just to test him before he left, I got behind him and grinded my cock into his ass and grabbed his cock. I whispered into his ear, I still wanted to mount him from behind. 

“Mike, can we do it tonight?”

“Sure, I’m game.”

“Since we have to work tomorrow, why don’t you bring some dress clothes for work and sleep over. We can leave for work from my place, in our own cars.”

“Great idea, when should I drop by?”

“I need some time to do a few things, how about around 2:00?”

“Perfect, I’ll see you then. Should I bring anything else?”

“Your big cock is all you need to bring.” 

He gave me a strong hug and left. It was around 10:30 now so I had some time to myself. I washed my sticky sheets and cleaned up the mess from last night. I filled up a backpack with some work clothes for tomorrow and rested on the couch. I kept thinking about the craziest sex night of my life. How we lost control and got so wild and nasty. There was a lot more to gay sex than I thought. His balls slapping into mine during intercourse, the feeling of warm cum filling up my ass and the taste of his cum. Tonight I was going to get to pop his cherry and I’m sure he wanted me to real bad. 

I was getting that crazy horny feeling again and was glad to see it was almost 1:00. I took a shower and got ready for another sex night with Brad. I headed for Brad’s place and got there just after 2:00.

He welcomed me in and closed the door. He had on tight black bike shorts, that got my blood boiling right off the bat. Music was playing and the TV was on mute. His place looked nice and clean and smelled great.

“Hey Mike how are you doing?” He asked, as he hugged me.

“Fucking horny for you man, shit you look hot today!” I replied as I grabbed his spandex covered ass with both hands and pulled him in. I pulled his cheeks apart and slid a finger up and down his smooth ass crack. 

“Oh that feels good, I’ve been thinking about you all morning.”

“I’m so horny Brad, I want to take my time and make love to you all day.”

“I owe you, I will do anything I can to please you. I’m so ready.”

He backed up and went to the fridge, he pulled out two big cans of energy drinks and handed one to me.

“I was thinking this would be even more intense if we were jolted instead of drunk, now that the ice is broken.”

“I like that, cheers man.”

We touched glasses and guzzled away. We finished most of our energy drinks and sat down on his sofa. Soon my heart was going faster and I was feeling way horny. Brad reached for my shorts and rubbed my cock.

“I’ve been practicing, I think I can take this all the way down my throat and ass like you did for me yesterday.”

“Really, what have you been up to young man?’ I said with a big grin.

“Well I practiced with a banana and did it again and again till I mastered it.”

“Cool, you must of enjoyed your morning.”

“Oh yes I did, and I bought some douche and a small vibrator to get my ass good and ready.” He replied as he continued to rub my cock.

“Wow, I’m flattered, I was hoping you’d want me as much as I want you.”

“I do. I just douched my ass right before you arrived so I am ready for anything now.”

“You got me going again Brad, can we take this to the bedroom now?”

He stood up fast and reached for my hand, I held on and he pulled me up. I followed him to the bedroom and loved the way his ass looked in the bike shorts. He had them so tight up his ass, it looked as good as any chicks. 

He pulled his shirt off and came to me. He slowly pulled off my shirt and licked my chest and nipples. It felt great, then he got on his knees and started to pull my shorts down. He took his time and my tented cock popped into sight. He rubbed my cock through my underwear and looked transfixed as ever. He grabbed my ass and put his mouth to my underwear. He opened wide and my cock strained against my underwear as he sucked my cock head. I started to pull my underwear down and he finished for me. I kicked them off and sat back on the bed. He grabbed my stiff cock and started making love to it with his mouth. He was rally turning me on, and he seemed to be in bliss. 

After a few minutes of this I couldn’t take much more, so I pushed him back and pulled him up to me. I kissed him passionately. I felt his ass again and his cock was grinding into mine. The spandex made it nice and slick, I could of cum hard doing this if we carried on much longer. I slid out from underneath him and got him on all fours. I got behind him and marveled at his sexy tight virgin ass.

I began to massage his spandex covered buns, the more I did the more we both got turned on. It was so pleasurable I didn’t want to stop. So I kept at it for about ten minutes, he was breathing hard and pushing his ass back at me. Then I couldn’t resist my dirty thoughts any longer. I put my mouth up to his ass and began to lick his slick butt with my tongue. He was moaning now and really getting turned on. I had to have him soon. I slowly slid the black shorts back and got a look at his virgin ass. It smelled like fresh body wash and after his shorts were off, I began to lick his ass. He shook with delight as I worked all around his cute little butt hole with my wet tongue. I moved behind him and reached around to find his big long cock, hard as a rock. It was wet with pre-cum and I worked it into the shaft. I grinded my cock into his butt crack, we were both going out of our minds. I felt him spurt a bunch of times and I caught as much as I could and licked my fingers clean. I grabbed the lube he had on the night stand ready for us and dropped some on his ass crack and on my dick. I warmed up his ass, sliding up and down his ass crack avoiding his butt hole at first. 

I had to do this soon before we both had a heart attack, so I started rubbing the lube around his virgin hole. He was shaking pretty bad by now and I was to. I slid in a finger and fucked him slowly with it. He pushed back on my finger obviously wanting more. I slid in two fingers and massaged his super tight ass. 

“Mike, I’m so ready. Please do me, I can’t wait to feel you stretch me out with your big cock.”

I was ready also, I was ready to do pound a guys ass for the first time. I knew this was going to be intense. I knew I couldn’t stop myself now even if the place caught fire. 

I rubbed my cock up and down his ass a few time, he pushed back begging for my cock. I rubbed my cock and made it nice and slick. Then I put the head up to his virgin butt and pushed. The head almost popped in but he was too tight, so I pushed harder the second time and was in. He pushed back forcing my cock in him. It went in a few inches and he moaned out in pleasure. He started bouncing back and forth making my cock go in and out with me just holding myself in place. I barely had to meet his pushing to get this going. I finally couldn’t hold back any longer. 

I grabbed his hips and pulled him all the way down on my pulsating shaft. We began to fuck and it was so nasty and sexy at the same time. I watched as my cock went all almost all the way out. The smell of sex was in the air, this was by far the nicest ass I’ve ever slid my cock into. I buried myself in him over and over, We were both out of our minds with lust. I pulled all the way out an gave myself a break, I was to close to coming. 

“Mike are you OK?” He asked as he panted.

“I’m to close, I want this to last a while.” I said between deep breaths.

“Go for it, this won’t be the last time we do this I promise.”

I took a deep breath and lined up my cock one more time with his tight ass. I pushed in and was glad I took a few seconds to collect my hormones. I was now able to settle down and give him a great ass fucking. I Slowly began to slide in all the way in and out, it was a wonderful sensation. He was pushing back at my thrusts hungry for my load by now. We got into a perfect rhythm and we were fucking like mad dogs. I pounded him hard as ever and he took it all like a man. I was feeling my load building up in my balls and knew I couldn’t take much more of his sweet ass. 

I slammed in one last time and held him as hard as I could. My orgasm started to erupt into his ass. I felt jolt after jolt of cum shooting out of me, he pushed back hard to accept my load. It felt like it went on forever. I had never had multiple orgasms before and this blew my mind. I kept coming and coming like crazy. I filled his virgin ass up with my warm semen. I was out of control. I pulled out of his ass and he turned around and grabbed my dick. He started to suck the all the left over cum off my cock. It was too sensitive and made me shiver, so I pushed him back and went to work on his cock.

I sucked it hard and enjoyed the taste again. I saw blobs of cum on his sheets and wiped my hand over them to pick them up. I brought my hand to my mouth and tasted more of his fresh cum. I rubbed my wet hand all over my face and chest. 

He grabbed my face and kissed me, our tongues danced together as we feasted on his cum. We collapsed together, holding each other tight. Our sweaty body’s were drenched with love. 

This was the beginning of a very hot sexual relationship. I was hoping it would never end, I didn’t care that he was a man. All I knew was that we had the most intense orgasms together. I loved all the physical actions of being with him. Taking it and doing it, it was all so pleasurable. He felt the same as me in that regard, he also seemed to love it even more than me, if that’s even possible.

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