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Oiling the Wheels on Industry?

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Go pick up the three guys from the airport – wine and dine them and whatever to keep them happy because we need their business…’s the company plastic to pay for dinner and if we do the deal tomorrow you’ll be on a big fat bonus OK?!”

Some instructions from bosses aren’t always easy but this one was hardly run of the mill so she readily accepted.

She had only been in the job 3 months so was eager to please her new boss when he had rescued her from the hell of redundancy – her reward for twenty-two years of loyal service to her last employers. She felt he had given her a second chance – after all, the corporate hospitality thing is a pretty girl’s, domain not for a woman in her mid-forties.

With time to shower and change she decided that she still looked pretty good for her age and donned matching sexy black bra and panties, garter belt and sheer black nylon stockings which always made her feel confident, if not a little flirty. Her “little black number” still showed her ample bosom and legs off to best effect and the high heels gave her the poise to carry it all off. A few dabs of “Obsession” and she was away to Heathrow.

Her three contacts were due in from Houston and were to meet her boss in the morning to finalize what could be a very lucrative deal for her company which would see it join the big boys in its sphere of expertise. She knew that she could really play her part by taking care of these guys although not in a way she could possibly imagine. Her boss, now unavoidably detained, had left to her to add the glamour to the tradition of “oiling the wheels of industry”.

As she waited in the airport lobby she wondered if any of them would be attractive… who knows if there could be a little flirting romance in the air – it’s funny how from the least expected avenues opportunities arise. While she daydreamed holding the sign with their company name on a tall, dark and very handsome young man approached and said, “Hi, I’m Larry, my friends are just on their way.”

She introduced herself and thought how gorgeous he looked, judging his age to be about 25. But if he was gorgeous his colleagues were doubly so. Rick who was about 31 had longish but tidy brown hair and dark brown eyes and was easily 6 foot tall and the boss – Tom, was about 42 with thinning fair hair and blue eyes. He was no less attractive for his age – in fact he was very distinguished in a way only age and experience can give a man.

They were very friendly, in a non-sexual way, and put her at ease from the start. On the way to the car she apologized for her boss’s enforced absence and explained that she was at their command for the whole evening to which Tom joked in a rather ambiguous manner that they’d have to take full advantage of her. They laughed at the intended entendre and she thought to herself that the evening wouldn’t be the chore she first thought it might be.

The first stop was a little pub on the way to the hotel…….she knew these cowboys worked hard and played hard and the long flight found them keen to try a traditional British pub. After a couple of drinks they decided to get to the hotel to shower, shave and get out of their suits into more casual attire. Tom asked her if she knew any good country and western bars…… London??? was he kidding??? They both laughed and she said she would see what she could find. As he walked off to his room leaving her in the hotel lobby she absent-mindedly began to wonder what he would be like “in the sack” – smiling to herself for using American vernacular to describe a bloody good shag.

In the hour they were gone she had found an appropriate theme pub which doubled as a rib joint within walking distance of the hotel. This was perfect because if she’d had too much to drink she could always book a room and drive them straight in to the office in the morning. Nothing worse than people getting “out of their face” when you have to stay sober she thought. They all met up in the foyer and, wow…….they looked the part with smart cowboy attire on, Stetsons, embroidered shirts, lace ties and those sexy cowboy boots. She really started to stir inside the seeds of fantasy germinated.

The pub exceeded her wildest hopes for them and they were absolutely delighted with this regular all American “home from home”. It even had a little five piece “fiddle and guitar” band and a dance floor – it had been a long while since she had let herself go and it seemed that evening just kept on getting better. They were complete gentlemen through the whole evening making her the center of attention. Later when the feet started flying they offered to teach her some of the simpler line dances and ignored her protestations of owning two left feet. She was having a wonderful time and it wasn’t costing a penny – she felt like the queen of these three willing subjects, and although they turned the heads of all the females there, amazingly they only had eyes for her such was her captivating nature. Some slower dances came around, (“the erection section” she used to call it in her younger days), and they all had turns with her. She got the chance to feel them close to and found herself, liberated by the alcohol, wanting each one in turn as her sexual drive started to manifest itself.

Typically, in London, the bar closed all too soon and not wishing to end the evening she willingly accepted their invitation of coffee at the hotel, after all she was going back there anyway to book a room. She had far exceeded the two units of alcohol that would have meant she was unfit to drive. Even as the offer was made she thought how coffee was a fabulous euphemism for partaking of pleasures of the flesh.

The foyer seemed virtually deserted and Tom casually suggested he would make her a coffee in his room. She enjoyed his company and still not wishing an end to the evening she gratefully accepted. The ascent in the lift seemed interminable and she felt herself start to moisten at the thought that she may actually end up in bed with Tom.

“Hey Tom – surely you’re not having her all to yourself?” Rick said.

To which she couldn’t believe she heard herself saying to Tom “I don’t mind if you don’t”. He smiled knowing that coffee was the last thing she wanted and said “That’s fine by me boys but just remember who’s number one on the homestead!”. Before she knew it all four of them were in the bedroom and she was being kissed passionately by Tom…….but he only had one pair of hands and she could feel others methodically undoing buttons, zips and clasps and gradually divesting her of her clothes. She now felt like the slut she wanted to be at that moment – she was hot and craved their animal lust.

They stripped her to her garter belt and stockings in seconds and her whole body was smothered in wet kisses from three mouths and caressed everywhere by three pairs of hands. There was no shyness from these guys and none of her tingling body was untouched. It was dark which added to the giddiness of it all, she was laid backwards onto the bed and Tom, she thought, was working on her lips, ears and neck. Someone else was fondling and mouthing around her breasts and erect nipples and the other really naughty one, who for some reason she hoped was Rick, had already trailed his tongue around her groin and was now flicking her love bud while gently pushing two, three…… four fingers into her soaking and very accommodating vagina. She touched male flesh everywhere and she happened upon a hot stiff penis and held onto it as if to urge the owner to put it somewhere more meaningful.

Her head spun with the breathtaking bliss, never before had she had anything other than one-on-one sex before. She briefly pondered on the danger of being out numbered by three strong men but the pleasure they imparted caused her let them do what they wanted – if they fucked her to death that night she would gladly let them. The sensations were overpowering and her tormented mind hardly knew which delight to concentrate on to give her her first orgasm, (of many). Ah, but the love bud gets it every time and whoever was down there knew exactly what to do. She climaxed a glorious climax, reaching down to pull the perpetrator’s head harder into her hot gash. At the top end there was a general shuffling around followed by someone leaning over her guiding their long stiff cock into her mouth. She could smell it and feel the heat from it long before she accepted it gratefully and her left hand traced around their arse to tickle their balls from behind.

Another hand had found hers and guided it to another hot length of throbbing muscle, not so long as the one she was orally working on but certainly very thick and she momentarily wondered how that would feel when it surely entered her. It must have only been minutes since she entered the room but suddenly she felt the “oral master” stretch up and slide his cock into her and did he mean business …..the thrusts were long, hard and fast and she was almost gagging trying to get enough breath to keep up with him while she had that throbbing penis in her mouth. Again her mind spun as her climax approached but she still had time to wonder which one of her “suitors” would cum first. She had her answer just as she shuddered with her own orgasm. (Thankfully it was the one who was fucking her as he tensed and his motions stopped to spit his searing white heat into her greedy cunt. Had it been the one in her mouth she could have choked trying to swallow and breath deep at the same time.)

The cock in her hand replaced the recently spent one and, god, could she tell the difference. As wet as she was and aided by the previously injected lubricant, this guy was stretching her wider and wider. She had no time to take-in the pleasurable pain of his entry because the guy who was fucking her mouth groaned and poured forth his salty gift. She could only swallow a few salvos and had to push him from her mouth to let his last few “shots” squirt onto her face. She felt his fingers wipe the extra liquid off of her lips and cheek and then he moved his hands down to stroke her very stiff nipples. The “wide-guy” completed his task of entry and she could just make out that it was Tom who was starting to thrust slowly but methodically into her. She worked out that it was Larry who had just cum in her mouth and Rick who must have been the first to hump her. Tom didn’t increase his pace but rhythmically continued to drive her up the wall, purposefully never intending to satisfy the itch. She wrapped her legs around him opening herself even wider and then pleaded with him –

“Do it, do it harder, faster …….pleeeeese, fuck me, fuck me you gorgeous, gorgeous man.”

She shocked herself again talking and begging like this but she didn’t care as she reached down to grab his bum hoping to urge him on. In turn her hands were guided onto Rick’s wet and half limp cock who had now returned to the scene, and was ready for more. Her fingers encircled the flaccid flesh and teased his hairy balls, his member stiffened as she absent mindedly played with it. Larry continued to massage her tits occasionally taking the teat ends into his mouth to add to her heightening excitement.

The build-up was slow but no less shattering when she finally burst again and she could hardly contain the fierce beating of her heart and her racing pulse. She was just their plaything now and as Tom withdrew, still unsatisfied, and laid on the carpet she obeyed his command to sit astride him. She managed his thickness slightly easier than before but as he pulled her head down to kiss her lips she felt someone maneuver behind her. Whoever it was began to stroke her small brown gem and then slowly but surely inch the turgid length of man flesh into her defenseless anal opening. She pulled away from the kiss and squealed with this sudden but determined back-door invasion. The intruder held her steady to enable him to bury the complete length of his penis into her colonic tube, such excruciating bliss. The crack of her arse and anus were sufficiently lubricated by the earlier ejaculation and of course her own outpouring. However she had never been subjected to anal penetration and perhaps in normal circumstances would have shied away from what she considered as forbidden sex. But this was raw fucking and picturing the scene in her mind she wanted it with a passion and desire that frightened her.

How she wished they knew of the mind blowing ecstasy imparted by these two ramrod hard dicks – the mental and physical pleasure of which proved too much and she exploded on the spot, slumping forward while still being drilled by these insatiable cocks. One stretching her sugar walls to almost bursting point while chafing at her clitoris and the other tantalizing the nerve endings of her sphincter and stabbing her g-spot. But the third one wasn’t finished with her and her lips closed around his resurgent erection.

Her screams of pleasure were gagged by his slimy dick but he paid no mind as he fucked her mouth to take some pleasure of his own. Tom mauled her breasts and she loved it and she felt like she was going to split in half with the piston pricks in her arse and cunt. This was pure lust – they were using her and by the same token she was using them. This was not making love, all of them had switched off human emotions and had delved into the animal desires each of us needs to release from time to time. Her climax built again and was triggered by someone’s fingers straying across her swollen clitoris. None of her erogenous zones were untouched now and she climaxed again and again, the surges of excitement pouring through her guts to every nerve ending. She pulled away from the cock in her mouth and jerkily gave him a hand job so that she was able to gulp more air between her grunts and screams of gratification.

The speed and roughness of her wanking caused him to spill his seed over her hand, face, breasts and Tom!. Moments later she felt more hot sticky liquid burning into her forbidden hole as the intruder leant forward to grab her sperm soaked breasts as if to emphasize his coming. She felt him withdraw, but old Tom was still steadily jerking upwards to meet her now more insistent and focussed downward thrusts.

She was as dirty in mind and body as they wanted her to be and as delirious with pleasure as she’d become she was determined to wring him dry and even “abuse” him a little. She dismounted long enough to move into the 69 position. Despite her crotch now dripping with someone else’s regurgitated sperm he readily accepted her hot gaping flesh and lost no time in kissing better some of the damage done by his weapon, while his hands stroked up and down her back. For virtually the first time since she entered that room she was in control.

She took the head of his extraordinary fat cock into her mouth while her fingers jerked the flesh up and down, it seemed like ages and on more than one occasion she nearly let him get to her with his oral reciprocation. Almost imperceptibly at first, his hips started to move up and down…..then he stopped lapping her and she knew she had him. She increased her work rate and although her jaws ached she was finally rewarded when suddenly he lifted his arse from the floor hands pushed her head further onto his member just in time to catch the rifling jet of sperm that flooded into her mouth….he jerked several large gushes of man cream which she could hardly keep up with, some spilling from her mouth onto his tightened ball sac from whence it came. She smiled to herself that she’d satisfied three men and knew for her it was the fuck of a lifetime. She glanced at her watch to find the whole experience took more than three hours.

Larry and Rick had stayed to watch her performance and steadied her as she got to her feet. She was hugged, kissed and complemented……ever the southern gentlemen (not quite in the Englishman class – but not bad). They left her with Tom and she didn’t remember falling into bed with him, but when she woke the following morning it was gone eleven o’clock and she alone. She become aware of how tender her pussy was and then spied a huge bouquet of flowers and a bottle of champagne at the end of the bed. There was also a breakfast trolley with enough food to feed an army. Attached to the flowers was a card which read….

To our darling English Rose,

Thank you for a fabulous English welcome. Please accept these flowers as a small token of our love, and when you open the champagne think of how you made us pop our corks!. Anytime you’re Houston way ….well…. will they be oil rigs in our pockets or will we just be very pleased to see you!!!!

Tom, Rick and Larry.

P.S. We’ll square it with your boss, so take the morning off.

When she arrived at work her boss was beaming from ear to ear….

“They’ve done the deal” he says “I don’t know what you did last night but they couldn’t speak more highly of you.”

Her pussy tingled at the thought of having three hot hard studs teasing every ounce of pleasure from her willing body.

“They also want you to be our representative in Houston once a year because they say you’re the only one that can handle them……would that be ok with you?”

She paused only for effect before saying “Ahm, yes, I think so.”

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