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They Always Beg For More

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“You and a guest are cordially invited to attend a formal dinner party at the estate of Charles W. Meeks”

Sara Miller could not believe that she had been invited to Mr. Meeks dinner party. She had been a receptionist for McCracken and Meeks for almost five years, but this was the first party that she had been invited to. She thought about who to bring and what to wear. She decided to call Cathy Collins, her oldest and dearest friend. Cathy was overjoyed at the thought of going to a formal dinner party.

“Cat, do you have anything to wear?”

“Yes, I have a very nice blue evening gown that I bought for a cruise a couple of years ago. Do you have anything?”

“No I don’t. I thought that I would go to one of those formal wear places and just rent one for the evening.”

“No shame in doing that, Hun. You want to meet at your place, Saturday at 6:00?”

“That sounds good, Cat. I’ll see you then.” And Sara hung up the phone.

Cathy arrived at Sara’s house at 6:00 on Saturday as they had planned. She looked absolutely stunning! Her black hair was pulled up in a tight bun and the dress fit her curvaceous body like a glove. She had decided to finish the outfit with heels and a pair of ¾ length white silk gloves.

“Hurry up Sara! I want to see what you look like.” Cathy shouted.

Sara entered the room. She was wearing a full length black gown, heels and a pair of full length black leather gloves. She had her blonde hair pulled up with just enough dangling in the back to show her curls.

Cathy looked in astonishment and said,”Damn! You’re lucky I’m not into women or we’d have to fuck right now!”

“Don’t tease me Cat. I’m just horny enough to take you up on it”

Sara grabbed a gold cigarette case and lighter and placed them in the small evening bag that she had purchased for the party. She picked up her car keys and turned toward Cathy.

“Let’s get this party started.”

“I thought that you were going to try to quit those things.”

“I tried. What can I say I am in need of some discipline?”

She smiled to herself and thought about the last time she had been told that she needed some discipline. They left the apartment and drove to the party. Charles Meeks has been an attorney for over 20 years. One look at his house and you knew that he was a successful one.

“Wow. Valet parking, I am impressed.” Cathy said upon their arrival.

Once inside, Sara and Cathy made the rounds. Sara introduced Cathy to her fellow coworkers that were there. Several of the firms’ clients were at the party. Some Sara knew from the office, others she knew by name recognition only. The party was very elaborate, plenty of food and alcohol and a full staff to wait on the guest hand and foot. After an hour or so of eating, drinking and mingling, Sara was ready for a cigarette. She heard one of the waiters say that the smoking area was out on the east balcony, so she told Cathy where she would be and made her way to the east balcony.

A couple was walking in as she was walking out. She walked over to the edge of the balcony to take in the view. She opened her cigarette case and removed one of the long white cigarettes, and placed it in her mouth. She heard a lighter strike. Just then, a leather clad hand holding a lit lighter came into view of her dangling cigarette.

“Hello my dear Sara. Fancy meeting you here”

Sara’s heart began to race as she pulled long and hard on her Virginia Slim. She smiled as she exhaled.

“Ms Serena.”

It had been almost two weeks since Sara’s mysterious encounter with Serena. She had not been able to stop thinking about her mistress and how wonderful she had made her feel. Serena was wearing a full length leather evening gown with the full length leather gloves. Sara felt her pussy growing hot and moist just being in the presence of her mistress.

“So tell me, my pretty How do you know Chas?”

“Uh um, I work for Cha, uh Mr. Meeks. How do you know him?”

“Let’s just say, Chas has handled some difficult affairs for me. Who is the lovely young lady with you this evening? Is she your lover?”

“Huh? Oh no, that’s Cat, I mean Cathy. She’s just a friend.” responded Sara as she took a long drag on her cigarette to try and calm her feelings of horniness.

“That is a shame my dear. I would love to take the two of you back to my place for the evening.”

Serena took the last drag of her cigarette and put it out in the ashtray. She reached out her hand and placed it behind Sara’s head and pulled her to her and kissed her softly on the lips. Sara’s pussy was on fire and her knees began to quiver from the kiss.

“I will be leaving in about an hour, do let me know, if you and your friend should change your minds. I am feeling extremely needy tonight and I am sure I will require at least two slaves to satisfy my hunger.”

Serena turned and walked back into the party. Sara knew her panties were soaking wet. Just seeing Serena was enough to almost give her an orgasm. She immediately devised a way to get Cathy just drunk enough to try anything.

“There you are Sara. I thought that you had run out on me.”

“No Cat, just finishing my cigarette. You want to head to the bar and do some shots?”

“Lead the way girlfriend.”

Sara and Cathy headed to one of the open bars and ordered up a couple of shots of tequila. They each took their shot glass and lemon wedge.

Sara offered a toast and said, “Here’s to whatever the night may bring”

“Mmmm, sounds good to me Hun”

The ladies did another round of shots. They each ordered a Corona to chase the tequila down. After finishing the beer Sara motioned for the bartender to bring another round of shots.

“You game Cat?”

“I can handle anything you can dish out Sara. Bring it on!”

“We’ll see about that.”

Another beer chaser and Sara was ready to see how receptive Cat was. She reached over and placed her hand on Cathy’s leg. Cathy smiled at her.

“Let’s go outside, so I can smoke a cigarette.”

“Ok, I think I’ll even join you. There’s something about cigarettes and alcohol that just makes them go together.”

The two walked out onto the balcony, Sara removed two of the long white cigarettes and placed one in her mouth and the other in Cathy’s mouth. Sara lit hers’ then Cathy’s. Cathy took a deep inhale and then exhaled the smoke. She smiled.

“I can see why women like these. They make you feel sexy, like in an old movie star kind of way.”

“You’re drunk Cat!”

“Yes I am! I’m also about horny enough to try and fuck you too.”

“Not if I try to fuck you first!”

Sara exhaled her smoke and grabbed Cathy’s head and pulled her to her and kissed her full on the mouth. Their tongues met and swirled around. Sara pulled back and took another drag on her cigarette. Cathy just stood there and moaned slightly.

“Damn, that was sexy.”

“Let’s put out our cigarettes and head inside Cat. We’ve had too much to drink and I’ve arranged for us to get a ride home”

“Just wait until I get you alone bitch! I’ll get you back for that kiss.”

Cathy took a final drag on her cigarette and put it into the ashtray. Sara did the same. The two ladies stepped inside and Sara began to look for Serena. It didn’t take Sara long to find her mistress. She approached Serena from behind and leaned in close to her.

“Does your offer still stand my mistress?”

Serena turned and smiled. “Of course it does my dear Sara. Does your friend know what she’s in for?”

“No she doesn’t, but I think everything will be fine.”

“This should make for a very interesting evening. Shall we go?”

The three ladies made their way outside to the valet area. Serena made arrangements to have her limo brought to them. Serena looked at Cathy and smiled. She turned to Sara.

“Sara, I want a cigarette!”

“Yes Ms Serena.”

Sara quickly pulled one of the long white cigarettes from her case and lit it. She took the lit cigarette and placed it to Serena’s lips. She took a long drag and exhaled her smoke.

“So Sara, tell me who is your lovely friend?”

“Ms Serena this is Cathy. Cathy I would like you to meet my mistress, Ms Serena.”

“Did you say your mistress? I think that I’m going to need a cigarette to Sara.”

Sara removed another long white cigarette and lit it. She gave the lit cigarette to Cathy. Cathy took a drag and exhaled. She smiled a wicked smile at Sara as the limo approached. The valet opened the door and the ladies all climbed in. Cathy sat on the driver’s side, Sara was in the middle and Serena was on the passenger side.

“Sara, I want you to sit on the other seat facing us.”

Sara moved to the other seat and sat facing Serena and Cathy. She felt excited at the thoughts of what would happen next.

“May I have a cigarette Ms Serena?”

“Yes you may Sara. Once you have it lit, I want you to pull up your dress and remove your panties.”

Sara removed a Virginia Slim from her cigarette case and lit it. She pulled her gown up to her waist and removed her panties. She wanted so bad to touch her pussy. It was hot and moist and she could smell her sex on her panties.

“Now toss your panties at Cathy and masturbate for us while you smoke.”

Sara tossed her panties at Cathy and began to rub her aching pussy. She held her cigarette in her mouth and took one hand and spread her lips open wide while the other hand rubbed her clit up and down. She closed her eyes and began to lose herself in the moment.

Cathy was in awe at what was happening. Not only did she have no idea that Sara was into this kinky S&M thing, but she was getting really hot watching her masturbate in front of her. As she took a drag on her cigarette, Cathy couldn’t resist pinching her own nipple.

“You like watching her Cathy? Is it making you horny watching Sara masturbate at my command?”

“Yes it is.”

The limo came to a stop at Serena’s house. The ladies put out their cigarettes and Sara regained her composure. The driver opened the door and they all three got out and went inside. Serena led Sara and Cathy down to the basement. Serena removed her dress, but left the full length leather gloves and her boots on.

“Sara, I want you to remove all your clothing, now!”

Sara quickly removed her clothing and sat them to the side. Serena removed some latex clothing from the cabinet and told Cathy to change into them. Cathy did not hesitate. She was so horny that she was about to explode and she was eager to get this private party started. After she had removed everything, she slipped the latex stockings on, next was the latex shirt and finally the gloves. She loved the way the latex felt against her skin. She couldn’t resist rubbing her swollen clit.

“Stop touching yourself Cathy! Sara is my slave and she is her to satisfy us. So sit down and let my bitch perform her duties.”

Cathy sat down on the couch and spread her legs. Sara could see the juices shimmering in the light. She knew that Cathy was soaking wet.

“Sara light Cathy a cigarette, give it to her then bury your face in her pussy and make her cum!”

Sara removed a long white cigarette and lit it. She gave the cigarette to Cathy then she dropped to her knees and began to go down on her friend. Cathy’s pussy was sweet and wet. Sara let her tongue explore every part of Cathy’s pussy. Cathy tried to smoke her cigarette with style but Sara’s tongue felt so good that all she could think about was her approaching orgasm. Serena sat down beside Cathy and took the cigarette from her. She took a deep inhale of it and exhaled the smoke into Sara’s face. Serena began to suck on Cathy’s breast as she could sense her approaching orgasm. Cathy screamed out and bucked wildly toward Sara’s face as she came. Sara licked Cathy’s pussy clean.

“Damn, that felt so good. I really need a cigarette right now!”

Serena had finished the one that Cathy had been smoking.

“Sara light us both a cigarette and be quick about it!”

Sara quickly lit two more cigarettes and gave them to Serena and Cathy. Serena leaned back and spread her legs.

“Now my pretty, I want you to go down on my pussy.”

Sara was all too happy to oblige her mistress.

“Cathy, you go over to the cabinet and remove the strap on. I want you to put it on and come over here and give Sara the fucking she deserves.”

Cathy walked over to the cabinet and opened it up. She was amazed at all the sexual devices that Serena had in there. She removed a 7” flesh colored dildo.

“No Cathy. Sara prefers the big black one. The little one will just piss her off. She’s such a good little pussy eater that we should give her what she wants.”

Cathy removed the big black one and began to step into the harness. Once she had it on, Cathy took a drag on her cigarette and just looked down and admired the beautiful black dick that she now had attached to her. She began to rub her own pussy juices on the dick as she approached Sara and Serena. Serena took a long drag on her cigarette and exhaled it into Sara’s face.

“I want you to slap that pussy of yours! Go on slap it! Get it good and wet for what you are about to receive!”

Sara slapped her pussy several times. She moaned at the pleasure this gave her. She worked her pussy until it was good and wet and never stopped licking Serena’s sweet pussy. Cathy approached the two of them and got down behind Sara. She placed her cigarette in her mouth and put her hands on Sara’s hips.

“Tell her what you want Sara. Tell her how you want it.”

“I want you to fuck my pussy Cathy! I want you to fuck it hard and fast, please! Oh please fuck me!”

Cathy ran her latex clad hand under Sara until she found her soaking wet pussy. She moved the dildo into position and shoved it all up into Sara. Sara let out a cry as Cathy began to fuck her hard and fast just as she had asked her to do. Serena put her cigarette out and reached down and grabbed Sara by the hair.

“I’m so close to cumming so you better not slack up on me!”

Sara returned to eating Serena’s pussy with an all consuming rage. Serena wrapped her legs around Sara and placed both of her hands on her head as her juices began to flow.

“Oh Yes Sara! Yes! Yes! Lick my pussy, Bitch! Yes, that’s it!”

Serena came with such passion and force that Sara’s face was red. Serena got up from the couch as Sara was started to reach an orgasm of her own. Serena got a cigarette and lit it. She walked beside Cathy and began to strike the side of her face.

“Pull out. I don’t want her to cum just yet.”

Cathy pulled the dildo out of Sara’s pussy as she was instructed to do.

“Make her beg for it! Sara how bad do you want this?”

“Oh please Cat! Please fuck me some more! Please Cat, please fuck my ass, oh please, I’m begging you. Please fuck my ass!”

Cathy took a drag from Serena’s cigarette, exhaled the smoke the accepted a deep passionate kiss from Serena.

“You may proceed.”

Cathy worked the dildo into Sara’s asshole. She cried out as it enters her. Cathy began pumping Sara ferociously. Sara began to work on her own clit while she was being fucked by Cathy. This was what she was wanting all along. It felt so good. She began to moan. Serena kneeled beside her and gave her a drag of her cigarette. Just as Sara was exhaling, her orgasm had begun.

“Oh God! Oh Yes! Fuck me harder, fuck me harder! Oh Yes! Oh Yes!”

Sara collapsed onto the couch. Cathy removed the dildo from her ass and sat back on the floor. Serena sat on the couch, put out her cigarette and lit another. She pulled Sara up next to her and began to kiss her. Serena spread her legs and started to strike her pussy.

“Cathy come over her and taste of my pussy.”

Cathy crawled over between Serena’s legs and stared at her soaking wet pussy. The aroma was sweet and powerful. She had always wondered what it would be like to go down on another woman. Just then two leather clad hands grabbed her head and pulled her face into Serena’s pussy.

“I said lick my pussy bitch! I am the only mistress here and you better not fucking forget it!”

Cathy stuck her tongue into Serena’s pussy and began to swirl it around her clit. The taste was sweet and pleasant not at all salty like the guys she had gone down on. She began to lick more intently. Cathy liked the taste of pussy and it was really turning her on!

“Sara, you go and get the other strap on from the cabinet and put it on.”

Sara walked over to the cabinet, removed the flesh colored strap on and slipped it on. She walked back over to where Cathy was licking Serena’s pussy and knelt down behind Cathy. She removed the strap on that Cathy was wearing and began to slip the dildo into her wet pussy. Cathy moaned out as the dildo entered her love canal. Sara fucked her hard and fast. As Cathy heard Serena moan at the start of her orgasm, she felt her own orgasm start. Cathy and Serena both screamed out as their juices began to flow together. Serena pulled Cathy to her with her face still dripping of pussy juice Serena gave her a deep passionate kiss. Cathy and Sara sat on the floor at Serena’s feet fondling each other and Serena. Serena removed another cigarette and lit it up. She took a deep drag and exhaled it toward her two love slaves. She then gave each of them a drag. As Sara and Cathy exhaled they each let their hands wandered toward Serena’s pussy.

“I don’t recall giving anyone permission to touch my pussy.”

“Please, Ms Serena, please let us have some more.”

Serena took another drag from her long white cigarette and thought to herself, they always beg for more.

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