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For Lucy

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Butterflies whizzed through my stomach as I stood waiting in the airport. I couldn’t believe that I was finally going to see Lucy face to face. We’d been chatting on the internet for ages and swapping photos. I knew that she was apprehensive, that she had just travelled across the world to meet a girl when she’d only ever been with boys. And she was young too. A couple of years younger than me.

I found it bizarre that she was the one travelling to see me, but with my work commitments it had been easier for me to pay for her to come here than for me to go the other way.

I scanned the faces as they appeared up the ramp from the aerobridge, desperately seeking my first glimpse of her beautiful face.

My heart skipped a beat as I spied her. She was even more beautiful than the pictures that I’d seen. She hadn’t spied me yet and there was a cute look of apprehension on her face as she scanned the waiting crowd, seeking me out. Finally our gaze met. A grin split her face and it was like her face was lit up by a wondrous light.

I waved and she hurried past the other people that were now starting to greet each other. She hesitated two steps from me.

“Lucy!” I said, my voice husky and I opened my arms and drew her into a hug, feeling her slim form as I crushed it within my embrace, her breasts squashed against mine. How I longed to hold her naked like this! I wanted to kiss her, but waited, knowing that it was something that she hadn’t done and thinking that she may not want the first time to be in such a public place.

“Oh Nikki!” She said, stepping back, “I can’t believe that I am here in Australia; with you!” I held her hands in mine, scanning my eyes up and down her body, a grin plastered across my face like it was never going to be removed. I drank in her accent as she spoke to me, feeling my insides quiver in anticipation.

“Let’s get out of here. I want to take you home!” I said.

“Sure thing,” Lucy replied. I took one of her bags from her and we made our way to the baggage carousel where we stood chatting happily until Lucy’s remaining bags appeared. We grabbed them, put them on a trolley and walked out to the car. I so wanted to hold her hand, but because I was pushing the trolley it was a little difficult.

As we drove out to my place, I took the opportunity to hold her hand. It was warm, smooth and delicate and seemed to be made just for the purpose of sitting within my own.

Within the confines of my bedroom, we sat facing each other on the bed, conversation having stalled for a moment, tense anticipation in the air between us. There still had not been a kiss.

“You must be exhausted from the flight,” I said to her as a yawn broke across her face. It was replaced by a sheepish grin.

“Sorry …” Lucy started.

“Don’t be sorry, it’s a long flight. Why don’t you have a sleep and then this afternoon I can take you to the beach?”

“Oh that sounds lovely,” Lucy answered. I told her that she could sleep in my bed (since it was the only one at this point!) and watched as she prepared for sleep. Lucy was wearing a cute pair of shorts and a black t-shirt with runners. She removed her shoes and socks, and then I watched with delightful anticipation as she began to pull her shorts down her wonderful legs.

I stared lustfully as I saw the black thong that she was wearing, it was so hot. I wanted to run a finger across the material, but restrained myself, fearful of treading too far too fast.

Lucy blushed under my open admiration and I apologised for staring.

“Its ok, I’m just still getting comfortable with the prospect of actually being here.”

“That’s fine sweetie,” I told her. “I’ll let you get into bed in peace and if you’re not awake at lunch time, I’ll come and get you.”

“Thank you,” she said. I stood up next to her and took her in a hug.

“Sleep well, beautiful,” I said, pecking her on her lips. They were as soft as I’d imagined they would be. I wanted more! Lucy held onto me for a second longer, before releasing me and sitting back on the bed. I smiled at her, drew the curtains closed and left the room.

An hour later, as Lucy slept, I nervously looked for things that might need cleaning in my apartment. I had spent days trying to get everything perfect, but was worried I’d missed something. I couldn’t find anything. I was tempted to go in and see her sleeping, but couldn’t bear the thought of upsetting her if I happened to wake her up. I’d just have to wait until it was lunch time.

A morning had never passed so slowly for me as that one, but finally it was lunch time. I opened the door to my room and quietly went inside. I drew one curtain back slightly to allow a bit of the summer light into the room and then sat on the bed.

My gaze took in the black bra that had been abandoned beside the bed before I glanced down at her perfect and angelic sleeping features. As I did so her eyes opened and a pleasant smile creased her face as she slowly adjusted to where she was and who was sitting there.

“Nikki,” she said sleepily. I just leaned down and kissed her gently on the lips.

“Hello sleepy head,” I said, removing my lips from hers after a slight delay.

“Your bed is so cosy and the pillow smells of you,” she told me, smiling as she sat up. She had her t-shirt on and I could see the faint outline of a nipple pushing against the material. Oh to be able to touch them!

“Care for some lunch and then the beach?” I asked her. Lucy nodded happily.

“But I’d like to shower before the beach if that’s ok?”

“Um sure, we usually shower after, but that’s fine.” Lucy laughed.

“I do to, its just I feel all mussed up after the flight and sleeping and all. It will help wake me up.


I told Lucy to meet me in the kitchen for lunch when she was ready. She stood up out of bed, pulled her shorts on then followed me barefoot. Knowing that she hadn’t bothered with the bra was going to drive me nuts.

After lunch I showed her where the bathroom was and got her a clean towel, telling her that I’d be waiting for her when she was ready for the beach. As she rustled in her bag for the clothes that she was after, she said to me, “You can come in and talk to me if you like.” A blush rose in her face as she said it, belaying the calm ease with which the words flowed from her tongue.

I followed Lucy into the bathroom, my stomach quivering with the anticipation of seeing her naked for the first time. I sat on the edge of the bath and Lucy moved to the shower, turning on the water and adjusting the temperature. She turned and smiled at me shyly then as she pulled her t-shirt over her head. I melted, there were her perfect breasts.

They were flawless I decided. They sat perfectly upon her chest and were crowned by adorable nipples. Then she pulled her shorts down and stood before me in her thong, still blushing.

Lucy visibly took a deep breath as she took the sides of her thong in her hand and pulled them down her toned legs. As she stood again, my eyes were glued to her pussy. It was bald and perfect. I was in heaven.

“My god Lucy, you are so perfect,” I said huskily.

“Thank you,” she said quietly and then stepped into the shower.

I sat on the bath, watching, taking every inch of her naked skin until the clear glass fogged up to the point that I couldn’t see more than a teasing, hazy outline. It made it no less erotic, seeing her luxuriating in the shower as steam travelled upwards towards the exhaust fan. When her hands moved in the direction of her breasts, I wanted to pull the screen door wide so that I could see her cup and squeeze them. Or better yet, just step into the water with her, clothes and all.

But I held back. We chatted whilst she was in there and when I heard the water shut off, grabbed a clean towel from the cupboard and held it out for her to step into.

As Lucy stepped forward and out of the shower, I enfolded her within the towel, holding her close to me, feeling the warmth of the water radiating from her body. Our eyes met and there was a connection. Our faces moved closer together, lips parting. Tentatively I felt our mouths join together and gently probed forward with my tongue. I was delighted when I found her tongue doing the same thing and it was like a spark travelled from my tongue to my groin, igniting my erogenous zones along the way.

Gently we kissed, then a little more aggressively as our passion built, tongues fencing and exploring within each others mouths. After a couple of minutes, we broke apart.

“Wow,” Lucy said, a grin on her face that must have reflected my own, deliriously happy grin.

“Wow indeed.” I just stared into her eyes, captivated, a thousand thoughts running through my mind, but none of them daring to make the dash to escape from my mouth. “Beach?” I said simply.

“Yes!” Lucy replied enthusiastically. She picked up the clothes that she’d brought in and I sat down on the edge of the bath to watch her dress. It was amazingly erotic watching her put on her bikini and then a mini-skirt and tank top over the top, almost as erotic as having watched her undress. I pressed my legs together, feeling the warmth and moisture that had built in my pussy. Then we went to my room, where I undressed before her.

Lucy sat on the bed and I was glad to see that she was as entranced as I had been when she had been removing her own clothes. I flagrantly paraded naked about the room looking for my swim suit, even though I knew exactly where it was.

“I could watch you walk around like that all day,” Lucy said, smiling at me as I bent over in front of her to pick up my discarded clothes.

“Well that could of course be tomorrow’s plan,” I suggested, laughing. Lucy laughed in return and then sat quietly whilst I donned my bikini.

Lucy and I drove to the beach, laughing and talking and singing along with the radio. I was thrilled at how well we clicked with each other. It was one thing to do this over the internet but something else entirely to have my gorgeous Lucy in the car with me.

We found a park and hot-stepped across the white sand to lay our towels down on the firmer part of the beach, Lucy standing for awhile to admire our gorgeous beach. I stripped off the skirt and t-shirt that I had put on over my bikini and Lucy followed suit. Then I grabbed the sunscreen and offered to rub some on Lucy’s back. She smiled at me over her shoulder as she knelt down for me.

“Lie down, sweetie,” I said. She did and I knelt beside her, squirting some of the sunscreen across her skin, my eyes scanning her flawless beauty, especially the way her bikini hugged her taught buttocks.

I put the tube of cream down and started at her shoulders, my hands firmly rubbing the cream in, taking the opportunity to knead her muscles and massage her at the same time. I asked her to pull her hair aside and very gently touched her neck, my fingers caressing her. My pussy was already tingling just from this innocent touch. I slowly moved down her back, ensuring that every inch of her was adequately protected from the harsh Aussie sun. As my hands went past her straps, I allowed my fingers to curl down her sides towards her breasts, trying to catch just the merest touch. Then I went lower until I reached the top of her bottoms. My fingers snaked teasingly under the waistband but no further.

This left me with her legs. I took up the tube again and ran a trail of sunscreen first up her left leg and then up her right. I started rubbing it into her left leg, revelling in her tight muscles.

“Diving is obviously good for you,” I said, “Your legs are so hot!” Lucy giggled. I moved up to the back of her thigh, my eyes now glued to the crotch of her bikini as my fingers moved ever closer. I slid my hand right up under the fabric and squeezed her bum cheek, then slid back down her leg before moving to the right one.

I repeated the procedure on her right leg, though this time, allowed my fingers to brush her crotch such that only the material of her suit separated her pussy from my fingers. Just the thought of it set me on fire. Lucy moaned at the gentle touch.

“Roll over, I have to do the front,” I said to her. Lucy rolled over, grinning at me as I saw myself reflected in the lenses of her sun-glasses. For a little while I did nothing more than stare at her pretty face. Then I included her luscious body. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to have her here.

I ran my fingers lightly across her stomach before picking up the sunscreen and spiralling a trail around and around on her belly. Gently I started to rub it in, my fingers moving all over her abdomen, teasing, threatening to plunge beneath the waist band of her bikini towards her pussy or up under her top, but not quite doing either. I rubbed cream into her chest and this time allowed my fingers to slip over her breast, grazing her nipple, drawing a pleasured shudder from her.

“Now I’m going to do the rest of your legs,” I told her, grinning madly. Lucy watched as my hands massaged cream into her legs, my fingers again teasing around her pussy. At one point, unable to stand it, I quickly grabbed the crotch of her bikini and pulled it aside for a quick glimpse of heaven. I saw moisture glistening there and it was all I could do not to touch it. I quickly settled her bottoms where they belonged and told her that I was finished.

“Finished?” Lucy asked, a cheeky smile on her face, “I think you’ve only just got me started!” I leaned over her and kissed her gently on the lips.

“My turn to touch you … I mean put cream on you,” Lucy said. I grinned and lay down on my towel.

“Oh by the way, those guys over there are so checking us out,” I laughed. Lucy blushed furiously. “Don’t worry, I don’t think they know anyone you do,” I winked and Lucy laughed and relaxed a little. “Its one of the good things about being a girl, it’s not obvious when you are aroused. I bet those guys have all got massive hard-ons from watching me touch you. I know if I was a guy I would, just based on how wet my pussy is!”

“I know what you mean,” Lucy said. I rolled onto my tummy and closed my eyes, anticipation building the moment to when Lucy would put the cream on me and touch me. It was like a fine network of electrical pulses spread out from the contact when it came. It electrified me. Her hands were tentative at first, merely spreading the cream. But as Lucy became more assured with what she was doing, her touch firmed. It was bliss.

She mimicked the little tricks that I’d played on her, teasing at the edges of my bikini, stealing the slightest intimate touches as she moved over my body. By the time that I rolled over for her to do my front, the crotch of my bikini was utterly soaked. I longed to take it off and have Lucy begin exploring me, but a public beach was hardly going to be the place for that. Then, by the time that she’d finished applying the sunscreen, I noticed that quite a few guys had set their towels down in a concentrically decreasing proximity to us. Obviously they were thinking that we’d be their entertainment for the day. I wasn’t about to allow that to happen though and Lucy and I simply lay back and sunbathed for a while. When we went for a swim, many of the boys followed us to the water, pretending that it was a coincidence, of course. Lucy and I laughed about it, but gave them little to get excited about.

We stood close in the water, with it up to our chests, our hands linked beneath the water. Occasionally I’d run my fingers across Lucy’s tummy or hips, once or twice grabbing her cute little but as well, but we were careful to show nothing above the water line. It was like stealing cookies from the cookie jar and just seemed to make it all that much more enjoyable.

As the sun started to sink towards the horizon, I suggested that perhaps we should be heading home. We pulled our tops on over our bikinis and donned our shorts. When we were ready, I decided to give the guys that were left on the beach one little thrill to go home with. I pulled Lucy close to me and gently sent my tongue delving within her mouth, kissing her intimately. Lucy returned the kiss enthusiastically and then we left the beach.

Glancing back we laughed when we saw the guys with the mouths open in shock and lust, watching us depart.

I told Lucy that I was going to take her out for dinner to celebrate her arrival as we drove home, which of course necessitated us both getting cleaned up when we got there. This time when Lucy stepped under the flowing water of the shower, she wasn’t alone.

We were in there a long time. Our hands gradually explored each other, just touching and caressing. I fondled Lucy’s breasts, feeling their perfection, enjoying the way she swooned when my palms grazed her nipples. She returned the favour and I encouraged her to pull and pinch my nipples.

“Really?” she asked.

“Oh yes, I love it, that and having them gently bitten.”

“God I think that would kill me,” she laughed as she took each nipple between thumb and fore finger and pulled them towards her, rolling them. We kissed, our lips melding. With her hair slicked back under the water, I placed delicate kisses on her neck and shoulder blades, my tongue flicking out to place little licks beside the kisses.

I kissed my way down to her breasts. I glanced up at her face and found a look of excited anticipation, tinged with apprehension as my mouth closed over her breast, the first time another girl had done this for her. As I sucked gently upon her nipple and ran my tongue around it, my right hand ran across her belly and then down across her bald pubic mound for the first time. I adored the fact that like me, she kept her pussy hairless. I looked forward to being able to bury my tongue between her succulent lips.

“I want to suck your breast Nikki,” Lucy moaned as my tongue flicked back and forth across her nipple. “I want you to feel this too.” I leant back, presenting my chest to her for her pleasure. She took my small breasts in her hands, kneading and playing with them, before her mouth slowly descended to my nipple.

She licked it at first, her tongue moving back and forth across it, then around and around it. Then she captured it between her lips before sucking my breast within her mouth.

“Oh yes Lucy, that’s great,” I said, encouraging her. I felt her hand caress my mound and I spread my legs, but it went no further. After sucking on my other breast, I pulled her face to mine and kissed her before advising that perhaps we should get out before we were prunes! We stepped out of the shower and dried each other. I continued to pepper Lucy’s skin with tiny kisses at every available opportunity. Then when we had dried ourselves, I took Lucy by the hand and led her to my bedroom.

I turned when we were in my room and as Lucy followed me in, took her in my arms. Our breasts pressed together and I could feel the firm soft flesh of hers against my erect nipples, just as I could feel her nipples pressing against me. Our lips met and our tongues twisted together, dancing in a way that seemed pre-ordained it was so delightful.

My hands slid down Lucy’s body, caressing the perfect subtle curve from her waist to her hip, sliding around to capture her tight butt. I squeezed, delighting in the strength that I felt in her muscles. Diving and swimming were obviously excellent exercises!

My lips moved from hers to gently kiss her cheek and then down across her neck, parting to allow my tongue to caress it between kisses before moving further down and across her collar bone. I led her to my bed, telling her that I wanted her to lay down.

Lucy slowly lowered herself to the mattress and lay out before me. I stared in wonder at her, my eyes refusing to stay still to focus on detail at first as they tried to take in every perfect inch. Lucy’s legs were well toned and gorgeous and at the perfect point where they met, was her pussy. She was completely bare of hair and her lips were already flushed and slightly puffy with desire from the shower and attention that I’d paid her since. I traced my fingers delicately across her flat stomach down the sides, around her perfectly neat belly button and down towards that bald patch. Lucy watched as my fingers moved closer and closer to her pussy lips.

Her legs parted slightly and I gazed at the target of my desire. “I’m going to touch you now Lucy,” I whispered to her. She almost shuddered. I traced my finger down the left hand side of her pussy and then back up the right. Her legs parted further and my finger ran delicately between her lips, parting them ever so slightly as I ran it up towards her clit. I stopped short though and withdrew it. Lucy sighed audibly. I leaned over her and delicately kissed her bald mound before straddling her legs and leaning over to plant a soft kiss on first one and then the other nipple. Lucy’s hands tangled in my hair as I opened my mouth wider to taker her nipple into my mouth properly, my tongue tracing delicate circles around it.

I pulled my head back, allowing her nipple to slip from my mouth and gently cupped her breast with my hand, admiring how round it was, how perfectly proportioned her areole was with the nipple right in its centre. I ran my tongue around the curve of her left breast, past the tiny mole that nestled at the point where her breast met her chest and up along her side, my right hand gently squeezing and caressing her right breast. Then I dragged my nipples over the skin of her stomach to her breasts and crushed myself against them as our lips met to kiss again. Lucy’s hands caressed my back, running up and down, grabbing my butt and caressing me.

I felt Lucy spread her legs wide and our bald mounds were pressed together. I decided that it was time that I tasted her at long last and slithered down her body. I looked up at Lucy’s face between taking a few moments to take in every single detail of her beautiful pussy. I spread her labia to study the centre of her pleasure, admiring her clitoris, ready to attack it.

“Are you ready for this Lucy? For your pussy to be licked by a girl for the first time?”

“Yes Nikki, please do it for me,” she said in her beautifully accented voice. I gently ran my tongue over her pussy, flat, so that it caressed both her lips without penetrating them. Then I flicked my way back down between them before pushing inside her. Lucy moaned audibly as I thrust my tongue as deep as I could within her folds and then ran it up to her clit.

Lucy squealed when my tongue finally met her clit and circled around and around it. I concentrated on her clit then, mashing my tongue and teasing her, working it over and over again.

Lucy’s hips started bucking and shaking as I relentlessly drove her towards orgasm. Lucy’s breathing became ragged and she yelped and cried as I endeavoured to keep my tongue firmly working back and forth across it.

“Well,” I said as she lay back on my bed with a blissful smile on her face,” I guess that we should get dressed for dinner before its too late.

“What about you though? Don’t you want me to make you cum?” she asked me.

“There’s plenty of time for that I told her, “Why don’t you just savour the pleasure for now?”

Lucy reached out with her hand for mine. I allowed her to take it and she pulled me back towards the bed.

“I can wait for dinner, my body doesn’t know what time it is anyway,” she said. “But it sure as hell knows what it wants and you’re it.” She pulled me closer until she could touch me further. Her fingers traced their way over my belly, trailing down to my mound. I parted my legs slightly and Lucy’s fingers reached the top of my slit. She gently touched my lips, running her finger back and forth before sliding between them.

Lucy took my hand again and pulled me onto the bed this time. I let her and lay down beside her. She continued to trace her fingers over my body, exploring every inch that she could. Then she rolled on top of me and started to use her tongue to explore as well.

She worked her way down past my belly button to my pussy where she paused, playing with me with her fingers. I sighed at her gentle touch, loving the moment when she slipped a finger inside me and explored my insides. I encouraged her to add a second finger and she did so. Then she pulled them out and raised them to her lips. I watched, entranced as she slid them inside her mouth and tasted my juices. Her fingers returned to my pussy

And then she lowered her mouth towards my pussy and delicately ran her tongue along my slit. I moaned with pleasure as she began the process of discovery. Her tongue worked gently up and down and in and out of my pussy. She stopped occasionally to ask if she was getting it right and I gave her plenty of encouragement.

“What makes you cum Nikki?” she asked and I described to her how I like to have my clit teased, licked and sucked upon. Lucy experimented with my clitoris and I found myself groaning as every little touch increased my pleasure and worked me closer and closer toward orgasm.

As she started trying to suck on my clit, I ran my fingers through her gorgeous hair, pulling it to one side so that I could see her mouth as it engaged with my pussy. I yelped as I found myself reaching that point of crescendo. My pussy convulsed and spasmed and I felt the wonderful sensation of orgasm as it coursed through my body.

“Oh you are such a natural talent Lucy, that was wonderful,” I told her as I recovered later.

We kissed and cuddled for awhile, again enjoying the sensation of gentle contact of skin, one upon the other. Eventually though, it was time to get dressed and go to dinner. We dressed, still touching each other at every available opportunity and then finally, made our way out the door.

Dinner was lovely and we chatted constantly throughout the meal until it was time to go home again. I dragged Lucy back to my place and realised that I’d made no arrangements for sleeping.

“Um, this might seem a little presumptuous of me,” I said as we sat in the kitchen drinking some wine together, ” but I’ve only got one bed in here. I was hoping, or perhaps assuming that we would be sharing it, but I should at least give you the chance to make that choice yourself.”

“Oh Nikki, you silly, of course I want to share your bed!” I sighed with relief at the announcement, particularly because it was delivered with such enthusiasm.

We watched a little TV, nestled together on my couch, within each other’s embrace before it was time to sleep. I came very close a number of times whilst we sat there to simply stripping Lucy’s clothes off of her and having my way with her, but I wanted to be sure that I wasn’t too aggressive and waited for Lucy to make the move. She seemed content with gentle touches and kisses and I was just happy to have her next to me rather than on the other side of the world and so worked with her.

I led the way to the bedroom after we’d brushed our teeth and turned to Lucy. :’What do you normally sleep in Lucy?” I asked, curious.

“a sports, bra, thong and shorts, or if its really hot, I leave the shorts off, or cold, I wear a t-shirt too, what about you? She asked.

“Well, in winter, I wear pyjamas, but in summer, I normally just sleep in a pair of panties,” I told her.

“Normally?” She asked.

“Well yes, normally. Tonight, with you here, I hadn’t intended to wear anything at all to bed.”

“That sounds like fun, “Lucy said, smiling and we both removed our clothes and tumbled into bed. It was a queen sized bed, but I think we would have been happy enough in a single given the close proximity that we maintained with each other. We lay there a long time without sleeping, primarily because we couldn’t keep our hand’s off each other. It was so wonderful to lay in bed and simply touch Lucy’s perfect skin, tracing circles and love hearts and other assorted shapes on her breasts, her tummy, her pubic mound and her arse.

Eventually I couldn’t stand it any longer though and rolled on top of her, joining my tongue with hers and kissing her intimately as I rubbed my sopping wet pussy on her thigh. Then I moved and changed position so that our legs were scissored together. I wanted to feel her wet pussy on mine. I slowly but firmly ground my pussy against hers, feeling her respond in kind.

“Play with your clit Lucy, see if you can cum with me,” I said to her between moans. I moved my fingers to my own clit and began tracing circles around it and rubbing it backwards and forwards, stirring my desire as Lucy did the same.

Soon we were both panting and we were grinding together even harder.

Lucy cried out something that I didn’t understand, obviously as excited as I felt and then her legs shook and shuddered, her pussy rubbing on mine. She went slack then, recovering whilst I worked furiously at my clit until I too came.

“Wow Nikki, that was awesome,” she told me as we cuddled in bed again.

“I loved it too, the joining of our punci’s” I said, grinning at her in the dark. Lucy laughed as well.

“I really need to get you to remember more words,” Lucy said. “I can’t just have you saying pussy at me all the time.”

“But I love your pussy.”

“I can tell, she giggled.” Lucy turned on her side and I wrapped my arms around her, my breasts against her back and my mound pushed against her arse, spooning. I moved my hand so that it encased the orb that was her breast and held it gently as we finally drifted off to sleep.

We went shopping the next day, enjoying each other’s company, watching one another try on clothes and chatting the whole while. We had lots of fun in the underwear department, selecting different things for each other to try and then admiring each other in them.

“I’m exhausted Nikki,” Lucy said to me upon returning to my place. “I don’t think I’ve quite beaten the jet lag yet.”

“Have a sleep sweetie,” I told her, “I’ll still be here when you wake up.” Lucy smiled delightfully at me and I enfolded her in my arms and kissed her passionately, my hands sliding over her hips and arse. I led her to the bedroom and started stripping her off, sitting her on the bed wearing only a pale pink thong that highlighted the curve of her arse most beautifully.

“I hope you appreciate the restraint that I’m showing here,” I said to her, grinning, one hand snaking out to gently cup a breast.

“Oh I do,” she replied as she lay down and I covered her with the quilt. I kissed her again, crushing my body against hers through the quilt before closing the curtains and allowing her to sleep.

As I waited for Lucy to sleep off her fatigue, my mind wandered back over all the memories that it had captured today of her in various states of dress (and undress!). I remembered a couple of conversations that we’d had over the internet too. She had once surprised me by telling me that she liked the thought of being tied up (and would be quite happy to tie me up as well). I decided that today might just be the day when I put that desire to the test.

I hunted around the house and found a few items that lay lurking where I’d all but forgot about them and after Lucy had been a sleep for an hour, crept very quietly into my bedroom. Very very gently, I moved first one arm and then the other above her head so that her hands lay near the bed head. Then I took the pair of handcuffs that I’d found and closed them about her wrists, the chain between the cuffs linked through the bed head so that she wouldn’t be able to move her hands. Then I lifted the quilt to expose her feet. I stared at them for a little while. She had such pretty, dainty feet! I took a length of cloth that I’d ripped from a sheet and first tied it to the corner of the foot of the bed. Then I tied another piece to the other corner. I managed to get a loop around one foot and tighten it and then Lucy stirred in her sleep.

I was sure my little game was up, but held my breath, hoping. I heard the hand cuffs scrape on the cast iron rail of the bed, but she didn’t awaken. I stood waiting for minutes before I was game to try and tie the other leg down, but I finally did it. It was looser than I would have preferred, but it would do for now.

Then I stripped off my clothes.

I peeled back the quilt to expose Lucy’s perfectly round breasts, her nipples semi-erect and daring me to touch them. I gently ran my finger along the curve of first one breast and then the other, along their bases, where they met her chest. Lucy sighed in her sleep. I continued to run my fingers in circles around her breasts, teasing and touching, but not making contact with her nipples.

I watched in delight as her nipples stiffened more and more with each circuit that my fingers made, my body reacting to the sight. My eyes were glued to those nipples and when Lucy actually stirred awake, the handcuffs went clank against the bed and nearly scared the crap out of me I was so absorbed in what I was doing.

“Nikki!” Lucy began with a start as she realised that she was handcuffed and that her legs were tied. A look of fear started to cross her face.

“Its ok, don’t panic, anytime you want out, you say apples, ok?” Lucy visibly relaxed and attempted a smile.

“What’s the word?” I asked her.

“Apples,” Lucy replied. I grinned and told her that that was the last time that she could say it unless she wanted me to let her go. She relaxed completely at that point. I flipped the quilt back to unveil her gorgeous body completely and then set about re-tying her legs so that she had little freedom of movement.

Then the fun began. I ran my fingers up her legs, gently touching, tickling her skin. I ran them right up to the edge of her thong and along the point where they hid her skin from me, then up to her stomach.

Lucy had such a gorgeous belly. I loved it and told her so. My fingers worked backwards and forwards across it and around her belly button. I leaned over and used my tongue to trace similar patterns over it. I ran my hands up her arms, teasing her arm pits, tracing all over her skin. I avoided her breasts now, wanting to save them.

I moved again and this time used my right nipple to trace patterns on her belly. I ran it into her belly button and dangled it there for a moment before moving it back up towards her breasts. I ran it right between them, across her breast bone until I was almost within reach of her mouth. I lifted my nipple from her body and dangled it tantalisingly close to her mouth. Lucy strove to lick or capture my nipple in her mouth, but I didn’t allow it. She gave up in exasperation and I quickly ran my nipple across her lips. She almost got me then, but not quite.

I sat beside her on the bed, thinking, wondering how to progress with this delightfully beautiful captive that I had on my bed.

“What are you thinking Nikki?” Lucy said, her excited eyes searching my face for clues. I had an inspiration.

I stood up and left the room, Lucy asking where I was going and telling me that I dare not be too long or she’d have to start shouting about fruit.

I returned to the room with another piece of cloth.

“I’ll tell you what I am thinking,” I said to her, advancing upon the bed, “I’m thinking blindfold.”

“Oh,” was all she said as I lifted her head to slip the cloth beneath her head and then fasten it so that she couldn’t see.

I reached out my hand and grazed my palm across her right nipple. “ohhhh,” she moaned in response. I did the same thing to her left nipple then. She wriggled a little on the bed. Then I leant over her and tickled her tummy with my tongue.

Next, I ran my finger along the crotch of her thong. It was wet. Her legs spread as much as they could when I did that and so I ran my finger back down, this time contacting her bald pussy lip as the crotch of the thong slipped across. I grabbed the crotch and pulled it sideways to admire Lucy’s beautiful pussy. I wanted to touch it and taste it, but that was to come later.

I pulled her thong upwards so that the crotch was pulled between her lips and then ran a finger over her lips either side of it.

Then I left her pussy alone.

I moved back to her now heaving chest. I waited long enough that I knew she would be wondering where the next contact would be coming from and holding my hair back out of the way, lowered my mouth to her nipple and sucked hard upon it. Then I softened my touch and nuzzled and licked and caressed it with my mouth. I used my hand to gently caress her other breast, feeling the tightness of her excited nipple. I swapped breasts with my mouth. Lucy was wriggling on the bed and her breathing was becoming more ragged.

I remembered her telling me that once she’d nearly cum just from having the right sort of attention paid to her breast. I decided that today I would see if I could actually do it to her, use her sensitive nipples to make her explode.

I sucked upon first one, then the other, occasionally grazing them with my teeth or capturing them between my lips and pulling it away from her breast, then suckled gently on them. As my tongue swirled around her nipple and my mouth sucked upon her breast I could hear in her breathing that she was going to explode.

I continued my efforts, maintaining consistency, slowly working her over the edge, my gaze moving from her face to her pussy, looking for signs. Her hips shuddered and she cried out, “Oh Nikki!” I stopped sucking and moved to where I could see her pussy. Her thong was totally soaked now and I pulled it aside briefly, amazed to see that her pussy was indeed contracting gently with the aftermath of her orgasm, stimulated entirely from her breasts.

I quietly left the room for a few moments. When I returned I sat on the bed beside Lucy, letting her know that I was there, but with, of course, no idea what I was about. I held the carrot that I’d taken from the kitchen and washed and aimed it at her pussy. Then I slipped it inside her, watching it disappear as it slid smoothly between her bald lips.

I worked the carrot in and out of her pussy for a few minutes before withdrawing it. I sucked on it, then slipped it into my pussy before returning it to hers again. Minutes passed again with me sliding the carrot in and out of her. Lucy’s hips moved with the rhythm as I pleasured her. Finally I pulled it out and laid it aside.

I reached down with one hand and slipped two fingers into my own sodden pussy and then wiped the juice on my nipple. Then I lowered the nipple into Lucy’s mouth. She opened instantly as she felt my nipple brush her lips and then moaned as she sucked me within her mouth, tasting my juices on my nipple. I climbed up onto the bed and straddled her, feeling my wet bald pussy slide over her taught stomach as I dangled first one and then the other nipple in her mouth, enjoying her sucking on them. I let her continue to suck them for quite awhile, loving the attention of her mouth on my breasts.

After a couple of minutes though, I withdrew my breast so that she could no longer reach, despite the fact that she craned her head forward in an attempt to keep my nipple between her lips. I stood up so that I was above her and moved so that I could now lower my crotch to her face. Lucy obviously sensed what I was doing, as her tongue darted out in anticipation as the gap between it and my pussy narrowed. I moaned at the first contact of her tongue between my legs and held myself where she could comfortable work her tongue back and forth between my lips and up to my clit.

I was so horny, I decided that I was going to cum and so I rode Lucy’s face, feeling her tongue working back and forth against my clit. It didn’t take too long and I felt my body tense and then release, my pussy pulsing repeatedly with the orgasm that ripped through my body.

I allowed her to lick me for a few more moments until I couldn’t take anymore, at which point I dismounted from her face. I stood beside the bed admiring her beauty again. I loved her perfect tits. They were so nicely proportion and just begged for me to attend to them again. I released my hair from the pony-tail that I’d tied it back I and held my head over her breasts so that my hair dangled beneath me, barely touching the skin of her breasts. And then I moved my head back and forth so that my hair delicately caressed her body. Lucy moaned and shuddered at the contact. I kept it up for several minutes.

Then I took a pair of scissors that I’d brought with me from the kitchen and slipped the cool steel beneath the side band of her thong, severing it. I did the same on the other side and then unceremoniously pulled it from her so that she was naked without having had to untie her.

Then I resumed teasing her with my hair and finished with my it brushing over her pussy before dropping my tongue down and running it across her bald mound and down to her slit. And there I stayed, my tongue exploring every fold and crevice of her pussy until I focussed upon her clit. I brought her to the brink of orgasm and then just stopped.

Lucy begged, but I held out, just standing beside the bed now, watching her squirm slightly, untouched, incomplete in her pleasure, but so close to the brink of orgasm.

After a couple of minutes without saying anything, I could tell that she was getting a little apprehensive.

“Nikki?” she called tentatively. I said nothing.

“Nikki? ……”

“NIKKI,” she started to yell, but subsided. Again I said nothing. But this time I reached out with my hand and squeezed her right nipple between my thumb and finger. That drew a squeal! Then I went back to licking her pussy again, greeted by welcome moans.

But again I brought her to the brink without finishing her off.

The next time she was begging for release and I accommodated her, licking her all the way to an orgasm. She squealed and bucked and thrashed against the bonds that held her in place as she exploded. I climbed up on top of her and pulled the blindfold off and kissed her as my hands sought the key to release the cuffs.

When she was free, Lucy wrapped her arms around me and kissed me more passionately than I remember.

Then it was time for another shower!

Free of the shower, we dressed and went to the local pub for dinner and a few drinks at the bar afterwards. There were plenty of admiring glances headed our way and I wondered for a few moments whether to kiss Lucy. I figured it might stop advances, but that there’s no way it would stop the looks. Based on past experience, it would probably excite the blokes rather that put them off!

We returned to my place exhausted later that night, stripped off, climbed into bed together and fell asleep in each other’s arms.

I woke up to feel a hand gently caressing my breast and rolled towards Lucy who lay on her side, watching me as she gently touched me.

“Good morning gorgeous,” I mumbled, smiling through my sleep-affected eyes as she grinned and returned my greeting.

“What should we do today?” I asked her.

“How about you show me this wine country that you’re always bragging about,” she suggested.

“Perfect. We can grab some stuff for a picnic and drive around the country tasting wine,” I grinned.

We left the bed and headed for the bathroom where we shared an intimate shower, our hands and mouths exploring and pleasuring each other’s bodies before we dressed for the day, resisting the temptation to fall back into bed before it had even began.

I dressed in a denim mini-skirt and pink tank top over a matching pink thong and bra and Lucy donned a short pair of shorts and a white tank top over a blue striped thong and white bra.

I grabbed a blanket from my cupboard and some utensils from the kitchen and then we climbed into my car and took off for the supermarket.

Shopping was fun and we grabbed an assortment of fruit and cheese, biscuits, meat and bread ready for a day in the country before getting back into the car and setting off on our drive.

We stopped at a couple of wineries before lunch and I introduced Lucy to the pleasure that is Australian wine before we decided that we would need to stop and take a break or be too drunk to continue.

We found a nice secluded paddock down a dirt road and jumped the fence to spread out the blanket under the shade of a towering gum tree. We pulled the esky from the car with the food in it and sat down to enjoy our lunch. We took turns feeding each other, placing delicacies in one another’s mouths, our hands touching and caressing each other, our lips occasionally failing to resist the urge to meld together and enable us to kiss deeply.

I felt Lucy’s hand slide up along my thigh and her fingers traced gently across the crotch of my rapidly dampening panties. I spread my legs to allow her access and her fingers found their way inside my panties, stroking directly against the hairless skin of my pussy. She slipped two fingers inside me and I sighed as she leaned over and kissed me at the same time.

I moved a hand to caress her breast and then Lucy was pushing me down on the blanket, her body pressed against mine. I pulled at her top, up over her head to get access to her bra which I also removed. Lucy then pulled at my top and had me remove my bra as well so that we were topless together in the fresh country air, the sounds of cars muffled by the distance from the highway, but just present enough to remind us of the fact that we were stealing this moment together.

We took turns sucking on each other’s nipples, fondling and touching, enjoying the intimacy. Then Lucy slipped two hands beneath my skirt and pulled at my panties, dragging them down my legs before pushing my skirt up to expose me.

She lay between my legs and began to gently lick my pussy, her tongue working back and forth over my lips and slipping between them before dragging up to my clit. She picked up a strawberry and crushed it between her thumb and fingers before smearing the pulped fruit on my pussy and eating it from me. I propped myself up on my elbows so that I could watch her as she worked over my pussy with her mouth, loving it and stirring me towards an orgasm.

She applied a variety of fruit to my pussy and then having licked and eaten it from me, drove two fingers deep inside me, pleasuring me as she moved her tongue to my clitoris. I lay back and enjoyed the ministrations of her fingers and tongue, luxuriating in the sensations that began within my belly and built and built until I was crying out loud, my pussy contracting and pulsing as an orgasm ripped through my body.

Lucy lay beside me, caressing my breast and kissing me as my orgasm slowly subsided. Then, ready to partake of her, I rolled on top and kissed her passionately, my mound thrust against hers until I began travelling down her body, finally taking her shorts and panties with me so that she would be naked in the country air as I devoured her.

I took my time with her pussy, teasing and licking and building her pleasure, in no rush to complete things as I enjoyed the process of getting her to the ultimate point. With her pussy juices now seeping freely from her pussy, I allowed my tongue to run right down her slit, pushing her legs further apart as I decided to teach Lucy about one of the pleasures that I enjoyed. I slipped my tongue down to her anus where her juices had trickled and licked first around and then across her tight puckered little hole.

Lucy gasped when I did it and tried to close her legs.

“Relax, Luc,” I implored her, “just give it a bit of time, I know you’ll like this.” She hesitated for a bit and I pleaded again and felt her legs relax. I worked on her pussy some more and then returned my tongue to her anus, just licking it gently. I heard her moan and knew that she’d relaxed enough to enjoy it now. I decided not to push her further just yet and resumed stimulating her clitoris until she exploded with her orgasm.

Then it was time to dress and visit a few more wineries before heading back home through the glorious country side.

That evening, we sat and watched a movie together before retiring to bed where we lay intimately touching and kissing. We didn’t feel any great need to progress further than that, just delighting in teasing one another, our fingers barely making contact with each other’s skin, brushing over nipples and stomachs and thighs and pussies.

Eventually we fell asleep, tangled in one another’s arms.

The following day we toured the art gallery and museum, taking in a bit of culture. It was a challenge as there were very few places where we could grab a private moment and as a consequence, by the time we got home, we were ready to rip each other’s clothes off within an instant of being inside the door of my apartment.

I pushed Lucy back against he kitchen table and kissed her as she sat upon the edge of it, her hands working to remove my clothing. I allowed her to and pursued the same goal with her until she was naked in my kitchen. I pushed her back onto the table, my hands and mouth travelling over her body relentlessly, seeking every piece of her that would elicit a pleasure moan from their contact.

Lucy allowed me to take control for a while before pushing me away and turning me so that she could pleasure me as I had been to her. I was so wet by the time that she finally started licking my pussy that I was surprised that she didn’t have me cumming in moments.

Then she surprised me.

“I know that you like this, so I am going to try,” she said and her tongue ran down over my slit to my anus where she twirled it around and around and across my arse. I squealed with delight and let her know how much I enjoyed it. She kept going for a bit and then licked my pussy again before asking me, “Do you really like to have things stuffed in your bum as well?”

I blushed as I told her that yes, I did indeed. I particularly liked having my butt fingered whilst my pussy was licked, I told her.

“What else have you had in your bum Nikki?” she asked me.

“Um toys, carrots, a dick,” I told her, still blushing.

“Wow,” was her understated response. She was obviously thinking. I didn’t quite know what to say, but she moved first, walking over to the fridge and opening it. She was rummaging around and I could tell that she was looking for a carrot.

Triumphantly, she returned, bearing a long thin carrot. “Well then, since you like it, I am going to find out what its like to do it to you,” she said, grinning.

“Mmm, I love you so much Lucy,” I said as she licked her tongue along my slit again.

“Well, like I once said to you, if it feels good, why stop?” I laughed and then moaned as I felt the tip of her finger pushing against my butt hole. She stopped licking my pussy and just pushed her finger into my bum. I moaned as I felt myself penetrated. I felt her experimenting, sliding her finger in and out of my anus a bit, wriggling it around inside me and I gave her advice as to exactly what I liked. The she pulled her finger out and picked up the carrot.

I felt the tip push against he anus and asked her to fuck my pussy with it first. She grinned at me and I felt the carrot slide easily into my pussy. Then she fucked me with it, sliding it in and out, seeing how deep she could get it and doing it fast, slow. I was really close to cumming now.

I sighed as she pulled it from my pussy and started to push it towards my bum. I rolled onto my side and lifted one leg clear so that she had better access.

“Gently but firmly,” I told her as she started to work the carrot into my anus. When she had it nice and deep I asked her to just hold it there for a bit. She played with my pussy briefly while I adjusted to having the carrot in my bum. She had two fingers working in my other hole when I told her to fuck me with the carrot now. She withdrew her fingers and started to slide the carrot in and out of my butt. Then she lowered her face to my pussy and licked it and worked my clit. I cried out as I came in a rush! I put my hand on hers, holding the carrot in my butt until my orgasm subsided and then allowed her to slowly pull it from within me.

“Thank you my darling,” I said to her, recovering.

“Is it really that good?” she asked, looking somewhat doubtful.

“Well it works for me, but I know not everyone enjoys it,” I told her, smiling.

“Well I won’t know unless I try, will I?’ she asked me, grinning mischievously.

“No, you won’t,” I agreed. I took the carrot from her and went to the sink and washed it, just to be safe. “Does that mean you want to try?” I asked.

“Um, I think so.”

“I tell you what, come with me to the bedroom and we’ll do it there,” I said, taking her by the hand and leading her down to my boudoir.

“Get on your hands and knees,” I told her and she assumed that position on my bed. I moved in behind her and licked up over her pussy to her anus where I wiggled my tongue at the entrance to her bum. Then I licked her pussy some more, making sure that it was really wet. I slid first one and then another finger inside her wet pussy, using my thumb to stimulate her clit at the same time. I used my other hand to pull on her breast and then decided that it was time for the main event.

I retrieved a tube of lubricant from my dresser that I kept for the times when I wanted to really work my arse over with a toy. Moving back behind her, I squeezed the tube, holding it so that a glob of lube landed right in the middle of her anus. She squealed that it was cold and I laughed at her.

Then I ran my finger through it, working it slowly into her butt hole, my finger disappearing to the first knuckle. I pulled it out and squeezed some more lube onto her. It was too much and running down over her pussy. I pushed a couple of fingers of my other hand into her pussy so that it wouldn’t be wasted before returning my attention to her butt. I pushed my finger deeper this time, feeling the ring of muscle inside her butt clench tight against the penetration.

“Just relax Lucy, I will take it slow,” I promised her. I waited a bit and she did relax, enabling me to push my finger further inside her. Slowly I moved it back and forth, each movement enabling me to push my finger a little deeper into her butt until it was past the last knuckle, the rest of my fingers crushed up against her firm butt cheeks.

I turned my hand and slid my finger back and this time as I pushed it back into her, worked the other three fingers of my hand into her pussy as I penetrated her anus. Lucy moaned at this additional penetration and soon I was working all of them back and forth, sliding in and out of both her holes at the same time.

“Its time for the carrot Lucy,” I told her, removing my fingers. She looked back at me with a sheepish grin as I picked up the carrot and ran some lube over it. I slid it through my fist as she watched me, like I was wanking a cock and she laughed. Then I positioned the top of it at the entrance to her anus and started to slowly, but firmly push the carrot into her butt.

I let her tell me if I was going too fast and gave her ample time to adjust to having the vegetable within her as I went. Then, when I judged there was enough in her, I started to slide it out again.

“Oh wow,” Lucy said as I worked it in again before starting to slide it back and forth.

“You like it?” I asked her as I started to touch her clitoris and pussy as well.

“Mmmm, its different, I don’t know,” she said, “but its not bad.” I was happy with that response and worked her clit harder with my finger until I heard her cry out and she pulled forward and off the carrot. I watched as her anus and pussy both clenched and contracted as a result of her peaked pleasure.

“Tomorrow is my last day here,” Lucy said to me later as we cuddled in bed before sleeping.

“I know, its been way too quick,” I told her, taking her head in my hands and kissing her tenderly.

“It has. I want to go home, but I want too stay, too,” she said to me.

“Well, my first day of work after you leave, I’m going to book a holiday,” I told her. “I am going to cum and have sex with you in your home.”

“Mmmm, that is wonderful news.”

“So don’t think about tomorrow,” I told her, “Let’s just sleep and enjoy being so close together tonight.”

And with that pact made, we did indeed against sleep entangled in one another’s arms.

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