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The Camping Trip

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It was early in the morning when I awoke to the sounds of birds chirping loudly. There were no other sounds. I decided I would get up and go to the bathhouse and get my shower before the rest of the campers awoke. Knowing no one else in the campsite would be awake yet, I wrapped my robe around my naked body and headed out of the camper. It was beautiful out, the definition of tranquility. The only sounds I heard as I walked down the dirt trail to the bathhouse were the birds chirping and an odd crackle from fires that had been left to die down by themselves the night before.

I saw no one that early in the morning. The sun was just above the horizon, stretching the new days shadows across the warming land. I finally got to the bathhouse and as I approached the doorway, I heard a sound that did break the early morning silence.

Distinctive female moans coming from with in the walls of the bathhouse. I peaked my curious head around the doorway, the moans were louder, but I did not see anyone in the bathhouse. Suddenly I heard not one but two guys voices and the moans and groans of a female. My heart raced as I snuck quietly up to one of the shower stalls. The door was ajar and as I quietly stepped closer the sounds became so loud, fear and excitement mixed together and raced through my young mind and inexperienced body. I peaked in through the slightly open door…I gasped to myself at the sight before me. Three naked bodies writhed just a few feet before me, entwined in unbelievable stances of sex. One of the boys I recognized from the beach. He was a lifeguard. I had flirted with him just the day before.

He was leaning against the shower wall, facing my direction, with his eyes closed. His beautiful body glistened with what appeared to be sweat, as the water was not running, his muscles rippled perfectly and powerfully. The girl, from the general store and camp registration, was on all fours in front of him, with her face buried in his crotch, obviously sucking on his cock I thought, but could not see from my vantage point. The other guy had his back to me and was squatted down behind her. I didn’t recognize him from behind, but he resembled the lifeguard in a lot of ways, maybe slightly more muscled. He was thrusting back and forth with such force, that the young girl squealed and moaned on every stroke. He was obviously embedded into her deeply I presumed. My eyes were glued to his firm ass as it pounded back and forth, between his slightly spread legs I could just barely see his huge balls dangling down between his strong thighs, they swung back and forth at his motion.

At my age I had been quite sheltered at home. My parents were very careful at raising me in a prim and proper way, I HAD NEVER seen anything like this ever. My mind reeled at the sight before me, I wanted to turn away and run, but my legs would not move. I was transfixed to the early morning lovers. My breathing quickened and my body acting naturally heated up. I felt my nipples grow achingly hard and rub against the fabric of my robe. I felt a strong tingle sensation between my legs as well, one I had never felt this strong before. My hand, with what seemed a mind of its own, reached down, opened the robe and went straight to the source of my frustration. I was soaked, I touched the wet lips of my pussy, running just a finger tip up the length to my clit. I shuddered as my finger touched my love button.

My legs felt weak and trembled both at the touch of my fingers and of the sight before me. I rubbed my clit harder as I watched the three lovers. All of a sudden, my shampoo bottle I was carrying with my other shower supplies slipped out of the towel and crashed to the floor. I could have just died. The lifeguard’s eyes shot open suddenly and looked straight into mine. All three jumped and stopped their movements instantly and almost in harmony asked who’s there? The lifeguard broke the silence by saying “it’s the hottie from the beach, I remember you” he said with a boyish smirk on his face.

I stammered and stuttered that “I was sorry, that I just came in and couldn’t help but”…. they all three quickly cut me off. The lifeguard moved away from his female lovers face, I felt my face get flushed as I saw for the first time, the biggest cock I had ever laid my eyes on. It was still kind of hard, maybe not all the way under the circumstances. But it jutted outwards from a tuft of sandy blond hair, it was thick as hell and rippled with bulging veins all throughout its at least eight inch, semi hard length, it glistened with the girls saliva. I tried not to be obvious and stare as I backed up out of the stalls doorway. I was trembling now with the fear of being caught spying. The lifeguard came up to me and offering me a hand said “hello, my name is Jim” I reached out a shaking hand and said hello, my name is Brandi. His hand felt so powerful wrapped around my tiny fingers. I could not help but notice his still huge cock bouncing between his legs, not nearly as hard now but still unbelievably hot.

I have seen a couple boys’ penises from school. On dates I had given them hand jobs to satisfy their sexual cravings. And my boyfriend had taken my virginity about six months ago, painfully and quickly with his six-inch flesh sword. I thought HIS cock was big! Jim’s was bigger soft than any hard cock my young eyes had ever seen. Suddenly I was thrown back to reality as the other guy came from the stall, he had a towel wrapped around his midsection, and he wasn’t as pleased sounding as Jim’s introduction.

“Whom the hell is this little bitch spying on us” he hollered. He looked me up and down causing me to feel quite uncomfortable to say the least. He was a big guy, not very old, maybe 21 or 22, but huge muscles flexed when he spoke. He was deeply tanned and had piercing blue eyes, which I could feel disrobing me as I stood there. Jim spoke to him, tactfully lying, “uh don’t be mean Dave this is Brandi I met her yesterday at the beach, she is a sweet young girl”

“I don’t give a shit” replied Dave, “she might be sweet but I have a problem being spied on. She needs to learn a lesson” A lesson, I thought…fear raced through my bloodstream. Dave walked around me like a wolf seeking its prey. I could feel his eyes roaming over every inch of my thankfully covered body.

“Yes” he continued. “And I have the perfect idea” He walked to the bathhouse door, he placed the restroom being cleaned sign outside the door and then closed and locked the door. I trembled at the thought of what was going to happen to me…tears welled up in my eyes, as he walked back towards me. All of a sudden as he looked into my eyes a soft side of him came through to my relief.

“Well don’t cry,” he said, “believe me we won’t hurt you, well not in a bad way anyway” he then laughed! At that the girl came out of the shower and introduced herself as Marie.

“Don’t worry about them, their brothers and they like to play…sit back and enjoy” she said. Marie then walked over to a bench, sitting down she lit a cigarette. She was beautiful, long blond straight hair, big green eyes, a firm body totally tanned like mine. She had big perfect breasts with small nipples and perfectly trimmed blond pubic hair between long slender shapely legs. I was not at all surprised these boys woke up this early for that, any boy would! I watched her and what captivated me most about her was her lips. As they sucked on the cigarette. They were full and pouty, I imagined them wrapped around Jim’s huge cock in that shower!

I was brought out of that fantasy with two hands touching my shoulders, others taking my bathroom supplies and placing them on a shelf. The two on my shoulders were Dave’s. They slowly worked down to the tie of my robe. I asked what was going to happen to me. The two boys just laughed. I felt the robe fall open and to my satisfaction heard Jim sigh as he looked at my nakedness. Dave slowly took the robe off of my trembling shoulders and whisked it totally off. I was now at their mercy standing naked in front of the two excited boys. I thought to myself, I deserve anything that happens, I spied on them during there sexual escapade. They both complimented me on how gorgeous I was, and Marie even agreed openly as she puffed on her cigarette. I didn’t really know what to do, I felt like an exhibit on display.

Dave broke the silence by saying “ok, dear Brandi, now you must pay your dues” he walked to the bench that was in the center of the bathhouse, and patted a hand on the padded bench. “Come lay down on here, on your belly” he said almost cheerfully. I reluctantly did as I was told. The bench padding was cool to the touch, I felt my nipples harden almost instantly as they touched the fabric. Suddenly I was shocked again as I felt the belt of my robe tied tightly around my back and the bench and my hands Dave quickly tied with what appeared to be shoelaces to the legs of the bench, I could only squirm and move my legs. I again feared the worst, as I could not move at all. I was in an inescapable predicament with two lust-filled young guys.

Dave came over and ran his hand down my hair and across my face. His fingers lightly touched my lips and he murmured “nice lips”. I felt his hand run down my back and over my ass cheeks I squirmed at his touch slightly. I quivered as his hands ran down the crack of my butt all the way to my pussy which was all on its own beginning to get wet again. Again he murmured “nice lips” and then laughed an almost evil laugh. He pushed my legs apart and off the sides of the bench, I draped my feet to the cold floor. I felt the coolness of the air caress my now wet crotch. I heard the two boys talking to themselves but could not hear what they were saying. I suddenly saw Jim in front of me, he straddled the bench and sat down in front of my face. His cock was right in front of my eyes, just inches from me. His hand wrapped around the thick shaft and he pumped the thick flesh a few times. I watched in awe as it grew unbelievably bigger and harder. It reared up its huge purple head, a small bead of liquid seeped from the tiny pee hole.

Marie suddenly says, “go on gal, finish what I started” then the three laughs. With that Jim inches forward pushing the sponge like head of his dick against my lips. Oh my god I think to my self, he is going to put that huge cock in my mouth. I have never sucked a cock before, It will choke me for sure. I resist slightly, which only causes him to take a hold of my hair and pull my head backwards almost painfully, I begin to yell out which is the opportunity Jim needed, he stuffs his fat penis into my open mouth. My scream is now muffled. “Good girl” he whispers to me.

“Suck my cock like a good slut” His words pierce my ears like fire. No one has ever said such words to me. I gag suddenly at the huge invading pole nudging the back of my throat, never have I been touched back there. If I had my hands free I could at least control the depth that he plunges, but with my hands tied I am helpless. Jim begins to withdraw his huge manhood, only to slide it in again. Again I start to gag as the head protrudes downwards into my throat.

Again he withdraws and whispers “C’mon slut, take my cock all of it”. There is no way I could ever take that huge thing completely, I ponder. Jim again starts sliding into my mouth, then withdraws. Over and over he slides in and out of my wet mouth. Now he is smoothly fucking my face with perfect rhythm, I think to myself, this is not bad I can handle this. Suddenly he thrusts deeply. His full fat cock plunges into my throat, stretching it painfully. He stops, leaving it there. I begin to panic, but not gagging, I can’t breathe. Marie comes over and says, stroking my hair, “use your nose, calm down and breathe through your nose, you’ll be fine”

On the brink of passing out, I suddenly calm enough to take in air through my nose, I breathe panting-like through my nose, finally calming down I realize that the huge cock is still embedded in my throat. A muffled cry escapes. I feel it throbbing uncontrollably with in me. Jim yells out “hot damn she took it all, all nine and a half inches of me. And this is one tight throat. I could almost just cum right now” Cum in my mouth I think… god no, not in my mouth. He suddenly begins to gradually slide in and out of my throat. His dick is so huge and so painfully fat.

As I get used to it, he begins moving faster, soon he is fucking my throat as fast as my boyfriend fucked my tiny virgin cunt six months ago. I feel the swollen head penetrate me over and over. The huge balls, slap against my chin and the bench I just know they are full of hot cum and pray he pull out before releasing it all. Suddenly I come back to the reality of knowing there is another guy too. In the rape like fucking of my mouth, I forgot about Dave and Marie.

Dave says “Ok Jim plug up that mouth. We don’t want this slut to scream and wake up all the other campers ” I feel the towel he was wearing thrown over my back as he straddles the bench, pinning my spread legs against the edge of the bench. Now I can’t move at all. I hear Marie tell me, “just relax baby, it’s the only way”. My mind wonders what the hell is she talking about. Jim again plunges his meat into my throat. I suddenly feel a huge plum like object push against my pussy lips. Dave rubs it up and down my slit. I feel the wetness seeping at the touch. All of a sudden I feel him push forwards. My pussy is opened like never before. Painfully I stretch around what appears to be just the head of his monstrous cock. I scream onto the cock in my mouth, which causes Jim to throb at the feeling.

I have never ever felt anything so fat. Never have I imagined a cock to grow so huge. After a few seconds Dave again pushes forward more fat flesh enters me, he keeps doing this until what seems like forever passes. I can literally feel the tip of his cock inside me, deeply. It feels as though it is moving internal organs out of its way. I feel the lips of my pussy painfully stretched around his girth, to the point of tearing. I never could have thought of being so filled. I continue to scream out with the skewered pain of embedded monstrous cock, but to no avail. The huge cock buried in my throat prevents my screams from escaping. Soon I feel Dave begin to slide his pole out of my already sore tortured pussy, then he pushes back in. He continues this over and over, until I actually feel more accustomed to the size of him! On each inward thrust I feel the huge head move up towards my belly. Now Jim begins a fucking motion again sliding his big penis in and out of my young virgin mouth. Soon the two boys synchronize there pumping cocks. One slides in and out of my mouth and one pounds my cunt.

So huge they are I visualize there two cock heads bumping together inside my body. My body starts to feel better and better, whether it has gone almost numb-like from the feeling of almost brutal rape or from total pleasure. I feel my pussy just dripping now around the huge intruding cock of Dave. His cum-filled sac pounds against my aching clit every time he thrusts. I find myself moaning now in ecstasy as the two ruthless penises attack me. My nearly virgin cunt, only feeling one small cock in comparison, is now getting what will probably be the best and biggest fucking of my life, and my virgin mouth now for the first time ever is tasting the salty precum of a lovers thick cock and my self is loving it now. Just as I feel a feeling deep down inside me, that I have never experienced, both boys say in harmony they are going to cum….is it my first orgasm I am so close to feeling?

Who knows I might never know. Suddenly with a growling scream Jim pulls backwards and then one more thrust, his cock swells even larger, and then it happens. I feel like hot thick water exploding in my mouth, as he cums. His cock throbs and then sprays, throbs and spurts, over and over he fills my virgin mouth with the first cum I have ever tasted I swallow and sputter and gurgle as it is much more than I could ever take for this first time. I feel it pouring out of my lips and down my chin. He pulls his cock out of my punished mouth and continues to cum, this time on my face.

I never knew a boy could cum so much and so strong. My cum coated mouth and lips feel relieved at the emptiness…I breathe a big breath. Just then I feel Dave’s monster rear up inside me and with one final thrust I feel his liquid fire burst up into my cunt, it feels like he is peeing in me, there is so much cum. It just keeps exploding, I feel the white hot cum splashing my insides repeatedly. I finally feel the monster cock start to deflate and soon withdraw from my sore pussy. I feel what seems like gallons of hot male cum, seeping out of me and run down to my pubic hair and onto the bench. Jim stands up, followed by Dave. Dave moves to my side and unties the robe belt, than moves to untie the shoelaces binding my hands. I finally get a glimpse of the monster dick that tore up my cunt.

It droops down limply, wet with the mixture of my juices and his cum, it looks to be about 10 inches in length and a good two inches thick and its soft…God knows how big it was when hard I ponder. Dave picks me up and turns me over onto my back. I look up at my two brutal lovers, both smiling down at me. Tanned, muscled, god like. I sigh. Then I feel the soft kisses between my thighs. I raise my worn out head to see Marie between my legs she begins to lap at my cum-filled worn out cunt. She looks up, smiling she says, “Well this cum should have been mine to begin with.”

She suddenly plunges her tongue deep within my folds sucking the cum out of me…I lay my head back, close my eyes and enjoy the feelings a hand…. dreamily I open my eyes, looking up I see the top of my camper…I look around, everyone else is awake and outside. I hear them talking. I wonder oh my god, what a dream. I get up out of my sleeping bag. I realize how sore I am. Weird. I put on my robe, and wonder outside….

“Come eat breakfast honey,” my mother and father say. Putting my hands in my pockets I feel something. I pull out two shoe laces and a note that reads: “Dear Brandi, Thank you for the best morning ever! We just love you! Marie, Jim and Dave”

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