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Oh My Aching Back

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Crap! My back was killing me so I called up my masseuse. I’ve been seeing the same massage therapist for a couple of years now. Mindy is great and works around my busy schedule. She went into business after she lost her job in banking and was able to convert one of her spare rooms into her massage spa. Thankfully she’s been making enough money to keep her home out of foreclosure.

I’ve never told anyone this but I’ve had a crush on Mindy since the first time I saw her. While she’s always been professional, that doesn’t stop me from fantasizing about her and her massages. In fact, just thinking about her now is making me wet. Mindy has the body to make most girls envious with her luscious curves. Hell, even she makes fun of her “girls” but I am sure she just does that to draw attention from the guy’s. I am thinking she has full D cup breasts with large nipples that make their appearance when she isn’t wearing a modesty bra to keep her nipples concealed. Oh, and I’m very jealous of her long, naturally curly hair. While her amber color might come from a bottle, she always looks her best from hair, makeup, and sexy & classy outfit.

Mindy has been my little secret but lately I have been having fantasies of her giving my husband a massage. You see, I have never told my husband that I am bi curious and this might be a way to explore those feelings with him. Yeah, I know that watching two girls is every guy’s fantasy and while that might be true I get the audacious feeling it all changes with one of the girls is one’s wife.

As usual, I am running a couple minutes late for my appointment. She greets me at the door wearing a white tank top and cotton workout shorts. We spend the next couple of minutes catching up on life and things. She tells me everything that is going on in her life, and how well her business is doing. I then tell her what is new with me and like any two girls, we share what gossip we know. Have to say its good fun and takes the edge off with our girl talk. One question that I have been to embarrassed to ask was why she didn’t have a boyfriend?

After catching up Mindy leads me to her massage room, a comfortable space where my fantasies can roam free. When I walk into the room, her table is set up in the middle and she has Sarah McLachlan playing on the ipod player. The room is lightly scented with lavender and because it is, she asks me if I mind scented candles. She prefers the soft lighting that the candles emit.

I tell her, of course, that I don’t mind the lavender scent but what I want to ask her is if she is trying to seduce me. It is a conclusion that one can only hope is true!

Since I’ve been seeing her for such a long time she stays in the room while I undress. This gives us a couple minutes to catch up on things. Once I am undressed, I move over to the table with the appropriately placed hole for my face to be positioned. Mindy places a towel over my behind, and I wonder why she still does that? After all, she’s just been looking at my nude body. I’ve always been comfortable in my skin and didn’t mind that she could see all of me. Hell, in a couple minutes she will be touching all of me!

Mindy moves about the room, finding the right oil, adjusting the volume, and then she catches me staring at her. I blush from her catching me and realize how quickly my mind has started thinking naughty things about her. Not that it is all that hard to fantasize about her; Mindy is an attractive woman who works hard at keeping her athletic shape. Besides, I notice her tank top is having a hard time containing her girls.

I anticipate that it is only a couple minutes away from her hands working out all the knots in my body.

A mindy pick one of my favorite massage oils and pours a good amount into her hand. “Are you comfortable?” she asks.

“Yes, I’m very comfortable.”

Immediately, Mindy goes to work on my shoulders and I melt into the table letting her fingers pull all of the stress out of me.

My body starts to relax and let go of all the week’s stress. I sigh and moan a little while Mindy works her magic on my upper back. Mental images flood my mind and I find myself becoming aroused, imagining her naked. My body immediately responds to the pornographic movie now playing in my head.

Embarrassed from my arousal, I try to push the images I’ve been conjuring out my head but she is kneading her way back into my fantasy. Mindy’s is now working her way down my back. I realize that she’s about to work on my lower back and I take a tight rein on my fantasy about her to prevent the inevitable embarrassment that will arise if she has any idea what I am thinking about.

More images flood into my mind and I start to wonder what it would feel like if Mindy were nude with me. Then I start to wonder how it would feel to have her breasts press into my back? As an afterthought, I know my husband would love to see that!

She moves the towel down so that it’s only covering half of my ass and deeply massages the tender tissue at the base of my spine.

Mindy playfully slaps my ass and says, “You’re really tight here.” Then Mindy pulls the sheet down a little farther, working on the top of my buttocks. I’m so turned on by her that I have a hard time relaxing while she’s working on my glutes because I’m afraid she’s going to discover that I’m soaked with my own juices.

Instead of stopping at the top of my butt as usual, she says, “You really need to let go and relax. Then I can really work out all that tension.” Her hands went back to work turning me into putty.

Now, I fear she will be able to notice my arousal. I try my best to relax but what I really want is for her to work the tension out of my sex! I think she must know; must be able to tell somehow. I hope that is just paranoia working in my mind. After all, how would she feel if she found out how turned on I was by her touch? Would that change our friendship? Then, a soothing thought came to my mind in these kind of things must happen to her with other people.

With her hands on my ass, Mindy whispers, “Let yourself go. Relax. Allow your consciousness to drift to that calm place in your mind. You know that I will take good care of you; I won’t hurt you. I will just take this tension away.”

Her voice is so soothing that I feel like I’m about to drift off when her hand, which has been working on my glutes slips down in between my legs and brushes against my very wet pussy. I moan a little again.

In a soft voice Mindy says, “That’s good, let it out.”

Mindy starts to work the inside of my thigh and the side of her hand keeps gently nudging my sex, again and again, until I think it has to be intentional; she’s doing this on purpose.

I have to fight the urge to press my pussy into her hands and try my best to just go with the feelings she is engendering. Oh, how I want to let her know that she is what I want! Mindy moves down my thigh and works on the rest of my legs and my feet. By now my pussy is on fire and my clit is throbbing, begging for attention. I’m a little frustrated, but relieved that I didn’t say anything a minute ago. After all, what if she wasn’t teasing my most tender parts on purpose?

After she finishes my backside, Mindy slaps my ass again and tells me to roll over so she can work on my front.

As I’m rolling over, she accidentally drops the massage oil and squats down to pick it up. Right at the point where she’s in a bending forward position, her girls come completely into view. Oh, My God, I think, there is no way I can make through the rest of this massage without slipping my hand inside her panties. I fight back the images of her and flop over on my stomach while trying not to tumble off the massage table.

Mindy looks up and smiles and I’m pretty sure she’s aware that I was looking at her breasts. Then she looks up at me, takes a deep breath and says, “You’re blushing, so you must be thinking about something sexy! Please tell me what you’re thinking about?” As she speaks, she starts to work the oil into my thighs.

I am mortified, what am I to do? I want to tell her the truth, but what if that upsets her and she doesn’t want to massage me anymore? Anyway, I decide what the hell! So I prepare myself to take the plunge. What’s the worse that can happen anyway?

I take a deep breath, “Well.” I smiled, “I was remembering my girl friend that is still living in Chicago. We were very close, you know? Very close.”

Mindy smiled, “Oh and you miss her?”

“Yeah, and your massage, for whatever reason, is making me think about her. I hope this memory doesn’t upset you.”

“Girl, please! Just say it.” Mindy makes a silly face.

Taking a quick deep breath, I jump onto the proverbial thin ice, “You see, I don’t think I’ve ever told you this, but I like girls too. A lot! And, anyway, I’m having a hard time not thinking about that.”

Mindy doesn’t seem surprised or threatened. She just keeps on working my thighs. Meanwhile I am thinking that I’ve blown it! “Okay, girl, just enjoy the rest of your massage and get out of here,” races through my mind.

Then Mindy starts working on my upper chest muscles. I take a deep breath in and slowly let it out. She stops for a minute to get more oil, but instead of pouring it into her hand, Mindy pours it all over my chest. Without looking into my eyes, she says, “I would like to teach you some basic massage techniques that you can do by yourself. You should find these very soothing, and their regular use could really cut down on your stress. You can also practice massage on your husband as I’m sure he will love to be massage.”

She takes my hands and places them over my breasts. I tried my best not to show my shock, as I did not expect her to start on my breasts. She starts moving my hands in circles, around the outside of my breasts, and I sigh some more. She sighs, too, then blushes and turns away. “Keep that up for a couple minutes.” She lets go of my hand then tells me, “I need to get some more oil.”

By now my nipples are hard as a rock, desperately wanting her lips on them!

She returns with some new oil. Since she wasn’t shocked by my confession I decide to take things a step further. Working my courage up, I venture, “Mindy, maybe it would be better if you show me on you, you know, how to massage breasts? Besides, you don’t want the oil on your clothes do you?”

I can see the struggle on her face, but she caves. To my amazement, I watch as she reaches down to pull her tank top off. Then, she strips out of her shorts. Oh, what a naughty girl, I think, as she isn’t wearing panties!

Mindy isn’t able to look at me; seems a little nervous, as she says, “Well, it’s only fair that since you are nude, I should be too, right?”

I try to comfort her, “Oh, yeah, totally fair.”

Mindy walks over to the door, “There is something I want to use to make this massage special. I’ll be right back.”

Lying there on her table, I start to wonder if Mindy hasn’t been with a woman before, and I don’t want to freak her out. While she was undressing and watching me, I was enjoying playing with my own breasts and nipples. I liked lifting them, massaging them, pulling on my nipples, and moving my fingertips in circles around and around.

Mindy returns after only a short absence but then stands in front of me staring for a few seconds and finally says hesitantly, “Here it is something that I would like to use today if it’s ok with you.” Mindy opened the box in her hand to show me a toy that is completely different from anything that I have seen before. It looks as if were made of glass, is bullet shaped and about six inches long, which makes it look a lot like my favorite vibrator!

With her toy in hand Mindy reaches under the towel and places it on the table between my legs, taking care to insert the top end of it just inside my pussy. I gasp and look at her. Surly she must have thought that I was a slut as her toy easily entered my body. She comes back up by my head and goes back to working on my breasts as the toy slides out of me. My pussy quickly grows hungry for her toy, to have it fully inside me, taking my breath away, and I stop thinking about everything else as all I want is to feel her hands moving over my slick lips.

My eyes close and I realize that my thighs are soaked with hot juice from between my legs and I am involuntarily straining toward her toy that she has placed there. My pussy is clenching and unclenching, trying all on it’s own to pull the toy deeper inside. My body is hungry for it and I have to have more of it!

And then, lightly, I feel her lips on my lips. I open my eyes and she is bent over me, kissing me. Mindy must have stepped on something making her taller, her crotch is just above my head. That is when I become aware of her sex and her own arousal. I can feel her breasts lightly pressing into my body. I kiss her back, tentatively, gently. I want more of her sweet mouth so I pull her close and kiss her deeply. Her hands stop teasing my breasts and go to the back of my head as I sit up to put us on the same level. As I am sitting up, I use the heel of my foot to push the toy all the way into my dripping pussy and I moan in the ecstasy of being so rapidly filled.

She steps back for a moment and I cup my hands around her breasts. Then I nuzzle my face between them. I can’t get over how perfect they are as I kiss the tops moving closer to tease her nipples. I move my mouth down to find her nipple and pull her nipple into my mouth and draw circles around it with my tongue. Gently I suck on it and then bite it playfully with my front teeth.

Mindy is moaning now and moving her hips, rhythmically. I move to the other breast and repeat all of the love I gave the first one. She pulls back only to bring my face up to hers, kissing me hard.

My hot, oiled body is rubbing against her and we are both working our way to an orgasmic frenzy. I step off the table and her toy slips out of my pussy, falling onto the floor. We are standing face to face, except that I’m taller. I lean forward to kiss her breasts again. I start there and work my way down her belly; when my face is between her legs, I slowly reach out with my tongue to gently taste her pussy. Mindy is as wet as I am! I withdraw my mouth.

I start working with my fingers, massaging her pussy. First, I work on the right lip of her pussy and then move to the left. I tenderly pull, stroke, and play with her pussy. She is trying to move her body so that her clit comes into contact with my hand. However, I am not ready to give her that yet. I am content to work on the outside first. Finally, I can resist the temptation no more and I use my thumb to stroke her magic button. She lets out a deep moan and whispers, “This is just what I needed.”

Emboldened, I plunge my face between her legs and lap at her clit, feeling it dance under my tongue. The more it dances, the more determined I am to take her all the way to nirvana. I pick the toy up off the floor, which luckily landed on a towel. When I reached for the toy, I discovered that it’s coated with my arousal, still wet and very warm. As I’m licking her clit, I work the very tip of the toy into her opening. She strains toward it, opening her legs for easier access, just as I had done earlier, and I slide it inside her. I work the toy into her body while licking her clit. She wiggles and rocks and moans and rides the rocket ship to the moon; she explodes in her orgasm! Mindy’s pussy is dripping juice all over my face and down her thighs. I give her a minute to recover and pull the towel down off the table and wipe the toy clean and then my face and hands; finally I towel what’s left of the massage oil off my upper body.

I stand up and she wraps her arms around me, kissing me deeply again. I move my hands back to her naked breasts while she rebuilds the fire in me by teasing my mouth with her tongue. My breath becomes deeper again and she backs me up against the massage table and I scoot up on it, careful not to break our kiss. She’s kissing me and leaning me back on the table. Once I’ve lain all the way down, she moves down my neck and kisses the hollow just above my collarbone. I tell myself to relax and melt into the table, just like during a massage, but now even better.

She kisses her way down to my breasts and now it’s her turn to massage my nipples. Mindy uses her tongue and fingers, finding all of the best spots and working on them: first one; then the other.

She moves around to the foot of the table and pulls me down so that my ass is at the edge. This allows my pussy to be right at the end, giving her complete access. Mindy bends down over it while placing my feet on her shoulders. Knowing how close I am to my own orgasm, I lean back resting on the massage table. Mindy then starts to tickle my clit with the tip of her tongue: once, twice, three times, like knocking on the door before walking in. I let myself sink further into the table and she dives into my pussy. She nibbles on my pussy lips and laps at my clit. She goes lower to lick around my delicate hole and comes back to my clit.

Oh, I’m so close to reaching my own orgasm just by thinking of how I gave Mindy a orgasm. I wanted more; wanted to taste her again, wanted to enjoy this experience again and not let this one end so quickly.

I love how she teases my opening with her tongue. She takes my clit into her warm mouth, pulling on it, sucking me into her mouth and moves it side to side with her tongue. My climax is building and building and she knows just what to do. She works my whole sex like a master director leads an orchestra: pulling, nibbling, sucking, stroking, and pushing me to the edge. Just as I am starting to explode into my orgasm, she pushes the toy, now very cold, inside me! Oh, my God! Where did that come from?! First, I feel the rush of teasing sensations and now the fullness of the toy!

Mindy is flicking her tongue over and over and over my clit and I’m tumbling as my body tightens and convulses by the release of an intense orgasm! She doesn’t miss a beat as she keeps her mouth on my nether lips. I just moan as waves of pleasure release over my body.

Embarrassed I cover my eyes, “Oh my god, that was amazing!”

Mindy starts to cover me up, “I’m glad that you enjoyed it.” She smiled, “I’ve been wanting to do that for some time, but wasn’t sure if you would be okay with it.”

The mood becomes a little strange, as neither knows what to say. Funny, how after sharing an amazing experience together, a new set of feelings comes into play. I’m both embarrassed and aroused, wanting more, but worried that I pushed her too far.

She breaks the silence, “Did you know, I have a friend that come over and help with a massage?”

Was she telling me it was over? “Oh Mindy, I only want you.”

“Oh no silly, I was thinking she could massage your husband while I massage you.”

“Oh,” I started to process what she said. “Oh, that could be awesome!”

Mindy turned ten shades of red, “Yeah, I was thinking so. Do you think he would be up for it?”

We both laughed at her choice of words, “Oh, I think so.” This would be the perfect way to show my husband how sensual a massage can be. Oh yeah and there was that other thing. Even though we didn’t talk about this kind of thing I felt comfortable this would be the best way to tell him. After all, knowing him he would be aroused getting a massage and not thinking with the right head. “Who do you have in mind?”

“I’m sure that you don’t know her, I met her in massage school. She’s been trying to get me to work with her but I enjoy working from home.”

“Well girl, pencil us in for next week!”

The end!

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