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Waiting for You

Category: Anal Sex
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I am waiting for you to arrive and I’m so horny, knowing your coming today I have shaved my legs and pussy this morning and have been imagining you running your tongue over my smooth folds, I’m wearing tights with no knickers and I’m already dripping even though you haven’t even arrived yet.

You pull up and get out of your car we have been texting all day so I already know that you’re as horny as me. As soon as you’re in my house we don’t even say hello before we start kissing and running our hands over each others bodies. I slide my hand down and feel your hard cock straining in your trousers. I pull your t-shirt up and kiss down your stomach whilst playing with your cock through the material of your jeans, you growl when I start unbuttoning your jeans I pull them down as I go down on my knees and lick your balls, gently sucking each into my mouth. I kiss up the length of your big hard cock and run my tongue over the head before sliding you into my mouth; I keep running my tongue over the head whilst gently sucking you into and out of my mouth. I’m soaking and my pussy is really throbbing now. But gently isn’t enough for you, your too horny and you take a handful of my hair in each hand and hold my head still while you facefuck my mouth.

You pull me up and lead me over to the kitchen table where you bend me over and pull my skirt up, I feel your tongue running over my pussy through the tights, you suck, nibble and bit my clit and the sensation and the wetness on the material from your saliva and my pussy juices is incredible! You grab the tights in your hands and rip them roughly and almost immediately I feel your cock pushing into me. I’m so wet and horny you slide right to the hilt immediately and I moan with the sensation of being filled. I brace myself on the table as you pound into me hard and fast and it’s not long before I feel the orgasm building. I cum intensely and it feels amazing but I’m not finished and neither are you so I pull you upstairs where we can continue.

We pull each other’s clothes of rushing to be naked as fast as possible, I push you down on your back and climb on top of you, I slide you into me and start to rock up and down on your cock while you play with my nipples, and they’re hard and sensitive. You pull me down and squeeze my tits together with both hands and suck both my nipples into your mouth. You suck, lick and bite my nipples and I’m trembling as you rhythmically push your cock into me. I turn around so I’m still on top but have my back to you and I fuck myself on your cock.You lube up your fingers and start playing with my ass, I feel my ass relaxing and widening as you slide a finger inside. The sensation of the double penetration feels great and I want more, you keep playing with my ass and I cum again, I roll of you and lie on my back to catch my breath but you haven’t cum yet so you tell me to get on my knees and I soon have my ass in the air and my face in the bed as you tongue and finger fuck my ass. I want more and I’m soon begging for your cock, you slide your well lubed cock into my ass slowly and it’s almost too much it’s so intense.

Once you’re right up in my ass you stay still for a couple of seconds while I get used to the sensation of my asshole being stretched so wide by your big cock. You start to slide in and out using long deliberate strokes and I feel your whole cock from the tip to the hilt going in and out. I slide a vibrator into my pussy and turn it on. I play with my pussy and clit while you fuck me in the ass, just as I feel another orgasm building I hear you start to grunt and moan and I know your nearly there and knowing that sends me over the edge. Just before you cum you pull out and turn me round and holding a handful of my hair in one hand and your cock in the other you empty your balls over my face. I open my mouth and try to catch as much as I can of your thick hot salty cum, but there’s so much my face is covered and it’s dripping off my chin.

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