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Yes, Daddy

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Author’s note: This is NOT intended as an underage theme. All characters involved are of legal age. If roleplaying or incest-type themes bother you, click elsewhere.

Debbie flounced into the room, wearing a red tartan skirt, voluptuous breasts pressing against her white shirt, legs clad in white stockings and feet in thick-soled Mary Jane sandals. Tossing her ponytail, she smiled at the man with the shaved head in the recliner in front of her.

“Daddy, I’m ready for school,” she said in her best little-girl voice. “How do I look?”

Jim looked up from his newspaper and raked his “daughter’s” form with his eyes. Debbie’s pussy grew damp as his eyes darkened with lust.

“My baby girl looks a bit slutty for Daddy’s taste,” he said sternly. “You’re so naughty. That’s the third time I’ve had to talk to you about your attire this week, isn’t it?”

She rubbed her thighs together, putting pressure on her clit, which began to throb with the sternness of his voice. It hungered. She hungered.

“Yes, Daddy,” Debbie said, her eyes downcast. “I’m sorry. I just like having the boys look at me. And sometimes they touch me, and it feels so good.”

Jim folded the newspaper he’d been reading in precise halves, then in quarters, and laid it on the table beside the chair. His eyes took her in once again.

“Look at you,” he said. “No bra, and your nipples all hard against the fabric. Look at that skirt! Why, it’s short enough you can see those white cotton panties if you lean over. You’re going to make Daddy think bad thoughts about you. I think you need to be punished.”

Her eyes grew wide.

“Oh, Daddy, no, please,” she begged, her pussy growing wetter as she fell further into the role. “I’ll be good, I promise.”

He motioned quickly.

“No,” he said. “This must stop. Over my knees.”

She complied, leaning over his knees, her bottom resting on his lap. Reaching down, he caressed her buttocks through the white panties. She wiggled, wanting more of his touch, desperately hungry, as she’d wanted to play out this scenario for so long.

Suddenly a burning pain rained on her right cheek. Then another on her left. Then he caressed her buttcheeks. She groaned. Several more quick blows fell and Debbie let out a shriek. Whether it was from pain or pleasure, she knew she’d never be able to tell. He continued to alternate the hard thwacks with the gentle touch.

Then his hands slid down her bottom to between her legs, caressing the lips of her vagina.

“I feel that,” Jim whispered in her ear. “My little girl is all wet, even through her panties. You like Daddy touching you, don’t you? You like my fingers there.”

She moaned softly.

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Do you want Daddy to keep touching you?”


“I think you need to pleasure Daddy first. Then you get your reward for taking your punishment so well. Kneel and kiss Daddy’s cock, like you did before,” Jim said.

He was so demanding. So stern, Debbie thought. She found herself even more turned on. The slight breeze blew cool on her moist panties as she knelt. She loved his cock. Loved the feel of it in her mouth, how it grew in her hand and in her lips. She loved how he groaned when she ran her tongue around the tip.

“I like kissing your cock, Daddy,” she said, looking up at him. Removing her lips from him, she said, “Do I do it as good as Mommy?”

“Daddy loves your lips,” Jim said. “Daddy loves how you make him feel so good. You make me so hard, baby girl. Do you like that?”

She nodded, batting her dark eyelashes at him as she sucked. First underneath, she ran her tongue, then over the top. She swished her tongue around its circumference and then sucked him deep in her mouth.

“Oooooh,” he groaned. “You feel so good. Suck my cock, baby. Suck it.”

She paused.

“Daddy, you said naughty words. Can I say naughty words, too?”

“While we’re here pleasuring each other, yes, baby, you can. Say what you want. I won’t tell Mommy.”

Debbie smiled.

“I like … your,” she paused. “…cock.”

She felt it twitch in her mouth as she said that.

“Mmm,” he moaned, as he reached down and began moving her mouth back and forth on his penis. She soon saw the his thighs and stomach tighten, and she felt his warm come flow down her throat.

Debbie swallowed frantically.

“Daddy! I swallowed it all! Am I a good girl?” she said brightly.

“You’re my very good girl,” he said, panting.

“Do you forgive me for being naughty earlier?” she said.

“Yes, baby girl, I do. Now let’s go in the bedroom and Daddy will make you feel good.”

He led her by the hand, opening the door to the bedroom.

“Lay down,” he said.

She did so, spreading her legs, giving him a view of her white pantied crotch and white stockings on her legs. He felt himself grow slightly harder.

“Mmm. That’s my beautiful baby girl,” he said. “Now take off your panties for Daddy.”

She did, and he reached down for them. He sniffed them, and she looked at him curiously.

“Daddy, that’s dirty,” she said.

“Be dirty with me, my girl.”

He knelt down between her legs and gave a long, slow lick to her wanting pussy.

Debbie gasped.

“Again! Please!”

Jim obliged, feeling the wet folds of her sex slide on either side of his tongue, and her hard clit on the return swipe.

After pleasuring him, Debbie was growing desperate for her own pleasure.

She began moving her hips against his tongue.

“Oh, Daddy, don’t stop!” she whispered. “Please. Please lick me.”

Debbie shrieked as he dove his tongue deep into her pussy, plundering its wetness and nerves with each stroke. One hand moved up to rub her clit as he licked her, and her hands clenched the bedsheets. He pushed her legs up toward her head, exposing her ass, and his tongue slid downward to her tight asshole. It delved in, and she grew frantic. She moaned deeply as his tongue and fingers sped up. Debbie came in a rush and a gasp, shrieking, “Daddy!”

“Daddy wants to put his cock in his baby girl’s pussy and make her feel REALLY good,” Jim said. “Is that OK?”

“Yes, Daddy,” she said. “Do it like you did before. You make me feel so special.”

Climbing on top of her, straddling her hips, and pushing her skirt up, Jim reached down and tore open the blouse. The buttons flew everywhere and the white shreds covered the tops of her arms. Her breasts were then open to his gaze, and he reached down to caress them.

Debbie moaned at the lust in his eyes and the feelings that raced to her pussy when he touched her breasts. A caress to the side. A pinch to the nipple. He leaned over, and a lick between her breasts. She felt her pussy growing wetter and wetter.

“Oooo, Daddy, please … I … I need something!” she whispered. “Please, Daddy, make me feel good again!”

Jim obliged, kneeling between her legs and sliding his cock home. Debbie let out a deep moan as he filled her.

“Yessss,” she hissed, briefly dropping out of character.

“Mmmm,” Jim said. “Somebody likes Daddy-cock in her pussy.”

“Daddy, it makes me feel all good-funny when you talk like that,” she whispered. “Move in me again, make me feel even better. Please.”

He moved slowly at first, in and out, enjoying the savor of his lover-erstwhile-daughter-pussy on his cock. She moaned, loving the illicitness of the roles they were playing.

“Talk dirty to me,” Jim said. “Tell Daddy what you’re feeling.”

“I love when you do this to me, Daddy,” Debbie said. “I love when you touch my … pussy? … and make me feel good. Feel special. When that special tickle comes and I get all wet down there, I love that. I love that you love doing this to me. I love making you feel special with my tongue on your … cock.”

His thrusts sped up.

“I like fucking my daddy,” she said. “I like it a lot. Does Daddy like fucking his girl?”

“Oh yeah,” he moaned. “Yeah I do.”

He began thrusting frantically, then, harder and harder. Her pussy rippled at the using it was getting.

He reached up and grabbed a breast, pinching it hard again.

“Oh!” she cried.

She felt the orgasm beginning to build behind her knees, first, then the shivers rising to her thighs, then to a supernova explosion in her pussy. She clasped her legs around him with a scream.


“Can Daddy give you his man-juice?” he groaned. “Would you like to make a little sister?”

“Yes, fill me, Daddy,” she moaned.

He stiffened and she felt pulse after pulse of warmth coat her insides.

They fell next to each other, panting.

“That … was fun,” she gasped out.

He looked over at her, skirt still up over her hips, shirt hanging from her shoulders.

“I think I like you dressed like this best of all,” Jim said.

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