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While You Were Sleeping…

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I feel you stirring behind me, know it is late, or perhaps early, but time does not matter when I am with you. I burrow back into you, feeling the soreness between my legs from our earlier passion. Even in my sleepiness I feel a tingle starting, the memory of your touch burning into me as much as your skin pressed against mine now. I wanted you in my ass so badly, but you teased me, kept saying you wanted to make sure you took care of my pussy, too. Well, you certainly took care of that!

But now with the slightest movement behind me, I know what I want and where I want it. I wiggle back against you a little more, feel your stir, a slight moan escapes your lips as you burrow into my hair in your sleep and your hand automatically slides up to my hip. I know you are still sleeping, but now I am wide awake, every nerve ending on fire. I let the memories of our earlier lovemaking roll over my mind, riding you with my head thrown back, nipples rock hard with pleasure, you gripping my hips as you thrust up into me; you rolling me over and taking me from behind, grabbing fistfulls of my long, blonde hair and tugging, sending chills down my arched spine, calling me your little manx.

I feel myself getting wetter now, and know that I have to have you. I slide out of your embrace, gently pushing the covers off your beautiful body. I kiss my way across your stomach, down below your bellybutton and slowly swirl my tongue around the tip of your cock before I take you into the hot wetness of my mouth. I cup your balls in my hand, massaging you as I slowly take you into my mouth. The moan I hear now is not one of sleepy bear, you are awake and aware of your plight now. You grow rock-hard in my mouth and I lick up and down your shaft, slowly swirling my tongue around the tip of your cock before wrapping my lips around you and once again taking you deep into my throat. I slide farther down the bed, taking your balls into my mouth, licking and sucking as I stroke your shaft with my hand. But I know what you want and I continue south. I lick underneath your balls, the sensitive area with soft skin and hear you moan your approval, either you like where I am, or you know where I am going as you open your knees wider, allowing me access to the spot that brings us both such pleasure. I press the tip of my tongue against your tight asshole, and am rewarded with a deeper, more gutteral moan, and I know that you and I have the same dark desires.

I alternately swirl my tongue around your knot, then try to force my way in with the little tip, loving your reaction. When I lift my head up for a moment to pull my hair back, I am rewarded with a beautiful view of your muscular chest, broad shoulders, your head thrown back in pleasure. Perhaps my pause distracts you because you grab me and roll us into a 69 on our sides with one of my legs draped over your shoulder. I am far enough down that I can keep my tounge where we both want it to be and you slide your slick cock between my breasts, slowly tit-fucking me as I tongue your asshole and you suck on my clit. Does it get any hotter than this? I feel the first tremors of an orgasm shaking over me as you nibble on my clit, I wrap my arm around you, pulling you closer to me and sneaking a finger into your tight ass, losing my moans as I bathe your asshole in thrusts that match yours with my tongue.

You pull away from me, leaving me spent on my back, looking up at you as you are now the one in control. You swirl your fingers in my wetness, a slow smile spreading over your face as you see how easily you destroy me. You thrust into me with your fingers, then dip lower, slipping one, honey-covered digit into my ass, where I have wanted you all along. You push my knees up to my chest until I am holding them, waiting for you as you spread my wetness onto your hardness. The anticipation is killing me, I feel you pause with the head of your hot cock pressed against me, your eyes finding mine in the dim light. Our gaze is locked as you slowly push into me, your head feeling like it could not possibly fit inside of me, the pressure so intense, and then my body submits and you are past the initial tightness, pausing for a moment. A soft moan escapes my lips, this sensation is like no other, that first entry, you staring into my eyes, knowing exactly what you are doing to me. You then push into me with one long, deep thrust until you are bottomed-out, my eyes go wide with the surprise, the fullness. The initial restraint is gone. You know I want it hard, deep, and that wicked smile of yours starts to spread across your sweet face.

You pull out, almost to the tip, then slam back into me, taking total possession of me. You know I love the hotness of your dick buried into my knot. You thrust into me, grind your hips, making sure that I feel every inch of you buried in my naughty-hole. I start to get used to the sensation of you filling me and begin to meet your thrusts, which I know you love, know that you like how much I love your huge cock in my ass. You pull me up as you lay back on the bed, so I am now on top, you grab my ankles and hold them together over your head with one hand, gripping my hips with the other to impale me on your rod, making sure I feel every bit of you thrusting up into me.

You let my legs down and I am riding you, much the same as I did earlier in the evening, only this time you are snuggled tightly into my nether region, filling me in that wicked way. You take my hand and guide it to my pussy, telling me you want to watch me touch myself the way I do when I am alone. I slip my finger into my pussy, thrusting deeply and feeling you in my ass, then I flick my finger over my clit, gently rubbing in circles the way I do when I fantasize about exactly what you are doing to me now. I look down into your eyes as I ride you, fucking you as you fuck my ass, my free hand stroking my breast and pinching my hardened nipple. In your sexy voice, you tell me “you need to think about where you want me to come,” and I nearly come right then just with that statement.

Everywhere? Is that an option? I want to feel the hot streams shooting in my ass, your cock pulsing in me as you come. I want to taste your come, see your face as you lose control, as I have done so many times with you already. I take a moment to savor the feel of your thickness inside me before leaning down and kissing you, whispering “I want to taste you.” You know exactly what I want, and a small moan escapes your lips onto mine. You flip me over onto my stomach, my words have incited your passion and you slam into me, with your hands entwined in my hair as my back arches to meet every thrust you can give me. I want it all, you know how much I do. I slide my hand underneath myself and flick my clit just as I am going over the edge, with another orgasm ripping through me, every nerve in my body is awake and trembling as I come and come with your cock plunging deeper into me.

Abruptly you pull out and I roll over, sliding halfway off the side of the bed as your weight is no longer there to support me. I find myself eye level with your beautiful, hard cock, your hand wrapped around it as your stroke yourself to orgasm in moments, shooting hot streams of come onto my waiting tongue and breasts. I try to catch every bit, then lean over, taking you into my mouth, gently sucking out the last drops of your semen. I stroke my clit as you come, savoring the last tremors of my orgasm, then use my pussy-soaked fingers to get a few stray gobs of your cum before slowly sucking each finger as you watch me. I return to your shaft and slowly lick up and down, getting every last drop, gently swirling my tongue around the tip as I cradle your balls in one hand and stroke your ass with the other. If only I could show you some day how wonderful it feels to be fucked in the ass…

We climb back into bed, into each others arms, and doze off again. I know when I wake again I will want you with the same passion as I did just now, did when we went to bed hours ago, and I fall asleep with a smile on my face.

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