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Oh, Good Griff!

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Because the boy pushing the large cement-laden wheelbarrow was exceptionally attractive I’d been delightfully spending every day sitting in the sun. He’d nodded and smiled the first time we made eye contact; assuring me I’d be spending my Summer Break in the garden.

Although he was very good looking, his magnificently sculpted and tanned body, glistening with perspiration, had especially captured my attention. Camouflage, cargo shorts, high, loose-laced construction boots and messy-styled, dark-blonde hair was responsible for the excitement I felt in my in my shorts. I guessed he was about eighteen-years-old, as was I, but that was where the similarities ended.

Our next-door neighbor was having a room built on the back of his house. A low hedge separated our back garden; thus, I had a perfect view of the construction site and, of course, the gorgeous, messy-haired hunk. I knew I’d be sunning all day, every day, until the room had been completed.

Eventually, the wheelbarrow-pushing Adonis and I were nodding and smiling regularly as he continually wheeled his barrow. While drinking lemonade and watching him, I’d contentedly slip into my exciting fantasy. Tightly held in his powerful arms, he continuously slapped my ass until I agreed to let him fuck my face. Then, his bulbous knob deep in my throat, he blasted an enormous load of thick cum into my guts; and the rattling sounds of his empty barrow returned me to reality.

It was abnormally hot the day I glanced over the hedge and caught him looking at me. And knowing he took a break from ten till ten-thirty every morning, I directed his attention to my glass of cold lemonade and motioned him to come over. “Hi,” I greeted him, smiling, as he jumped over the hedge. I hoped he was aware of how happy I was to finally be meeting him, “I thought you could use a cold lemonade,” I said, smiling widely enough to display my teeth.

“Oh, yeah,” he replied, smiling widely and lifting his arm to sniff his pit. “I hope I don’t stink too much,” he said, totally unaware of the turmoil he was causing within me. Perhaps he’d like me to sniff him for a second opinion, I thought. “My name’s Griff Stahl,” he told me, extending a vice-grip to scrunch my hand, “Lemonade’d go down real good, right now.”

“I’m Dean Hickson,” I said, exercising my fingers in an attempt to get the blood circulating again, “Why don’t you take a load off your feet, Griff; I’ll go get another glass.” I went into the house and spent a long moment stroking my erection while staring at him through the window. I would’ve loved to run my fingers through his thick, messy hair.

“There you go,” I said, handing the drink to him.

“Oh, man! Thanks,” he said gratefully, before drinking it non-stop.

“You really needed it, huh?” I said, lifting the jug to give him a refill.

“Gee, I hate to drink all your lemonade,” he said, drinking it again non-stop, “Ahhh, that was awesome,” He used the back of his hand to wipe perspiration from his dark, blue eyes.

“Ya can drink it all, Griff, I can easily make more.”

“I’m cool now, I couldn’t drink any more anyway…I’d be pissing all afternoon,” he said, laughing heartily. I visualized him opening his fly and fishing out his cock; and when, in my visualization, he began pissing I felt moisture in my foreskin.

“Do you bring a lunch, Griff?”

“Yep,” he replied.

“You’d be very welcome to bring it over here. We could eat together and dis everybody” I invited, praying he’d agree.

“Cool…you’re sure I won’t be drag, huh?”

“Whenever your ready just jump over the hurdle.”

“Awesome,” he said, enthusiastically, “I’d better get back to my wheelbarrow workouts,” he said, laughing, “See ya later.”

I was on cloud nine. I drank my lemonade while torturing myself watching his wheelbarrow triceps dancing whimsically. Passing with his empty wheelbarrow, he smiled, widely and saluted with the wave of a construction hard hat. I’d never seen him wearing the hat and assumed his boss had laid down the law.

Griff didn’t jump over the hedge at lunchtime, but came up the driveway to enter through the trellis my dad had thought was plenty high enough. I learned that was not the case, though, when Griff had, had to tilt his head. He looked cute carrying his Batman & Robin lunchbox. “I hope your lunch is fresher than your lunch box,” I remarked, and he joined me in laughter. “My mom got this for me at a flea market.”

“Have you been working for the construction company long, Griff?”

“Only during summer break,” He explained, I’m still attending university so every summer I work for my father.”

“Oh,” I said, “It’s your dad’s company. Did he finally tell you to wear the hat?”

“Yeah,” he said, disgustedly, I hate it.”

“Don’t you like the macho look? I think you look great in it,” I kind of lied because I really fancied his messy hair look.

“Do you think it suits me?” Griff asked, wide eyed.

“Trust me, Griff, you look sexy as hell…I love it,” I lied again, but with great enthusiasm.

“You want me to put it back on?” He asked, hopefully.

“Yeah, it turns me on big time,” I dared to tell him, as I not too surreptitiously adjusted my jewels. I couldn’t determine if my remark, or my signal had registered on him; he’d too quickly jumped up to run back to the truck for the hat. Forgetting to duck, he nearly took the trellis with him.

“Are you on summer break, Dean?”

“Yes, but my job this summer will be to sit here drinking lemonade and watching you work,” I said, grinning. “By the way, who does your hair, Griff?”

“You trying to rattle my cage?” He asked, laughing.

“No, not at all, why do think that?”

“Because the Good Fairy did it,” he said, laughing loudly and showing beautiful teeth.

“Whose cage is being rattled now?”

“Seriously, I showered just before going to bed with moist hair and when I got up and saw it in the mirror I couldn’t believe it was my head; I loved what she’d done. Do you really like it?” He asked, pumped with pride.

“I love it, Griff, I’m going to try it.” I really liked his messy hair and he was delighted that I did.

“Maybe we can have lunch together again tomorrow, do ya think, Dean?”

“Sure,” I replied quickly, “you’re welcome anytime, Griff.”

“Good. It’ll really break up the day…I’ve got to get back,” he said, checking his watch.

“Watch out for the trellis!” I shouted after him, but I was just a second too late.

I’d never had sex with anyone but I had seen a gay, porn book and knew most of the positions. I wasn’t sure about a number of things, though, like licking a butt, or feet. I knew, of course, what spanking was and thought I might like that. I loved to imagine Griff holding his cock and pissing but I didn’t know if I’d like him to piss in my mouth; it would be okay for him to piss on me, though, if he wanted.

The sixty-nine position worried me. It wasn’t that I wouldn’t like it, but it was that Griff might be too tall for me. Going to the trellis and roughly measuring I estimated that I was only an inch shorter than he; the sixty-nine wouldn’t be a problem. If I was going to have this erection all summer, I’d have to start wearing a jock, I thought.

It was three o’clock; the hottest part of the afternoon, when I raised a glass of lemonade and Griff came over to the hedge. “You’re spoiling me, Dean,” he said, finishing the drink and smiling as he went back to work.

It was the first day of a fierce hot spell when Griff ducked under the trellis. He sighed as he put his Batman lunchbox on the table. “Whew, it’s a hot one, Dean,” he sighed again, and kicked his boots off to wipe his sweating feet on the grass. “Ooh, they stink somethin’ awful, Dean; for chrissake don’t inhale,” he said, grinning. I saw his long, stinky, beautiful feet as an unexpected bonus.

“Maybe we should eat inside, Griff, the air-conditioning will feel great,” I suggested.

“You don’t have to twist my arm,” he replied, picking up the lunchbox.

I had my own apartment in my parents’ basement. After tossing him a towel to dry off some of his dripping sweat, a thousand watt bulb illuminated over my head, “Maybe you’d like to shower before y’eat, huh, Griff?”

I tried to concentrate on my Rubiks Cube but it was impossible. Visualizing the water cascading down his back and into his bubble-butt’s ass crack, my cock tried to burst through my shorts.

The apartment was about the size of a two- dollar postage stamp; and, consequently, the bathroom was clearly visible from almost everywhere. On hearing the door open, I raised my eyes from the brain-wracking cube to a most spectacular view. Griff, busily drying his hair, approached with his long, uncut cock, resembling Big Ben’s clapper, swung from side to side.

I would have done anything to get his low-hanging balls into my watering mouth. “Ahhh, that feels so much better,” he said, provocatively sawing slowly between his legs with the towel, causing his cute outie to wink at me. When he turned to throw the towel into the bathroom he provoked me even further by displaying a very kissable butt.

I wanted him so badly that I knew I’d be unable to think of anything else until I’d got him into bed. “You look a lot fresher.” I told him. He sat naked at the table and dug into his lunchbox, causing my anxiety attack to approach the critical stage (that being the stage when I boldly grab his cock and get the crap kicked out of me).

Hopefully, making light of my action by hilariously laughing, I lifted his bare foot to press it against my nose and sniff loudly, “No more stink,” I said. “How’s the job progressing?”

“It’s all good, Dean…By the way, I hope it doesn’t bother you that I didn’t dress for lunch…its just that my pants are so sweat-soaked I hated to put them on any sooner than I had to,” he explained, grinning.

“Certainly not,” I quickly replied, “If I had a body like yours I’d never cover myself,” I told him. Griff’s face-splitting grin confirmed his appreciation for the unexpected compliment.

“I’m a gym rat, you know. Outside of school, I spend most all of my time at the gym,” he explained, between bites, “and most every weekend I work for my dad.”

“Your girlfriend must be delighted with that schedule,” I said, fishing frivolously.

“After I graduate will be soon enough to get tied down with girlfriends,” he said, showing no indication of needing that kind of closeness.

“That’ll be a long time for a guy to go without burying his hoodie,”

“You don’t miss what you never had,” he said, grinning. “I have to get back to work,” he said, pulling on his cargo shorts, “It was great of you, Dean, letting me shower,” he said, appreciatively.

” Believe me, man, the pleasure was all mine. You can come back and shower again later, if ya want.”

“Maybe I will if it gets any hotter,” he said, picking up his lunchbox, “See ya, later.”

“I really do enjoy having you, Griff,” I shouted at his butt.

Lunchtime had been fantastic and informative. I learnt he was uncut, doesn’t wear under shorts and doesn’t have a girlfriend, all very interesting, but how do I break them down, I pondered.

Then I remembered there were a few other items to add to the mix: He’d been delighted by being told he looked great in his hard-hot and had offered to wear it always for me, He appreciated that I told him I’d never cover my body if it was like his and, I had caught him looking at me from the other side of the hedge. I realized it was only evidence based on wishes and that I’d have to wait for something solid.

Reluctant as I was to leave the comfort of the cool interior, my obsession to continuously watch Griff forced me into the inferno. I took a jug of lemonade with me and was glad I did, Griff immediately came to me with his tongue hanging out. “Do you want to take another quick shower?” I asked, thinking about how I’d love to suck his tongue into my mouth.

“Ohh, pulease, don’t tempt me,” he said, holding his glass out for a refill.

“Show me your hand, Griff, and I’ll show you a trick,” I said, reaching for his hand. I turned it palm up and helped him to press his longest finger back as far as he could. I visually measured the distance between the spot he’d touched and the tip of the finger. “Oh my god,” I exclaimed, “Your dick is almost eight inches long,”

“That’s awesome,” he said, wide-eyed, “I’ve got to remember that, he said, grabbing my hand. I knew mine would show slightly longer than seven. “You’re a seven?” He asked, confirming his ability to perform the trick.

“Yep,” I told him, “It’s never wrong.” He laughed and returned to the job. Now, he’d left me wondering whose cock he’d be measuring.

I couldn’t understand where the crew was. I watched the site all morning looking for Griff. Amongst other things I wanted to get his opinion on my new messy hairdo. I felt terribly disappointed when it dawned on me that there hadn’t been any activity at all on the site that morning. The day was much too hot for me to remain outside, considering Griff wasn’t around. The emptiness I felt astounded me.

I quickly lost patience with the Rubick’s Cube and threw it across the room. Television wasn’t any better. I was polishing the porcelain in the bathroom when there was a knock on the door. Having rinsed my hands, I opened the door to find no one. I had no patience for people knocking on the door and then leaving, either. I pushed the door with more than sufficient force but it swung back open. Griff smiled. “Can I come in?” He asked, laughing. Wearing only white, short-shorts and unlaced Nikes, He was again glistening with perspiration. “Can ya believe it?” He asked, “My air conditioner is blowing hot air and the car is practically new,” he said, disgustedly as he came into the cool with his lunchbox.

“Griff, I’m so surprised to see you,” I told him, but I’m sure happy you’ve come.” He looked even sexier in short-shorts.

“Your messy hair looks super, Dean, my Good Fairy must’ve been around.”

“Thank you, it’s the first styling I’ve ever had for free. How come nobody’s on the site?” I asked, confused.

“We didn’t get material. It’ll be delivered some time later this afternoon, so we won’t be doing anything before tomorrow morning.” He explained. Though I’d been relieved as well as delighted by his lunchtime visit, I was struggling to understand why he’d come. After we’d eaten he asked if he could shower. My reply, of course, was of course. I picked up the Rubick’s Cube and began trying to solve it. It was something I was able to do without having to think. My thinking facility was being utilized elsewhere.

I really got off visualizing Griff’s naked body with water dripping from the tip of his foreskin. I was about to dig my tongue into his foreskin’s puckered opening to lick his knob when I heard him call, “Hey, Dean, where’s your soap?” I thought I must have forgotten to put it back after cleaning the porcelain. “C’mon in,” he shouted in reply to my soft knock.

I was nervously gasping for breath when I opened the door. Through the partially open shower curtain the soap was in full view, not more than ten inches from him. Surely, he had to have seen it, I thought. Griff was laughing hilariously as he hummed a Broadway show tune and slowly opened the curtain. “Look,” he said, smiling from ear to ear and twisting his fist around his soaped knob. Time stood still. My body shook excitedly when he effortlessly picked me up placed me, still in shorts and sneakers, into the shower with him.

“Griff, my hairdo!” I shouted, stupidly, not knowing what else to say.

“Screw yer hairdo, Dean, all you gotta do is go back to bed,” he said, laughing loudly, and adding, “I’ll go with ya and help, but for now, just hold my cock.”

We were both shaking nervously as we dried each other and went to the bedroom. Attempting to explain my clumsiness, I had to admit to Griff that I had no experience and would have to rely on him to lead. “Neither have I,” he said, putting his tongue in my mouth while at the same time juggling my balls in his hand.

I experienced great difficulty trying to convince myself of the reality of the situation. I never really believed I’d ever get Griff into bed with me. Now, making it even more incredible, Griff had got me into bed with him. My cock was so hard it was hurting, yet I didn’t quite know what to do. “Suck my cock,” he ordered like he was the dungeon master.

So nervous that I feared I might be sick, I laid my ear on his lean, solid stomach to pull the big cock down to my mouth. The occasional sounds of Griff’s internal organs made me feel I was an intimate part of him. Somehow, more relaxed now, I pushed his foreskin back to expose its large, glossy knob. I licked the pearly liquid from its tip, tasting for the first time, and the love juice of a tremendously gorgeous male.

His moans, when I twisted my mouth on his saliva-glistening dick-head, filled me to overflowing with heavenly joy. I thought of a movie called something like Fantastic Journey in which a submarine was sufficiently shrunk to be injected into a human blood stream. I would have been delighted to be shrunk for injection into Griff.

Moving forward on his stomach, I took more of his cock into my mouth until his pubic hair touched my face. I could feel his cock-head pulsing excitedly in my throat. Valiantly, I fought to prevent my choking and in the process learned how to softly squeeze his knob with my throat muscle. I withdrew to discover that his bulb was surprisingly slippery.

He truly loved having me rapidly flick my tongue on and around his pee hole; and I would gladly have kissed his knob ceaselessly. He was breathing quickly and heavily when I began to suck his balls. “I want to suck you for a while, Dean,” he said, wanting to prevent his getting off too soon.

It was difficult for me to accept the reality of the situation where the gorgeous guy I’d lusted to serve, in precisely this way, was now about to take my cock into his mouth. My lack of self-esteem was paralyzing me.

I didn’t feel at all comfortable allowing Griff to cater to me in such a subservient fashion. Yet, despite my belief that I was unworthy, I managed to squat over his face, and rest my balls on his soft, full lips. A high-voltage charge zapped me when he alternately sucked them lovingly into his hot mouth. Meanwhile, I derived a large measure of pleasure from running my fingers lovingly through his long, damp hair.

I was frustrated; as I thought, was he, by the wish to try too many new things at one time. I very much enjoyed the pleasure he gave me when sucking my nuts but I wanted to do more than just massage his scalp. Withdrawing my nuts balls, I dropped to his mouth and French-kissed him before I turned myself around and got over him to finally try the much-dreamed-of sixty-niner.

Griff immediately took my knob deeply into his throat, almost paralyzing me with never before felt pleasure. The twitching of my sphincter muscle urged me to thrill him in that same erotic area; he gasped when I flicked my saliva-slicked tongue on his butt hole. His fragrance was dizzyingly pleasant.

I was licking in his butt crack when I felt a familiar buzzing in my knob. It was deep in his throat and felt like I was about to piss. A few times I had been able to stop it with mental exercises but this time I had to get my cock out of his mouth without delay. “Sorry, Griff, I was right on the brink. Give me a moment to let it pass,” I told him.

“Yeah,” he said, “I don’t want to cum too fast, either…I’m having the time of my life.” I licked him continuously from his balls to the top of his crevice causing him to quake whenever I hesitated to push my tongue into the hole. “Ahh, Dean, that’s incredible,” he sighed, doing the same to me and confirming his appraisal.

Though his tongue in my asshole was extremely pleasurable I grew impatient. With Griff’s armpits dominating my thoughts, I couldn’t wait any longer. I lay beside him and lifted his arm over his head to push my face into the pit. Inhaling deeply, I felt his wonderful aroma was intoxicating me. A pleasant reaction was felt in my cock, as well. He placed his hand on the back of my head to press my mouth harder against his body, satisfying me that he truly enjoyed what was being done to him.

While tonguing and nibbling in his sensitive pit, I held one of his nipples ‘twixt my thumb and index finger and squeezed hard. He gasped as I repeatedly squeezed. It was something I thoroughly enjoyed on the several occasions when I’d done it to myself. And though his pain was considerable, the buzz that shot through his body was very different from anything he’d previously felt. “I must be a fuckin’ nut case, Dean, but keep doing that.” I continued to torture him, as he’d asked, and I was thrilled when he took my nipple and did the same to me. Everything was an exciting first for both of us. I got his nipple between my teeth and bit down, causing him to shout out in joyful pain.

“Having a guy with you to suck, kiss, lick and even to simply touch, opens the door to a whole new world, huh, Griff?”

“Yeah, it sure beats doin’ yourself. I wouldn’t have believed it could be so different…gawd, I love sucking your cock,” he said, reaching down to squeeze it. I tongue-washed from his pecs to his bellybutton. I chewed in his pubic hair before sucking his knob deeply into my throat again. Withdrawing, I twisted my mouth continuously around his swollen, sensitive dickhead as he panted and squirmed in ecstasy.

“Ahh, Dean, I’m going to cum…Oh, yeah, I can feel the buzzing in my knob…go faster, Dean?” he said, gasping for breath. I twisted and licked his knob as fast as I could. “Oh, yeah, fuck, Dean, don’t stop.” He was panting and moaning when his legs stiffened and he shouted out, “Yeah!” His cum then blasted onto my face and, mostly, into my mouth. It delighted me, beyond words to eat his warm, thick cum.

“I’d like to order a quart of your special cream, Griff,” I said, laughing excitedly.

“There’s a lot more where that came from,” he said, licking my face and kissing me. I opened my mouth to his tongue and sucked off all traces of his cum. Meanwhile, he was massaging my throbbing cock. I had no idea of what was in his mind when he grabbed my ankles and lifted me till I was practically standing on my head. He bent my legs over his shoulders allowing me to be held in place for him to spread my cheeks and voraciously scoff my ass.

“Are you hard again already, Griff?” I asked, feeling something poking my back.

“Yeah,” he said, pleased, “I guess your butt agrees with me,” he said, laughing, before returning to my ass. I felt I was getting close to the explosion as a result of Griff’s tongue in my hole. I had never experienced anything to equal the pleasure I was obtaining from what I had thought was a very uncommon sexual activity. I wished he could somehow get into me a little deeper.

“Why don’t you finger-fuck my ass, Griff?”

“I’ll do even better than that,” he promised, lowering me until I was resting on my back. He then pushed my knees to my shoulders and licked saliva into my hole. Knowing he was going to force his big cock in, I trembled in dread of the intense pain, wondering if I’d be able to take it.

Several times I had tried to get myself off with a short length of broomstick, but I couldn’t endure the agonizing pain. I began to seriously question my sanity and concluded that Id never put myself through such torture for anyone other than Griff.

After spitting thick wad of throat mucus onto my hole, he worked it in with his finger. The sensation was awesome but I knew it would change dramatically when he replaced his user-friendly finger with his monstrous battering ram. Griff, if I yell pickle it’ll mean I can’t take anymore, okay, ya got that, huh?”

“Yeah, yeah, don’t worry about it,” he said, too dismissively, I’d thought, and that caused me to be more apprehensive. His finger teased me a little longer before I felt his bulldozer bumping against the entry to my mulish, one-way boulevard. With his strong hands gripping me, he forcefully and unremittingly pushed. Excruciatingly intense pain caused me to perspire profusely. So relentless was he, that I shrilly screamed and tried to wiggle out of his hold, but I was no match for his incredible strength.

“Stop, Griff!” I shouted, again and again, squirming desperately to escape his sadistic battering.

“I can’t stop now!” He shouted, refusing to yield to my screams, “Relax fer chrissake it’s gonna go in one way, or another,” he said, determinedly.

“Owwww! Griff, you selfish bastard, stop…Oh, Griff, I can’t take anymore. You’re killing me.” Tears were running down my cheeks. Damn, I couldn’t think of the fuckin’ code word. Oh, my god, can’t he see he’s too big for me? I screamed as loudly as I could, “Griff, for chrissake, will you please stop?” I begged.

“Dean! He shouted, “The knob’s almost in,” he said, smiling fiendishly, while still pushing.

“No, Griff, that’s enough. I don’t need to get fucked this badly. Stop, Griff, Stop,” I said, angrily. Suddenly, his hand, with all the strength he could gather, crashed against my right buttock. The deafening, ass-slapping sound continued, confusing my brain until I’d temporarily forgotten the pain of his cock’s persistent attempt to enter my ass. “Griff,” I excitedly yelled, “It’s moving. Keep pushing, Griff, the knob is in,” I said, sighing with relief.

“The pain will probably seem like a small price to pay for the pleasure you’re going to feel,” Griff said, confidently.

“It still hurts like hell, but fuck, don’t stop now. Keep pushing,” I told him, now seeing things in a new light. The pain soon changed to a feeling of tranquil ecstasy. I sighed, gratefully when I felt his balls bumping against me. “Oh, Yeah, Griff, fuck that ass like crazy…it’s unbelievably awesome!”

On heaven’s doorstep, I was jerking myself frantically to the tune of his body slapping against my buttocks. Griff, sweat soaked, excitedly inserted and withdrew his knob repeatedly. Our heavy gasping and loud panting was all that could be heard before he shouted and pulled the knob from me to jerk himself like a madman. “I’m gonna cum, Dean!”

“Me, too!” I said, desperately gasping for breath, “Cum on my face, okay, Griff?” Still jerking, he dropped his mouth over my knob to make loud sucking noises. Almost beyond control, I quickly pushed my fully primed knob into his throat, and with my sphincter pulsing rapidly; I enjoyed one of the greatest orgasms I’d ever had.

“In my mouth, Griff!” I shouted to remind him, as he approached his moment of glory. Stretching across the bed to get his cock over my face, he gathered up his long foreskin to form a spout. His long, ecstatic moan announcing his finale, he opened the valve that allowed his thick cum to pour into my mouth; completely satisfied, I let it slowly ooze into my throat.

“Was it good for you, like ya know, your first time with a sex partner, Dean?”

“It was better than anything I’d ever fantasized… But, ya know, Griff, I’m not sure it would ever have happened with anyone but you,” I told him, smiling admiringly, and leaning over to press my mouth on his.

“Ya know what, Dean? I hope you’ll never want to find out…I know I don’t want to,” He said, opening his mouth to accept my tongue.

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