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The living room windows in my house are best described as odd. In the first place, they are huge, there are four of them, each one is four feet by four feet.

Nothing so unique about that except each one angles outward at the top at 45 degrees.

When I leave the doors and windows open in the warm Summer months, that makes a perfect fly trap, they move up to the top and can’t figure out how to get out.

Then I smack them with my fly swatter, or I grab a squirt bottle of window cleaner and spray them. That makes then roll over and crash.

It’s kinda fun, I guess.

You can already see how exciting my life is. I am 66 and retired.

The windows are also good at trapping birds, I catch Hummingbirds and the little brown ones, take them outside and turn them loose, much to the chagrin of my Cat. The Cat did try a few times to jump up on the windows to get the birds, but soon figured out there is not a heck of a lot of traction on glass.

Now it just sits there and yowls, which lets me know we have a bird.

The other close family member besides my Cat is Sam, my Dog. She has the rest of her life all figured out, she sleeps. Sometimes she gets up to go eat but then she goes right back to the exact same spot. I just leave the door open in the Summer months, otherwise the Dog wants in..or wants out..same with the Cat.

I thought about one of those doggie doors but Sam is around 90 pounds, so I gave up on that idea.

I was married once to a lively and fun woman named Sheila, but one day she came home from the Doc’s office with bad news. That was a bit of a hard time, it was almost like she was there one day and gone the next.

All of my life before seems almost like a dream that happened to someone else. When I turned 62 I told the government to give me my stipend, that along with some savings and investments meant I could relax.

The trouble with relaxing is it gets boring. The great excitement in my life is smacking flies and catching birds.

At night when the Moon is out is the time I wash those four big windows. Smacking bugs makes a mess, I smack bugs a lot, too. But something about bright moonlight streaming in the windows makes every spot just stand out, I can get them perfect and streak free.

That was what I was doing when I saw the white flash of something down by my trees. It was just for a second or two, a brief shadow that darted between the huge Poplar trees that line my front yard, maybe 100 yards away.

I looked more closely, saw it again. I wasn’t quite sure what it was, but it was sure as hell moving. I watched for about a half hour, nothing more moved so I went back to cleaning my windows.

The next day I was out mowing my lawn, I looked over and Kay was out there, like always. John and Kay owned the house next door, it sits back a ways from mine. Kay loved to sunbathe out there, which I wouldn’t really mind except for the fact that she is about 5 feet tall and six feet around.

Well, not really that bad, her body is odd in that she doesn’t have huge rolls of fat.

She is just round.

Not my thing.

She always acts surprised when I drive by close, sitting up and tugging her top back into place. Hell, I am on my riding lawnmower, so I cleverly think she knows I am coming.

That woman has a set on her that I have no idea how she holds them up. She always takes her time stuffing them back in her bikini top, too.

I waved and she waved back with one hand while she pretended to tug on one side of her top. Her giant boob hung out in space, pointed almost straight down, big black nipple the size of my palm.

I never was much into big women, though, or one that belonged to someone else. The truth is that by this point in my life I had almost forgotten what women were really like, although everyone I knew tried to help me out.

Right after Sheila passed I got introduced to every woman with white hair from fifty miles in all directions.

Hell, It was “Hey Dan, I want you to meet Martha, Geraldine, this is Dorothy..” then the big grin as they waited expectantly for me to do something.

A solid string of big’uns, a solid string of white hair. Just not my thing, I managed to stay polite but that was it. Finally everyone gave up on that.

By the time I mowed over to the other side of my yard I looked up and here came Dave. Dave lives on the other side, he likes to come up to the fence and talk to me. I can see his mouth moving so I have to shut off the damn mower to hear him.

“Hey, want a beer?” He asked.

That was different, usually he started right in complaining about his bitch ex wife. I had heard the story maybe 40 times now.

It was hot, a beer sounded good.

“Yea, thanks!” I told him, taking the can. Damn it was cold, just the way I like it.

“Say, didya see the ghost?” He asked, tipping his can back for a swig.

“Ghost?” I asked, wondering if he meant the same thing I saw.

“Yea, down by yer trees. Hadda be a ghost, it was floating and all white. Kinda spooky, huh?”

Whatever I saw didn’t seem to be floating to me, it just looked like maybe somebody or something white, hard to tell in the moonlight at that distance.

Of course Dave was usually three sheets to the wind most of the time, enough so that it was a pain in the ass to talk to him.

“Well, thanks for the brew, gotta get back to mowing.” I started up the machine and put it in gear. Dave’s mouth was still moving as I pulled away. By the time I got over to the other side Kay had rolled over on her stomach. Her top was undone, her giant tits were pressed out each side of her upper body.

She sure as hell didn’t need a pillow. I glanced at her, her behind was so big I couldn’t even tell if she had on bottoms, although I knew she did.

I sighed and made the last few rounds. Kay somehow managed to be out there most of the time, I had a suspicion she was doing it deliberately.

Maybe John was getting his jollies? I looked up at his house but didn’t see anybody.

Hell with it. I put the mower away, went inside to watch People’s Court. Later when I woke up I caught two birds and turned them loose, then smacked a few flies.

That night I saw the Moon peek over the Poplar trees, so I got out my squeegee and started to wash them. I was just carefully buffing out the corners when I saw that motion down by my trees again.

The moon was fuller now, and a bit brighter, so I watched for a long time. It seemed to be somebody, then they stepped into view between the trees.

And started doing jumping jacks!

Honest to God.

That sure as hell was no ghost. It sure as hell wasn’t floating. I turned and headed for the door, planning to go down there to see what the heck was going on. By the time I got to the porch whoever/whatever it was took off running, down into the ditch and then back up 50 feet farther away.

Hell, I am 66. No way in the world was I going to catch whoever that was.

I just went back inside.

The next day I wandered down there, to look for footprints. It had been dry and hot, even at night it was around 75 degrees. The ground was hard, there were no tracks.

But the grass was knocked down where someone had gone into the ditch, then again where they came out on the road. Not just once or twice, either, but a lot.

I knew there was a development going in perhaps a quarter mile away, but so far only three or four houses were finished so most of the spots were vacant.

I figured it was probably just kids out playing, strange to be doing that at 11 O’clock at night but kids nowadays didn’t seem to have any rules like we did when I was a kid.

I saw it again the next night. This time I was on my porch, sitting there in the dark. John and Kay’s house was dark so they were in bed, Dave was gone off to some bar somewhere, like always.

I quietly got up and walked over to the fenceline, which put me out of sight. I worked my way down to the trees on Dave’s side, then headed back towards whoever it was.

I peeked around just in time to see the person step out and face my house. Then she did jumping jacks, I knew now it was a she because her titties were bouncing up and down.

And she was naked as a jaybird!

I was less than ten feet away before she realized.

“Hello!” I said. She froze, turned slightly towards me. She looked left and right but I was standing in the path I knew she took to escape.

“Oh!” She said, her arms coming up and over her breasts.

“I’m sorry, mister! I was just….” Her other hand came down to hide her crotch.

“Relax, miss. I am harmless, I was just curious as to what you were doing.” She started moving sideways, obviously wanting to get past me.

“Hey, it’s OK. I have seen pretty girls before.” I told her. I gave her my very best disarming grin, which probably was a waste of time since she couldn’t really see me that well in the moonlight.

“Oh. You don’t..mind?”

“Not one bit, you look like you are having fun.”

“Yea, I just…like being naked outside, I only do it when it is dark.” She seemed to visibly relax.

“Really? That’s interesting. I have heard of things like that but I never saw it before. Is it exciting?”

“Yea. It’s dangerous, I could get caught.”

“I guess so, I caught you!” I laughed.

“You really aren’t upset?”

“No, why should I be? You are really pretty..what I can see of you.”

“Nobody ever caught me before…not really.” She tipped her head, now she seemed to relax even more, like everything was..normal?

“Hey, want to come up to the house and chat?”

“No, I better not. I should go get my clothes.”

“Where are they?”

“Down the street, I hide them by the culvert.”

I knew the culvert was about 200 yards away.

“Wow, that really takes courage to go this far with no clothes on.”

“Yea, it took me a long time to get this far. Will you let me by, please?”

“Sure.” I stepped several feet off the path. She walked by me, slightly wary but I didn’t move.

“Hey, can I walk with you? Do you mind?” I asked, on impulse.

She stopped and looked at me, then she grinned.

“Only if you take your clothes off, too!” Then she took off running.

I stood there for awhile, then went back to my house. That was interesting as hell. She was cute, young, well built and obviously uninhibited.

Just a kid out having fun, she looked to be around 25 or so from what I could see, way younger than me. Her hair was light, hard to say if it was brown or blonde, and she was slender, well built. Not huge in the bust but just nice. Seeing her like that was pretty amazing.

She was just doing silly risky stuff, I had heard of things like that but never really saw any of it. My wife had sometimes dressed a little bit sexy when we were on vacation, once on a beach she had even taken off her top but she spent the whole time with her front plastered to a blanket, and she could manage to put her top on without getting up.

I have no idea why she was so careful, nobody paid any attention at all. There were girls all over the beach wearing tiny patches of cloth and some string. That was as close as I ever got to getting Sheila to do anything really naughty, but even lying there with her naked back showing was kind of a turn on. We screwed like young kids that night in our hotel room.

It was several days later when I saw her again. The moon was at a different angle and it was a lot darker. I went down there half expecting her to take off but she didn’t.

“Hello again.” I called out from maybe 50 feet away. Can I come over there?”

“Hi, mister. Sure, it’s OK.”

“I suppose you want me to get naked too?” I intended that as a wisecrack.

“Sure! Go ahead, do it.” Her voice sounded like she was laughing.

I hesitated.

“Come on, it will be fun!” She giggled. I could see her face now in the moonlight, she was actually kind of pretty.

What the hell.

I peeled off my shirt, undid my belt and pulled my pants and briefs down. I got the pants legs hung up in my shoes, finally got them kicked off. Then I just stood there.

It felt funny as hell. She looked me up and down, I probably looked white, too. Some would think that would give me a huge hardon but it didn’t, I was just…naked?

She was about ten feet away now, there was a tiny flash of moonlight that reflected in her eyes.

“Far out!” She giggled.

“Come on, let’s go!” She took off running, I took off right behind her. She ran down into the ditch and up onto the road. The damn pavement was hard on my feet and she was gaining on me, but I gritted my teeth and sped up. Finally we were trotting along side by side. We stopped by the culvert, gasping for breath. I could see her more clearly now.

She looked to be in her early twenties, slim in the waist. Her breasts weren’t large, but they were high and firm. There was no sign of any pubic hair at all. She stood there breathing heavily, then she went down over the bank, coming back with a T-shirt and pair of shorts.

Just then I saw some headlights coming.

“Oh, shit!” She darted over the bank and crouched down, I was right behind her.

Dave’s car went by, easy to tell since the engine had a loud knock.

“He didn’t see us.” I whispered.

“Nope. Now let’s go back and get your clothes.” She tossed her t-shirt and shorts over her shoulder and calmly walked back down the road. Nobody else came by. We went back over under my trees, I tugged my clothes back on and so did she.

“I need to get home now.” She turned to leave.

“Hey, wait! What’s your name?” I asked her.

“Wendy. What’s yours?”

“I’m Dan.”

“Nice to meet you, Dan!” She turned and started to trot away.

“That was fun!” She called back over her shoulder, then she was out of sight. This was really crazy, I couldn’t believe I had just ran up and down the street stark naked with some naked girl maybe a third my age.

Several nights went by with no sign of her. I even walked down the street to the new housing project, no sign at all of her.

I had almost forgotten about that, except a couple of times I went outside and sat on my porch, not a stitch on. Of course it was dark, nobody could see me but the feeling was really..exciting? It’s hard to describe the sensation, it wasn’t sexual actually, it was just…free?

Well, maybe a little sexual, once I got an erection so I stood on my porch and played with myself, finally blasting off out into the yard. That was something I had never done in my entire life, not standing up anyway, and certainly not outside. It was incredible, my knees almost gave out on me.

Then several weeks later I was washing my windows. The moon wasn’t up all the way yet but I could see outside barely. Suddenly she was there, right in front of my windows. I didn’t have the inside lights on since it is easier to clean the windows with just the moonlight.

Wendy was just there, naked again. She waved at me to come out, then moved over towards my porch.

I went out to say hi.

“Hey, you have your clothes on.” She grinned.

“Uhh. I can fix that.” I quickly stripped off naked. She looked me up and down in the dim light.

“You look pretty good for an older guy!” She giggled.

“You look pretty good for a younger gal!” I answered.

“Let’s go walk, want to?”

“OK. Where to?”

“Farther. Just farther. I want to see how far I can get without getting caught..again.” She giggled at that.

She reached out to take my hand, we went down to the trees, then turned and headed for town. I was totally aware of how soft her hand felt. It was a cooler evening but I wasn’t uncomfortable, really. The little town was nearly 6 miles away.

I was actually hoping she wasn’t serious about going all the way to town, I wasn’t sure my old legs would even allow that.

“Hey, I saw you!” Her voice had that laugh in it again.

“Saw me? Saw me what?”

“I was there when you…did that outside.” She giggled again.

“Oh.” I was glad it was dark out, I know I must have turned bright red.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t see you.”

“I know. It’s OK, sometimes I do that too. I liked watching you do that.”

Just one car went by, we hid in the grass alongside the road, then we went back out on the pavement. About a mile down the road towards town the other highway intersected, I knew there would be a lot more traffic on that one. The side road up to the subdivision and then the older homes like I lived in was still sparsely travelled.

“Do you want to cross the highway?” I asked her, not too sure of that.

“This is farther than I ever went, let’s go back.”

“OK.” I was actually grateful for that.

We had to duck down twice as someone went by, each time she giggled hysterically. Back at my yard we crossed the grass, then sat down on my porch.

“Want a beer?” I asked her.

“No, but maybe a glass of wine would be nice if you have some.” I did have some, a bottle someone had given me of some dark red stuff. I had tasted it and didn’t like it. I poured her a small glass.

“This is really good!” She said after taking a sip.

“So what do you do, Dan?” Wendy asked me, leaning back looking completely relaxed. It was interesting to look at her, the way the moonlight was casting shadows across her body made it look like she had on some kind of net like outfit. I realized the chair she was in was slightly behind my Rose trellis, it had angled slats in it. The Roses had long since given up, something about water I think.

“I guess I don’t do much, I am retired.” I told her.

“You don’t look old enough to be retired.” She took another sip of the wine, made a face. I grinned to myself at that.

“Can I ask you why you like to do this?”

“I don’t know, it is just..exciting? I know it’s crazy but I feel so free and alive.”

“Ever been caught?”

“Just by you, although once someone in a car saw me and stopped, but I hid in the brush until they left.”

“That was pretty close the other night when Dave went by, wasn’t it?”

“Who is Dave?”

“He lives over there.” I waved my arm at the house next door.

“Oh, that guy? He was looking out the window at me a couple of weeks ago but I was too far away for him to see anything, so I kept going back and forth between the trees. Then I did some jumping jacks. Once he started down there but I took off.” She giggled at that.

“He said he thought you were a ghost.”

“I am a ghost! Well, I try to be anyway. Hey, the Sheriff’s car parks down by the pond, I sneaked up on it and actually touched it before I ran once.”

“I am curious, is it a sexual thing?”

“NO! Well…yes..oh, I don’t know, it’s just..exciting.” Wendy stood up suddenly, set down her glass.

“I gotta go.” She headed out across my lawn at a trot.

“Will you come back?” I called out.

“Maybe, look for the ghost!” Her laughter seemed to bounce off the trees back at me, then she was out of sight.

I sat there on my porch for quite a long time.

The next day I looked out, no sign of Kay or anyone, so I went and fired up my riding lawnmower. I was about halfway done when I looked over and Kay came out, this time she had on a bright yellow bikini.

Right on schedule. I did my best to ignore her, she waved at me as I went down the fenceline, I waved back. She was flopped out on her back, the color of her outfit was so bright against the green grass that it kept catching my eye.

I came back around, she sat up and waved at me again, so I stopped.

“Morning, Danny! Want a beer?” She reached in a cooler and pulled out a bottle. I took it and had a sip, as she sat there and watched me.

I was thinking that if Dave and Kay kept coming up with beer I wouldn’t need to buy any of my own.

“You don’t mind my sunbathing out here, do you?” She gave me a big smile.

“No, it’s fine.” The top of that thing she had on was maybe three inches wide, she had about eight inches of flesh hanging out both sides. She almost looked squashed.

“I normally prefer to sunbathe nude but I didn’t want to upset you.” She sipped her beer, then actually batted her eyes at me.

“Oh, you won’t upset me, I have seen girls before.” I told her, almost instantly regretting that.

“Good! This thing is killing me!” One tug and it was gone, her huge breasts flopped down, she lay back and opened her legs enough that I could see the flash of yellow at her crotch.

“Thanks for the beer!” I told her, firing up the engine and taking off. Kay still had the bottoms on when I came back by.

Thank God.

A couple of days later Dave came over, I was sitting on the porch enjoying the sunshine, watching my sprinklers spraying my lawn. It was always a complete pain in the ass, no matter how I set them up or what kind of sprinkler I used, I always had to move them to get it all.

I managed to stifle a giggle at him, he made it almost all the way when the sprinkler came around, so he sort of skipped faster but he was already on his way so he was a little unsteady. The sprinkler blasted his pant leg and went on by.

He came up on the porch, reached down and patted at his wet leg for a second, then he handed me a beer.

“Hey, I saw that ghost again!”

“No shit? Where?”

“It was down by the trees, It looks like a woman in a white dress.” He looked at me for a reaction.

“I think I saw it once, it’s probably just a reflection.” I lied.

“Naw, it’s real! I bet somebody has been murdered around here, I bet there is a body out in them woods.”

“Could be.” I took a swig off the beer, wishing he would buy the good stuff.

“Yea, it’s like I see her out of the corner of my eye but when I look she ain’t there.”

I realized he was drunk as a skunk.

“Ghosts can’t hurt you.” I told him.

“Yea, I guess not. Say, did you see John’s old lady?”

“Sure, what about her?”

“She was laying out there nekkid as a jaybird.”

“Really? I see her sunbathing all the time but just with her top off.”

“I saw her the other day, she was nekkid. I could see right up between her legs. She has it shaved as bare as a newborn babie’s bottom.” He snickered at himself.

Hell, it was 200 yards from Dave’s fenceline to John and Kay’s.

“How could you be sure?”

“I used my field glasses!” Then he started laughing, wiped his nose.

“Maybe she is what you have been seeing, she likes to run around half naked all the time?”

“Naw, Kay is maybe 250 pounds, that ghost is way smaller.”

I was thinking closer to 300 pounds but I didn’t say anything. Finally Dave got up and left, it took him two tries to get to his feet.

So Kay had gone to the next step, or at least that is what Dave had said. For whatever that was worth. I sat there and laughed at the idea of him peering at her with field glasses. Hell, why not just walk up to the fence, I doubted she would care.

Everything went back to normal around my house except for late in the evenings I went out and sat on my porch. If Dave was gone off somewhere and John and Kay’s house was dark I would strip down and sit out there in the dark.

I was not even sure why, it just felt good. It became something of a habit. Nearly a Month went by with no sign of Wendy, I was beginning to wonder if I would ever see her again. My walks down to the housing development gained me nothing, I never saw any sign of her.

I now even washed my windows in the nude, in bright moonlight no one could see in unless they got real close. The weather began to cool, I still sat out on my porch, sometimes until way into the early morning hours, but I took a fuzzy warm comforter with me.

It actually felt good to be sitting out there, I could hear crickets and frogs, the sounds all around lulled me to sleep.

I had a tendency to sleep where and whenever I felt like it anyway, most of the time I tipped back the recliner with the TV on and dozed off.

I felt very warm, woke up to the Sun shining in my face. I blinked a couple of times, realized someone was standing there.

“Are you OK, Danny?” Kay asked. I looked over and there she was, wearing a tank top and shorts.

“Uhh…Yea, I’m fine.”

“I saw you out here early this morning, then when I looked out and you hadn’t moved….”

“I’m OK, I just dozed off.”

“Well, you are getting sunburned, we better get you inside.”

“Oh, I am all right.” I protested.

“Come on, let me help you.” She reached out and tugged on the comforter, suddenly there I was, stark naked.

She looked down, blinked.

“Oh!. I didn’t….”

“Damn it, Kay!” I protested, grabbing the blanket.

“Oh, relax…I have seen men before. But, WOW!” She giggled, staring at my dick sticking out between my legs.

“It’s all right.” I said, getting up with the blanket tugged back up around me. I realized that making things even worse, I had a morning erection.

I turned and went inside, she was right behind me.

She was still there when I came out of the bedroom in my jeans and a levi shirt.

“You sure are a lot bigger than John is!” She actually batted her eyes at me. I didn’t say anything, went to the fridge and got a glass of milk.

What the hell was she doing in my kitchen? I glanced over at her, she had one elbow on my table, those giant boobs were hanging there barely covered by the silly tank top she had on.

“I didn’t mean to embarrass you, I didn’t know….” She said, then she grinned.

“But I always wanted to know what that looked like…” She added.

“Kay…” I started to say.

“Don’t you like me?” She asked, standing up.

“I like you just fine, but John….”

“John doesn’t mind, in fact he told me I could.”

“Could? Could what?” I got a sinking feeling.

Kay stood up, moved around the table towards me, I started to back up.

“Why don’t you let me take care of that for you?”

“Kay, I like you just fine but I am not going to…”

I swear to God, she pouted.

“All right. But just so you know, if you ever get in the mood…for ANYTHING, just let me know.” She stressed the “anything” part.

“Uhhh..ok, I will.”

She mercifully headed for the front door, twitching her butt from side to side. Thank God she missed the door frame. She stopped and looked back at me for a moment, I felt a bit like a chunk of meat in front of a hungry Dog.

“I hope so, Danny.” Then she was gone.


I went into the bathroom and did my morning business, then I was upset at myself because I had a damn hardon. Why, I didn’t have a clue, Kay didn’t turn me on, at least I was pretty sure she didn’t anyway.

Later, I had to put up with Dave coming over wanting to know all about it, how was she, all of that shit. It seemed that he was outside watching when Kay came out my front door.

Of course. Probably with his damned field glasses.

“Nothing happened, she just saw me asleep on the porch and got concerned.”

“Man, I would do that in a New York minute!” He said, the ever present can of cheap beer in his hand.

“Why don’t you just go ask her?” I told him. I was getting a little bit fed up with Dave.

“Maybe I will!” He said, then he turned and ambled back towards his yard. Halfway across, I reached over and hit the button on my sprinklers. He took a couple of hops, then managed to get out of range.

“Sorry!” I called out. “They are set on automatic.” I lied. Snickering to myself, I went back inside.

My phone rang seconds later. I decided to ignore it, the answering machine clicked on. Then I heard Wendy’s voice, damn near broke my leg getting to the phone.


“Hi, Danny.”

“What’s up? Say, how did you get my number?”

“Phone book, you are listed and your last name is on your mailbox.”

“OH. Well, what’s up?”

“I want to go to town…tonight.” I knew what she meant.


“Yea, really. Want to go with me?”

“OK. What time?”

“I will just come over when I am ready, OK?”

“OK. It’s going to be a little bit cool.”

“We will be warm enough.”

“OK. See you tonight.”

“You sure will!” She giggled and hung up.

I was excited all day. I now regularly went out and sat on my porch naked at night, but while that was fun and exciting, it wasn’t the same as running around outside naked with Wendy. That was actually strange, I really knew almost nothing about her, not even where she lived or anything.

By midnight, I had just about given up, when suddenly there she was.

“Ready?” She asked.

“I guess so.” She reached out and took my hand.

“All the way and back, let’s do it this time!” Her voice was excited. Hell, I was feeling a bit excited myself.

It took us over two hours, there was almost no traffic. Twice we ducked into the bushes when someone went by, then we rounded the last turn before town. There were street lights there, and I got my first really good look at Wendy. She seemed to hold her shoulders back, her nice round breasts had dark nipples, they were hard as a rock. I felt myself getting an erection, Wendy glanced down at me and grinned.

“Me, too!” She giggled. We made it all the way to the chain link fence by the ball field, then we turned and headed back. The sheriff’s car went by but we were well hidden in the brush by the time he reached where we were.

I was all but worn out by the time we got to my house, the night was just cool enough to cause goosebumps but the exertion kept us warm. I guessed it was close to 5 in the morning.

“Hungry?” I asked her.

“Yea, a little.”

“Come on in, I can make some pancakes.”

She smiled slyly and followed me inside. I left the lights off, not sure how she would react. She sat down on my couch as I went in and turned on the stove. I had a stack of pancakes whipped up in just a few minutes, took her a plate. It was just starting to get light outside, I glanced at the windows and realized she had opened all the curtains.

We sat there naked in the living room and ate. After we had finished, I took the plates and brought her a cup of coffee.

“That was sure fun, we actually did it!” She smiled.

“Yep, we did. I wasn’t sure that we would make it but we did.”

“Say, would you like to…look at me?” There was a catch in her voice.

“I can see you just fine.” I told her.

“No, I mean more.”

“More? Sure, I would love to.”

Wendy leaned back on the couch, then she slowly opened her legs. Her outer lips parted slightly, she reached down and used her fingers to spread them even more.

“How’s that?” She grinned, holding the pose. I could see she was damp, shiny.

“Beautiful!” I told her, feeling myself begin to erect at her blatant display.

“Come closer?” She asked.

“OK.” I got up and moved over to in front of the couch, I was just inches away now.

“Your cock is hard, can I touch it? You can…touch me if you want to.” I could tell she was completely excited now.

I reached out and stroked her bare sex with one hand, then I scooted up beside her on the couch. Her hand came down and wrapped around me, just held me. We sat there and touched each other for a long time. Then she rolled over and pressed against me.

“I shouldn’t…but I want to!” She lifted up and straddled me, reached down and grasped my rock hard penis and set the end right against her opening. She looked me right in the eyes, then slid her hips down and over me. I lay back and let her work, marvelling at the way her breasts bounced up and down as she used her legs to pump at me. Then she pressed me down flat on my back and stretched out, breasts mashed against me, her hips working furiously.

Her body was tighter than I was used to with my late wife, and she was much more energetic.

I managed to hold back until I saw her eyelids flutter, her head went back with her mouth open. She opened her legs so my pubic bone pressed firmly against her, then she groaned. I just relaxed and let it go.

“God, you were really hard!” She said later, as we lay pressed against each other. Then she hopped up and went into the bathroom.

“Can I borrow a shirt?” She asked when she came back out.

“Sure, help yourself.” She poked around in my dresser and found a T-shirt, tugged it over her head.

“My clothes are down by the culvert, it’s daylight out.” She grinned. She went to the door, looked back at me.

“I didn’t plan that, you know. I just… It just seemed…right?”

“I didn’t mind at all!” I grinned at her. I was still sitting there naked on the couch. Then she was gone.

Four months went by with no sign of her. I just mowed my lawn, slapped bugs. The weather cooled, I put my gear away for the Winter, got some firewood put in.

I needed some supplies, so I headed off to town on one of my rare shopping trips. Coming out of the grocery store I looked up and there Wendy was.

There was a young man right behind her.

“Hello, Dan, nice to see you!” She smiled.

“Well, Hi, Wendy! It’s been quite awhile.” She reached back and tugged on the sleeve of the young man.

“Jerry, this is Dan, he lives down the road from us. Dan, this is my husband, Jerry.”

I shook his hand, managing to keep a straight face. They turned and headed on into the store. Just before the door closed, Wendy looked back at me and winked.

Man. I just don’t do anybody’s wife. Oh, hell, what was I thinking, I actually don’t normally do anybody at all anymore.

What the hell, no use crying over spilled milk and all of that.

Besides, I had to admit that it was fun.

That night I was sitting on my porch, it was pretty cool out and I was about to get up and go back inside, since I was sitting there in the dark, naked.

“Hi!” The voice startled me, I wasn’t expecting it.

“Hello, Wendy.” I answered, looking over her way. She was standing by my dead Rose bushes, also naked like she always was when she appeared.

“Can I come in?” She asked.

“Sure, it’s a little cool out here.”

Oh well, what the hell.

Inside, I had to ask her.

“What about Jerry, your husband?”

“I told him..about the…incident, I really didn’t mean for that to happen.”

“OH. You mean…what did he say?”

“Nothing, he just left me. Packed his bags and got in his truck and left.”

“Oh, I am sorry.”

“I’m not, I had had enough of him anyway. He has more girlfriends on the side than your Tomcat does!” She grinned at me, then plopped down on my couch.

“Can I stay here with you?”

“Stay? I..sure, I guess so.” I told her, she beamed at me.

“What about your house?”



“Down by the culvert!” She laughed.

I went into the kitchen, I had a pot of tea on the stove. I poured two cups and went back into the living room. She was sitting there on my couch. She looked so beautiful sitting there naked.

What the hell. So was I. I could already feel the beginnings of an erection when I sat down beside her. She slid one hand across my chest, tipped her head over onto my shoulder.

What the hell. I didn’t mind one bit.

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