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Of Valentines, Roses and Blindfolds

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After 32 Valentines Days spent together, her mind contemplative as she thinks of something unique, something that will take his breath away as surely as the merest glimpse of him turns her to a quivering mass of aroused and wet female flesh.

There is time, she grins and reaches for the phone. She spends the next three days buying and arranging her assortment of Valentine gifts for her husband.

The card, specially designed by her own hand, including some mushy poetry, left on his pillow Valentines Day states simply at the end…”I love you. Meet me at the cabin right after work. I have a surprise for you!”

She rushes off early in the morning, her car stocked with supplies for a positively romantic and erotic night. She is all a tingle just thinking of how he will react, giggly even, feeling younger and more alive than she has since last years heart filled Valentines Day.

She takes her time, the day is lovely, the air warm and the sun bright. She prepares a delectable snack of fresh berries, cream and an assortment of sandwiches…for later. She hopes neither of them will have the energy to eat more than that. The wine, his favorite nestles on the kitchen table surrounded by two long stemmed glasses, their bases embedded with tiny sparkling hearts.

The bedroom, candles place advantageously to let the light flicker, leaving lots of dark recesses. The new bundle of toys, all red, will glisten in the flickering glow of candle light. She surveys the room, adds a fluff to a pillow, smooths the creases from the bed and checks her watch. Almost showtime. A long bath, scented oils, shaving bare her armpits, legs and last her puffy pussy lips. Already infusing with extra blood as she thinks of ways to seduce him.

As darkness falls, the shadows dance, the wind whistling through the trees, a cooling wind, welcome after the hot and humid day. The crickets chirp, and off in the distance the loons sing their songs to one another. A long low sad song, but one that calls their mates home to roost for the night.

In the darkened corner of the cabin she waits, the glow from her cigarette the only spot of light on this moonless night. The dark so complete that even the shadows have disappeared, the tree line vanished as if a cloak had been tossed over the sky.

She smiles as her cellphone lights up, she flips it open and reads the text…”On my way.” She butts out the cigarette and moves to prepare the room. She lights the candles, red and white, one by one. 33 in all, one for each year that they have known each other. The silk scarves are positioned on the bed forming the shape of a heart…seemingly so innocent, but meant for such naughtiness, for easy access, slip knots at the ready.

The low table by the bed covered by a gauzy white bit of fabric, it seems to glow in the candlelight. The shimmer of the flames, dancing on the blood red objects placed there, the leather straps, the glass phalluses.

The bowl of strawberries, the fresh cream, chocolate sauce, all the things to drizzle over his body, to tantalize and tease, to show him her love and her hunger for him.

She shivers in anticipation, not resisting the urge to touch herself as she strips naked. Her moans travel, spilling out of the window and are picked up by the breeze. She spins in circles, awaiting her lover. Stealing a few hours away from their busy lives, to indulge in sheer pleasure.

Hearing the sound of tires on the gravel, she quickly dons the heart red gown, it barely covers her nipples, dipping to a low V in the back to just touch the top of her ass crack. It clings seductively to her breasts, her nipples jutting out, pulling at the flimsy material. She slowly walks to the front door, and stands just inside, silhouetted by the candlelight spilling out of the room behind her.

He opens the door, and instantly loses his breath. She is ethereal, standing before him. His mind running free, he drops his keys, lets his light jacket fall to the floor, and the red roses, all 33 of them tumble in a heap, as in two strides he gathers her into his arms. He crushes her to him, forcing the air from her lungs, his lips ravaging hers, his hands like bands of steel, never wanting to let her go.

He cannot find words, his eyes mesmerized by the mere sight of her, he inhales deeply, remembering the first time he kissed her, so long ago, in this very cabin. Yet each kiss is like the very first. Every kiss they have ever shared takes his breath away. Her scent as intoxicating as the most heady brew ever drank, her lips…ohhhhhhhh her lips, he would move heaven and earth to drink from these sweet lips.

He groans as he tears away from her, to trace butterfly kisses along her jaw and as she tilts her head, his tongue stabs at the pulse point in her neck. Suckling gently, his moans vibrating along her delicate flesh.

Finally, she reaches for him, her fingers nimble as she undoes each button of his shirt, touching his flesh as inch by inch is revealed. He shivers as her fingers approach his navel, she pulls his shirt free of his pants and eases it gently over his shoulders. Her soft hands run over his back, his shoulders, his chest , his ribcage and finally stop their fluttering as the soft flesh of his belly meets his pants. She runs her fingers inside the waistband, smiling as he sucks air across clenched teeth, it hisses audibly, breaking the near silence.

His body responding to her subtle yet seductive touches, he returns in kind, not needing to remove the gown, so thin the material – that he feels every dip and nuance of her flesh. His hands softly cupping and lifting her swollen breasts, thumbs rolling back and forth over her nipples, making it her turn to gasp in a deep breath.

His hot breath fanning out over her neck, he brings lips to pull at her earlobe, hands reaching around back to stroke her quivering bottom. Pulling her tight to him…he thrusts his growing manhood against her pubis. He squeezes her twin globes when he feels her muscles tensing. She grinds against him, gyrating her hips, rubbing against his muscled body. He spins her around. She leans back into him, her arms going up and back to pull his head, letting his mouth find her shoulder, he sinks his teeth in, taking her nipples in between thumbs and forefingers, pinching, pulling.

Her gasps fill the air, and he chuckles softly, scissoring his teeth, sucking on the bit of flesh drawn into his mouth. He tries to find his voice, but all that emits is a low growl as she grinds her ass backwards into his tumescent cock. She wrenches free of his grip, knowing that if she doesn’t pull away now…he would have her right there…on the floor. And she would let him. She can deny him nothing.

She pulls free the band holding her hair up, letting it cascade over her shoulders, and places the band around his eyes, offering a whispered, “Happy Valentines Day my love, let me do this.” He swallows, gulping in air as his eyes are covered, he nods his assent, still unable to give voice to his thoughts.

Standing just out of his reach, she wills her heart to slow, her breathing to even out, she takes a deep silent breath as she looks at him, his muscled chest heaving, his strong arms at his sides. He waits for her, he is hers as she is his. She takes a step forward and brings her lips to his, a fleeting kiss, he strains towards her as she leans back, the only contact point their lips. She reaches for his hand and leads him to the candlelit bedroom.

She undoes his pants, and pushes them down leaving him standing in his briefs. Black, they hug his body, leaving no doubt as to the treat inside. Her breath catches, hands unable to resist his manhood. Cupping his balls she traces his length, one finger tantalizing as it runs the edges of his cock. She quickly hooks thumbs in and pulls them down, following her hands, her tongue tasting his tip as she bends to pull them off his feet, leaving him naked. A long lick of his cock, before she stands and whispers in his ear, “Undress me.”

An urgent groan, his hands find the hem of her gown, he pulls it up and over her arms, her breasts springing free. he drops the gown and brings a breast to his mouth, both hands cupping it, the nipple hard against his closed lips. Growling his lips part, tongue wetting the taut bud, then, before she can pull away, his teeth close on the offered nipple. Her scream making him dig in deeper, her back arches, her whole body shuddering. His tongue flicks at the nub inside his mouth, teasing it to a hard kernel…before abruptly letting go.

She pushes him onto the bed, helping him, guiding him into the middle where she quickly slips his hands and feet into the scarves securing him in place. She lets her hair dangle and sweep across his chest. She licks each nipple, then blows cool air across them, watching them rise. He pulls tentatively at the scarves, smiling at the resistance, wriggling his ass into the bed, getting comfortable.

His mind reeling, his cock throbbing, its tip a deep red, a single drop of precum peeking from the slit. She bends to lick the dewy moisture, eliciting a groan from him, and pushes her tongue into his mouth to share. Moaning softly, the kiss deepens, her breasts brushing his chest, nipples grazing the curls of hair. Her moist heated sex sending up waves of intoxicating aroma, they both breathe it in.

She climbs off the bed, walks to the end and starts at his toes. Licking each toe on his left foot, then sucking each in turn into her mouth, probing between them with her tongue. Licking the sole of his foot and swirling her tongue around his ankle. Tracing a fiery path from ankle to knee, her attentions move to the flesh of his inner thigh. She sneaks a peek up at him, his mouth is open, his chest rapidly rising and falling as his breathing quickens. She moans her approval, and nips the tender skin…licking higher.

He can feel her breath on his skin, the soft fan of air as her mouth is but a second away from touching his balls. He sucks in a deep breath, back arching as he waits for that blissful contact.

She moves to trace the same path on his right foot, leg, inner thigh, his body twists and turns on the bed, he struggles to free his hands, he wants to grab her head and thrust his cock into her mouth. He bucks his hips upwards and all he gets for his efforts is her melodic laughter as she climbs from the bed.

She watches him for a few moments, he lays there panting, twisting in his bonds, his cock twitching as it strains to find something to rub against. She picks up the nipple clamps, turns them appreciatively in the light, smiling she bends to suck his right nipple into her mouth. Nipping gently, he groans, she moves quickly to replay her actions on his left nipple. She watches his cock, it swells even more, the tip so hard it is ready to split open. She jangles the chain that attaches them and watches his body stiffen at the sound…a frown plays on his lips. Quickly attaching a clamp to each of his nipples, he holds his breath, she tugs on the chain, making sure they are held firmly in place. His lungs bursting, he exhales, his body trembling.

She stands back, reaches for the strawberries and cream, dipping a plumb red berry in the thick white cream she leans in, touches it to his lips, watches as his tongue flicks forward, tasting. She pushes it into his mouth, then leans down to share the sweet treat. Gently biting, their lips touching as they both suckle the berry.

He swallows hard, identifying the taste of the succulent delight, licking his lip and hers, he helplessly awaits…and is rewarded with another berry. She pulls back and dips her nipple in the cold cream then leaning over him, she feeds him her nipple, his lips latching on, suckling at her swollen teat.

She screams, it tears the fabric of the air, his teeth sinking deeply into her throbbing nub….he tosses his head from side to side. She reaches for and pulls hard on the chain that connects his nipples. He opens his mouth to scream and she pulls free, leaping from the bed, rubbing her aching nipple. She swats at his thigh with her open palm as she approaches the table.

“No biting my love, now you must be punished for treating my nipple like a berry.” She picks out her favorite strap. It sings as it breaks the air, a lovely resounding smack as it lands, but not too painful and no tell tale marks. She grins as she lifts the glass butt plug. It is long and well tapered, can take a long time in the insertion process. He hates to have his ass penetrated, which is why she has tied him to the bed.

This plug, new to her collection, is red, glowing in the candle light with a lovely flirty heart shaped base, perfect to nestle between his cheeks. She wants him to feel his sphincter tighten and squeeze the plug when she finally brings his quivering passion to orgasm.

She crawls up on the bed, and positions herself between his legs. Lightly touching his muscular thighs with one hand, she lets the strap whoosh the air, and smack his other thigh. He sucks in a deep breath, it hisses audibly over his clenched teeth. She continues to strike his thighs, the rounded edges of his ass, her other hand never leaving his flesh, fingers kneading caressing him…keeping him on edge. He pulls hard at his arms, the scarves seeming to stretch, but holding him tightly.

She seizes his turgid cock in her lips, her tongue swirling his head. His hips buck up quickly, forcing his cock into her well lubed mouth, her teeth grating on him, he doesn’t notice or care…his cock needs her hot mouth. Gagging, she drools, it dribbles out, bathing his balls.

Still he pushes upwards and she sets a steady rhythm on his length. He moans, his muscles taut, his pleasure quite apparent. Her fingers walking through the drool, spreading his ass cheeks , letting it seep into his crack. Her tongue beating against his cock, she pulls off, leaving him straining in the air….his moan of frustration loud in the silence of the room.

She takes the phallic shaped plug and pushes it into her mouth, lubing it, it glistens as she holds it in front of her. She grabs the strap and strikes him to disarm him, focus his attention elsewhere. Moving quickly she drops the strap, spreads his cheeks and pushes the glass tip to his puckered rim. He freezes, tells her no….tries to push his ass into the bed. She firmly keeps the pressure on the plug, feeling it start to move forward, her resolve not breaking…she grabs the strap and strikes his ass as hard as she can deciding that slow is not an option and pushes the plug home. Sitting back she watches his face contort as he screams just three simple words, “YOU WAIT BITCH!”

Smiling she leaps from the bed, approaching him, leaning over him, her lips to his and kisses away his protests. She traces the hard line of his jaw and removes the blindfold. She whispers in his ear, “I want you to watch me.”

His eyes darting about the room, blinking in the soft glow of candles, he sees that she has been preparing for this and he shudders a little as his eyes rest on the night table, the objects still covered by the cloth.

She positions her chair so that he can see her, and she spreads her legs wide. Her sex glistening, the moisture seeping from her tight hole. She licks her index fingers and runs them around her nipples, moaning with delight, she trails them over her chest and belly. Her swollen clit poking free of its hood, pulsing with every beat of her heart. She dips her finger into her slit, scooping out the lube and rubs it on her clit. Her finger circling, pushing, teasing her clit, her hips pushing forward.

Her other hand pushing two fingers into her quivering hole, it pulls them in, a soft sucking sound. She closes her eyes, knowing that he is watching, and lets her hips buck at her fingers. Her clit a mass of raw nerve endings, she rubs faster, harder…her puffy pussy lips kissing her hand as her tight cunt swallows her fingers. She stiffens, briefly, then lets the orgasm wash over her…lifting her up…she opens her mouth, hips straining forward and howls with pleasure.

He licks his lips, watching her with half lidded eyes. His cock dancing with desire, his heart hammering in his chest….he wants her. He watches as her muscles relax, and her fingers pull free of her hot sex, she rises in one fluid motion and crosses the short distance, pushing her fingers into his mouth. His parched lips sliding on her fingers, his tongue tasting her, moaning, his body trembling as he fights in his bonds again. Smiling she pulls her hand free and climbs on the bed, straddling him, facing his cock.

She wriggles on his chest leaving a trail of her slippery juices, and stops just a breath away from his mouth. He strains forward seeing her pulsing slit, her winking rosebud. A grunt of anguish as her scent fills his nostrils, he feels her hand on his stiff cock. She strokes him slowly, as she wriggles backwards, until his tongue reaches her clit…moaning she pushes a little more, bringing her lips to his cock. His tongue teasing her folds open even more, she grinds down onto his face as he thrusts his cock up into her mouth. She shudders, moaning onto his cock, her tongue beating his length.

He manages to free one hand, and carefully moves to slip the other free. In one swift movement, he grabs her ass, holds her tight to his face, pushes two fingers into her winking bud, feeling it blossom, and grabs her clit between his teeth, biting in cruelly. Her scream ripped from deep inside her, her body twisting, he holds her still…his cock falling from her mouth as she lifts her head and howls.

He continues his assault on her ass and her clit, until he feels her muscles loosen, her screams morphing to moans, he lets go with his teeth and stabs at her sensitized clit. He eases his grip on her and when she makes no attempt to move, he pushes three fingers into her dripping tight cunt.

Fucking her, both hands at once….driving in over and over, his tongue on her clit, rapidly licking. Her quickened breath, her heart beating so fast, he knows how close she is to orgasm, he adds a third finger to her ass and rams both hands in deep, his fingers clawing at her gspot, he feels the first rush of juice, and sucks hard on her clit as she cums and squirts in his face, he lets go of her clit and moves to catch the stream in his mouth.

She shudders and shakes her screams of orgasmic wonder filling the room, reluctantly pulling his hands free, he grabs her, and turns her, kissing her, sharing the heavenly nectar with her. He pushes it into her mouth. She is weak, her body as limp as a rag doll. He loves her most like this.

Rolling her over, onto her belly, so pliable in his hands, he quickly hooks her ankles into the scarves that just held his wrists. Quicker than she can react, he releases his ankles and secures her wrists. Smiling down at her, he tells her, “Now it is my turn, Happy Valentines Day.”

He gently touches the plug in his ass, traces the heart shaped base, feeling his ass squeezing at the slight movement. Growling he pulls the cover from the table to see what she has left him to work with. She was thinking very creatively when she prepared this surprise, he smiles his appreciation of her thoughtfulness, supplying him such a delicious range of toys.

He takes the chocolate sauce and the delicate paintbrush and draws hearts from the base of her neck to the top swell of her ass. He knows how aroused she gets at just the description of what he is doing, so he carries on a running commentary, explaining each brush stroke. Her breathing ragged, he watches her muscles rippling from nape of neck to the bottom of her feet.

He pauses, admiring his artwork, and then leaves the room, returning with a camera. “I will document this Valentines Day just for you.” She hears the camera click, his sexy voice describing each photo. He places the camera on the table and picks up the feather, tracing circles over her inner thighs, running it along her soles. She begs him to stop, her body quivering, her voice trembling.

Laughing, he replaces the feather and picks up the heart shaped red leather paddle, tiny hearts cut out, spaced evenly in neat rows. He swings it through the air and smiles as he watches her body stiffen, her groans as she realizes that the tables have turned.

He starts with a light slap to the backs of her thighs, then stronger as he works the paddle rhythmically over her round rump. He reaches to feel with two fingers between her legs, rubbing briefly at her swollen clit, whistling at the wetness of his lover.

She gasps, moaning, grinding against his fingers, but he pulls away. He brings the paddle down hard on first her left cheek, then her right. Her scream fills the room, the sound of the paddles kiss still resonating. He watches as tiny white hearts blossom on her red cheeks. The camera clicks to capture the lacy pattern of wee hearts. He uses the paddle, spanking her, hard spanks, her screams turn to sobs, yet he watches as her cunt lips split open, so swollen with desire, dripping with her juices.

Her needy clit standing erect and proud, his aim is true as the paddle lands its final blow between her spread legs, it kisses with a brutal sting her nub of pleasure, her button of desire. He watches as her body transforms the pain, absorbs it and twists it into a silent orgasm, she writhes on the bed, arms flailing at the scarves, legs trembling.

He waits, watches the muscles start to relax then climbs onto the bed and traces the chocolate hearts with his tongue. Lapping at the sweet treat, further inflaming his womans desires, her needs and he smiles as her moans spill over her lips. She writhes on the bed, pressing her mound to the soft sheet, frantically trying to rub her aching stinging clit.

He reaches for the pillow and lifts her up, placing it under her belly, giving him better access to her treasures. One by one, he pushes the strawberries past the swollen gaping pussy lips, filling her cunt with sweet fruit. The juices running red as her strong muscles chew them up inside her. His mouth watering as he watches those muscles, and suddenly, her tight pucker looks so lonely…winking at him, he runs a wetted finger around her rim and watches as her body bucks forward, then presses back to his finger.

He pulls away and leans over to find another butt plug, similar to the one still nestled in his ass, the one that is helping to keep his cock at attention. He lubes it in the thick cream and runs it over her tight hole. Her breathing faster, she gasps aloud, moaning as her hips waggle up and down, she presses back on the plug until her arms are stretched tight, no room left, making her growl in frustration.

This plug is also glass, has a heart shaped base but is thicker and longer than the one he wears. He smiles, increasing the pressure, loving how her ass opens for him, the tiny rosebud blossoming, not unlike the roses he left dropped inside the front door. He wriggles the cold glass in her ass, pulling back, hearing her groan, then pushing forward. He will take his time, he has all night to play with his wife, trussed up and available for him.

Her frantic moans, she screams at him to fuck her ass…she begs and he chuckles. Slowly working her ass, he pulls out the plug, dips two fingers in the cream and pushes them deep in her ass, rubbing the sensitive inner tissues, nerve rich inner ring clamping down hard, squeezing him, he pushes forward, curling to rub at her g-spot from her ass, the thin wall not providing much of a barrier to his probing digits. Smiling as she screams and cries, he works his fingers, bending his head to lap at the sweet mix of berry juice and girl juice. His tongue stabs at her clit as his fingers torment both her ass and vagina at the same time.

Her screams turn softer, moans of pleasure, her body stiffens under his tongue, her muscles tight on his fingers….he stops… waiting until the moment passes, not letting her cum. Removing his hand, one last flick of his tongue on the heated clit, and he grabs the butt plug and plunges it in hard and fast, so that her outer ring is stretched at the widest part of the plug.

She begs him to pull it out…pleading, sobs wracking her body as she protests, howls with the pain of her ass being ripped open. He eases it back out, slowly, until it just rests against her quivering hole…then rams it back in…letting it rest at its widest part again. Ignoring her pleas, he wriggles it, watching it stretching her, loving how the juices pour from her hot cunt, inhaling the sweet smell. He holds it in place, he can feel her straining to expel it, but he doesn’t let her. Leaning close to her ear, breathing moist hot air over her cheek, he whispers, “Happy Valentines Day!” and punctuates his words by forcing the plug all the way in…so deep in her molten bowels that it forces the breath from her lungs and she is silent.

He waits until she can breath again, then pushes and pulls the plug all the way out, it releases with an audible wet plop, then all the way back in…her screams ringing in his ears, but he finds that he can’t stop. The way her ass gapes open, her hole seemingly large enough to push his fist into, watching it close up…it amazes him that such a tight orifice can swallow such a massive tool as the one he holds in his hand. Mesmerized he repeats the action, her sobs not deterring him, and then, he drops the plug, and while he presses one hand to hold her ass cheeks apart…he thrusts his hand inside her hot ass. The flesh closing on him like a custom glove. So hot, so soft, he can feel her heart beating inside of her ass.

He is lost in the amazing sensations of his wifes ass, he ponders why this has never occurred to him before, and curling his fingers, he fucks her ass with his closed fist…lost in a frenzy of his own, his other hand drops to his cock, maneuvering to angle it to her streaming pussy. With one long thrust and a grunt of primal lust, he enters her, so tight, it hurts him. He can feel his fist on his cock, rubbing, his fingers feeling his throbbing cock, he fucks her, hard and deep and then…

Grabbing a fistful of long silky hair, he rides her hard…his balls tightening and he feels his passion rising, one last thrust, so many sensations rolling into one, her ass convulsing on his wrist, her cunt so tight that he cant thrust anymore, can only let his cock swell inside her.

Her cunt milking his steely rod, his ass convulsing on the almost forgotten plug, her howls of ecstasy in his ears. His balls unleash the torrent of spunk, he feels it rising, his cock swells in her tight hole and with a final grunt…his world explodes.

He opens his fist and eases his hand from her ass, his cock slipping out of her pussy, the cream of his cock flavoring the crushed berries. He collapses beside her, reaching over and undoing her wrists, pulling her into his embrace, they kiss, a kiss of passion born of familiarity, and from the naughty sex they have just shared. He realizes that the plug is no longer in his ass…and he lifts his head, laughing softly as he sees it, skittered at least 6 feet across the floor. Such a powerful orgasm.

Soft kisses, tender caresses, the candles burning low, he smiles and rolls out of bed, padding softly to the kitchen. He finds the wine, uncorks it and pours two glasses. Placing it on the heart shaped tray she left out on the counter, he adds the plateful of sandwiches and as a naughty grin spreads over his face he adds a bowl and a spoon.

He stoops to retrieve a couple of roses, and pulls the petals from the flowers, spreading them on the tray, adorning their supper with soft red velvety petals. He sings softly, cooing an old tune, one that makes her smile as he enters the room. She has not moved. He lays down the tray and grabs the bowl and spoon. He carefully scoops up the mixture of mashed berries, sweet cream, girl cum and his spunk from between her legs. He fills the bowl before he unties her ankles and helps her to roll over, propping pillows behind her head, making her comfortable.

They share the sandwiches, drain the wine glasses and as his eyes dance he holds the bowl in front of her…spoon feeding the special dessert into her mouth. She rolls the taste on her tongue, staring into his eyes, not quite comprehending what the combination of flavors are. His face erupts into a smile, his eyes dancing in the flickering light of the candles and he tells her what he has been feeding her. At first shock and horror show on her face, and then, her eyes mischievously staring into his, she opens her mouth, accepting the offered treat, licking her lips, leaning towards him, kissing him fiercely.

Settling into each others arms, the room dark, the candles burned down, the soft wind blowing in the trees. They whisper words of love and promise, renewing age old vows and laugh together, wondering what life will bring them until they can celebrate Valentines Day next year.

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