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Wife Wearing a Schoolgirl Skirt

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My name is Bridget Smith and I’m from Chicago. I just turned twenty-nine a few months ago. I’ve been married to Jack for eleven years. Yes, we got married young. We have two children, ages eight and ten. After our second child was born I joined a health club to get my out of shape body back in shape. Now if I can say so myself, I’m back in pretty good shape. I’m 5’9″, 128 pounds and my measurements are 36C-25-36.

That’s one thing that’s nice about having kids. My breasts went from 34B to 36C. And I did breast feed both kids. I have light brown hair but thanks to the little bottles I’m blonde. My hair is cut into kind of a long shag.

Now you have an idea of what I look like, on with the story!

Jack was the first guy that I went all the way with. We started dating my last year of High School. Soon after we were both out of School Jack took my cherry. It happened one weekend at my Mom and Dad’s house. They had gone away for the weekend and I stayed home. Jack ended up spending the weekend in my bedroom with me. It hurt a little the first time, a little blood and burning. The second time was a little better. By Sunday afternoon it was feeling really good. I had masturbated before this weekend and have had several orgasms at home alone. But God, having and orgasm with a hard cock inside me was out of this world. I liked this sex thing a lot.

Well, you know how foolish kids can be when it comes to sex. I wasn’t thinking about birth control or anything. It was all so new to me all I was thinking about was getting Jacks hard cock back inside of me. I’m sure you know what happened. I month later I found out that I was going to be a Mother. My folks had other plans for their little girl. And getting married at 18 wasn’t in their plans. But Jack and I were in Love so we married and started our lives together.

At first things were so, so. The sex department was great. Jack and I had sex every time we could get alone someplace.

Jack got very possessive with me. He didn’t like me going out with my girl friends. When I did go out with friends he would always ask me if we were picking up guys. We would get in little fights over silly little things. When we went go out bar hopping he would accuse me of making goo-goo eyes at this guy or that guy. If I danced with one of his friends he blamed me for hitting on them. He didn’t like any other guys looking at me. He was just very, very possessive. He loved me to wear short skirts and show off a lot of leg. But would get mad if other guys looked at me. Saying things like, pull your fucking skirt down, them guys can see your panties. Or stop bending over like that, them guys are looking at your fucking ass.

This made me very uncomfortable going out in public with him. I always knew that once we got home he would be pissed about this or that. I’ve never cheated on him or even think about doing something to hurt him or our marriage. Why he was thinking like this I’ll never know.

Jack loves me to wear sexy little matching garter belt and stocking sets. And I love to dress up for him, for I know it’s going to be a night of hot sex. But again if we went out someplace and something would happen he would be super pissed at me. By something happening I mean if it was windy out and my dress blew up giving some guys a look at my under things, he was pissed. Or if I was sitting in a chair and my dress or skirt road up a little showing the dark ring or lace at the top of my stockings, oh my God was I a slut in his eyes. I wish all guys had to wear a dress or skirt for a week, just to see that you can’t always keep everything in place.

Well as the kids grew and time moved on Jack got a little better. He got so he would let me go to the beach with girl friends wears only a small bikini, or even go out shopping braless. These were big steps in our lives.

The big change in Jack came a years or so ago when we took a Carnival Cruise for our tenth anniversary. It was a 7-day cruise on this really big ship that left out of Miami, FL.. Our room was a little small but the ship was like a city inside it’s self. It had stores, bars, pools, and hot tubs a gym, you name it they had it. I had never been on a cruise before but liked it very much. At night for dinner you dress up all formal and during the day you can run around in your bikini all day.

On the second day we were out at sea some place. We went up to the pool deck to work on our tans. At 10am the deck was chair to chair full of people lying out. So we went up one more deck looking for a spot. This deck was full also. So we went to the back of the ship and up one more deck by that big Carnival tail that you see on TV. As we went up the steps I saw a sign on the wall that read (Topless Deck No Camera’s).

Jack was ahead of me so I pulled on his trunks and said I don’t think this is the deck we’re looking for.

He looked back down at me and said ah come on, it will be fine and it’s not to crowded.

Well I knew a topless deck would be right up his alley. I really wasn’t into checking out boobs all day but I kept my mouth shut and followed him over to a couple of beach chairs.

There were a few other couples up there but everybody had their tops on. We got all oiled up and were enjoying the hot Caribbean sun. Waiters came by every half-hour or so selling them fruity drinks. When it’s as hot as it was then, them drinks go down like water.

After about 2 hours I got up to go to the restroom only to find out that I was about half drunk. I didn’t know if it was the ship or me that was moving as I made my way down to the restroom.

Once I got back up to the topless deck I told Jack, man them drinks are getting to me. I was laughing and just having a great time.

That was when Jack about floored me. He said why don’t you take your top off and get some sun on them white tits of yours?

I gave him one of them, what looks, laughing and then said, what did you say?

Jack then said, we don’t know anybody on this ship and will never see any of these people again. Why don’t you pop your top off and get some sun on your tits?

I still wasn’t sure I was hearing what I was hearing. I said are you kidding me?

Jack smiled and said no, I’m not kidding you. Go ahead and take your top off. I think it would be a turn on. Don’t you think it would be a turn on showing off your tits to these guys that keep walking by looking for a titty show?

I was in shock, Jack had never asked me to show my breasts to anyone before. Then with all the drinks I had consumed I started thinking, why not?

Jack then said, come on, pop the top, what could it hurt?

I was wearing a little red string bikini so it didn’t hide much in the first place. So again the drinks had me not thinking totally right so I just said okay fine. I pulled the two little strings on the back loose then pulled my top over my head. I handed Jack my top and said here hold this for me so it doesn’t blow away.

Jack was smiling from ear to ear as he said that’s what I’m talking about, doesn’t that feel better? You better get some lotion on your nipples before you burn them.

I felt so funny sitting out there in the open rubbing sun tan lotion on my nude breasts as a few guys watched me. The truth is it really turned me on. My nipples got hard as rocks as I worked the lotion into my breasts.

Jack laughed and said shit I can’t watch this, you’re giving me a boner. He then turned over so he could lie on his belly hiding his boner.

I put on my dark sunglasses and acted like I was reading a book. But really I was watching each and every guy walk by. They would act like they weren’t looking at me but I could tell that they were as they stopped and looked this way and that way as if they were looking out at the sea. I could not believe how horny this was making me. My nipples were starting to hurt from being so hard and I hoped I wasn’t making a wet spot in the crotch of my little red bottoms for people to see. I knew I was very wet. I didn’t even cover up when the waiter came by asking if we would like a drink. I just ordered and handed him my card just as if I had my top on. I could see his eyes locked on my hard nipples as I ordered.

By five in the afternoon I was three sheets in the wind. Hell we both were, Jack or I are not big drinks. We were both I would say were flat ass out drunk. I few other girls had their tops off also, so I wasn’t alone any more.

We started picking up our stuff to go in and shower and dress for dinner. I asked Jack, should I go topless all the way down to the room?

He laughed and said hmmm that would be a nice show. But I’m thinking you better put it back on, as he handed me my top.

Once in our room Jack was all over me. He had my top off and bottoms down before you could say Fun Ship. He was like a school kid as he took turns kissing and sucking on my hard nipples. He dropped me on the bed and went right to eating my wet pussy. I was holding his head in place as he licked me to a great orgasm. He moaned mmmmm God your really wet. After I had came two times Jack climbed up over the top of me.

Looking down at me he said fuck Bridget that was the hottest thing you’ve ever done. I got so turned on watching them guys looking at your tits. And I knew I was the one that was going to be sucking on them hard nipples.

I know love, it really turned me on also, I can’t believe I did that.

We then kissed as Jack lined his hard cock up to my wet little pussy and started sinking it inside me.

Mmmm yes I moaned as I pushed up to him. Jack started fucking me at a nice pace, not to fast and not to slow. I closed my eyes and was thinking of all the men that had seen me today. I just couldn’t get over how turned on this had made me. And Jack, my God it had turned him into a mad man, he has loving it.

In a short time Jack moaned in my ear ohhh Goddd I’mmm Comingggg. He pushed as deep inside me as he could and started pumping hot sperm into me. I squeezed his hard cock as hard as I could with my pussy lips, a little trick I’ve be doing for years. Jack always tells me that one day my pussy is going to bite his cock right off. I did the best I could do to squeeze every last drop of his cum out. As I was squeezing his cock with my pussy he moaned out again, oh fuck that feels so good the way your pussy bites on my cock. I just smiled and kept on squeezing him as tight as I could.

Lucky Jack had a vasectomy after the birth of out last child, it felt like he pumped a quart of hot sperm inside me.

Jack rolled off the top of me and was panting for air. He kissed me and said I’m sorry baby you didn’t cum did ya?

I kissed him back and said oh yes I did, two times, thank you. I didn’t add that no I didn’t cum during sex, that it was before, with his tongue. We laid around kissing and hugging for about an hour before I jumped in the shower to start getting ready for dinner.

I was dressing as Jack took his shower. The first thing I slipped on was this cute and sexy little violet lace garter belt. Next I rolled a pair of off black stockings up my legs and hooked them to the four garter straps. Then I stepped into a little pair of matching string bikini panties. That had a full lace front and sheer silk see-through back. And last was this sexy little push- up matching bra. The lace on my underwear was very see-through. You could see my nipples and my little strip of hair right through panties.

I had just stepped into my long sexy red gown, and was looking at myself in the mirror as Jack entered the room. He was standing there nude, eyeing me up from head to toe. I could see that his cock was getting hard again as he said motherfucker do you look sexy in that dress. I like the way your tits are about to pop out.

The dress was really sexy. It had a plunging v-neck that revealed a lot of cleavage. It was kind of a glittery mesh with a long leg slit that ended right below my stocking tops.

Jacks cock was now fully hard as he picked up my dress to see what I was wearing under it. He moaned ah yessss I like this as he looked at my garter belt, panties and stockings. He reached around and was feeling up my panty-covered ass as he kissed me and asked if this was a new outfit that he had never seen it before?

I said yes, I got it for this cruise, do you like it?

Fuck yes I like it. His hand had now moved to my crotch and was feeling my pussy right through my panties.

I had to push his hand away and tell him that he could play with me later. He now had to get dressed so we could go to dinner and then hit some of the discos on the ship.

Dinner was great then we headed off to some of the clubs. I felt like a queen walking around that ship. I could feel guys looking at me as we walked. It made me feel so sexy knowing that all these guys wished they could be with me.

The disco was full and we could only find a seat at the bar. Again we are not big drinkers and them fruity drinks go down so easy. After an hour or so and three drinks I was feeling good again. I’m a dancer I love to dance. Jack on the other hand is not. I have to drag him out on the dance floor anyplace we go that has dancing. He would be happy if I danced with my girl friends all night, as long as I left him alone. Well, on this trip I didn’t have any girl friends to dance with so he was the one. I got him out there for one fast and one slow song. After them two he was happy just sitting at the bar drinking.

And older gentleman that was sitting next to me started talking to me. He was very nice and nice to talk to. He told me that his wife had passed away 9 months ago and they had been planning this cruise for years. He had all ready paid for it so he said to himself to go ahead and go on it alone.

I told him I was sorry and that I think he did the right thing. You can’t just sit and watch life pass you by. That you have to get out there and enjoy it.

I introduced Tom to Jack and they shook hands. Tom bought us both a drink as the three of us started talked about everything and anything. After a bit Tom then asked Jack if it would be okay to ask his wife for a dance?

Now Jack has never let me dance with another guy. I about fell over when he said sure, ask her, she is three times seven. I for sure don’t like to dance.

Tom then looked me in the eyes and said, would you mind if I asked you to dance?

I looked back at him and said I would love to dance with you.

He got up and made a hook with this arm and said shall we?

Again I felt like a queen as I took his arm and headed off to the dance floor.

I was thinking this old guy would be good for maybe 4 or 5 dances. Old guy, I’m thinking he was 55 or 56. Well boy was I wrong. He loved to dance and was good at it. We didn’t miss a dance the rest of the night. I think it was 4am when the bar closed and Tom was still going strong.

Jack on the other hand was totally out of it. He was passed out sitting at the bar. I got him awake and told him it was time to go to the cabin. He was really screwed up so Tom helped me walk him to our room. Once I got Jack in bed I thanked Tom for his help.

Tom said all your welcome, would it be to forward if I asked for a kiss goodnight?

I looked back at Jack passed out in the bed and then turned to Tom and said oh sure that will be fine. I then gave him a kiss right on the lips. It was a fast little peck, nothing long and hot.

Tom then said, thank you lady, you made my night. I’ll see you around the ship tomorrow sometime. I really do feel sorry for you tonight.

Why do you feel sorry for me?

Tom smiled and then said, a sexy thing like you, all ready to go, and your husband is out like a light. I hope he knows what he’s missing tonight. If you are in need of anything, I’m in cabin 2020.

I just smiled and knew this guy had just hit on me and I liked it. I then said okay Tom, I’ll keep that in mind, goodnight. As I closed the door I was even thinking wow that guy could have maybe been a fun time in bed.

I took off my heels and dress and was walking around the room just dressed in my sexy little under-things. I opened the drapes and looked out at the black ocean. I couldn’t get Tom out of my mind. All the drinks and the dancing had me so wet and horny. Then it hit me, what the hell are you thinking, you don’t even know that man, get that shit out of your head right now.

I didn’t even undress, I climbed in bed next to Jack thinking he would like waking up in the morning to me dressed in sexy underwear.

Once in bed I closed my eyes and Tom came right back in my mind again. God why couldn’t I stop thinking about him? I was thinking about the kiss goodnight and how he was rubbing his hands up and down my back as we slow danced. He had been running his fingers along the top of my garter belt on my back-end. I know he knew what I was wearing under my dress.

My fingers had a mind of their own as they made their way down to my lace panties. I could feel that they were very wet as I started rubbing my clit right through them. Oh God was I ever horny. I started thinking what would have happen if I were to go to Tom’s room. I looked over at sleeping Jack as I slipped my hand down inside my little lace panties. Oh my, was my pussy ever wet as I ran my index finger up and down my wet pussy lips. In my mind Tom was on top of me about to slip his hard cock inside me. I moaned ohhhh fuck me as I sank my index and middle fingers inside my hot wet pussy hole. I used my thumb to roll my clit around as I fingered myself. In my mind Tom was fucking me right then and it wasn’t going to end until I was cumming. My left hand pushed my bra up over my breasts as I started playing with my hard nipples. I looked over at Jack again as my hips started grinding up to my fingers. I moaned out mmmmm God, fuck me Tom as I sank my two fingers deep inside my wet pussy.

It wasn’t long before I was humping my hips up off the bed moaning out very loud. I knew I was about to have a wild orgasm in bed right next to my sleeping husband as I was thinking about another man. Just then it happened, I moaned out, OHHHH YESSSS, OH YESSS TOM, I’M CUMINGGGGGGGGGG. I was rolling my clit around as my body shook all over. Oh my was that one great orgasm. I gave Jack a kiss goodnight and fell asleep with Tom still on my mind.

The next morning I woke up still thinking of Tom. I was thinking that he was fucking me right then and there. His hard cock felt so good sliding in and out of me. I started moaning mmmmm yes, yess, oh yesss. Then it hit me, shit I’m fucking him right in bed next to Jack. I opened my eyes to see if Jack was awake and knew what I was doing. But Jack wasn’t there, he wasn’t next to me. I looked up at Tom to find that in fact it was Jack on top of me fill me with his hard cock. MMMMMM I was dreaming. I moaned oh God I love you as I started working my hips up to meet him.

I could feel my orgasm starting deep inside my belly as I moaned oh God don’t stop. But that was short lived, just then Jack pushed deep inside me and moaned mmmmmmmm. I knew he was cumming as I felt his hard cock swell up and start jerking deep inside of me. I did my little pussy trick as squeezed his hard cock as hard as I could with my pussy lips. Jack moaned ohhhh God I love when you do that as he pumped me full of cum.

After Jack was done cumming he rolled off me and said he was sorry for passing out on me last night.

I replied Oh that’s fine, I had fun dancing with Tom, thanks for letting me dance with him.

He smiled and said that’s good you had fun, did he try to hit on you? I saw his hand on your ass one time as you were slow dancing.

No he was a gentleman for the most part.

So you didn’t go to his room and get your brains fucked out as I was here passed out here?

I hit his arm and said no, I didn’t go to his room, God, the way you think.

He snapped my garter strap and said, did you show him these sexy little things you got on? God you look so sexy wearing a garter belt?

I hit his arm again and said no he didn’t get to see anything.

Are you telling me you didn’t even give the old guy a blowjob?

I hit him with the pillow and said that’s it now I’m going to kick your ass, no I didn’t give him a blowjob.

We then kissed and hugged a bit.

Jack then jumped out of bed and looked out the window. Shit we have to get going we’re in port in Jamaica. We are only here for like ten hours.

So we both showered up got dressed grabbed a snack and headed off to see Ocho Rios.

I dressed in a short little floral print sundress with little light blue sheer bikini panties. And you know it, braless. I was starting to really like this no top and braless stuff. We hit a few, no make that a lot of little shops. We stopped at this ocean side bar and had a drink on the outside deck. I was really loving this vacation.

On our walk back to the ship this big black guy popped out from an alley and asked Jack if he would like to buy some good Jamaican pot?

The last time we smoked pot was in High School. Jack looked at me and I said why not. Then he asked the guy how much?

He took out a little bag and said 50 bucks man that’s very cheep for some good pot man. His eyes then turn to my braless breasts. I knew he could see my nipples pocking out of my dress. He then said tell you what man, let me slip my cock in your little blonde girl friend here and I’ll give you 10 pounds of good stuff to take home. Looking at me he asked if I ever had any black cock?

I turned all red and didn’t know what to say to that. Jack handed him fifty dollars and said no thanks I’ll just take the bag. He made the buy and we move on towards the ship. Jack put his arm around me and said damn you could’ve gotten lucky with a black guy today. I poked him in the ribs and said shut up laughing.

Our next stop was a little store to get some rolling papers. Once we had them we got in line to get back on the ship. Jamaica costumes was checking everyone before they let them back on the ship. I was just hoping that they wouldn’t find the pot in Jacks pocket. Turns out they just looked in our bags and let us go on through.

That night after dinner the ship was out a sea again. I was wearing a short little cocktail dress with thigh-high stockings. We went out on an outside deck near the back of the ship and lit up a joint. My little dress was fling up and down in the wind giving any passer byes a quick look at my lace stocking tops and little black lace bikini panties.

After we got done smoking the J we headed down to the disco. We were both high as a kit as we made our

way through the ship.

As we walked into the bar Jack said there’s your dance partner over there.

I looked to see Tom sitting at a little booth waving us over. I waved back and we went over to sit with him.

Once we got over to him, Tom shook Jacks hand and gave me a hug. Sit down guys, this is a great spot right near the dance floor.

It was like this little four-person booth that had everybody facing the dance floor. It had the low little table slash footstool in front of it to sit your drinks on. Tom told me how nice I looked as he ordered us all drinks from the waiter.

I whispered in Jacks ear, are you fucked up?

He smiled and said yep, that was some kick ass pot.

We both busted out laughing then Tom asked what’s so funny?

Thinking of something to say fast I said all nothing, we were just talking about this black guy that was trying to pick me up in town today.

Tom laughed and said well you know what they say, once that you go black you never go back!

I poked him in the side and said, well this girl is not going black. Right then a great Stones song came on. I asked Tom if he would like to dance?

Sure let’s go!

I then asked Jack if it was okay if I danced with Tom?

Jack smiled and said go-ahead love. I’ll just sit here and watch the show. Then he whispered in my ear, make it a sexy show, see if you can give the poor guy a woody.

I smiled and said okay as I gave him a kiss on the cheek and got up.

Tom and I danced a few songs then come back to the booth for a drink and then went right back at it again. One slow song he was holding me very tight as we danced. We were both kind of rubbing our upper thighs into each other’s crotch. It was feeling very good then all at once I felt something hard in his pants rubbing into my thigh.

Then I hit him with a great line, I asked him if he had a roll of quarters in his pocket?

As we moved around the dance floor together he said no not quarters. Maybe we should take a brake before I make a mess in my pants.

I laughed and said well making a mess wouldn’t be so bad would it as I rubbed his hard cock even harder with my thigh trying to make him cum?

Tom then said, well if I’m going to make a mess I would rather make it inside your pussy.

I gave him a little kiss on the neck and said I’m sorry but I don’t think Jack will let that happen.

Just then the song ended and poor Tom didn’t get to cum in his pants. I to was just about at the point of an orgasm myself as we danced, but it didn’t happen.

Tom went to the restroom and I sat down next to Jack. I smiled and said, we got wood and started laughing.

Jack smiled and said I know. How could he not be hard the way you two where dancing. And the show you put on gave a lot of other guy’s in here woodies.

What little show is that I asked?

The way he was holding you as you danced he had the back of your dress pulled up. Most of the time you were dancing everybody had a nice view of the bottom half of your panty-clad ass. And a mighty fine looking ass I might add. Them little lace panties and thigh-high stockings would give any guy a hard-on.

Don’t ask me why but I felt so sexy right then. Maybe it was the pot or the drinks. What ever it was it felt good knowing that all the guys in the bar were checking me out, and they knew what I was wearing under my dress.

I then told Jack, slow down on the drinking buddy. I’m horny as hell and your not going to pass out on me again tonight.

Jack smiled and then said, well maybe we can get Tom to fill in for me tonight?

I poked him in the ribs and said shut up, nobody is filling in for you.

I didn’t know where this new Jack had come from. He didn’t mind other guys seeing my breasts. He didn’t get mad that I was teasing another man and making him hard. He didn’t even mind that maybe 20 guys were just watching me about dry hump a guy on the dance floor. And that them same 20 guys were checking out the little black lace panties I had on. Were did Jack go? What happened to him? What had this cruise done to him? What ever it was, I really liked it. It felt like I had a big monkey lifted off my back.

Tom then returned to the booth with fresh drinks for all. We were talking and laughing taking a brake from dancing.

After a bit Jack whispered to me, open your legs a little I want to see something.

What are you talking about?

Jack again said, go ahead and spread your legs a little bit.

Not sure were this was going I opened my legs a little as he asked. I had my knees maybe a foot apart and said okay, are you happy?

Jack smiled and said yep, now I see what Tom’s looking at.

Tom was sitting next to me, I was in the middle of them. What are you talking about I asked?

Jack then said look at the mirror around the bottom sides of this little table.

I looked down and was surprised to see that the lighting was just right that I could see my stockings tops, bare skin above them and the lace crotch of my little black panties. I quickly closed my legs and said to Jack, only you would notice something like that.

He smiled and said I don’t think so. Can you see Tom’s crotch in the mirror?

I looked and said yes I can see both of your crotches in the refection.

Still smiling Jack then said, and you don’t think Tom’s looking at yours?

No he’s not I replied.

Okay then Jack said, open them sexy legs up again and just watch were Tom’s eyes go.

I put Jacks little test to work. I opened my legs up again and looked right at Tom’s eyes for my side view. Jack was right. He was looking in the mirror right up under my dress at my sexy little panties and thigh-highs. He would look me in the face for a second as we talked but his eyes were quick to go back to looking in the mirror.

Jack then whispered in my ear, why don’t you go in the restroom and take off them little panties so he’ll really have something to look at?

I hit him in the arm laughing and said like that’s going to happen, NOT, were is my husband at, who are you?

Jack then kissed my ear and said give him a little more of a show then lets get going to the room. I need some pussy bad.

I smiled and said if you say so. I opened my legs again and said well Tom I think we are going to call it a night.

His eyes were glued on my lacey crotch in the mirror as he said, how about one more dance?

I said sure as I got up and made sure I gave him a nice look under my dress, opening my legs very wide as I got up.

As we danced a long slow song Tom whispered in my ear. You know Bridget you’re a very sexy woman. Don’t get mad but when you got up I saw the sexy little black lace panties you have on. If your husband fails to make you happy tonight feel free to come to my room.

I smiled and said well thank you I think. And shame on you looking under my dress. I could feel his cock getting hard again as he rubbed it up and down my thigh as we danced. And you’re in room 2020, right?

Tom smiled and said yep. I sure hope you’ll stop by.

I smiled and said, Well Tom I am married and I’ve never cheated on my husband. Don’t wait up on me.

The song ended and we walked back over to were Jack was sitting. He got up we said our goodnights and made our way to our cabin.

Once inside the room Jack just about raped me. My dress was dropped on the floor before he pushed me on top of the bed. He didn’t take my sexy little panties off, he ripped them off me. He got right on top of me and sank his hard cock deep inside me. He moaned ahhh fuck your nice and wet, mmmmm your pussy is on fire. You got turned on show off your crotch to Tom didn’t you as he slowly pumping in and out of me?

I opened my legs wider to welcome him inside me and moaned mmmm yes I did.

You liked feeling his cock rubbing on your leg too, didn’t you?

Ohhhh yes that too, mmmm he about came in his pants.

Jack then moaned oh fuck as he pushed as deep inside my wet pussy as he could and started cumming.

I was so mad, how the hell could he come so fast? It was maybe a three-minute fuck. I squeezed his cock the way he likes it as he pumped his hot sperm inside me.

Once his orgasm ended he rolled off me. Gave me a kiss and said he was sorry that he came so fast. I’ll make sure you get yours as he slipped one or two fingers in my now sperm sloppy pussy.

I moaned mmmmm yes as he covered his finger with his sperm that was leaking out of me and started rubbing it all around my clitoris. My hips started rocking up to his finger and I knew it wouldn’t be long before I was cumming also. He would dip his finger deep inside me and get it covered with more cum then go back to working on my hard little clit.

Then all at once he stopped moving his fingers. I was still humping my hips up and down but he had stopped. Then I heard him start snoring. NO WAY did he fall asleep on me. I was so horny and needed to cum so bad and he fucking fell asleep on me. I pushed his hand off my crotch and got out of bed mad as hell.

I got in my drawer and got a pair of little sheer pink panties and stepped into them. Then I stepped back into my little dress. After zipping it up I fixed my hair turn and looked at sleeping Jack and said if you need me I’ll be in cabin 2020, grabbed my key and walked out.

When I got to Toms door my knees got very weak. I was about to go in this room and let another man fuck me. As I asked myself if I was doing the right thing my hand went right up and started knocking on the door. After a minute I knocked again, then again. After a little bit of knocking the people in the next room open their door and said duh I don’t think anybody’s in that room or they would have come to the door by now.

I felt like such a fool as I said I was sorry for waking them and made my way back to my room.

Once back in my cabin I was still mad as hell at Jack. I looked at him passed up on his back. I called him an ass-hole as I started undressing. I stripped down to just my little pink panties and got back in bed next to him.

Just as the night before I slipped my hand down inside my panties. My pussy was still leaking out the sperm Jack had shot inside me. I started rubbing the sperm all over my hard clit. My mind went to what might have happened if Tom was in his room. I would be in his bed right then getting filled with his hard cock. I know he would have made me cum two or three times before he came.

I got myself so worked up I was fingering myself at full speed. Moaning out FUCK MEEEE OH YESSSS FUCK MEEEEE. In my mind Tom was about to make me cum. Faster and faster I fingered myself until I was there. OHHHH YESSSSSS I yelled. OHH GOD TOMMMM I’M CUMMINGGGGG.

I came so hard I must have passed out. The next thing I knew Jack was up getting dressed to go out on the sun deck. He got in bed and gave me a kiss as he squeezed my right breast and said, are you ready to go up and show these things off?

I smiled and kissed him back and said sure, but I need some food first.

An hour later I was topless flat on my back on the sun deck. I loved the feeling of the warm sun on my nude breasts and even more enjoying the feeling I got when these men walked by checking out my breasts and hard nipples.

Again the drinks were going down like water in the hot sun. After noon sometime I about died when Tom came walking up to us. I started to cover my breasts, but didn’t.

Tom sat down next to me and said hey guys, I’ve been looking all over for ya. Man is it a nice day or what?

Jack said yes that it’s very nice out today.

Tom then said, do you guy’s mind if I lay out with ya?

Jack looked at me smiling and said sure buddy kick back and enjoy the sun and the view.

I gave him one of them, you’re an ass hole looks as Tom took him up on his offer and was eyeing me up and down before he laid down next to me.

I was getting wetter and wetter as I lay there thinking that Tom would like to fuck me as much as I would like to let him fuck me.

The day went by and we all ended up getting drunk out there in the sun. At one point Jack went to the restroom and Tom said he was sorry that he missed me last night.

How you know I was there I asked?

The people next door told me that a hot young lady was knocking on my door.

I smiled and said I just needed someone to talk to.

Tom smiled and said, well if you need to talk tonight come on by; I’ll be in the room. You know you have very nice looking boobs don’t you? I love the way your nipples stick out.

I turned red and thanked him.

When Jack returned we called it a day and went down to our room. I was the one that did the raping this time. I was so horny from showing off my body to Tom all day that I needed fucked and fucked right now.

I sucked Jacks cock until it was hard as a rock. I then got over him and sat right down on it. He was play with my clit as I rode is cock like a cowgirl. In just a matter of minutes I had the orgasm I so badly needed.

I yelled OHHH FUCK YESSSSSS as I came all over Jacks hard cock.

Another minute later Jack moaned mmm yes and started filling me with hot cum. I squeezed every last drop out of him before falling down beside him.

Jack then said, do you think Tom enjoyed checking out your tits all day?

I think so. I know I enjoyed showing them to him all day. I think you’ve turned me into a slut on this cruise. I’m starting to like this change in you.

Jack kissed me and said I think I like this change myself.

We ended up not leaving the room that night. Jack fucked me I know six times before morning. And the great thing, I had an orgasm each time.

I never did end up fucking Tom that week. We hugged and kissed the last day of the cruise and exchanged address. Then it was back to Chicago to be a normal couple again.

I’m not sure if Jack had hit his head or what on that cruise. But after that trip he wasn’t very possessive at all with me. For that matter he did a total 180. It was like he liked showing me off now.

About nine months later Jack came home from work with the news that we were going out Saturday night to this dance club. I gave him a hug and said great, I love to go dancing.

He smiled and said I know, and you dance with who ever baby we’re going to have fun. But there is one little rule.

Rule what rule is that?

I picked up this cute little outfit I would like you to wear, that’s the only rule, you have to wear it.

Oh God, what can this be I’m thinking. I then gave him a kiss and said okay love whatever you say. What is this cute little outfit, I’m about afraid to see it?

You’ll see it Saturday, and it’s not that bad. Just a little something to show my friends how sexy my wife is.

I kissed him again and said okay I’ll trust you on this one.

When Saturday rolled around I was ready to go. I got the kids off to the sitter and was getting out of the shower when Jack came home. Dressed in just a little pair of blue sheer bikini panties and my robe I went looking for him. He was in the kitchen downing a beer when I walked in. Smiling I asked, so what am I wearing tonight?

Jack got a big smile on his face and said your going to love this, I know I am. Come on it’s in the bedroom.

In the bedroom he handed me a big white box that he pulled out from under the bed. I opened it to find a little black lace, front hook bra. I held it up and said sexy then went back to the box. Next was this little pair of silk black and white leopard print bikini panties. I held them up and said cute. The next thing out of the box was a white silk, front button blouse. I held it up and said very nice. I put it down on the bed next to the other things and went back to the box. I then pulled out a little pair of white knee-high stockings. I held them up looking at them and just said, hmmm okay. And the last thing in the box was this short blue, black and gray plaid schoolgirl miniskirt. Holding it up I said to Jack, you got to be kidding me? I can’t wear this out of the house.

Sure you can, why can’t ya he asked?

I’m soon going to be 30 years old, I’m to old for this kind of dressing. People will think I’m some kind of a slut dressed in this. And look how short it is, people will be able to see my panties as I walked, let alone trying to sit down.

Jack got a big smile on his face as he said baby you have the body to wear this. 30 years old or not, you don’t look a day over 25. This is one of my dreams to see you out in the bar dressed like a schoolgirl making all my friends envy me. They my get a little look at them sexy little panties. But I’m going to be the one getting into them once we get home. Come on, you have to wear it for me, pleaseeeee.

I shook my head and said your nuts. Okay go in the other room and I’ll try this stuff on and come out and show ya. But don’t get your hopes up to high. I’m still thinking this is going to be way to sluty to wear out of this house.

When I walked into the living room dressed in this little SchoolGirl outfit Jacks eyes about popped out of he’s head. I had the blouse tied in a knot right below my breasts showing off my tan belly. And it was open at the top that showed a lot of cleavage between my tan breasts. I had added a sexy pair of 3 ½ in. black slingback heels. With the little short knee-high stockings this really made my legs look sexy.

Jack got up and asked me to turn around for him. As I did he patted me on the ass and said fuck a duck do you every look hot. I’ve never seen you look any sexier than you do right now. Your going to give every guy at the bar a hard-on.

You don’t think this skirt is a little short?

Hell no, it’s just right and you can’t see your panties, you don’t have a thing to worry about.

What about when I sit down I asked, as I sat in the chair to prove my point.

Jack smiled and said just keep your hands in your lap when you’re sitting and nobody will be checking out your panties, trust me.

Well bad as I hated it and hour later we were on the way to the dance club. Jack couldn’t keep his hands off my little skirt as he drove. He kept raising it up checking out my little leopard panties. He would run his fingers over my crotch making me wetter and wetter.

I kept pushing his hand away telling him to stop, he was going to get me all wet before we got there.

Once at the door of the club I took a big breath before walked in hanging onto Jacks arm. We made our way up to the bar were two of Jacks friends were standing. Both Larry and Steve eyed me up and down and moved over making a spot for us.

The four of us started drinking, laughing and having a good time. Steve asked me if I would like to dance? I looked at Jack and he winked at me so I told Steve sure. We danced 5 or 6 dances and came back to the bar. Jack had me a new drink that I surly needed.

Jack whispered in my ear, hey you can see them sexy little panties you have on when you’re dancing.

I hit him in the arm and said I told you so. I’m not dancing any more.

Jack gave me a little kiss and said ah go ahead and dance you look sexy as hell up there.

I smiled and knew the drinks were starting to talk when I said okay fine, I’ll show off my new panties to everybody here if that’s what you like.

Jack held up his drink, as if he was saying cheers and said, that’s what I like.

Two more drinks later Steve and I were back out on the dance floor dancing as Larry and Jack sat at the bar bull shitting.

An hour or so later Steve and I were slow dancing and I could feel that I was about one drink from being totally drunk. My nose felt fuzzy and that’s how I know its time to stop drinking. And I also was not really caring how I was dressed any more. Steve then said that he had some good weed and asked if I smoke?

I said yes we both smoke from time to time.

Great lets see if them guys would like to go burn one.

Back at the bar when Steve asked them, Larry said he doesn’t fuck with that stuff. Jack said shit I would love to do one but they are giving drug tests at work next week, I can’t.

Steve looked at me and said, well I guess it’s just you and me kid.

I looked at Jack and he said go ahead we’ll be right here.

I gave him a kiss and said see ya shortly, I’ll take a toke for ya.

He laughed and said take two.

I turned around and walked towards the door with Steve.

We got out to his car or I should say his Yukon. He opened the back door for me to get in and said we better sit in the backseat the windows are tinted and nobody will see what were doing.

As I got in the back seat I saw Steve’s eyes go right to my crotch. He closed my door and went around to the other side and got in next to me. He took out this little box full of pot and rolled two joints and then put the little box back under the seat.

He lit it up and took a few tokes then handed it to me. It tasted very good, really sweet not like most pot I’ve smoked. Just two or three hits on it and I was feeling very good. I said God that’s some strong shit.

Steve said yes it is, it’s laced with PCP and Ecstasy this shit will kick your ass.

I didn’t know if I could get any higher, but I kept taking tokes on it each time he handed it to me.

At some time I just laid my head back closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling going through my body.

My breasts started feeling very good. I could feel my nipples getting harder and harder. Then I moaned out mmmm yessss. I opened my eyes to find Steve playing with both my breasts. He was squeezing them and playing with my nipples right through my top and bra. I just closed my eyes and just let him play with them.

Steve said man Bridget you’ve got a nice set of tits.

I felt him opening up my blouse and didn’t do a thing to stop him. With my blouse open he went back to feeling up my breasts right through my bra. I moaned mmm that feels good. Then I felt a blast of cold air hit my breasts. I knew that he had opened up my bra and set my breasts free. His hands covered my breasts and started playing with them again. He was tweaking my hard nipples and I loved this. Then I felt his mouth suck one of my hard nipples right into it. He was playing with one breast and sucking on the nipple of the other. Oh God did this feel good. He started taking turns sucking and kissing one nipple then the other. I wasn’t thinking about being married, about Jack or about anything. All I was thinking about was how good his mouth felt sucking on my hard nipples.

Steve kind of pushed me down the seat until I was more or less flat out on my back. He then went back to sucking on my nipples. I ran my finger through the hair on the back of his head and moaned mmmmm that feels good.

Steve then started kissing his way down over my tummy as his fingers were rolling my hard nipples around. He then flipped my little school girl skirt up and had a full view of my sexy little silk black and white leopard panties. He then moaned ohhhh yes these are some sexy little panties you got on here girl. He then kissed my hot pussy right through the crotch of my panties.

I moaned oooooo God, we shouldn’t be doing this as my hips had a mind of their own and rolled up to his mouth. I next felt Steve pull the crotch of my little panties to the side and sink his hot tongue right between my pussy lips. Ohhh Myyy Goddd I moaned as I started working my hips in time with his tongue. I just about came on the spot it felt so good.

Steve started licking my pussy from top to bottom driving me out of my mind. Still playing with my hard nipples as he sucked on my clit. I was so into this now I started begging him not to stop. I started bucking up to his mouth as I yelled out YESSS OHHH YESSSS OHHH FUCKKKKKK I’MMM CUMINGGGGGG. He was sucking very hard on my clit as I started cumming and cumming. I have never had and orgasm like I was having right then, it wouldn’t stop, it felt so good.

Once my orgasm did end Steve started kissing his way back up my body. Stopping to kiss each nipple before moving up to my neck and then my lips. I could taste my own pussy juices on his lips as we kissed.

As he laid on top of me kissing I felt him pull the crotch of my little panties to the side again. Then before I had time to protest I felt his hot and hard cock slip inside my pussy. I moaned ohhh no, no we can’t do this.

Steve didn’t stop entering he just did it very slowly. His hard cock felt so good as he slowly pushed it deeper and deeper inside me. I moaned ohhh God Steve we shouldn’t be doing this. That pot had me so horny I couldn’t stand it. Once Steve had all of his hot cock inside me and started pulling it back out I was his for the taking. I moaned mmmmm God as my hips pushed up to him trying to get his cock back deep inside of me.

I hooked my legs around his back and started working my wet pussy up and down his red-hot cock. It only took me a few minutes before I was yelling OHHHH YESSSSS I’MMMM CUMMINGGGGG. OH GOD DON”T STOPPPPPPPPP, FUCK MEEEE OH YESSS FUCK ME HARDDDDD. I started flopping around under him like a wild woman as I came like I’ve never came in my life.

Still pumping into me at full speed Steve moaned motherfucker you’re a good fuck, God your pussy feels good.

Don’t ask me why but just then I started thinking, what in the hell am I doing? One of my husband’s friends is fucking me in the back seat of his car. He doesn’t have a rubber on, he could get me pregnant. How the hell did I let this go this far?

Steve was now holding on to my panty cover ass as he was driving his cock in me hard and fast.

I moan oh God don’t cum in me, please don’t cum in me.

Steve then said between breaths, what’s the matter Bridget don’t you like hot cum in your pussy?

I was just about at the point of coming for the third time as I panted out, I love cum in my pussy but I’m not on the pill, and you can’t cum in me.

Still pumping into me like a mad man Steve asked, doesn’t Jack cum in your pussy?

I moaned ohhh Goddd yes he does cum in me, but he had a vasectomy he can’t get me pregnant.

That’s no problem baby, I had a vasectomy also, so I can’t knock ya up. Now just lay back and enjoy the pussy full of cum I’m about to give you.

Now that I knew I was safe my 3rd orgasm took over my body. I yelled out OHHH YESSSS FUCK MEEEEE.

Steve started pumping in me fast and hard as he moaned ahhhh yes I’m cumming then gave a hard deep push as far inside me as he could. We were both coming together right there and there in his back seat. I did my pussy squeezing thing and he went wild.

Oh fuck do you ever know how to work that pussy, God that feels good, mmmmm milk me dry baby.

My body was still shaking from my orgasm as Steve fell down on top of me. His cock was still inside of me. He then said you have to be the best fuck that I’ve ever had. I never knew a girl that could bite a cock with her pussy the way you do.

You like that I asked as I gave him one more hard squeeze with my pussy.

OHHH fuck yessss God that feels good.

That laced pot had me all fucked up. All that I knew for sure is the fact that I was still horny and was hoping that Steve was going to fuck me again. The fact that I was Jacks wife was noplace in my mind. All I knew for sure was that I needed more cock and there happened to be one inside me right then.

I gave Steve a kiss and asked if he was ready to go again, as I was working my wet pussy up and down his now going soft cock.

He said wow baby you sure turned into a hot one. I think I’ll have some more hard cock for you very soon.

I smiled and said good I can’t wait.

Steve rolled off me and was kind of next to me on the seat. He lit up the second joint and handed it to me.

I laughed and said oh, like I need this, I’m so fucked up now. But I took two big tokes on it and handed it back to him. I didn’t care about anything in the world right then. All I did care about was getting Steve’s cock back inside me. I need to cum again and that’s all I knew.

All of a sudden there was a knock on the glass. Steve pulled out of me and pulled up his pants before opening the door. It felt like a river of hot sperm was running out of my now empty pussy as I covered my breasts with my hands not sure what was happening. I was shocked when I saw Larry climb up between my still spread legs over the top of me. I looked and saw Steve was standing out side looking in at us. I then saw that Larry had his pants down around his knees as he came face to face with me.

I think I knew what was about to happen but I still wasn’t fully sure as I asked, what are you doing?

Steve then said from out side the door, show Larry how you squeeze a cock Bridget, he’ll like that. Oh yes and don’t worry Larry he had a vasectomy also and started laughing.

Larry then said to Steve, get the fuck out of here, go keep Jack occupied of 15 minutes until I’m done here.

My fucked up mind was going a hundred miles per hour. What the hell is happening here?

Well it didn’t take long for me to find out. Larry yanked my crotch out of the way and filled me with hard cock in one fast move. I moaned out, ohhh noooo we can’t do this. But Larry didn’t hear a thing I said. He just kept pumping his hard cock in and out of me.

Mmmmm yes, I love sloppy seconds. Your pussy is really wet, mmmm hot and wet. Steve’s pot really fucked you up didn’t it?

Don’t ask my why but I was now fucking Larry back as I moaned mmm yes it did.

Did the little housewife cum with Steve?

Work my pussy up to him faster now I moaned ohhh yes I did, oh God don’t stop I’m going to cum again.

I don’t know if it was seconds or minutes before my orgasm started. I was yelling OHHHHH YESSSS FUCKKKK YESSS YESSS OH YESSSSSS I’M CUMMINGGGGGGG. I was like out of my body as I was cumming with my second hard cock inside me. I couldn’t stop, I just kept cumming and cumming as I worked my pussy up and down his hard cock. I was like a wild slut trying to get all his cock that I could get.

All my yelling and digging my nails into his back set Larry off. He moaned fuck are you a wild fuck as he pushed deep inside my sloppy pussy and started pumping more sperm inside my over full pussy.

I squeezed his cock as if I was going to bite it off with my pussy. He moaned in my ear ohh shit how you do that, mmmmm squeeze it squeeze all my cum out.

Once Larry pumped his last drop of sperm inside me he fell down on top of me. Looking in my eyes he said fuck, I’ve never fucked a girl as wild as you are. Jacks a lucky guy to have your pussy waiting at home for him. He then looked at his watch and said fuck we got to get you back in the bar.

I was so out of it by this time all I needed was to go to sleep. Larry sat me up and cleaned up my sloppy pussy with an old rag that was on the floor. He then helped me get my bra and top back on. My stockings were pushed way down so he pulled them back up in place.

Once he had me halfway back to normal he walked me back towards the bar.

I was so fucked up I asked him if he was going to fuck me again, that I was still horny?

Larry laughed and said we better let old Jack take care of you once he gets you home.

We just got inside the door of the club and Larry had me sit down in a chair. He said don’t move from this spot. I’ll go tell Jack were you are.

I just closed my eyes and let my head lean back on the wall behind me. After a bit I opened my eyes to find Jack shaking me and asking if I was okay.

I looked at him and said sure I’m fine, I’m just fucked up.

Jack then said Steve and Larry said they found you out side walking around lost, are you sure you’re okay.

Oh I’m fine, Steve’s pot kicked my ass. Why don’t you take your little SchoolGirl home and fuck her? I’m so horny I need to be fucked so badly.

Jack smiled and said, well you only need to ask once. He took me by the arm and helped me out to our car.

Once I got in the car I was done. I don’t remember a thing until the next morning.

Jack said we had sex once we got home but I don’t remember that happening. He said I was very wet and kept cumming, hmm I missed that to. He doesn’t recall me ever getting into sex as much as I did that night. Again I missed all that.

I do know I woke up and my pussy was killing me. It felt like I had been screwed with a sandpaper cock, my pussy was burning. Then I started thinking back to what happened. It seemed like a dream. Did I really do what I think I did? If my pussy was any sign, I really did.

Well a few months later the truth came out. I went to the Doctor to see why I’m always sick in the mornings. Turns out that I’m two months pregnant.

Now the bad part, who’s the Father Steve or Larry? How in the world am I going to tell Jack that his sweet little wife had sex with two of his friends and that one of their babies is inside me right now?

The End

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